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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 31, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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welcome back to another hour breaking news coverage. i am brett there. it is 9:00 o'clock in the east, 8:00 o'clock in the midwest, a curfew taking effect in minneapolis. gripping this country tonight. rioting, looting, confrontations between protesters and police. dozens of communities are bracing for another night of dangerous unrest. the spark was the death of an
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african-american man in police custody last week in minneapolis caught, of course, on videotape. years of perception on the part of black communities across the country and other minorities of unfair treatment at the hands of law enforcement. a number of the protests. some of them have turned, many of them have turned to writing and destroying some of these communities. let's find out what is happening right now where this latest surge of violence began. mike tobin is in minneapolis again tonight. a dangerous, frightening incident earlier this week. good evening, mike. >> actually, we are in st. paul. most of the demonstrators at the capitol building have left. we are waiting to see how it is handled. state patrol troopers ready to enforce the curfew. a dramatic development today as
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a crowd of demonstrators were marching on i 35 west and a tanker truck seem to plow right into their ranks. amazing what we hear is there were no injuries among the demonstrators. the driver was injured and taken to the hospital. he was since released after being treated for his injuries and arrested for that incident. another big development, fox news has confirmed that derek seen on the video kneeling on the back of the neck of george floyd will make his first court appearance tomorrow. keith ellison, heading the prosecution assisted by the attorney mike freeman. we will bring all the resources necessary to achieve justice in this case.
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>> watching the developments today with the enforcement of the curfew, we can compare it to what we saw last night. a strong show of force from law enforcement. tear gas, batons, rubber bullets , pepper bullets. enforcing the lockdown. they picked up 155 people with charges ranging from disobeying the curfew to looting, to vandalism, to arson. watching the developments as they go forward tonight. what i can tell you is it looks like most of the demonstrators have elected to go home. different places around the state where we have seen different pockets of looters, or writers getting ready to do whatever they want to deal. we also see law enforcement staging right down to the fact that they have large prisoner transport buses. brett. >> mike tobin live in st. paul. thank you. the protest turned violent hours ago in philadelphia.
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good evening, jackie. what is the latest there? >> good evening. local media is reporting that since yesterday police need more than two -- made more than 200 arrests at police headquarters. the curfew was pushed up to 6:0. there are barricades now in front of headquarters because any crowds that gather after nightfall will be doing so illegally. there were some tense times today. the violence has been concentrated mostly on the western part of the city. several inferences of riots and looting. it began in a strip mall, footlocker, walmart rated before it spread it to west philadelphia where another restaurant, liquor store and footlocker were rated as well among other buildings. some of the kids rating those stores are as young as 10 years old. tear gas used to disperse the crowd at 62nd street and chestnut when the looters just did not stop coming.
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police just a few blocks away, five officers were injured. for police vehicles were burnt in police hit with rocks, bricks and molotov cocktails. working to confirm how many officers were injured in other parts of the city. last night an officer was seriously injured when protesters ran them over with the car. good spirits, but he needed surgery. community activists have been urging people to stop the destruction. >> please. i beg you all. please stop this. i definitely feel your pain. we understand what is going on. george floyd situation and many other people that got killed with other police officers throughout the country. this is not going to resolve anything. looting and stealing. >> in an effort to crack down, they moved up the start of the curfew to 6:00 o'clock at night. the state also mobilized the national guard.
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they are supposed to be coming here later on tonight. police were simply outnumbered. in some cases, 10-one. asking officers to keep their personal safety in mind. all city transportation is suspended in the ben franklin bridge a shutdown in both directions, brett. >> live in philadelphia. jackie, thank you. demonstrations have turned violent there as well up and down the coast. costing one federal security official his life. dozens have been arrested in portland and seattle. curfews are or will be in place. dan springer is in seattle where the night has not yet begun. good evening, dan, what's the latest. >> another long night for seattle police. taking effect one hour ago. even though the police chief said it will be enforced, so far it is not.
