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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 28, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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who knows what we will get over the weekend? we will watch the headlines and bring them to you when they happen. see you tomorrow from south carolina folks, goodbye. >> neil: look at the bright side, it was a lot worse then. and 42-point hit in the dow, it was looking about three times that. the worst week for stocks, the financial meltdown in 2008. the nasdaq going right along for the ride, and all of this at a time everyone wonders what is next. they are bowing to use their tools to deal with economic risk that comes from the coronavirus, traders didn't know what to make of that. what we are at least in agreement on now is thank god. i am neil cavuto, and this is your world. more swings on wall street but the trends still remain down as
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the virus years continue to flare up. here are some of them. a google employee has tested positive for the virus, amazon is telling its workers to defer all nonessential travel. it get this, that includes the continental united states. chicago monitoring hundreds of recent travelers for the virus, meanwhile the big geneva auto show canceled as switzerland vows. the world health organization raises its risk assessment to very high. we are all over these fast-moving developments. the nasdaq, john roberts at the white house on how they are absorbing all of that shock. we begin with christina. christina. >> neal, it has been an exciting day but ending a little bit more positive. the dow closing, it actually had more than 1,000 points so we did come back at the end of the day and what we call. the s&p 500 i wish i could say
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there is one sector that did well, but all 11 sectors did close in the red. we take a look over the past week or so, it has just been a really, really tough week for 401(k)s as well for a lot of traders out there. the worst week since the financial crisis, the month that we are heading into a weekend, and we are closing a lot of positions. that is what a lot of hedge funds do right now, they close and rebalance. you do see a lot of liquidity in the market, selling and buying. every time we saw a dip, there's a lot of movement today and that adds to the whole closing of the month. but, it doesn't always have to be doom and gloom. if we look back historically, and if you are patient you could reap the benefits and the market. what i mean by this, if you look back at when we had the sars epidemic in 2002, when the first occurrence happened if you held stocks in the s&p s&p 500, you e
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seen a gain of roughly 14.59%. again, if you don't believe that look at ebola. when a bullet hit the market and that created a pandemic across the globe, if you held stocks in the s&p 500 that would plunge to about 5.34% six months later. both, if you were really, really patient and you wanted to hold the stocks past 12 months with sars you would have seen your gains up over 20% and ebola you would have seen your over 10%. it does pay to be patient, there is still a lot of in certainty but we did come off those session laws today. >> neil: one of the reasons why we did get to that comeback, we got to a record low at interest rates. a 10-year low. barely hovering at a little bit more than one single percent, that will translate into fixed
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rate mortgages that will be under 3%, may be get down to 2.5%. couple that with the fact that the slow down fears are igniting interest in refinancing applications, and first-time mortgages. that's the hope at least. meanwhile the president is getting ripped over his administration's handling response to all of this, john roberts on how the white house is responding to that. hey john. >> good afternoon to you, the president probably happy that interest rates are going down but probably not happy about the reason the interest rates are going down. you can hear the helicopter behind me, the president coming out to go to north charleston, south carolina, tonight for a political rally. we may hear from him on the way out the door, earlier this afternoon for about 45 minutes we heard from the health and human services secretary alex azar. the world health organization warns of a possible world wide spread of the coronavirus, secretary azar told us that at the moment there are 63 cases of coronavirus in the
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united states, no new cases in the next two weeks other than that one case of suspected community transmission in in california. the centers for disease control actively conducting contract tracing to try to find out how that woman contracted the virus, secretary azar says they do not believe it is connected to the quarantine that people at travis air force base, the woman lived near there a short time ago. talks also about the $2.5 billion emergency supplemental are accelerating, secretary azar says he hopes that congress will pass it early next week so that the president can sign up by the week after. amid increasing criticism from democrats, the white house response to the coronavirus, mike pence a short time ago defended the early actions that president trump took to address the virus. listen here. >> the president took unprecedented actions in january to declare a public health emergency. to suspend travel to the united states from china, from
