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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 30, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the fbi is on targeting a national guard soldier and wanting to find glory in killing one of our citizen soldiers, that is the type of person that is out there right now. >> walk us through a timeline. what was the plan initially and if you can address. todd: violence over the death of george ford spreading from minneapolis to across the country. mayhem unfolding in major cities include atlanta where rioters vandalized cnn headquarters as minneapolis remains the scissor of unrest. >> even secret service agents clashing with protesters outside the white house. todd: welcome to a 5:00 am addition of "fox and friends" on saturday morning. i don't know about you but i was watching a lot of coverage
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across other channels last night as it spiraled from my television screen out-of-control in multiple places across the country even in washington dc outside the white house. >> i drove by the white house, never really been here, a situation where racially charged civil unrest turned into chaos and lawlessness in cities across the nation. we wake up this morning, mayors try to get things under control. >> terrifying to see the way george floyd died in to see the reaction of some people, businesses being destroyed, fires being set. it would be the for the for the police and community to get on a peaceful page based on what we are seeing popping up around the country. we will be talking about that through the 5 hours today giving
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you the latest from breaking news on everything around the country. >> the narrative shifts when it goes from the particulars of that incident of riots we now see breaking out across the country the sheer destruction of property, burning cars and lawlessness. >> reporter: as we watch this unfold let's go to ground 0 where this all began in minneapolis with correspondent matt finn. what is the situation? >> it is get another extremely dangerous chaotic situation in minneapolis. behind me you can see what appears to be this autozone on fire, burning for quite some time and to my left the bank had its windows smashed out, hundreds of restaurants that also have their windows smashed out. throughout the night, we have
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seen looting and rioters smashing into stores, and grabbing what they can, we cite a blob of rioters in a gas station attempting to rip out the atm machine. across minneapolis, there was lawlessness and rioters and criminals able to roam at large, law enforcement has been shot at and calls this the fluid dangerous situation. >> the absolute chaos, this is not grieving. this is not making a statement. our neighbors are afraid, people are watching this and want to know what is happening. >> the governor of minnesota says this is the largest law enforcement deployment in state history, 1700 national guard troops on the ground, many neighborhoods in minneapolis are incredibly dangerous according to the governor right now. we have been walking around and
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seen many disturbing situations, people speeding, accidents, state of lawlessness, quite some time until comes up in minneapolis. >> that paper in minneapolis, there was supposed to be a curfew at 8:00, almost universally ignored. their reporting was there wasn't much police presence until midnight. what are authority simply saying about the decision not to crack down on the curfew, not to stop this from devolving for a fourth night. it wasn't a surprise this would happen yet again. what are they saying about the fact that this continues? >> the governor says there are too many rioters, too many looters, law enforcement is "outnumbered" and they do not have the manpower to make mass arrests.
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>> thank you very much. a fourth night in a major american city and the police department is robust but when you consider 800 officers on that force not all of which are active at any given time the national guard was called up but if you want the press conference it is very hectic and uncertain what their job would be, when they were arrived, we had that together and rioters at this point in minnesota there is confusion on the streets. >> we bring ted williams, former homicide detective, fox news contributor, welcome to the show, i want to get your reaction to these riots to what is going on around the country right now. >> said to see what is happening
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in our country. people have a right to peacefully demonstrate. what we saw last night and overnight, mobs, looters, floyd died. you want to demonstrate, fine. breaking into places, stealing liquor, stealing clothes, stealing televisions. all of that is not in the name of this man. a very sad state of eventss last night. >> people are asking matt finn about his report about the response of the minneapolis police and as you witnessed firsthand but what we saw in
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ferguson is that through the protests that went on for months but in this case it appears the response was the opposite which was no police presence and it seems worse with the result of the lawlessness and criminals running the streets. >> absolutely right. you and i were out in ferguson, in baltimore and other places, it is different from last night, government officials over the streets of major metropolitan cities and the mob took advantage of that so clearly there has to be a study of all of that.