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[inaudible] >> about 30 minutes ago we actually saw what looked like a quick negotiation between a group of two-300 protesters and a line of police backed by members of the washington national guard. 400 have been activated to deal with crowd control. the police backed up and let the protesters through. this protest will continue. that always comes with the threat of violence. based on the smaller numbers, it should be nothing like what we saw last night in seattle with widespread looting, car fires, dozens of arrests and injuries. tonight the more active spot is over in bellevue. a crowd of protesters much bigger there, over 1000. there is been looting and lots of property damage. the bellevue mayor quickly called for curfew that began at 530, just a short time ago, and
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we end at 530. state patrol national guard has been sent into hell. right now, the situation, curfews and effect in both bellevue and over here in seattle. it does not look like they are being actually enforced by the police. you have these protesters, smaller group in seattle. much larger group in bellevue. roaming around the city. in some cases, looting buildings. >> dan springer in seattle. thank you. protesters sometimes peaceful. transition revolved to rioting and looting. that is when it is not a peaceful protest, obviously. from the northwest to the southeast, francis suarez is a republican mayor of miami. thank you for joining us.
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>> so far so good. a little early. we implemented a curfew until 8:00 p.m. we are invoicing that curfew and we've had no confrontation so far. we are using our bike deploys as well as other tactical resources to make sure that we are able to disperse a crowd. they seem to be dispersing from all the indications we have right now. yesterday, things got a little bit dicier at night and there was some looting and there was some vandalizing of cars. that is not happen so far tonight and we hope it does not happen for the rest of the night. >> mr. mayor, i want to play a sound bite. characterized as a terrorist group and the president has pointed to as being behind some of these are many of these disturbances in different cities. take a listen to this and i will get your reaction. >> i want to make a big
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distinction between peaceful protesters, the difference between our country many of the authoritarian countries out there, when something like this happens, we investigate, people protest, they petitioned their government and we stand with the protesters. it is the radical militants coming out, traveling under state lines, using military style to burn down our cities. >> white house national security advisor, some on the left pointing to white supremacists. what are you seeing on the ground, mr. mayor? >> we are definitely seeing a split similar to what the national security council, advisor is mentioning. during the day and yesterday we had protest from 3:00 p.m. all the way through the night. during the day people are protesting peacefully that they are therefore the right reason. what we saw at night was there was a small percentage of those people who are equipped to do
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damage and destroy property. they are certainly coordinating. we have evidence of that. what we do know is we arrested yesterday 57 people. only 13 of them lived in the city of miami. a vast majority lived outside the city from a different part of the country. without a doubt we are seeing throughout the country, two kinds of protesters, daytime protesters, for which the national security adviser said we are united in that protest and the frustration people are feeling and then there are the nighttime protest which have been transitioning to looting and vandalism and that is something we are trying to avoid today. so far, we have been successful doing. >> the mayor of miami. thank you very much for your time tonight. >> thank you, brett. >> the secret service just put out a tweet saying in an effort to ensure public safety, pedestrians and motorists are encouraged to avoid streets and parks near the white house
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complex. obviously, there have been a number of situations around the white house, pennsylvania avenue, one including our fox crew. they did a valiant effort getting out of there and covering it, but it has been building. we have confirmed from senior administration officials that out of abundance the president was taken to the bunker underneath the white house friday night for a short period of time. as you take a look there in washington tonight. let's bring in our panel, former tennessee congressman, currently the chairman of -- chief congressional correspondent and jason riley wall street journal columnist. jason, your thoughts tonight as we brace ourselves for whatever is coming.
