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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 1, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> you can join us tomorrow, going in our earlier as we do today. thank you so much. >> sandra: fox news alert now, a nation and turmoil. a bias in chaos and goal thing the streets and violent protest bark may have been major cities across america. that morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: i'm ed henry. minnesota so the epicenter of the unrest after a black man, george floyd, died when an officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes. in one instance, a tanker truck last night driving toward protesters hand in washington, d.c., anger and frustration fueling a night of utter destruction. several fires set right near the white house. >> sandra: meanwhile, over two dozen states and d.c. have
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activated the national guard to try to restore some sense of calm. here in new york, largely people protest gave way to violence as writers clash with officers smashing windows and ransacking high-end stores. recounting the scene. >> we have found officers deployed last night, made radical shifts literally from all ends of the department. in terms of protests and in terms of balancing the protests that respecting people rights to peacefully assemble, that was going all day throughout new york city in large crowds at smaller crowds in queens, significant crowds in manhattan, but that it turned dark and it turned ugly and it turned that way fast. >> ed: fox news coverage now, standing by with the latest from our nation's capital but we begin live in new york city where they are still trying to
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dig out this point. good morning. >> multiple stores were damaged and looted overnight for hours. take a look behind me. this is the montclair store, and you can see that the looters smashed right through the glass window, they even try to go through the door. we've seen multiple shopping bags all over the street here, even saw a pile of nike shoes just about a block away. is a mess out here after owners try to clean up the damage. want to show you some video from earlier, police arresting three people and then confiscating bags of stolen merchandise from their car which by the way had arizona license plates. our crews actually have seen multiple out-of-state plates overnight, new jersey, pennsylvania, connecticut. let's show you some video now from the worst overnight. hundreds of people forming into soho. witnesses say as early as 11:00 p.m., garbage bags and
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vehicles filled with stolen luxury items and some people taking off and city bikes. police made hundreds of arrests across the city but there has been some criticism from people i've spoken to on the ground. they were upset at why the nypd does not arrest more looters, and they're worried about what happens if they come back. >> i'd hate to say they take matters into their own hands, but we are going to see that happening, i'm sure. a statement what does that mean? >> that means defending your own turf. >> armed? >> i'm not advocating for any violence at all. i don't know what to tell them to do. it'>> business owners have trieo board up their storefronts, but they're going to have to do better than plywood because take a look at this, looters were able to get through this piece of wood, so they're going to try again and have to find a better way to make sure their stores are safe. >> ed: just a horrific scene
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this morning, thank you. >> sandra: thank you, ed peer to protests intensifying outside of the white house, fires raging in lafayette square park as demonstrators to find a curfew clashing with police there, more than 50 secret service officers have been injured since those protests began. kristin fisher is live at the white house with the latest from there. good morning. >> this morning, president trump is going to be meeting with the attorney general and then hosting a teleconference with governors and law enforcement officials from all over the country but as of now, no plans on the schedule for president trump to address the nation or even speak with reporters so as you know, neck and always change as a moment's notice and we did learn from the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany is going to be holding a briefing at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, so watch for that. this meeting that president trump is having with the attorney general this morning is significant given the developments over the weekend.
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bill barr saying the fbi would use its partnerships with state and local police to identify violent protesters and singled out the far left group antifa. he said the violence the violence instigated and carried out by antifa and other similar groups in connection with the writing is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly." tweeting that the united states of america will be designating nt event as a terrorist organization but at this moment, it does not appear that the president has the legal authority to do that. typically, a terrorist designation is for foreign organization and nt fit is not a defined organization to begin with. there was no leadership and it doesn't appear any kind of headquarters as of now, it is very much a loosely defined group of far left radical activists. so with that said, the white house blaming a lot of the violence that we saw across the country and here in washington, d.c., on them last
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night. a fire was set you can see they're insid inside the historc st. john's church is one block away and you can see them cleaning up broken glass from storefronts and saw an atm that had been ripped out and all of the secret service riot shields were lined up along the street being cleaned off after another night of riots. and as you know, it got so bad on friday night that secret service had to move president trump down to a bunker inside the white house but as of now, best we can tell, things do not get bad enough last night to require president trump to move to the bunker again. >> sandra: okay, kristin fisher live at the white house for us. thank you. >> ed: more than 350 people were arrested in the twin cities over the weekend. also, the shocking video. i think your truck drives towards a crowd of demonstrators.
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look at that highway in minneapolis yesterday. still unclear whether it was intentional, but the driver is now in custody. amazingly, no reports of any serious injuries, thankfully. meanwhile, the former officer charged with murdering george floyd has reportedly been moved now to a maximum security prison. is court date move next monday. >> sandra: joining us now for more on all of this, juan williams, cohost of the five great good morning and thank you so much for being he here. so i saw you on with bret baier last night, and you talked about the national outrage that we had seen following the death of george floyd. you called the reaction complex and multifaceted. explain. >> sandra, i think we are at a moment in american life where you have to look at joining so
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many currents, obviously all under tremendous pressure from the virus, a lot of people in fear of contracting this disease that of gone to a global. it's very real, so many people out of work, 30 plus million of us out of work and people also don't forget lockton shelter. a lot of people didn't have their graduation season. and then you added to this wave of of racial incidents everything from the shooting of the young jogger in georgia to the young woman who was shot in her bed, and now to what we have seen with george floyd. it's unbelievable. and at the moment, the ability of people to speak out and the rage that we're seeing on the street is an indication of how on edge of e.r. as an american
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people at this moment. this is not only virus and pent-up rage and racial rage. is all together in one moment. >> sandra: you look at the scenes that played out over the weekend and you see them playing out in philadelphia while ed and i were anchoring special coverage yesterday evening, squad cars on fire up in flames, empty squad cars getting pushed into one another. some horrific scenes playing out on the streets. could you put this moment in nation's history and historical perspective for us with obvious echoes of 1968 in chicago? >> you're so right, and you think about '68, that was an election year. you have to throw the politics on top of the bonfire tensions and fears that i've been describing to you this morning.
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i think one of the realities of that moment as you have the antiwar protest on top of the racial tension in that moment. he ran this moment, it's interesting. you have social media playing a much larger role. you have in chicago back in '68, you had some of the antiwar protesters who were white. here at this moment, you have young people in a racially mixed group coming and leaving so many of the demonstrations. i've seen that here in d.c. so it's not just one race. is a group of people, and typically, again, young people who i think are just representative of so much of the tensions in the country at this moment. i will say one big difference between now and then was that you mention the convention in chicago. you could it directly attached, not directly attached to any convention or anything other
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than the racial conflicts with the police. >> sandra: "the wall street journal" editorial board had a similar sentiment in their piece since morning talking about the violence going beyond justified anger over the killing of george floyd. in it, justice and order, minority neighborhoods the most. the board writes this, "amid this chaos, police in most cities have shown notable discipline. a police car drove into a crowd surrounding in new york city. even mayor bill de blasio noted it would not have happened if protesters had not been threatening. has confrontations escalate, some police will lose their cool and someone will be killed, producing another cycle of protests and violence." weigh in on that come along. >> i think if you look at the historical consequence of not protests, but rioting and
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violence, it typically has a negative impact in terms of advancing social justice. you care about social justice, if you care about improving relations between the black community, for example, it's organized, nonviolent social protest. that's what reaches the consciousness of the country and doesn't get locked in about violence or somebody's store got busted up. that really takes away from the energy that says we as an american people can rise and find a solution that keeps us together as an american people. that's just so important. yesterday, i wrote a piece on talking about the unquestionable tension between police and the black community, but you think about who needs the police the most, and the
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answer is people in poor communities, black, latino disproportionately need that police protection. you don't want police abusing their trust were abusing young people, especially young men, but there's got to be a good solution here, and it doesn't come as a result of violence that puts pressure both on the community and the police and leads to further confrontation. >> sandra: very powerful message from you this morning. juan williams, things were being here this morning. we will see and hear more from you on the five tonight. >> ed: fox news alert now, health officials also on high alert today as a number of coronavirus cases now tops 1.7 million right here in america. could the recent demonstrations bring on the second wave of infections? plus, federal and state officials accusing outside extremist groups of fueling a lot of this violence has peaceful protests take a destructive turn.