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>> what is the why? they may be overwhelmed but minnesota has resources in the national guard state police, minneapolis, police department, was this ultimately a belief that let it burn out, that is better than attempting a confrontation? what is the why of authorities to allow the situation to devolving this way? >> i don't think the country has ever been with this kind of mob throughout the country. in different parts of the country, i heard the mayor of atlanta, georgia came on and pleaded with the mob, the repetition of the civil rights movement, you're not doing
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anything that helps george floyd and his family. this was out of control and we will have to study it for some time. >> derek is being charged with third-degree murder, baylor 500,$000 but is third-degree murder the right charge. people say should have been second, some saying it should have been third. is first the right charge for him? >> at this stage it is the right thing. first degree murder talking about premeditation, deliberation, that is clearly not there. when you look at second-degree murder you are talking an intentional murder meaning he did something intentionally. third-degree is an intentional killing. he had his knee on this man's
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next. what has to be answered and will be answered, did he intend to kill this guy and he died or was it some other matter? when i say other matters this is not a slamdunk case. i asked you to hold judgment because you have the autopsy report. >> the threshold for third-degree is intense, caused by dangerous situation without the intent. is in your take that because of failure to prosecute for lando -- fernando castillo three years ago that they are trying to get something they think will go through to avoid what we are
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seeing now? >> absolutely, you are right on target on this. they know they can be successful, mike freeman, it came out his head, they just got the evidence of this. all you had to do is look at the tape and you can see this man should have been charged on day one. he was not charged on day 4 but he was charged. >> the call is for justice in the family of george floyd is called for peace, they don't want this rioting but they also set a high standard of what they're looking for. is a statement from the attorney of the floyd family, the rest of police officer derek shaven is a
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welcome but overdue step on the road to justice. we expect a first-degree murder charge. we want a first-degree murder charge and we want to see the other officers arrested and we call on authorities to reflect the truth and culpability of this officer. that strikes a lot of people as you just sn for first-degree but the evidence doesn't provide it does that not fan the flames of what protesters, writers in this case will expect? >> absolutely. i don't think the protesters understand the material elements needed for first-degree murder or even third-degree murder but when you look at first-degree murder you have to show there was some planning, the he went to bat seen with the intent to kill this man and i don't think you can show that.
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as a result of that it is not a first-degree murder case. >> in terms of the cause of death you look at autopsy report and whatnot but you have a man lying on the ground saying i can't breathe and an officer keeping his knee on that man's and that, for potentially three minutes. how important can other factors be in terms of whether he had something in his system, someone declaring i can't breathe and an officer not acknowledging that were changing his behavior to make sure the man could get air, is that not evidence on of? >> i wish it was but it is not. was we need to realize is he has constitutional rights and what the government is going to have to prove is as a result of his
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actions, george floyd died and also has to be looked at and the autopsy report. if this man has some kind of illegal drug in his system and show that that is the cause of death and not so much the pressure put on his neck that will be significant for the defense. this is going to be on behalf of the experts where you have experts on both sides for this case. >> one quick question. do you charge them with something even as little as misconduct of the officer because you had the officer's knee on the neck for 8 minutes and 36 seconds, three minutes of
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which you had an unresponsive floyd. >> the freddie gray case were charged and they were found not guilty. in this case i do anticipate charging accessory before after the fact, may very well be against the officers and how they are going to be on that trip. >> thank you for your insight. the problem is we're talking about a different case very little of which has to do with writing and living and burning of cities across the country which is stealing a lot of headlines this morning. as outrage spreads across the nation as rioters harassed law enforcement and set precincts on fire, jack brewer says we need to keep an eye on the real enemy, he explains next. to eligible members so they can pay for things like groceries before they worry about their insurance
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>> we are back with their fox news alert, the unrest in minneapolis over the death of george floyd spreading to the country, writers in portland using control of the city of justice center surrounding the offices of police and sheriffs before setting the building on fire. former nfl player jack brewer grew up in minneapolis and a spokesperson for the national association of police athletic league. thank you for being here. you did grow up in minneapolis, you represent the police. what is your reaction to the death of george floyd and what you see is going on in minneapolis? >> i share the same anger a lot of people share watching the video seeing a man, african-american man killed at
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the hands of law enforcement who you would think are there to protect and serve them but the reaction to it really hurts right now because george floyd did not represent what you see on the tv screens. he did not represent hate. he represented peace. i think the issue we are having is we have taken our eye off of the real enemy. as a nation, the protesters, the reactions we had from the pundits, right now we need leadership in real leaders keep our eye on the enemy and the enemy is the evil and the satan that causes racism. in order to attack that and get rid of that it takes deep soul-searching, you can't just put someone in jail. you have to go into the core and the spirit of the nation and the nation and attacked this enemy. we have to call it for what it is.
