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tv   Watters World  FOX News  May 23, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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time, i am greg gutfeld, we love you america. ♪ you. [♪] jesse: welcome to watters, i'm jesse watters. donald trump revealed he was taking hydroxychloroquine. >> i am taking it, cloarp quinn --hydroxychloroquine every dayi take a pill every day. a lot of our front-line workers take it. plus it doesn't hurt people. it has been out on the market or malaria and lupus and other things. many doctors are in favor of it.
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many front line workers won't go there unless they have the hydroxy. fit was anybody other than me, people would say isn't that smart. jesse: president trump is flying around visiting facilities, hosting events, briefing the media. you don't think the leader of the free world should be protected with whatever medicine is available? the media thought this was the most dangerous thing in the world. >> trump has been experimenting with hydroxychloroquine. >> at this point what unhealthy thing isn't strum doing? >> this is deadly serious. it's quite dangerous. >> he says he's been on this thing for 2 1/2 weeks. but when you read the side effects, psychosis, paranoia, hair loss. i think he's been on it for 3 1/2 years.
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jesse: they act like he's cooking up meth. the white house doctor prescribed it. staff numerous discussions he and i concluded the potential been if it outweighed the relative risks. i thought we weren't supposed to meddle in the doctor-patient relationship. the left loves the idea of my body, my choice, right? this drug has been approved by the fda for medical use under the care and supervision of a medical professional, which is the way trump is taking it. the media spent the last 20 years pushing medical marijuana on us. they rub cbd oil on their temples at bedtime and shoot botox into their bodies. i guarantee if a rich democrat
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gets cancer they will fly to europe for experimental treatments? two seconds flat. you do whatever it takes. these are the same people who see nothing wrong with taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery for people in prison. but the president taking prescription medication bothers them. i spoke to the fd parks commissioner about it last no -- the fda commissioner about it last month. >> if a patient or a doctor thinks hydroxychloroquine might benefit them, that's an individual patient-doctor decision. there are some preliminary data from around the world that suggests it might have a benefit. jesse: but chuck schumer thinks he knows better than the doctors. >> the president is telling the press that he's take an unproven
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drug for a disease he doesn't have. that's reckless. jesse: if that's reckless, why did your governor order 70,000 doses of it for new yorkers. >> there is anecdotal evidence it's promising, that's why we are going ahead. jesse: the drug is still being tested for coronavirus and it's showing promising sign. >> i didn't have typical symptoms, so it did save my life and i credit the president for doing so and putting this out there because it wasn't accessible to me except for that fact. jesse: the democrats have gone so crazy they sanctioned karen for saying this. democrats keep pointing to a stowed called va study that says
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hydroxychloroquine is bad. another doctors find at va medical centers that the drug has no benefit, and it even has a higher death rate. jesse: the problem is it wants what they say it was. here is the va secretary. >> the media has not reported accurately. that wasn't a va study. researchers took va numbers. they were not clinically reviewed or fear reviewed. they didn't look at the bare just co-morbidities that patients in that studied have. the department of defense and the va have been using it for 65 years. on any given day the va uses 42,000 doses of this drug. jesse: the whole va deal the media keeps touting. it wasn't a drug trial.
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and a couple of the guys who did the study are drug company consultants who have a financial interest in discrediting the generic version of the drug. christmas cuomo says trump's drug comments are about politics. >> why did he bring up this hydroxychloroquine. it's all a beautiful distraction. it's a winning argument for him. i don't know that it will help with his health. but it helps cover up his weaknesses. jesse: chris cuomo of all people lecturing the people. cuomo got infected with the virus and wasn't safe about it. he said taking hydroxychloroquine isn't safe? here is what the white house press secretary noticed. >> it turns out chris cuomo took a less safe version called
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"quinine that the fda removed from the market? 2006 because of its serious side effects including death. jesse: why does cnn think trump taking this drug is a distraction? cnn gets upset when the president breaks news. because cnn is supposed to breaking news. when they call something a distraction, it's a distraction from their narrative that trump is bad. cnn controlling the narrative is good, stru -- -- trump controlle narrative is bad. they tell you hillary clinton's coughing and fainting is perfectly normal. fan joand joe biden forgetting t stated he's in is just joe.
