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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 28, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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me is maybe lunch tomorrow or maybe 10:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow when we are following this life for you. we have the ragin' cajun with us right now, he has been a very big critic. how we have not exactly done ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i am dana perino, it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." president trump commenting on the coronavirus just moments ago as there are 62 confirmed cases in the united states. here is the president. >> we haven't lost anybody yet and hopefully we can keep that in tact. there've been no deaths in the united states at all. >> dana: the president going after the media. first, he's looking to loom large over a major dendritic primary. set for a big rally in
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south carolina two hours from now as democrats get ready to face off in the palmetto state. democratic party splintering as candidates continue to slam bernie sanders and warned that his message of socialism will doom the party's prospects in 20. >> i believe if bernie sanders gets the nomination, he'll lose the to donald trump. he'll make sure that the senate stays in republican hands. bill flipped the house back to the republicans, and even down ballot he's going to hurt the democrats. >> the fact that someone lists himself as an official independent except as president to run >> dana: bernie remains defiant through it all. >> we are building a movement that cannot be stopped. and when millions of people stand up and fight back, nothing on earth can stop us. >> dana: joe biden looking for a game changer in
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south carolina. strong polling in the state is putting biden in a good position but his campaign is still plagued by more gaffes, biden saying he was never arrested in south africa while trying to meet nelson mandela. >> by arrested, i mean i was not able to move. the cops would not let me go, made me stay where i was. i wasn't arrested, i was stopped, i was not able to move where i wanted to go. >> dana: i do want to play this out from james clyburn, the congress men from south carolina who endorsed joe biden. here's what he had to say about bernie sanders. >> i was in texas about three weeks ago. i talked to the faith community down there and they were very, very concerned about whether or not there was somebody on the ticket who would cause down ballot carnage. >> dana: interesting they are
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talking about down ballot carnage, greg, after bernie was in full position to win in iowa, new hampshire, nevada. south carolina he might not be doing that well but pulling the panic alarm might be a little bit late. >> greg: the democrats had for years to prepare for this moment and to beat this orange demon been the worst human that ever lived. what did they do? instead of studying for the exam, they decided to play "fortnite" in their underwear, they chased phantoms of impeachment, collusion, destruction, actually finding a candidate or figuring out a way behind-the-scenes or whatever to deal with bernie -- i think the -- you know how they always talk about voter suppression? they should worry about voter depression. when you look at how that feels, the field is so flawed that you weren't looking for a voting booth, you are looking for a bridge.
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there are going to be a lot of people just aren't going to vote because it's going to be, you know what, we are going to have trump for another four years, life goes pretty fast. >> dana: they'll have all these ads, jesse, like huxley clyburn saying that bernie sands would have carnage. >> jesse: bernie did not have a good week. his math not adding up on "60 minutes" and at the debate really made people think again what they are doing and that's why democrats are rattled. joe needs a big win in south carolina because he's running on fumes in his coalition -- he was supposed to be the guide to win white working-class voters and he's got walloped by everybody in the field of those issues in the first three primaries. and he's supposed to turn that hispanics and he lost by 30 points to bernie in nevada with hispanics. he only beat bernie by 10% with
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blacks in nevada. he's not even spending any money at super tuesday. he spent only 600,000 on super tuesday. bernie has spent $15 million. he has twice the amount of fans he has. >> dana: and michael bloomberg has spent $600 million. geraldo, i want you to listen to how south carolina could be a starting point for him. >> i've been deeply involved in this community, in the state. so i feel very good about it. it's been a launching pad for barack and it'll be the launching pad for me. >> dana: south carolina punch above its weight in terms of early states because it's crunch time when you get there. >> geraldo: i think people are underestimating the impact south carolina will have on the biden candidacy. i believe he will win decisively and that will change the conversation. the question is will anybody be focused on politics when we only care about public health right
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now? public health and politics of the same story right now and what people want to know is how would you deal -- they don't want to see biden sniping at trump right now, they don't want to see bloomberg snapping at trump. i'm deeply distressed by what pelosi and schumer did in attacking trump and undermining the confidence we have in the public health. this is really, really bad. but i believe biden can pull off a miracle here. this is rocky. he's a decent person. he's not my guy. i would not vote for him -- may be, i vote for him. but i think you will as a result of south carolina, black people specifically will carry the former vice president across the finish line with momentum and that a report super tuesday even though as jesse rightly points out he spent about $0.06. >> emily: if i can,
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african-americans in south carolina comprise 60% of the democratic voting bloc and the most conservative of that block. the past week, we've seen biden lead a good average between fouo lose. at the same time, you see the two polls from cnn out of texas and california about bernie? by camilla, a million. 21 points in california and 9 in texas. biden saying that's going be my a launching pad, but will momentum be enough afterwards when we go to super tuesday with bernie looking like a complete king? >> geraldo: may i? i believe that south carolina will affect those numbers. you are right about texas and california, but because it is so close to days later, south carolina committed use >> dana: i want to ask greg one more question.
