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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  March 2, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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"outnumbered overtime." the field for the democratic stomp to the white house just narrowed. big news with one of the candidates bowing out. keep it here on fox news channel. here's dana. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino. we're keeping an eye on king county washington. officials about to give an update on the coronavirus. two people have died there. they're the first reported deaths in the united states. in washington state, there's more than a dozen confirmed cases of the virus. county officials expected to declare a state of emergency. the big concern is how much the virus might have spread. there's word that it might have gone undetected for weeks. we'll keep you posted. amy klobuchar is out and planning to endorse joe biden. klobuchar's decision to drop out coming after mayor pete buttigieg did the same yesterday. it comes after a major loss in
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south carolina saturday and ahead of super tuesday contests tomorrow. peter doocy is on the ground in one of those states, virginia. he's reporting living live. peter? >> dana, ever since bernie sanders took the delegate lead early, there's posturing by the other candidates to be the bernie alternatives. now two candidates have drop out because they were not the alternative. peter buttigieg last night and amy klobuchar a few minutes ago. a few days ago, she said she thought she was best positioned to take on bernie head to head. >> the voters will decide who the alternative. in my case is this: i'm the only one able to actually show the receipts. one repeatedly, not just once but three times in red
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congressional districts. >> klobuchar's home state minnesota votes tomorrow on super tuesday. she surprised many democrats by finishing a strong third place in new hampshire. she won almost 20% of the vote there. the results were not so food for her in nevada or south carolina where she finished sixth in each. she had seven delegates when she woke up this morning. strong debates were credited with helping keep her competitive. just like senator elizabeth warren, she's not turned performance into wins. warren still in despite not winning anything. the final four among debate qualifiers will be warren, bernie sanders, bloomberg and joe biden. later on this evening, we expect to see klobuchar on stage with joe biden to endorse him very quickly. dana? >> peter doocy with the breaking news. thanks so much. let's bring in our panel, juan
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williams. co-host of "the five" and matt gorman. juan, let's get your talk. amy klobuchar decided to get out before super tuesday. >> i was surprised by that. i think she would have been in a tight contest in minnesota, her home state, dana. the key here is that you're seeing a coalescing of people in opposition to bernie sanders on the democratic side. it's coming precipitously. i think the rush is on. i think what you're seeing is democratic party elders that are anxious about the bernie scenario sending the clear signal to everybody, if you want our support in the future, if you want to be a democrat who has backing, whether it's going back to the congress or position in a future democratic administration, now is the time to play the card. >> dana: you think she got some polling that shows she might not win minnesota? >> absolutely. that would be bruising. but on the whole, it's strategic and smart. he wanted to win minnesota but
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showing her loyalty to joe biden hoping when the time comes, maybe he will return the favor. notable. if you remember her and mayor pete didn't get along at all. she's cutting the line in front of mayor pete who we think will concede him endorsing biden very soon. hoping that when the time comes, she was there for biden while mayor pete doddeled. >> dana: very interesting. this happen after south carolina's results. how seismic was that, when the democrats saw joe biden win by that much? >> it was important for joe biden. they would have been dead if they didn't win in south carolina. it was a resurrection in this lenten season. i must tell you, dana, i think what you're seeing coming in to next -- into tomorrow, next tuesday, tomorrow, super tuesday, is there's anticipation that sanders will do very well, especially in california. domin say, you know what?
