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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 28, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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i missed the first time. it fell to the ground, but i wasn't bad. that's addicting. that's all of the time tonight. thanks to the brewery. shannon bream. >> shannon: we begin with the fox news alert. oregon announcing that state's first case of covid-19 tonight. details and a discussion of the latest developments. across the country in south carolina in a matter of hours voters will head to the polls for the democratic primary. a report from on the ground live and we will talk to martha maccallum and her new book. peace in afghanistan? the end to the longest war in american history is in sight. welcome to fox news @ night. first the coronavirus outbreak.
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the governor of oregon revealed that state's first possible case of coronavirus saying a worker in an elementary school tested positive. that has to go through confirmation from the cdc. trace gallagher with another case in california. >> northern california has another case of coronavirus in santa clara valley. it's an older woman with chronic health issues. her physician contacted health officials and she was quickly tested. she appears to be the second u.s. case of community spread it's unknown how she contracted the disease. california health officials are investigating another northern california woman who got coronavirus and she had no known contact with infected people.
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because she was not tested for several days. the cdc is changing the testing standards for coronavirus. president trump talked about the politics from the coronavirus. >> a virus starts in china and bleeds into countries all around the world and doesn't spread widely in the united states because of the early actions that myself and administration took. against a lot of other wishes. and the democrats single talking point is that it's donald trump's fault. >> today when there was a closed door briefing, several house republicans walked out after a democratic congresswoman blasted the trump administration's handling of the response. a senior administration official tells fox news the white house has seen good progress on the
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emergency funding bill to help deal with the coronavirus. the bill could move forward next week. if necessary, the trump administration is prepared to use the defense production act to ramp up production of things like personal protection equipment and other needed items. today health and human services secretary ordered a full investigation into the whistleblower complaint alleging workers sent to greet eevacuees without protective gear. more than 2800 people died. >> shannon: the fear meant another rough ride for the market. at home the dow down over 1,000 but it gained much of the loss back. for the week the dow down 12 and
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a 3rd percent. the s&p 500 dropped 11.5. the president back in his element trolling his democratic rivals with keep america great primary. jonathan, good evening. >> this is the eve of the democratic primary. yet you have this republican president packing this 14,000 seat auditorium behind me. the north charleston auditorium. south carolina republican party decided not to hold a presidential primary. the timing of tonight's rally was about stealing some of the spotlight from democrats who have been campaigning in the state looking ahead to the november general election. the president stumped for republican candidates including
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lindsey graham praising his work on the judiciary committee. >> senator graham is leading the charge to help us confirm a record number of judges to uphold the constitution. lindsey graham was amazing for justice brett kavanaugh. >> [cheers and applause]. >> president trump also weighed in on the democrats and suggested republicans take advantage of south carolina's open primary system. because voters don't register by party in this state, they are free to select a republican or democrat ballot. because there is no gop presidential primary to vote in this year, president trump suggested republicans vote in the democratic primary for the candidate most likely to lose. >> who is easier to beat? crazy bernie? >> [cheers and applause].
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>> or sleepy joe? >> [cheers and applause]. >> they think bernie is easier to beat. >> president trump has also schedule a rally in charlotte, north carolina on monday. that's just a day before both parties in that state hold their primaries on super tuesday. >> shannon: thank you very much. the global spread of coronavirus is causing worries. we are hearing a mixed account of what went down. joining us now 2 gop lawmakers. i understand that there was one very important person who was missing. congressman walker tell us how it went behind closed doors? >> it was a disaster on the
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speaker's part. the first sentence out of rose was trashing the addidas administration. -- the administration. we were shoved in a conference room with 36 seats and we had 150 members show up for the coronavirus. this is an economic concern and a security concern and a healthcare concern. poor leadership on the part of the speaker's office. we got to important points after we found another room. we got information that is very important for the american people as we continue to pursue what is best. >> shannon: i hear that the speaker herself did not show up for the briefing? >> no. you would think we are on the eve of a potential pandemic, you think that would be important enough for speaker pelosi to attend. she was a no show. >> shannon: adam schiff thought the briefing was helpful but
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added the president and vice-president don't inspire confidence. the president made so many false statements you can't rely alt white house. congressman meadows what did you get out of the briefing? >> adam schiff is the only member of congress in the briefing that had 7 pinnochios for not telling the truth. when adam schiff was talking about impeachment this president and his team were making sure we were prepared for this virus. this didn't just happen in the last couple of days. with very decisive action by the president. the most proactive plan to contain. now looking at mitigation to make sure that the health and safety is first and foremost. for the president of the united states, that is his number 1 priority. he is fully engaged.
