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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 27, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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several girl scout troops are out $650 after scammers about their cookies with fake cash. troops are double checking with counterfeit pins. the ugly, dust flying on a pain stretch you out? >> i'm not checking my bags. >> there's no need to raise your voice. >> i'm not raising my voice. >> flying is more stressful and going to work according to a new study, most wise would rather sprinkling or spend a day with their in-laws began on a plane. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> this is a fox news alert, the first case of coronavirus with no links to china confirmed in the united states. rob: donald trump's plan of action to prevent a major outbreak and calm fears. >> can anyone stop sanders at this point? >> i don't think so. >> a tough wall for bernie to climb. >> showdown in south carolina, joe biden fighting to defend off
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bernie sanders and what could be the final nail in biden's campaign. >> live in charleston ahead of the big primary. attention all bachelor fans. will you accept this revamp? rob: the dating show spinoff approves you can still find love no matter your age. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ rob: put a ring on 30 years ago. the bachelor -
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>> everyone deserves love. >> that is fine. >> we will get into that later. rob: your watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. let's get to this fox news alert, the us confirming the first american coronavirus case with the link to china. rob: the diagnosis working honest about the outbreak of donald trump tries to calm american fears. >> reporter: a scary new turn in the story, the cdc confirming the first patient in the us and the state of california without relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient sparking fears of the community spread. community spread means the virus begins moving through the community and the source of the infection is unknown. that patient undergoing treatment in sacramento. the president is trying to call
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concerns while waiting into partisan waters. >> some good early decisions, decisions that were ridiculed at the beginning. we closed up our borders to flights from certain areas, areas that were hit by the coronavirus. a lot of people thought we shouldn't have done it that early but it turned out to be a very good thing. >> donald from announcing mike pence will be in charge of prevention efforts the democrats politicizing the virus, nancy pelosi slamming the response for being opaque and chaotic, accusing of leaving critical positions vacant and cutting money from the cdc but senator tom cotton says they don't get it. >> reporter: one reason we have the time to control outbreaks, try to get testing to the 50 states is because he took decisive action to shut down travel from china and what
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happened? joe biden accused him of being seen of a against the chinese and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi were busy trying to impeach him at the time. rob: alex azar saying the risk remains low but that could change quickly as those numbers rise. this as us and south korean military postponed drills vallow new cases of the coronavirus were reported in the south korean military and one in the us military. the story keeps escalating day by day. we will keep you posted. jillian: wash your hands and all that. rob: thanks very much. police searching for a motive in the deadly shooting at the beer company, an employee opened fire in five workers before killing himself at the milwaukee plant, the president expressing support. >> our hearts break for them and their loved ones. we send our condolences.
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we will be with them. rob: the plant will be closed for the rest of the week, the shooting was one of the worst tragedies in the city of history. >> this miller brewing site has been part of the miller family, part of the city of milwaukee for 165 years. and this is the saddest day that we have had. rob: police have not released the names of the victims or the gunmen. jillian: a would be burglar learned a painful lesson the crime doesn't pay. the sheriff's department orange county florida says stephen thayer use and ask to break down a door at home. turns out the deputy lived there. shot several times in the leg to protect herself and her children. authorities say they tried breaking into several other homes in the area before this happens. rob: two high school students are charged in the sexual assault two, 11-year-old girls, one of the suspect is a
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20-year-old also known as a living here illegally, enrolled in a high school in montgomery county, maryland. state law requires all residents over 21 to get free public education including illegal immigrants. the sheriff says illegal immigrant crime in montgomery county is pleading further from washington dc into his county. >> we have seen gang crime and machete killing, rape -- >> how long have you been lost in forcing? >> 30 years. rob: the frederick county sheriff says crimes committed by illegal immigrants have gone up over the past 30 years. jillian: naturalized immigrants could make a big impact this election season. a record 23 million are able to vote this year, 10% of all eligible voters. according to the research center they are using the term eligible voters because it is unclear how many are registered. historically voter turnout rates
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for immigrants is lower than us foreign voters. rob: race against the clock for democrats to win over voters before the pivotal south carolina primary. jillian: bernie sanders the palmetto state, not everyone is feeling the burn. griff jenkins this morning. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden picked up an important endorsement from the state's most influential democrat, congressman jim clyburn but he is feeling pressure from billionaire tom steyer and both of those are casting bernie sanders as a dangerous socialist. >> i strongly believe that if in fact we nominate a socialist it is a mistake. >> the next president has to win back the democratic senate.
