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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 29, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! todd: it is friday may 20 ninth and this is a fox news alert, minneapolis in flames, explosions ringing out as rioters raid the city's third precinct and burn it to the ground demanding charges against the officers who killed george floyd, floyd's family calls for justice and peace.
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>> the anger is pulling into other cities across america leading to dozens of arrests and clashes from coast-to-coast. how colin kaepernick is breaking his silence. >> twitter checks donald trump again overnight on his post about riots. the new censorship coming just hours after his crackdown on big tech. "fox and friends first" on a busy friday starts right now. shannon: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. todd: thank you for starting the day with us. let's get to that fox news alert, officials warned the third police precinct in minneapolis could explode. the station engulfed in flames during out-of-control riots raging across the 3 for a third night over the death of george floyd.
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>> national guard troops have been called in. >> reporter: we are blocks away from that third police precinct to building, you can see attendance at alarming level of lawlessness right now. there is ongoing looting, fires, multiple cars on fire, you see leaders and rioters trying to burst into this u.s. bank here and we have gunshots, in the short time we've been here, 6 smoke throughout the year, all types of fires are raging. we believe we are hearing people fire off guns, people walking around with bats and masks going in and out of the shadows of the night, very dangerous situation. a short while ago the mayor of minneapolis said he decided to evacuate the building because
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they could no longer risk serious injury to officers or any life. >> it became clear that there were imminent threats to both officers and public and i made the decision to evacuate the third precinct. >> minnesota national guard tweeting we have activated 500 soldiers to st. paul minneapolis and surrounding communities. our mission is to protect life, preserve property and the right to demonstrate, we ensure fire departments able to respond to calls. we are not necessarily seeing a lot of firemen or police squad cars, looks like authorities are
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allowing these leaders, rioters to do what they are going to do. the minneapolis fire chief told our fox affiliate this level of violence and burning of buildings is something he has never seen before. for now in the third precinct of minneapolis it is an extreme state of lawlessness and seems the authorities are letting these guys do what they need to do for right now. shannon: keep us informed. those riots are sparking protests coast-to-coast is people demand justice for george floyd. [crowd shouting] jillian: in denver officers in riot year trying to contain the angry crowds as they knocked down police berries and shaken after gunshots erupted outside the state capital. police ordering everyone to the
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ground as they search for the shooter, in new york protesters arrested after clashing with police. rob: donald trump promising justice will be served in george floyd's death while slamming the mayor of minneapolis for his handling of looting and rioting in that city the president tweeting, quote, total lack of leadership, the very weak radical left mayor gets his act together and bring the city under control or i will send in the national guard is get the job done right. the mayor firing back. >> donald trump knows nothing about the strength of minneapolis. we are strong as hell. is this a difficult time period? yes. you better be damn sure we are going to get through this. >> reporter: the mayor claims he's doing everything possible to control the violence and says this is the most difficult thing the city has ever done. >> twitter flagging one of donald trump's tweets of
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minneapolis overnight saying it violates rules about glorifying violence. rob: it comes hours after an executive order cracking down on social media sensors. griff jenkins live with that censored tweet. >> reporter: pay attention to the story because the president was already fed up with silicon valley when twitter flagged the president's tweet about mail in balance was overnight twitter has done it again, the president tweeting, here's the flag, the flag, this tweet violated twitter bulls about glorifying violence but twitter determined it may be in the public interest for the tweet to remain accessible. learn more. the president tweeted these thugs are dishonoring the memory of george floyd and i won't let that happen, just spoke to the governance of the military is with him all the way. any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts the shooting
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starts saying that executive order the president signed curtails protections for social media platforms and accused them of having unchecked power to censor. >> my executive order calls for new regulations under section 230 of the communications decency act to make it that social media companies that engage in censoring or any political contact will not be able to keep their liability shield. >> reporter: section 230, the 1996 communications decency act identifies companies like twitter and facebook for any action -- twitter reacted to the new order tweeting this is a reactionary and politicized approach to a landmark law that protects american innovation and freedom of expression and undermines democratic values, attempts to unilaterally threaten the future of online >> internet freedoms. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg saying that executive order is the wrong move.