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>> shannon: no surprise that many on the left are taking swipes at this administration saying they are not prepared. a democrat tweeted this. i received a value from vice-president pence thanking washington state for our efforts to combat the coronavirus. i told him our work would be more successful if the trump administration stuck to the science and told the truth. and a tweet from a democrat said: congressman walker is there room for bipartisanship? >> you would hope so but it's few and parbetween. not only are they -- attacking the president. they are going after the
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vice-president. i was on another network two nights ago. the person said let's keep this non-poliltical and the first sentence the man said is mike pence doesn't believe in science so how can he lead this effort? just because mike pence believes he are part of god's creation doesn't qualify him as a denier of science and 2 can't lead this. vice-president pence proved to be a leader and was respected enough by his peers to be put in leadership. i am tired of hearing this. we won't make this political but let's work in these comments. >> shannon: the "wall street journal" board -- >> let me add one thing. whether there is bipartisan support or not, this president and his team are fully engaged. if they have to go it alone to make sure the health and safety of the american people is protected they will go it alone.
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it will be a blame on the democrats for making this political. at the same time, the fda is not lacking any funds for anything that they need to implement. i talked to secretary azar today. he is making sure the ability to identify this virus in patients is expedited. they have a task force engaged for many weeks now. to suggest that all of a sudden we need this bipartisan support, it would be welcomed. i am not expecting it based on the last three years. >> shannon: the "wall street journal" said this: the coronavirus is not partisan. maybe we should quarantine capitol hill until the crisis passes. thanks for making time for us.
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good to have you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: department of defense emails show senior members of the trump administration agreed that funding to ukraine should continue as planned. it shows one email from august 26th from a senior pentagon official saying final decision rests with potus." for the second time president trump is nominated john ratcliffe to be the director of national intelligence. he was dominated last year but with drew his name. the president appointed his ambassador to germany as the acting director this month.
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the trump administration policy wants to make people wait in mexico. a justice department said the rulings ignore the constitutional authority of congress and the administration. we will see if they appeal to the supreme court. president trump scored a legal victory. a massive blow to out democrats. we will explain next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. welcome to portabella's. thisfor some scampi bites.eady
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involving the president. good evening. >> nadler says today's ruling is hostile to reason and precedent. the federal appeals court ruled that the house judiciary committee can't force the former white house counsel to testify. don mcgahn left the white house in 2018 during the mueller investigation but the house judiciary committee wanted him to testify about the president's conduct during the russian probe. a judge wrote article 3 of the constitution forbids federal courts from resolving this inter-branch dispute. the same committee wanted john bolton and current acting chief of staff mulvaney to testify. the president claimed executive privilege. this ruling makes it harder for the house to bring them back in round 2.
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it comes on the same day jerry nadler opened another line of against the president demanding documents and testimony relating to the recommendations of roger stone and michael flynn. writing to barr you are charged with the impartial administration of our laws and we hold to you that responsibility. the accusation is that barr over ruled prosecutors who wanted tougher sentence. doug collins wrote of democrats: they care about one thing only. attempting to take down president trump. it's too early to tell if this court ruling will play a major part in the judiciary committee. the committee will appeal the
8:20 pm
ruling and ask for a re-hearing regarding the case of mcgahn. >> shannon: thank you very much. yet another investigation into the trump administration headed up by jerry nadler will fruit for democrats or alienate voters. let's talk about this and explain to people. this is part of the judge's decision. legislate political fights play out might seem messy, but democracy can be a messy business. the ruling is a blow to house democrats attempts to break the trump administration stance that it can block congress from talking to witnesses. an appeal is coming?
