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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  May 31, 2020 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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having partnerships in i have not got any direct government, local, state and information as to what that involves. federal level partnerships, and it may be a decision by this is one of those areas where you're going to have to see this happen. and it has got to happen protesters to block certain roads there. i'm not familiar with that quickly, very quickly to stop particular part of oakland. it looks like it might not be the destruction of these cities and of these communities and too far away from the airport. but what we have seen across help people get back to the california these florida few point that they can put their days in certain places, sandra. head on the bill pillow at night is an attempt by the protesters and go to sleep and know they're to block freeways and cause a not going to be in the middle of some sort of riot taking place in their neighborhood. nuisance. it's difficult to tell looking at those pictures exactly what is blocked. i don't know if they are trying to get on to the freeway. sandra: senator marsha blackburn, as we continue to $s. it looks vastly peaceful as i look at it. but oakland is an area police are on alert and as they are all across the bay area, and all
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with the way down here to images one of the police vehicles engulfed in flames. los angeles and specifically we have watched looting. today here the city of santa some of the protests getting monica. sandra: i want to keep the i am violent. there are others playing out in ands up. austin and miami. transition back to santa monica, california where you were demonstrators demanding justice talking about the peaceful marching and demonstrations we for george floyd. were seeing there. but then there was a select few good afternoon, i'm ed henry. in the promenade area that began looting. we are getting initial reports reporter: a lot of breaking news of that. but as we were speaking we we are all taking this started to see police turn the corner and walk in on the scene. afternoon. we have live team coverage for you can see them lining up face you. to face with the protesters. we begin with aishah hasnie who is reporting live from times let's listen in. square in new york city. >> so we are standing in the middle of times square. we are noticing a police presence in different parts and it's tough to make out the exchange between protesters and corners of the square.
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that's in anticipation of a police. reporter: you are looking at possible protest that could what looks like the oceanfront possibly take place here tonight. we are just waiting to see if area of santa monica there. but that is not where the that happens or not. looting is taking place. that's this time of the day where you have that question of this is a police line preventing what might happen if a protest takes place because we have seen violence in the city every peaceful protesters from moving further on. single night for the past few they don't appear to have the nights. let's take a look at aftermath piece pictures of the actual of last night's protest. looting. i have seen them and there are we saw several nypd vans smashed from my estimation, hundreds certainly of people just up in new york city. blatantly going into stores, the glass doors and windows van's store was a particular shattered at several stores. target and people were literally running out with boxes of shoes. ' owners already hit by the that's not what you are looking at right now. pandemic now victims of looting. this is the peaceful part of the protest. there does not appearing to any nypd arrested 335 people last effort on the part of the protesters to engage the police. night. the police are saying we are 33 officers were injured. drawing a line and we cannot go
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but there is video showing nypd any further as we begin to vehicles pushing through the progress down the oceanfront. they are simply standing there crowd. while the mayor said he wishes with their signs. just to emphasize, you have got officers had not done that, it different scenes in santa man was wrong for protesters to cap. the one you are looking at is the more peaceful scene a block surround their vehicles. or so from that third street promenade. that's where the violence is, bricks, stones, chards of glass thrown at them. very clearly on the oceanfront i saw officers with teeth area, is not where the violence knocked out. i saw officers spit at. is taking place. i saw video on a fox affiliate but the vast majority of officers stood restrained. in l.a. had amazing footage of they should never have had to. the looting going on earlier. but again two different scenes. this is the peaceful part of the reporter: st. patrick's santa monica protest. cathedral was december traded it's a different scene just a couple blocks away. with graffiti yesterday. sandra: these are live images of in anticipation of another night
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of protest. they are fearful they could be oakland, california. the caravan we just noted. the next victim in this. nationwide protests. some peaceful, some turned >> aishah hasnie thank you for violent. we saw the scene play out in your reporting on the ground in new york city. thank you so much. philadelphia. we are keeping an eye in u.s. cities as we head into another henri protesters clashing with evening days after the death of d.c. police just outside the george floyd. we are going to continue white house gates. monitoring these images. mark meredith is there with the details. thank you, jonathan. you see this video from last night. as the dust settles today and ed: joe biden was supposed to be they get ready for another long night. issuing new comments on the i see 60 secret service violence this evening but now it uniformed officers and special looks like that may not agents had injuries last night. happening after all. what are you hearing now at this hour? reporter: we have the secret service injuries. reporter: a statement at the but there is a lot of focus on what president trump has to say about this. we have not seen the president virtual rally in lieu of the make on-camera statements today. remarks biden was set to deliver. about the unrest bind did not
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he has been tweeting quite a bit. caution against violence but one tweet in particular is encouraged empathy. getting a lot of the attention however, last night he took a different tone saying protesting saying the united states of america will be designating such brutality is right and antifa as a terrorist necessary. but burning down communities is organization. not violence that endangers the aclu is tweeting back. lives is not. violence that guts and shutters tear i'm is a political label businesses that serve the community is not. misused or abused. biden criticized president there is know legal authority trump's response to the riot. for designating a domestic some on his vp short list have group. gone further saying trump is unfit for the office he holds. but shortly after with the president's tweeted, we heard >> this is about america as a nation. from attorney general bill barr. the nation is on fire. he says they are working to and the president of the united identify criminal organizers and states is standing there with instigators. the attorney general says quite the violence instigated and gasoline. reporter: senator kamala harris carried out about it other similar groups is domestic appeared to be joining protests
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terrorism and will be treated near the white house. accordingly. senator amy klobuchar accused of you heard from the president's national security advisor month being too friendly to police in says the u.s. is trying to her time as a minneapolis prosecutor. she said she relied on grand monitor global intelligence. juries on whether to issue the national security advisor charges. she did not address questions on saying the u.s. and white house whether she should withdraw from would like to see this handled the vp short list. by local police groups. here is what robert o'brien had >> what we said today, as horrific as that video is. to say earlier today. >> we would like to see this anyone with an ounce of humanity police action and law looks at that and watches george enforcement matter. it's supported by the national floyd's life evaporate before guard. in these sorts of emergencies it their eyes knows that's wrong takes a different role than the it in would. than must be extreme reporter: a live look outside consequences. we know that. the white house. if you visited washington, d.c. reporter: congressman jim dlie you will notice usual looking salt the white house head-on. dlie burn said -- congressman this is lafayette park where secret service agents have completely stopped people from jim clyburn said it may not be going into that. the time for klobuchar as a
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friday night the park was open and the protesters got close to the fence line. they are not being aloud into pick. the park area. vice president pence: jovice prs secret service said they had 60 officers injured so far this weekend. 11 of them had to go to the leading president trump in a new hospital. these agents had to encounter poll by a margin of 10 points. things you wouldn't belief. rocks, bottles thrown at them sandra: . a night that saw looting and and bodily fluid. the protests we have seen today, protesters grabbing machine guns from a burning police van. they remain relatively calm. we haven't seen the graffiti or the city coming up on a 5:00 people slashing tires. curfew. police vehicles attacked in new york city where mayor bill i should mention again where we are right now, the white house -- we are not under any deblasio ending. specific lockdown. however, secret service definitely increased its presence on the north lawn. >> anyone protesting for change we want to make sure secret do not take your anger out on service is getting the resources it needs. the individual officer in front of you. they say neither the president that man or woman who is simply
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trying to keep the peace. nor the first lady have been in any danger. sandra: detroit issuing an 8:00 p.m. curfew tonight. the majority of the demonstrators arrested friday were not from detroit. chief craig, i appreciate you coming on with us. tell us what you learned as far as the presence of those protestors and demonstrators. >> thank you for having me on your show. for the last several nights for the first part of the protest. city was peaceful. uneventful. it wasn't until later during the night a different group joined and they were much more agitated and aggressive to our police officers. the first night we were able to make probably 40 or so arrests.