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>> have to understand what they intend to do but in general i think the government choosing to censor a platform because they are worried about censorship doesn't exactly strike me as the right reflex there. >> and publicly the president acknowledged this is likely headed to a court but with this overnight tweet and the sensitive situation with the violence in minnesota you can expect to hear a lot more about this this morning. jillian: i'm sure we will. todd: college student awaiting extradition to connecticut. peter manfredonia appearing in a courtroom from jail, he was arrested after walking out of the woods near a truckstop, authorities received a tip he was in the area, led police to the gun that was used in one of those murders.
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jillian: a rookie police officer shot and killed in the line of duty, the officer responding to a domestic violence call when the suspect opened fire through the door. the police chief morning the department's loss. >> our hearts are broken. we've lost one a own. that is not forget such fine men and women who every day of their lives up on behalf of this great and noble calling. >> the top of the probation officer who was also shot but expected to recover, the gunman was found dead inside the home. the following officer's name has not been released. todd: nine states in washington dc, reopening outdoor dining and salons and barbershops, illinois, maryland and virginia allowing outdoor seating at restaurants. in the south, sports fans get the go-ahead to attend games in texas although i don't know what
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games are being played, venues misled capacity to 25%. a sense of normalcy in mississippi, oklahoma and arkansas, people flocking to restaurants as some stateless restrictions as well. jillian: the boston marathon is canceled for the first time in history, the race was originally postponed until september due to covid-19, this you will be a virtual race. runners who verify they ran 26.2 miles on their own within 6 hours can still get a metal. doesn't seem the same. >> it is such a huge deal in new england. i can't underscore how much of a big deal it is here. we begin with this fox news alert, minneapolis on fire after another night of violence, protesters torching a police precinct, igniting fears it could explode. we are following the breaking development. >> twitter flagging one of
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donald trump's tweets about the violence overnight hours after his executive order cracking down on social media. it is time for congress to act, she joins us next.
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suitcases for less than $40. and shipping is always free. go to right now and see how much you can save. jillian: unrest in minneapolis sparking a police precinct to be evacuated, protesters breaching the station and lighting it on fire. officials fear the building could explode after unconfirmed reports of gas lines being cut. rioters demanding justice for the death of george floyd. 500 national guard troops made their way to minneapolis. the governor, for protesters to help the city rebuild. todd: donald trump's calls the end that violence flagged by twitter. overnight the social media giant hiding his we on the process accusing the president of, quote, glorifying violence.
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shannon: the social media protections executive order, thanks for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. let's pull up that tweet again for folks just joining us from overnight but twitter flagged. it says, twitter is saying this violates is about glorifying violence. you see that we, quote, these thugs are dishonoring the memory of george floyd and i won't let that happen. just spoke to governor tim walsh and told him the military is with him in any way, any difficulty and we will soon control but when the looting starts the shooting starts, thank you. your reaction to everything going on? >> when americans wake up this morning they are going to realize how ridiculous and political these fact checks are coming from twitter.
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twitter fact checked the president of the united states before it fact checked anybody from the ccp. the chinese foreign minister out there for months spreading lies about the coronavirus and its origins, blaming it on the us military, that did not get a fact checked. who gets fact checked, the president of the united states. >> does that we glorify violence in your opinion? >> donald trump's tweet does not glorify violence. i think he is trying to stand up to violence. i don't agree with this fact check and shows how difficult and murky fact checking is. media organizations struggle with fact checking, don't know why twitter is qualified to be the arbiter of truth. i would caution conservatives in response to this not to move forward too quickly to advocate
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for any government regulation of private businesses. private businesses can operate under their own policy. one a social media company like twitter decides to operate like a publisher instead of a platform they have to abide by different government regulations, the same as if they decided to be a base, they have to abide by banking regulations. they are crossing a line into being a publisher in these fact checks and it warrants a response. i would love congress to look at this instead of only looking towards executive orders which ultimately will turn into political footballs when there are changes in the administration. todd: you expressed concern of the executive order while you agree with the underlying premise behind it. you say the executive order is right for problems because a lot of folks in the government even
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in a conservative, quote, administration i left leaning. why do you say that? >> reporter: the federal bureaucracy is full of a lot of far left individuals, we now in the 2016 election cycle, 95% of political donations from federal employees went to hillary clinton. i don't have confidence if we give these federal regulators the power to enforce any sort of neutrality on social media platforms i am not convinced the bias against conservatives would disappear. we need a response from the free market. of twitter is going to fact check we should find another platform. there is a serious problem. the president is right to move forward and address because twitter is moving in the
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direction of election interference. it's not just about fact checking, it has massive implications for elections as well. >> something everyone will follow. thank you for your insight. it is 19 after the hour. place your bets, las vegas using restrictions today with plans to reopen casinos next week. >> can't wait to get the city back to normal, joins us live on a good friday morning. staying connected your way is easier than ever.