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joe is still inside the house. nothing going on there at all, right? did you know when doctors gave biden his physical last year they never gave him the cognitive test? but donald trump who doesn't drink or smoke in perfect health got a bill from a doc and that's dangerous. the thing that's really dangerous to the democrats is the truth. president trump's coronavirus task force helped make key decisions from shutdowns to ventilators to drugs and vaccines and re-opening the economy. "watters world" spoke to mike pence. >> we have had the opportunity to stand up a whole of government approach. now it's marshalled leadership
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at the state and local level. when they suspended travel from the u.k. and europe and ireland. and screened passengers from italy and south korea. it bought our nation time to stand up a national response. jesse: when the president did make the decision to slap the travel bans on. people in his orbit said wait just a second. >> the president rinsed to the healthcare advisor -- the president listened to the advisors. i was literally sitting next to the resolute december next oval office when the decision of stopping travel from chain a was presented. he has put the health and safety
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of america first. jesse: now that we have done this almost full scale economic lockdown, are there things that cross your find maybe would you have done it any differently? could you have done everybody under 45 go to work? could you have done regional shutdowns? could you have just concentrated in the hotpots? could you have had everybody wear masks to work. are there other things you think maybe you could have done to spare the country from a full economic shutdown? >> my advice was we were dealing with a situation with the transmissibility was sufficient enough that we could not take the chance that we would just let people get infected and think there would be no serious consequences. because people who were young, even though they did not necessarily get ill at all, clearly would be the vectors to
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transmit it to the people who are highly vulnerable. the elderly and those with underlying conditions. one of the things you can look at is how do you cut that off. the best way to do it is to have a physical separation the way we do with the guidelines that are in effect. jesse: i have a high regard for you, dr. fauci. but i want to be fair. there were some people who are angry with you. thinking this advice to the president to shut everything down, to close businesses has really cost a lot of people jobs and their livelihoods and businesses. what would you say to those people? >> obviously that's very unfortunate. that's a consequence you have to balance. the attempt to save as many lives as you can. what is known as a lega effect e
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economy. how can we re-open the country in a safe way to the economic opportunities that we have. we felt at the time and still do now that that was the right thing to do. could there have been other approaches? i'm humble enough to know maybe there could be. that was the choice we made based on the information we had. one can only second guess. but that happens. this is a serious situation that impacted a lot of people of. jesse: some criticisms says the president does not listen to science and was too slow in confronting this virus. do you agree with that? >> i arrived on the scene the 2nd of march. and i can tell you throughout those 7 1/2 weeks, every piece of data we get to him he looks
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at, he talks through, and asks question. and he asks questions that show he understands the data. public health charts are have much like economic charts. he has a strong foundation in data in general. so being able to explain to him what's happening in the united states county by county. he likes to see the date @. he wants to know what is happening at the county left, the community level, the state level and globally. we get reports daily on how the other countries are handling opening up and we are tracking closely how the states are doing as they open up their economics. we are providing that data he day for the president and vice president. jesse: dr. fauci said whenever you have gone to the president with a serious scientific recommendation he absorbed that
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and taken action. >> that's absolutely correct. jesse: you probably never imagined you would be doing this much television. you are doing network, cable, print. you are basically there every day in front of the task force briefings with the press corp. do you think the media has been fair. >> i think the media is slicey and dicey the way threat put sentences together for the headlines. we know from millennial studies to people will only read the headlines. and if there is not a graphic, they won't look further. i think sometimes the reporting may be accurate in paragraph 3, 4, and 5. but i'm not sure how many people get to paragraph 3, 4, and 5.