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of that 40 arrests, 60 to 70% lived outside the city of detroit. the following night the protest group the same situation, the group was more agitate, then roughly 10:00, 11:00 -- hour they began the throw bottles, rocks, we deployed gas and in a short time we were able to get that under control. we have been working well with our community. the community has been very beneficial. we are talking about activists and local leaders who have been on the ground on the front line with the our officers. we believe that's gone a long way in mitigating some of the violence we are seeing in other places. sandra: adding to the many american cities going into curl
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few tonight. dallas just announced a curfew that will go into effect in dallas, texas, that will run 7:00 p.m. to end at 6:00 a.m. i want to call your attention to the video on our screen of that police vehicle in philadelphia that we all watched live burning in downtown philadelphia burning a short time ago. as we saw protesters, rioters, looters gathering on the streets, they took over these police vehicles that were empty at the time and began pushing them and ramming them to iter police vehicles as we all watched on. i don't know if you had a chance to watch that live as it was happening. but it's on our screen. - hey, can i... - safe drivers save 40%!!! what did you think when you saw guys! guys! safe drivers save 40%!!! that? >> horrible. safe drivers save 40%! just so disappointing. safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. one of the good people in it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. philadelphia saying what are - he's right there. - it's him! they thinking? safe drivers do save 40%. this is not a criticism of the click or call for a quote today.
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philadelphia police department. i just wonder what else is going on. some companies still safehave hr stuck between employeesentering data.a. our groups here have made changing data. more and more sensitive, personal data. efforts, our police cars were damaged the first night. and it doesn't just drag hr down. it drags the entire business down -- with inefficiency, errors and waste. one was damages last night. when i look at the images from it's ridiculous. so ridiculous. philadelphia, we cannot and will with paycom, employees enter and manage their own data in a single, not have mobs taking over businesses. and so we have been fighting the easy to use software. visit, and schedule your demo today. good fight for the last two days. we are not going to relent. i'm so proud of the men and women of the police department who have done a phenomenal job in mitigating. this group, the outsiders who have come into detroit have been very aggressive over the last two days. but it brings back memories of when i was a los angeles police officer during the rodney king conflict when there was a situation where the riots broke
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and at the epicenter, i'll never forget it. officers at the scene were told to retreat, and they gave it ed: our coverage continues over to the mob. the smob took over and that's rolling on to minneapolis wdeat. where reginald denny got beaten. there have been protests for six i never forgot image or the days, basically since his death, impact on our community. i can only imagine what folks in and the outrage that followed it philadelphia are feeling right all across the country. now and in new york. it started in minneapolis as i noted. there has been a left violence sandra: i know you made it a in recent days. point that the police will be let's listen in. out in full force in detroit. and they understand and support the meaning of those protests as they remain peaceful. but they will not tolerate the law break. finally your message as we gone into another evening here. >> the message is simple. [crowd chanting] we support those who are lawfully protesting. we understand the pain and sandra: that peaceful protest in
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embrace the first amendment. but i will tell you if you are minneapolis continues. going to be a law breaker, we mike tobin is live in maps for us now. are going to relentless in our amazing reporting on the ground. thank you for that. pursuit to arrest you. as we look at these protesters last night we made 84 arrests walk on, you wonder what the and we'll make more tonight if night holds. necessary. but we are not going to stand based on what we have seen the past two nights. for lawlessness. reporter: it's a different sandra: police chief james atmosphere in minneapolis today. craig. we appreciate you coming on with the moaning after police decided to enforce the curfew and take us. thank you so much. control of the streets. we can talk about the peaceful henry: a strong message from the demonstration as the protesters are marching towards the police chief. in today lapse a curfew, capitol. you hear them chanting no 7:00 p.m. justice, no peace. santa monica, california, and say his name, and repeating protests happening all around the country. his name, george floyd. we'll watch them all across the and paying attention to what was country from coast to coast. the cause of all of this. stay with us. as we have seen from the demonstrations from the third
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and fifth street precinct it becomes about the violence and looting. that's where we saw the police take a different posture last night. like allowing the protesters to take the ground of the third precinct. we saw a number of different law enforcement agencies last night. sheriff's deputies. dps officers. state patrol troopers. city police. cop out with the riot gear at the ready with the non-lethal weaponry. they made 155 arrests. in a matter of minute -- it stretched out for hours as the demonstrators scattered about the town. the charges range from disobeying the curfew to vandalism. now there will be more guardsmen out on the street securing
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certain:perimeters and providing protection to the fire crews. their numbers outnumbering the fire crews. the guardsmen are armed. and they are not armed with the non-lethal weaponry that you see the police with with the riot gear on. we have a peaceful protest under way. another curfew is bearing down in a matter of hours. the big question is how are the demonstrators going to respond. you see the peaceful demonstrators marching from the stadium to the capitol. there are a number of people who you see show up as they showed up in the third and fifth precinct and they seem determined to defy any orders they are given. and we'll see how law enforcement responds. you know certainly the numbers of the national guardsmen have been supplemented. sandra: we are trying to pick up
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the words of the demonstrators as they walk through the streets of minneapolis. justice now we have heard. listen. [crowd chanting george floyd] sandra: this is continuing on the streets of minneapolis hours before what could be another night of unrest in the city. the preparations you are seeing on the part of police and the staying connected your way is easier than ever. maggal guard and how that might you're just a tap away look different tonight knowing from personalized support on the extent to which some of the get faster internet speeds with a click. violent demonstrations continued order xfi pods to your home in a snap. last night. it would look different if there or change your xfinity services with just a touch. were a couple of small fires all in one place. you're only seconds away burning. we didn't see buildings engulfed in flames. from all of that on people who want to start those faster than a call. easy as a tap. fires didn't have time to start