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that's not determinative. this is the democratic establishment making a clear stand that they don't see bernie as the best candidate to defeat donald trump and i think in particular i hear about the russians like bernie. that's just democratic anger at bernie coming out. >> dana: it's interesting, matt, elizabeth warren has been doing worse than buttigieg and klobuchar. there's no sign that she's getting out. why would that be? >> a great question. she's running a zombie campaign. >> dana: doesn't she want to be the alternate to bernie with the comments she made today? >> possibly. the alternate is biden. if she's will behind in the delegate race, it's harder for her to make the case, especially if she loses massachusetts. there's no other state on the board that you can see even being in the top two. >> dana: you mentioned something about what we should look forward to tomorrow night. california might be late in counting their ballots. how could that affect bernie
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sanders? >> very late. biden's best states are in the central time zone. north carolina, virginia, alabama, tennessee. bernie's best states are out west. california doesn't even start counting their ballots until very late in the night. you only have to have it post marked by tomorrow. took several weeks for the races to be counted. so if you're talking about biden's early victories, as you saw, you need good media. if people are talking about biden most of the night and into tomorrow, that's good for him. >> and it leaves michael bloomberg on a limb. he's dangling there. matt talked about a zombie candidate with warren. what is the rationale for bloomberg since biden hasn't imploded? in fact, he is the alternative. >> dana: there's this town hall tonight with martha and bret with mayor bloomberg. i wonder what he thinks about
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the return of investment so far? >> the ads have not been taking on biden. a little online -- >> dana: they're not going after bernie, either. >> but going after donald trump. that's it's argument to the party. that's why the party has tall rated it. the question are you a democrat and if you're a democrat, play like a democrat and stop playing like a former republican. >> dana: in the last minute, president obama, i've always maintained that he's not going to do anything until the convention where he can bring the party together no matter what happens. there's pressure. will he succumb to the pressure for him to get in and help prevent bernie sanders from being the nominee? >> i'm a big fan of dana perino. you heard excellent political analysis from dana perino. >> dana: it's a question so i can make a statement. >> the later he does it, the more decisive there will be. there's zero upside in doing it now and zero in waiting. >> dana: for biden, you have to show you can do it yourself. >> that was the first time. rahm emanuel said he's run three
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times and never won a state. now the party is coming behind him, a big moment. >> dana: do you think the race is still fluid? >> absolutely. best case scenario for biden, he's 200 delegates behind bernie. >> dana: so fan. thanks, guys. >> you're welcome. >> dana: bret baier and martha maccallum will moderate a town hall at 6:30 p.m. president trump will face voters questions this thursday at a town hall in pennsylvania. that will also be at 6:30 p.m. with bret and martha. more ahead on the breaking news from the campaign trail. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some... rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system
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she will endorse joe biden tonight in dallas. of course, texas is a big state where bernie sanders has quite a lead in the poll. biden looking to take a bite out of that. let's bring in howie kurtz and host of media buzz. this news breaking the last hour. it's before super tuesday. what do you think was behind her decision there? i think she was probably worried a little bit that she might lose her own state and she might be blamed for all of these votes going to bernie sanders when they could have gone to biden. >> yeah, potentially losing her home state of minnesota was a factor here. blame is the key word. amy klobuchar is a veteran politician. she knows as pete buttigieg figured out that if bernie sanders has a big day on super tuesday, they know as realists they might get a share of the blame because biden might fall behind. they're moderates. they don't want to see a bernie
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nomination. she figured going a step further than mayor pete that get on board, join the campaign, maybe she gets the v.p. nod down the road if biden prevails and she gets credit within the party. >> dana: all of us that have watched the debates have seen that amy klobuchar and mayor pete, they would go head-to-head in the debates. there was some animosity there. last night when mayor pete buttigieg got out, he can read a spreadsheet. he can look at the win-loss column and knew he wouldn't do it. he got a lot of positive press coverage for doing that. i'm sure that wasn't lost on them. >> sometimes politicians get their ego so tied up and they're exhausted and have the supporters and ask people for money. they get out too late when it doesn't make a difference. smart making this call right now. there's no guarantee. the press so just estimated joe biden.
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i want to take a point to write him off, dead, buried after iowa and new hampshire. huge comeback in south carolina. but since he was basically out of money and hasn't had much ground game in the 14 super tuesday states, it remains to be seen whether these can help. certainly the combined effect of the party coalescing around the party gives him a boost. >> dana: and the media is all ready to write a pivot story. they love to write about the underdog, believe it or not. i think vice president would have been considered the underdog in his first three contests, iowa, new hampshire and nevada. did well in south carolina. how do you think he did doing all of those sunday shows yesterday? he did five sunday shows to try to capitalize on that momentum after his south carolina win. >> right. after avoiding the sunday circuit. i thought biden gave a very moving speech in south carolina where he talked about going to the church, whether it had been
11:16 am
a massacre and how he draw strength from the loss of his son, beau, from the people that are grieving there. on sunday morning, he was very low energy. i watched all the pretapes. he did them back-to-back. and he didn't really seem to have much of a new message. he repeated over that people want results and not revolution. that is a reference to bernie sanders. he's been up and down as a performer. right now the party wants to believe in joe biden. at 77, the challenge is for him to survive tomorrow in these 14 contests. we'll see how he does. clearly this has to be a plus for him to get two people that were media favorites, klobuchar and buttigieg and worked the media a lot in his corner. >> dana: tell me what you think about mayor bloomberg who will have a town hall tonight at 6:30 p.m. his paid media was very good. he got a lot of earned media because of the paid media. then the debate performances took the sizzle out of
11:17 am
everything. >> yeah, he stepped out from behind the curtain and had the disastrous debate in las vegas. bloomberg's rationale for getting in -- he can do whatever he wants because he has $60 billion -- is he thought the biden campaign was collapsing. now the biden campaign is not collapsing, it's rebounding, so that leave him with less of a rationale especially if he doesn't get the 15% threshold. but he will do what he wants. >> dana: we'll see the town hall. thanks, howie. >> good to see you. >> dana: a fox news alert. officials in washington state reporting at least five people are dead from coronavirus. listen. >> six cases in two deaths, reporting four new cases today. of these four new cases, two have died. in addition, one of our previously reported patients has died. this brings the total number of
11:18 am
cases to 14 including five deaths total. these are the new cases. a male in his 50s who was hospitalized at high line hospital with no known exposures. a female in her 80s, resident of life care who was hospitalized at evergreen health. a male in his 70s, a resident of life care who is hospitalized in evergreen health. this man had underlying health conditions and died on march 1. a female in her 70s, a resident of life care, hospitalized at evergreen health this woman had underlying health conditions and died on march 1. in addition, a woman in her 80s who was previously reported as a case in critical condition at evergreen health also died on march 1. as you're undoubtedly observing, this is a complex and unprecedented challenge locally, nationally and globally.
