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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  May 31, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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impossible to defend someone having a knee on someone's next for 9 minutes. they had the cuffs on him. all they had to do was put him in the squad car and take him somewhere else. protests flaring across america with you be certainty about who is responsible for fanning the flames of this senseless chaos. i'm rick leventhal. we continue our live coverage of the demonstrations and destruction rocking the country coast to coast. despite repeated cries for peace the violence keeps escalating with 4 states and our nation's
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capital under the additional protection of the thanksal guard. despite orders to clear the streets, police in riot gear still. we saw criminal activity. looting stores, destroying stores in broad daylight, even as america's businesses were struggling to recover from the lockdowns and the deadly tide of the coronavirus. we saw these i am ands of a semi truck and a driver accused of trying to plow his vehicle through protesters on the highway. people in london took to the streets in protest. the world it seems is watching an american tragedy unfold with no immediate resolution in
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sight. we turn to the west coast and the city of angels, the scene of considerable conflict and property damage. it's forcing street closings and los angeles county imposing a 12-hour curfew with the mayor issuing a warning to those i city gaiting violence. saying to those acting criminally and looting, we see what you are doing and we'll arrest you. jeff, i know you witnessed some of the arrested. tell us where you are now. >> arrests, and fires sparking up in santa monica. firefighters are out here either scaling a ladder similar to the one on the ground. this particular fire, they
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thought they knocked down self hours ago. and it was sort of smoldering. but it kicked off a few minutes ago. smoke billowing into the sky. this is something they are keeping their eyes on as many stores in downtown santa monica experience heavy looting. police officers are still definitely out in full force. this is the santa monica privilege walking the street. they have the streets locked down. there is also lack county sheriff's deputies out here. we even saw some national guard members driving around a few blocks away. the other big story is the looting, the graffiti. we can't pan off to some of it because of the language sprayed on there. but in some spots beyond me
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there is an rei that some people tried to stop protesters from going in there. they were trying to stop people from looting these stores. but they couldn't hold them off. they busted in there and windows broken out. you see wax boxes of shoes from a nearby store. it's a sea of boxes and trash people had stolen from the stores in downtown santa monica. fewer arrests last night compared to the night before that. the numbers for santa monica, we don't know right now. but we definitely have witnessed a few of those arrests. they look like large zip ties. just a few blocks from where we are standing, there are protesters who wouldn't leave so
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they arrested them. we were speaking to a police officer. he told us the thing is this movement moved out. there are big groups, a tiny small groups in the cars that roll up to a business and a smash and grab. we see people lined up against the wall for that as well. >> it hasn't escapes some of our viewers that tv cameras are capturing images of people looting, but there are apparently no police officers there to stop it. i had a friend in new jersey who texted me asking why aren't the cops with the cameras. in this case you are looking at a ground camera watching people loots. where are the cops? why aren't they stopping them? reporter: especially last night after what happened in l.a., the
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fairfax district and beverly hills. you would think nearby municipalities would say if it didn't happen last night, it will happen tonight. from some of the rest didn't i spoke with. they feel like the city was somewhat caught off guard. i don't know if that's because they thought the majority of people in that group were, but there is a sense of frustration. here you have tv crews responding faster than police. i'm not going to tell police how to dough their job. but it's got to be difficult for these store owners to watch footage of the stores being looted and they can't do anything about it. rick: especially for having to close down for so long due to
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the lockdown and the coronavirus. some of the peaceful protesters were trying to stop the more radical protesters from looting. >> we watched some of the remotes. you could see one young lady, they kind of grabbed her and tried to yank her out of the way. she stood there, and she was stuff as nails, and another protester stood there with her. they stood there with their signs. they were trying to get them to think why they are out here. instead people eventually pushed through and they couldn't control it. but definitely for a few hours down here in santa monica. they expect people to be out doing their thing and enjoying their time. the feeling down here, it was
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eerie. rick: we are looking at live images from long beach, california. roughly 0 mails south of you. a lot of fire truck on the scene with what look like a business on a corner. we have seen so many of these fires. and they seem to pop up where you are, jeff. these are hit-and-run opportunists i guess, staying a step ahead of the cops and starting fires and moving on to another location? >> i think in some cases if the store doesn't bring any value or there is nothing to take, this one had a couple of the stores where it was almost like the water lines and the plumbing had been ripped out.
