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tv   Watters World  FOX News  April 25, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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keep loving me. ♪ greg: . jesse: welcome to "watters world". the subject of tonight watters words, if you live in the united states of america, there's 50 states in the union. if you're in the media, is only one state that matters. new york. but we don't live in the united states in new york. the media thinks we don't because they all lived there. i lived there, too. it's an amazing place. but new york isri in america and new york doesn't know what's best for america. frankly, i'm sick of the new york media lecturing america like we all live in manhattan.
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coronavirus didn't attack any other state the way it attacked new york but we all responded like it did. i understand why. mitigation works and we flatten the curve. most states agree. some didn't. this is a very new york metro area situation. they got hammered. 8 million people in a densely populated city, subways and buses, crowded buildings and street packed high-rises, big elderly population, jfk airport like that with international flights planning all day. tens of thousands of front-line workers and high minority populations who sadly have a higher rate of pre-existing conditions. it's a perfect storm for the virus. the new york media can't understand why the rest of america isn't ready to shelter in place for months and months and months. the numbers explain it. america has over 50000
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coronavirus fatalities. it's a true tragedy. new york has over 20000 of those fatalities. new jersey has around 5000 so new york and new jersey have half the virus that's in america. look at these numbers. five of the top ten deadliest state are in the northeast. look at the other side, some of these states have death tolls in the single digits. for a number of reasons, they are in fantastic shape. look at the number of cases, new york as a quarter million cases. that's nearly half of all the cases in the country. basically surrounding one city. look at the other states. a few hundred cases. these states want to get back to work and they should, safely. people need to work to eat but the selfish, they don't
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understand that. they wake their finger at them. >> people are suffering cabin fever and honestly, i can't think of any disease right now that could be worse than that. jesse: there complaining but because they don't have haircuts? but you think they are? >> people are getting restless, especially those who are too bright. they want to die and they are taking it down with them. >> is this confederacy? what's motivating this administration when it comes to his role in preopening? isn't health, the economy or is it the election in november? >> protesters, those are terrorists. jesse: this is why they are quality of the media. they are out of touch with the entire country, basically. thee country doesn't have a deah wish, millions of americans must leave the house to live.
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the media is still going to get paid to work from home. same with all their friends. but millions of americans don't get paid to stay calm. they can't understand why, for instance, nashville, tennessee, what start opening't up. well, nashville has 2000 deaths. new york has over 20000. people there need to get back to work safely. suicide, alcoholism, domestic abuse, child abuse, they are all way up. depression is up, bankruptcies are skyrocketing. 30 million people lost their job. they are losing their family business. if you keep things closed much longer, there won't be any business to welcome workers back. the new york governor, andrew cuomo was asked about the urge to work. >> you want to work? go get a job as an essential worker. do it tomorrow. you are working you are an
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essential worker. take a job as an essential worker. >> there are people hiring. you can get a job as an essential worker. now go to work and be an essential worker and you won't kill anyone. jesse: speaking for new yorkers but he still doesn't get it. he didn't have any stockpiles, he is begging for ventilators, he got them. he iseg begging and he got them. but he was making nursing homes except covid-19 patients. seriously, nursing homes. sent patients with body bags. the nursing home population was decimated. governor is working very hard but he made a lot of mistakes. the guy running the state with the highest death toll, treated like a god in the media. look. check this quote out.s america's governor.
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the golden governor. really? he drew us offhand but the guy isn't golden. then there's bill de blasio, telling everyone to wear a mask. two days later, strolls around without one. in march, the state told everybody, don't go to the gym. what does he do? of course, he goes to the gym. look at george stephanopoulos, he hasno coronavirus, we hope he gives better but george, walking around with his mask off. i'm tired of these new york know it all's and hypocrites. lecturing states that have the buyers under control. lecturing americans who need to leave the house for a paycheck. we all came together after 9/11 and we should be doing it again now.