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all noncitizens or nonlegal residents. and it's why the president instituted an unprecedented quarantine effort for americans that were returning. >> secretary azar also talked about that whistle-blower complaint that the team that was sent to repatriate americans from the diamond princess did not have the necessary equipment nor the expertise to handle the job. azar said that team typically does refugee repatriation, they need to take it seriously and is investigating to determine that complaints validity and what steps they could possibly take in the future to ensure there are no other problems. azar was also asked about japan's possible choice to close a school for a month, whether something like that could happen here. azar saying that they have a full continuum of possibilities and that everything is on the table, but there was no suggestion that we are about to close schools here in the u.s. azar was also asked by me about the weather hhs would use the
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defense procurement act to wrap up production of things like personal protection equipment, masks, suits, and other things. he said yes, they are thinking of doing that but he doesn't see the need at the moment. it is something they are keeping in their back pocket. that is typically ramped up or used during times of war, to shift production of certain things. azar suggesting that could be in the future in the next few weeks. >> neil: thank you very, very much, i want to take a look because you might not think of this is a significant development but the fact of the matter is we were down about 1,000 points today. we closed actually on kind of a better level of the day. now, a lot of people will go through this and look at those type of developments which could be potentially constructed, having said all that, we told you about how the market have corrected in other words gone
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beyond 10% from their highs to these new levels. some of them are flirting in bear market territory with this loss today, the dow is down about 13%, s&p 500 about 13%. it takes 20% from highs to define what they call a bear market, we got as close as a 19.8% drop in the market, typically the s&p 500. around christmas time in 2018, and we just came back from those levels. but we have not seen one that would be sustained with a 20% or more drop in that time, so we dodged that bullet so far. some are interpreting what happened today as a sign that maybe we can dodge a going forward. we too early to tell, i only pass that along to you because while others are obsessed with the, the face and force behind
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fixing things after hurricane katrina back in 2004, who is not taking too kindly to wall street and its temper tantrum. take a look. >> america has a very short fuse on disasters, everybody wants them solved tomorrow. this is not an incident respond, we have two work through this and the stock market needs to shape up. they are not complaining when they are making money, nobody is figuring out what they are doing. when the stock goes down they start to cry. they need to shape up, and figure out how they are going to show up the supply chain and a stop whining. >> neil: i don't think the general is a fan of the wall street drought, speaking of whom we have heather do murali and skye martin, what he is saying, wall street obsession and counting on what it doesn't know is a little bit unseemly. but it is what it is.
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heather, what do you tell your investors when they see this kind of thing? >> put your big boy pants on, right? obviously with a 10-year treasury hitting all-time lows, as well as interest rates across the board, mortgages are going to pay to take out a loan as well as credit cards. it's also a good gauge usually of the health of the economy, in this case it's not because the u.s. economy is on solid footing. this is more a horrific potential pandemic where people are buying and sending the yields lower. >> neil: they are not just lower, they are incredibly record low. i am just thinking, when a 10-year note is not all that much over one single percent, i think of how that translates into much lower mortgages, much lower auto and related loan rates. you would think that would be a nice backdrop for the market, to the point which you would get that inflection where people say
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alall right, all right, let's by some stock. >> as a money manager, someone who invests money for clients what we have been doing is finding total return in bonds and dividends or yield in stocks. that is in a word, messed up. it shouldn't be that way, it should be the other way. yields should be in bonds and total return should be in stocks, that is the way it is. i'll give you three things that were really good today, you mentioned the hints of what the promise may be on the close today. the stocks index which is the semiconductors index, think about the chips echo in your computers and phone. that was up all day long, tech was up all day microsoft, apple is a conglomerate were up. and gold, which is something that we still own because we like it because it doesn't correlate to the market was down big today, three good reasons today to be somewhat optimistic about next week. >> neil: and peter one of the things i noticed not only that we called the worst levels of the day, but there was this