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i was asked to campaign from alabama to montana. did anybody ask bernie? doesn't mean he is a bad guy but it will be hard holding onto the united states congress and the united states senate. >> sanders is feeling the momentum out of nevada. israeli crowds are strong. we went to when yesterday and i asked his supporters if he can be slowed and stopped. what do you think? can anyone stop sanders at this point? >> i don't think so. >> i hope not. i hope he keeps going. >> i wouldn't say he is unstoppable but it is going to be difficult for any of the other candidates. >> we will see more momentum from bloomberg, that could be the competition for bernie but i see bernie is the front-runner. >> tough for bernie to climb to beat donald trump. >> reporter: the loan trump supported a bernie rally, his family dragged him there. the latest polls out of clemson,
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the largest lead, 35 followed by tom steyer, sanders 13, the east carolina university poll, biden the leader 31% for sanders 23 prison, tom steyer, 20%, our fox viewers can tune in tonight to see a townhall with senator amy klobuchar. rob: a lot of fluctuation in these polls, appreciate it. jillian: a fireball lighting up the sky over arizona, a meteor in the we hours of the morning. rob: they received nearly 50 reports stretching from tucson to phoenix. this is pretty common with several thousand meteors coming through the earth's atmosphere each day. jillian: it is neat. derek kan >> janice: a lot of dashcam videos picking them up.
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they are everywhere. let's talk about the weather, the wintery weather not here in new york city although he will feel a shift in the wind and cooler air tomorrow through saturday for parts of the northeast so your current temperature 43 in new york, the colder air is behind this system, strengthening across the great lakes, moving towards canada. behind that the cold air over the great lakes, blizzard warnings in effect downwind of erie and ontario, winter weather advisories in the red where we have blizzard warnings meeting blowing snow and very low visibility. forecast temperatures behind this, you see lake effect snow and it will feel colder tomorrow and saturday and temperatures will move down again. jillian: february. rob: unbelievable. jillian: fox news alert.
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market panic over a possible pandemic. >> they can't catch a break. easy to see how this could turn into an economic one. jillian: the investment community looking at the coronavirus spread. you be concerned about your money? financial analysts say proceed with caution. >> a boy or girl? okay. rob: a major league gender reveal this couple will never forget. ♪ yum! and king's hawaiian monkey bread! yum! (dog barks) (dog barks - ding) yum!
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king's hawaiian what an irresistibly delicious idea.
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stay two nights and get a free night for your next stay. one night, two nights, free night. book now at >> the chinese economy shutting down, european economy struggling. businesses globally can't catch a break. >> easy to see how the crisis is turning into an economic one. >> not just the travel industry but all the things that have been growing the fastest in the
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economy over the past years would be hit. rob: worldwide health fears turning into economic concerns as the coronavirus wreaks havoc on wall street. jillian: how do investors prevent a financial crash? help us out, good to see you. this isn't totally unexpected. a lot of people had fears this would happen but now that it is here what do we need to know? >> there is a lot in terms of what to expect and that is why we are seeing the market react the way it is. what happened was when italy came out with they were shutting down, that had a dramatic impact on the market because it wasn't expected. the market doesn't like surprises. on the other side of this, what to do? don't panic. it may not get better anytime soon.
