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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this. by the way, tomorrow, which is of course friday, the end of the week, we're going to be bringing you the very latest. we think there's more information on the mike flynn story coming out so we will bring that to you tomorrow, but in the meantime, the great sean hannity standing by for us in new york. >> sean: great advice, be with the ones you love. although you might be getting sick and tired of some of them here. perfectly normal, that's okay. all right, tucker, great show, thank you. buckle up, the news comes fast and furious. a lot of breaking news at this hour. democrats determine they want to lock this country down until election day and they want a forest full on socialism on the country, whether you want it or not. for them, this is no longer about, well, bending the curve, dropping the curve, stopping the spread. instead, they are, like they have for three plus years, they use everything, even a national emergency has a political weapon
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against president trump. they've done nothing to help the president, they can even acknowledge something like, the travel ban was a good idea in the quarantine was better and the subsequent travel bands were also good because they were too busy impeaching the president. why let a pandemic go to waste when you could use it as an excuse to turn america into a socialist hell hole, which they would like to do. whatever happens, america needs to understand, the next 370 days, you need to understand, you've got to see it through political prism, that is the election. democrats say they will do anything for power. we will explain all of that coming up tonight. oh, also lying brian williams is back. the disgraced former anchor now working the late shift at state run socialist conspiracy television ms dnc. he is now trashing me and this network for our groundbreaking unmasking coverage. a lying brian, we've a special
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message for you and your media friends and colleagues in just a moment. by the way, your friends, lying brian, might want to tell him to tune in. we will show you how former obama officials are acting since they were caught red-handed. 48 unmasking requests in two months. spying on lieutenant general flynn. in a word, repulsive. 30-year veteran and war hero. our top story tonight, that is the savory opening for america appeared weeks ago, millions of businesses, they had to shut their doors. millions of americans stayed at home. life was seriously altered for everyone in the country. why? to stop the spread of the coronavirus. that was the goal. thankfully, tonight, the worst has been avoided. remember the devastating models? thankfully, they were wrong. almost all of them here they've all been wrong. some models predicting as many as two and a half dead americans come a million dead americans. cities, states, counties, never experienced this unmanageable
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spike, thank god above. we hit the apex like we thought we would. it leveled off, then dramatic decline, those contracting the disease and dying from this virus, barely that is not good enough for many democrats and those in the mob. these fearmongers, they want all americans who languish in a nationwide shutdown with no end in sight. now the mayor says the city will never reopen until there is a cure. david portnoy pointed out last night what is now a viral epic grant. when did flatten the curve turn into finding a cure before we open anything? take a look. >> the l.a. mayor, where not opening the city until we find a cure? what? people have jobs who have worked their whole leap live stuff to put food on the table and create a happy living. they're just going to go out of business, the going to wake up whenever this thing ends, and whenever the mayor say, oh, you
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can go back to work. work to what customer companies are going to be out of business. >> sean: did a great job on tucker's show. powerful message. l.a., if you want to wait until there is a cure, that's fine but don't expect the rest of america to fund your shelter in place until there is a cure decision. you want to make that decision, you think it's in your best interest, that's on you and you will have to pay for all of that. remember, this is the land of the free, the home of the brave. most americans are not going to cower in fear but we will learn the lessons we have learned the last few months. we did the lock down, we listen to the experts, even those that were dead wrong, every model wrong. we did thankfully flatten the curve. we learned some lessons from success and some from failure. let's look at, for example, new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, florida. florida, they mobilized the entire state, including the national guard. every state agency to shield nursing homes and retirement
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communities from the virus. in other words, the most vulnerable. the increased testing, they literally wrap their arms around the most vulnerable in florida. as a result, florida's death rate remained below 2,000, even though the state has an enormous elderly population. well, the exact opposite happened in new york. governor cuomo on march 25th made an egregious decision that had deadly consequences in new york. first he met a lot of errors, and he ignored his 2015 health initiative. their recommendation, peak week, you'll be short 15,783 ventilators. he bought zero. instead he came up with a plan to ration the 2,000 ventilators he had. the second big mistake occurred when cuomo mandated, if you wanted hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin and zinc, you had to be hospitalized to get it. iif you didn't have covid when you went income he might've gotten it when you left. now the third and worst mistake