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from all of that on faster than a call. easy as a tap. now that's simple, easy, awesome. >> welcome back, las vegas rolling the dice launching phase 2 of the reopening plan today,
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this opens the door for many of the state's businesses under strict safety guidelines, with losses from the pandemic. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. what can people expect? >> they can expect a great comeback, las vegas is ready. we had derek stevens purchased 2000 airline tickets from 30 cities across the nation sold out in 30 minutes. we are expecting a 35% come back in the first weekend of june 4th. i took my secretary to a birthday dinner, we were at 50% capacity, people waiting in line. people are excited to get back to las vegas. jillian: let's look the phase 2
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reopening that includes gyms and fitness facilities, bars and taverns that don't serve food, limited in-person religious services, massage, body art and piercing services, movie theaters and amusement parks in different safety rules including temperature checks on guests and staff making masks available, modified floorplans, gaming machine sanitized, 50% occupancy limit. mayor goodman took a lot of heat saying if you want the city to reopen early as a control group that obviously didn't happen. today is the day. what is the excitement level for employees who have been out of work, residents were dying to go back and visit the establishment to support them? >> everyone is excited. it is the new norm.
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we have facemasks, plexiglass everywhere. it is a different norm, people are getting back to work, our hotels and casinos, everyone is very excited. jillian: how will this impact tourism because las vegas is a city where people come from all over to visit. >> derek stevens, within 30 minutes gave away 2000 free airline tickets within 30 minutes. california, all of our friends and visitors from california are coming back so i think it is going to be a bigger comeback than people expected and i will gamble on it. >> you get a lot of international folks who want to come to america to go to las vegas. it is one of those unknowns at this point but if you look at
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the unemployment numbers for the city in april '33%, $4 billion in losses during the pandemic. at this point everyone is hopeful we will see a quick turnaround. it will be good for las vegas and everywhere else, thank you for joining us and for your message. todd: a fox news alert, mayhem in minneapolis, fires raging overnight over the death of a black man in police custody, the national guard is ready to open.
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shannon: we follow breaking news out of minneapolis as unrest ranges across the city for a third day. officials warn the third police precinct could explode after people protesting the death of
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george floyd set it on fire. rob: on the streets of minneapolis, the national guard now on the ground. >> reporter: we are not far from the police precinct building that was evacuated because looters entered and tried to set it on fire. you see some of the national guard is activated and they are doing their best to maintain calm and peace. across the city there is an alarming and disturbing level of looting and destruction going on, we are seeing cars on fire, we can hear gunshots near and far and the air is thick with smoke, all types of fires raging around us. the national guard and authorities are trying to maintain order but in many places there is lawlessness as
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riders roam free. the minnesota national guard tweeted we have activated 500 soldiers to surrounding communities to protect life, preserve property and the right to peacefully demonstrate. a key objective is to ensure fire department are responding to calls, a lot of this rioting and looting happening around here is because of the video of white police officer kneeling on george floyd's next to later died. this is the sound from george floyd's brother. >> arrested, convicted of murder and given the death penalty. they need to because they took my brother's life. i will never see him again. my family will never see him again.
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>> reporter: he had never seen this level of violence and burning buildings in the city. back to you guys. jillian: keep us updated. sparking protests coast-to-coast, denmark, new york and columbus, ohio. in los angeles officers in riot gear try to contain the angry crowds as they knocked on police barriers and vandalize cars. in denver protesters shaken after gunshots erupted after the state capital. police ordering everyone's the ground as they searched for the shooter. they were clashing with police.