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>> greg: i'm busy. >> dana: mayor pete buttigieg we did come in second in those two contests, but we go to talk about him. what's going on there? >> greg: he's got to go back to school. he's a sophomore in high school -- he did know that, didn't you? there's a lot of ego why people stay in these races. it was the same thing in 2016. >> dana: a lot of campaigns do not end because the candidate wants to, it's because they run out of money. on wednesday you'll see this race narrow. >> greg: if millions of people are voting for bernie sanders, wouldn't they also vote with everyone with a t next to their names? this is what i don't understand. >> jesse: some people go in and they split the ticket. >> dana: if you are a democrat, it's an 80% of democrats said they would never vote for bernie or for
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bloomberg. you can go in and hope your senator and congressman they leave that one blank. >> jesse: those people are crazy. >> dana: president trump responding to attacks from democrats and the media to how he's responding to the coronavirus. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment.
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♪ >> jesse: 2020 democrat in the media wasting no time playing coronavirus politics trashing president trump over his administration's response to the deadly virus. >> coronavirus is going to get much worse for donald trump. >> should americans trust president trump to deal with the crisis? >> no. he has not prepared for a crisis like this. >> our government is woefully unprepared. it seems at least at this early stage. >> nobody takes the president's word for these thing. at the minimum exaggerates everything in the idea he's going to stand there and say everything is fine, don't worry, who's going to believe that? he'll probably stay physically healthy throughout the crisis but his mental health which is week on his best day can only get much worse.
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>> jesse: here's president trump calling out the spears at the white house today. >> cnn is a very disreputable network. doing everything they can to instill fear in people and i think it's ridiculous. some of the democrats are doing it the way it should be, but some of them are trying to gain political favor by saying a lot of untruths. some people are giving us credit for that, and some people aren't, but the only ones -- they don't mean it. it's political, it's politics. >> jesse: the president declared a national health emergency, restricts travel to china, brings local and federal health officials together, he asks for billions of dollars, he does the quarantines, as to limit the vaccines. what do the democrats want them to do that he's not doing? >> greg: he's not getting to that place of offering an idea. saying -- they can't even -- the fact that he did ask a fast and
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gave the hospital's time to prepare are the most important thing. as he saw this unfold, you saw the cnn and "the new york times" get their biased mode going. you can see the obvious agenda before your eyes. when you pointed out, what did they do? they accuse you of politicizing when you go, oh, brian seltzer secretly saying that this could be it. when you accuse them, until their naked attempts to tie trump to this thing, oh, you're politicizing it -- i can't use the language i want to use. >> jesse: geraldo will. >> greg: you can get away with it. >> jesse: as greg mentioned, they said the task force was too white. the travel restrictions were xenophobic. they never cut any cdc funding. if you see you guys are politicizing it, they say, no,
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you're politicizing it. how does that make sense? >> geraldo: anybody who exacerbates the fear, the real epidemic of fear, which is a real epidemic, not the virus yet in this country. like i said, a gutter feeding -- b2 scumbag. >> geraldo: scumbag is a good word. i want to read you something. let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which paralyzes needed efforts to retreat in advance. 1933, fdr. we have now a politician feeding fear, politicians for their own temporary advantage to cut the president in any way they can come in to distinguish themselves from their rivals in
2:18 pm
the democratic catfight. they say and do things that have helped tank the stock market. i looked at "fortune" this week. >> greg: you had a fortune to lose. >> geraldo: this is very, very unsettling. anyone who is exacerbating the unease that the american people feel, shame on them become or them! reject them. they are nothing. >> greg: wow. >> jesse: i have to pixelate that. you think this would be a time that these organizations would try to tell you the facts, give you the context, and the instill fear, but that's not what we are getting. >> emily: this is what turns people off of politics, these guys using a public health crisis or a public health situation to advance their own careers, to further their own team. it's what makes people turn off those news organizations but they need actual facts. i'm not getting my news there, i'm not getting the actual facts.