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came in the form of this executive order, took the recommendation of the dumbest health care "expert" in new yo new york, forcing nursing homes and long-term care facilities to readmit patients that had covid-19. many of the centers were screaming, they are not equipped to handle the coronavirus cases. they didn't have any ppe. the governor said, well, that's not my problem. he actually said that. not my job, not his job to provide them with ppe. same guy that was screaming, i need 40,000 ventilators. meanwhile, thousands of hospital beds at the javits center that the president built, the president staff, the president converted to covid-19 capability and the u.s. and as comfort, the hospital navy ship also staffed and sent by the president, and all the personnel and equipment there, covid-19 converted. well, they only used 182 of 1,000 beds. they only used a little over 1,000 of the 3,000 beds at the
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javits center. nearly a third of new york's coronavirus deaths came from this bad decision. that's 30,000, 30% of over 27,000 people dying. now cuomo, finally new york media seems to have caught up to us, and they are now asking him a few tough questions. he spending his days preparing his perfectly, meticulously made power points, he made those bad decisions. now they are beginning to ask questions. take a look. >> up until today as i am before you, i can look you in the eyes and say we did everything that we could. as a society. you can't save everyone. you're going to lose people. that's life. that's -- somebody else is in charge of that appeared much higher pay grade. but we did everything we could. i want to make sure the same is true until this is over. we did everything we could. >> sean: that's life? [laughter] mention of donald trump -- well, i tried my best, that's life.
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people die. cuomo's nursing home mandate was a disaster. now, it also was duplicated in other blue states. now remember, cuomo put that into effect on march 25th. march 29th, the state of pennsylvania, they followed suit. on april 9th, the state of new jersey, they were sending covid-19 patients into nursing homes and long-term care facilities. michigan, also implementing other dumb measures but they wouldn't let you cut your lawn in michigan. all of these states now are facing horrific death tolls, horrific infection rates. and as i said, nearly 28,000 dead in new york, nearly 10,000 in new jersey. let's look at florida. a little over 1800. texas, death toll under 1200. georgia, under 1500. those are all big states, they'll have metropolitan areas, they all have high percentage of elderly population. they did something that we should learn from, and that is they targeted the most vulnerable.
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new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and michigan, they blew it. they put these people that were most vulnerable in the worst positions. now do i think they did it maliciously or on purpose? no, i just think they were dumb. and unfortunately, it was so dumb in new york, new jersey and pennsylvania, they could have taken some of those empty covid beds with trump's personnel, trump's hospitals built and sent them there because they were available to them. on another note we can also learn from businesses that never closed during this pandemic. imagine, i go shopping -- people always ask me in the grocery store, hannity, why are you here? shopping, i like to eat, obviously. they're like, oh. anyway, i get asked that question. but i talked all the workers. i come grocery's job once or twice a week. i was talked at the same guy that my grocery stores. every day stacking the shelves. we never ran out of food in new york or long island. thanks to the packers, the farmers come all the people in
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that supply line, if you look at all the manufacturing plants that made all the masks that they needed in the ppe and the respirators and the gloves, and the gallons, and they never stopped working. if they shut down a very the food supply chain or medical equipment chain, new york would be dead. they didn't shut down, but because they were wearing masks in the epicenter, stocking the shelves in new york, and in our drug stores in new york and long island, people live. we can learn from those lessons. we can learn from florida, we can learn from texas, we can learn from georgia. and that means that places like new york, l.a., you ought to stay locked down for months or even years. well, your cities will turn into ghost towns in america's economy, your economies will face permanent damage. states that elect smarter governors that don't tax their citizens to death and actually pay off their pensions and don't take on big debts and deficits, don't expect them to bail you
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out because they won't be doing it. as of now, by the way, the city of los angeles just extended their restrictions for three more months. needless to say, nancy pelosi is quite pleased. take a look. >> there are a lot of people in los angeles county who are saying, well, three more months? i can't survive this is a small business, i can't survive this as someone who is out of work. >> of course i agree with the decisions of the people on the ground and their particular venue and location. yes, it's inconvenient, but it's even more inconvenient if you're going to be infected or worse. >> sean: okay, nancy pelosi, we know what she's up to. she's playing politics as she always does. in fact, she unveiled a massiveg proposal. nothing more than a grand socialist wish list with money for legal immigrants, mail-in voting measures without the need for i.d. of any kind, banking
