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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 29, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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third-degree murder and manslaughter charges now filed against the police officer, derek chauvin. george floyd, he will be remembered one way or another. so long. >> neil: all right, thank you bill hemmer. we are following these developments right now, including the process i continue around the country today. even with the arrest of derek chauvin. he of course is the officer who famously help the neck of the george floyd, killing him. we are also following threats from other cities and states. the fourth night of them coming tonight. welcome, everybody. i'm neil thibodeau, and this is "your world." we are going to be at following all of this. follow me know what's going minneapolis right now. mike.
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>> a dramatically different scene out here today, neil. yesterday we saw anarchy on the street. behind me, a big show of force with the state troopers. guardsmen with the rifles at the ready. a calm scene. you can see them now spraying water on what was the minnehaha liquor store. also a different set of circumstances today following the arrest of derek chauvin. the hennepin county attorney holding out the possibility that other officers will be arrested as well. >> we felt it appropriate to focus on the most dangerous perpetrator. the other officers are under investigation. i anticipate charges, but i'm not going to get into it. >> nothing less than dramatic, as officers of the third precinct last night retreated under pressure from the angry mob trying to approach the third precinct building itself over
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and over again. a small group. clearly the decision was made to gather in the parking lot, get in their vehicles or get on foot, get out of the area of the third precinct. what followed was arson, looti looting, vandalizing, all of it unabated that went on for hours. now a much calmer situation. we have different reactions for the developments of the day. some people satisfied that the officer has been charged. others dissatisfied that it took four days and tremendous pressure from the angry mob. you have benjamin crump, the attorney now representing the family of george floyd. they were hoping for first-degree murder charges. neil. >> neil: all right, mike tobin. reporting from minneapolis. in the meantime, we should say that there is some concern that there is only the one officer. the others were directly involved or around officer
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chauvin during this knee incident. former new york city police commissioner. what they seem to be waiting for, commissioner, is whether the other two officers involved directly next to chauvin at the time will also be arrested. what do you think? what would prompt a move like that? >> i think they probably will ultimately be charged, but in these charging documents that came out today, it says in there that some of the officers or one of the officers -- they said "don't you think you're putting too much pressure on?" so that is in the documents today. so there is some exculpatory statements on the part of one of the other police officers. does not have any weight? we will see you.
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i would have to bet that they are going to be charged as well. was some sort of malfeasance. >> neil: you know, this eases a lot of the pressure, certainly, around the minneapolis area. protests across the country, including in denver, colorado. we will be speaking a little later with that state's governor and how he is dealing with that. the idea that this will ease those tensions, what do you think? >> that's a good question. there are people who obviously want to stoke the fire, so i don't know how much it will do with them. i think with the optics of the police station being abandoned was a very bad move. i think violence begets violence. we will see what happens tonight, but i certainly would not have done that. we will have to see. some people will accept this, and some won't.
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>> neil: so, you know, what happens when a covenant decides to say enough is enough, directly impacted by the people involved, hurting the very folks you want to help. other governors say similar things across the country with what they have experienced. but it seems like once the process are out of the bottle, they are very, very hard to contain. >> absolutely. you know, minnesota has a population of a little over 5 million. they called the national guard. only about 800 officers. they look to me like they have been taken out of the game. they have been moved aside. just having resources to control the situation is a real challenge because it is basically the state patrol -- also relatively small organization. so we are going to see.
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the governor clearly took on the responsibility of restoring order. he said today -- we are going to see what happens tonight. >> neil: did you make much -- at least in the first night of protest, it didn't seem like a heavy police presence. i didn't know if that was by design if they were just trying to hold back. but it might have provided the fodder. your thoughts? >> yeah, i would have to think that that was by design. obviously, it was a police officer who committed what everybody thought to be murder. i think they thought that a lot of police on the street would just exacerbate the situation. so you didn't have control. so you had an absence of minneapolis police officers.
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and as a result, people have the freedom to do a lot of things that they shouldn't be doing. >> neil: you know, looking at all of this, the tragic incidents, a lot about images. especially videos that has become available. it changes the way that we look at these types of incidents. you've had a chance to look at some of these videos that have come out. what do you think? you saw what happened. >> i would have to say probably one of the worst examples of police brutality that i have seen. the reason for that is the deliberate nature of the act. this was not a spur of the moment reaction. this was not a mistake.