11:19 am
i'm very grateful to what our front line healthcare providers are doing to treat these patients and the number of patients that we know they will continue to see over the coming weeks and months. mostly grateful to our colleagues at the washington state department of health and the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention. a team arrived last night. we have 17 cdc members here helping us with infection alcohol, epidemiology, contact tracing and understanding the early stages of this outbreak in our community so we can play for the days and weeks and months ahead. it's very important for the vast majority invected with the coronavirus do not need hospitalizations. on the other hand, it's obvious in what we've just discussed that this can cause very serious disease in people, particularly people older and have underlying
11:20 am
health conditions. we expect the number of cases will continue to increase in the coming days and weeks. we're taking this situation extremely serious ly. the risk for all of us becoming infected will be increasing. although most of the cases will be mild or moderate, the infection can cause serious illness and there's a potential for many people to become ill at the same time. if this happens, it can be disruptive to our lives as individuals, to our communities and to our health care system. we want individuals to know that there's things that they can do and steps that we can all take as a community to decrease our risk of becoming ill personally and to decrease the number -- >> dana: you've been listening to a public health update from washington state. we want to bring in dan springer who has been paying attention to this. this news just broke in the last
11:21 am
hour. has to be troubling after there's been five confirmed deaths in that state. >> a sad development but not unexpected with the belief now that this virus has been percolating and spreading through the community ever since we had the first case north of king county in seattle. we had that case six weeks ago where a man came back from wuhan, china. they thought they had him isolated. he got better and released from the hospital. now they have tied a strain of that virus to another case of a teenager that was at jackson high school. he was -- had the same strain. now they believe this has been going through the community for six weeks. so now we have 14 cases in washington state and five of them have died here in king county. so they have declared an emergency here so they can free up more resources. the state has declare add state of emergency. so we'll see where it goes.
11:22 am
they're expecting more cases as they test more for this. back to you. >> dana: thanks, dan. a big meeting at the white house that just got more important. we'll head to the north lawn next. want to brain better?
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ago officialing in washington state confirming five people have died from the coronavirus. the new comes as president trump gets ready to meet with pharmaceutical company executives in the next hour. the president calling on them to pick up the pace on finding a vaccine. kristin fisher reporting live from the white house. kristin? >> dana, today's meeting with the pharmaceutical executives has been on the calendar for some time but the agenda has changed dramatically because of the spread of the coronavirus. president trump says that issue number 1 is now speaking with these pharma executives to see how quickly they can work to get a vaccine out to the american public. he was asked if he thought that that time line could be accelerated even faster. here's what he said. >> that what we're going to find out. we'll know that. we've asked them to accelerate whatever they're doing in terms of a vaccine, absolutely. >> over the weekend, president trump announced new travel restrictions to fight the spread of the coronavirus here in the
11:27 am
united states. these are on top of the travel restrictions that were imposed at the beginning of the outbreak. so the administration is banning any foreign national that has visited iran in the last 14 days from entering the united states. they have increased the travel advisory for italy and south korea to level 4, the highest level and advising americans to avoid travelling to specific regions in those countries and talk on restricting travel between the u.s. and mexico. so up next, we have this 3:00 p.m. meeting with president trump. members of the coronavirus task force and these pharmaceutical executives. at 5:00, the vice president that is heading the task force will be coming out and speaking to reporters, trying to assure the american public that everything is as okay as it can possibly be. he will be speaking in the briefing room, this is the fourth time in five days that the vice president, president or another senior administration
11:28 am
official has given a briefing room briefing. just goes to show you how seriously they're taking this and their message today has been don't panic, we're on top of this. but it will be interesting to see if that message changes now that we just listened to that press conference in washington state where the death toll has jumped from 2 to 5. >> dana: of course, dan springer reporting that a lot of the people that passed away did have complicating illnesses before they got coronavirus. one last question. you think the president might offer the pharmaceutical companies any sort of help? he's got a little tense relationship with them anyway since americans are up in arms of the cost of their own pharmaceuticals. >> can you repeat the question? >> dana: the president has asked congress for more funding. they want the virus -- they want the vaccine. is it possible that the president might offer to help a little bit given that he's had a tense relationship with the pharmaceutical companies anyway?