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>> well, brett, you know, i saw the video of the officer and i think it has been pretty much universal for what people have seen. there is obviously no excuse for that. we don't have all the evidence, obviously, but due process will take place. if he is guilty, a lot of people want to see the book thrown at him. what i am a little bit concerned about is a lot of people out there protesting are doing so because they are convinced that this happens all the time to black people every day. we walk around in fear of law enforcement treating us like this. i do not think that what i saw was representative of police behavior or what black people go through on a daily basis. one of my concerns is that, we have more examples of this, and terms of media covering more of
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this, particularly blanket media coverage is when they happen because of social media and so forth. this does not mean that this is happening more often. those things are not distinguishing much of the coverage. i find that very disturbing. based on all the data that we have, police use of force has gone down considerably since the early 1970s. these events happen less frequently and because when they do happen they get more attention, people have the opposite impression. there is going to be a pull back on the part of police and the community and the aftermath of events like this. they will not get the police think that they need and deserve going forward. and then you will see more black lives lost as a result. >> reaction to that. >> so, i differ with jason. we are old pals. i think that recent history shows that the analysis, at least one analysis, we do not
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often hear of many other groups of men more than young black men or whatever age, being killed and being unarmed and often times having done nothing. we need to be careful not to discourage the kind of policing placed in communities all across the country, such communities designing safety and conditions that allow their kids to play in their front yard and go to school and not be harmed. we are dealing with, we have been covering this all night, i saw the way you've covered it and i appreciate the balance. i do think that president trump, who i think, and this is a tough moment, it is unfair to put all of this on him, this is a tough moment for any president, but if you look at how people are responding or some people are responding, sometimes bring out
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the best in us. at a time in which the country is craving some unity, national security advisor on earlier today, i thought his words, tone, disposition, in many ways is what the country was looking for. violent intensity and motivation undermining efforts to bring about call maine community and change. we should go after those groups. if they are foreign nations, i've heard rumors and theory, let's do that as well. communities and police officers and mayors and governors, do all that you can to get communities under control. activists that want these kind of changes with police officers and standards for training and punishment for officers, including myself, let's get to that point. i hope that president trump will offer an effort to offer these ideas. i hope that keith ellison and
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his district attorney will go forward in an arrest. i know maybe you did not say it like you wanted to say it, but i do not know what else i could see in a video that would make me not understand that there was a murder there of that young man. the allegation was he passed a $20 bill that may have been counterfeit. even if he did, i'm not convinced in any way that what that officer did to him was deserving in any way whatsoever. >> no, listen, clearly. the video is -- yeah, you can, but we can say.blank the video is heinous. he has already handcuffed on the ground. they do not find a pulse. his knee on the neck for another 2.1 minutes plus. >> i do not doubt that. no one doubts that. no one doubts the heinousness of this. no one has not discussed at by what they saw. the question is how often does
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this happen. how typical is this? is this representative of what black people deal with on a daily basis? a lot of people are protesting on that basis. that's what they've been told by the media and the left beard that is not supported by the data. in new york city where i am based, you know, police shootings, using lethal force, 90% over the past 40 years. the data is just irrefutable. police are involved in something like, you know, three, 4% of black deaths in this country each year. the rest do not involve police at all. well over 90% do not involve law enforcement at all. the idea that we will take this situation and make it representative of what black people are facing in this
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country, i think it is extremely misleading and extremely dangerous. a result of police pulling back and not giving these communities the protection that they need going forward. >> i think it is a great discussion. i know you do. believe it or not, susan is in this panel. we will take a quick break here. susan, i promise i will get to you. i do love the different points of view here. on this really sad night. another sad night. let me give you a look at the lincoln memorial that is the victim now of graffiti. there are other parts of washington, d.c. tonight that have been, you know, graffiti. it could be a long night for a lot of people. hopefully, a safe night. up next we are led from the streets of d.c. we will go there. continuing your coverage here on
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nations capital has seen violent confrontation between security forces guiding the white house other iconic locations throughout the city and angry protesters.
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correspondent kevin cork is in washington tonight where they have activated the national guard. the curfew begins. 11:00 p.m. what's the latest? >> you are right. they are advising you to stay away. i am talking from constitution avenue. connecticut down to 14. here is the street you just mentioned. ordering a citywide curfew for the district of columbia from 11:00 p.m. until may 31 until 6:00 a.m. monday june 1. activated the d.c. national guard. metropolitan police. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see what is happening here. they have pushed the crowd back. the same people running out to avoid pepper balls, which we have seen. every 15 or 20 minutes or so.