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is this all part of some bigger plan? we will discuss it next. >> seeing some of the mayors talk about they've had people travel from outside of the communities to do destruction, destroying small businesses, life savings of owners of those small businesses. is truly a tragedy. you doing okay?
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>> sandra: the president calling it an act of domestic terrorism, shot and killed in oakland, california, m.ed. riots in the wake of george floyd's death. that officer has been identified as 53-year-old dave patrick underwood. his identity has not yet been released. >> it's he was very clear that while some of our folks are out there in the streets just crying out to be heard, there also seemed to be people in those crowds who are very intent on sparking violence, on breaking windows, on starting fires, and on trying to convince folks to engage in unlawful behavior. >> ed: that is the same paul st, minnesota, mayor accusing outside extremist groups of
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stoking this violence that is overtaken protests across america. our next guest said this would not be the first time so-called agitators from outside lead to unrest. good morning. good to have you. i want to get to the agitators but the big picture, how do people of any race of any background end up doing this to their own cities? we're seeing waking up here in new york to small business owners, large businesses destroyed. how do you do this to your own city? >> people start out with best intentions going forward to deal with this in our country and the issues that surround it. individuals around you start engaging in criminal activity, lighting fires, need to leave the area right away and if you don't, you can get sucked into
6:20 am
feeding that fire in a frenzy where you are making decisions and you are actually contributing to destruction of the very neighborhood you are hoping to bring up. >> ed: he has as you know the nypd commissioner. here's what he said this morning about outside agitators. i want to get your reaction. >> we have seen evidence of that, and i think you are seeing when you were seeing organized people show up the protest, we have individuals again last night's with molotov cocktails. a police car was shot at last night in queens. in seasons like this, have to turn in a very rapid fashion. >> ed: no excuse for what the police officer did, we sought all nontape in minneapolis but now it's turned around and what started as peaceful protest has now become targeting of police vehicles, police officers,
6:21 am
molotov cocktails, tell us what you are seeing and what all of this means. >> people with no agenda are in the crowds using the unusual protest of human shield, they incite riots and use the peaceful protest -- trying to instigate them, we have groups traveling from outside of the city, outside of state to come and be part of protests and engage in looting. individuals who aren't living in communities of color that are impacted by what is played out in minneapolis and these peaceful protests for their own agenda and hijacking the narrative we should be talking about. >> ed: had roughly 57 arrests and only about a dozen or so were local people. with miami addresses, we've seen
6:22 am
that, how do you stop it? is it a matter of arresting these folks, figuring out where they're from, breaking up their networks, what needs to be done? >> we need to do all of that. we need to do federal investigation going across state lines and groups like the ira but a russian bop firm was trying to feed the hate during the matter and also during ferguson. trying to use racial divide to further weaken the united states. we need to do all of that, we need to tell them no. the protesters who surrounded the store and wouldn't let looters take it was a heartening video on a very devastating america last night and we
6:23 am
standing together, that we are going to figure out how we move forward and moving forward does not involve burning down the very institution that the communities on the people who live in them who need us the most. >> ed: very quickly, i want to get to the attorney general leading the investigation, and what happened to george floyd's particularly with the scaling. here's what he said yesterday. i'll get your reaction. >> people are upset for a reason, and to dismiss those reasons means we are going to be relegated to dealing with them again and again and again. written john f. kennedy said peaceful change is made impossible, violent change is inevitable. >> ed: i looked up what jfk actually said, "those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." for a final thought, are we just -- it seems some leaders
6:24 am
are saying there's going to be violence. how do we stop this so it's not inevitable? >> we stop it by having both sides -- i don't know what the sides are -- we stop people from being divided over this issue, coming together united to improve our relationships in this country. and it's not burning things down, it's coming together and in some cases not just protests. we need action. we don't need words. we need actual efforts to figure out how do we deal with issues that are impacting communities causing this. >> ed: that might be the most honest answer of all when you say you've got both sides and i don't know what size there are, there seems to be a lot of police officials dealing with multiple groups and others jumping in here. we will stay on top of it. we certainly appreciate your intake this morning. >> sandra: a look at the seams last night from coast to coast, what impact will the violence and looting have on an already
6:25 am
reeling u.s. economy? maria bartiromo will be here next, and on the west coast, demonstrators blocking the streets and clashing with police officers in santa monica, california. a police there are now peaceful protests. >> the santa monica police department is here to support policpeaceful protest but will t stand for civil unrest in criminal behavior. we are asking you to go home and those who don't we will begin notifying and making arrests at novartis, we promise to do our part. as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you have any questions at all, call us, email us, visit us online. we're here to help support you when you need us. take care, and be well. to learn more, call one eight four four cosentyx or visit
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>> ed: peaceful protests giving way to violence in cities throughout california last night, santa monica, police clashing with rioters. in meantime, a bank was set on fire in san diego and burned to the ground. william la jeunesse is live now in santa monica where we saw a lot of the looting. good morning, what he's being? >> good morning, looting, vandalism from oakland to san diego. everything typical of the attitude we saw here, you can see this place has been cleaned out here. have a go one more step over here, and this was a sushi restaurant that was set fire to you and this entire area you can see foam here from where the firefighters fought. we had a 4:00 p.m. curfew yesterday, thousands ignored it, the aerial showed police were
6:31 am
pinned down with those protesters and just two or three streets over, you had bands of criminals highly organized to put paper over their license plates and then sent in teams to steal stuff, dump it in the car, and then go back and hit another story. a woman down the street tried to stop protesters there, a man put it aside, started hitting the windows with a hammer and then came back and they eventually got in. had a state of emergency in downtown l.a. and that's where the national guard was in santa monica called for help to protect firefighters. police fought back with tear gas, foam slugs, and water cannons. glows the freeway exits to stop more people from arriving. protesters set fire to upper tol car and continue to ransack the city stealing big-screen tvs.
6:32 am
>> very point blank my trying to get some money. that's it. that's it. to be mentors out here for the money? >> yeah, pretty much. >> so long beach had had a very similar scene, protesters breaking windows with hammers, trash cans on their skateboards, a man at a liquor store defended his door with an ar-15 and revolver. in the bay area, had hundreds of retailers, a list too long to even begin to say the number of places that were hit, but apple stores, louis vuitton, targets, retailers, you name it. they did have some shots fired at the oakland police station last night around midnight. >> media, what are you focused on? you are focused on the violence. you're focused on the burning. not focusing on what is happening to us internally.