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♪ rsh jesse: america is back on the path towards recovery. all 50 states are partially re-opened. as we begin to head outside, here are some simple tips for staying safe. dr. david price, on the front lines in manhattan, a true hero, tells you how to avoid the virus. >> you may hear an inflection in my voice as if i'm emotional it's not because i'm scared i work at probably the premier hospital in new york city. our hospital is almost exclusively a covid-19 hospital. but we are learning and we know a lot. what i want you to know,er single day we are getting better. we know more, and i am confident
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the stuff i can tell you today should make you feel like when this comes to your community you don't have to be scared and you can protect your family. jesse: what i'm going to play for you next is very, very important. this is how you actually get infected by the virus. another way that you get this is the transmission of the virus almost exclusively from your hands to your face. from your hands to your face. so into your eyes, into your nose, or into your mouth. so there is a lot of talk about contact or getting it through contact, hand to face. there is a small thought it can exist a little bit in the air. the thought at this point is you actually have to have very long sustained contact with someone, over 15 to 30 minutes in an
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unprotected environment. in a closed room without any type of mask for you to get it that way. but to simply state, the overwhelming majority of people are getting this by physically touching someone who has this disease or will develop it in the next one to two days then touching their face. the thing that makes me smile a little bit is i know now that i won't get this disease because tino how to protect myself. jesse: you get the virus from your hands zooms whe -- when yos touch an infected surface, then touch your thoonds your face. don't do that. if you are in a sealed off space or a room with someone for 15 minutes or so. you can get it that way. listen to these two tips on how
8:22 pm
to present from getting infected by coronavirus. see you want to give you practical tips. back hand nazi. everything you know about your hands, keep them clean and you will not get this disease. the second thing you have to start work on the connection between your hands and your face. someone at a party has this and you shake their hand. then you touch your face. that's how you get this disease. those two things combined is incredibly powerful and will prevent the transmission of the disease into your family in 99% of the cases. to know your hands are clean and to not touch your face, period. jesse: if you listen to any part of the show. listen to this. keep your hands clean. wash them all day long.
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carry hand sanitizer wherever you go. use our elbows or shoulders to open doors, whatever, if you need to touch something like a grocery store cart, use the hand sanitizer. and please stop touching your face. that's how the virus transmits from your dirty hands into your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. wearing a mask is one way to train yourself not to touch your face. do not shake people's handsyou . but keep the six feet distance to be safe. when you sneeze or cough, shrink your social circle. coming up. steve bannon and rudy giuliani
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ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. >> live from "america's news headquarters" i am ashley strohmeyer. at least 140 customers in springfield missouri hair salon may have been exposed to the coronavirus after two hairstylist tested positive, missouri businesses including hair salons, barbershops and gyms reopened on may 4, the local health department says one stylist may have exposed 84 people. 56 people may have been exposed by the second one, both displaying symptoms while they were working. the new york times is honoring people who have been dying from the coronavirus. sunday's front page lists the names of 1000 victims.
8:29 pm
it is a sobering reminder of the devastation and heartbreak the virus has caused across the nation. the newspaper revealed in the layout saturday afternoon, the ductile is approaching 100,000. i am ashley strohmeyer, now back to "watters world" with all your headlines log on to . jesse: if nancy pelosi and her fellow democrats get their way, all votes will be conducted by mail on election day to stay home for coronavirus. republicans are calling b.s. there is no way to monitor over 100 million americans voting from home. nancy pelosi wants to pay political operatives to collect ballots and go door to door. one man pushing for universal
8:30 pm
absentee voting, job. recently i spoke with former new york city mayor and personal attorney to the president, rudy giuliani about all of this. >> there is no doubt they want to interfere in the 2020 election. it's just as dangerous to go up to the door of someone and solicit as it is to have a well organized construct polling place where people can be six feet apart or as far apart as they have to be. that's a lot safer. we'll find out there was a lot more chinese corruption in this whole situation than we realize. i think biden's embrace of china will turn out to be disastrous. especially since this son got $1.5 billion from them. he took his son to china. he failed in his negotiations
8:31 pm
with china. he was accused by the "new york times" of going soft on china. and 8 days later his son got an investment of $1.5 billion from the bank of china. how can the vice president of the united states have his son be a partner with the government china? that's absurd. it's only allowable because our media has become so insane about trump they lost all reason and rationality. but the american people haven't. when you combine biden's ability to put two sentences together and his long history of corruption. they have been selling the bind name for years. wherever the biden name goes, the family makes millions. jesse: china has to pay for
8:32 pm