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dramatic improvement in the rate environment. much lower, they could support the consumer. for the consumer at least whether he or she is in the market or not, they will have a little bit of free cash coming their way. >> i kind of think that i appreciate what you said about the gold, i was looking at the gold as the capitulation trade because they were selling the equity in a big way, but i kind of think that you are right. the fact that gold was down that much, i think people were trying to get into cash. that seemed like the only safe haven on top of people trying to support bad positions in equity. it was a fascinating day, a fascinating week. i don't go along with the trade that things are that much better, i think that the rally on the close was a huge short cover from a position that was so heavily put on for the week. >> neil: that is very interesting, peter, the fact that this was one of the fastest
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directions on record for the market and the fact that stocks are down 57 points, you still got your worries going forward. >> you know what, we posted that we have a huge bounce on the close. the market kept trying to get off the match but it didn't, we rolled over big literally 10 minutes before the close we were down 950. there was a big push on the short side and basically peopl e the fed did come out saying that he would use the tool if necessary to support the market if possible. if the economy was still strong, that's where it took the real fear out of the market for the moment. i think that the 350 posting with 3.5 billion for sale, people did not want to go home with the idea that maybe the fed would say something, maybe things aren't as bad as they seem and i think it was more of a short cover. i don't think the anxiety is off the table, i think that gold trade is one where people want to be in cash, may be some
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people decided to buy something into the weekend. i didn't feel that. >> neil: that's very interesting. scott martin, one of the things we did see is that people are concerned of the will cut interests rates to alleviate the pressure. officials here and elsewhere have been pooh-poohing that talk, i think people who bet money on this rc 100% possibility that the lending rate is cut, do you see that? >> you are telling me there is a chance, maybe one in a million. there is definitely a possibility that that will come to the rescue here, contrary to peter's point is the market already knows that. the market already knows the fed is there, we have rate cuts last year. the market already knows. >> neil: heather, do you see the possibility of bad cut rates? >> sure, but that shouldn't panic people. even if the fed cuts rates they are already heading lower on their own, they don't have a situation of negative rates. we don't need it.
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liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> neil: what happened in washington the kind of uncertainty and unnerving, a top u.s. health officials warning house members that there could be many million more cases in the united states. >> neil good afternoon, after house lawmakers were briefed today had republicans like doug collins in georgia saying the importance of their american people remaining calm, saying if you have symptoms you should go to the doctor. the cdc is providing new guidelines all the time, meanwhile we have had democrats come out and say they feel like the trump administration should show a greater sense of urgency. dan kildee in michigan emphasizing the point that this could be a big deal, the federal government needs to respond and
1:19 pm
respond swiftly. meanwhile, bipartisan lawmakers and the white house are negotiating a coronavirus emergency response package estimated to be $6 billion. it is interesting to note that number has grown steadily throughout the course of this week, there will likely be action on it next week and the house. and then i should also note in that bipartisan briefing today connecticut congresswoman got up and up blasted the trump administration response, that led to some republican lawmakers walking out. >> neil: thank you very, very much. by the way, the congressman is the perfect guy to talk about all this. what did you learn today that either put your mind at ease, got you worried, what? >> first of all, the message was clear and that is there is no need to panic. we don't need to panic, we do need to be prepared there is no question about it. not only did we learn that today, but when we had their
1:20 pm
hearing earlier this week with secretary azar, he gave us that same message that we need to be prepared, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we are prepared, but there is no need to panic. it was made clear today at the risk of an outbreak here is still low, but we need to be prepared in case it does happen. >> neil: when people keep telling me not to panic, i wasn't going to panic until people kept telling me don't panic. then i get news out of iran that it has 143 more cases, 571 more, it's over 2,000 right now. outbreaks in africa not, nigeria, the first of the region to declare such cases. more cases in britain, australia, new zealand, that's when i start freaking out. >> that's understandable, that is human nature i think.