11:29 am
>> yeah, i think that's a possibility. something else that might come out of this meeting, dana, there's so much talk about drug shortages in the united states based on the fact that there could be supply chain disruptions in china. that is also a topic that president trump will be asking these pharmaceutical companies for some help with. >> dana: a really good point. i'm sure that will be brought up. kristin fisher, thank you. another alert for you now. florida's governor giving an update on the coronavirus in his state. two people have tested positive there. phil keating has more. >> dana, due to florida's location and significant international tourism, the arrival of coronavirus here is not shocking. but now confirmed at not only a state laboratory but the centers for disease control in atlanta. governor ron desantis has issued an executive order declaring a
11:30 am
public health emergency for the third largest state in the nation. according to the governor's late sunday announcement, the two presumptive positive cases now confirmed by the cdc of coronavirus are in tampa, hillsborough county and manatee county. the patient is a man in his 60s that was hospitalized for suspected pneumonia. he had not traveled recently. the surgeon general says it's unknown how he contracted coronavirus. another woman is in her 20s and remains in quarantine isolation at her home and being monitored. she recently returned from northern italy. italy has the most cases of coronavirus outside of asia and reported a 50% jump of covid-19 cases over the weekend. the governor and the state's health leadership team addressed this new development from miami
11:31 am
telling the public that the risk of contraction is low overall and everyone should continue their normal lives. >> in total as of today, 23 people have been tested. the state is monitoring 184 and since probably late january when we started the monitor, total of 795 have been monitored. >> avoid close contact with individuals who are sick, stay home when you're ill. avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, cover your cough or sneezes with tissues and disposing of the tissue and wash your hands frequently with soap and water. >> the governor and his team also had an earlier press conference in tampa really spending the day pushing the word out on these two new coronavirus cases and urging the public what to do in the most effective way still remains washing your hands frequently.
11:32 am
the governor and the surgeon general say they expect to see more coronavirus cases here in the state of florida, so they think these two are simply just the first. dana? >> dana: thanks, phil, in florida. i just heard in my ear, in washington state they have gone to five deaths to confirming six deaths. we'll figure out if we can get details. we'll monitor all the updates on the coronavirus. up next, more on the breaking news from the campaign trail. senator amy klobuchar is out. marc thiessen weighs in next. but then i started cosentyx and i haven't really had to think about it. real people with psoriasis... look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen...