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he was quite casual and doing what he was doing. his knee was there. for 8 minutes. while the crowd, while other police officers -- while the victim himself, george floyd, was saying "i can't breathe." a total of 8 minutes. so you can't really explain this in any logical way. the only thing that might come out perhaps is if mr. floyd said something to this officer that set him off. we don't have any evidence in that regard. but there is no other possible explanation. i have never seen such a sort of craven event with no sensible reason to do it. >> neil: l.a., thank you very, very much. what you are looking at, police
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and protesters nearby. word is that derek chauvin has been arrested. no word yet on the other officers who were immediately working with him that fateful day that george floyd died as a result of you know, chauvin having his knee on him. but we are monitoring it very, very closely. we will speak about these protests that have popped up all over the country, including in denver, colorado, where things got very, very dicey. we will be talking to their governor later on in the broadcast. later, taking you to washington, d.c. the president has tweeted on these events, but the more newsworthy developments since have been the crackdown on chi china. with more on all of that, kristin fisher from the white house. >> hey, neil. right now, president trump is minutes away from participating in a reopening roundtable.
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some of the top airlines, hotels, retailers. the big story of the white house right now is that president trump did not even mention george floyd's name or the riots in minneapolis. nor did he take any questions during an event that was billed as a news conference and the ruse garden. instead, minutes before walking out, president trump tried to clarify some of his more controversial comments that he made on twitter last night. the phrase that he said, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." "looting leads to shooting. that's why a man was shot and killed in minneapolis on wednesday night." i don't want this to happen, and that's what the expression put out last night means. it was spoken as a fact. no one should have any problem with this, other than the haters. honor the memory of george floyd. those quote instead of talking about that, he only spoke about
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china. after china proved new security laws threatening the independence of hong kong, president trump says he is now directing his administration to begin eliminating policy exemptions i give hong kong preferential treatment. listen. >> today i will issue a proclamation to better our nations university research and to suspend the entry of certain foreign nationals from china, who we have identified as potential security risks. i am directing my administration to begin the process of eliminating policy exemptions that give hong kong different and special treatment. >> and finally, president trump also announced that after decreasing funding to the world health organization, today he has announced that the united states will be terminating its relationship with the w.h.o. entirely, neil, so a ton of news today. again, nothing about george floyd. nothing about the riots in minneapolis.
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i will say president trump could address her during this reopening roundtable, which is slated to start any minute now. neil. >> neil: all right. we look forward to that. kristin fisher from the white house. it startled a lot of folks that he does intend to follow through on a crackdown on china. the possibility that we can still continue the trade deal, so there is nothing new to add to those comments. maybe we will throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to economic relationship. even though it is not going to be hunky-dory. for the weekend for the month, certainly for may, a strong performance. the nasdaq closed a 7%. by the way, that average well into positive territory on the year. the s&p 500 and the dow. not that far away. only about 16 to 18% from the
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highest that we had before all of this virus stuff started. we are on top of that and we are also on top of what the president will have to say when he meets with industry executives. it will be his first chance to take reporter's questions. we are told that he will. then again, we were told that this event in the rose garden, that this would be a press eve event. more, next. hold my pouch. trust us. us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch.
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china, first off. if you want to be business as usual, but he did -- he is not ripping that one up. i am taking that leap. there might be other factors at play here, but what do you make of this? >> i thought they were a good start. he said he was going to secure university funding by suspending the increase of certain individuals who might be considered security risks. we know the chinese have been flooding our universities with people whose jobs it is to collect information and to get home. second of all, this hong kong special status, this could be the biggest thing of the day because we treat -- the united states treats hong kong as different from mainland china. and if we remove those provisions, this is going to shrink the role of the hong kong capital market. we have already seen a great many companies moving out of
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hong kong. we would like to see even more. and, this is going to be really interesting. we allow chinese companies listed on the u.s. stock exchange to abide by a different set of rules for accounting practices. we don't require the same kind of practices of chinese companies as we do all american or other foreign companies. and he said that's going to stop. then we have the world health organization statement. while it is separate and apart from china, it is nonetheless linked to 2-inch. $40 million, we get $450 million. they ran the w.h.o., and we have told them to make reforms, and they refused. so if they are going to refuse to make those reforms, we are going to refuse to send them the money. other health organizations where it will have an impact. big changes. >> neil: now, we will see. china sanctions.