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there was water flooding in there. i don't know if it triggered a fire. some of these stores -- there was a coffee shop that they had broke into. i don't know what you are going to get from there to cause damage. not that any of it is okay. it seemed like in so many of these cases they walked by and smashed a window. but very, very strange. >> our hearts go out to the business owners losing their businesses. >> the protesters having their message hijacked. massive grups of people trying to get people to think and get people to listen to their message. it said peer out here covering fires and covering looting. it's unfortunate.
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rick: that mess and is getting lost in all of this turmoil. as you look at live i am ands from new york city where there are many police officers in heavy tactical gear on the streets dealing with a number of flashpoints across manhattan and brooklyn as crowds move through that city. and confront officers and are doing similar acts of vandalism and more. i believe we have bryan llenas on the ground. i am not sure if he's ready. reporter: we are in the soho area -- sorry. we were following different hot zones in manhattan. this is the soho area. there are reports of main looting in a bloomingdales. the police pushed everyone back.
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we have seen dozens -- i have seen personally 6 or 7 store fronts tonight just in our interactions that have been damaged from protesters. and we are heading or to an intersection where we believe there is a lot of confrontation happening there. we are moving forward. rick: i know that neighborhood very well. i have taken a lot of walks down there and done a lot of shopping down there. the last few months it's been a quite and sad place to be because of the lockdown. all of it was shut down. there was nothing happening there. i know new yorkers were looking forward to getting back to business opening stores next week to some degree and potentially getting to that first stage re-opening after covid, now this.
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reporter: this is a major shopping center and the corner of broadway. guys this way over here. rick: this is part of policing in new york. they don't tolerate a whole lot. if they need to clear a street, they are going to clear it. keep your distance. don't get in their way.
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there has been a broken storefront and looting in this area. tonight has been particularly -- i am watching over here. tonight has been particularly interesting with how the police acted. this might be the largest police forbes in america. they showed up in main numbers at barclay center. they were ready for whatever was going to happen. they had restraint. at the end of the day they wanted to make sure everyone that came in view knew that the police were out in full force. i have never seen this number of police officers snoip concentrated like this tonight at barclay's as well as this
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intersection. they travel in nypd vans. when they get the call they come in big numbers and take care of the situation and move on to the next. there have been a lot of hot zones from protesters crossing the manhattan and brooklyn bridges. and from barclay's to midtown. you see the nypd responding to different situations all night. i don't know much more detail. rick: a lot of activity there, bryan. and your ability to track these demonstrators as they move across bridges from one borough
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to the next. reporter: we have been jumping into cars with our security and photographer. it's gown and down a street. and union square. it's been everywhere. and fluid and moving from different areas. it's been interesting and difficult even for us to follow. i can't even imagine for the police. it's extraordinarily complicated process. but this is the type of situation we are seeing. this is the lululemon in soho. you can see the entire storefront completely shattered. he's saying we are at war. look inside the store here.
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people have come in here and have stolen. we are seeing reports of looting. soho is premier shopping wordwide. this is a lululemon here. you can see, that's the situation we are dealing with here. we'll continue down on spring street we would see a similar situation. rick: that guy who said we are at war, is he still there? i wonder who he thinks he's at war with. >> he said it and walked off. rick: that's probably better. we'll move to a big city down the turnpike. the national guard heading to philadelphia, as citywide looting and riots continue there. we have jacqui heinrich on the ground in philly who brought us
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images of locals guarding a target. but it looks like you found another place that did not get that protection. reporter: if you want to see the aftermath of anarchy. we are on west 52nd and walnut. this has been ransacked. it's a drug store on the corner that's been looted. trash and debris strewn all the way up the streets. there are no policemen in the streets. not a single traffic officer to be scene. there is a sense of lawlessness. if you look inside the store you can see the destruction. be careful here, there is a lot of debris in the roads. this store is demolished on the inside. this is a drug store.