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. a fire. you saw a large mass of law enforcement. as the people who wanted to riot ask therred around the city. you saw the law enforcement break up into smaller groups and chase them down. you saw buses filled with detainees rolling back towards the jail where they would be processed. we got the number of 155 people who were arrested. and we were told we can expect that number to rise. but this is deadly serious as we got from the state patrol troopers and the city police, a number of weapons were taken off the street last night, including an ar-15. there are people showing up with sandra: brand-new reports of unrest in santa monica, violent preparation. california. it's very serious out here. police asking people to stay you know tonight for a second away from the downtown and civic night the law enforcement of the center areas. community realize backing off jonathan hund is joining us by and not taking a heavy hand phone from l.a. towards those who want to break
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reporter: there are two distinct windows and destroy the town, that wasn't working. scenes playing out in the so they took a different coastal city of santa monica right now. posture. on the oceanfront area of santa >> days after the death of george floyd. monica, the actual george floyd protests, violence continues in protest march with several some cities across the nation. thousand is taking place. it's almost entirely peaceful as and we are tracking it. the protesters walk along in ed: volunteers coming together front of the ocean and along the in seattle spending the day buildings in front. but a couple blocks back from cleaning up after last night's that there is an area known as protests turn the chaotic. the third street promenade. tonight the city is trying to it's an entirely different repeat -- prevent a repeat. atmosphere playing out right there was a news conference in there. hundreds of people are simply los angeles where the police chief said they had 400 arrests breaking into stores and looting because of looting. those stores. and all kinds of problems. look pat what i believe the damage to property. what are you seeing on the pictures you have on air right ground in seattle? now, that is the area where it's >> far fewer arrests in seattle last night. been largely peaceful. nothing today. it's been calm. what we have been seeing, but we do have a small peaceful
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though, by our other cameras is protest that's begun behind me. i just had a guy walk by with a blatant looting. people simply running into sign that says cops are obsolete stores, the van's store was a but he was also passing out hand particular target. we just watched on the tv sanitizer. most of what we have seen is the cameras close to that, scores of army of volunteers cleaning up the city. people running into that store the curfew starts at 5:00 in 5 running out with shoe boxes. and a half hours. plainly looting. but we saw crews washing off nothing but blatant theft. it's important, i think to draw graffiti. the distinction. and boarding up walls where the you have pa -- you have a peaceh windows had been broken last going on in santa monica, but night. last night was the worst riot since 1999 during the wto you also have outright looting. mayhem. when you see the police standing police deployed pepper spray, with a peaceful crowd. and flash bang. they don't appear to be but athletes and anarchists had intervening in the looting going the upper hand for hours. on at the third street >> last night they only had 250 promenade. you can imagine the residents of
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officers. we needed 500 national guard santa monica wish the police were more involved. people to control these people. it's 2:19 in the afternoon in reporter: the first death happened in oakland, a federal the l.a. area. the earliest we have seen this kind of trouble in l.a. county security officer was shot and killed as he protected a federal anyway. yesterday right where i live in courthouse. police do not have a suspect in the fairfax district there was a what they are calling an act of peaceful march that began about noon. it began to get around 4:00, domestic terrorism. the justice center was set on 5:00 in the afternoon, then it fire. a state of emergency was became really violent with many declared. a curfew is also in effect buildings broken into and many set on fire. there. salt lake city was the scene of but to see the kind of looting i a near tragedy. have been watching here going on a man aim offed a bow and arrow this early in the afternoon does not augur well for what might at a crowd demonstrators. come in the evening hours, he didn't shoot because he was sandra. so the police are on alert. quickly overrun by the crowd, beaten and his car set on fire. a curfew has been put in place in seattle a security guard from 8:00 p.m. working for a local tv station. but that's 5 and a half and a and he saw a guy with an ar-15
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little bit more hours away. we'll be watching it very rifle he had just taken out of a closely. but not good scenes in santa police car. the security guard took the monica. i wanted to point out the ar-15 away from the protester reality of the two scenes we are and he recovered two of those seeing. rifles and police are saying he peaceful mars, honoring george may have saved a lot of lives floyd's memory, ban an entirely last night. ed: law enforcement across the separate group purely intent on country facing more stress than nothing but stealing from levels usual. let's bring in a former marine december stores, sandra. sandra: i want to draw viewers that fought militant attacks on attention to oakland, california where we are seeing a caravan, the compound at benghazi in paying attention to all events libya. we appreciate you coming on. happening in california. good evening. talk about with the situation there and talk about what we given the fact that you fought have seen so far in oakland, so bravely with other men and women to help protect this california as far as the protest country on that dark night or demonstrations and some of the violence that eventually emerged two, september 11 and 12 of over the past couple nights. 2012. what would be your advice to law reporter: oakland was a flash b.
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enforcement here at home as we deal with these violent protests? >> i think the first thing we in law enforcement have to do, in this chaos we have to be the calm. we have to set that standard and professionalism to insure when we react to situations, whether it be the protesters or rioters, we do so in the appropriate manner. we see too' times where law enforcement officers haven't done that, and that's what's gotten us here with what happened to george floyd. and that's the last thing we need right now. sandra: mark, thank you for your service. we are looking at lived pictures of hundreds of protesters marching on the highways. what do you think when you see these i am ands emerging from
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u.s. cities. some have turned quite violent. what do you think when you see these? >> i think those protesting peacefully are doing an exercising their constitutional rights and that is what this country is founded on, that's what i fought for. but those who are infiltrating into the protests. they are rioters. they are not protesting. they are people of committing crimes, looting, beating people up. here just north of me in denver, colorado. we have three officers that got ran over. luckily they survived. they will be doing well. those are criminals. they are more of the problem than the solution. ed: we began this broadcast and saw live before our eyes looting going on on the streets of
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philadelphia. we have seen it -- 400 arrests in los angeles. i think what burns people you have, not just the looting of these small businesses in some cases. or just trying to rebound. in the case of philadelphia, we've saw live a short time ago, there were no police there. there was nobody stopping it. what should we do to stop the looting. >> law enforcement has to step up and they have to do their job. it's a hard decision the leaders have to make. if you allow this to continue, if that crowd and mob mentality, more people are going to join into it because there are no consequences for it. it has to be addressed decisively and immediately to stop any further violence and further loss of life. sandra: mark geist, former marine and annex security team.