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america plan theic curve, the worst is behind us, as long as we stay vigilant. we'll open up slowly and safely this week, some states started to dip their toes in the water. earlier, i spoke to white house coronavirus response coordinator, doctor deborah burks. >> the vice president said the other day that memorial day, which is basically in a month, we will have turned the corner on this virus and we'll be in a much better place. is that your assumption as well? >> we believe but the hospitalization, i see you and the number of people come to this disease will be dramatically decreased by the end of may. the cases are a different issue because now, as we expand more and more testing, it was very
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much prioritized to people who needed itt to people in the hospital, people who were sick, had we expanded testing more and more into the greater community lesson from. >> we'll see cases and additional cases but we believe those will be identifying the cases that may have been and are currently circulated the community but maybe more a symptomatic or mild states that we want to understand. jesse: how costly wasn't that the chinese government wasn't open and honest with us in the beginning? it must have been what? a month, two months we lost because of the chinese? >> i think there are legitimate questions that need to be posed about what does the epidemic really look like in china? i still can't tell you that. i can't tell you how many people were infected, how many are a some dramatic. i think all we've been told the limited number of cases and
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mortalities. that doesn't match any other expansive epidemic for the first time. but we need to understand, where they genetically unique or where there a lack of reporting? jesse: very diplomatic answer. i can read between the lines and i appreciate your honesty. some criticism from precincts as the president does not listen to science and was too slow in confronting this virus. do you agree or not? >> i arrived on the second of march and i can tell you throughout those seven and a half weeks, every piece of data we get, he looks at and talk stir, he asks questions and he asked russians that shows he understands the data. public health charts are like economic charts. he has a strong foundation in
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data in general so being able to explain to him what's happening in the united states, county by county and he likes to seek the data, he wants to know what's happening at they county level, the community level, state level and what's happening globally. he's a short them we are learning from others as they move through this. we get report daily on how the other countries are handling opening up and we are tracking very closely how the states are doing as they open up their economy. integrating that data every day for the president and vice president. jesse: doctor fauci said whenever you have gone to the president with a serious scientific recommendation, he's absorbed that and taken action. >> that is absolutely correct. jesse: we heard from dhs,ct the scientists on thursday, they say sunlight, increased temperature
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urand humidity could have an effect on killing the virus, and the air and services and president spit falling and he's asking questions, would be possible to maybe target the virus through a cure, using certain ingredients or using sunlight, he didn't believe the president wasng putting anybodyn danger, did you? >> he gets new information, he likes to talk that through out loud and really have that dialogue. that's what dialogue he was having. i think he just saw the information at the time, immediately before the press conference and he was still digesting this information. thein president always put healh and safety first. i think we can see that in the way that he was supportive of slowing this practice guidelines and new the impact it would have on the economy and new clearlake what impact it would have on the economy yet, he realized the health and safety of americans was his number one interest in
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responsibility and that's what he did first and continues to do. jesse: you probably never imagined he would do this much television, your drink networks, cable, print, your basically there every day during these task force briefings in front of the press or. do believe the media in this country has been fair throughout this pandemic? >> i've had the privilege to do media all over the world, people may not have seen me before, it's primarily in south africa and asia because i've been working on vaccines and therapeutics and pandemics around the globe for aki numberf years. i think the media is very spicy and dicey about how they put sentences together in order to create lines.
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from millennial's and other studies, some people may only read the headlines and if b there's not a graphic, they are not going to look any further than that. i think we have to be responsible about our headlines. i think often, reporting may be accurate paragraph three, four and five but i'm not sure how many people actually get the paragraph three, four and five. the responsibly the price has, make sure the headlines reflect the science and data. jesse: thank you so much for everything you are doing to keep everybody happy and clean and we are grateful for your service. >> thank you. thank you for having me. jesse: china and america on a collision course but what democrat unite against the communist threat? later, a "watters' world" investigation into china's wet market. a lot of wild things going on down there. ♪
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and... let's get started. (music fades in) hey! -hi! ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jesse: america uniting against the chinese communist, look at this. nine in ten americans now view china as a threat. this is big time from just two years ago. two thirds of americans now view china negatively. that's also up.
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the feelings are pretty much bipartisan. almost all republicans and most democrats agree. the trade work, human rights abuses, chinese pollution and now the coronavirus correct have dramatically darkened american views. our problem isn't what the chinese people, it's with the chinese regime. america and china are on a dangerous collision course. our politicians need to wake up and oppose communist china for world domination. this is the world sole superpower. this is a war for jobs, for technology and resources. from hacking to fennel to espionage stirring up trouble in north korea, china is taking the great game very, very seriously. we need to rebuild our economy and realignment away from chinese labor and cheap chinese
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imports. i'll tell you a little bit more, i don't care. as long as it's american made. look at the mess we are in now because we don't make healthcare supplies at home. imagine if a real war starts. they are costly, even deadly strings attached up doing business in communist china. we need to be strategic about the monkey. we are heading towards of superpower battle, you can see it coming a mile away. we need to fight to win just like we did against the soviet union just like we did against radical islam. we are in a propaganda war, to our media, they don't even realize it. as a quote from chinese paper, the global times. covid-19 spread in the u.s. is almost like that of a primitive society. it should not have been like this if the u.s. had the slightest signs and organization.