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mortgage rates just dropped to near 50-year lows. one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 every year. >> dana: welcome back. amy klobuchar, the senator from minnesota who got in to the race in the middle of the big snowstorm and blizzard she talks about, she decided before super tuesday to drop out of the race. she will go to dallas tonight and endorse vice president joe biden in the democratic race for
11:37 am
the nomination. let's bring in marc thiessen, a fox news contributor, american enterprise institute fellow, used to work at the white house. you have to check out his mod cast, what the h is going on. a favorite podcast. i'm going to read this. breaking news in the commercial break came to mind. reuters and politco are both pointing to some news that pete buttigieg could be endorsing joe biden in dallas as well tonight. politco tweeting that a private jet has been filed a flight plan from south bend to dallas tonight. we know amy klobuchar will be there already. so what do you make of this strategy for these democrats to get together? is it to try to stop bernie sanders? >> trying to stop bernie sanders, trying to get jobs in the biden administration also, too, probably. look, there's been a number of developments in the last few
11:38 am
days. so joe biden had his resounding victory in south carolina. buttigieg and klobuchar pulling out. there's a candidate surging as a result. it's not joe biden. it's none of the above. if you look at the 5:38 projection for who is most likely to win, going to the convention, the no one is winning with 65% chance of going to the convention with nobody. sander has a 20% chance, biden has a 15% chance. bloomberg and warren have a 0.1% chance of winning the nomination. so what that means is, that the most likely result is that sanders is probably going to go into the convention with a plurality but not a majority, which means we would have a contested convention for the first time. >> dana: do you think -- >> yes, there's a -- >> dana: you think that buttigieg and klobuchar maybe are trying to prevent that from happening? >> it's entirely possible, yes. they're trying to consolidate
11:39 am
the middle lane. the problem is, the reason they're out of the race is they don't have a lot of support to throw to joe biden. michael bloomberg may not be doing that great but he has $2 billion. that can keep you above the threshold to be taken seriously. so the real spoiler for joe biden is michael bloomberg. >> i want you to listen to michael bloomberg talking about how he sees things and what he thinks voters really want. >> the middle of the road doesn't want extremism. they want evolution rather than revolution. if bernie sanders is the candidate, donald trump will win. donald trump will not only win but the house will go back to the republican hands, the senate will stay in republican hands. >> dana: sanders is not backing down. hear what he said about biden in california. >> please do not forget joe biden voted for the war in iraq. joe biden voted for terrible
11:40 am
trade agreements. joe biden voted for bankruptcy bill which hurt the working families of this country big time. now, any point here is not to just be negative about joe. my point is to ask you all, what campaign is going to defeat donald trump? >> dana: almost just comes down to that. you can see the two stark paths to getting to the nomination. >> yeah, this is a sanders-biden race. each of them has an albatross hanging around their necks. joe biden's albatross is michael bloomberg, which is a $2 billion albatross and for bernie sanders, it's warren. the republicans are stumbling to a contested convection. bernie sanders is focusing on pie den because he's the main threat and he has three shots
11:41 am
this month to knock him down and go into that convention with a majority, not a plurality. >> you're right. you have to imagine the biden team is saying these two dropped out, where will you be? there will be a town hall tonight and martha and bret will ask that. thanks, mac. >> thanks. >> dana: officials in washington state increasing the number of people that have died there from coronavirus. it is six. the five death are all in king coun county. more as we get it. there's signs of trouble days after the u.s. signed a historic peace agreement with the taliban. greg palkot reporting live in kabul. greg, this is a momentous occasion to have this, but there's questions about how it's going to play out. >> a momentous occasion for sure. but yeah, hitting the bumps
11:42 am
already, this u.s. taliban peace deal. there was a seven-day partial truce prior to the pact being signed. the taliban is now saying it's resuming offensive operations. not against the united states, but against afghan forces. maybe because the afghan government is now saying it won't go with another clause of that pact and that's a 5,000 taliban prisoner release. the taliban could be holding fire against the united states because the u.s. says it and nato troops will be going down to zero in 14 months if, if the taliban complies with the conditions. we spoke to nato secretary general stoltenberg. he warned us this would be difficult and he also said that they will be watching the taliban. take a listen to what he told us. >> with enemies, you make peace agreements. you negotiate peace. so because the taliban have to
11:43 am
understand that it has a price. if they don't deliver. >> now, there was a u.s. afghan joint statement just issued a couple hours ago, dana. they said the government could look at the feasibility of releasing taliban prisoners but didn't give a number or time frame. a lot of rough times ahead, i think, for this thing. back to you. >> dana: thanks, greg. thanks for staying up so late for us. up next, 140 cruise ship passengers are under quarantine and finally on their way home. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: i'm bill hemmer. mike bloomberg says what they expect super tuesday. and we'll answer questions on this virus and there's many out there now. so that and the rest of the
11:48 am
day's news on a monday coming up on "fox news reporting." see you the top of the hour. >> president trump holding his beating with the pharmaceutical companies in the next hour. after that, the president will make his way to north carolina for a rally later tonight. that's part for the course. the president continues to hit upstates before folks hit the polls. kevin corke is live in charlotte where folks have been lined up for quite some time, kevin. anticipating a great event tonight. >> yeah, no doubt about it. listen, there's very few states as you know, dana, politically important to the president's re-election bid as north carolina and they've been lined up since way early in the morning. some have been lined up overnight. this state has turned purple but when you look at the lines here, you couldn't tell that. this is looking like a red state in 2020. we'll all have to find out together.