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jillian: the fox news op-ed you mentioned, george floyd must be mourned and we must keep our eye on the real enemy, you talk about racism and leadership, what can leadership do to help the situation. there is a huge divide between the police and many of these protesters and rioting and they can't help the police, how do you bridge that gap? >> i understand this. i have been a leader on every football team i have played on and sometimes you have things that happened that are uncomfortable but leaders unite. that is the first thing you do, you have to unite your people and you have to make sure everyone is keeping a eye on the prize and that is getting rid of racism front and center. the governor of minnesota, our heart goes out to them.
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it is a tough decision but you've got to make them fast and swiftly and have the people understand that you are there to protect and serve them. you can't let chaos run rampant because this is same business being burned down a lot of the people experiencing this loss, they agree with the protesters. we are all in agreement. we should be using this time to unite because everyone who watches that video, unless you are satan yourself you know and see that that was wrong and if we all agree this is something the nation should be coming together around, not being separated by this. some folks are trying to fight hate with hate and that we cannot do. this is a spiritual battle that cannot be fought with flesh and blood and out on streets rioting. it has to be thought deeply and spiritually going into the police department across america
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changing the culture. the culture is inflaming, the culture of police department is inflaming this evilness. we have to hit it at the root. >> if you can offer a message to the floyd family who must be suffering, can't imagine there pain and to the riders what would the message be? >> the floyd family my heart goes out. i heard a lot about george, he was a man with a great message for our youth that we needed to hear. i feel your pain. i can't understand it because i didn't lose him but i will say a lot of what is in america knows that what he represented into the rioters, come on, peace, love, we've got to leave the love, do not continue to put out the same hate that caused this issue. hate is satan. we have to hit it at its core, lot arms in prayer. i'm asking the nation to listen,
2:25 am
let's repent for the years of evil we had, the years of police officers having brutality, let's all repent and pray to gather for the next 24 hours, let's pray together. >> thank you for being here on a difficult day in the news, an important message, thank you so much. coming up atlanta's mayor calling on those demonstrating to go home after protests turn into riots, doctor martin luther king jr.'s nice calling for end to the chaos with a message of peace next. [squawks] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's ground to cover and a herd to feed. so run with us on a john deere gator.
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>> what i see happening on the streets of atlanta is not atlanta. this is not a protest. this is not in the spirit of martin luther king jr.. this is chaos.
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we are better than this as a country. go home. >> what a protest, chaos. atlanta as they are declaring the rides that broke out in her city, nationwide outbreaks escalating, the city known for its history of peaceful protests since the days of mlk, turning violent as rioters set fire to downtown streets including attacking cnn headquarters. the niece of martin luther king jr. joins us from atlanta. thank you so much for being here this morning, your joining us from atlanta, you have a goddaughter in minneapolis, your message to those rioting, a fourth day. >> at 1726 of one blood, god
2:31 am
made all people to live together on the face of the earth. martin luther king jr. said we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters and parish together as fools. our president, donald john trump, has said we all believe the same. jack brewer just spoke very truly when he said we have to deal with racists right now in this nation. people are being killed because of skin color, sometimes based on age. there is something else about the sanctity of human life. martin luther king jr. said when we learn to value the human person we won't kill anybody. we can truly say it appears the officer that had to kneel on the neck of george floyd had no
2:32 am
regard for mister floyd as a person. he didn't see a person. he didn't see a community member serving that community. i don't know what he saw. we know what we saw and that george died cruelly. too much cruelty. the issue of race is alive, racism is socially engineered. now we are not. and so we are seeing our black men, our brothers and sisters being continually slaughtered the effort of the enemy. evil forces want to do that in front of our eyes and shock us and make us angry and burn things so it is true we are missing leaders, leaders with the spiritual understanding and compassion to comfort and guide the people. my goddaughter was in
2:33 am
minneapolis speaking with pastors and leaders and people stopped rioting. we need peace and unity, we have to have peace so that we can have justice, bring peace and we will have justice. >> you talk about the leadership, things your uncle has spoken in the past. the attorney general in minnesota, keith ellison used a quote from your uncle, he said violence is the language of the unheard, saying that to almost understand why a mob mentality, a right would be understandable. help me out with that. >> it is understandable that people who cannot be heard and have leaders who embrace the fears of the people with truth, breaking down the lie of skin color, racism, is wrong. we are all human beings.