6:33 am
>> so basically, there is a 1:00 p.m. curfew here in santa monica, 4:00 p.m. in th the county. still a state of emergency in and around los angeles. you can see the scene here up and down third street, fourth street, virtually every building has been hit in some way, shape, or form. >> ed: just remarkable to see. william la jeunesse, thank you. sandra? >> sandra: stock now trading lower to start off a brand-new week, first trading day of june in fact, up 100 points first few minutes of trading as the market looks for direction amid those riots gripping the country, and questions about how this will ultimately impact and economies that were hard-hit by the coronavirus shut down. let's bring in maria bartiromo, host of mornings with maria and also a host of sunday morning futures o on fox news. good morning and thank you for
6:34 am
being here. you look at this first trading day of a brand-new month where there were games in may, optimism on the reopening of this country. how does what we are now seeing with the looting and the riots that we just saw images of on the streets in america, how does this impact the broader u.s. economy? >> this is just going to exacerbate an already very fragile situation as you know. we were having trouble understanding when the revenue would start to come back and when an economy would normalize in the face of this complete shut down. now the costs will go higher for those businesses that will have to deal with damages to their businesses. the cost will go higher with people afraid to come out and unwilling to spend money, so as a result, this is only going to worsen an already very fragile situation for the economy. where are we right now? we are in the second quarter, we're in a recession likely. the first quarter we had a contraction, second quarter
6:35 am
going to have a very sharp contraction. as you know, the expectations are for growth in the third quarter. is going to be slow when i would say we are not expecting a real normalization of this economy until well into 2021 even if we do have a good growth story in the fourth quarter. when you compare all of that to what's going on in terms of the optimistic stories today, we had very good news from eli lilly. they had good results from a trial for an antibodies test, also investigating whether or not they could come up with prevention vaccine for covid-19, also very good news on rim to severe, so there are positive things happening as well as positive things to talk about with the reopening of the economy, but this weekend's violence will obviously put a stop to that over the near term. you also have a market that is watching china and the fact that this weekend, we learned it is official that china is going to slow down the expectations in
6:36 am
terms of that phase one deal. china is set to halt some u.s. soy imports and been saying for many weeks now not expecting the chinese communist party to keep up its promise in terms of buying $250 billion worth of goods at the president was expecting. that's another negative. right now, we will wait and see to see with this administration does to keep china accountable for all of the bad activity that we have spoken about so much. >> sandra: "the wall street journal" this morning takes on the restaurant owner in minneapolis and her story about having to shut the doors of her restaurant during the covid shutdowns to now only come to this reality of riots and looting in the street there in her city talking about the double whammy. shut down her 18-year-old restaurant because of the coronavirus in march. she had drawn up plans to start offering take out in july but is now weighing how mr. floyd's death of the resulting unrest will impact the city's business
6:37 am
and reputation going forward. it's a double whammy, it's a gut punch, she said. business depends on conventions and office workers downtown. you feel for those businesses that we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, starting to figure out how they can climb out of this, and now for cities like minneapolis, it is going to be a rough road ahead. >> it really is. in one of the issues is you were talking about a small business. small businesses are going to get much more impacted than larger businesses because when you look at a company like walmart or target, they've got a stream of lawyers. they've got a backup, they have a balance sheet that has billions of dollars that they can actually have a backstop for. these small businesses live on cash as i've said a number of times, so it's unfortunately going to hit the smaller and mid-cap business is a lot harder than it would hit the larger businesses because they have so many resources at their fingertips.
6:38 am
>> sandra: we will continue watching this market. the downside start for a brand-new become a brand-new month, the dow up 145 points. great to see you this morning, thank you. >> ed: meantime as protests gave way to violence across the country, president trump is pointing the finger at antifa and says u.s. will declare the group or team or organization. former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy has some thoughts on that and he joins us next. it's only human to find inspiration in nature. and also find answers. our search to transform... waste into renewable natural gas led chevron to partner with california bioenergy. working to provide an alternative source of power... ...for a cleaner way forward.
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isn't even close to how far we can go. we just have to remember how patient we were... how strong we can be. (how strong you can be.) and remember this; there's a crack in everything for a reason. how else can the light get in? ♪ tomorrow starts today. >> sandra: today officially marking the start of hurricane season and forecasters expecting it will be a busier season than usual as disaster response officials scramble to adjust their hurricane plans the coronavirus social distancing and a struggling u.s. economy. already had two main storms so far with a third likely to form in the gulf of mexico this week, and if we -- we needed more
6:43 am
challenges, we do not. >> ed: fox news alert, meantime president trump announcing plans to designate antigua as a terrorist organization as attorney general barr points to the far left group saying "the voices of peaceful and legitimate protests have been hijacked by outside groups of radicals and agitators exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate violent and extremist agenda. the violence carried out in connection with the writing is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly. in in the meantime, andy mccarthy joins us, former u.s. assistant attorney. good morning. i want to get to you what you think we should do about it, but let's start simply with what antifa is. he right that it's got this european pedigree, goes back to the self-described antifascist movement of the 1920s, but
6:44 am
they end up causing a lot of chaos themselves as they claim to be antifascist, and there are many who believe they are behind some of these violent protests. your thoughts? >> i think they are a terrorist organization, but while the name has a european pedigree, the group as it operates here as a domestic organization, and therefore, when we talk about designating it, it is really not a relevant conversation under u.s. law because our formal designation process is only for foreign terrorist organizations, we don't need a designation when a group is operating domestically because we have an array of laws to deal with terrorists, so you can designate them kumquats if you want. the important thing is how you treat them. they are a terrorist organization and should be treated like a terrorist organization. >> ed: a very direct in what you're saying. there are existing laws on the
6:45 am
books, you actually prosecuted terrorists when you're inside a justice department so if you are watching this chaos in a bed summer saying why is it not being stopped and a lot of these locality when we have these laws on the books. what would you suggest be done to crack down finally? >> i think there are two tracks that have to be pursued, and both of them have become more difficult because of the they have been too slow to react hoping that this would kind of burn itself or exhaust itself and that's not going to happen. doesn't happen. and so on the law enforcement track, you have to prosecute them and as i said, we have a large array. i prosecuted terrorists and then '90s for waging war against the united states, a statute that deals with that boring interstate group, you could use the racketeering laws the attorney general said there's laws against rioting. there's a lot of laws that we
6:46 am
could use but law enforcement by itself cannot restore order. and under the constitution, this is not like in the discretion of the president. the president has an obligation to protect the states from insurrection and domestic violence. in so that has to be done including deploying the armed forces to the extent that that is necessary in places where you have such unrest that that's the only possible alternative. law enforcement can't accomplish that. >> ed: you write very directly, the president has the constitutional power to restore order, he must ask in the last 30 seconds, what then is going behind closed doors with the attorney general william barr. what must they do after that? >> they have to have a plan for
6:47 am
first and foremost restoring order, we know not only to peaceful people, we owe it to peaceful protesters, but it's got to be done with them on the first obligation of the government is to restore order, and then you convey that the laws will be enforced and it's important for the attorney general to continue making that clear. >> ed: appreciate your insights this morning, thank you. sandra? >> sandra: doctors sounding the alarm, because the huge crowds of protesters lead to a second wave of the coronavirus? the former fda commissioner's urging caution. >> this is continuing to expand and we still have pockets that are under control. i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual!
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>> will live got this virus all over the streets, it is not healthy, there's about a 14 day incubation period met, so two weeks from now across america, we are going to find out whether or not this gives us a spike and drives the numbers back up again or not. >> sandra: that was governor larry hogan of maryland saying in a matter of weeks, health officials with a very similar warning that the close protesters and hot spot cities could cause a spike in covid-19 cases. joining us now, fox news medical contributor, thank you so much for being here. i know that you share similar fears about seeing these gatherings of hundreds if not thousands of protesters in seven cities and what that means for a potential spike in cases.
6:53 am
>> i am concerned we will see an uptick and see more outbreaks in various parts of the country. i understand the pain in the english, the devastation for what's happened but the reckless behavior is going to impede our efforts to try to eradicate this virus and generally speaking, americans have done a really good job of trying to follow the guidelines and protocols to eradicate this virus but when you have thousands of people in close proximity shouting and screaming, it spreads through articles, respiratory droplets so we can spread very easily from one person to another. so i am concerned for an uptick, have to continue to follow the guidelines of wearing a mask, social distancing, physical distancing, stay home. trying to already care for
6:54 am
coronavirus patients and on top of that, african-americans, hispanic and latinos are already disproportionately affected by coronavirus so it's a double-edged sword but we need to stay on top of it. >> sandra: the former fda commissioner's similarly concerned and his warning about hot spots in some areas where we are seeing these mass gatherin gatherings, for instance minnesota. here is his warning. >> going to be a lot of issues coming out with what's happened in last week one will be that change of transmission will have become lit from these gatherings at one of the hard-hit states by the protests, we have seen large mass gatherings. that state has been seeing an uptick in cases to begin with even before they started, so arise. >> sandra: as far as a time frame, and how many days or weeks while all these protests we are staying across the country are leading to an uptick
6:55 am
in covid-19 cases? >> cilla number of these people may be asymptomatic carriers. they spread from one person to another, we will see the effects of this usually about one to two weeks later. we won't see it now, but a couple weeks later, we may see an uptick in hospitalization and the number of cases and americans have been doing such a great job now, not the time to regress. we need to stay on top of it because we have to focus on keeping those who are most vulnerable healthy. and again, the african-american population has been hit the hardest so this violent reckless behavior is only hurting ourselves, only hurting our neighbors and interfering with us being able to provide the necessary medical care that everyone needs. >> sandra: i know that you live and work practicing medicine in new york, and i know you've witnessed a lot already. a few seconds left, few thoughts on what you've seen.