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we want to bring in pastor darrell scott on growing concerns about the role social media is playing in all of this. fueling the protests, gripping the country and whether demonstrators are using those platforms to incite violence. he's an american pastor and he's calling these sites out. tweeting social media wants to censor conservative voices buff he allows these groups of to spread their anarchy. pastor scott, give us your shots as we continue to see these live images. this one from a short time ago in philadelphia of some violent protesters taking over police vehicles. what are your thoughts this evening? >> it's unfortunate that this
2:26 pm
violence and this anarchy is occurring in america right now. the purpose of a protest is to call attention to a particular message. the message has been sent. the message has been received. the powers that be acknowledged it. so there is no need to continue to protest. as you stated and i stated. social media is a mechanism they utilize, a stool, an instrument being utilized by the protesters. aself bell in particular places and engage in this activity. there are protests going on. they had a hash tawpg, cleveland protests. they were telling people where to go, telling people what our next target is. what i find ironic is how much facebook and twitter want to thank dough ban and censor the
2:27 pm
president but they are allowing their platforms to be used to express this anarchy and violence. sandra: what needs to be the message for our leaders obviously at the local, the state, the national level as we go into another night here? >> we don't see messages from high-profile leaders, especially democratic leaders in their communities. from what i understand kamala harris is taking part in the protest in d.c. that's ridiculous. non-violence is the key. all of this so-called peaceful protests have been followed by violent protests. the message has been heard, the message has been sent. there is always a criminal element that the injustice and pain and human suffering that is
2:28 pm
exploited. they need to not politicize this. saying we are not going to let you destroy our cities and questions troy the infrastructure of our country. the police are going to step up their resistance to this. if it continues, the people are going to get hurt. it won't turn out the waive they think it is. they won't be allows to just loot and tear up. people will get hurt if they don't cut this nonsense out. sandra: not all the protests we have seen emerge in the country have turned violent. but certainly we have seen too much violence. i am up against a hard break. i have got to leave it there. i appreciate you coming on with us. ed: in the meantime you sent me
2:29 pm
live pictures in st. paul. i-94 has been potentially shut down by protesters. we'll watch after this break. i don't keep track of regrets and i don't add up the years, but what i do count on... is boost high protein... and now, there's boost mobility... ...with key nutrients to help support... joints, muscles, and bones. try boost mobility, with added collagen.
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>> some of the peaceful protesters have become violent, have resorted to looting. we saw it in small businesses in west philly as we began this broadcast. big picture, across the country of course, we saw some targets overrun and smashed and looted in minneapolis, of course, where the company is based. there's been an announcement in the last 24 hours that target is temporarily shutting down some stores in america just for this very reason, they want to keep their employees safe. they don't want looting. sandra, take a look at this. it is still going on. we have a curfew that starts allegedly in five minutes. >> it appears a baby stroller falling into the street there. no one in it it appears. you saw a suitcase being pulled out from the looters.
2:34 pm
i know to your point, ed, many cities we have seen targets, stores shut their doors including chicago where several have been shut, but police cars destroyed, in the streets of philadelphia there, as we began this broadcast, ed, rioters destroying a line of police cars, ghost riding them into each other, setting them on fire. now this is the scene outside of a target where those looters continue as we move our way into sunday evening. what strikes you, ed, as you look at these images, together, live, is the lack of police presence. >> exactly. >> as we noted when we saw the police squad cars burning earlier, it took sometime before we saw the fire department move into put out those flames. but still no police presence as far as i can see, based on the video that we're getting right now. >> yeah, you can see one person on the left side of your screen just threw something at a window there, then he picked it up. not sure why he's doing that since they're freely moving in
2:35 pm
and out. as you can see, stealing, looting, taking merchandise at will. obviously the police can't be at every single block in philadelphia or any city, but the fact that this is just happening so brazenly, you see the pictures from earlier on the right of your screen, now that we've brought up, that was a burning police vehicle a moment ago. now on the right screen, that's tape from earlier of a bargain store that was already looted. as sandra has been noting, you have that live look on the left side of your screen, of a target in philadelphia. look at this, folks. people are still running into the target literally through the right side there, a gentleman there on the left running out. when we saw the parking lot, there were still cars pulling in to get more merchandise. this is truly remarkable. >> our fox affiliate in philadelphia reporting on the chaotic scene on the streets there, as you see more carts just filled with items coming out of that target store, by
2:36 pm
those looters there. our fox affiliate right now, ed, is reporting that at that intersection where you saw those police cars burning, 52nd and arch earlier, as of moments ago, our affiliate reporting that police are firing tear gas into the streets there and protesters are clearing out in west philly. so there's an ongoing situation there obviously as we continue to watch this scene at a target on the ground there in philadelphia. >> to your point, sandra, if the police are kind of pinned down in west philly, which is where the burning police vehicles were that we showed a moment ago earlier this evening, and they have a big police presence over there, then of course the looters go somewhere else. you see the dramatic pictures on the right side of your screen that we were watching live as this broadcast began a couple hours back. the president of the united states was watching those live pictures. he sent out several tweeting imploring local and state officials in philadelphia and pennsylvania to step up and do
2:37 pm
something about this. and sandra, it is just remarkable that we're watching this looting continue, live before our eyes, but with now just one minute until a curfew is supposed to begin. there's obviously no sign, sandra, of that curfew in philadelphia, which was moved up to 6:00 p.m. eastern, there's no sign that it is actually going to be enforced. >> curfews across the nation set, atlanta, austin, charlottesville, dallas just added one, detroit, chicago, las vegas, los angeles, miami, the list almost too long to read here, ed, but all the way to california, san francisco. there are curfews set across the nation right now to try to stem the violence that we have seen the past two nights. >> yep, while we've been going 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern, we'll be back of course 9:00 to noon which our traditional time. 9:00 a.m. to noon eastern
2:38 pm
tomorrow sandra. and obviously fox will be covering it all night. >> great to be with you, ed, continuing coverage right here on the fox news. "the fox report" with -- jon: president trump accusing the media of fuelling nationwide protests over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of minneapolis police. the president also moving to designate antifa as a terrorist organization. the white house accuses the anarchist group of instigating the violence that's spread coast to coast. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is a special two-hour edition of "the fox report". the president commending the national guard for breaking up last night's minneapolis protests before they turned destructive, while urging other cities to follow suit. more than a dozen states have now activated their national guard forces as communities brace for more mass demonstrations against police brutality. we have fox team coverage. dan springer in seattle.
2:39 pm
bryan llenas in new york. jonathan serrie in atlanta and mike tobin in minneapolis. we begin with mark meredith reporting live from the white house. mark? >> good evening, jon. there are no indications that president trump will be making some sort of national address tonight. instead he has been tweeting quite a bit about what's been going on in minneapolis and in cities all over the country, but there is one tweet that certainly getting a lot of attention. the president earlier today tweeting, quote, the united states of america will be designating antifa as a terrorist organization. the american civil liberties union insists though that the president doesn't have the authority to do that. they put out a statement of their own earlier this afternoon saying, quote, there is no legal authority for designating a domestic group any such designation would raise significant due process and 1st amendment concerns. attorney general bill barr has his own statement out tonight over all of this. he says the fbi and joint terrorism task forces are working to identify criminal organizers and the instigators in all this.
