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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 28, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> greg: you should not expose yourself in the e.r. >> dana: he's worried about going to the e.r. for the coronavirus. i totally understood. that's it for us, every body. have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a big win president trump in his fight to keep one of his top advisors from appearing before democrats in congress. a huge loss for democrats hoping for another chance to rekindle the russia investigation. an appeals court today rejected a house committee's effort to compel former white house counsel don began to testify david's fund is here with details. >> this is significant. this is a decision that both house democrats and those to the president have been waiting to learn four months. in a 2-1 ruling thread telling those democrats thought began, the former white house
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the members of the house committee subpoena don a lot has happened since then. the mueller investigation is history, has not been white house counsel sent 2018. setting it back to the lower court with instructions to dismiss it. house democrats were hoping to get information relating to the president's conduct during the mueller-russia pro. wrote that article three of the competition forbids federal courts from resolving this kind of interbranch information dispute. we agree and dismiss this case. this means a federal appeals court in washington has ruled that constitution bars federal courts getting involved in certain disputes between branches of government. during the president's impeachment episode last fall, house democrats subpoenaed other aids from the white house but the sense of the present and the allows the president to claim the victory, i bet this could
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possibly go to the supreme court. we will be watching this. >> bret: david, thank you. also breaking parenchyma president trump nominated republican congressman john ratcliffe to be his director of national intelligence, a permanent form. he will complete the process earlier, but ratcliff wanted to wait until after the inspector general report was finished. he calls him an outstanding man of great talent. let's bring in co-chief correspondent john roberts from the north lawn. second time. >> this is the second tick of the can. the president announced his intention late last july. but after accusations of resume padding cropped up, the president allowed ratcliffe to withdraw that it came for a rough ride.
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here's what john ratcliffe told fox's maria barlow left back then. >> if your political future comes down to the vote of 100 u.s. editors and you start out they wind down 47-0 because every democrat is against you, my concern was that there's not a lot of margin for error there. >> what changed between last august now? as you pointed out the president tweeted that the ig report is out, ratcliffe wanted to wait for that. also told us of the majority leader, fully on board for what they say will be a swift confirmation process. to the other big story. the coronavirus. fox news is told that the site at 7:00, there will be a press conference in california to announce what is the second case of suspected community transmission of coronavirus in that state. community transition as per
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president trump, he still remains optimistic on the situation in the united states pointing out that there is still view cases here and with one exception, everyone who is infected and got sick is getting better. amid growing criticism from democrats, the white house defending its response to the coronavirus insisting that while democrats were consumed with impeachment, president trump was taking early steps to contain the virus. >> we made a decision very early to close of our borders to certain areas of the world and we did that. so we are hopefully getting lower from that number. >> as the stock market continued its downward march today, president trump said it wasn't all about the virus. >> it's the unknowns. they look at it and they say, how long will this last. i think they are not very happy with the democrat candidates when they see them. >> democratic presented to
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candidate mike bloomberg said that investors have no confidence that president trump can manage the crisis. >> the president was briefed on the coronavirus two months ago, but he just buried his head in the sand and he's done that again and again. this >> alex azar today sand that talks about the white house's emergency request for $2.5 billion are accelerating, r congress to pass it early next week and the president to decide a week after. the white house believe the money is enough for the next seven months, but democrats are slamming the white house for not requesting more. >> we all need to be standing together and working together, it's not a time to be scoring political points. >> one democratic presented candidate said that if the virus is such a priority, why is president trump holding a political rally in south carolina tonight on the eve of the democratic primary? >> mr. trump, why don't you worry about the coronavirus rather than disrupting the
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democratic primary right here in south carolina? >> hhs is also actively investigating a whistle-blower complaint that the team said repatriated americans from the diamond princess peru of the cruise trip lacked the expertise to do the job. the group that handles refugee resettlement is the longer involved in the response. >> we have to learn if there's any truth to these allegations the white house denying that a member of the coronavirus task force, dr. anthony fauci was muzzled to say it was impossible to contain the coronavirus. fauci was told to cancel his appearance on five that shows this, but the white house said that's because secretary azar will now do those shows. fauci will do other television appearances tonight and over the weekend. >> bret: john roberts life of the north lawn. another worry today over the coronavirus.