6:56 am
>> it's heartbreaking, and i see fire is being set in the health care facilities, and i understand the despair in the heartbreak, but we need to tackle this piece will that's what george floyd and his family would want is to handle this and give him justice through peace, peaceful protest, not through violent outbreaks and rioting and looting. >> sandra: thank you, nice to see you today. and why not fox news alert now, minnesota's governor now weighing in as protests spread across the country over the death of george floyd. now the officer charged with his murder being moved to a maximum security prison. the live report next.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> ed: protesters and police clashing in the streets over the weekend is peaceful protests turn quickly to violence in major cities all across america. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i met henry. >> sandra: of more than 350 people were arrested that weekend protests in minnesota. one of more than 25 states calling in the national guard. the unrest beginning a week ago in minneapolis with the death of george floyd in police custody. and yesterday, this shocking the scene, a tanker truck driving into a crowd of protesters in a minneapolis bridge. thankfully, no one was hurt.
7:01 am
mayor jacob frey renewing calls for citizens to step up. >> what's happened to george floyd is indelibly etched into the soul of minneapolis and the inaction of three officers has forever changed our city. so we must become a better city. we must become a more just city. the task ahead of us today, that is the task ahead of us tomorrow and into the future. >> ed: meanwhile, the former police officer charged in george floyd's death has reportedly been moved to a maximum security prison is a new video evidence emerges from the controversial arrest. our correspondent's life again in minneapolis with the latest details. good morning. >> i want to briefly show you one of the countless businesses damaged in the riots, it was heavily burned and you can see restoration has begun this monday morning and right across the street is the fifth police precinct building and right now, there were arms national guard soldiers standing on top of that
7:02 am
building looking down on the street still protecting that building because it was so heavily targeted by rioters over the weekend. you could see ground level, there were still barriers and fencing up after they burn down the third precinct, they targeted this building but the city was able to keep it protected. last night was another chaotic night. police say they arrested at least 150 people that blatantly violated the curfew. minneapolis police say they're also finding water bottles filled with gasoline hidden in bushes, and the governor and law enforcement has also become much more revealing about just how shockingly violent minneapolis riots have been discovering cars without license plates driving around with guns and rocks to facilitate the riots. law enforcement said they got innovative and switch their tactics to rapidly stop crime. however, the question is any of this came too late. the governor was asked why the national guard were not immediately deployed last week
7:03 am
after minneapolis third police precinct was surrendered to rioters who lit it on fire. the governor said it was perhaps too raw the situation between the community and law enforcement to send out troops. >> the responsibilities are mine when i sent those folks into the field to operate, the outcomes of that and how that was conducted and the guidance to them falls back with me. we assembled the source last friday, we would have been better off. >> today, the floyd family is set to release the results of its own independent autopsy at 2:00, and there is also a new video out there that does appear to show that floyd might've had some type of struggle with officers before that officer ultimately placed his knee on floyd's neck. >> ed: matt finn, thank you.
7:04 am
>> he speaks and he makes it worse. there are times when you should just be quiet, and i wish that he would just be quiet. or if he can't be silent, if there is somebody of good sense and good conscience in the white house, put him in front of a teleprompter and pray that he reads it and at least says the right thing because he is making it worse. >> ed: that is a democratic mayor of atlanta calling out trump for his responses to protests wrapped in, other city leaders and democratic lawmakers also urging the president to tone down his rhetoric. donna brazile is the former dnc interim chair, she joins us now live. good morning. perhaps more important than what the president says or doesn't say is what kind of action who we as a nation are going to take. what are your thoughts this morning after a very long weekend about how you want to see america heal? >> thanks for asking. first of all, let me just say
7:05 am
that our words do matter. not just from the president of the united states, but the words from our clergy, our other elected leaders, business leaders down to the community level, our words are powerful and at this moment, we must be mindful of the language that we use not only to describe what happened to mr. floyd and many others, but also in describing what we want to come out of this. we want to have a nation that is truly reflective of all of us. everybody in this country, their lives must be valued. certainly, we want to understand that when people are hired to protect and serve, they are doing their jobs protecting the public. lastly, we all have individual responsibilities as human beings to look at ourselves, there is
7:06 am
no way i can personally stop racism or any other form of bigotry. but working together with my friends and family and coworkers, we can all solve this. we can make this a better nation, a nation that is truly reflective of the people of the united states. >> ed: i listen very carefully and closely and those are beautiful words. how does looting get us closer to what you just laid out? >> i understand, and i am quite angered by those who would pollute, who would destroy property, shut down businesses, especially grocery stores during a pandemic, i am totally frustrated with the response of some of the community and of course even in the way the police have handled the situation. this calls for everyone,
7:07 am
everyone, not just those who are out peacefully protesting, it calls for everyone to look at what they are doing and ask themselves is this going to help change the behavior, change the system is that want to be addressed, and i do believe that it's important that we talk to them and tell them as i've seen all over the country yesterday, peaceful protesters telling those who are coming in or perhaps those who were angry to not destroy each other in the lives and livelihoods of those who we want to protect at the end of the day. >> ed: on that point and i promise i will ended after this going back to the president where we started a new chance to weigh in there but on the leaders in your party, i just looked in the commercial break. nancy pelosi's last two tweets. one of her attacking the
7:08 am
president's response yesterday, the one before that was what house democrats she says are doing to have a more just society. chuck schumer's last weed is about how we need to end racism, yes, we do, but neither one of them are tweeting or speaking out about the violence we are seeing. in my arms democratic leaders saying stop the looting, stop the criminal enterprises going on? >> first of all, let's understand it is not just incumbent upon democratic leaders, it is incumbent upon all of us. we have turned into combat but our politics should be about compromise and should be about our values, it should be about something bigger, something better, something we can all hope for, and we should be mindful of what we are doing, there needs to be more constructive as senator tim scott said and that needs to come from the preside president. we have only one president.
7:09 am
we have 100 senators, 50 governors, 435 members of congress and thousands of mayors, but one president of the united states, and he must speak for all of us. >> ed: they were also key democratic leaders like pelosi and schumer and you would expect they would call out the looting. you want to respond to that, great, but i want to end it is talking about whether the president is going to give an oval office address or not. said feel like the tweets have not been helpful. what do you want to hear from the president? what should he do when days ahead that you think will help us heal? >> he's not president, eda. and it doesn't matter who i voted for. he's not president. just like barack obama, george bush, going all the way back when i was born in the segregated south, he's my president, and because he holds an office that we all hold,
7:10 am
speak to our pain, speak to the promise that this country has for all of us, don't focus on what the people who disregard you might be saying. i think at times, this president takes it all in the chest. don't take it in the chest. lead us into this tomorrow that we were all promised, mr. president, and disregard and talk about the hope and the promise. you are bigger than this. come to this moment with faith in our future, and i do believe he can speak to all of us, and i want to get back again whether you are a democratic leader, republican leader, we have to speak out and speak in ways that heal, that unify, that bring us together, and that's how this ends. we all have a duty to check our
7:11 am
own practices during this moment. >> ed: absolutely do and i hope that conversation starts at this moment because you offered some terrific words this morning. let's hope leaders and all parties listen. thank you. >> sandra: another day of protests keeping new york city on edge. as thousands of people marched sunday, many protesters joining officers and trying to keep the peace, but overnight, mobs rampaged through the narrow streets of manhattan, splashing in the luxury shops there, looting, taking merchandise directly out of the front of the stores here, police commissioner on that. >> last night was a very peaceful day overall, some skirmishes, most of the day had
7:12 am
large crowds throughout the city and multiple boroughs yesterday, but when it got dark, things changed and they changed rapidly. we had a significant number of stores broken into, still out there as we speak making arrests and there have been hundreds of arrests. >> sandra: laura ingle's life in times square. >> over 200 arrests since yesterday and as you heard the commissioner there, they are still counting as the early morning hours really did little to slow things down as we saw that action downtown. here where it's relatively quiet, you can see just behind my shoulders, the disney store is all boarded up with plywood and you see another store down the road, a lot of the bars and the gates down here in times square, there will be activity here later today. and since this all began four days ago, at least 990 people
7:13 am
have been arrested in new york city, 40 officers injured in over 47 police vehicles have been damaged or destroyed as wide swaths of protests turn violent with massive looting and the writing. protesters were spread out throughout the city on sunday and started off peacefully here in times square even with a moment with some nypd officers taking a knee with the crowd. but as we have seen when the sun goes down, confrontations began and agitators take over in turn these events into war zones setting fires, throwing projectiles and it's only going to be another busy day with protests at the take place including here in times square. it was absolutely rocked with the rioters leaders hitting high-end stores like chanel, gucci, and louis vuitton. in many other stores have windows smashed in and graffiti scrawled all over the building and looters treating their stores like it was a
7:14 am
free-for-all. similar scenes playing out in brooklyn outside the barclays center where things started off, and then quickly escalated out of control. the police commissioner said peaceful demonstrators are being hijacked by people with violent intent. >> we have seen evidence of that, and i think you are seeing when you see organize people showing up to protests, we had individuals again last night showing up with molotov cocktails, an incident where a police car was shot at last night in queens. when you see instances like th this, you touched on it. there is evidence of an organization that times. >> we will see what happens here in times square where it was always very busy. we are expecting a lot of protesters hundreds in what is expecting here throughout the city.