2:40 pm
barr also calling out antifa directly writing quote the violence instigated and carried out by antifa and others is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly. i want to mention that the president national security advisor says that the u.s. is monitoring global intelligence trying to see if other countries are trying to sow discard here in the united states. he says that china is also top of mind. >> we saw chinese foreign ministry spokesman trolling the state department about this. it is open. it is coming straight from the government. it is something we're keeping an eye on. listen, to our adversaries, to the american people, we may have had our political differences and we have gone through these crises before, but we will overcome it. >> protests outside the white house which has been going on all weekend. they are happening at this hour. secret service says at least 60 of their uniformed and special agents have been injured as a result of these protests all weekend long. 11 of them were taken to the
2:41 pm
hospital. these are live pictures out there looking into lafayette park which is facing the north side of the white house, if you're familiar with the complex. you can see fairly peaceful right now, but overnight last night as well as friday night, we saw instances where protesters were throwing things, bottl bottles, rocks at the secret service agents. they have not gotten close to the white house. no one has breached the white house perimeter we're told, but we will continue to monitor this. we're also told by the secret service that neither the president or first lady were in danger. no indications that president trump will be making any on camera statements tonight. jon? jon: mark meredith at the white house, thank you. protests resumed last night in minneapolis despite a curfew as some demonstrators threw projectiles at law enforcement and police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. our mike tobin was there throughout and joins us once again on the ground in minneapolis. mike? >> jon, a dramatically different scene here in minneapolis today after police in large numbers
2:42 pm
enforced the curfew. what we saw today on a beautiful sunny day is peaceful protests, as they're described, peaceful yet defiant. the demonstrators left from the u.s. bank stadium here, showing you live pictures, they left from this location and went on to i-94. they're blocking traffic out there. but what you will notice as you look at the live pictures is as the demonstrators march, the police are along with them providing protection because they are in traffic. so a very different scene, with the police working with the demonstrators, and one of the things about the demonstrations that we see, and we see this a lot during the day, it is very much focused on the death of george floyd and the outrage that people unanimously have agreed upon as they witness that video. they stay very focused. there's marches. there's demonstration. there's chanting. that's opposed to the kind of things we see at nighttime out here. that was countered of course by a large show of force from law
2:43 pm
enforcement, multiple agencies came out about 45 minutes after the curfew went into effect, as you mentioned, with rubber bullets and tear gas with zip strips. they affected some 155 arrests. that number is expected to rise from the day. charges ranging from everything defying the curfew to vandalism to arson. we're looking at another night, another 8:00 p.m. curfew. the interstates are said to be shut down -- i should say the major highways are said to be shut down right now. we will see how it goes when the time comes to enforce the curfew again, if police are not going to give up much ground because as we saw in the previous days was giving up with the third precinct and then ultimately not enforcing the curfew. it didn't create the intended effect. it created the effect of smashed win dose and burning buildings -- windows and burning buildings. jon? jon: mike tobin, thank you. a nusm number of cities are
2:44 pm
putting curfews in place to prevent looting. dan springer is in seattle with more. >> dozens of cities have curfews in effect. seattle's is about two hours from now. there's a small gathering of black lives matter folks protest here that started a few minutes ago, very small, about 200 people, also very peaceful. nothing like we saw here last night which is described as the worst riot that seattle has had in over 20 years. thousands of protesters converged on downtown seattle. they blocked a freeway. anarchists started breaking windows and burning police cars. seattle pd was slow to react and had way too few officers to stop the chaos. numerous stores were looted. police eventually did fight back, deploying tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets but for hours, the crowd was in control >> i saw complete lawlessness. i saw middle class couples walking down the street with
2:45 pm
merchandise. >> perhaps the scariest moment, two ar 15 police rifles were briefly in the hands of protesters, after being stolen from a burning squad car. an alert security guard jumped in and disarmed the men. one person has been killed, david patrick underwood, a federal security officer was gunned down as he protected the federal courthouse in oakland, california. another officer was critically wounded. the department of homeland security calling it a case of domestic terrorism. another close call happened yesterday in salt lake city utah when a man got out of his car with a bow and arrow and pointed it at protesters, but before he could shoot, he was jumped and beaten. now police say he's facing possible charges. his car was flipped over and set on fire, one of hundreds of vehicles torched throughout the country. more than two dozen cities as i said under curfew tonight and more than a dozen states have activated their national guard. jon? jon: all right, dan springer from seattle, dan, thank you. u.s. city rocked by violence last night as hundreds were
2:46 pm
arrested. dozens of officers injured and numerous police vehicles torched as well. our bryan llenas was in the thick of new york city. he joins us live from times square in new york city. he has the latest. bryan? >> jon, good evening. this is a peaceful protest here marching now, through times square, black, brown, hispanics, different ages, diverse groups with their signs, calling out no justice, no peace, calling out george floyd's name. but yesterday was a different story. over 340 arrests, 33 police officers injured as well as over -- over 47 police vehicles that were torched or vandalized. it was a complete mayhem in many different situations. but the mayor bill de blasio defended the nypd and how they handled the situation. >> we saw tremendous restraint overall from the nypd. there are always going to be some incidents we don't like. i will speak about that as well. but when you composite the whole day, thousands upon thousands of
2:47 pm
officers in ever-changing situations, i saw a lot of restraints under very very difficult circumstances >> the situation yesterday was volatile in two different areas of the city. in union square, in manhattan, as well as in brooklyn, we were on the air when that situation in flat bush happened, when they started vandalizing two nypd vehicles an then the police charged the line at that point. that caused much mayhem. two police cars were torched in flat bush. there were multiple injuries there. in union square, multiple vans were also torched. confrontations with police. we saw bottles and bricks being thrown at police officers as they were being brought into ambulances. some peaceful protesters, though, were trying to calm the situation. there was a nurse that we saw on our air dressed in her nurse garb during the covid-19 pandemic, in the hardest-hit state in the country who was trying to deescalate the
2:48 pm
situation. we spoke to her yesterday live as she was in between the protesters and the nypd. >> what is your message? >> protest peacefully. don't give them a reason to arrest us, a reason to kill us. protest peacefully. that's the message i'm trying to get across. >> jon, as you can see right now, these are protesters that have kneeled here in times square, a different situation as of right now, but the situation always changes when the sun comes down. back to you, jon. jon: bryan llenas in times square. thank you. in the southeast, protesters in atlanta gathering once again tonight. this after more than 100 people were arrested last night during heated demonstrations. jonathan serrie is live from atlanta with an update on the situation there. jonathan? >> hi, jon. this is actually a larger crowd than what we saw this time yesterday, although it is a
2:49 pm
different dynamic, there are some different groups, including some members of the clergy who are trying to reclaim these as peaceful protests and sort of change the dynamic, make them less confrontational, but there are also other strategies going on in decatur, a city to the east of atlanta. there was a human rights organization that was going to have a civil rights demonstration. they decided to cancel it after what they saw happen in atlanta over the previous night. take a look at the scene last night. protesters shot fireworks at police and hurled bottles and other debris. officers responded with tear gas and cleared most of the crowd. they were able to prevent the high levels of vandalism seen on friday. however, rioters still broke windows at several downtown businesses. a police precinct and at least one patrol car were damaged. police made 157 arrests yesterday, including an atv rider who sped past the line of
2:50 pm
riot police twice before crashing into an officer standing in the street a block away. police say the officer underwent surgery this morning and is recovering in intensive care. georgia congressman john lewisilewis i issued a statement urging protesters to quote, organize, demonstrate, sit in, stand up, vote. be constructive, not destructive. history has proven time and again that non-violent peaceful protests is the way to achieve the justice and equality that we all deserve. back to our live scene. you can see the protesters gathered here. georgia governor brian kemp has authorized the use of as many as 3,000 members of the national guard to help maintain the peace during these protests, which are continuing into this sunday night. back to you, jon. jon: jonathan serrie, thank you. we want to take a look now at how law enforcement is handling these violent protests