2:19 pm
you wash your hands, take that certain steps, the at most risk are the at firm dell they confirmed an elderly for the average citizen won't get it. these things are important to disseminate, not that i'm the expert but i responsible for transmitting accurate messaging information into your point about the president, what else do we want our president to do? i would say take executive, decisive action. do i want my president running around screaming like, we are all going to die! i love that he was like, we are going to be okay. i use my authority to make sure that the experts in public health will execute it accordingly. >> geraldo: we need a vaccine. that's the only politics that matter right now. we need a vaccine to reassure people. japan going broke, they've got the big olympics coming up and we had a japan trip planned in spring break.
2:20 pm
>> jesse: out of everything that happened, that might be the most tragic. >> geraldo: people are going to be laid off, supply chain of businesses. >> jesse: if you want to work out by yourself, not a bad idea right now. >> dana: i love the pellets on i highly recommend it. there is no evidence for the criticism yet. it's nakedly political. the president said that some democrats have been reasonable and nice and helpful and one of them was senator dick durbin of illinois. the vice president called lots of people, two of that made comments. one of them through twitter with governor inslee of washington state, he ran for president for a while on climate change. he came out on twitter and said the vice president called me and i told him that it be nice that the president cared about science. dick durbin said that i'm so glad the vice president called
2:21 pm
me. that's a difference between someone being political and someone who's a true public servants. >> greg: he wants so badly to be proven right it doesn't matter. it's everybody's fortune suffering, i have a rule that this might be stupid. i don't look at stocks. do you have to have the stock ticker up all day, what that does is it drives people crazy. we know it's bad. put it away. >> geraldo: i think it's an age thing. the older you get... >> jesse: what's the most important thing you need to know about the coronavirus? dr. marc siegel is here next. ep. i worried about my hep c.ep. but in only 8 weeks with mavyret... ...i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure for all types of hep c.
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a lot of that to the fact that we close the border very early, otherwise it could be a different story. >> geraldo: no deaths in the united states as of yet. the president reacted to the coronavirus, spreading major fears and panic around the planet. stock markets getting smashed again as the total number of cases worldwide tops 84,000, almost 3,000 dead, making that where's there are conflicting statements whether the situation is getting better or worse. the cdc director saying in one hand the outbreak may not be inevitable here in this country, the one house organization warning epidemic could soon reach every country and every corner of our country. here to help us, dr. marc sieg dr. marc siegel. welcome. who is right? w.h.o. or the cdc? is it a may not happen here or is it inevitable here? speak of the world health organization are a bunch of alarmists and they always overstate the problem and the make it seem like the world is
2:27 pm
going to end. >> geraldo: who are they? are they part of the u.n.? >> yes and a matter of fact one of the main people who's in charge of commendable diseases was a chinese health official for over 30 years. he has a certain vested interest and a lot of power coming out of china influencing the w.h.o. in my opinion and they have not risen up in the situation. they are useful but they've been alarmists. the cdc, geraldo, has not been alarmists until suddenly this week. they announced that its not a matter of if but when and they suddenly got alarmists. >> geraldo: do you think that is why fauci got taken off sunday morning shows? >> he's not with the cdc, he's with the nhi. >> greg: fyi. >> he made the comment that it's going to get bad. here's my answer to your question and here's what the viewers need to know. we don't know how bad it's going
2:28 pm
to get, but here's what we do know. the purpose of public health is to containment and control it. all this frenzy from our side, the health side, the doctors 'aside from the health official sight is to prevent it from getting bad before the genie gets out of the bottle. for we have a situation of the embers. emily, you get to the summer and the fire is out, and the more virus. but if there are embers, it comes back in the fall. >> geraldo: my wife is crazy trying to get everything together, sold on amazon. i put this on. is it to protect me or to protect you from me? >> greg: it's your mustache, geraldo. >> that mustache? it fosters all sorts of crazy things! >> geraldo: is it to protect you from me or me from you? >> your wife is lovely and i
2:29 pm
want to inform her right now. the answer, the mask is only useful if you have symptoms. if you have a flu or cold or coronavirus and you're coughing or sneezing, the mass prevents those droplets from spreading to other people. >> only if you are sick. >> if you are sick, it's a peer message! it isn't coming down the street. if you don't have the illness and you've got the mask, do you know what happens question what you read the mass, put something in your eyes, -- >> greg: mask, yea or nay? >> if you are sick. >> greg: i'm not talking about coronavirus but if you break your leg -- it's not a good idea to go in the e.r. in the period like this, correct?