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you see a lot of medication has been pulled out of this store. windows are shattered. if you look further up the street you can see that's the case at most of the store fronts on 52nd street. this area was hit earlier in the day. we were at a different location close to here a couple hours ago. and i don't recall seeing this the last time we passed fluid here. there are pockets of looting and sporadic vie oughting happening all over the city. and we have not seen the national guard which was coming in to assist police. earlier today in a press conference police said the response time is not lax policing. but yesterday they were outnumbered. a number of their officers were injured with bricks to the face, and other kinds of injuries,
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chemical burns and that sort of thing. so there has been no control of this area. and it's a stark contrast to what you saw at that target where it's a different kind of lawlessness. there is a group of vigilante justice types out there trying to protect the stores that make up their communities. they are upset at what they have seen happening. and it drew some other people who were seeming to enjoy the roll rad are you of, you know, communing with each other and some of them were enjoying the party. rick: can i jump in here? it looks like you just had a guy -- a looter walk right by you with a box full of stuff. reporter: that's correct. what are you going to do.
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there is no one to be seen around here controlling this chaos. no officers. we have seen images of busloads of police coming to other parts of the city. but i have not seen that around west philadelphia, and that's the area that had a lot of the looting and vandalism happening today. it continues. it continues. there is no stopping. there is clearly a fire here today. you can smell this still. it doesn't appear to be burning anymore. this is another storefront, i can't tell what it was. the sign is completely burned out. it looks like this place is actually closed. somehow they pried in. if you can get close enough to the doorway you will see how far back it goes. this place is burned out, looted and destroyed. there are people looking out
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their windows in the houses around here watching what's going on. and retreating when they hear a group of people come by. so there is definitely a sense of disorder and lawlessness out here. >> truly unfortunate images. we saw earlier it looked like daytime hours. police vehicles being smashed with officer inside. windows smashed. you are looking at it now. this fire burning in that vehicle. but i saw images of other vehicles that appeared to be moving. there is one with its windows blown out. this is just so disturbing to see. it's not just police vehicles that have been burned. we saw taxi cab that was parked in front of someone's house that
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had its windows smashed in, and that had been vandalized as well. we are getting yelled at here. if you want to come up this way so you can see how far it goes. it's not just police vehicles here. this neighborhood has been destroyed. it's hard to tell what the motivation was when the protest started with something that related to a police involved death. and visible unhappiness with just the racial tensions related to police brutality. we saw peaceful demonstrations earlier at city hall and people standing up for what they say is systematic injusticed the black community faces. then you come to a neighborhood where there are a lot of black
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people that live here and this community is destroyed. so it's going to be a long time before this looks anything close to normal. the cleanup -- i don't ebb no when it's going to begin. the police haven't seemed to get ahold on the chaos that continue to the erupt in different parts of this neighborhood. rick: we are going to let you get to safety. we'll move on to middle america. the flash point of this national crisis. minneapolis, minnesota. it was there george floyd died a week ago in the hands of police. joining us, mike tobin. it's past midnight where you are and it appears to be relatively calm with the national guard on scene. >> fire crews are at the scene of two different structure fires a block away from each other.
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you have a city in which a curfew is in effect and for the second night in a row the curfew is being enforced with a large show of manpower. you look at the downtown area. there are guardsmen on every corner in the downtown area and boards up on the windows. guardsmen here keeping the peace. we saw bike cops coming through the downtown area. there was a concentration of arrests at a gas station at the intersection of i-35 west and washington. and around 150 people have been dip stripped and carted away this evening with a range of charges from violating curfew to vandalism and arson and attempted arson. there is also a big development in the officer charged with the
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murder of george floyd. derek chauvin, he will make his first court appearance tomorrow. he will be prosecuted by the attorney general of minnesota keith ellison at the direction of the governor here. assisting him will be the hennepin county attorney mike freeman. he's been moved from the county jail to soak park heights, a level 5 maximum security prison. the reason he has been moved partially because of covid-19 concerns. but the greater concern is all of these rioters protesters, demonstrators that they have been arresting, they are moving them into the correction facility and you can't have the guy at the center of this flash point and all the demonstrators who reacted to it violently all in the same facility.