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i expect we will see the market continue to dip but on the positive side it is a buying opportunity. there are stocks i'm sure people really like and they get them at a fair price. the economy is still strong, the fundamentals are still strong, no reason to panic. rob: the stock market is not the economy. let's look at the major indices, the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq, over the course of the last few days, the dow is down by 2000 points. so much stock market's perception and confidence. this doesn't instill any of that. >> in spite of what the president was saying last night to keep everyone calm it is not so easy when you are an investor. jillian: your fielding the calls. >> people asking what is going on? the truth is nobody really knows
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because this is going to spread. it is on all the continents except antarctica, 38 countries, there is no slowing down insight and there's going to be an impact on the stock market. the best thing to do is not to panic. getting emotional when you are investing is not a good combination. rob: you mentioned the president talking about this. let's listen to a bit of this. >> i think the stock market -- they look at the people you watched debating last night and it took a hit. the stock market will recover. the economy is very strong, the strongest it has ever been. jillian: both sides blaming each other when it is not a republican or democrat thing. >> i don't agree with what the president was saying related to what was going on with the democratic debate.
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rob: he point when he says they are trying to create a panic, trying to make the administration look like they don't know what they are doing it in a case like this how responsible is that? when you have an economy at risk, to tell people we can't handle this, that is scary stuff. >> it is irresponsible to turn this into political, to hope for the stock market to go down to weaken the president. that doesn't serve anyone. jillian: do you like the way the president is approaching this? >> he is taking the right approach if he keeps doing that. rob: thank you so much. jillian: we will you write back, stay with us. ve me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need.
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rob: the trump campaign suing the new york times over an op-ed
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about a russian conspiracy, the paper intentionally tried to damage the president's campaign just days before the mueller report was released. >> it is beyond in opinion. it is not an opinion, it is more than opinion, they did a bad thing. rob: director of communications for the trump 2020 campaign timber to said the paper ignored proof. >> they themselves printed articles that directly contradict what this defamatory piece of alleged and that is the basis a argument that they printed this knowing it was false and defamatory. rob: the law protects the right of americans to express their judgment and conclusions. we look forward to vindicating that right in this case. jillian: bernie sanders pushing the green new deal, the plan cost the average swing state household 75,$000 in the first
2:23 am
year, package of bills and addressing climate change in the us. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez bringing the deal before congress arguing the cost of not addressing climate change could be much greater. a big win for the white house, a courtroom the trump administration can withhold millions of dollars in securities is the don't cooperate with ice. rob: aishah hasnie joins us as controversy is brewing on this. >> reporter: a big win for donald trump but the fight is not over yet. a new york court of appeals overturning a lower court ruling that originally stopped the administration's 2017 move to withhold grant money for many states the refused to cooperate with federal immigration laws was early this month william barr announced sanctions against left-wing sanctuary cities that jeopardize domestic security. the doj spokesman wrote this,
2:24 am
today's decision recognizes the lawful authority of the attorney general to ensure the department of justice grant recipients are not at the same time affording federal law enforcement priorities. this is welcome news for law enforcement like chuck jenkins who just told laura ingram last night how long they have been dealing with criminals who shouldn't be here in the first place. >> a largely rural county, population 250,000 people but we never solve problems with gang crime, criminal element that bled over from the hotbeds of illegal aliens. jillian: he says they've been dealing with it for years, new york city mayor bill diblasio vowing to take the fight back to court, he writes donald trump's latest retaliation against his hometown takes away security funding from the number one terrorist target in america all because we refuse to play by his arbitrary rules and the latest
2:25 am
ruling could go to the supreme court as it conflicts with sanctuary rulings from other appeals courts across the country. rob: doomsday called mother lori vallow will go back to idaho looking for missing kid. where are jj and kylie? jj's grandfather has been searching for them, larry joins us live next. jillian: the opioid death rate is highest among red cities, why would they get the green light to allow users to get high legally? the fight over safe injection sites. he joins us live next. ♪ ♪ sfx: record scratch music (plays throughout): [ 'watch me walk' by spencer ludwig ] yo dj, can i put in a request? ♪ don't have no sass about this ♪ ♪ i'm on my way i'm on my way ♪ ♪ can't take no class about this ♪
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. a lot of folks ask me why their dishwasher doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. cascade platinum. hi.aria ramirez? mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... maria ramirez. to help more employees achieve their dreams. rob: check the top headlines, fox news alert, the cdc confirms