2:30 pm
>> you are leading to a question i just saw nebraska, this coronavirus is accompanied by high fever. when you have shortness of breath and a cough and a high fever, that's when you need to go to the e.r. but we need the test kit so i can find out if you actually have this coronavirus. >> dana: who is or is possible for getting the test kits and why do we not have enough? >> good question. the cdc's are possible the test kits. now they are claiming they are going to be ramping up in the next couple weeks. somebody comes in, i've got a cough, fever, you don't have coronavirus, go home. >> jesse: we got numbers that the new cases in china are going down. a couple of weeks ago there were 1500, 2,000 new cases per day and now there's a couple hundred. is that a good sign in china? do they have the right things under control?
2:31 pm
>> if you believe that. i don't know how much i believe coming up from china from the beginning to end, this idea of quarantining the whole region is something out of the middle ages but we almost never do it that way and now they are letting people go back to work there. they could spread the virus. i'm very dubious. >> geraldo: learning of the duplicity of chinese is one lesson the epidemic has taught us. >> emily: we now heard that a dog has it. should we be afraid by that or do dogs also get common cold and this is something that happens often? >> you answered your own question, emily. i much rather concerned of its percolating in areas like california or new york. >> greg: in humans. >> this coronavirus started in animals, it's a memo virus, so it's not surprising that somebody come with old dog licking them, if a human has a
2:32 pm
coronavirus and passes it to a dog, they have a weak case. >> dana: i'm looking at jesse's face! >> geraldo: it's interesting the deaths have hovered around 2800. they were speculating, spiking up and up. >> this is who they were treating in the basket, by the way. the old they are actually out of the i wanted to make the point that disinfecting this table especially is a really good idea. i liked the idea of this being an alert. that should be an alert for people. it's not coronavirus that's out there. by the way, don't sneeze and cough on people. if you are sick, wear a mask.
2:33 pm
don't go to work if you are sick. not because of the coronavirus! >> don't be selfish. generally speaking, when you hear politicians talking about this disease, do you think that they are speaking with, you know, kind of credibility, or do you discount when it comes out of their mouth because they are politicians and are looking for their personal advantage. >> it depends on who you're talking about. if you talk about tony fauci at the nih, he's one of the top infectious disease experts in the country. we have some people on this panel, on this expert group that was appointed by the president that actually are really, they really belong to be there. >> geraldo: i like michael bloomberg but what he said about the cdc funding getting cut, he made some charges that were absently untrue -- >> one quick thing, i spoke to cuccinelli from home land
2:34 pm
security, they have plenty of money from ebola. now the president is asking for $2.5 billion. he used to be the chief of staff and vice president gore. trump takes the vice president, sitting vic vice president, gets criticized, and obama picked the chief of staff. dr. siegel, thank you very much. breaking news to tell you about. president trump tweeting moments ago when nominating congressman john ratcliffe to be director of national intelligence. more on that when we get it. up next on "ththe five," the fastest seven. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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2:39 pm
shown in late spring in time for the 2020 election. the foreman and file of the show would be influenced by howard stern. her line up be newsmakers. if she invited you on him, you go on it? >> greg: having a podcast is like having indoor plumbing. we have it's just going to be harvesting sound bites every day. >> dana: it'll be interesting to see if you can ask questions rather than answering the question herself. a lot of the great things about howard stern is he asked the question but that he steps back and let's the interviewer for the interviewee talk. we have to see. >> greg: geraldo doesn't know that. >> geraldo>> jesse: nobody showt her rally. they had to cancel the tour with her husband in/ticket prices because she was not selling.