7:15 am
we will see it grow and we will be here for you. >> sandra: we will see how it goes as the day goes on. laura ingle, thank you. >> ed: fox news alert now, a man in louisville, kentucky, shot and killed last night as they were clearing a large crowd of protesters. the latest coming up. plus, growing questions this morning about who exactly is behind the violence erupting at protests over the weekend. lawrence jones on the question of outside agitators next. >> we have people that have their own agenda that are anarchists, that are professional paidnt protesters. with one call to newday usa. our team is standing by right now to take your call. and from start to finish, you can do it all without ever leaving the house. with our va streamline refi, there's no income verification.
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7:20 am
peaceful protests by people who were clearly saddened and frustrated by the police action against george floyd -- i don't know precisely how it proceeded to get this way but we've seen this pattern before were outsiders come in from seen mayors talking about how they've seen people travel from outside of the communities to do destruction destroying small businesses. to my questions are going about whether outside agitators are instigating across the country as peaceful protests get overshadowed by chaos and looting. of activating the national guard to help deal with anymore mayhem. joining us now as lawrence jones, fox news contributor and host of man on the street and keeping up with jones on fox nation. great to see you this morning. feels like friday was a long time ago when we had to join us first thing in the morning on this program responding and reacting to the death of george floyd, so much has changed, so much has changed, so much as happened over the weekend.
7:21 am
you saw the protests, some of them turning violent and now the rioting in the looting. what were your thoughts as you see this happening across the country? >> you had me on friday and discussed my anger about the case, but now we are seeing bad actors come and distract and the president even noted that the majority of the people that go out here are peaceful people, but you have these anarchists that are paid to do a job. i was watching the video circulating, and antifa member being told by the protests stop, you're going to get us killed, stop destroying the businesses, and the guy looks at her and says they're going to kill you anyway. this is the disgusting behavior from these antifa groups. given my experience on the ground where i see the same people in all of these protests, they have a mission and they are being funded by outside groups.
7:22 am
i talk to business owners as well, and there is this theme they've been seeing of these bricks that they have not even ordered just appear in front of the businesses, and these are being used to destroy business businesses. and so i don't understand what the law enforcement officers are doing in these cities right now because if you go online, you can track their behavior. they need to separate them from the peaceful people. you throw something, if you set something on fire, you need to move in and put them in custody because if we don't get control of this, it is going to be -- actually, we are there. a full-blown anarchy right now. >> sandra: i go back to your message on friday and you published a piece on friday on saying this could have been me talking about george floyd and you so passionately laid out your own
7:23 am
frustrations and so many of these peoples protests were about just that, the high level of frustration we are seeing in this country. bill barr is making the case now that that message has been hijacked and he says with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities, the voices of people and legitimate protests have been hijacked by violent radical elements. a federal law actions will be directed at apprehending and charging the violent agitators who have hijacked peaceful protests and are engaged in violations of federal law. we are about to have a sheriff on this program from flint, michigan, who has gone viral for all the right reasons because he approached peaceful protesters and said i'm with you, i want to hear you, and i know you tweeted about that, and you said leadership, we need leadership, what was your message? >> i'm so glad you brought this up because i would prefer to talk about cops like him. he is the sheriff in flint,
7:24 am
michigan. he is walking with the protesters, hugging them, and what is so amazing about it, they know him. they know him by name. before this even happened, he built a relationship with his community, and i think that is what the community -- i've seen cops hug little boys that are crying and saying i'm afraid. they want healing in america, this needs to take place. the people that swore an oath to serve and protect the public have to start community policing and it just can't be when a crime takes place, needs to be playing basketball with the kids, there are a lot of people still not cops that do that. time to get them out of here. >> sandra: great to hear from you, lawrence jones.
7:25 am
really appreciate you coming on. >> ed: protests over the death of george floyd have now gone international. several major cities across europe, live update from london. amid the chaos and looting across america, many demonstrations are peaceful, and protesters are trying to keep it that way. >> protest peacefully, don't give those officers a reason to arrest and to kill us. enough is enough.
7:26 am
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7:30 am
>> sandra: fox news alert, the protests have grown across america after the death of george floyd and has now spread across the atlantic. hundreds rallying in the area near the u.s. embassy. greg palkot is live just outside of the embassy. greg? >> yes, we're just across from the u.s. embassy here in london, one police van over my shoulder. a few more have rolled up in the last couple of hours just in case something kicks off again today. a big march and rally in support of the black lives matter movement. certainly one of the messages,
7:31 am
there were a few arrests, a few scuffles, mostly peaceful here and that was just one of several rallies around the world today in the new zealand capital, foreign media paying a lot of attention to this striking scene in the state. also paying attention to u.s. rivals, state media in places like russia, iran, north korea using this opportunity to throw quite a few barbs at the trump administration and at washington in general. beijing taking special glee as they wrestle with their own activists in hong kong. the editor of one government newspaper tweeting, and i quote, "i want to ask speaker pelosi and secretary pompeo should beijing the support protests in the u.s. like you glorified hong kong? "even allies are getting into the act. the foreign secretary here quoted on bbc just the past 24 hours appealing for the u.s. in his words not to tear itself
7:32 am
apart. back to you. >> sandra: live from london for us, thank you. >> ed: as protests and looting spread across the country back here at home, president trump calls for law and order as we've seen tourist police cars in philadelphia, looting right here in new york city among the destruction. what needs to be done to ease the tensions between protesters and law enforcement? let's bring in a fox news contributor richard fowler. good morning. >> good to see you, ed. >> ed: i hear people saying where is the doctor king of this generation, where is the man or woman of any race who can step up and kind of say enough is enough, here's the way forward. what are your thoughts? >> last night, i joined by thousands of other d.c. residents and protesting and saying that a black life matters. and here's what i learned when i was out there.