2:34 am
without leadership, the voice of adopting the voice of god speaking through leaders with understanding, she could not protect her son if she was out in that chaotic environment, she said go home. we need to also say repent, let's go to god together on this. as a spiritual leader and i don't say that with arrogance but fear and great humility of god, let's go to god together, let's see each other as brothers and sisters, we are one human race so leaders unite, call for unity, show people. i marched in the 1960s. i went to jail. i was trained by my dad and
2:35 am
uncle martin luther king jr. to do what we do in love. they wore their preacher roles and had their bibles with them and we prayed, we were taught to pray before we went out. we have got to lead but we have to do it from a perspective, the soul without spiritual leadership, it will be chaotic, you've got to see the things you are seeing but i say fear not, pray, don't panic, pray, don't fear, have faith, have love and move forward. i am not seeing -- my goddaughter in minnesota meeting with pastors and i saw the crowd. i saw those videos on the streets. >> let's hope those writing turning to violence or listening to this message. thank you very much. god bless you.
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help us help our heroes in these uncertain times. together, we have the power to give the gift of hope. go to to learn more and donate today. >> violence erupting across america over the death of george floyd, writers rushing secret service agents outside the white house as they said police cars on fire in atlanta. todd pyro joins us with more on riots across the country. todd: the unrest started early raging throughout the night across the country. the white house put under
2:41 am
lockdown, secret service taking a protester into custody. in atlanta rioters spray-painted and broke windows at cnn's atlanta headquarters before reportedly throwing rocks and smoke grenades into the lobby, even firing rods -- rounds from a bb gun, police pelted by bullets throughout, violent spreading to other parts of the city, police cars burned, buildings vandalized, the governor calling in the national guard. in new york city writers torch in nypd man, protesters surrounding the eightieth precinct, cops reportedly using at the -- some began throwing things at them. 200 people now arrested through two nights of unrest in the big apple. to dallas we go, looters smashing windows, stealing merchandise and doors throughout city neighborhoods, police and protesters clashing, cops using tear gas to disperse crowds into the night according to sources on the ground. in detroit a 19-year-old is dead
2:42 am
following a drive-by shooting into a crowd of protesters, dozens of others arrested, demonstrators clashed with police throughout the motor city. enrichment local media reporting writers breaking windows at police records, setting fires, shooting into the air even trying to topple a bus. protests also taking place in chicago, phoenix, denver, san jose and portland among others. >> thanks very much. we want to bring in david webb, fox news contributor and radio talkshow host who has a reality check. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i've been on the ground with you in these situations but this one is different because now in all those cities across the nation this morning that todd was mentioning they are trying to gain control. this is turned into a lawless situation.