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protections for marijuana distributors into trillion dollar bailout for blue states that misappropriate your hard-earned tax dollars. she wants to take your money, take the money from fiscally responsible red states and redistribute them to states that have more waste, fraud, and abuse than you could ever imagine. nature to mike new york, new jersey, california. so they can break your budgets and start spending again. they want to pay off the insane budgets and energy programs, three of them failed in new york. $1,750,000,000, $190 million. the entitlements are legal immigrants, red states shouldn't have to pay for that either, so let me be clear, no state bailout -- as a matter fact, washington, for close attention. he spent enough money. no more spending, we need more infrastructure. trillions of loans available, that's a lot of money. let's see how it goes and do your best to open the country safely. learn from florida, texas,
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georgia, and learn from the guys who were stocking the grocery store shelves where i live that were masks and gloves and they never got sick. none of them. democrats are now using this virus as a political weapon. president rightly calling them out. take a look. >> people report, they are dying with this closure, this shutdown of a country where they are in their house or in their apartment. they're not allowed -- some people are too tough on it. they're not allowed to go out. they're losing their jobs. were not going to let it happen. >> do you think your critics want you to keep it closed going into the election? >> yeah, i do, i do. i think it's a political thing in addition -- >> they say you're putting money and business ahead of lives. >> note -- i think, the people that want to see the right thing happen, they agree with me. we have to get our country open. >> sean: got to get the country open. by the way, those medical supply manufacturers, they never closed.
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if they did, we were done. if any food supply chain broke in any capacity, new york is done. we would've starved to death. americans are fed up across the country and they see what's happening. we witnessed another big logjam protest in michigan. here with more fox news contributor dan bongino, author of "don't burn this book." a ribbon is with us. it may seem anecdotal and i guess it is, dave. i go to the grocery store every week, i see the same cashiers, i see the same guys stocking the shelves. i actually put one 19-year-old kid on my radio show monday. he was there every time i went to the store. he had his mask on. i think we can learn, they didn't get sick and they were there masks. i think we know that wearing masks is a good thing even though it's a pain in the you know what. it's a short period of time. and we learn from florida, texas and georgia. we learned what not to do from new york, new jersey pennsylvania and michigan. >> well, sean, sometimes anecdotal is actually the best
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way figuring out what's going on here. i can tell you this. you know i'm in los angeles and when i walk around the street -- and by the way, i don't wear a mask, i walk my dog like a real rebel out there. people are coming up to me, i saw you one "hannity" last night, saw your own "talker" last night and what they are hinting to me is they are finally going, yeah, i'm one of you guys too. i'm a freethinker or i'm a conservative or i am a libertarian or i am something besides progressive authoritarian that we have been fed here. the idea that eric garcetti, our mayor here in l.a. or gavin newsom who used to be the governor and simple disco, the idea that liberals care about us, progressives love power so, they can lock people down for three more months. how about tell us why. it's beautiful outside. i can tell you another thing, partly anecdotal also but regular people are starting to break this stuff. people are now visiting each
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other, i said this earlier, my hair is a little bit shorter than it was a couple days ago days ago. >> sean: you're going to get reported! i'm warning you! your neighbors are going to report you! >> i know, we are snatching on people, someone is going to make cash on this. it's enough. we've got to live. we've got a live. >> sean: well said. i can't say it any better. you know what, hit the politics are now involved. we spend three trillions in loans. now they want another trilling to bailout blue states. it's a waste, fraud, abuse and how they want to get bailed out and stay closed until there's a cure customer to pay for it yourself! >> america listen and please listen good. i know people who watch fox have a lot of common sense than the younger networks. there is no money. there is no damn money. our entire economy, everyone understand this, horse blinders, look at me right now.
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our entire economy produces about 22 trillion, 24 trillion in wealth in any given year. we owe all of that and about 70 trillion more in entitlements and just took out another 3 trillion we don't have. you understand this isn't real money, right customer this is fake monopoly money. if you believe that money is an actual exchange of value. you were coming to produce value, you get money, this is not money. this is fake money and remember what they always more, bad money chases out good money. one more thing, on the lockdown, i'm not going to attribute anybody bad motives. if this isn't based on politics, what is it based on a? is based on science because i thought it was about the data. yet georgia opened up with 12% fewer cases. let me get this straight, where bankrupting people, destroying the food supply, preventing people from going to the doctor to get cancer treatments all in the name of public health, when you have almost no evidence to back it up? have you ever heard of externalities or side effects?