1:19 pm
the phase one trade deal. you touched on it, karl. foreign nationals in the u.s. could be a security risk. extending the possibility of looking at a number of chinese students i will be allowed into this country. so a lot that we don't know. obviously, he does not want to damage us economically. >> what is provoking this? china is violating the commitment that they may to the world community that there would be one country, china and hong kong together, but to systems. autocratic hong kong and then communist state in mainland china. at that would exist for 50 years after the birth left hong kong and returned. now they are violating that. the president needs to have a measured response. he can't let that go without anything, but on the other hand, he shouldn't get rid of everything. these are the first of three or
1:20 pm
four steps that he is going to get these first three or four. the first of what will be many steps that they are going to take to ratchet up against china. china is our adversary. they are not our enemy, but our adversary and rival who want the military strength to deny the pacific to us and the strength to nominate the scientific -- the high point, the commanding highest of quantum computing, 5g, et cetera, for the 21st century. they are looking to explicitly knock the u.s. out of our position of dominance. i think these are good, measured steps. i hope that there are more. but there is no need to jump the entire relationship. if they do bad things, respond accordingly. >> neil: all right. well put. good seeing you, karl. karl rove. cameras have been leading.
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they are going to dip into that meeting that the president is having with the industry ceos. this might be an opportunity for the present to outline his thoughts on derek chauvin's arrest, the officer involved in the killing of george floyd. we do you know that it has caused a lot of unrest, not only in the minneapolis area night after night after night, but around the country, some pretty severe protests in denver, colorado. that states governor, next. - hey, can i... - safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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>> neil: all right. reporters who are now down to going to be asking the question, if he doesn't volunteer at first, what he makes of the situation and the arrest of
1:25 pm
derek chauvin, the officer involved in the death of george floyd. this has the nation kind of on pins and needles. protests continue not only in the minneapolis area but throughout the country. they had got pretty violent in denver, colorado, where the death lead to very, very heated exchanges and a lot of violence. governor jared pul polis. governor polis, very good to see you. how are things there? >> another set of protests at the state capital. so far, peaceful, respectful of social distancing. yesterday, things got out of control, as you know. windows were smashed on senate leaders tracks. they were shots fired. we were very concerned about the public safety. >> neil: today, a little
1:26 pm
calmer. maybe the word of the arrest of derek chauvin might have calmed people down here it it certainly appears that way in the minneapolis area. but how do you think that news spread? >> people know also that this is simply the right thing to do. this is very clearly killing -- i am glad that somebody will be held accountable. i think their degree murder is the charge. that is not a result of the protest. it is simply the process of the rule of law playing out. that the perpetrator ran the person responsible for the unjust death of george floyd will be held fully accountable under the law. i can understand with the pattern of violence against particularly men of color, there are a lot of folks out there frustrated that he wasn't going to be held accountable. >> neil: do you think people want to see the other officers involved, governor, arrested as well?
1:27 pm
certainly in that area -- the minneapolis area, they will not be satisfied until that three major officers involved are arrested. >> well, it's about satisfying the rule of law, right? i'm not familiar with minnesota statutes. you can also be brought up on charges. so i think it needs to play out within the context of the rule of law. look. we respect our men and women in blue. the front lines were protecting the public, but we also make sure that they honor and respect all of us. i think on the rare occasion where there is somebody in the uniform that commits an illegal act, of course they should be held to the same standard as other citizens. >> neil: what have you thought of the president's response, tweeting about it? he didn't say anything at the rose garden when he was letting plans to go back to china for
1:28 pm
security abuses. your thoughts on what he has said thus far. what he tweeted. >> i think the most generous thing that can be said was that his comments were in poor taste for your about shooting people on the streets. the nation needs healing words. the nation needs words of coming together, acknowledging the difficulty, the english that many people felt with the senseless killing of george floyd. at the same time, respecting peoples rights to peacefully protest while of course condemning acts of violence that might occur by a few bad seeds that participated in those kinds of protests. >> neil: how do you balance it out, governor? people are notably and understandably alarmed. they resort to such violence or some of the looting that took place in minneapolis. a lot of people watching at ho home, they might say what are you doing?