6:25 pm
metropolitan police. [inaudible] again, away from where we were yesterday and certainly the day before. trying to move the crowd back. they are still here and they are still loud. so far mostly without major incidents. will keep an eye on it. back to you. >> kevin cork live in washington they are. you see the crowds growing. we will monitory that. stay safe. thank you. up next. what happened to social distancing in the midst of riots in protesting. we will take a look. ♪
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>> breaking news coverage of the scenes they are on the left side of the screen. washington, d.c., texas. the district of columbia, activating the national guard in lieu of a governor. the secretary of the army becomes a governor as the
6:30 pm
request of the president. he supports the mayor and local officials. they talk consistently. brian mccarthy is the one who activated the national guard in d.c. we have seen the activity over recent days. it is increasing. the protest that we have been seeing calm during the coronavirus pandemic. it has forced america to adopt a policy of full social distancing. that policy is largely being ignored on the streets across the country. let's talk about that. new york university medical center and fox news contributor. what happened? when we have the protest about lockdowns in places like michigan, that is all anyone talked about. they did not have masks. they were too close together. now, nothing. >> i'm really concerned about this because we want to have confidence in our public leaders. the message has changed
6:31 pm
dramatically to sympathy of protesters. everyone is deeply concerned and angry over the death of george floyd, but the problem is, you cannot say, you know, what happened to social distancing and it is okay to protest. the first name that happens is you pay no attention to social distancing whatsoever. you you come up close to somebody. you could spread virus. places like minneapolis has had a surge of covid-19 cases. 660 over the past day alone. the mayor of minneapolis has come out against church gatherings saying even 25% of people at a church is way too much. he may be right about that. now he is giving out master protesters. it is the social distancing. far more than the masks that prevent spread. that seems to go out the window.
6:32 pm
if there is virus there, it is going to be able to spread like this. >> often times in america we operate in chapters. chapters of news coverage. chapters of what we are going through. the painful coronavirus chapter, we have not finish that book yet. we are in this other chapter and it seems to be taking precedent. >> i completely agree with you on that. we are not out of the woods yet with covid-19. we have talked about this being a reaction. the anger, frustration that people feel being pent up is playing a role here. we are not out of the woods with the virus yet. especially with this asymptomatic spread. we need to keep an eye on the areas where the virus is predominating. i don't want people to think that the cases we are seeing in minneapolis right now have anything to do with the protest,
6:33 pm
but we could see cases a week from now that deal. i would urge our public officials to get all message with this. mayors, governors, if you said a week ago you are worried about gatherings, people coming to close together, beware what these protests mean. the message has to be there, at least, that you could spread virus. we could see an upsurge in cases as a result of this. a secondary problem in addition to all the rioting. >> okay. thank you. looking live in washington, d.c., by the way. you can see the graffiti on the wall. black lives matter. if it is anything like last night, we could be seeing fires in that area. it gets more intense as the night goes on. the real heavy things, according to authorities, things that have caused real problems back and forth with the secret service and the forces on the ground have come in the 10, 11,
6:34 pm
midnight hour as we watch washington, d.c., and we watch all across the country, some 21 states now have curfews coast to coast. after the break, we will take you coast to coast with the protest continuing coverage here on the fox news channel. ♪
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more than toyota, honda, and hyundai-combined? subaru. it's easy to love a car you can trust. it's easy to love a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on select subaru models now through june 1st. >> fox news alert. looking live at our nation's capital. protesters coming out right now. it appears to be fairly peaceful. there have been some barricades broken out one point. you see some graffiti in the background. they are coming out in the darkness as darkness falls in d.c. dozens of cities under curfew are soon will be. we have jeff paul on the west coast where it is still daylight. we began with brian yannis. the sun has already set in new york. what's happening there.