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because apparently the democrats haven't. >> sean: i was skeptical of the plan. then i saw the plexiglas, then i saw the hands, and the distance and the gloves and the mask. you know what, so long as it works and they proved it. thank you. joining us, white house trade advisor peter navarro. peter, we see a 12% drop in georgia of new cases in the last two weeks. 15% drop in florida, now they're talking about never opening los angeles until there is a cure? if they want to do that i guess they're going to have to bear the brunt of the cost of that but can't we learn from the states that did well or the states that flopped and fell on their face? >> california is my home state. i think it's going to become a red state with that kind of leadership. the reality is if we don't open this economy back up, we are not going to have an economy. and here's the other reality that the medical doctors haven't been telling you. the outcome of the china virus kills directly, but if we keep our economy shut down, were not only going to lose trillions of
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dollars of wealth and economic activity, that china virus shock to the economy kills as well. suicides, drug abuse, depression. and guess what, all those people who couldn't go to the hospital during this lockdown to get procedures for their heart and kidneys and all of that, that kills too. it's time to get back to work. we know a lot more than we did when this first hit us. when it came in like a lightning bolt from china because they had the virus from us. we can do this. >> sean: i hope so and i hope we hold china accountable. peter navarro at the white house. oh, they need to pay. they need to pay families who lost loved ones. >> don't forget one thing, this is a jobs president, sean, and this is where we are going to get the other side of this. innovation, manufacturing, right here in the good old u.s. of a. that's our mission. >> sean: all right, peter navarro at the white house. of course, the mob continuing to
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squeeze in more lies, propaganda and misinformation in every corner. their partisan democratic state socialist tv country. tonight we look at lyin' brian williams playing defense for the deep state as he talks through former cia director now ms dnc contributor john brennan. take a look. >> know that fox news has turned over the equivalent of hours of its programming to what they are calling this on masking, for just coming to it, for people who may encounter this effort, he once and for all explained to people what it is they are seeing? >> well, good to see you, and what they are seeing right now is -- >> sean: all right, lyin' brian, we are going to explain why you are a late-night cable host and speaking of that, there's a reason you don't have any credibility and we don't need lectures from you and no longer much of an audience.
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why? because you made a lot of stuff up and lied about your experiences -- you said you saw dead bodies floating in front of your hotel. the hotel they didn't have any water in front of it. you are nothing but a fake news fraud that continues to spew nonstop hate and hysteria attacking trump, conspiracy theories, we don't need lectures from you, brian. by the way, your network should apologize for all the lies they told on russia, all the conspiracy theories they spread. you are now part of that coverage and there's a reason nbc nightly news is called nbc nightly news hosted by lester holt and not you. because we turned even more big breaking news tonight and the michael flynn case, maybe
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lyin' brian can learn something after judge sullivan's desire, set, frankly unprecedented stoned to a point now a federal judge who already, we know the opinion -- joan gleason openly slammed the trump administration and rushed to judgment, stroking even more questions about bias and more dangerous politicizing of our justice system and it gets worse. united states supreme court ruled unanimously that these antics are out of balance and an abuse of judicial discretion so i have a message to this judge tonight. you and you alone, are responsible for this.
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i'm watching all this and i'm like, okay, you basically called your client -- now both sides want to dismiss, you want to bring in someone to decide for him. >> yes, needless to say, having called sullivan the hero of my book for more than six years i am personally extremely disappointed and saddened in the same rules should be applied -- and we have been the victims of astonishing violations for three years now. some information we've been given is in the possession of the special counsel and in the possession of fbi before that. the fbi knows their agents made up of the reported false statements and then that special counsel statements on the fili
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filing. general flynn was honest with the agent. they reported that back. >> sean: what part does judge sullivan understand that they didn't think he was lying but when he was bankrupt had to sell his home and threatened to put his son in jail unless they signed the paper. >> i don't know, i am mystified by the entire thing. it's not like the judge sullivan i knew in the stevens case at all. >> sean: unbelievable, four years of this man's life. horrific treatment. 48 unmaskings in two months? unbelievable travesty. >> to put that in perspective, general flynn only unmasked one person in his entire intelligence career.