1:29 pm
>> that's a proper response. there is no excuse for leaving. many of the businesses looted in minnesota were minority owned businesses themselves. he happens to be the highest ranking latino in the state. of course if we can ever find out who committed those acts of vandalism and violence, they should be held accountable too under the law. >> neil: governor polis, thank you very much. i hope things are calmer today, tonight. all right, we have a lot more coming up. we were mentioning the threat of more protests tonight. whether things calm down with the arrest of the officer is anyone's case. s. we will be right back.
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>> neil: the president is at the white house, but the comments he is expected to make on the george floyd case and the rest of the officer who had his knee on him, it is what everyone is waiting for.
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1:34 pm
more from l.a. william. >> neil, let's start back in minneapolis. minneapolis police work hunkered down inside that precinct that was eventually burned to the ground. today, state police in riot gear and the national guard are out, creating a security perimeter around businesses that were vandalized. u.s. cities saw protest. some peaceful, others violent. in louisville, there were injuries when gunfire rang out. they threw fireworks at police. in denver, the state capital was on lockdown after gunshots. as the governor mentioned, demonstrators like the traffic. in phoenix, demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police while holding signs saying "silence is violence." in columbus, ohio, crowds broke windows, and pelted cops with smoke bombs. in new york city, 70 arrested, including a woman wielding a
1:35 pm
knife and man hitting an officer in the head with a garbage can. so more protests are planned over the weekend, neil. chicago, austin. three are happening right now. we will see when i follow brings. that is usually when it gets worse. back to you. >> neil: william la jeunesse on that. the impact on businesses couldn't be more alarming. especially when you look in the minneapolis area. many were minority owned businesses, already dealing with the viruses. suffering with social distancing. all of that. what do you think? >> it's very hard for neighborhoods to rebound after they are the victims of violent riots. and especially after and during a pandemic. so you look at these businesses that have been decimated by sending workers home.
1:36 pm
the inability to service customers. hoping that there is enough federal-aid left, and it seems like some of the big-box torts are first in line to get government aid. now some of these smaller businesses are wondering if they will ever be able to rebound and access the customer base again, and that is just one of the consequences of this tragedy. as william points out, some of these protests started earlier in the day, and that's great. those are legitimate, and that's what people should be doing. they want a sense of justice. they want to be heard. they want to be seen. that's fantastic, but people who are not partaking in that, just looking for a free shopping spree at a place like target with no consequences, that does nothing to honor the memory of george floyd. only compounds the harshness of what is going on in minneapolis and in other places like kentucky as well.
1:37 pm
>> neil: you have to think to too, targets and other stories that have shut down out of the abundance of caution. especially those that have just reopened. i'm wondering what the economic impact will be. >> target will be able to rebound. i don't worry about them. i worry about people who will i cannot have a paycheck. my heart really goes out to those small mom-and-pop businesses. businesses. you work your whole life and borrowed from everyone you know in order to keep this drama afloat, and then that is completely tanked. it is tragic, and i hope you will stop for a moment and think about that. we have to recognize the difference between peaceful, lawful, necessary protests and really working to make change. and my last distraction that
1:38 pm
hurts people that your supposedly standing up for. >> neil: e. as we are looking at the peaceful gatherings in new york for the protests as well, i will not say all by any means. it has been largely peaceful. minneapolis is a different story. the epicenter of all of this. this should be more of the movement then people appreciate. >> yeah, and kelly sort of touched on the fact that this videotape is so incredibly egregious. especially in terms of other police involved the deaths that we have seen over the years. and it makes you wonder what don't we see? when there is no one around with an iphone and these events are captured, you know, you have to think about those interactions and those victims as well. and i hope it resonates beyond that. and i take the president at his word when he says that he has
1:39 pm
really committed to criminal justice reform. this is where it has to start. this is one of the most important places, which is training and impulse control. because what that officer did, there's no explanation for it. you cannot excuse that behavior, and that seems to be one thing that people agree on across the board. there are other areas of agreement. in a bipartisan way that can be implemented. and i hope that is also spurs congress to act right now. and come up with more legislation that offers real reform. >> neil: real reform. thank you very, very much. we do want to let you know that protests are planned around the country. a lot of these were planned before we got the news of officer derek chauvin's arrest in the killing of george floyd. protests are pretty much like clockwork and all that major cities across the country,
1:40 pm
including new york where they are already building large crowds. we hope that they are peaceful. those protests are still on. kimberly. fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. and let me tell you something, rodeo... i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and,
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>> neil: all right. is tomorrow the day? tomorrow is the next opportuni opportunity. 3:22 eastern time. whether you could always be an issue. then they have another crack at this on sunday. it is all dependent on weather. you might recall that it was launched. delayed. anywhere from minutes to days, even weeks. so we are following all of that very, very closely. he wrote the book "rocket boy." he is a walking encyclopedia.