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todd: maxine waters trying to link donald trump to the death of george floyd. >> in a way -- i think they are feeling they can get away with this kind of treatment. todd: she thinks the officer who knelt on floyd's and enjoy doing it in the justice system will end up protecting officers involved. jillian: nine states in washington dc easing restrictions, many reopening outdoor seating at restaurants. todd: more americans venturing out to eat and shop. >> reporter: america moving a step closer to reopening the economy, 9 states including
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washington dc easing estrogens, washington dc, hair salons and barber shops, tennis courts and golf courses can reopen. the mayor pushing for a safe return to normalcy. >> the economic comeback of the district cannot happen with the stabilization and come back. >> reporter: maryland and virginia and illinois reopening outdoor restaurant seating, ralph northrom reopening phase 2. when are we going to go into phase 2? we are doing that a week from tomorrow on june 5th the. >> reporter: protesters interrupting markel rich.
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>> since you have been elected. >> locking down -- makes anybody happy. >> the counties on lockdown until monday, starting phase i of reopening. sports fans get the go-ahead's in texas. the capacity was limited to 25 person and a sense of normalcy in mississippi, oklahoma and arkansas, people walking to restaurants and malls as states lift restrictions, donald trump is expected to participate in a roundtable for industry executives on reopening. todd: senate democrats sounding the alarm on donald trump's ongoing judicial confirmation, capturing federal courts. >> these are not judges, they
1:36 am
are against the interests of working people, they want to appeal roe v wade, it is fading away. they have been politicized. >> does the president have a right to fill vacancies? the spokesman for the judicial crisis network, thank you for joining us. do you think the criticism is warranted? >> reporter: elections have consequences and the famous words of the most recent democrat who occupied the white house and donald trump and the leadership of the senate have been disciplined and focused to fill courts with excellent judges who apply the law rather than makeup and senator schumer and his pals in the senate have been distracted by political mirages one after the other and now they are just waking up to the reality of where they are.
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>> this quote expressing concern for the judges being nominated by donald trump, it is time for america to reckon the reality the courts are being captured, time for americans to understand the extent of the apparatus pursuing his capture, nothing less then the democracy at stake, from the policy communications committee. when i travel across the country before the pandemic started one of the number one issues people raised to me is how much they love the judiciary donald trump has put forward in the federal circuit and my question is when the term is up what will the judiciary look like through the last four years? >> court vacancies with a critical issue in the presidential campaign, candidate donald trump released his list
1:38 am
of potential court nominees. to confirm almost 200 judges to the federal bench, 50 one of those through the courts of appeal, excellent legal minds apply the law, who are faithful to the constitution so donald trump has done an excellent job in coordination with senate leadership to make sure he has fulfilled his promise and if senator schumer and his powell's want to complain he should start pestering joe biden to release a list like his of joe biden's potential nominees to the supreme court. jillian: rumors circulate that justice clarence thomas could retire before election day. what is the timing of this? what does the timing mean to you. >> irresponsible speculation
1:39 am
given the public comments for justice thomas. he is really enjoying his job. we have seen this in the oral arguments, anyone interested should watch a documentary streaming live, and it is a true story of an american hero. it shows why his commitment to the court and faithfulness to the constitution is a bedrock of his life and i find it inspiring to watch. we hope all the justices have long and healthy lives and any speculation at this point is just wishful thinking of the left. shannon: thank you for joining us. it is 39 after the hour. a defiant tanning salon owner reopens. for business owners are being treated this way during the
1:40 am
pandemic. todd: joins us along with joe borrelia who watched this unfold, we are coming up next.
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>> a soldier being called a hero for stopping an active shooter on a bridge is speaking out, he hit the gunman with his truck and pinned him underneath it in kansas, he was stationed at fort leavenworth credit his army training. >> i knew people's lives were in danger. do not let fear take control of you. >> he spent time with his family. extending that the.of 40,000 national guard troops, and they
1:44 am
have been working across the nation helping with testing and distributing medical supplies was the military is considering hazard pay, to recognize their service. ♪ todd: a $1,000 fine, opening his or the head of new york city's schedule, when he tried to serve his customers, police arrived almost immediately to shut him down. joe borrelia recognize the protest as they all unfolded. thanks for being here. bobby, explain what happened yesterday. >> the peaceful protests getting small businesses in the community open, very nice turnout, joe went out of his way along with nicole and basically
1:45 am
job or really came in, ordered product. as soon as he ordered product, police policy issued a summons and if i continue to stay open threatening jail time, taking it away indefinitely. >> take a listen. >> over the last two months to shoulder in place, so many new yorkers told me it had been a struggle. we are getting to the point very soon where we can take the first step to starting phase i. todd: i love that you were the salon's first customer. you say there is no sense of urgency for either governor cuomo or mayor diblasio.