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>> sean: sidney, thank you. when we come back, james clapper must be getting nervous. the great mark live in, karl rove, rudy giuliani straight ahead. -- --
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♪ >> sean: damage control under the revelations of general michael flynn claiming the nonstop spying on an incoming administration is all routine. let's see, from election day 2016, the president's inauguration 48 times. even the treasury secretary did it, and then the u.n. ambassador seven freaking times. take a look. >> so, you did not know that it would be general flynn when you asked to unmask these conversations? >> well, no, i did not. it is possible emma we did this three and a half years ago, so i don't remember reports in question. it is a routine thing, appropriate and legitimate. you have a valid target engaged with the u.s., is it an insider, somebody in the government
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engaging? >> did you see any direct evidence of collusion between general flynn or any trump campaign officials with the russians? >> no, i did not. >> sean: "i did not?" why were you unmasking him 48 times in that? he said he never saw any evidence of collusion while under oath. nobody else saw it, and that went out live the american people. cnn, why they let him get away with lie after lie, this is just a small sample. take a look. >> i do think, and then of course with the obama administration, what was the trump campaign doing during the same time, aiding and abetting the russians and having contact, dozens of contacts with the russians, i think this past weekend is what a great case officer vladimir putin is. he knows how to handle an asset,
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and that is what he is doing with the president. >> sean: aiding and abetting? he just said he had no evidence. author of the number one "new york times" best seller, "unfreedom of the press," mark levin. we all know they said on the house committee no evidence of any collusion. that's not what the mob said in the media and that's not what what he said. >> you ought to put all those guys and, what they did with his country, the rule of law, the constitution, now our course with this judge, edward sullivan. what is a judge, and what is a judge supposed to do. it is actually worse than that. judges are human beings, they are imperfect human beings. some judges have been history, some have been great, some have been morons, some have
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been freedom fighters, racists, some have been corrupt, and i'm just talking about the supreme court justices. we have a human being flesh and blood and he obviously hates trump and he loves the obama administration because that is what's happening here, the obama administration, and the trump presidency. it's an absolute disgrace. i want to remind the judge of a couple of things. you like to be called "your honor." you are an american citizen and it is your job to protect the american defendant in that courtroom. under the fourth amendment of the constitution, fourth amendment, judge, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, papers, houses, affects, shall not be violated and no warrants shall issue but along probable cause supported by oath or affirmation, the
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persons or things to see. criticize this counterintelligence crack, that was fiction since day one. flynn is first and foremost an american citizen, as is everyone else who has been unmasked by the obama administration. they used the surveillance of the ambassador and i suspect many others as an excuse to backdoor their way into eavesdropping on american citizens, particularly those who work for the trump administration. clear violation of the purpose, intent of the bill of rights and the fourth amendment. let me explain another amendment to the judge. that would be amendment five, the fifth amendment. no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law. how the hell can you look at the documents that have been released recently on what the government did, specifically the obama administration did to michael flynn, among others, and say that there was due process of law? you have these phony former
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federal prosecutors, these phony democrats who work in the justice department, you have the clowns on tv who are living hairs. he pleaded guilty, he pleaded guilty. the man never had due process. under the fifth amendment of the constitution. now let me help out the judge a little bit further. you need what is called a taser controversy. you don't have a case and you don't have a controversy. the parties have dropped out. the parties want to get out. you don't have the right to continue to do what you are doing so what does the judge do? i don't like what the parties are doing. oh, what are you doing, judge? i don't like it, i'm going to invite anyone who's going to file underneath this. a homeless guy, the guy at the fryer at mcdonald's, and specifically, i'm going to ask another former judge also appointed by clinton as this judge was, i loved his op-ed in "the washington post" on monday. he said, i have all this power. i can ignore the executive branch, i want him to send me an
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brief and tell me what i can do. another backdoor way to violate the constitution. judge, you expect me to follow your rulings and your opinions? you think you are the law? the united states supreme court has shown just alluded to last week in the unanimous decision that will be 9-0 written by ruth bader ginsburg here took a situation like this with the ninth circuit was using a friend of court briefs to change the nature and position the case, not what the parties were fighting over but what the court wanted them to fight over. this judge is a rogue judge. it's out of control, he should recuse himself but he is too arrogant and he won't. they've got a lot of smart attorneys in the office of legal counsel and elsewhere. i used to work at that grand department of justice before i left. it's called a writ of
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prohibition. it's almost never used because we almost never have situations like this, and you file with the d.c. circuit court, in the court is lowered to a lower code prohibiting it from acting because of lax jurisdiction. this judge lacks jurisdiction to do what he is doing according to the united states supreme court last week, according to the united states constitution. and if he wants to be an obama flunky and a never trumper, then take your black robe off, judge, leave the courtroom and join the rest of us. but if you are not going to conduct yourself like a serious judge, you need to either recuse yourself, resign, or the department has to go over his said to the d.c. circuit and get him the hill off this case. >> sean: it might've also unmasked the trump family according to devin nunes and trey gowdy. we'll be watching. great analysis, every sunday night right here on fox news.