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to put it bluntly, the u.s. is no match for china in terms of anti- epidemic organization and globalization. the u.s. political system has been hit by the pandemic on it week side and we were going to show understanding for that, after all, every system has its weaknesses. this life went all over the world and in africa and the cia, they are not think china was sending us text messages fake news in them, trying to scare us and divide us during the pandemic. america can't be divided. cawe need to unite. it's a matter of a life and dea. joining me now, most of the workgroup radio show, he's been warning about china for almost a decade, it seems like. you think america, including democrats have the stomach for this fight? >> we have to have the stomach for the spite and i think we do. fight for freedom.
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the chinese people are the innocent victims, this is about a totalitarian regime, every bit as brutal, cold-blooded, every bit as tough as the night sees ofou the 1930s. they need to be confronted right now, we are in an information and economic work. on your opening monologue, you talk about new york city, think about that for a second. new york was such a hot spot because of jfk, because, coming in from china. the chinese communist party new in late december that they had human to human transmission and community spread, they hit it, they hit it from world health organization who did a terrible job, they tweeted out january 14, after consultation with senior medical officials the chinese regime, there's no human to human transmission. thank do it, they went around the worldto and vacuumed up all
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the ppe, knowing they would need it later, they could use it as leverage against the country. when president trump stopped travel, that's what kept new york, it would have been ten times worse if he had not stopped travel from china. joe biden took the side of beijing, the side of the totalitarian dictators saying it was xenophobic and the burning people, economic nationalist, labor union some of the working class people, particularly the upper met last, m old-school lar democrats understand what the chinese communist party did. this is about the freedom of the chinese people, we have to confront. we don't have a choice. this is this generations call to destiny. we have to confront this and beat it. jesse: during the cold war, who had full mobilization in this country against theio russians d
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to a certain extent but hollywood was on our side. you have movies against the russians, every russian was a fat guy from rocky, randall, all that stuff. i'm afraid of now, these parent companies, these studios, they are too much in business with china. they wouldn't make a chinese guy the bad guy in any motion picture because they are afraid to offend them because they'll pull the rug out of any distribution deal with any country with billions of deals. how do you fight an enemy that you are so economically entrencheder with? we work like that with russia. >> like investors, they are in bed. the financial community, corporate community and in particular the media, a cup of year, a movie had to be pulled before it was released and redone. remember, we had a place in the cold war, getting along with them. ronald reagan came along and said how about this, we went,
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thank loose, that's the attitude we got to take today. i think we are seeing it, that research was shocking. i'll tell you who it shocked the most, the dictators, gangsters information, see the american people come together, this is what's going to unite us. a new fight for freedom, they break the firewall, once they get their freedom, they will overthrow this dictatorship in a tractor-trailer, that's what'shi going to lead the world into peace and prosperity, removal of the chinese communist party. jesse: that's going to be tough to get the people away from the chinese communist party, it's going to take a lot of work. we have our work cut out for us. thank you and thanks for talking about this, on the radio, you've been talking about for years.
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let's keep banging this drum because more and more people are starting to wake up. i appreciate your insight. >> thanks for having me. jesse: coming up, we continue to search the origin of the chinese coronavirus, "watters' world" wet world investigation. that's next. ♪
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america's news headquarters, this is a fox news alert. health organization says there's no evidence in having of 19 preventing a second infection. agency conscious against issuing passports to people who have the price. countries including u.s. exploring and as part of a reopening strategy. the virus is not surpassed 200,000 a month more than 53000 up though steps are in the u.s. publicans china for the coronavirus outbreak. also recommend accusing democrats of being soft on china and charges of racism. it also biden against president trump from national republicans material committee chaired the 57 page memo last week. i'm ashley, back to "watters' world". ♪ jesse: is "watters' world"
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reporting, there are two theories on how the coronavirus originated in china. one, researchers were accidentally contaminated by an infected in a sloppy lab. two, the virus jumped from animals to humans in a wuhan wet market. wildlife slaughtered and sold. but that's backwards weren't sold at wet markets there according to fox sources. perhaps there is a connection between the lab leak and wet market, we just don't know. the communist chinese won't let our scientists into the country. either way, mike pompeo demanding china shutdown these market permanently. paul mccartney even a great. >> it wouldn't be so bad if the things you can blame on wet markets, it seemsgh like stars d
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other stuff, hopefully we will go super hygienic around here. it's a little bit naïve, eating that. jesse: joining me now, someone who has been too chinese wet markets. an associate professor of politics at the university of houston, i'm seeing here, they are slaughtering and selling eels and snakes and rats and alligators, scorpions and dogs. why are they doing that at these markets? >> good question, good to be here. i would say, youen mention thatn a wuhan market, that do not need to be sold in order for the virus to be transferred because the animals could be transported
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in assent to wuhan and before being transported to wuhan, the animals may have been already infected by feces and a snake may have been about, it doesn't need to be about so. jesse: so you are saying before cthe wildlife goes to the wet market, it could have been in contact with the bat that had the virus and made its way there and it could have been, another animal could happen consumed by a customer, had. >> exactly. we are focusing too much attention on marketing, what marketing, there are other pieces, china has the world's biggest operation of breeding and also from a large number of
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animals have to be shipped over great distances to wuhan and other cities. transport, pandemic or epidemic could. jesse: so we all understand how risky and dangerous the handling of his animal entities animals are in these markets. why don't they just shut them down? water they have to have these extremely dangerous wet markets? because obviously, they are at risk for this virus transmission. >> that's a great question. when sars workout, the wildlife shutdown for only two months. they quickly lifted it several different reasons why it was not imposed at the time. this and why of what market goes on in the lasting 18 years.