1:21 pm
the most important thing to understand is that if we are prepared, we are doing everything that we can, then if there is an outbreak, and the numbers are going to grow there is no question about that. they are growing and they will grow, but we can prevent a lot of this just by common sense. washing our hands, staying healthy, making sure you are sleeping right, making sure you are eating right, making sure you are practicing good hygiene, making sure that if you are sick you stay home. it is okay, you can afford to lose a day or two. don't worry about that, but if you are sick don't be spreading it. make sure you are covering your mouth and your nose when you cough, all of those things. >> neil: okay. congressman thank you very much for taking the time here >> thank you. >> neil: an abundance of caution, so many cancellations. music groups like green day, get this to korean boy band bts is canceling their tours and asia. really? ♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy,
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>> neil: green day just said the other day a part of the growing number of rock groups around the world canceling concert that had been planned for asia because of these coronavirus fears. with a new number of new cases outside of china, for the second day of a row eclipsing those inside of china. how safe are we for large venues here in the united states? from the infectious diseases society of america. a doctor, good to have you back. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: this reluctance to tell people to go to large gatherings, to cancel those gatherings altogether. is that wise? is that an overreaction? >> you were going to see some overreaction such as canceling large venues. right now, in the united states
1:26 pm
we don't have community widespread established that you are seeing some people take precautionary measures. as we get further into this pandemic, you are going to see less impact on canceling those events because it is going to be everywhere to begin with. it is going to be hit or miss with how this happens over time. i wouldn't be canceling those types of things now, especially in the united states. especially in countries where they don't have a lot of community spread. but eventually, that may become a reality and we will have to deal with it on a case-by-case basis whether or not they are warranted or not. >> neil: to a man or woman, they were saying it is not so much we are dealing with a virus like this but what it could change into. mutate into, whatever. is that a fear that you have? or that if you can't define it or how it is passed along? that is what increases the worry level. whethewhat is your view of that? >> there is uncertainty of this
1:27 pm
virus, that centers on the mortality ratio. we know that in places like province, it is 2%. we don't know really where that falls, most people believe that is going to fall much below 1% once we start testing cases. a lot of these types of social distancing, social distancing procedures, cancellation of events, all of that is premised on a high fatality rate of one or 2%. it may be much lower than that, we may not need to think about it in that same manner. once we understand how fatalistifatalthis is, we may se panic died down on some of these measures fade away. >> neil: how do you guide people who are concerned especially when the world health organization raises the threat, saying that this poses a very high risk on a global level? a lot of people here that, you can understand these companies saying we are going to restrict
1:28 pm
travel, i believe amazon have ended up even united states, doesn't that make the angst around this even worse? >> it does, i think that there is a lot of panic. there is a lot of uncertainty, and we are hearing a lot of mixed messages from different public health agencies. what is true is that this virus is going to be disruptive, it is going to be akin to what we had during 2009, there was disruption and we had to cope with it but we did cope with it and we didn't have this type of economic disruption occurring. hopefully people will come up with ways to mitigate this impact, and we won't have as much of an economic disruption. but it seems to be that that is going to be a hard challenge to meet because of all of the rhetoric going on about this and the uncertainty and what happened in china. >> neil: doctor, thank you very, very much. to put that in perspective, jpmorgan also restricting all nonessential travel and airlines abroad particularly in your
1:29 pm
british airways, easyjet, all of their market territories. simply on the notion that restricted travel means they will make restricted money. south carolina tomorrow, one of these democratic candidates is running ahead with it i had a super tuesday. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna tray it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! hey guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get it out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. dog, dog, dog.
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>> neil: of south carolina has a primary tomorrow, a lot of the 2020 candidates have been busy slamming the president for his response to the coronavirus. peter doocy in columbia, south carolina, it with the latest on that. hey peter. >> neil, despite all the talk about the coronavirus candidates are still out there on the campaign trail shaking hands and
1:34 pm
taking selfies with voters. it is not just democrats today, president trump is on his way to south carolina right now. >> think that we could have a president of the united states working with scientists all over the world. ringing people together to figure out how we are going to deal with this crisis. he is here and south carolina, he doesn't have any opposition in the republican primary. >> elizabeth warren is tweeting about this, she says "the trump administration's careless incompetence has put lives at risk, punishing whistle-blowers shows how unwilling they are to take responsibility. it is time for a competent leader in the white house to manage this crisis." pete buttigieg is also here in south carolina and he is arguing that the president's signature 2016 campaign promise isn't helping the coronavirus at all. he says that infections like that don't care about a big
1:35 pm
border wall. neil. >> neil: thank you very, very much. bernie sanders meanwhile is coming out on top of the latest fox news poll, emerges as the clear frontrunner certainly ahead of super tuesday. maybe not so much in south carolina. chris anderson from the fox news desk when you right now. i am surprised you leave your desk for everything you have been following. >> there is no data to start counting at. >> let's talk a little bit about what is happening nationally, what you see particularly about bernie sanders no matter what happens in south carolina. >> we had joe biden up by ten points in december, we now have bernie up by 13. the big thing that has happened is that many democratic voters have decided that bernie is the better candidate to be trump, that is still the overriding thing that democrats are looking for in the candidate. 75% of democrats said they thought joe biden could be trump, that has dropped to 56%.