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that may affect you or your family, particularly if you have pension or retirement money in stocks, global equities have lost x trillion dollars. just this week, the dow more than a thousand points earlier today but gained much of that fact amid a new resurgence from the federal reserve. the s&p 500 was down. the nasdaq ended up a fraction ahead. the dow plunged more than a 12 of a percentage points. the nasdaq was off ten and a half. liz claman, host of the claim and on fox business fox how significant isthe sell-? >> if you want to see a direct cause and effect of the palpable fear of the virus, you really have to go back to the financial crisis of 2008. if you don't remember, that's when the market bubble first and lehman brothers went bankrupt.
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this week alone, you saw the percentage loss for the dow and its value. mcdonald's got torched, coca-cola which lost 11% on the week. that's the stuff that doesn't really make a lot of sense. people are still going to drink coca-cola, but oil prices were decimated down 16% from monday to friday on the belief that demand will be dented if economies from china to europe too, yes, the united states begin to shrink. bret, we know the virus has already disrupted supply strains to get parts and materials from other countries. that fear ramped up to a new level with the victims popping up in italy over the weekend and john roberts reporting the connection in california of a second community spread victim. >> bret: you had larry kudlow saying, what i would look for, the buy in the market, there are buys to be had, coronavirus is
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the trigger but what connections are investors making between the virus and their money? >> he's right. so many things on sale, but the virus spreading come of that spear paired with the real concern, the domino effect of that fear will slam their investments, for example the airline selling off because they had to cancel flights to china, south korea, now japan, cruise ship operators suffering on the use of the virus on the diamond princess ship which had been quarantined. investors asking we don't know which one will be next, restaurant chains are getting hit. they don't see a sale because there's a perception that people decide they don't want to eat out because of infection risks. you can start to see the daisychain effect, but you did show the nasdaq, but ended barely in the green after being the triple digits because the federal reserve jumped in and said, hey, we will cut interest rates if we feel it's necessary. there is now a 100% chance the market believes that we will see
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a rate cut for the march meeti meeting. the question is, does cheaper prices really make anybody watching right now on your show or anyone else want to go out to the movies and sit in a theater or go on a cruise ship? that's the big question and now there are just too many question marks hovering over this issue. >> bret: we will watch it. thank you for from fashion chose to paris to theme parks in japan, officials are scrapping different events to keep the risk of transmission is low, but there may be something more dangerous than the virus itself. the corresponded benjamin hall looks at the worldwide worry tonight from london. >> as coronavirus spreads to the world, they are trying to >> it's fear, rumors, stigma. >> the virus knows no borders. 83,000 people affected in country as far as nigeria,
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new zealand, nepal, and 51 other countries. the response has been drastic. singapore prosecuting those who lie about travel. south korea strengthening punishment for people who violate self isolation rules. the u.k. now says anyone can be forcibly quarantined. some world leaders in the fear is real. >> we believe the risk of a global pandemic is very much upon us. >> major landmarks are empty. tokyo disneyland is closed. mass transit systems and public places are being disinfected across the world. while in moscow, authorities are rounding up stray animals and rats, wild dogs tested positive for the virus in hong kong. sporting events in the world are being played in empty stadiums and global events have been canceled. the venice carnival, facebook annual conference, and the geneva motor show, after the swiss government banned all events involving more than a thousand people. the u.s. and south korea have canceled their annual military bill
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drill. >> just keep your hands clean. >> many people around the world are learning how to live with the threat from ballet in shanghai to heavy metal fans in the hong kong come alive for many goes on. the world health organization has raised its threat level from high to very high, that's the highest. this man gets up to gets ready, the virus may be on its way. bret? >> bret: benjamin hall in london. benjamin, thank you. we have two big town hall meetings to tell you about. i'll make scheduled for next week. democratic presenter candidate mike bloomberg will be our guest in manassas, virginia. that begins at 6:30 p.m. martha maccallum and i will moderate that. thursday night, president trump joins us in scranton, pennsylvania, his first town hall of the election cycle in the city joe biden grew up in. that town hall also begins at
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6:30 p.m. eastern time. the south carolina primary is tomorrow night. the front runner, former vice president joe biden walking back in a statement he made in order to carry favor it seems with the african-american community. corresponded peter doocy has the latest from the campaign trail tonight in columbia. >> joe biden betting big. >> you want to know what's going on, you go to the barber shops and beauty. >> he spent part of the day backing off the campaign trail about nelson mandela. >> i had the great honor of meeting him. i had a great honor of being arrested with you in ambassador in the streets of soweto trying to get this scene in robin's iron, and island >> i was not arrested, i was stopped. >> candidates have been caught like this before the keller clinton in 2008 remembered a child greeting her in bosnia lie this. >> i remember landing under