7:33 am
i saw so many young people from all different races and cultures and just moments after that, hours after i returned home, we saw d.c. plunged into violence and what it made me remember is this. the protesting which is what people are saying, what these writers are doing both on the left and also on the far right is they are using the protesters as a vehicle to engage in this virus. the american people have to have a conversation with the protesters and say what do you need for you to say that you have gotten the justice you require so we can then end the protests and thus end the violence that is happening in our streets. part of that has to do with reforming. >> ed: absolutely. we've got to figure out the reforms that are going to get us there. but i'm wondering is when you phrase it that way at the end when you are out there peacefully protesting it out with your friends saying i want an end to its happening in some
7:34 am
cases with the police, but then an hour or two later, st. john's church is set ablaze, this historic church which has been and void by any people of faith, it is set ablaze, set on fire. so it's almost like dealing with the extremists on the left and right leg terrorists who are saying i'm going to burn this down unless you give me what i want. so how do you have that conversation? >> i don't think these writers on the left or the right want peace. i don't think they want to negotiate or have a conversation on how they make this country better, but i can tell you this, the thousands of people marching in the streets peacefully want to make this country better and they believe the contract that american has with this citizens is broken. in the case of ahmaud arbery happened in february and until we reported here on this network, we didn't see justice for those two white vigilantes. the case of breanna taylor in
7:35 am
louisville, and emt, an essential worker sleeping at home during her shift was shot in the head by police officers. we are still demanding justice for her. the contract is broken and it didn't break in 2020. broke a long time ago. just five years ago, eric garner was saying he can't breathe and he died. the officer in that case was not released from the nypd until just this past year. that's a problem. no one is antipolice, we are saying we need reforms of the police can actually protect and serve this community and not create harmony fear which is how black folks see this current moment. >> ed: you certainly laid out several cases where there was injustice, now we are hearing leaders in both parties and officials on the ground insisting they will be justice in this case, obviously all watching that to make sure there is but i want to end on a positive note with this picture we saw on social media. camden county new jersey, it's a
7:36 am
picture of chief of police there, and here it is. on the march today standing together with the residents we serve to remember and honor george floyd, hashtag stronger together in camden strong. we have seen this were some police chiefs and police officers white, black, male, female, marketing together with peaceful protesters and saying yes, we want change. >> and that's what we need to see more of and beyond that, we need to see some structural reforms how policing is done. one thing i'm calling for is managing police forces like we managed schools from an elected school board where there's democratic people elected by the community that will oversee the police department. that is step one. he stepped he was ending policies of broken windows which allow them to arrest folks for minor infractions disproportionately affecting communities of color.
7:37 am
you and i are friends and colleagues and they were so many other americans that have these types of relationships and we've got to start having conversations about how we make the society fair and just for every american the matter the color of their skin or the content of their character or how they choose to love, we've got to do better as a country and this outcry you peaceful protesters is exactly what they are saying. they had to do better because the current societal contract in america is broken. >> ed: you've got a deal. we are friends on the air and off the air and colleagues, appreciate your comments this morning, thank you. >> sandra: thank you, guys. amid the tension and chaos at some demonstrations, seven protesters and police have targeted reporters trying to do their jobs. what all this means for freedom of the press. we will discuss next. >> not coming in heavy-handed for them but to create space for the story to be told and even if
7:38 am
you are clearing an area, we have got to ensure there is a safe spot for journalism to tell the story. can my side be firm? and mine super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed, on sale now, you can both adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable, and snoring? no problem... and done. will it help me keep up with him? yep. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise. prove.
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7:42 am
>> ed: the russian president has had in july 1st as the date for a nationwide vote on amendments to the nation's constitution, one of which would allow him to remain in power until 2036. russia's constitutional that was originally scheduled in april and before it was postponed because of the coronavirus and now he wants 16 more years. >> sandra: amid the violence at demonstrations across the country over several days, we have seen journalists reporting on the unrest become the targets in some cases of both protesters and police alike. the line being crossed, let's bring in media reporter for thee hill, good morning. so what are we seeing on that front?
7:43 am
>> what they are seeing is the radio television digital news association, incidence of attacks against journalists in this country just in the past 72 hours alone, that means injuries, assaults or being harassed and we saw examples of this over the weekend and on friday, a cnn crew arrested in minneapolis families on friday night, fox news chased out of the park in lafayette square near the white house. later saying and one of his security people was actually punished in the face said it was a scary situation he's been in since he was chased out of cairo by a mob and this is a guy who has covered wars in ukraine where the baltimore riots in 2015 under the previous administration. not just on a national level, seeing many local reporters and producers harassed or injured as well, most notably of freelance photojournalist in minneapolis who was shot in the left eye by
7:44 am
a rubber bullet. doctors now say she likely has lost vision in that eye permanently. so let's be clear about this. this isn't a 10 million dollar evening news anchor being flown into a situation doing a report and being flown back to new york or washington. many of these folks and i've done it before on the local level in terms of producing and reporting, not a lot of money and glory just trying to do their jobs and telling the story and instead they are being harassed whether it be by protesters, anarchists, or police, and this is something that cannot continue and must stop. >> sandra: you mention the arrest of that cnn reporter in minneapolis last week. here is tim walz responding to that. >> we will continue to strive to make sure that accessibility is maintained. not only that, protection and security and safety of the journalist covering this, not because it is a nice thing to do them about because it is a key component of how we fix this.
7:45 am
sunshine, disinfectant, seeing what happened has to be done. >> sandra: in the days that followed, you mention many of the stories that we have heard about and seen. here is freelance journalist hit by a projectile in oakland, california, yesterday. >> i'm a journalist! >> sandra: clearly the targeting of seven members of the press, what does this mean for america now that that line is being crossed? >> is a very dangerous situation, no question. these are eyewitnesses to what is going on and what we are seeing in cities across the country just trying to get the story while trying to speak to people as to why this is happening.
7:46 am
and we see also another aspect of this that not many people are talking about that with coronavirus, it hasn't gone away just because the story is now dominating headlines and when you have reporters being harassed and getting up in their face, projectiles that happen, they are now at risk of getting covid-19, so we are going to probably see in the next 11 to 14 days whether that is the case among all of these people in the cities but among these reporters as well for people are doing these sort of things and you have to ask why is this happening to some reporters from a protester perspective in the lot of them obviously are coordinated and intentional, running them behind-the-scenes on the bottom line is when you attack a reporter on live television whether that be on the national level or local level, it is guaranteed to go viral on social media and that is the goal of many of these folks, to create chaos and go after the guy or the girl with the microphone for the camera and then let it explode from
7:47 am
there that's an aspect that quite frankly in past years in ferguson or baltimore, that wasn't a component of all of this and now social media plays a big role in terms of spreading the chaos online, and is just as i said before, dangerous situation. we all have to stand behind all of these reporters regardless of news organization. this is something the free press has to be able to do their job because the story is that important. >> sandra: prayers for the safety of all of those out there trying to cover this developing story. thank you. >> ed: a county sheriff in michigan walking with peaceful demonstrators in an inspiring show of unity during this time of crisis. we will speak with the genesee county sheriff next. >> the only reason we are here is to make sure you've got a voice, that is it. don't think for a second that he represents who these cops are
7:48 am
from around the state. we go out there to help people. not to that nonsense. .. this is our commencement. no, we'll not get a diploma or a degree of any kind. but we are entering a new chapter in our lives. our confidence is shaken; our hearts cracked. the kind of a crack that comes from the loss of a job; from life plans falling apart. we didn't ask for it... but we are rising to meet it. and how far we've come isn't even close to how far we can go. we just have to remember how patient we were... how strong we can be. (how strong you can be.) and remember this; there's a crack in everything for a reason. how else can the light get in? ♪
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7:52 am
>> sandra: moments from now, we could see joe biden meeting with community leaders in wilmington, delaware, at the bethel church. yesterday, the former vice president of visited a site today and met with some demonstrators there. he has defended protest but is ramping up calls for peace as violence escalates across the country. he has arrived wearing a mask, distancing, and there have been some pictures and merging of him praying. we will keep an eye on this and bring you updates as we get th them. >> i took the helmet off, laid
7:53 am
the pathans down. i want to make this a parade, not a protest. that cop over there hugs people, so you tell us what you need. >> ed: what a moment amid all the anger and divisiveness on display in many protests across the country, some signs of unity as you just saw like saturday when protesters in flint, michigan, took to the streets and were met by the police in riot gear but rather than confront them, the county sheriff join them calling for a parade instead of a protest. genesee county sheriff, good morning. they might thank you for having me. >> ed: as i understand it, the protest said simply walk with us and you said okay. talk about that.