1:44 pm
homer, great to have you. stormy clouds and all of that, but it is eventually going to happen. it will be a game changer, wanted? >> it really will. and before i answer that, i've got 1 foot in the literary world and 1 foot and the space world. i am hoping that when the dragon launches and we get bob and doug into orbit, all americans can come together and just celebrate that we have managed to revolutionize space travel by bringing on these commercial companies, for-profit commercial companies with great, great young rocket boys and rocket girls that worked so hard. sunday, hopefully we will see
1:45 pm
the dragon and orbit. all americans can cheer for th that. >> neil: yeah, whatever day it happens. you're right. as you indicated, homer, the program has done that. when we landed on the amount in 1969, it was putting that cap on a decade that had seen assassinations, out-of-control war in vietnam. somehow it brought us together. i am just wondering whether -- >> i had just gotten back from vietnam when apollo 11 was launched. it was incredible. the moon landings all brought it back together. and i anticipate, and i hope that as the american space program really gets going now. we've been down since 2011
1:46 pm
without american rockets. no way i really back into business. it should be fun to watch. not only fun to watch, but we should all be proud of it. >> neil: a lot of people say oh, businesses taking over, private enterprise for our journey to the stars, but nasa started out as a combination of military defense, aerospace interest. i mean, it was a consortium of companies. this is just the next level of that, right? >> you're right, neil. when we first started launching, intercontinental ballistic missiles. that were built for the air force by a private company. for profit. that has really continued over the years. they were designed and built here in huntsville, alabama.
1:47 pm
but it was chrysler, believe it or not. so there has been a long tradition of having private companies building rockets, but this is the first time that a commercial company has put an amounts of money into building the falcon rocket and also there is very, very advanced dragon module that bob and doug will be flying in. >> neil: all right. we will be watching it very, very closely. oh, my you electrify the world with your writings on the excitement of space travel. i appreciate that. the nation is eager to look up at the stars. thank you. i do want to go -- we just don't know what kind of games they will play. we have been looking up at the clouds ahead of the stars. what are you seeing? >> a lot of times in
1:48 pm
forecasting, we do forecasting for what trends are going to happen in the weather. sometimes it just becomes now-casting. we are looking at the storms and seeing how they are going to move. i think that's what we are going to be doing tomorrow because overall, we are and are very typical summer rainy season. and it has actually been quite active so far. take a look at the weather maps to show you what's going on. there are storms in the area today. it is hot. those big, summertime thunderstorms, and that is what we're seeing seeing today. similar to what we saw. a little bit more activity. a little bit stronger than what we are seeing today, and i think that will be the case again tomorrow. that conditions improve a little bit. that said, there's a number of parameters that they look at to make sure that the rocket can
1:49 pm
take off. one is that there can't be any lightning in the area for 30 minutes. any time 10 minutes of the launch site or the flight path. there also can't be any strong winds of the level of where the launch pad is. 162 feet. then he also have to worry about clouds. clouds in the area at a certain level, those clouds start to freeze, and that can cause ice. that is the other big thing that will for sure stop them from doing the launch. here is where we are right now. looking forward, tomorrow, the official forecast for thunderstorms in the area. all the way from 2:00 to 4:00. we see that radar underneath it at the kennedy space center. it looks like at least a future radar, which is a model output of what the radar will look like or code look like tomorrow. so it is going to be a rough one again tomorrow. a little bit better chance than what we saw, but we still do have those showers.