2:40 pm
my mother wouldn't listen to h her. >> geraldo: i don't know. howard stern is great and he's really evolved as a radio host. he has become one of the best interviewers on the air. and if hillary wants to model herself after him, couldn't pick a better role model. >> emily: people doing crazy stuff or social media fame including this. take a look. that social media influence are nearly drowned getting trapped under ice coming a tick-tock
2:41 pm
video. a question for everyone, is the new version of the former daredevils and adventurer people where they die doing things for the thrill or attention, is this a new iteration or is this a whole new breed of darwinism? >> greg: they are playing it so we are getting rewarded. >> geraldo: why am i not surprised you like "jackass?" >> dana: he was panicking his dog. he did not even that upset. >> emily: i'm thinking about the dog 100%. >> jesse: he's an idiot but i'm fascinated by it. i think it takes a lot of skill and capacity to do what he did. the friend that filmed it, i like how the friend didn't say anything and kept it quiet, made it more dramatic. it's like they were made for each other. >> emily: grandma and grandpa, there's been a huge spike of
2:42 pm
senior citizens smoking marijuana and consuming edibles. >> greg: the problem is? >> geraldo: i think marijuana is a great substance. i think the creepiness of old age is easily alleviated and mitigated by pot edibles or smoking or vape. when you get overseas to five years old you should be able to do anything he wants to. you've lived that long. >> greg: this is so stupid! in 1970, you were 16 if you are 65 now. these are just the same people! right? >> greg: what's wrong with that? >> greg: it's not a story! it's not people who are old or smoking pot -- it's the same people still smoking pot! >> geraldo: in emily's state, it's legal. >> jesse: the pot is so much better. >> dana: didn't we go through the whole thing where we eliminated vaping even though we shouldn't have because people who were putting to use in the vapes, those were the ones
2:43 pm
having major problems. >> greg: >> geraldo: that's the black market. it's not like juul which was a legit company. >> jesse: are you high right now? >> geraldo: i've never been high on television except for when i told people i was. >> greg: that clip is pummeling. >> emily: okay, guys. am totally blind. am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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>> greg: that was great. fan mail friday, let's get to it. what's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done, asks christina k. let's go to captain spontaneous herself, dana. >> dana: it was after meeting peter on the airplane, i made a last-minute decision to meet him in new orleans. >> greg: you little... anyway. >> jesse: one time after work i drove straight to the airport and went to europe. without packing. >> greg: that is spontaneous! >> jesse: i'm getting. it would've been good, though. >> greg: spontaneity is
2:48 pm
overrated. do you see my notes for this show? do you think i'm spontaneous? geraldo, you've done some tricky stuff. >> geraldo: i was engaged to someone and i drove to california and married someone else. >> emily: all my spontaneity is travel based. it's when i'm already in a different country, we spent endlessly decide to travel to another place or do or what not. it's not that exciting. but. >> greg: when i moved to london, that was spontaneous. i was unemployed, so that drove my spontaneity. this is a good question. what keeps you awake at night, asks lauren xo. your eyes what's up. >> emily: my mortality. that's when i lie freaking out over diseases. >> greg: that you're going to die and everything is going to go like that. geraldo is starting to go. >> geraldo: i've got a bad but that hurts and it keeps me awake
2:49 pm
and you start thinking about things like mortality. >> greg: this is getting grim. >> geraldo: you think of the children and grandchildren. >> greg: that's why i don't have any. jessica laura ingraham. i put it >> jesse: laura ingraham >> greg: what keeps you up at night? >> dana: ambulances. they've got a new sound over at the hospital. it's like the european one and it drives me insane. >> greg: how dare those injured people disturb your se seat. >> dana: they don't have it up loud. >> greg: and everything about it the next day. i totally forgot about it which means whatever i'm thinking about in the middle of the night is totally worthless. >> geraldo: sometimes i run those silences to be the traff
2:50 pm
traffic? >> greg: what makes you feel the age you are now. jesse, you're almost 50? >> jesse: i'm getting a thing in my shoulders and in my elbow, in my shoulders and elbows mostly yeah. a lot of aches and pains. i should take inedible an edible. >> geraldo: just a restaurant in limping distance. >> greg: you can ask women feeling your age, can you? >> emily: little things make me hurt. breathing wrong, my back went out. but my total hatred of younger people in millennials, you've got such an experience immaturity and then i realize, i really am 80. >> dana: what makes you feel old, in the pot upstairs, i got to see dionne warwick in nashville and none of those young people had heard of dionne warwick. >> greg: it's not who she
2:51 pm
is -- i'm getting. but she did. remember later in life? when you talk about music or movies what you say, oh, you've got to see this movie "blue velvet" and a kid born in 1997 looking at you... >> dana: did not know who abba was. [cross talk] >> greg: one more thing is up next! n ] give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need!