8:21 pm
>> that's right. i think the judge got it correct. the doj made a couple of different arguments. the court rejected one of them. that there is an absolute immunity. they looked at the argument that the co-equal branches of government have different ways of resolving disputes rather than going to the 3rd branch to play cop. article 2 of the impeachment articles, it's the same thing. the president was impeached for saying i don't have to answer your requests. the president was right according to this opinion. >> shannon: we heard about that. that second article was based on the administration refusing to turn over documents. we have privileges and immunities to assert. how big of a blow is this to
8:22 pm
house democrats that says we will have force them to be turned over. >> this is a fatal blow. it won't be decideed in their favor until the next -- past the november election. they are out of luck. that won't stop them from trying. the opinion came out after jerry nadler delivered his opinion. it's like grounds hog day for democrats. the president has an absolute duty to the constitution and to the citizens to uphold the prerogatives of the office of president. >> shannon: jerry nadler sent the letter to attorney general barr. he said your cooperation with respect to these matters will assist the committee. he is saying i want to hear from all of the people in doj if the
8:23 pm
president got involved with the roger stone sentencing. do you think that goes anywhere? >> one thing that these members of congress should do is read the constitution. the constitution preempts any legislation that imposes some kind of congress override over the president's prerogatives to do the executive application of the law. regardless of the rhetoric used, nadler and others are frustrated, but the president runs the department of justice. he has the absolute authority and the attorney general has the authority to make these calls on who to prosecute and recommends whether paul manafort is houseed in rikers. >> shannon: good to have you with us.
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breaking coronavirus news. official worldwide cancelling public events. first hillary clinton launches a new pod cast. she was inspired by cone an o'brien. she will address a variety of topics and conduct interviews with big name guests. a los angeles man was arrested this week after stealing a hearse with a body inside. it was missing for 12 hours before being spotted on the road where the driver led police on a wild chase. before crashing into 3 carc. the body was returned to the family members. -- a rapper from the '80s group public enemy lashing out at bernie sanders for promoting a false narrative to the american people. sanders touted his endorsement from public enemy. but he won't be performing am
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>> shannon: secretary of state mime pompeo is on the way to the middle east where he will sign a peace agreement to mark the beginning of the end of america's longest war. >> kabul, afghanistan market busy but less tense. there is a reduction between the taliban and the u.s. this ceasefire is hold. >> we have seen a significant reduction of violence in afghanistan. >> that's paving the way of a signing of an agreement between the u.s. and taliban calling for a severing of ties between the taliban and other terrorists groups.
8:30 pm
>> the signing by the americans is a good thing. >> u.s. troops in afghanistan have been fighting a war for 18 years. but the people of afghanistan have been living with war for 4 decades. even the possibility of peace is making some people here hopeful. >> we hope to finish this war. >> that hope illustrated in this public service announcement running on their tv. showing the horror of war but progress made since the fall of the taliban. >> the hope is talks will lead to a peace deal and would allow this nation of 35 million people to at least experience peace. >> those talks are where the real questions lie? how was will more u.s. troops leave? when will taliban prisoners be released and how will the
8:31 pm
taliban share power? >> the road to peace will be long and hard. there will be setbacks. >> a grim reminder: 2400 u.s. service members have died here. 20,000 have been injured. and tens of thousands of afghan casualties. >> shannon: thank you. sporting events and carnivals, officials worldwide are cancelling public events to keep the risk of covid-19 transmissions down. more countries with their first confirmed cases. we are tracking the latest tonight. >> the world health organization said coronavirus poses a high global health risk but stresses containment is possible. >> our greatest enemy is not the virus itself. it's fear, rumors, and stigma. >> there are more than 80,000
8:32 pm
cases across 50 countries. after criticism of a lack of transparency during the initial stages of the coronavirus, the world health organization released a new report. finding china's bold quarantine changed the course of this deadly epidemic. many of the cases outside of china are in the region. the u.s. state department raised a travel warning for south korea and japan cancelled schools nationwide. >> as people face the spread of coronavirus are helping each other, it indicates the china and japan friendship. >> italy has the most cases outside of asia. in iran a member of parliment is accusing the government officials covering up the spread
8:33 pm
of the coronavirus. in the dominican republic, authorities left a cruise ship searching for a new port. and australia is acting as if there was a pandemic. in the united states health officials just announceed in washington state, 2 new cases of coronavirus. the trump administration just postponed a major international summit for next month in las vegas. that will be pushed back. >> shannon: live, thank you. let's dig deeper into whether china is being transparent with information the rest of the world could use to combat covid-19. and whether we could see mass quarantines in the u.s. this caught my eye.