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the first coronavirus case with no link to china or exposure to another patient. people in sacramento concerned about it spreading through their community. donald trump asked mike pence to spearhead prevention efforts in the us. jillian: attorneys for actors lori laughlin and her husband to clear their names with new evidence, the couple is accused of paying half $1 million to get their daughters into usc, the college admissions scandal, the fbi forcing him to lie to bolster the government's case. rob: mike pence will speak at sea pack, the political action conference in maryland is dubbed america versus socialism, donald trump will speak on saturday. >> the idaho mother believed to be a member of the doomsday called is headed back to idaho after an extended day in hawaii while her two young children jj
2:30 am
and kylie have not been found since september, the grandfather of young jj believes the -- larry wilcox joined me live. thank you for joining us. i understand this is an awful time for your family and we are sorry for what you are going through. where do you think the kids are? >> we have no idea. it is the single biggest question we have asked since day one. a question we want an answer to as soon as possible and this is the first step. jillian: do you think they are alive? >> i will always believe they are alive. my wife and i wake up in the morning, we know they are alive, we go to bed praying they are alive. we do as much as we can do all
2:31 am
day long to try and make that happen and we thank fox and all the networks for what they do for us. jillian: everyone wants to see those kids return safely. at a gas station in the why, chad was asked if the kids were okay and he didn't give an answer. what do you make of that? have you spoken to chatter lori? what do you say to them? >> we have tried so many times to speak with chad and lori. they have never accepted a call, never accepted a text, never accepted any communication with us in any form. it is sad. this could all end by saying where the kids are and let us get the children.
2:32 am
it is obvious they don't want them. everybody in america knows they don't want them. they know they don't want them. all they have to do is tell us where they are. jillian: why do you think the doomsday called has something to do with it and what is the cult? >> i am telling you i really don't know what they're called is. i don't understand it. it does not make sense. this could end. just answer the question, where are the kids? it is that simple. the cult obviously is not a good thing. i don't understand their reasoning for hiding the children. it does not make sense. it -- lori doesn't want her own children and we spoke with cdc,
2:33 am
i'm sorry, cps and said we will take both children. jj is our blood. jj is hours. we will take both children into our home. we would welcome tylee as well as jj because he is our heart. jillian: of the kids are listening, what is your message to them? what do you want them to know? >> jj, this is papa. you know how to call, papa. you are smart boy. get to a phone and call papa. call the local authorities. tylee, you are 17 years old, you are an extremely intelligent young girl, call.
2:34 am
call authorities, please try to contact us. that is all we ask for and let's get you all home. jillian: we are sending you all of our thoughts, all of our prayers and everybody is hoping for a safe return home for these kids. thank you for joining us. rob: we are going to switch it up, pete buttigieg accused of plagiarizing for the second time this week. social media calling him out for reportedly copying and iowa candidate's add. >> he later returned home serving as mayor. >> reporter: pete buttigieg responding to mike pence's stance on lgbt protection. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the internet comparison again. carley: pete buttigieg has a new campaign ad narrated by kevin
2:35 am
costner but after it launched, and i will congressional candidate said it looks strikingly similar to one of his. >> while he was gone things back home are getting dark. he knew he must come back to iowa and bring home the values he was raised with. >> the ad even includes the phrase if you build it they will come from the movie field of dreams which is a kevin costner movie. is this copying or just coincidence? social media debating wuhan to the user says they both imitate the field of dreams theme and music because they are both from midwest but it make sense. whoever has costner narrating has the closing argument. this user saying i forgot my homework, fine, just this one time, just make sure to change
2:36 am
it up a little bit. pete strikes again, buttigieg has been accused of copying former president barack obama. what is this about a new bachelor? carley: abc announcing a that other spinoff for senior citizens. the reality show head tweeting give us your grumpiest girls, produces are looking for people 65 and older, looking for love too, he is bummed out he doesn't make the cut. allison says i want the golden girls theme song for senior bachelor. there is a spinoff including music that will happen. people falling in love through singing. that show could do as well. jillian: we will wait and see. rob: i don't know what to think
2:37 am
about that if i live that long. let's check this out. leave a filter on. >> justin and tim coming from madison county, snowy madison county. >> warning people to be careful. with the snowfall. carley: justin hinton thought he was giving a straight news report on facebook live, he did not know the filters were turned on until he read viewer comments. now he is being called the weather wizard which is a fabulous name for him. he is taking it in stride. you learn something new every day. he learned a big lesson too. check the filters. rob: we will be right back.