2:51 pm
as questions arise about the lack of leadership in local and state governments here and there. let's bring in former new york city police commissioner. he was also fire commissioner of the city. he brings an interesting perspective of the dual public safety agencies. you've seen what happened in minneapolis. you know, police precincts burned, that kind of thing. is that because of a lack of police presence, a lack of resolve to prevent things from getting worse, or did they simply just get caught flat footed? >> i don't think they got caught foot foot -- flat footed. there's some question about their training and readiness, but the fact that mayor ordered the precinct be given up was an absolute wrong signal. the message that it sends not to the peaceful protesters but to the violent and mostly outsiders was you can do whatever you want and we're not going to do anything about it. weakness never works in these
2:52 pm
kinds of situations. jon: i mentioned that last night as we were watching bryan llenas cover sort of a small riot i guess you would say near prospect park in brooklyn. new york city police tend not to allow things to get out of control. i mean that was part of your legacy. the commissioner before you and commissioners since seem to keep things pretty well in hand when they start getting out of hand. >> nypd is very well trained and all the commissioners including myself send a very clear message to people who were protesting, use your constitutional right, be peaceful, but once you resort to violence or vandalism, you are going to be arrested and go to jail. we're use overwhelming force, legal force to put you in jail and to protect peaceful protesters and the citizens. jon: when you take a look at the national map of cities that have already seen protests, i mean, it is virtually every major city
2:53 pm
in the country has seen some kind of trouble, and more than a ze the national guard, it sounds like from your perspective, calling out the national guard would be -- that's a move you would endorse some of these police forces can use the help frankly. >> absolutely. the governor of minnesota did exactly the right thing. he authorized the activation of 35,000 national guardsmen, first time in history, but it started to calm things down, and i think it will continue to calm things down. you know, the problem is that, you know, groups like antifa are organized nationwide, and they have people who are willing to do unlawful things, and that's what causes these protests to
2:54 pm
not resonate really with most of the public. jon: the president tweeted today, and you might have heard this, that the president tweeted that he wants to designate antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. now, there's some question as to whether that's even possible or legal, but if it is possible, if it is legal, would you endorse that? >> i really would not. i don't know whether it's legal or not. that's for the legal scholars to determine, but i think the more attention that you give to antifa, the more they like it. the more they are in the press. the more they are controversial, that helps them recruit more of these dissidents to their cause. i think there are plenty of adequate laws on the books, both federal, state and local to deal with unlawful conduct by antifa. that's what we have to do. jon: the former police and fire commissioner of the city of new york, thank you very much, as we watch live images from greenville, south carolina, where somebody crashed in the door of a liquor store, and
2:55 pm
they're walking in and taking out just about everything they can. straight ahead, more team coverage on the protests over the death of george floyd and the riots erupting across the country. customizes your insurance, so you only pay for what you need! [squawks]t you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when i get my teeth cleaned, my hsomething like this. she cleans with something like this. it's got a round head. and it's got power. go pro with oral-b. power one on for oral-b's best clean ever.
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jon: fox news alert, gathering outside the white house, protesters right now, part of a nationwide demonstration over the death of george floyd in minneapolis. kevin cork is there on the scene. kevin? >> jon, mostly peaceful protest here at lafayette park. just to the north of the white house, as you know, we've seen sporadic breakouts of violence, some tear gas, but nothing really major, relatively speaking, especially compared to friday night. i will step off camera and let you see what's happening here at the hour. it is full of people here. as i mentioned, it's been mostly peaceful. we have heard chants of black lives matter, no justice, no peace, no more killer cops and that sort of thing, but again, by in large, we've seen mostly peaceful protests with random speakers, just sort of getting up and addressing the crowd. i can tell you this, while this may be the calm, the real concern for law enforcement officials is the storm yet to come. as long as the sun is up, people
3:00 pm
tend to react in a mostly peaceful manner, but when the sun goes down, that's when the real concern hits. obviously they would like to keep them away from pennsylvania avenue. we have seen a couple protesters breach the barriers. we're talking about sort of the bike barriers they put up along pennsylvania avenue. in both instances they were quickly apprehended. i've seen some tear gas which caused a bit of a rush on a couple of occasions. that can be a little hairy as you can imagine, but by in large, peaceful. we will see how things turn out for the balance of the day and into the night. jon? jon: kevin cork at lafayette park, outside the white house, thank you. the family of george floyd speaking out in the wake of his death. his brother is calling for the murder charge against former officer derek chauvin to be changed to first degree murder. lauren blanchard is live from washington, d.c. with more. ? >> there are calls now by the floyd family to appoint minnesota attorney general keith
3:01 pm
ellison, a special prosecutor in the case. they feel the county attorney has done too little and moving too slowly. here's ellison on "fox news sunday" today. >> relates to my role, you know, i'm standing behind the process at this point, and the process is that the county attorney has primary jurisdiction. >> police officer derek chauvin has been charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. the floyd family attorney believes they can prove intent which would mean first degree murder. >> -- think that he had intent based on not the one minute, two minute, but over eight minutes, almost nine minutes, he kept his knee in a man's neck that was begging and pleading for breath. >> crump says he doesn't think the destructive protests will quiet until more severe charges are brought and the three other officers who stood by and watched are arrested. there are also calls now like so
3:02 pm
many times before for reform within the policing community. >> at the national level, there's a need for reform in the law that's used by federal prosecutors. the standard is an old standard. it's a difficult standard to meet. >> meanwhile, president trump said yesterday he understood the pain being felt by so many, but george floyd's brother said his phone call from the president wasn't enough. >> it was so fast, he didn't give me an opportunity to even speak. i was trying to talk to him, but he just kept like pushing me off, like i don't want to hear what you're talking about, and i just told him, i want justice. >> attorney general ellison said the investigation is still in its very early stages, and it would not be uncommon to amend the charges against chauvin and add defendants. jon? jon: lauren blanchard, lauren, thank you. the protests over the death of george floyd not just taking
3:03 pm
place in the united states. demonstrators also marching against racism in toronto and berlin, as well as london, where five people were arrested. amy kellogg has the latest from florence, italy. >> jon, there was shock and outrage in many parts of the world over the death of george floyd. in berlin there were protests outside the u.s. embassy, and in london people gathered on trafalgar square before moving on to the houses of parliament and the u.s. embassy there. they chanted no justice, no peace, in some way placards asking quote how many more. london had back in 2011 sparked by the killing of a police of a mixed race man who cops thought was armed who was not, disturbances took place in neighborhoods where people thought stop and search powers had long been abused and thought biased and disenfranchisement. five people were killed and the riots spread across. iran took advantage of the current unrest in the united
3:04 pm
states to criticize america, iran where hundreds have been killed by security services and thousands arrested in recent protests, some took to the streets to demonstrate against george floyd's killing while state tv reported police in washington set fire to cars and attacked protesters. a state run newspaper in china asked whether that country should be supporting the u.s. protesters in much the same way that the u.s. quote glorified hong kong rioters. russia's foreign ministry issued a statement calling this the latest incident of unjust conduct and unlawful violence by u.s. law enforcement. jon? jon: amy kellogg, amy, thank you. the trump administration takes aim at antifa. why officials believe the left wing political movement could be behind the riots sweeping the nation. we will speak with a member of the senate homeland security committee, senator james langford of oklahoma, next. this is hal. this is hal's heart.