8:34 pm
one of the main reasons, the government and gdp going down. jesse: i totally understand that but they have tohe have the animals slaughtered on-site? have to have them fresh, is that why? >> what market, only about 10% of animals are sent to the food market so yes, they slaughter the animals on site to attract buyers. jesse: unbelievable. something we are not familiar with but we are keeping an eye on it because of the impact it's had all over the world. thank you very much for your expertise. >> thank you. jesse: up next, donald trump trading flow on china.
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did obama's endorsement backfire? ♪ >> get back up again. ♪
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biden campaign released the attack against president trump this week, he said he was soft on china. hilarious coming from job. here's the tape. >> trump rolled over the chinese, trump praised the chinese 15 times and ever. the coronavirus spread across the world. jesse: tell the truth, sleepy. early days, he just signed a billion-dollar trait you couldn't get it done in eight years. now that the truth is out, launched an investigation, predicted lawsuit about regime
8:40 pm
and support to china. what has biden done? joseph's after on china. he let them steal our jobs, factories and technology. the communist sentinel entire land in pontus for our money. left ppe stockpile empty and said trump was too slow? too slow, really? i guess biden one have minded if trump told america to shelter at home during super tuesday, february. composite super thursday. now, that would have gone over pretty well, wouldn't it? the best part about the t ad, it backfired pretty democrats are going to add races. during me now, dan. what do you think? [laughter] dan: make an analogy, you don't
8:41 pm
want to fight him. saint president trump has been easy on china, he's been easy on immigration, did you miss his whole campaign? literally jokes made about it. henry refinements china. how trump nonstick he jokes about it. did joe biden, sleepy junk that? did he missing? i don't know what this is going to know. nobody believes that with her. jesse: i know. he drank the bestie can. the president can even extend any money on this act, he just retweeted on name, kind of marking obama's endorsement of joe. watch this. >> brought my leg down, we come back up again. i learned about that.
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jesse: i think it's a brilliant ad because it kind of get right to the heart of the issue even obama knows it's a joke. [laughter] you know what's hilarious? i've seen that add no less than 50 times now and it still cracks me up. it's funny every time. >> this is the genius, that's not even an official campaign. it doesn't have any paid, they just on on twitter somewhere because people were tweeting it. they made now to make, they did nothing. the effects on even backward, it's hilarious they sent it out when they have this go viral and cost him nothing. good job by the trump campaign. jesse: all right, we have dessert a parsley, nancy pelosi thought it would be a good idea to have quids, during a pandemic
8:43 pm
130 million americans lost their jobs, she's up there with fancy ice cream, i don't even know what this is. watch this. ♪ >> we have some others right here. we had to stop the ice cream. jesse: i just fire my strategist, just say hey, not a good idea. >> we hear all the time what up brilliant political tactician she is. this may be one of theay worst political campaigns for her i've ever seen. even meghan, not a big fan of donald trump said this one is the kill shot. you have to wonder, who told nancy pelosi this was a good idea? got a great idea, americans are trying to feed their kids, it's one thing to look at live in a bubble, it's another thing to advertise and choke the world literally how out of touch you are with your freezer that cost
8:44 pm
more than most americans cars. whoever told her it was a good idea, fire that person tomorrow. jesse: i think she had a brain freeze from pricey ice cream. thanks for checking in. all right, everyone loves this, it features the squad.