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sniper fire. >> tim kaine rode that he reminds me of harry s. truman, i'm proud the property biden insist he's fiery. >> the fact that i must really like bernie and waving my arms like elizabeth is not a lack of fire. >> trying to make his third contest in a row by bashing billionaires. >> some of these guys on tv, literally crying about what bernie said. i'm down to my last $6 billion! bernie wants to tax me! my god, how much can a human being take? >> his campaign member argues the strongest against b pipe with independents can working-class voters, and suburban women among others. >> if bernie sanders gets the nomination, he will lose to trump >> analytics report that
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half of the billion dollars spent on all campaign at so far have been for bloomberg come like this new one. >> ask yourself. for president, do you want a debater or a doer? >> he says that if he wins, you can be his roommate temporarily. >> if i'm living at 600 pennsylvania avenue, they are all going to want to come and stay in the lincoln bedroom. but what i thought i might do to make it even, i should put the lincoln air bedroom on airbnb. why not let all 330 million americans have a chance? >> you can tell how important south carolina is to joe biden by looking at his schedule. biden and tom steyer are the only top-tier candidates who are going to be here all day tomorrow. everyone else jumping ahead to super tuesday states to campaign there, but biden thinks he's going to win my care. >> bret: peter, thanks.
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administration policy to make a solemn seekers asylum-seekers wait in mexico. the same court decided to keep another major change on hold, the justice department statement says the rulings ignore the constitutional authority of congress and the administration. we may just be ours from history in afghanistan. the u.s. and the taliban are scheduled to sign a peace agreement that is supposed to mark the beginning of the end of america's longest war. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in kabul tonight. >> the last day in a weeklong of reduction in violence. make involving the >> we've seen these last six days a significant reduction in
3:21 pm
violence in afghanistan. >> thus paving the way for the signing saturday between an agreement between the u.s. and delavan, calling for the reduction of u.s. forces in afghanistan and a severing of ties between the taliban and other terror groups. >> this is a good thing. >> u.s. troops here in afghanistan have been fighting a war for some 18 years. the people of afghanistan have been living with war or some four decades. so even the possibility of peace is making some people here hopeful. >> we hope to finish the war. >> that hope illustrated in this public service announcement running on afghans progress made sincethe fall of . >> the hope is that it'll lead to a conference of peace deal
3:22 pm
that allow this nation of 35 million people do it peace. >> the circumference of talks to start ten days after tomorrow signing is where the real questions live feed can a proper be established? how fast will u.s. troops leave? how will the taliban share pow power? >> the road to peace will be long and hard. there will be setbacks. >> some 2400 u.s. service members have died here, 20,000 have been injured. as well as tens and thousands of afghan casualties. give peace a chance indeed. bret? >> bret: greg, thank you. up next, we'll talk some politics with martha maccallum. plus, talk about her new book which mixes history with family.
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>> bret: we are getting up clear picture tonight where the public stands in these simmering election showdown between capitalism and socialism. registered voters favor capitalism by a 2-1 margin, the spread is ten points among democrats. the g.o.p. holds 67 to 15. younger people favor capitalism by just nine points. seniors overwhelmingly reject socialism. 72-16. let's talk about those polls, the provincial race, and a new book, the anchor of "the story."
3:27 pm
martha maccallum's new book is called "unknown valor: a story of sacrifice from pearl harbor to iwo jima." aside from being about history, it's also personal. that in a minute. >> hello there, bret. >> bret: i want to talk about our week ahead. when it rains, it pours. >> i said the same thing today. we've got a lot going on and it's very exciting. right in the middle of the busiest season. >> bret: south carolina tomorrow and we have monday a town hall with mayor bloomberg. super tuesday, and then a town hall with the president. that's a lot to cram in. >> it's a lot to cram in but it feels like people are so engaged right now too. we look at how many people watch amy klobuchar last night even more than the first time we spoke to her. i think people are very focused what's going on in this race and if they tune into us for the next six days, they are really going to get a good sense of all these people, i think. >> bret: right now,
3:28 pm
bernie sanders and the pole position heading into super tuesday. most states, the big one like california and texas are performing well. look at those socialism numbers, they are kind of interesting. >> when you look at the fact that 56% of america things capitalism is the way to go, 20% in favor of socialism, i'm shocked the number is high as it is, with the way that you presented in the intro, a lot of people think socialism is attractive. it seems like a nice idea that everyone shares, but we seen how it works in countries where it's actually in effect, and older folks have more wisdom on the issue. >> bret: i think we'll hear some of that from mayor bloomberg on monday. i want to talk about this book. it's kind of a journey. it's almost like an archaeological journey back to your history, your family history, but also those who served in the pacific in world war ii. >> it certainly was for me.