6:39 pm
>> good evening. tonight it has been peaceful protests, for the most part. large protests that have now turned into splinter groups throughout new york city. we have not seen the same level of intense tensions that we saw last night. this was the scene of the cars burning last night. completely different scene now. completely quiet. thousands of people marching into the streets of new york chanting the names of george floyd and breanna taylor, black lives matter. no justice, no peace. yesterday, a completely different situation. union square there were bottles and bricks being thrown at police officers. 350 arrests over 33 officers were injured and 47 nypd vehicles were vandalized. this is a situation that was really volatile and violence. the mayor spoke about the situation and he was asked whether or not new york city
6:40 pm
would ever be an curfew like we have seen in other major cities across the country and this is what he had to say. >> there is no plan for curfew. some have been talking about bringing in outside military forces. outside police forces. i want to be clear, the nypd knows how to keep the people safe. if you bring outside military forces you endanger the safety and security because they are not trained to handle the realities of our streets and communities. >> he also went on to say that the nypd and everyone else, the nypd really showed restraint last night given the situation that they were facing. a really impossible situation. two incidents. one incident where police cruisers went into protesters. one incident under investigation. the nypd commissioner, he said, outlook, that was a mob, not a protest. they were cornered. they did the best that they
6:41 pm
could. independent commission looking into how the nypd has handled the last three days in new york city and there is a situation here where the mayor is trying to back the police officers, while at the same time, backing most of these demonstrators who have been peaceful, except for some of those, you know, not peaceful protesters that we saw in flatbush and union square. again, 10:00 o'clock, almost going to be 10:00 o'clock, last night a completely different situation compared to what we are seeing now, but it is still early. >> brian yannis, great job in all this coverage, live in new york. lafayette park. i am being told has about 5000 protesters at about 5:00 p.m. they think that those numbers are going up. there are about 500 d.c. national guardsmen supporting operations right now. supporting the secret service, supporting the police as well. so far fairly peaceful.
6:42 pm
last night it was like that, too. exactly like this. started off slow in then relief layered around 11:00 p.m. until midnight where it got more physical. there were some injuries. soldiers were injured and some secret service injured as well, as you are looking their live in washington, d.c. let's get an update from the west coast. santa monica california. good evening, jeff. >> a group of protesters right up here beyond this line. l.a. county sheriff's deputies and santa monica police and lapd. it looks like they are now moving in on whoever is still in the street and arresting them. surrounding this group or the group that remains. putting them under arrest. you can see in some of the officers hands they have the zip ties, the big white zip ties off their belt and anyone in the street, they are violating curfew right now.
6:43 pm
a curfew put in place at 4:00 o'clock. obviously, that time has come and gone. now they are telling people they are unlawfully gathering and they are trying to get them out of the street. following hours and hours of looting and graffiti. we have had some fires over here in santa monica. it started a few hours ago. it appears law enforcement is starting to get that under control. it is still a very fluid situation. many law enforcement officers here at this intersection. they will continue. the national guard is floating around here somewhere. they are trying to get people to push back. there is an officer with this green looking rifle. a beanbag or rubber around that they are using to keep people back. to get them to, essentially, go home.
6:44 pm
that is just beginning at sunset here. we will see what the night brings us a little later. >> live in santa monica. jeff, thank you. monitoring a number of cities getting reports as you look live in washington, d.c. reports in boston. we will try to get video out of boston. our affiliates on the ground. we will have continuing coverage back with our panel after this. ♪ ay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here. he's right here. - hi! - hi. hey! - that's totally him. - it's him! that's totally the guy. safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today.
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>> fox news alert continuing coverage looking live at washington, d.c. as protests continue in different cities across the country getting some reports out of boston. we will try to bring you there. pictures coming out of there. let's bring back our panel for the segment. susan, chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner and senior fellow at the manhattan institute susan, i will start with you. i want to play the soundbite from nancy pelosi. take a look at this. >> it should be a unifying force in our country.
6:49 pm
we have seen that with democrat and republican presidents all along. they have seen their responsibility to be the president of the united states, to unify our country and not to fuel the flame. not to fuel the flame. i think to take his bait time and time again is just a gift to him. he always wants to divert attention. >> him being the president of the united states. the white house obviously pushing back on all of that. susan, we do not yet know the political impact of all of this. we are trying to get through it just like the coronavirus pandemic. getting through these nights of violence to the other side. there is an election coming up. there could be some turnaround here because of the situation we are seeing unfold in cities across america. >> well, i do think it is an opportunity for president trump.