1:36 pm
meanwhile, bernie was at 60% that they thought they could be trump. that is up to 65%. he is gaining some ground. it is not what democratic primary voters are seeing, when they are assessing their field. they are liking something about burning. >> neil: obviously they are seeing past all these other charges against him, do a lot of these polls deal with the emergence of this coronavirus thing and spilling over of the markets and fears of the economy? >> that is not reflected in our poll. we were in the field sunday through wednesday, this has been evolving so quickly. we asked folks in our poll if they thought that the federal government was prepared and ready, and we had about three quarters saying they were. as of sunday through wednesday, people were feeling fairly confident. that is still the case after the last 48 hours, i don't know. >> neil: the number of
1:37 pm
wall street analysts were talking to me, the sure thing nature of the president getting reelected much might still be the case with the economy, but that is an environment that would favor the democratic having a better chance of this virus and other stuff continues to rip markets and supply chains around the world as it has already. >> i would think so, that has been the president, he has his strongest ratings on the economy recently far the best. we will see if those hold up, we are looking at this interesting number here where 56% of voters think trump will be reelected, that is a big increase since october. another number that is interesting in our new pool is we asked if voters thought thatm if the election were today, and there we had 42% say yes they would vote for him, 52% saying
1:38 pm
someone else. it doesn't sound very good, but they are very similar numbers to when obama was at this point in his administration. those numbers move around quickly, i wouldn't say that any sitting president would want to have the majority saying they will vote against them but it doesn't mean he isn't in this race at all. the ballot tests that we did we showed some democrats up by seven, others closer. in my view, any of the candidates in this race could be trump, any of them could do so trump. it is really wide open once we get to the general, there are some structural things working against them and structural things working for them. we want to thank you my friend, i know you have a busy few days ahead of you. this whole issue of the coronavirus and how the president is handling it, he has not left yet for south carolina. he has been talking to reporters as they gather in charleston, south carolina, for a campaign event he is going to, he did say
1:39 pm
that they are making progress working on a vaccine. he is very optimistic in that regard. he is talking about spending a great deal of time on this issue along with the vice president, secretary azar, they are all watching this. he did not answer a question as to whether this constituted a crisis, he is looking at the possibility of extending a travel ban to countries with disproportionate numbers simply hasn't made up his mind. we are getting some grabs of what he is saying to reporters on the south lawn as he boards marine one and heads over to south carolina tonight. he has continually done this ahead of a big democratic event, the south carolina primary tomorrow. he is sending the signal here that with regards to the virus, he is on top of it.
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1:43 pm
lot of travel worldwide put on hold because of the coronavirus. a lot of airports could be seeing more health screening very soon, david lee miller in new york. david lee. >> neil, we are at terminal 4 at jfk. jfk and nearby newark are two of the 11 airports in the country where travelers from china must undergo health screenings. despite calls from some local officials, there are as of now no planned increases in those of screenings but that could change. the cdc three-tier list alert system lists china and south korea at its most severe level. it says to avoid those countries when it comes to all nonessential travel. italy, japan, and iran are level two. the cdc cautions older people and those with chronic conditions should reconsider travel, because of the coronavirus fewer people are flying. u.s. travel agencies say that ticket sales are now down more than 9%.
1:44 pm
united, delta, and american continue suspension of all flights to china. the united states suspended its own flights to, major u.s. carriers are changing flights to italy. jetblue is doing away with all cancellation and change fees regardless of the destination, and here at jfk today we saw a small minority of travelers with those hygiene face masks, one man we talked to arrive from south korea advised yes, take precautions but do not overreact. >> neil>> it is a little scary,t came back from korea. it is not as bad as people think, it's pretty bad but it's not as bad. >> experts say when it comes to most travel, it is perfectly safe but they do offer this one piece of advice. play it extra safe, take the seat by the window. they say the chances of getting sick there are far diminished, that is because you interact with your people and of course you get the view.