3:29 pm
started with letters my mom shared with me when i was growing up, written by him, he was like a brother to her. she loved him very much. died at 18 when he was at iwo jima, a young private in the marines. i started pouring on where the letter lead and other letters written by his friends to my family after he was killed and ended up meeting two of the men who are actually with him on march 13th 1945 when the japanese mortars went off and he was killed. we use that vehicle of these men's lives and their stories and interviews to tell the story of world war ii, the pacific theater, starting with pearl harbor which is what inspired all the young man to wrap around lines of blocks to enlist, and goes all the way through iwo jima for these men where the story ends. >> bret: it's emotional. i'm obviously a big fan of history. i love the fact that you can tell stories in history that bring it to life through people's eyes. >> i think that's what's
3:30 pm
engaging about these men and everyone has said the same thing to me. bring a box of tissues when you read. i always found it moving. i'm glad other people find it moving but when you tell the personal stories, it makes the rest of history really come to life and you really do write out the progression of the stepping stone battles and why each island was different. we don't learn that much about the pacific theater i think growing up. people are more familiar with the european theater and hitler, but the hirohito story is fascinating, we do the story of japan as well and why we have this confrontation with them. >> bret: number one on amazon. congratulations. >> you've written so many great history books that i've enjoyed so it's great. >> bret: doing this in the middle of all of this. so congratulations. >> quite a roller coaster that we are on. glad we are doing it together. >> bret: socialism as we talked about a big topic in this presidential race with the rise
3:31 pm
of democratic socialist bernie sanders as a front runner, figures to be a talking point throughout the campaign. more likely to hear about it from mayor bloomberg. we will take a look at the unauthorized history of socialism, one of the darkest chapters of socialism, lenin's red terror. through posters, leaflets, speeches, lenin tried to convince russians of just who were the enemies of the people and who wear their saviors. but lenin didn't stop with propaganda. the enemies of the people were marked for retribution. including priests, many peasants, and his political opponents. lenin began with nicholas the second, the last czar to reign
3:32 pm
over russia. >> him, his wife, five children, the doctor, the servants were all massacred. their bodies were cut up and burned, and what remained was buried in a shaft which was rediscovered a few years ago. then in august of 1918, those who felt betrayed the revolution who took shots at him almost fatally, lenin and his henchmen agreed to carry out that in return. this is a terrible thing. people were taken out of prison who had never been tried, done nothing, they were summarily shot. hundreds of people shot at nig night. >> bret: many others found themselves banished to forced labor camps.
3:33 pm
later, under joseph stalin, the system would become known as the gulag. >> a part of the red terror was a gathering of all opposition members into concentration camps outside of major cities. these were the very first cams and it was from these cams that the entire glock system developed. it's what came later. >> bret: the czar was regarded as a tyrant. under lenin and his followers, millions would die at the hands of the state. >> it's difficult to cackle and how many people came to die under lenin's system and stalin's system because they were so many different ways to die. there were people who died in cams, people who died because they were machine-gunned down in the woods. people died because they were deported, people who died in artificial famines. when you begin to put the numbers together, you get numbers, statistics in the tens
3:34 pm
of millions. >> lenin in general had no sympathy for human beings such as they were. he believed as did others, through education, isolation, you can make people not to wants to own things. >> bret: you can watch the whole six part series, 30 minutes of each part, the unauthorized history of socialism on fox nation, the first episode is free. we will run special sunday 10:00 eastern time. the politics of the coronavirus. we'll discuss all of that with the panel when we come back. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need.