7:54 am
>> we saw the tensions build the whole week, everyone felt it, and we wanted to give those individuals the platform to actually have their voice heard and as tensions continue to grow throughout the day, we saw a clash and it was met with officers in riot gear from our office and the police department and as they were coming to the police department and i was walking toward them, i'm thinking how did we get here? how did we a race in 18 minute 42nd video all of the good work that is done? that day, it changed policing. so when the folks came up and there was so much tension and rightly so, righteous anger, i saw a fist bump with miller and i saw a hug out of the side of my eye and i said that's it. i took off my helmet and lay
7:55 am
down the pathans and that was the change. you saw the video, it's incredible. >> ed: it certainly is incredible and in the last minute we have, it seems to me for what we've seen, you were trying to meet the protesters halfway and say there are some in law enforcement who do the wrong thing. he want to hear their concerns and fix this. how do you get the protesters to meet you halfway and still respect law enforcement and still respect police and not believe that you're all bad? >> first of all, cops have to do the right thing. they have to be held accountab accountable. call it what it is. the people have to know that the trust falls on us the police ourselves first. second, have to make those all the time. have to get from behind the podium, conference rooms, offices into the community every single day. and when the protesters see the heart of the police, that's when they will start listening, but it falls on us.
7:56 am
we have to start the dialogue and make the change. >> ed: clearly you were making the change not just talking the talk but walking the walk. sheriff, we appreciate your inspiring message, thank you. we will see you soon. >> sandra: meanwhile, president trump set to meet with the nation's governors and law enforcement officials on the protests gripping america. we will have a live report from the white house top of a the white house top of a brand-new hour.. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
>> ed: the president meeting as we speak with the nation's governors and various law enforcement officials on a videoconference as he calls for law and amid violent protests raging across america. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm ed henry. >> sandra: good morning to you and good morning, i'm sandra smith. riding in the streets of this country over the death of george floyd, an unarmed black man killed in police custody in minneapolis one week ago. and the violence even breaking out near the white house would hear his press secretary kayleigh mcenany earlier on that. >> this president has been very clear that we need law and order in this country, has taken extraordinary action, criminalizing interstate travel geared towards inciting violence making sure those individuals are prosecuted. we want america to be safe that
8:01 am
we want to come together as one country. we are better than this, america is stronger than this. >> ed: fox news coverage now live in santa monica, california, but first first in fisher's life at the white house again. good morning. >> right now, president trump is hosting a teleconference in the situation room with governors and law enforcement officials to talk about these riots that have engulfed the nation. the white house has been very critical of the mayor of minneapolis for not doing more to stop the violence and stop the vandalism sooner. also has been very critical of the mayor here in washington, d.c. he was white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany earlier this morning. >> i think when you look at some of the above fondling actions like right here in d.c., the mayor didn't issue a curfew until 11:00 p.m. guess what? at 10:00 p.m., you had st. john's church burning and several other cities had curfews at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and some of the actions are not tough enough
8:02 am
particularly with the mayor here in d.c. >> this morning, president trump also met with attorney general bill barr after expressing his desire over the weekend to designate antifa a terrorist organization. is unclear what exact legal mechanisms the president would use to do that, but bill barr could have a statement saying the violence instigated and carried out by antifa another with the writing is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly. the white house blame as much of the violence outside the white house found in t5. last night, a fire was set inside the historic st. john's church right in the basement there, and it's right across the street from the white house and on friday night, president trump had to be moved very briefly to an underground bunker here at the white house and over the course of the last three nights as protests and riots right outside the white house, more
8:03 am
than 60 members of the secret service have been injur injured. there were plans at the moment to hear from president trump and that can always change. the white house press secretary says she is going to be holding a briefing this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. >> ed: does hearing from a source, st. john's church badly burned but still standing. going to be watching that heartbreaking story. thank you so much. >> sandra: more than a dozen states deploy the national guard as violence escalates during the protest over george floyd's death with widespread curfews like we haven't seen since the assassination of martin luther king. william la jeunesse is live in santa monica, california, which is one of the cities with a curfew. william? >> the curfew here begins today at 1:00 in santa monica, 4:00 in los angeles to try to prevent what happened yesterday. took over this business district, knocked over this jewelry store, cleaning out a sunglasses store next door as well as setting fire to this
8:04 am
restaurant. so the situation was this, police were literally "outnumbered" and overwhelmed with the protests and two blocks away where i am at, they basically set fires and still what they wanted. you've had these roaming gangs ransacking electronics stores and stuffing stuffed into vehicles. very organized, have the hoods on, the masks, trying to evade any type of surveillance cameras and out of the thousands that were here, one woman tried to stop the looting at a store and briefly succeeded before she was overtaken by thieves who ripped off a lot of high-end bicycles. they had all kinds of retailers, trash cans, breaking windows, responded with tear gas, most got away and if you got caught.
8:05 am
>> anything to do with the protests and what happened in minnesota, a little bit to do with that. but not really. i'm out here for the dough. >> was it worth it? >> you see it. don't do with a dumb way, do it the smart way. >> over in the bay area, said all of the reporters home for their own safety. shots fired at the oakland police station, three detained there. some opposed the national guard saying they basically precipitate some of the violence and blame the media for covering the looting rather than the protests in los angeles, you had one policeman who got a skull fracture, so it was an entirely
8:06 am
peaceful for them. again, this was a day when they were supposed to reopen from the stay-at-home orders, most of the retailers of course will be closed today because of what you've seen here. back to you. >> sandra: remarkable images they are. could give us some idea, started out with a live shot of what you're seeing on the ground this morning, described the scene there as the sun has been coming up. >> people are cleaning up, obviously people are coming here to see what happened, he wanted to see with the destruction look like. people are cleaning up here, they've already washed away the foam from the fire retardant here. we can't go too much into the light or it will blow out but you can see it seems to have returned to normal, but they cleaned up considering what it looked like several hours ago, and then you can see some of the business is boarded up now. they went right through the
8:07 am
plywood and if you want to spend over there to the rei, you can see on that corner, that's where the girl basically made her stand at the front door and then they came out the side with the bicycles and a lot of stuff. was mayhem yesterday, and the amazing thing that i will wrap up is how organized these criminal gangs were. they would stuff the stuff in the back of the car into the trunk and then go on to the next one and it was incredible to watch how organized it was while the police were busy with the protesters, they were just cleaning out the street. was really incredible to watch. >> ed: it said here as well come on the east coast, we have certainly seen a lot of small businesses and others hard-hit by the pandemic with lockdowns and all of that. what is it like here on the west coast i imagine there are a lot of folks who were just digging out from that economic mess and now they have to deal with this. >> my daughter works in retail,
8:08 am
and they've been hard-hit and they were just scheduled to open today, of course even with the limitation on the number of people allowed in the stores and that kind of thing, it is a small town of about -- not small, but surrounded by 10 million people who tried shedding some of the freeways so people couldn't come in here and reinforce were looking at an opportunity to take some more stuff, but this is the economic engine. tourism is what they have and without that, can go down that road, the point is they are already reeling because laying off some furloughs because they don't have any money coming in and this doesn't help. >> ed: we were on the air yesterday talking to an nypd veteran who is pointing out that the nypd here had almost 20% had gotten sick with covid-19, so they were already depleted. what of the resources like for the police for law enforcement,
8:09 am
obviously california very large state and as you said, essentially criminal enterprises running around and it's hard to keep up with. >> they couldn't keep up with it and like i said, santa monica fairly small police force, the sheriff's department came in and then they had to call the national guard. couldn't bring in the firefighters to put out the fire here because of the same thing until they brought in swat to protect them. you're saying what kind of country is that that you can't bring in firefighters because you fear for their safety because other americans will attack them. it's a horrible situation to think about, but they had to bring in the national guard here to santa monica as well for reinforcements before they could get control. they couldn't detain anyone and then it was 8:00 and only at nightfall did it dissipate in some areas but then in long beach, it kept going throughout the night. obviously melrose and fairfax hit some of those business districts just shorthanded. every time the police try to
8:10 am
contain something, they would outflank them and go to another neighborhood and in a business district like santa monica, there were many opportunities to steal stuff and that's what they did. of course, did have some peaceful protests as well. >> sandra: amazing images on the ground they are, we will continue to watch it as th the y goes on. now the president taking a tough stand with the rioters tweeting out the united states of america will be designated antifa as a terrorist organization, but does he have the authority to do th that? joining us now, fox news senior judicial analyst and host of the liberty file on fox nation. good morning. we spoke to andrew mccarthy yesterday pointing out that this designation is more about foreign terror organizations. the president calling out antifa as a domestic terror organization. does he have the power to
8:11 am
designated an what may be more important and that is what can be done to push back against a group like this that is fomenting violence? >> congress is only authorized the secretary of state and that means the president effectively to characterize foreign organizations as foreign terrorist organizations. domestic organizations no matter how violent they may be as terrorist organizations, they would be profound constitutional issues dealing to the domestic organization. as a legal argument, it is moved. as a political argument, everybody, be aware of what's going on. the federal government is going to be as tough as it possibly can be with those people. that's an argument that can be made. they do have tools available to
8:12 am
them. they can prosecute individual persons for acts of terror, which are defined as two or more acts of violence intended to intimidate the public or change the policies of the government. clearly if they have the evidence against a specific person, they could prosecute them for that, but they could also prosecute individuals who cross state lines going from new jersey to new york in order to commit a felony in new york by engaging in an act of rioting. now, those federal prosecutions usually take a backseat to the state prosecutions because it's against the law in every state in the union to engage in rioting which is described as two or more people destroying the property of a third. so there are federal tools here. at the crimes are different. you could be charged with both a state crime and a federal crime without the bar against double jeopardy interfering.