1:45 pm
neil. >> neil: david lee, glad to have you. 45 seconds away from the president at the white house, so far no more sweeping actions at airports have been considered. but if they are, could jfk handle that? >> i didn't hear your question. >> neil: are they ready for more tightened restrictions at the airports? >> that remains to be seen, the extent to which they will be able to scream more people. i think that is one of the problems that the authorities face if they want to start screening more people in places like south korea. >> neil: thank you very, very much, the white house might indicate want they want to do in that regard. >> thousands of people outside, it will be very exciting. we have a big day tomorrow in terms of the democrats watching, see what happens. on tuesday we have a very big day, it will be interesting to
1:46 pm
see. we are at the same number, a lot of people are getting better, very much better. we took in some great americans from japan, and citizens and they are getting better very rapidly. they are doing very well, all of them are doing well. the 15 people likewise we have them down to a much lower numb number, they are in good shape. most of them are in really good shape. one of the people is, i wouldn't say not doing well but she is very sick but she's hopefully getting better. but we are at the same number, essentially we've only had 15, and a lot of that is because i called it early. we made the decision very early to close up our borders in certain areas of the world, we did that and we are hopefully getting lower from that number. let's see what happens in the future. some countries are doing well,
1:47 pm
some countries are not doing well. you can see that. a lot of things are happening, we are very well organized, we have great talent, great doctors, great everyone. this tremendous spirit, a lot of spirit, and as you know with the flu, on average we lose from 26000-78000 people a year, even more than that in some cases. we haven't lost anybody yet, hopefully we can keep that intact. there have been no deaths in the united states, at all. a lot of that is attributable to the fact that we closed the border very early. otherwise it could be a different story. so we will keep doing a good job, we are ordering a lot of supplies, ordering a lot of elements that friendly we wouldn't be ordering unless it was something like this. we are ordering a lot of different elements of medical,
1:48 pm
we are working on cures and getting some really good results. as you know, they are working as rapidly as they can for a vaccine for the future. with that, i think i can head out. well, i think it's just people don't know, it's the unknown. they look at it and they say how long will this last, i think they are not very happy with the democrats candidates when they see them, i think that has an impact. we think we are going to win, win easily but you never know it is an election. i don't think that is selfish. i think that basically it is the unknown a little bit, but i feel very confident and our people are doing a fantastic job. again, we haven't seen an increase and people are getting better.
1:49 pm
almost everybody that we see is getting better. it could be everybody. i am spending a lot of time on it, just incoordination. mike pence is doing a great job, they are all doing really a fantastic job. alex azar is right on top of it, we are all watching it very closely. we don't want any bad surprises. you are going to have to speak up. we are looking at that right now, we are looking at a couple of new countries that have a little bit disproportionately high number, and we are going to
1:50 pm
make that decision very soon. i think that the media is, yes, i think that cnn is a very disreputable network. they are doing everything they can to instill fear in people, and i think it is ridiculous. they are very disreputable. some of the democrats are doing it the way it should be, but some of them are trying to gain political favor by saying a lot of untruths. the fact is, i made one decision that was a very important decision, that was to close our country to certain areas of the world that was relatively hello heavily affected, because of that we are talking about 15 who seem to be all getting better. one is questionable. had that decision not been made, it would be a much different story. some people are giving us
1:51 pm
credit. some people are giving us credit for that, some people aren't. the only ones that aren't they don't mean it, it is political, it's politics. speaking of politics, i am going to south carolina and i think we will do fantastically there. it will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow. i think we will do very well in the election. but it's still an election. i don't think people are very inspired. we are going to win, that will solve that problem.
1:52 pm
if you look at germany, they are putting in a lot of money. you look at other countries, they are putting in a lot of money. that's up to them, that is up to them. >> have you finished your annual physical? >> neil: it might have been hard for you to hear, the president taking another slap at the federal reserve referring to the fact that they screwed up a lot. paraphrasing here, these rumors that the fed was going to get involved and these people were betting on the fact that the federal reserve would cut interest rates sooner rather than later, as soon as next month. even though officially, the fed is pooh-poohing or throwing cold water on that talk. the president saying other
1:53 pm
countries are doing that, germany, a host of other countries are putting and plugging a lot of money at this to deal with this. the equivalent of that would be the federal reserve should do the same. republican louisiana senator medical dr. bill cassidy on all of that, senator thank you for taking the time. what did you make of his reference to the federal reserve and this growing talk that seems to center around another rate cut? do you think that is warranted? >> i don't know if it's warranted yet, they have the ability to impact world economy. if you think of how consumers spending drives much of the world's gdp, if people were no longer going to italy and people from germany are now staying at home, and i can go on, you can imagine that would impact world gdp. >> neil: the doctor in you, can indulge that side of your fine brain, that is what is
1:54 pm
going on here. i spoke to a lot of doctors, a lot of medical and disease specialists who are perplexed by this one. they can't say that it's over. so when the president is saying he's got this, or that we are doing a good job, could that be or doesn't risk being premature? >> it is the president's responsibility to make sure that people do not panic. it's a doctor's responsibility to make sure that people are prepared. you are actually seeing that tension played out. we hope that all this will be for nothing, but we want to be prepared as if it becomes quite something. the president is doing his job, but as a doctor and all the folks in the health care profession, i think we are also doing our job. >> neil: there has been a back and forth on the funding issue, whether the money is going to be enough. no matter what they ultimately are, if you have to go back and get more, it won't be an issue?