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rob: philadelphia will be the first american city to open a supervised injection site as a way to combat the opioid crisis. >> around the vicinity of the site. we will be good neighbors. >> the highest rate of opioid deaths for many large us city. fred keller, thanks for being here this morning. >> good to be here and discuss important issues facing the commonwealth particularly in this case in the nation. jillian: you just heard from the vice president saying decreases fatalities, a lot of this is the
2:42 am
right answer, it is not hoping to get better. >> it is not doing that. the first thing is to help people we do not encourage that kind of behavior. if you look at the whole thing this is in philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation, we have a mayor, mayor kenny and district attorney who have embraced sanctuary city, and the district attorney who is not prosecuting drug crimes, letting dangerous criminals and deferring the prosecution on that and this is the kind of law social democrats are embracing and just makes me wonder why we would not be looking to keep people safe, the safe injection house will be put in a neighborhood where there is a day care and a high school and these policies are not well thought out. if that is where the socialist
2:43 am
and democrats are embracing lawlessness we have democratic candidates who say they are socialists and the leader of that, they should be speaking out on this unlawful behavior. rob: look at this problem, philadelphia with the highest death rate of any large us city, you see how many people have died in that city. we watch what happens in the san francisco, the dk of a beautiful city with needles all over the ground. are you worried about that happening in philly? >> absolutely and i'm worried about people they are going to encourage or remain addicted to drugs rather than recovery. let's look at the policy. you are not having people recover. you are looking at helping people stay addicted to drugs and that is an important distinction to be looking at. rob: fair enough. if a liberal says this is just a
2:44 am
disease, they can't help themselves, we are trying to make it safe for them to deal with this disease how the response to that? >> you don't encourage that behavior, you look at how to get them off of drugs and not keep them addicted to drugs. if somebody has cancer you don't let them keep smoking cigarettes. rob: they are taking incentive away from people to do something you make a point, thank you so much for your time. >> appreciate being here. rob: 44 minutes after the are, joe biden picked up a critical endorsement in south carolina, a primary he needs to win to keep his campaign alive. jillian: bernie sanders is not going down without a fight, making this one of the most critical primaries of the election, the head of the south carolina dnc has insight on which campaign is strongest, joins us next. at today's best western,
2:45 am
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rob: not to fear, rob angelina here but we are giving a preview of "fox and friends," a packed show, donald trump saying it is not just the coronavirus outbreak but those 2020 democrats and their socialist ideas. we get analysis from stuart varney, mike huckabee, doug collins, doctor michael baden and fresh off the stage from cpac, carter page revealing never before detailed about the russia probe, he gives us a preview of what to expect. all that on fox news coming up. >> i know joe. we know joe. but most importantly, joe knows us.
2:49 am
>> i am voting for joe biden. rob: joe biden getting a big boost with the endorsement of james cliburn. jillian: will this but the vice president over the edge in a state he needs to keep his presidential hopes alive? rob: executive director of the south carolina dnc, biden picked up the most famous south carolina democrat that needed to make an endorsement. what do you make of this? >> it is a big endorsement. he is beloved here, carries a huge amount of weight, not surprised, we had known for some time he said he would wait until after the debate to make this endorsement.