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but as far as the city of minneapolis, you have a curfew that's in effect for the second night after not taking the curfew seriously on the first night after law enforcement ceded ground to the first precinct. rick: mike, that's a comforting scene at least to have some calm behind you. we appreciate your reporting tonight. among the countless scenes of tragedy we witnesses are the sights of the businesses big and small being looted or torched by angry mobs. this comes at a time when our nation is fighting to recover from a devastating pandemic that decimated the economy. a minneapolis resident said he could not stand idly by and watch as a friend's liquor store fell to looters. what happened and what did you
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do? >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. it's -- it got to a point to where the stuff going on, i live 8 block s from the third precinct. after it initially started with the stores there, the target. any store in that area they completely destroyed he store, burned probably half of them down. and a lot of the neighbors got together. we are a close-knit neighborhood. begot together and decided, let's try to do something. it seemed like for a couple days the cops were kind of like all of a sudden nonexistent. and when they literally
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abandoned the third precinct which i can't believe that happened. it's like a war zone over there. rick: what did you do? >> we decided to just kind of arm ourselves and protect businesses that were further east because that's -- if it progressed that far east we wanted to make sure it didn't progress that much further east. my buddy matt, he got looted, broken into. that same night we were down there preventing further looting and destroying in his store. and i think if we wouldn't have gotten down there fan watched over the place we literally were squaring people out of there running down with baseball bats to golf clubs to other arms. if we wouldn't have been down there his place probably would
10:29 pm
have been burned to the ground. rick: you had direct confrontations with people trying to loot and burn the is you were -- the businesses you were protecting? >> yes, every night the last two nights. we lad a pretty good show of force. it wasn't like a hotbed where there was a hundred people. it would be one or two cars coming in one at a time. we would start walking across the street and show that we were there, and you know, they are not going to be coming in. rick: i imagine there were some words exchanged as well. >> oh, yeah. rick: you said you fear your neighborhood will ever be the same again. >> i don't think it will. it literally is like a war zone in the hotbed of where all this happened.
10:30 pm
and all along 8th street going east to the west for probably a mile on each side or more, i feel that a lot of these businesses are probably not going to be able to afford to rebuild. even the larger corporations like tub and target, they might think about maybe i won't rebuild or fix up their properties. and it's just really such a tragedy what's happening here in minneapolis. rick: it is indeed, tory. the initial act that sparked it all is horrifying, and what we are seeing pack america is infuriating. we are looking at live i am ands from portland, oregon. we understand there is looting going on there as well. there have been violent clashes between the more violent
10:31 pm
radicals in the demonstrations and the police on hand to protect life and property. i guess there aren't enough people doing what you did, tory, to keep the rest of these shops large and small from being looted and burned. >> yeah. i am just part of a really close community, and i think a lot of things we were doing, these other businesses around, my friend's liquor store and businesses near there, i think they would all be burned to the ground. it's a terrible tragedy. one thing i noticed which is pretty neat. since the national guard came in with a lot more force in has been and lot more force that came in during the day yesterday, during the day, last night and tonight. we are hearing less of the flash grenades, the tear gas
10:32 pm
cannisters, gunshots. we had the military helicopters fly over. it's pretty comforting. rick: we hope that continues and there is less of a need for the national guard and officers on the streets and things caught down. we appreciate your time and story is a compelling one. we hope for americans will step up and do the right thing. take care, sir. looking at live images from portland where we understand that there is looting going on and continuing confrontations between protesters and police. as we have been seeing across america, protesters taking to the streets. stores have been targets during daylight hours.
10:33 pm
and a number of stores on rodeo drive in beverly hills. ted, you have seen it all. how do you think they should stop it? >> it's going to be very difficult to stop what is going on in the next several hours. but i think they are going to have to get together with community organizers they will have to sit down with law enforcement. they have a lot of outside agitators coming in.