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>> we were caught unprepared. no idea what's going on. they think this will be what brings down the president. >> it's not even a gotcha question. >> is a gotcha moment. it's not useful. >> do you think we should divert funding building the wall to stop this pandemic that's terrifying american families, yes or no? >> america has the resources -- >> you are not answering my questions. >> bret: answering questions and getting a lot of pushback and questions from democrats on the coronavirus and the white house chief of staff. in the meantime today, the markets took another dip but not as bad as it was, it went down by about a thousand but finished by down 357. the federal reserve put out a statement, the final minutes of the u.s. economy remains strong, but the coronavirus risk closely monitoring developments and economic outlook, we'll use our tools and act as appropriate
3:40 pm
to support the economy. a lot of people say that this is coming to look at the history of the dowel to give you little bit of the pause in case you are really worried about your 401(k) or your market investments, just take a look at this. just goes back to 1970. take steps, we do not know how far the dip will go, but to give you a little something on a friday as you are watching your money. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, editor of "the dispatch." leslie marshall, democratic strategist. mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist." a lot of talk about the politics around this. there are two sides of this, there is the policy in what's happening to try to curb it and then there's the politics that's wrapped around this place alwa always. >> everybody has to be honest there is a delicate balancing act that's in play. get people prepared, this is a very serious issue that we are dealing with and preparation is a key part of it without leading
3:41 pm
people to panic. not sure how well everybody is doing this far, but some of the criticism that the administration is getting for saying we have this under control but take it seriously seems a little bit unfair. >> bret: here is the white house chief of staff on how to calm the markets. >> i got a note from a reporter saying, what are you going to do today to calm the markets, what i might do is to tell people to turn the television's offer 24 hours. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer putting out a statement about hiding the truth about the core vitas and the government deposits response come up for mick mulvaney to suggest americans turn off their tvs and bury their heads in their stand when they are worried about a global health pandemic is orwellian, counterproductive, dangerous, and would be repeating china's mistake. there have been a lot of democrats, columnist, all kinds of people throwing a lot at the wall about how this is being handled. >> i have to say, mollie, we've
3:42 pm
never agreed and up to your last two sentences i've agreed with you. i put my monitorin money under . i get upset because i care about the humanity, i care about lives and health. i don't care about the politics of this and i don't care about the market and economic value of this. that's really where i think we need to be. i think when we look to other areas like hong kong which has been very good with prevention, i feel that as something as a nation needs to do, and leader of the free world. put out psa's about the masks not being effective, about hand washing, also about increasing your immune system by getting a flu shot. that type of information i feel is essential. i do not think we should downplay it. i think that's dangerous. i don't think we should be fearmongering for that's dangerous as well. but politics aside, this is a containment issue. that's what the scientists have said. i trust the scientists come that the politicians and the scientific concern about
3:43 pm
containment because it's spreading faster than sars and the bola, and two cases in california where they do not go to china and they have no idea how they transmitted it. >> bret: the politics surrounding it, here are joe biden and bernie sanders. >> no one takes the president's words at these things. at a minimum exaggerates everything and the idea he's going to stand there and say everything is fine, don't worry, who's going to believe that? >> mr. trump, why don't you worry about the coronavirus rather than disrupting the democratic primary right here in south carolina? how pathetic and how petty can you be? >> bret: talking about the rally in south carolina. >> we shouldn't be surprised even in times like this. i agree with mollie and leslie. what we need is a calm,
3:44 pm
dispassionate recitation of facts by people in authority. i think it would be a very good idea to have a daily briefing led by a team of experts, the people we've entrusted to look at these kinds of issues on our behalf for years who know what they are talking about and every single day for a half-hour talk people through the facts of the situation. here's how you conduct your everyday life. >> bret: lets you start it this way. the cdc is better prepared now than they were for ebola, so is nih. they actually have more funding than they did back then. wouldn't have known that in the beginning. but you are right, to know the facts of the specifics of the containment effort. >> it's a difficult thing to talk about in parts the people who had it may not have had it detected. it's unlikely sars or mers, or
3:45 pm
ebola. the symptoms can manifest in it'd be down lately it's not. they can walk around and not know they could be infected. the irony is is much less serious on an individual patient basis means that there is a potential for spread. >> bret: i want to get the john ratcliffe, they announced as the new director of dni. >> he's been renominated, a guy who came up to speed pretty quickly on the house committee of intelligence. he's really known about his colleagues being very beautiful and has been looking at the right places in terms of oversights to how this crazy conspiracy of treason exclusion took root, it's why a lot of people are understanding how the intelligence community works, knows the need for reform and it seems intent on doing that done. >> bret: will follow it. up next, the friday lightning round.