2:50 am
there are 3 million registered voters in south carolina. 1 million of them, just over 1 million of them are people of color. this is a big endorsement and it will have an impact on the race. i saw polls yesterday that had joe biden leading from 4, to 18 points. this is a credible boost for joe biden moving into saturday's primary. jillian: congressman's past endorsements, in 2016 we have hillary clinton who won the state, 2008 barack obama won the state, 2004 john kerry did not win the state, a little history lesson but you mentioned the polling. in south carolina 31.4% for joe biden followed by bernie sanders, pretty significant lead ahead of bernie sanders. what do those numbers tell you?
2:51 am
>> a lot of fluctuation in the numbers over the last week or so. what it tells me is the vice president's campaign has been working hard, has a good game going. bernie sanders has never left the state, he had an important team and great group of volunteers who have carried his campaign over the last four years, sanders is in strong position. the third person who comes into that is tom steyer, they have done the most campaign events. the most number of staffers on the ground i believe, although we have a lot more people in the state this last week. long time establishment sort of in the state as well as their campaign staff doing a good job.
2:52 am
how these numbers come out on saturdays anyone's guess but i think you are seeing this as we move through saturday. jillian: joe biden needed. rob: he certainly does. a new op-ed that came out, the washington post talking about bernie sanders, might be the safest choice. you are not going to admit it but your party is in a panic over this candidate and how well he is doing. what do you make of that op-ed? >> i tell everybody settle down. here is the deal. this is a long primary process. we have great candidates running. any of them would be a great nominee. the bottom line is at the end of they for democrats and many dependents the goal is to beat donald trump. we can do that with any of our candidates. jillian: sorry to interrupt, a
2:53 am
lot of people don't have that thought process. >> they may not but we have plenty to run on. it is a long time before november. go back to any period of time, back to 1992, bill clinton was 20 points down. it doesn't matter right now. we need to pick a nominee and we will rally behind him. i can't pick and choose. the matter, the fact of the matter is we can win with anyone and people are going to make a choice and that keep the primary process moving. rob: a big day coming up saturday. we will see what south carolina decides. >> thanks for having me. jillian: 7 minutes until the top of the hour, signing a ticket on your windshield, what if you had to pay a higher price because
2:54 am
you make more money? the state wants to punish parkers who earn the most. rob: the research shows buying a high-priced car may be linked to bad behavior. stay tuned. pray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster. new dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse.
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good morning back to fox business alert hawaiian and
2:58 am
delta airlines suspending flights to south korea other a spike in corona virus cases starting monday flights will stop from honolulu to seoul may first flies five times week and delta scales back between seoul and minneapolis and refunds offer ad to travelers. >> more money you make more you could pay for a parking ticket in boston that's right a bill proposed to scownl would adjust based on drivers income. can you believe this? lowing income families play a smaller fine i compared to those who make more money to ease financial burden on low income families they say. jillian: with the good chicago cubs infielder david bode did i helped with a gender reveal surprise. check it out. do we think it is a boy or girl? >> a boy.
2:59 am
[laughter] [cheering] okay. jillian: that is awesome. the indiana couple finding out it's a girl while attending spring train. rob: i love that booking ticket to flying a plane can stress out american. 55% of travelers think it is more stressful than going to work. according to a new point guy study flyers rather spring clean, go to dentist or spend a day with in-laws than get on a plane. jillian: wow. rob: all right. jillian: what do your wheels say about about with you? >> there you go. there you go. [laughter] jillian: if you drive expensive car you're most likely a jerk researchers e in nevada found those less likely to crosswalk because they feel a sense of
3:00 am
superiority how about somebody with a really nice vehicle. look at that thing. jillian: i can confirm rob is not a jerk you're a very nice man. rob: i freaking hate you putting that on tv. good-bye. [laughter] >> all right meanwhile here on 6:00 we start with a fox news alert. the united states federal government has now confirmed the first american corona case with no known link to china. the diagnosis fueling fears of the outbreak as president trump tries to keep americans calm. >> aishah live with the president's response. good morning. >> good morning so white house says things are under control as jot break takeses scary turn overnight. a northern california resident hospitalized as doctors try to figure out how in the world they caught the virus. they had not recently traveledded to a foreign country, and had not


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