10:34 pm
and they are -- these are not protesters. these are looters. this has nothing whatsoever to do with george floyd. this is primarily individuals who are hell bent on creating havoc and getting whatever they can, stealing whatever they can, and creating as much havoc as they can. rick: they are doing it, and the concern is they are not listening to dialogue. they are not concerned with what community leaders might say or what might state and federal leaders said. it appears they are hell bent on breaking stuff and burning stuff. >> you are absolutely right. this afternoon i watched what was going not city of angels and
10:35 pm
philadelphia. what we are going to need is -- i think that curfews need to be put in place, and i think they need to be before dark. if anybody is on the streets after dark has to go to jail. i think that law enforcement needs to reorganize, putting in a daytime curfew. or the nighttime is is the enemy of authority and law enforcement. under the cover of darkness, this is something that the
10:36 pm
looters in the communities are to carry out havoc. somewhat we have been hearing more and more is that there is a radical left element that we have seen in many protests the last five, 10, 15 years that created most of the problems. that could be difficult to corral. i think you would agree. >> let me just say the left is dealing primarily. the white nationalists. the left and right together they
10:37 pm
protest in groups and before you know it they are [inaudible] in the directions they want them to go in to criminalize various cities. this is an organized effort. this is not just protesters that are out there doing this looting. this is sorged by the left -- organized by the left and the right. rick: no question. ted williams, we appreciate your insight. the nation's capital has been the seen of violent protests and skirmishes break out the past few days. let's go to mike emanuel in washington for the latest. reporter: i'm here in our washington headquarters. a third consecutive ugly night in washington in response to
10:38 pm
george wood's death. the secret service warned people in cars and on foot to avoid streets and parks near the white house complex. u.s. marshals and derks a agents were sent in as backup to secure the scene. there was also burning of american flags and sapphire at historic st. john's church which police say was historically set. it was opened in 1816. firefighters were able to extinguish the basement fire. the extent of the damage is not known. pepper spray and tear gras gas used to disperse the protesters. a 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. eastern curfew. but that left hours of mayhem
10:39 pm
before the vast majority of protesters went home. the national guard was brought in to help. streets are quieter. but daylight should reveal the extent of destruction here in our nation's capital. rick: it has been 99 minutes on this program without a break. so we are going to take one now and reset and be back with you in a couple of minutes. we'll continue to cover these protests coast to coast. the good neighbor relief program we know our customers are driving less, which means fewer accidents. so state farm is returning $2 billion dollars to auto policyholders for the period ending may 31st. and we'll continue making real time decisions to best serve you - our customers. because now, more than ever, being a good neighbor means everything.
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rick: this is a fox news alert. i'm rick leventhal in los angeles. you are looking live at new york city where we are told there has been more looting. i believe this is soho new york where we saw bryan llenas a
10:44 pm
short time ago with what appeared to be hundreds of police officers. bryan, are you with us and what are you seeing now? reporter: i am here. this is a diesel on soho. this is remarkable what we are seeing. this is a high class stop with expensive stuff. it's complete hit obliterated. most of the merchandise has been taken. we have seen half a dozen shops. everything is gone. they have targeted chanel, louie vuitton, thousands and thousands worth of bags, lululemon. soho is a place where tourists come to new york specifically to shop. this is chanel.
10:45 pm
we were told by a bystander who saw this that there were hundreds of people walking around with garbage bags like they were going shopping. and they targeted stores. if you look inside, there is nothing left inside of that chanel. they found a way inside. completely empty. rick: new york city retail stores have not been open since some time in march because of the covid-19 because people could not shop in those stores, and now they are apparently just looting them. reporter: you are right. this is just remarkable. we have some people here that are -- all right, we are getting out of here. this is a bad situation for us, we are moving, rick, they are
10:46 pm
looting right now. rick: are they throwing thing at you? reporter: they are. the police are around the corner right now. i don't think the police were here for an hour or two. i had somebody tell us -- i have seen videos of hundreds of people, dozens of people here looting with no police. with no police. no presence at all. rk * we are going to let you find a safe place, bryan and come back to you in a few minutes. arizona governor doug ducey imposed a statewide week long curfew and an expanded national guard mobilization if needed.