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up next, an investigation on whether senators were in part of a insider trading conspiracy. senator burr had her cell phone confiscated by the fbi. senator feinstein also has to answer a lot of questions and much more. we will get a live report. karl rove back with numbers for joe who is, well, in his basement. straight ahead. purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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♪ >> sean: there are major fbi investigations ongoing in the swamp to find out if members of congress were involved in insider trading after receiving private coronavirus briefings back in february. here with more, fox news correspondent chad pergram is with us. yeah, that would be pretty horrible if, in fact, they did it. they're looking into a number of people. >> that's right. we will start with the richard burr, the republican senator of north carolina. he's the chairman of the intelligence committee. there was a warrant issued. now to issue a warrant for u.s. senator, that would have to go to the highest levels at the department of justice. probably involving the attorney general. the warrant went to his attorney. they took his cell phone. there was no raid at his house. here are the questions involving richard burr.
6:42 pm
their questions amid the coronavirus in mid-february. b5 made 33 transactions in february as the pandemic began to spread. he sold off between $600,001.7 million in stocks, which may have not fared well during the coronavirus. he spoke with mitch mcconnell this morning. he's stepping down as the chair of the intelligence committee at the end of the day tomorrow. also in play, stock trades made by the husband of democratic governor dianne feinstein. they provided additional documents and there's been no follow-up. there were also questions about selling stocks beginning the pandemic, she bought citrix, which makes telework software. her office says there's been no warrant for the senator and she also has sent some documentation to the committee and also to the sec. now in 1990 -- excused income in 2012, congress passed somethingk act. they passed it 96-3 in the senate, meaning you can't use
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information you learned on capitol hill to apply towards your trades and hearing or briefing. he also have to disclose your trade. that vote was 96-3. one of the three nees was richard burr of north carolina, sean >> sean: why don't they put it in a blind trust, make it all legit. thank you, chad. also to my fake new cnn leasing a poll that showed donald trump with a seven-point lead in key battleground states. here with more, former white house chief of staff karl rove. you would think that would be a headline. that would be called real news. we don't want real news on a fake news network. >> it was buried, you're absolutely right on it. let's be a little cautious about it because they had 15 states. the sample size is about 600. eight of those states were states won by donald trump and seven of those states were won by hillary clinton with a little asterisk on main and it's an
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important asterisk. hillary clinton carried main, donald trump won the second district and therefore he got one electoral vote out of sars. what is this number matter quest recommended is because of donald trump when thesis states here wince sars he has 306 electoral votes. now you've got a little bit of a problem if he loses michigan and pennsylvania because that gets him down to 270 which is what you need to be elected president and would mean joe biden has 269. that's assuming he wins maine as well. but i will tell you what is really more interesting to me out of all of this and that is this number, which was part of the broader national survey that cnn did and that was, who do you trust more on handling the economy? trump 54, biden 32. we are all worried about the
6:45 pm
coronavirus but we are going to become, as the summer and fall goes on, additional worries and concerns about the economy and that is going to boost the importance of the economy back up in the polling and trump has a very solid lead on that and if he can keep that lead that he's going to be able to convert some people and say, you know what -- >> sean: you're going to have these disastrous second quarter numbers. july, august, september. i would assume, unless the states just decide to remain closed that we are going to see the down and we are going to see up. probably significantly, and then we will get october numbers before the election. they are heading in the right direction. the president says, okay, you got us through the bad economy, through no fault of anybody's this virus occurred, do they demand a shut down? >> it may play out like that. i have a slightly different vi view. normally if the economy is booming like august, september, october, or july, august and
6:46 pm