their role in the covid-19 outbreak. the chinese party may be facing the largest negligence lawsuit in history. congress drafted a bill that would allow americans to sue china in the united states. one man willing to take on china, former white house chief strategist and host of the war room pandemic radio show, steve bannon who i recently spoke with. do you think the republicans have the stomach for this fight? >> we have to have the stomach for this fight. this is a fight for freedom. the chinese people are the innocent victims. this is about a totalitarian regime every bit as coldblooded and tough as the nazis in the 1930s. the chinese communist party knew
8:33 pm
in late december they had human-to-human transmission and community spread. they hid it and did a terrible job, the world health organization tweeted out on january 14, add consultation with senior medical officials there is no human-to-human transmission. they knew it, they vacuumed up all the ppe and they knew they would need it and they could later use it as slenches against other countries. this is this generations call to destiny. we have to confront it and we have to beat it. >> during the cold war you had full mobilization in this country against the russians. but hollywood was own our side. you had movies against the russians. he russian was a bad guy. you had rocky and rambo. what i'm afraid of now is these
8:34 pm
parent companies movie houses and studios, they are too much in business with china. they wouldn't make a chinese guy the bad guy in any motion picture because they are afraid to offend them because they know they will pull the rug out of any distribution deal in that country with billions of people there. how do you fight an enemy you are so economically entrenched with. because when weren't like that with russia. >> it's not like in business. the financial community, the corporate community and the media. the movie "red dawn" had to be pulled before it was released and redone so as not to insult the chinese communist party. ronald reagan said how about this, we win, they lose. that's the attitude we have got to take today. and i think you are seeing it.
8:35 pm
the totalitarian dictators, the gainingsters in bay -- the gangsters in china see it. that's what's going to lead the world into peace and prosperity, the removal of the chinese communist party. jesse: a look back at the origins of the virus. origins of the virus. was it a chinese lab or i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. it's miracle-gro's biggest thing: performance organics. this organic collection of soil and plant food is what you have always wanted. no compromise. twice the results. guaranteed .
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miracle-gro performance organics.
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jesse: after months of covering up the virus, the chinese president said this week he supports a global review, but only after the virus is contained, and if it's led by the world health organization.
8:40 pm
bret baier broke a huge story about the source of the virus, suggesting it originated in a wuhan lab, and the mishandling of the virus, it jumped to a lab worker who infected the population. the report received pushback from beijing. >> the chinese ministry said the virus was not created in a lab. that's a straw man. the intelligence just so we are clear suggest it was a flat transmission. it was not genetically altered. there is nothing in the virus that suggests it was genetically altered like a bio weapon would be, about it was sloppily handled. they are convinced china covered
8:41 pm
up quickly after the outbreak happened. they are saying it on the record and in background. they are increasing in their confidence as they connect the dots, the open source stuff, but also the classified information. and that's where we got to in the reporting. this investigation is continuing at the highest levels. jesse: in your opinion when people at fox news ask questions about a wet market or ask questions about a bat or ask questions about a lab as part of an investigative discovery process you get savagely attacked at some places in the media as being crazy. why do you think that pushback is so strong in some corners? >> listen, this has been the case since i have been here, 23 years.
8:42 pm
sometimes we break stories that don't fit with the narrative. then there is a lot of public push that it says that's just fox. the problem is that now as the story starts developing, you are seeing other networks that at first criticized it doing almost the same kind of pieces. and my sources are saying in six months time all of this will be out in the open. there is a lot of holdback to the story, they think, because of china's control of some big elements like ppe and other things that china is slowing up getting to the u.s. jesse: bret's story is competing with another theory that virus originated a wet market. that's where we pick it up with steven mosher. >> the stormy begins in a bat
8:43 pm
cave 600 miles from the wuhan lab. in the bat cave we had a gentleman who works for the chinese center for disease control, which is in wuhan. that's mr. ken. he's known as china's batman. he's been going into bat caves for the last 50 years collecting bat europe, bat feces and the horseshoe bats themselves. thousands of them. what has he been doing with them. he has been taking them to two bio labs in wuhan. one is the centers for disease control 280 yards away from the wet market. the other is the wuhan institute of virology which is 7 miles away from the wet market. if the viruses had stayed in
8:44 pm
bats in caves 600 miles from wuhan they would have never come in contact with people. jesse: why are they bringing bats out of the cage and investigating the viruses the bats have. what is the purpose of that kind of virus research? >> i think there are a number of purposes. one goes back to the sars epidemic which killed a lot of people in china. infected a lot more. sars was being studied in a lab in 2004 and it leaked from the lab. this covid-19 is the second sars-like virus. the research was being done to find out more about sars. over the last 15 years, china doubled the number of known viruses. we collected 2,000. now we have 4,000.