10:47 pm
tell us more about this order. >> so we have had some looting in phoenix, tucson and scottsdale. the curfew, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. the national guard has been mobilized. there is great coordination between law enforcement and the national guard. i talked with local elected officials. and i think it's the right thing to do. he's taken a good step to have that show of force to curb some of the violence and looting going on. rick: i hadn't heard a lot about scottsdale or phoenix so far. how tough did things get there? how bad is it? >> they went after scottsdale fashion park which is one of the high end malls retailers in
10:48 pm
scottsdale. and they went after a lot of businesses and buildings in downtown phoenix. it got pretty bad last night is my understanding. there were some arrests made both places. rick: i think we may have lost you for a moment, congressman. if you can still hear me. phoenix is one of those cities that had re-opened many of its businesses. i know people there, and they were excited about being able to go out and get a male and do some shopping. but this turned everything on its ear. >> that's right. so we saw a bunch of businesses get trashed last night. some looting going on. but you know, we talked to people who had their businesses
10:49 pm
closed and they are exciting to just be starting back. now this happens. so far, most of it is confined to downtown phoenix and portions of scottsdale. rick: we heard calls for more leaders to cop out and reassure the protesters who mean well, who want to see change in the wake of george floyd at the hands of a minneapolis police officer. are those words being spoken? scottsdale, in phoenix, in arizona. are the reassurances being given that this is being looked at and changes where coming? >> i think they are. what started off as protests, which i respect. it's a constitutional right. we have legitimate concerns. we want to meet that.
10:50 pm
elected officials have been talking about that. it just got hijacked. they hijacked the movement which is a real shame. it's part of who we are as a people making sure your grievances are heard. but that's being expressed here in the valley. but, you know, we have seen the folks from the radical left take over. rick: just to reset for our viewers. there was looting going on right in front of the camera. and it looks like police have moved in. in portland, oregon we are seeing police move in where it appears there is a lot more looting going on there as well.
10:51 pm
it's just disturbing images for anyone connected to trying to promote change and trying to bring attention to a cause because those voices may be just buried underneath all these images of violence and december destruction. our next guest is connected to the civil rights movement in atlanta. she is a republican running for the house seat held by john lewis. i wonder, again, as you look at these disturbing images, your thoughts on what the reverend king would say about all this and whether the message the peaceful protesters hope to deliveries being heard. >> you know today we took to the streets and we did a walk for peace. myself, my godfather, alveda
10:52 pm
king, and other community leaders and faith leaders. we walked and prayed for peace. a lot of people in the community came out and prayed with us. we are all pushing martin luther king, jr.'s image of protesting peacefully. i think he would be defend the stated to see what's taking place right now. it seems like we are living in that era all over again, people on the front lines clashing with police officers over the death of george floyd. we have to understand that violence begets violence. peace is what when should be calling for. rick: how do you tell these people causing the problems, how do you get them to listen and stand down so that changing be affected? >> you have to go in the
10:53 pm
community and meet them exactly where they are. we have to take to the streets. what i am seeing happening, and i spent a couple of days in minneapolis before i came back to my own district in atlanta to be here for my constituents. there are outsiders that have come in. they have come in and started the looting and rioting. then you have people from the community emotionally charged and you are following them. leaders who are peacefully protesting are not there to show them how it's done. and they just want to react. but we need more voices of reason on the rights to meet the people where they are. explaining to them that nothing benefits us from destroying our own communities. what i see, i explain to people, the people leading these riots. they don't even live here.
10:54 pm
after your community is destroyed, they will go home and you are left behind with the devastation. so we came together today in the community, and i see a lot of people coming together more and more each day calling for peace. rick: you were out there with the demonstrate jars today or yesterday. were you having conversations with them about frustrations with the way things are happening on the street? were you able to talk to any of the people who are and 8ors and aren't part of this movement to try and raise awareness over the death of george floyd? >> i had a conversation with many people. they don't understand. they want to know why all four of these officers have not been arrested. we all saw the tape. they want to demand justice. again, making sure i'm being a voice reason. my god smoother alveda took --
10:55 pm
my godmother alveda took to the streets. not only is antifa going to be declared a terrorist organization. and he promised that they would vet gaze the death of george floyd. so they are saying they will not stop until all four of these guys are arrested. as faith leaders we have our work cut out for us in order for us to be on the streets and meet the people and save our community. rick: good luck with that, i know the miss allege needs to be delivered and i hope people out there will listen to you and others to calm things down will perhaps getting more people to listen to the words that are more important be than the criminal actions taking place.
10:56 pm
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[chanting] rick: the rage marches on. our nation entering sixth consecutive night fiery protest and violence disruptions. again in many places, peaceful demonstrations have surrendered to mayhem. city leaders pleading with their citizens to end the destruction all the president calls for tougher action. hello again. it's 2:00 a.m. on the east coast and 11:00 p.m. here in los angeles, one of many cities under curfew tonight.


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