1:50 pm
neil. >> neil: all right. thank you, my friend. we are there to cover this. the significance of this. whether it is tomorrow or sunday, what have you. back again at 3:00 p.m. but we have got you covered. the implications of this. and how important it is. those who have been there, done that, and are amazed that we are now revisiting it. stay with us. so you only pay for what you need! [squawks] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i've been involved in. communications in the media
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for 37 years we have been fighting for survivors of child sex abuse. even in these uniquely challenging times
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we're still fighting with dedication and devotion. california law gives survivors a chance to take legal action, but only for a limited time. if you were sexually abused by a priest, scout leader, coach or teacher contact us confidentially today. it's time. >> neil: we want to take you to minneapolis. the rest of derek chauvin. let's listen to that. >> i am proud of our first responders, thankful for the support that we received
1:54 pm
from our partners from other jurisdictions and our partners from the state, and i'm appreciative that we have so many teammates and partners in this work together. i have signed an emergency order declaring a state of local emergency around this situation in st. paul right now and also establishing a citywide curfew that will start at 8:00 p.m. tonight and will continue until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this order exempts members of the media and it exempts the workers returning home from a work shift. other than that, we are asking our community to stay home so that we can assure that we can protect that basic life, health, and safety mission of our community. we have held digital roundtables to day engaging our community
1:55 pm
and business owners. we are convening a roundtable of faith leaders. all told, we have engaged over 400 different members of our community in this conversation digitally and we are going to continue to do that. i have also worked with members of our faith community and challenged us to together announce and convene a citywide interfaith unity our prayer in the first hour of our citywide curfew, so from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., i will be observing in my face and we are inviting everyone. >> neil: you are watching in st. paul, minnesota, mayor melvin carter. apologize for the confusion. i want to go to the white house. >> president trump: everybody that the memory of george floyd be a perfect memory, let it be a
1:56 pm
perfect memory. the looters should not be allowed to drown out the voices of so many peaceful protesters. they hurt so badly what is happening and it's so bad for the state and for that great city. so we are working very closely with the justice department. we are working with local law enforcement. we are working with everybody and we are speaking with the family and hopefully everything can be fairly taken care of. i understand the hurt. i understand the pain. people have really been through a lot. the family of george is entitled to justice, and the people of minnesota are entitled to live in safety. law and order will prevail. the americans will honor the memory of george and the floyd family.
1:57 pm
it's very important to us. it's very important to me to seek that everything is taken care of properly. it's a horrible, horrible situation. so we will be reporting back in due course and as quickly as possible. i'm pleased to welcome american industry leaders to the white house as we continue to safely reopen in america. we are glad to be joined by jeff of wyndham hotel and resorts, wyndham hotels have been really terrific company over the years, brian from hasbro, dave hoffman of dunkin brands. gary kelly of southwest airlines. really good job. rodney mcmullen of kroger. thanks. oscar. united airlines. brad smith of microsoft. that stock has done very well, i
1:58 pm
will say. great job. sonja from gap. thank you very much. also with us, secretary of treasury steve mnuchin and secretary of labor gene scalia. our nation continues to mourn for the lives claimed by the virus and grieve for the families who have lost loved ones. we continue to battle the invisible enemy. we are directing the flow of resources and support of the federal government to safeguard high-risk populations, especially in nursing homes. we have a very powerful strategy on nursing homes. the best strategy for public health is to aggressively protect the most vulnerable while allowing younger and healthier americans to work safely. nationwide hospitalizations, new cases and deaths are all
1:59 pm
declining. we are tracking cases and hospitalizations daily and states are demonstrating their ability to rapidly identify and contain new outbreaks. our contesting is the best -- our testing is the best in the world. we have surpassed 15 million, much more than any other country by a factor of many times. we have completed over 15 million. that is, i think we can say it's a record by a lot. we're going to give you a big report on testing tomorrow. we have new tests coming out that are above and beyond anything that anybody would've thought even possible a couple months ago. in many places we have had more tests available than people seeking them. florida and others have said they have testing and they don't have enough people to take the tests. which come a long way. we started with an empty cupboard. we didn't have a lot that we
2:00 pm
inherited. we are, i think really they have stepped up to the plate on ventilators, tests and equipment and gowns, gloves. if you look at masks, everybody has masks now. >> dana: president trump speaking on the death of george floyd. he's now speaking with industry executives about reopening the country. we will monitor that for you and bring it back if they take questions on the issue. we'll bring that to you. major news out of minneapolis today. the fired police officer who dug his knee into floyd's neck before he died has been arrested and charged with third degree manslaughter. >> former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin us has been charged with murder and manslaughter. we are in the process of continuing to review the evidence. there may be subsequent charges
2:01 pm
later. we can only charge


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