6:50 pm
he has spent most of his administration basically playing defense. he is still in that now as well. he has not giving an oval office speech. he has not addressing this other than his comments that nafta headquarters yesterday. he is tweeting fake news and other attacks on the media. i think this is a moment where he could come out as a leader over this situation. this would be a difficult situation for any political leader to handle well. you have the rioting, the damage happening in communities across america, yet you also have the underlying issue here, very viral video deaths of george floyd here. he would have to kind of straddle those two issues and try to unite the country in this really hard political time to deal. president obama got criticism
6:51 pm
over ferguson. people thought he should have been more outspoken for that. it's tough for any leader to deal with a situation like this. the president is probably not doing himself any favors right now just tweeting from the white house. he has a white president, it is harder to get out there and talk about this, but, he has to do it. if he does not look like he is taking control of the situation and uniting a country, i think it will really hurt him in the fall. >> jason, he obviously has had outreach to african-american leaders around the country. by all accounts, made some headway prior to all of this in different black communities. i played earlier in an interview with john james from michigan, the 1968 while in order add that richard nixon ran. put politics around what we are seeing here as we get ready for this election.
6:52 pm
>> well, 1968 -- the 60s in general are instructive in some sense in telling us how long the devastation can last in these communities. what we saw back then. talking a lot about how poverty causes crime. the truth is really close to the reverse of that. businesses flee crime ridden neighborhoods. you see the devastation. to this day. los angeles, detroit, newark, new jersey, baltimore and so forth. taking a long time to recover. i think the president see something of an opportunity to play the law and order card like nixon did. i think he play that back in 2016 to some extent. i will back the cops. we will restore order in these communities. i see him going down that road. frankly, i think that that can be helpful.
6:53 pm
that is what these communities need. the people out there acting out. stealing sneakers and televisions and so forth, they need to be held to account for this. they cannot be allowed to get away with it. that helps no one and encourages more behavior. i think you will see the president continue down that road. >> i hear the call for unity from a number of leaders out on sunday talk shows. we have a note from the biden campaign that joe biden will meet with community leaders in wilmington, delaware, at any event tomorrow later in the day, a virtual roundtable with mayors venturing out of his home in delaware and trying to have events around us. it is also interesting to watch his words as the democratic nominee, presumptive democratic nominee, encouraging peaceful protests, but being careful. it could go the other way, coded
6:54 pm
it, if they are concerned about law and order and safety and what they are seeing around the country. >> you can be for bringing new investment and using new ways to attract new investment and more investment in the communities that have been under looked in underserved. we would be foolish and naïve. these communities, many across the country have faced a lot of strife. a lot of challenge and a lot of problems that have nothing to do with his very narrow conversation tonight. this leading cause of death is police brutality. we have to be honest about dealing with these issues. attracting new jobs and opportunities which i believe president trump is doing that. we have to get beyond this
6:55 pm
moment and unify it is critical over the next week. >> panel, thank you. a free-flowing evening. st. paul minnesota on the left. we are getting into those hours. potentially could be dangerous as we have seen the past few nights. when we come back, some final when we come back, some final thoughts as i pass the baton and just a bit. ♪
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bret: over the past two hourswen several places about a subject that is legitimately and vitally important with many people angered about what they saw. we are seeing a violent perversion of that right to peaceful protest. rioting, looting, defacing with semi trucks bearing down on protesters, looting in broad daylight butter member, just yesterday two americans lifted off the first manned space
7:00 pm
flight from america in a decade. think about that. we can get through this trade we can get through a lot. our wish tonight is that you stay safe. thank you for watching. this breaking news report i'm a bret baier, shannon bream is taking over with live coverage right now. shannon. shannon: bretz, thank you. again, so important to remind america about what we thought yesterday because tonight we've got more protests and pain and another night of turmoil throughout much of america. good evening i'm shannon bream in washington. more demonstrations scattered across the united states, all in response to the death of george floyd at the hands of the police. things feel so far a bit calmer over the last three nights and we do continue to see not only protests but violence in the form of looting, fires and flashes between protesters and police. a curfew has been in effect in philadelphia for


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