8:45 pm
because all these hundreds of thousands of viruses are being kept in these two bio labs in the city of wuhan. many of those are dangerous. some of those coronavirus are cape be of directly infecting human lung tissue. does that sound familiar? does it sounds like it could cause pneumonia? >> if this had come and originated from the wet market. the chinese communist government would have burned it to the ground. will covid-19 trigger the end of communist china as we know it? one expert says it does. the open road... the wind in your hair... the feeling of freedom, that drives us to go out and discover... at chevy, we're committed to getting you there with confidence and peace of mind. if you need a new chevy, interest-free apr financing for 84 months
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jesse: our relationship with china is complicated. we signed an historic trade deal with china. but that deal could be in jeopardy. president trump said he's not happy with the chinese. president trump: i feel differently about that deal than i did three months ago. we'll see what happens. it's been a very disappointing situation.
8:50 pm
jesse: i spoke with geopolitical strategist peter zian about the future of the two powers. you are seeing this collision coming a mile away between the united states and china. it will define the next 100 years. there will be a new world order after this virus and china is acting very defensive because we know they are responsible either through sloppiness, we don't know. how did china try to take advantage of the situation, and are they even up to trying to replace america as the sole super power. >> this is not a battle of the ages. this will probably be over in three or four years. the only reason china is a unified country with a significant economy is because the united states created the global order.
8:51 pm
and america is getting out of that business. so chain today cannot protect trade routes. remember the one child policy? 35 years after the one-child policy they have run out of 30-year-olds. that's how math works. china can't function without access to the global system. if there is no global system there is no china. jesse: you are predict the beginning of the end for the chinese rise. how do you see that happening? >> if i were to guess now. the people at the top are convinced there is no way forward without the united states continuing to do wait has don't last 70 years. whether it's trump or his successor. this is the end of the global order. americans are tired of it. if the chinese government fully has accepted that is something they cannot duplicate or
8:52 pm
replicate, then they have to prepare for complete political lockdown. if they have to choose between a china linked to various parts of the world or one where they can hold the pieces together and droin a tyranny. that's not a debate in china. they will try to hold it together. they will tell the lies. they try to blame everybody. they tried to blame the italians which is ridiculous. they are not doing this because of us. they are trying to spark nationalist resentment in their own country in order to hold the center. jesse: that's fascinating. you are saying a lot of people want to hold china accountable for what happened. china will probably -- hunker down within itself and consolidate power domestically and try to survive a kinds of a
8:53 pm
crippling effect of the change in the geopolitical landscape. the way you are saying the trajectory is, it can't last that much longer. >> no, it can't. it's all about consolidation. they knew this day was always going to happen. here we are. jesse: up next. fun in the sun for tonight's memorial day quiz. last call. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from anyone else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief i but what i do count on...ts anis boost high, and now, there's boost mobility... ..
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8:58 pm
the beautiful weather, i guess. what is monday? >> monday is fun day. jesse: monday is also fun day. >> that's true. >> what are we honoring on memorial day. >> beats me, what's going on. >> honoring all those lost their lives fighting for the country. jesse: who did america fight in the revolution? >> i don't know. china? >> north versus south. the confederate versus the union. jesse: that was the civil war. who won the civil war? >> i have no idea. britain in american and britain spain. and -- yeah. jesse: the north versus the --
8:59 pm
>> south korea? >> north versus the south. jesse: do you know what the civil war was about. >> i'm not much of a history guy. jesse: i can tell. world war ii who did we fight there? >> my teacher watches this she'll be mad. china. jesse: that was the last question. >> germany and japan. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world right here. if you don't know who stormed the beaches you shouldn't be out on the beach this weekend. we are grateful for the sacrifices made about it men and one even who wore the uniform. "justice" is next. remember, i'm watters and this
9:00 pm
is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. i hope you are having a great and safe holiday weekend. let's get right to my opening statement. so here we are on memorial day weekend 2020. the quint essential holiday with beach fun and backyard barbeques. the day itself recognizes the heroes who gave their lives so we can live free and do these very


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