1:55 pm
>> we will get as much as we want. if we lose a percentage point on our gdp, my gosh, that could be billions, trillions. we need to over time, we need to address this. congress will be aggressive in addressing this. i am not a believer that shoving money is the answer, but if money is the answer money will be there. spewing so, if money won't be the big issue here. and we see what's been happening to the market, senator, do you worry that part of this is the fear of democrats possibly winning this election? >> i'm sure if i spoke to a woman the other night, she saidi would never vote for president trump but when i see who he is running against, those folks would kill my small business. i am voting for president trump. now here is someone who frankly doesn't find the president very tasteful, but she has to provide for her family and she is afraid that those folks will destroy
1:56 pm
her ability to provide for her family. i think there is a lot of that out there, frankly i think it is valid. >> neil: senator, we are just learning that a federal appeals court will not make him testify before conference. how do you feel about that? >> that is an executive privilege, that was the intention all along. republicans always said let the courts decide, the court decided. whenever i feel about it, i believe in our courts and our division of power. >> neil: in the middle of all of this, with the virus, the politics always comes up. senator, does it look right for the president to be at a big rally in south carolina when we are dealing with this in this country? >> the main thing americans got to realize is we have to go on with our life. the only thing we have to fear if you will is the fear of virus itself, we need to be prepared
1:57 pm
but if we start hunkering down and not living our normal life, the virus wins. even without ever infecting a bunch of people. i would just say live your life, now at some point, it may be that there will be a disruption in our life. but you don't plan better for that disruption by acting now, i am all with the president. >> neil: senator, doctor, thank you very much. in the meantime, i want to get a read on all of those developments. gary, a crazy end of the week for the markets. what you expect next week? >> all day today, and when i was on here earlier i was saying that i thought the market had a chance here to put the low. i think it has in the near term, my main group that i follow the most is the semiconductors because it is in everything. that was up 2%, i suspect there is a chance that central bankers around the globe may make an announcement over the weekend that's why i think, i am pretty
1:58 pm
optimistic going into next week. don't blink, because the news is fluid. >> neil: you are talking about the federal reserve chairman, others are betting who actually put money on the line that we will see a cut in interest rates next month. do you agree with that? >> 100%. i think he telegraphed it today, they are very good at telegraphing things and making the move. look, 4600 dow points in nine days, i think this may not be such an economic event that people are saying unless this really starts to spread. if it doesn't spread, we can really hold it, we will be in good stead. i do know one thing about the consumer, they love spending, they love traveling, they love
1:59 pm
going to the mall, i am going to disney world tomorrow just to check it out to see how many people are there. >> neil: just to check how many people are there? you won't go on the teacup ride? >> i will be on space mountain, but i am definitely going to check out if it has affected things. we want real quick, i look at these developments and the one thing i always discover in the crisis in the moment, the trend with markets and if you are a long-term investor, in the last century you are waiting things out. not everybody can wait things out, do you subscribe to that? >> history says so, we have gone through crisis, recessions, and depressions and have come out of all of them. no doubt in my mind. >> neil: thank you very much, always appreciate it. again, it depends on your age. you get to my age, long-term for
2:00 pm
me is maybe lunch tomorrow or maybe 10:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow when we are following this life for you. we have the ragin' cajun with us right now, he has been a very big critic. how we have not exactly done ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino, it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." president trump commenting on the coronavirus just moments ago as there are 62 confirmed cases in the united states. here is the president. >> we haven't lost anybody yet and hopefully we can keep that in tact. there've been no deaths in the united states at all. >> dana: the president going after the media. first, he's looking to loom large over a major dendritic primary. set for a big


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