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>> the american people are tired of dealing in areas whether it's michael bloomberg or anyone else trying to buy elections. >> i will vote for the
3:50 pm
democratic candidate even if it's bernie sanders. his staff for some reason, they don't want bloomberg's help. >> bret: mayor bloomberg obviously has a lot of cash on hand. not really measured here. joe biden, 7 million down there, candidate spending. again, bloomberg 409 million so far. tom steyer, 253 million. biden 62 million. back to the panel, first go down to a place we call candidate casino, and it's the south carolina version. stephen hayes, $100 in chips. here we go. >> that's an extra ordinary amount of spending for the party that wants to remove money out of politics. this is basically a two man race. i've got 65 on joe biden, 35 on vining. i wouldn't put it a surprise from bernie.
3:51 pm
>> i'm putting 90 on joe biden and 10 on bernie. it could be a 20-point spread of four-point spread. >> leslie we agree for the second time tonight. $90 on biden, $10 on sanders. biden needs to win big. >> bret: i would not have bet on that. 2020 candidate casino, a different bet. $100 from here we go. >> if joe biden when south carolina he's not likely to win the democrat nomination so i've got 75 on bernie sande bernie sanders, 15 on joe biden, and ten on something crazy happening at the convention. >> 50/50, 50 bucks on each of them. every week i change my mind. i really think it's going to be one of them. >> i have $50 on sanders who i
3:52 pm
think is the guy most suited to get the nomination. but i also have $25, my next largest bet on none of these candidates making it to the nomination. if you are not going to give it to sanders, he might not be able to give it to any of them. $10 but on biden and bloomberg and some on the wind to a woman, song because we all need some of them. >> bret: i like the child out to the late charles krauthammer. >> i think we are going to whitewash radicalism as we withdraw. the loser is your 401(k). >> bret: sad clown. okay. >> i'm going to do the opposite bit loser, donald from jr. for saying that myself and other democrats would actually want coronavirus to be inflicted on people for political gain. paraphrasing. and in the late of black history
3:53 pm
became the first african-american female on the coast guard. >> my winners are the democratic superdelegates who really do seem poised to play a huge role in who gets the nomination. they always had an outside role but here they could actually determine it. we have stories this week showing how much they were interested in keeping bernie sanders from getting the nomination and so they will play a key role. >> although you are a sanders supporter, they are the loser potentially. >> not saying that's great or bad, that they are the losers of winners of the week. the losers are the debate moderators to match their colleagues of being unable to ask tough questions of their candidates, joe biden making false claims are being arrested in south africa or elizabeth warren flip-flopping on pacs, tough questions on how to deal with coronavirus. we are not seeing our best questioning of these candidates.
3:54 pm
>> bret: the winners you guys, made it around the quickly. finally, we have notable quotables. >> they could and beyond >> as the great religious teacher once said... namaste, namaste. speak of the virus on wall street, main street, and, yes, pennsylvania avenue. >> president trump warning that there is a pandemic of coronavirus. where are you? where is your plan? >> wash her hands. stay clean but you don't have to necessarily grab every hand unless you have to. >> when fidel castro came to office, and you know what he did? he had a massive literacy program. is that a bad thing? >> spending the better part of 2020 with bernie sanders versus donald trump. >> first of all...
3:55 pm
>> that was a demolition derby. >> let's imagine i'm a billionaire in these ribs or my money. how many reds would you take away? >> i'm joe biden and i'm democratic candidate for the united states senate. >> he's hugging and kissing me. i said, excuse me, i went there and started wash my hands. >> bret: one week and we have a busy weekend and week ahead. tomorrow, we'll have special coverage of the south carolina primary. i'll be anchoring that and sunday, "fox news sunday," chris wallace will interview former vice president joe biden. check your local listings for showtimes. monday, martha maccallum and i will toast a town hall with presidents of candidate michael bloomberg ahead of the super tuesday primaries, then we have super tuesday and on thursday, we have another big town hall, this time with president trump in scranton, pennsylvania. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for this
3:56 pm
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or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ >> martha: good evening, everybody. the santa clara health apartment confirming a short time ago that they have another case of coronavirus in the state. the fears of the virus weighing in the world tonight as the market tumbles in a slide not seen in 2008. the federal reserve chairman saying today that the virus is a "devolving risk to the economic activity." larry kudlow, the president's top economic advisor, says it's not time to panic. watch this. >> we've been to this many, many times before. and i don't think, even though