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>> dana: time now for one more thing. i want to celebrate someone's life. harold berson passed away recently, 98 years old. he was an incredible american. born in memphis, tennessee, 1921 and graduated high school age is 15 years old.
2:56 pm
he went into the army and was a reporter who covered the nuremberg trials for the american forces network. when he came back, he launched a p.r. company and in 1999, he was described of the century's most influential p.r. figure. many remember the johnson & johnson tylenol -- what was in there? cyanide. he was the person who helped johnson & johnson to the reputational crisis communications situation and i had a chance to work with them right after i left the white house and he was really a one-of-a-kind individual, wonderful person. lived to be 98 years old and his life was celebrated today up at lincoln center. >> geraldo: nice you get that. >> dana: he was a wonderful man. geraldo? >> geraldo: it was the middle school science fair and my beautiful 14-year-old, it's
2:57 pm
hardly the heat conscious bear and hasn't sensors in it so when a child is outside and it gets too hot, guy hebert has a sensor, l.e.d. sensor start flashing and the little child ks inside that they are overheating and it's dangerous. my little daughter invented this wonderful thing. >> dana: wow. greg, your next? >> greg: tomorrow night, we are still having a brand-new show. saturday, 10:00 p.m. we got ed henry, we've got kat timpf, tyrese at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. you better watch it. let's do this quickly. shall we? greg, what does the slop say? i have never hear of babies law speak what is it saying? >> jesse: did you dump that? >> greg: that is not dubbed.
2:58 pm
>> dana: i think he's saying faster, faster! >> geraldo: he ate some edibles. >> jesse: i don't know if i can top that. this is some crazy australian, a bmx idiot. look what is god and his little recliner look what he got in his little recliner. and he lands it! they call him a bmx athlete. >> dana: i love australians. >> geraldo: i love them too. >> jesse: if i was an american i would be australian. >> dana: emily, you are next. >> emily: tomorrow night, i'm so excited. i'm hosting fox nation's primary coverage live at 8:00 p.m. i hope you'll join me and my alter political panel as he braked on the results as they come in.
2:59 pm
it's also free. if you are not a member of fox nation you can still view it and i hope you join fox nation. before i go, take a look at this showing up at the basketball court. this was at a war years-lakers game, stole the show when came up and dunked. go warriors! look at him! >> greg: that meant hours and hours, the dog was forced to do that. >> emily: he got treats for it. >> greg: i think it's torture. >> jesse: what do you care about the dog? >> greg: i empathize, jesse! >> jesse: you asked a doctor if it was okay to go to the e.r. if you broke your leg during a pandemic! if you are worried about getting injuries -- >> greg: you should not expose
3:00 pm
yourself in the e.r. >> dana: he's worried about going to the e.r. for the coronavirus. i totally understood. that's it for us, every body. have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a big win president trump in his fight to keep one of his top advisors from appearing before democrats in congress. a huge loss for democrats hoping for another chance to rekindle the russia investigation. an appeals court today rejected a house committee's effort to compel former white house counsel don began to testify david's fund is here with details. >> this is significant. this is a decision that both house democrats and those to the president have been waiting to learn four months. in a 2-1 ruling thread telling those democrats thought began, the former white house


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