2:43 am
>> this is the challenge. we've seen this in ferguson when it gets out of control it is like a locomotive and it has got to subside unless they impose a lot more force, that would require national guard troops, a combination of state police, this is an almost impossible situation because the leadership in these cities have let it get this far. really lost control of the situation and it will be a tough battle. >> if you watch the press conference in minneapolis yesterday and late last night at 1:30 in the morning between the governor and the mayor and law enforcement authorities they are admitting we weren't ready for this, we didn't respond with sufficient force or number of law enforcement officers, how does it speak to the leadership in the city where a lot of these
2:44 am
riots are happening? >> leadership in cities and states of failed, look at minnesota where the governor and the mayor wants to play politics with this. these are people who believe in these cooling down periods, this is a law enforcement related killing. they have lost the trust of the community. they had problems for years. they are not going to release it because they don't believe on enforcement are acting as law enforcement needs to when it does. that broken trust was already fed up with with a number of issues. when you read this to it and you like that match this is going to be an even more dangerous situation. >> one of the things that has been painful to watch is the destruction of these businesses, business owners work their whole life to build up these businesses, they've done something wrong and find
2:45 am
themselves targets. talk about the economic impact coming off of a lockdown period where they were struggling a little bit already. now to face the amount of writing, violence, people seeing their businesses burned up in flames. >> it makes ferguson look like a walk in the park, riots in the economy. look at the civil rights riots, ferguson, baltimore, what happens to those communities? when you lose small businesses you lose livelihoods, parents can't feed their children because they are not earning. we are coming off of 3-month a lockdown and these liberal governance in these cities led to further disarray, economic failure, liberal failure, when you divine those things this is tragic. i can't offer a glimmer of hope that these businesses and even the chains that are there, the
2:46 am
franchises are losing stores and people will come out with a tougher situation when it comes to finding a job and going to work. how does it work for citizens? this is going to be a tough one. >> a long line of failures in the cities that led us to this moment. thank you for your time this morning. coming up, protests quickly escalating into violent riots in cities across the country. law enforcement a main target. how do we come together and move past the entire cop narrative.
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>> the death of george floyd escalating after protests turned to right across the country. in cities including miami, florida. where do we go from here? thanks for being here. talk to me about the challenge. we saw the governor of minnesota
2:51 am
saying his mission now, protect lives, property and order, that problem spreading across the country, how do they do it. >> the first mission is to protect the lives, you have to be mindful of that escalation. we see this across the country. it will default into violence against individuals or groups of individuals. >> did you ever think you would witness in your life the total abandonment, in minneapolis? >> i did not. i've never seen anything like this in your 30 year career. you have to go back to the 1980s.
2:52 am
with many of the chiefs, collectively how to approach it, never seen anything like that, the amount of violence occurring because of the riot. >> what was the take away if i can price from that, a state senator where the precinct is. the police are here to protect, please do so. she felt vulnerable and saw the destruction. >> the biggest take away for us and what we all agree on is you have to separate the politics of it. has strong leadership in the
2:53 am
police department to take the lead even at the podium. i personally don't think the governor or the mayor should be different president of the questions, know what to expect or what is going to happen if this continues. the politicians need to speak more delicately, the law enforcement professional, people are wanting to listen, people want to have an idea what is going to happen and when and how quickly and you will get that from someone who understands the dynamic of riots and how to address it. >> the police chief in detroit says they made 40 arrests, 3 fourths of which are outside detroit.
2:54 am
we are seeing everywhere, many times criminal infiltrating opportunities. >> you will have many demonstrations organized and planned and the intent is to be peaceful, demonstrating first amendment rights, demonstrating a peaceful way and these infiltrators come in, want to create a violent encounter with the police, they are out of control and this is the only answer when the reality is we know this is not the answer. the economy was already depressed and this is going to add to a lot of problems that exist, many underdeveloped. >> you mentioned what happened to floyd.
2:55 am
and their relationship between police and the communities we saw here. >> we need really good relationships. we have to be proactive in establishing relationships with activists in the area because if you don't have that anything like this could spark a riot. the reality is this officer acted on his own accord not following procedures of policies for police department and to spread this out and harm others is what occurred there is not the proper way. >> please be safe, you have demonstrations today. still ahead we follow the violence and unrest across the country over the death of george
2:56 am
floyd. we are live on the ground in minneapolis at the top of the hour. seeds are being planted. animals are getting fed. . .
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♪ [shouting] jedediah: violence and raw outrage spreading out from major cities across the country including atlanta, new york ad.e floyd. pete: in oakland a car drives through a store leaving broken glass everywhere. scenes like that everywhere across the country. griff: in dallas destroy a police car violent clash with officers. good morning i'm griff jenkins in washington with pete and jed in new york as we wake up this morning cities coast to coast trying to get order back under control. pete: yeah, guys. jedediah: i was just in the break. pete: go ahead, please. jedediah: just lki a


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