11:49 am
i think it's fair to point out while we expect a big crowd here tonight, there's concerns over the spread of coronavirus in some small circles. some people that plan to come could choose to stay home. the president said he doesn't think it's necessary. >> the it safe or appropriate to be holding rallies in a public health crisis like this? >> these were set up a long time ago. others are. you can ask that to the democrats. they're having a lot of rallies. that's what they're doing. they're campaigning. >> you think it's safe? you worried? >> i think it's very safe. >> very safe is the word from the president. rally is tonight at 7:00. we'll be here in case news breaks. now back to you. >> dana: thanks, kevin. more now on the coronavirus. about 140 people who spent the past two weeks under quarantine at a base in california are finally moving on with their lives. claudia is live at travis air force base in fair field about 40 miles south and west of
11:50 am
sacramento. claudia? >> hi, dana. you can only imagine how happy these evacuees must be knowing that they don't have the coronavirus and finally free to go back home. buses began leaving a few hours ago, taking folks around the local airports and the final leg of a six-week odyssey that they couldn't have imagined when they boarded the diamond princess. they spent two weeks locked in their cabins on that toxic cruise ship and another 14 days isolated in travis air force because. they tested positive for covid-19 and being treated at area host. never said they never got sick. this was her first cruise and is not sure she wants to take another one and can't wait to put this behind her. >> i just want to go home and rest. and get back to work. i really miss my job and my co-workers. i want to go see my family.
11:51 am
and just get back to my normal routine. >> during her isolation, she took to the internet, posting pictures and how this has affected her life. she said all the evacuees became close. she livid that 120 others in lackland may have their quarantine extended. the woman is back in isolation while officials try to find out who she may have exposed. governor abbott is demanding all cruise shut passengers to be tested again. he's furious with the cdc. you can imagine the passengers. >> dana: it's interesting to hear her personal story. thanks, claudia. more breaking news from the
11:52 am
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>> dana: the hits don't stop. breaking news. today amy klobuchar the senator from minnesota decided to end her presidential race. she will go to dallas tonight to endorse joe biden. and politico and reuters reporting that mayor pete buttigieg who also got out of the race last night, he will endorse joe biden and former senator harry reid will also endorse joe biden. our panel. guy benson. and a fox news contributor and here with me the found of election betting. mo, tell me about how quickly joe biden seems to be
11:57 am
consolidating support. >> politics is a business about momentum. he had an incredibly resounding victory. a political shallacing. this is the moment that people who are not comfortable with bernie sanders have been looking for. the momentum will pick up. tomorrow will be the big question. how he does with michael bloomberg in the race who is positioning himself to be a spoiler. but if biden comes out of these states tomorrow and be right there with bernie sanders in the delegate race, i think you will see more of this momentum moving forward. >> maxxum, what happened the last 24 hours with the betting
11:58 am
odds? >> well, amy klobuchar dropping out. biden is ahead of sanders for the first time in a long time. he has a 44% chance ever of winning the nomination compared to sanders at 41%. and pete buttigieg dropped out and sanders rose 8% and his odds rose 12% on klobuchar dropping out. they think the support is going to biden and gives him a chance of winning. >> mayor pete buttigieg who decided early on to get out of the race. it was remarkable. he started as an unknown and moved on quickly. what do you think of his future? >> i am not sure he has a future in indiana politics because he moved too far left. but his future in the democratic party in the cabinet it's easy to see that happening. he will probably run for president down the road.
11:59 am
he is calculating and looked at what happened in south carolina and the map and calculated if he wants to stop bernie sanders, ingratiate himselfed to establishment and get behind somebody who can beat president trump. >> do you think amy klobuchar might be a vice-presidential pick for joe biden if he were to get the nomination? >> yes, i think any of these andcadeses have the potential to be vice-presidential picks. -- these candidates. >> max, tell me if you are bloomberg and looking at this and the betting odds, do you keep pouring money into this? >> the betting odds say boomer has no chance.
12:00 pm
they say he should quit. >> i am glad are here. thanks, everybody. thanks for joining us on this busy hour. see you on "the five"." bill hemmer, i am out of breath. >> ♪ >> bill: i am bill hemmer. breaking news on 2 major stories. the coronavirus has killed 6 people here at home. president trump sits down with his task force and drug company executives to nail down a vaccine or a cure. with that wraps up, the president head to battleground north carolina. the month of march is all about racking up the delegates. that starts tomorrow on super tuesday. you have more than one-third the delegates needed to clinch the


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