8:34 pm
this headline in the "new york times" to take on the coronavirus about medieval. quarantines served a purpose in the old days and can now too. this saves lives in the oral days. -- early days. how would this work here? >> well, people should realize there have been epidomics in the past in american history -- and the government has full powers to prevent the spread of the disease like quarantines. people should realize there is a division of power between the federal government and the state government. the federal government is responsible from preventing the epidemic from getting into the country. state governments run it.
8:35 pm
hopefully the federal government will help with equipment and testing kits so the states can play the ground function confronting the disease among the most number of people. >> shannon: capitol hill wants to get the funding measure passed and to the president next week. this was written about beijing. its lack of transparency limited cooperation. the coronavirus exposed how difficult it is for the two countries to cooperate on issues. do you faith they will work together on this? >> no, i don't. you could say some of the reason why the coronavirus has u.k. seeded in getting out of china and spreading to other countries, the chinese
8:36 pm
government was not transparent. they had this interest to down play how severe this was because they didn't want to hurt the economy. it's not clear if beijing knew what was going on. in the united states we have the press and lots of levels of government and public discussion. information about the epidemic will be made public quicker. i don't have a lot of faith in the chinese government. we don't have good statistics of how many people died and how many people got the disease in the first place. >> shannon: our administration is promising radical transparency. coming up. president trump sounding off on a tax from democrats and the media next. man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh, what a relief it is! so fast!
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8:41 pm
point, and you see it, is that it's donald trump's fault. >> it's a public relations issue first and foremost. the way he sees everything. the president is the one who needs to demonstrate urgency. >> shannon: fears the coronavirus outbreak spread around the world. democrats went on the attack trashing the trump administration's response to the edmonds. -- epidemic. let's talk this with somebody who has been there. ari fleischer. the "wall street journal" editor board said this. u.s. growth will take a hit but trump has a leadership opportunity. they said democrats see the covid-19 disease as something to use against the president. if reporters ask about attacks from nancy pelosi, mr. trump should shrug it off and say he is focussed on reducing the threat of the virus.
8:42 pm
how is the administration doing so far? >> i think the administration is doing well. the issue when something like this comes up the president's job is to reassure the country and being direct and honest. the reassure part is a unique feature of the president. people are spreading panic. the president has to spread calm. realistic but calm. >> shannon: the christian science monitor said the antidote is trusting in leaders. and their expertise to handle the health crisis is a vaccine in controlling public fears. it doesn't seem like the two sides want to help each other out. whether it's a democrat or a republican, when you have a
8:43 pm
crisis of this magmyitude. it's not a time for partisanship. >> i was there during the anthrax attacks. people were cheering for the exports to solve what was going on. that's absonata now. what the president needs to do is rise above. the president has to have the experts taking questions on a regular basis. that's how you build trust. the president has to echo what the experts are saying. he has to be on a level of calm. people have question asks they should have get their questions answered. that's how the president can contrast himself with the partisans who just want to throw bombs. >> shannon: we have a fox news polling: how confident are you that the
8:44 pm
federal government is prepared to deal with the coronavirus? you give the government some kind of credit. 74% people say they have confidence in the government. how can the president build on that message? >> you can build on that confidence by being the calming voice but staying realistic. you have to alert the public to the potential down side. you don't have to go too far. when you read the media and some of these stories, they really do love to get clicks and do you that by scaring people. this is not a time for click bait. this is a time for the media to be measured in covering this illness. people get it. they understand the flu is more prevalent and dangerous. this is just new and it sounds
8:45 pm
scary. people get that. they have to have good reasons to believe in the government. it's not that hard for the government to do. >> shannon: the briefing the president had the other night, was that effective? he let doctors speak. is that what he needs to continue? >> absolutely on a regular daily basis. keep the experts out there answering questions. the white house staff has to answer questions and the president on a regular basis. experts and centers for disease control, they need to be the point of the sword as well. i have seen criticism by some saying vice-president pence is managing their messages. that's nonsense. the white house's job is to coordinate all of the message. each agency has to be free to speak their mind and say what is going on. i am sure the white house wants them to. you can't control this.
8:46 pm
you have to let the truth be out. >> shannon: and that talking point has been debunked so far. south carolina super tuesday crunch time for joe biden. here with an exclusive look my friend and colleague martha maccallum right after the break.