1:46 am
>> we have business owners that every day goes by more and more go bankrupt, or jobs are lost, more people joined them, 1 million meals a day given to people who are newly impoverished and no sense of urgency on reopening. i can go to big box stores and local target and by the same sunblock i bought from bobby. at the backbone of the economy across the usa, many of them are forced to stay close. bill diblasio and governor cuomo are prohibiting that. todd: the randomness as to which essences remain closed and which businesses remain open.
1:47 am
this is when phase i passed away, it involves manufacturing, wholesale supply chain, retail with curbside pickup. that does not include your business. how long is this going to last before you shut down permanently. >> being told to hold off, hold off, hold off, governor cuomo said he may. my fellow staten island business owners, the staff just broke, got a little ppp. it is insane what is happening. todd: 38 states are allowed to open up the salons more in the
1:48 am
coming days. what is the next step for people like bobby? >> we are hoping there is a new ppe so business owners can take advantage of whatever benefit they can but there is no solution until businesses can open up. for somebody like bobby, in new york city, we are not even in phase i yet. you can't open up for another month but it is not sustainable. one of the politicians who pay lip service to small businesses and you support them, now's the time to show it and they needed. todd: we do appreciate it, best of what going forward.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert, unrest in minneapolis causing a police precinct to be evacuated. protesters storming the station and lighting on fire. officials here that building could explode after unconfirmed reports gas lines being cut, rioters demanding justice for the death of george floyd. more than 500 national guard troops made their way to minneapolis. the governor calling for protesters to end the destruction and helplessly rebuild. jillian: colin kaepernick has spoken out against the protests.
1:53 am
todd: carley shimkus is here with reaction. carley: san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick made his first statement on the death of george floyd, taking to twitter saying when civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction, the cries for peaceful rain down and it will land on deaf ears because your violence has brought this resistance. we have the right to fight back. rest in power george floyd. he also retweeted a video showing the minneapolis precinct on fire as riots turn violent. what happened with george floyd is a disgrace, protesting violence is comprehensible but doing so with violence by destroying property does not better the circumstances.
1:54 am
hunter writes america was literally created by riots and revolution. i'm with colin kaepernick, william saying this look like a war zone, not an american city. george floyd's girlfriend has spoken out saying the riots would have devastated him. jillian: we will follow that. no mask, no service, listen to this. >> you don't want to wear a mask, fine. if that storeowner doesn't want you to, that storeowner has a right to protect themselves. >> reporter: andrew cuomo announced in order that would allow stores to deny service to customers who refuse to wear masks. governor cuomo is making a push on the mask wearing thing. earlier this week he called it the cool thing to do to fight coronavirus but should mask wearing be made a requirement? this twitter user says sure,
1:55 am
writing funny thing is it is perfectly legal under the constitution for businesses to deny entry for not wearing a mask, referring to no shirt, no shoes, no service situation, david wright masks should not be forced on the population but aaron says whatever is needed to get new york to fully open again so if you are in the new york area expect to wear a mask for a while. todd: a serious newsday with the best story of the day. a 7-year-old throwing his babysitter a socially distant prom after hers was canceled. carley: i think i will say this is the cutest thing the internet has to offer today. 7-year-old boy through his babysitter socially distant prom after learning hers was canceled because of covid-19. that is curtis rogers and
1:56 am
babysitter rachel chapman in formalwear. now prom would be complete without food so young curtis set up chick-fil-a, apples and peanut butter. social media loving it, rachel writing what a little gentleman. this little boy definitely quite the charmer. todd: in the next hour we continue with top story mayhem in minneapolis, rioters outraged over the death of george floyd set fire to the city. dan bonkinnow talks about law and order. jillian: the new censorship just hours after donald trump signed an executive order to hold the social media platform accountable.
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jillian: this is a fox news alert. minneapolis flames breaking overnight, explosions in the third precinct, burning it to the ground, demanding charges against the officers who killed geor f


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