3:05 pm
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>> in many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchist and left extreme groups, far left extremist groups, using antifa like tactics, many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence. jon: that's attorney general william barr with some strong words about who is behind the violence in the nationwide protests we're seeing. he says it is being carried out by far left extremists like antifa. i'm jon scott. this is a special edition of fox report. the president tweeting the united states of america will be designating antifa as a terrorist organization. let's bring in oklahoma senator james lankford who sits on the senate homeland security committee and government affairs committee. thank you for joining us this
3:10 pm
evening. what do you think about the president's proposal? does he have the power, and would it be helpful? >> yeah, i would start the process of being able to look at what antifa has done in past, what they planned to do, what they have organized to do. antifa has been well known over the last several years, when there's violence, they seem to be there, seem to be instigating violence both on-line and in person. they come well prepared in the protest events to be able to fight off tear gas, to be able to take the fight to law enforcement, so they have been instigators in this, trying to be able to create more unrest that has reason at a minimum to look at them as a group that is creating unrest and violence, and to take the next step to be able to designate them as a terrorist group. we as americanses have the right to peacefully assembly. any entity coming in choosing to make this not a peaceful assemble, there's not a basic right for that. jon: on the other hand, as
3:11 pm
antifa has been stoking these riots, you have spent a long time trying to, you know, stoke some sense of racial peace and harmony in this country. tell us what you have been trying to do and what you think we need right now. >> very similar to what john lewis is doing right now, where he keeps repeating we need to be constructive, not destructive in this process. for years i have called on oklahomans to look at race relations and engage in unique ways. ironically enough, today is the 99th anniversary of the worst race massacre in american history. it was in tulsa, oklahoma, estimates as high as 300 people were killed when a group of white rioters moved into an african-american community in greenwood, levelled it, destroying thousands of homes and businesses and killing hundreds of people. that community has literally never recovered from that, 99 years ago today. this is not a new thing for us in oklahoma, nor new thing for us in america to be able to deal with the issue of race relations. one of the things that i
3:12 pm
challenge people on and have challenged people on for years is the most simplest of conversation. everyone talks about we have a national conversation on race. national conversations happen around dinner tables. and so i ask people a very simple question, has your family ever invited a family of another race to your home for dinner? not for some preplanned program, not for a set of questions, just a simple friendship. has you ever family ever invited a family of another race to your home for dinner? most families i talked to no matter what race they are will tell me no, i have friends of another race. i will smile at them and say that's not what i asked, in your home, your family sitting with their family, literally putting all the issues on the table with all your feet under that same table to just be able to develop friendships and conversations. that's the most basic element that we should be doing and should have done for a very long time and need to continue to do more now. jon: many of us who attended
3:13 pm
church today or at least listened to services on-line heard about the role of faith in all this. you have some thoughts on that, i know. >> i do actually. my church reopened today, very small group of people. we had to do reservations on-line. there was a lot of social distancing. we did four services to be able to provide enough space to be able to be there. the faith perspective on this and the race issue should be led by people of faith. i believe that people are created in the image of god and they have value and worth. if you believe every person is created in the image of god and you have value and worth, then you engage with people differently. you take it from the perspective of dr. martin luther king jr. who often quoted scripture and pushed people back on situations like this, that hate doesn't drive out hate, only love does, that's the biblical principle. the belief i have, that jesus died on the cross for our sins and forgave us, he meat the
3:14 pm
anger that was there with intense love -- he met the anger that was there with intense love and overcome much. this simple perspective of being able to love back. we saw that with the emmanuel church people loved. justice is a biblical principle. we should address unjustice, but destroying things, stealing things, having undercutting of the message doesn't help bring back george floyd or honor his memory. we need to be able to stand for justice. we need to be able to work for racial reconciliation in a way that honors his memory and finishes his work that we should have started a long time ago as a nation. jon: as you were talking about love overcoming hate. we were watching live as part of a strip mall in chicago was burning. clearly there are agitators who are taking advantage of the mayhem to simply loot and burn. i can't say that i believe they
3:15 pm
are necessarily upset about the death of george floyd. they just want to cause trouble or maybe help themselves to a free television set. how do you stop that? >> right. this is where you get enough police force in. it is where you get the national guard in. the national guard is not coming in to be able to squash everything. they are coming in to bring some peace and stability in the situation. everyone wants peace and stability in their communities, in every community. so having law enforcement there, that's honoring all the rules, that's engaging with people, trying to be able to serve and protect, which they do, and we have thousands and thousands of great folks in law enforcement that are out there that are doing incredible jobs, allowing those folks to be able to help protect people so there can be peaceful protests, that allows for peaceful protests, but then actually steps back and pulls out those that are violent agitators. we saw it in oklahoma city last night, where there were aj agitators that were arrested in a crowd. those that were arrested were bringing weapons with them,
3:16 pm
equipment to be able to fight off tear gas, bringing all kinds of things that looked very obvious they were coming to the event ready and equipped to be able to take on the police. those folks are not there to peacefully protest. they are there to be able to cause problems. so the law enforcement, national guard, and there's enough folks that can be there that can separate out who are the protesters that are trying to be able to get their message out from those folks that are just trying to destroy and steal. jon: we are watching live in chicago as a beauty supply store apparently burns -- i'm saying it is apparently a beauty supply store and it is clearly burning. the owner of that store is going to be set back for years, maybe decades. and, you know, the tragedy of what's happening to small businesses around this country as a result of these anarchists, these troublemakers, these hoodlums is just appalling. senator james lankford, republican of oklahoma, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. jon: chinese state media are using the american protests to
3:17 pm
slam the u.s. government over its support for pro democracy demonstrations in hong kong. this comes as tensions heat up between washington and beijing. we have more from our mideast newsroom. >> jon, good evening. after president trump announced plans on friday to cut special trading ties with hong kong, local officials are now reacting saying it would only hurt the people america claims to support. in a statement released by the government in hong kong, the move was called unjustified, adding they aren't worried about these types of threats. chinese state media said the decision was quote doomed to fail and it grossly interferes with international chinese affairs. the move by the trump administration comes after a proposed security law by beijing that would outlaw treason, subversion, and secession. hong kong residents worry it could be the first step in mass crackdowns in response to ongoing protests that have taken place over the past year regarding a controversial
3:18 pm
extradition bill. the protesters have been largely supported by the u.s. government through statements and tweets. one reacted over the weekend to the latest moves. >> [inaudible]. we work together for the common good. all this political -- [inaudible] -- for the economy or anything. >> in addition to the proposed security law, china's initial handling of the covid-19 outbreak further stoked tensions between washington and beijing. the new decision regarding hong kong is expected to be the first of many changes made by president trump. jon? jon: trey, thank you. up next, a live report on the protests and riots in minneapolis. now, simparica trio simplifies protection.