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switch to progressive and you can save hundreds. voas the republicansupported mayor of new york city. bloomberg: they are male, minorities, 16 to 25, you can just take the description xerox it and pass it out to all the cops, throw them against the wall and frisk them. vo: and he blamed the end of discriminatory mortgage practices for the financial crisis. bloomberg: redlining if you remember was the term and don't go into those areas and then congress got involved and local elections were as well and congress said it was not fair, people should be allowed to get credit. vo: those policies were racist, and mike bloomberg was wrong to support them. but, thankfully, there is a better way tom steyer will be a president for all of america. tom will use his experience starting a non-profit bank for underserved communities and fighting for clean air and water in black and brown communities across the country to
8:49 pm
put social, economic, and climate justice at the heart of his presidency. that's how we make real change. steyer: i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>> ♪ >> shannon: voters this south carolina head to the polls tomorrow. for former vice-president joe biden the stakes could not be hire. brian has a preview on primary eve. good evening. >> vice-president joe biden is confident he will win south carolina's primary tomorrow. tonight he held a rally of 750 people in spartanburg. biden's campaign hopes a double digits victory will give him momentum that translates into wins in the 14 states voting on super tuesday. a convincing win tomorrow would prove he could win over african-american voters. a necessary core of the democratic party. north of 60% of democratic primary voters in south carolina are black. most we spoke to today they were
8:51 pm
for biden or undecided. >> i will vote for biden. he will put an african-american female on the supreme court. that was an important statement to me. >> tom and biden looked good. hmmm. those are the two. >> what about sanders? >> he is crazy. to think this country would become a socialist society. it's just not going to happen. >> even though bernie sanders may be the front runner perhaps sensing a loss in south carolina sanders left south carolina after a few rallies for a rally in massachusetts tonight. his campaign said he can win that state. >> shannon: they have strong opinions. thank you. there are more than 1300
8:52 pm
delegates at stake 3 days later on super tuesday which could make or break the democratic primary candidates. the host of the "story" and the author of the new book unknown valor. martha maccallum. it's break neck speed. tomorrow south carolina. a look at the average. a lot of late polls. biden has the commanding lead. he's got a good lead ahead of sanders. then the field falls off. how convincingly do you think biden needs to win south carolina to have a case going into super tuesday? >> he said he felt good today. in the polls are accurate, he will feel like he is the comeback kid in south carolina. then you go into super tuesday
8:53 pm
and you have mike bloomberg in the mix as well. who knows happens tomorrow? but it has to be more than south carolina. >> shannon: there are 89 million eligible voters on super tuesday. it will be the most diverse. years ago they said it was set up by white to moderate conservative democrats who put together super tuesday. it will be the most diverse. >> and those states have become more and more diverse. texas, massachusetts, california, of course. that will give us a good sense. 40%. but it becomes very difficult for any of them to get the delegates they need, 1991, to pull off a convincing lead unless bernie sanders is able to do that, we may be looking at a broken convention in the summer. >> shannon: i want to play something from elizabeth warren and how long she plans to stick around. >> to be clear, would you
8:54 pm
continue your fight for the democratic nomination even if another candidate arrived at the convention ahead of you? >> yes. >> shannon: okay. she said it might go through the convention for her. >> i don't blame them. you have a lot of super delegates saying we don't care if it rips the party apart. we will not let bernie sanders get this which would be a complete chaotic situation. there are a lot of folks who are staying in. i am sticking around. i might be the best alternative. >> shannon: congratulations to your new book. this is a beautiful thing. it's historic but personalized for you. it's a very important moment in visit. >> i never would have written a book about world war ii if i had not been raised with my mother sharing the letters her first cousin wrote to her.
8:55 pm
he died at 18 years old. just gone to his prom and graduated from high school. rarely left new england and finds himself in the middle of nowhere on this 8 mile square island. digging into his story, i met two men through the research we found two men, one in pennsylvania and one in florida, whom i will be with tomorrow in washington, d.c. veterans who told me all of the blanks about him and his personality and how much they loved him and how brave he was. >> shannon: you did a special on fox news nation. it's an amazing book that will make it come alive to people who were younger and don't have the memories. unknown valor and you are going on a book tour. >> yes, in florida on sunday signing books at the villages.
8:56 pm
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