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jesse: america made a significant scientific discovery this week, bill bryant is a technology director department of homeland security he'sn been since starting the virus, he broke the news of the task force briefing. he. >> striking observation in the surface and the african temperature and humidity as well and in the summer, we know it's going to be an environment and transmission could be disgraced and it is up opportunity to get ahead. jesse: he is very blunt.
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going in the sun doesn't cure the virus. enter our first billing. washington post reporter, phil. he senate this way. this guy does the president it dangerous to share signs with americans.wi >> after he and community, it'si dangerous for you to make people think it would be safe by going outside in the future, considering so many people are dying in florida and this virus has had an outbreak in singapore. >> the new headline is true, go outside, it's dangerous. same old group. you ready? i hope people enjoy the sun. if it has an impact, that's great. >> they want to get information and guidance and want to know what to do. it's a rumor. >> your fakeness. you know what aspects out they say very nicely, i know you we well, i know the guy, he's a total faker.
8:50 pm
i ready? just a suggestion from a brilliant lab, from a brilliant man, talking about son, heat and you see the numbers. so that's it. jesse: is not there to import the news, he's there to steal it. as an american, he should be thrilled. but he's angry. he tries to sabotage the signs, just to hurt the president. this is a great example of why the president says fake news is the enemy of the people. you can't trust a guy like him. he doesn't have your best interest at heart. now, everyone can use some sunlight. it's a great disinfectant. another way they poke their head out of the ground, member of the squad, presley represents a
8:51 pm
district in massachusetts, shena accused the president of the united states of being a war criminal. watch he does not discriminate by race, income or immigration status and neither should our relief efforts. it's unprecedented, it's been felt by everyone and relief should be felt by everyone. as far as i'm concerned with the administration, it's a kin to war crimes. criminal negligence, science denials. jesse: she needs to.her fingers somewhere else. trump left out america marchchr. massachusetts came after trump. actually, two weeks after. ten states lost out. now sadly, massachusetts is top cases and fatalities. sad. just a week before the lockdown,
8:52 pm
held a big rally. she is not social distancing. a rally wasn't warning us about the virus either. as about abortion. i checked the record, she didn't say much of a peep about coronavirus in january, february and march. she hasn't said a single word about china. wait, except one. she said calling it the chinese virus was racist. i'm sure china is very pleased with her propaganda. if she had her way, h millions f americans would be dead. why? she sponsored a bill in the house, banning trump from issuing travel plans. image of people and wuhan would have flown direct do to america and the president couldn't have stopped it. what a dangerous woman. if anybody is guilty of war crimes, it's your friends, the chinese communists.
8:53 pm
a second squad member hurting america, aoc wants americans to boycott going back to work. >> going back or reopening, i think a lot of people should just say no. we are not going back to that. we're not going back to working 70 hour weeks just so we can put food on our table and not even feel any sort of semblance of security in our life. jesse: that's right, she's boycotting the economic recovery of america. many americans are getting paid. they need to work to eat. t other americans are getting paid not to work. now they know what it's like to be a member of congress. that's not what they want to do. i'm not shocked a jobs, secured what amazon can select jobs into your, she cheered when oil prices tanked and energy workers lost their jobs. green new deal, they pay people not to have a job.
8:54 pm
we are actually losing the green new deal right now. think about it. no air travel, people being paid not to work, we just drastically cut industrial activity and emissions. so in one month, we strapped a trillion dollars and lost 30 million jobs, reduced commissions by just six present. this is aee real cost of the grn future. if we keep going at this rate, w not working, producing or traveling for the next ten years, will hit your target with the claimant card. destroying civilization so thoroughly that the world temperature rises only 1.5 degrees celsius up. while we are all broke and homeless, we have to pay more taxes. i hope we can all see what this costs. it costs everything. literally. up next, last call.
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[♪] for tonight's last call, we have sad news to share. the father of our senior producer jessica unfortunately lost his battle with coronavirus earlier this week. michael was a family man. loved spending time with his grandson alex. he was known for being a quiet man who was always there for jessica. and her brother warren. michael was the son of the american legion, the american legion post 170. he had an impact on so many people's lives we are sure he's going to be missed. our hearts go out to you, jessica, and your entire family. may your father rest in peace.
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that's all for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and judgjudge jeanine is next. remember i'm watters [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. take a look at this lineup. kellyanne conway. senate judiciary chairman, lindsey graham. kevin mccarthy. former u.s. acting attorney general matt whitaker and from the state of georgia republican congressman doug collins. they will all join me. it's a potent lineup. but first let's do my open. [♪] congress' approval rating was just 2


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