3:19 pm
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jon: we're going to take a live look at some of the scenes throughout minneapolis this evening. protesters there taking to the street even as governor walz extended the curfew in the twin cities. meantime, investigators are saying that the now fired minneapolis officer chauvin had 18 previous complaints against him according to the minneapolis police department. let's check in with steve harrigan who is live in minneapolis. >> about two hours away from curfew. we are watching protesters gather, and keep in mind, we've seen over several days now several two really different types of protests, the daytime protests and the nighttime protests. and the daytime, you see a lot of young people out with signs, families, bicycles, very peaceful, a lot of shouting and chanting.
3:24 pm
in the nighttime it is more like riots. last night it was a little bit different. that's because the police action has changed dramatically. for the first several nights here at nighttime, more than 200 businesses burned down including banks and a post office, a lot of violence and looting going on. last night the police changed their tactic. they confronted protesters early and often. they were talking about high-value targets. it really sounded almost like a military briefing of u.s. soldiers in iraq, really more aggressive posture, and that seemed to work. overnight no major fires set, no reported deaths. so they've shifted tactics here. we'll wait and see if those tactics continue to keep safety as it gets dark over the next few hours. jon, back to you. jon: steve harrigan, thank you. as cities across the country continue to reopen their economies, the coronavirus continues to plague the united states with nearly 1.8 million confirmed cases out of more than 6 million worldwide. senior correspondent claudia
3:25 pm
cowan is live in mill valley, california, with more on the numbers. claudia? >> jon, those numbers could rise now because you have huge crowds of protesters and this highly contagious virus. it is a potentially deadly combination because you have seen at these demonstrations, there is virtually no social distancing, and many of these demonstrators are not wearing masks. add to that smoke from fire and the use of tear gas which makes people cough, it is a recipe for spike in new cases >> there's no question that when you put hundreds or thousands of people together in close proximity, when we've got this virus all over the streets, it's not healthy. there's about a 14-day incubation period, so two weeks from now, across america, we're going to find out whether or not this gives us a spike and drives the numbers back up again or not. >> health experts worry that
3:26 pm
silent carriers of the virus who are asymptomatic could be infecting others without knowing it, and when people are upset, they don't always take the safety precautions they should. the problem is compounded by people stopping in restaurants, using public bathrooms and public transportation, all of which can move the virus from one place to another. in san francisco, the police chief says people arrested for looting or other crimes could face enhanced charges. >> we've been working with the district attorney because of a public health emergency, that we are still in by the way, to enhance the charges for those who are breaking into businesses during a state of emergency to add looting to the charges. that will continue. >> parts of san francisco were trashed last night. officials say with a curfew starting here in just a few hours, in addition to the shelter in place order, people have two reasons to stay home tonight, and mayors across the country are strongly encouraging people who have participated in
3:27 pm
these demonstrations to get tested this week. jon? jon: claudia cowan, thank you. we have more team coverage just ahead, on the violent protests engulfing the nation. straight ahead, live on the ground reports from new york city as well as minneapolis. how do your teeth get a dentist-clean feeling?
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jon: new york city still reeling from a night of violence yesterday, as police prepare for more protests over the death of george floyd in minnesota, with no plans to impose a new york city curfew. bryan llenas is joining us live from midtown manhattan with more. bryan? >> jon, it's been a peaceful protest thus far, hundreds if not thousands of people at this point. it's gotten larger since i spoke to you. this is heading down madison square garden towards penn station. reality, though, the conversation here is about whether or not the nypd is reacting appropriately to what they are seeing on the ground. this is video of what happened yesterday. two police cruisers pushed their cars into a bunch of protesters that were in front of their car. the mayor and the police commissioner defended the action saying that was part of a mob and not a protest. but at the end of the day,
3:32 pm
though, other people have said look, that was too much. and then there's also another situation york know, you look at the police, they have been getting bottles thrown at them. bricks thrown at them. they have had tons of objects thrown at them, been a dangerous situation over 30 officers injured from flat bush to union square. again, a difficult situation. right now it's been peaceful. the mayor was asked whether or not there will be a curfew in new york city, and this is what he had to say. >> there's no plan for a curfew. some have been talking about bringing in outside military forces, outside police forces. i want to be clear, the nypd knows how to keep the people of new york city safe. and if you bring in outside military police forces, you actually endanger the safety and security of new yorkers because they are not trained to handle the realities of our streets and our communities. >> what we've seen here today thus far, jon, is that the nypd officers have been marching lock step with the protesters, just
3:33 pm
as we've seen in dozens of other protests before. therefore, right now peaceful like we've seen in other situations, not like last night, so far. jon? jon: bryan llenas in new york city, bryan, thank you. minneapolis preparing for more protests tonight, hoping to prevent possible violence. the minnesota national guard is fully deployed as governor walz extends the 8:00 curfew there and keeps highways closed. this as religious and community leaders encourage peace. let's bring back mike tobin who is on the ground in minneapolis. mike? >> as bryan was just talking about, the situation is always much different during the day. you talk about your peaceful protests. they had people gathering outside a u.s. bank stadium, some of them gathering here at the capital grounds in st. paul, and they took off marching. a group is marching in the direction of the capital right now. their numbers in the hundreds. some of the marchers got out on i-94. what's interesting to note about
3:34 pm
it, they were accompanied by the police who essentially were providing protection to the marchers who took it upon themselves to march on the interstate. back to you, jon. jon: mike, thank you, mike tobin in minneapolis. stay tuned for a brand-new hour of "the fox report". straight ahead, our special coverage continues with live reports of the protests and riots taking place across the country. when you shop for your home at wayfair
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jon: another evening of violent protests across the country with many states activating national guard forces and dozens of cities imposing curfews. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is a special expanded edition of "the fox report". tear gas, rubber bullets, water bottles, fire, and looting, out in full force at many of the violent protests across the country last night, with many cities facing similar scenes tonight. protests expanding to all four corners of the nation in the wake of the death of george floyd in minneapolis. plus, at least 16 states have activated national guard forces to help keep the peace. tonight we have team coverage from chris wallace and mark meredith. but first, we go to steve
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