september, the third quarter, it's good for the incumbent. i'm not sure that's necessary at this time around. people are not going to blame donald trump for the economy. they're going to blame the coronavirus and i think they're going to be feeling, do i feel like it's moving up and do i think he's got the right policies to keep this going in the right direction, particularly compared to joe biden. it's going to be a little bit -- doesn't require to go up like this in july, august and september but it does require the administration to say here's what we're doing, here's what we want to do and be able to contrast that is what joe biden is going to be talking about. >> sean: karl rove, thank you. when we come back, new york city's health commissioner telling an nypd official when asked about getting protective gear and masks for the police, i don't give two rats ass about your cops. rudy giuliani response to that next. woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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♪ >> sean: even more disastrous behavior from new york city officials. get this, new york city failed health commissioner reportedly blew off new york police department request for surgical masks, saying i don't give two rats asses about your cops. pretty despicable. rudy giuliani, the cops were asking for the masks because
6:52 pm
they were getting sick, mr. mayor. how does this guy still have a job tonight? >> it's a woman, and only because she reflects the mayor's attitude. there's nobody in this city and certainly no police officer that would expect that that is de blasio's attitude. he's been against the police department since the day he wanted office. they turned their back on him because some of the things that happened during the murder of detective ramos. he's never really spoken up for them. he wasn't there for them now and get them the help and support they need. over 4,000 are sick, 40 pluses have died already or are near death. look, if you don't understand as the mayor how to get the support of your police department, you should resign. it's the most important agency that you have. it's the one that keeps people alive and if you're the mayor of new york city, you get a blessing of god because you've got the best police department in the world. i had a performative fit and i
6:53 pm
had three great commissioners, but most of all he had an unbelievable group of 40,000 police officers, about 99.9% of whom are the best in the country and the world. so if you turn them off, you're not meant to be mayor. it should be something else. i don't know, maybe, you know -- stay where you went on your honeymoon, de blasio. >> sean: de blasio didn't buy the 10,000 ventilators his own health force that he needed. the other he had he auctioned off, we don't know who to. in march 2nd through fifth he was saying, go out on the town, here are my recommendations. march 10th he was saying the risk is still very low. okay, a lot of people got it wrong. >> i shouldn't laugh, it's a disaster. he got it wrong by two or three more weeks than anybody else because basically he doesn't go to work. i mean, the guy comes in late, well-known story. doesn't really pay attention, gets away with it because "the new york times" protects
6:54 pm
them. "the post" covers it somewhat. they actually don't cover it the way they should. he's been a disaster of a mayor. i've a radio show now, special on coronavirus and i challenge people to defend him. i say, somebody call me up and defend him. i can't find a democrat in this city that defends him. my democratic friends who are angry at me for supporting trump and representing trump, i will say to them, what about de blasio? they will say, let's talk about something else. nobody defends impurity as no one -- i've never seen this before. and it tells you something that you should understand. we you select for major public office as a matter of life and death. this health commissioner, i haven't seen her for this entire pandemic. my health commissioner during west nile virus and anthrax and 9/11 was all over the place. this is the first appearance. condemning the police. sayonara, gone.
6:55 pm
don! >> sean: then they send these covert patients to the nursing homes. wish you were still mayor. more after this. some work can't stop.
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♪ >> sean: all right, unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. we always have on hannity don't come all the news and information of the day. and live free or die, america and the world on the brink. we will release the book because
7:00 pm
that is what is at stake. live free or america dies. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we will never be the hate-trump media mob and let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham with a big show as always. >> laura: hannity, the growing discontent among the american people. you feel it and it's crossing political land, generational lines, ethnic lines, new immigrants who started small businesses not too far from where we are broadcasting here in washington and northern virginia, they are seeing all their dreams and hard worker right on the tubes in this extended lock down, shut down, stay at home order, whatever you want to call it. you see there is a palpable sea change in public public opinion and we are going to cover some of that tonight. >> sean: you've been on this and you've been making phenomenal points. if all the medical manufacturer