8:13 am
>> ed: beyond just nt fit as you suggested, the president may have just been making more of a political designation that antiques, a far left group that's been causing chaos long before this but appears to be piling on now, talk about what we do legally in the legal framework of this country and within the framework of the constitution to allow people to peacefully protest, yes, but stop this senseless violence, stop the looting, and bring back as the president says, law and order. >> this is a nightmare for the police because the police under first amendment jurisprudence which guarantees the right to assemble peacefully, the police have the obligation to protect those who do the assembling, so first, the police will protect themselves and then protect those who were lawfully there which includes our colleagues in the media and those who are not bent on violence, but when
8:14 am
suddenly someone in the midst of protected activity peaceful assembly, violence against third persons were against the property of a third person is a nightmare for the police to protect those who are being lawful to remove from the group those who are engaged in violence. getting evidence against those people, that's the most important thing. we only have individual prosecutions. it's a remake at someone who threw a molotov cocktail out of a group but in a police van but if they don't have evidence that he actually did it, he is not going to be prosecuted and is going to be let go within 24 or 48 hours only to come back to the spot were all this started. >> ed: it can all get very infuriating. we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> sandra: a live look now, presumptive democratic nominee
8:15 am
is meeting life right now with community leaders at the bethel church in wilmington, delaware. this is a live image where he did arrive wearing the face mask, he is talking, let's listen. >> it mattered the way -- i promised i would not get emotional. but it matters the way that you're all treated. and one of my -- some of you know, if you ever come to my home, you'll see i have a library on theology and we've talked about this. it's one of my interests, and one of my favorite that i find solace is "faith sees best of
8:16 am
the dark." it's pretty dark. it's been real dark. but also my colleagues in the senate used to kid me all the time because i thought i did that -- it was a great quote, saying too much of suffering makes us stronger. the other one is another one saying that history teaches us not to hope from this side but then once-in-a-lifetime, that long tidal wave of justice rises up. talking a lot about the youth
8:17 am
and getting the opinion of the youth. i have hundreds of young black men and women in my campaign all across this country. spent a lot of time at boys & girls club, spent a lot of time in places where you talk on the record, but one of the things that is happening whether we like it or not is the covid epidemic is basically shut down the country the last three months, and if we shut it down a month earlier, we'd have probably another 45 to 60,000 people that would be alive instead of dead because didn't listen to guys like me back in
8:18 am
january saying we have a probl problem. my point is this. i was talking at harvard last night and talking about history and having to educate the public more about the history of white supremacy, the history of subjugation of african-americans and i agree with that but i think is another thing. i think what's happened, the band-aid has been ripped off by this pandemic and this president. nobody can pretend any longer what this is all about. nobody can pretend who has been carrying this on their back.
8:19 am
it's been minorities. it's been blacks. it's been hispanics. it's been five or 600, 45,000 of these kids who are legal young people that has come across the board. they are the ones out there. making sure the grocery store is open and they are catching the disease and dying. because i don't have the protective gear. they are the ones -- i mean that because we go way back a long way. it reminds me, i was asked a question the difference between then and now, i can remember
8:20 am
coming into the church and as we start off back in the 60s, we start off in the black church and then see -- >> sandra: you been listening to joe biden, his first in person event this mid-march there had a church in delaware. he has mostly supporters of the room about 15 invited guests. saying the blood ten critical, he did to questions. we will continue to monitor that event in delaware for you and bring you news department as we get we will take a quick break and be right back. that's me. by using your va streamline refi benefit, one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 a year. that's me. there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. that's me. put your va home loan benefits to good use.
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8:24 am
>> sandra: thousands of national guard forces deploying across the country in response to protests and riots. this morning, police chief in louisville says officers and a guardsman opened fire into a group and one person was killed in the exchange and now calling for the trump administration to take control of the guard but the white house as there are no plans for that just yet. >> we are not going to do that but we have further military assets and police units that can be deployed with the governors and the mayors need us and they
8:25 am
came get control of the situation. >> sandra: joining us now to discuss all of that is michael waltz, also a member of the house armed services committee and a former green beret commander. good morning, thank you for being here. so expand on what we just heard and what you would ultimately want to see happen on behalf of the white house based on the growing riot situation we've seen in this country. >> so to add onto that piece from the national security advisor, the card works for the state, works for the governors and importantly it has some things that they can do that they are active-duty like the marine corps, mainly they have arrest authority under our constitution, the national guard trains for these types of missions whether it is civil
8:26 am
unrest, national disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, supporting huge events training for this in direct support of law enforcement or they are from the community. they live in the community. not brought from all over the nation, so it is important that we have that localized effort. there was an amazing exchange during the baltimore riots where one of the rioters was yelling at the guardsman get out of here, go home, and i live four blocks from here so that community engagement is also important. here is the distinction and what needs to happen is these local elected leaders need to start getting tough and drawing the distinction between peaceful protests and looting in writing and what we are seeing with nt five. i think that's what the country is calling for, and we had a situation last night where the
8:27 am
mayor of d.c. didn't put a curfew waited until 11:00 p.m. was at sundown and you saw church get burned down and that looks like a war zone down there. looks like some of the war zones i've been in. in that's with the guard, that's what they were supporting in law enforcement and in many cases have their hands tied. >> sandra: you see these images on the screen as you're talking about and, looking at these monuments completely being attacked last night saying how are these are most precious and honored monuments, war memorials not being better protected but the scene that we saw play out live, we were covering what was happening in philadelphia. we saw the scene play out a
8:28 am
squad cars getting run into each other with no one in it, lit on fire. i saw target completely being looted right before our eyes with no police presence a while the national guard is supposed to work with the police on the ground, what is happening? why are we not seeing that in some of these most violent protests >> sandra? >> you are seeing local leadership, the local elected leaders, some of these mayors that are telling the police to just let the rioters. they are telling the national guard following that guidance, and i don't think that's what america wants to see anymore. burning churches, destroying businesses that have already suffered from covid. that is not what this country is all about. that is not people protesting. does not honor the memory of george floyd, martin luther king, and others.
8:29 am
these meetings are happening in the white house as we speak, can take down organizations like antifa. their leadership, their financing, how they are communicating just like organized crime and terrorist organizations and that's with the fbi and other should be focused on going forward. >> sandra: to your point, those meetings happening at the white house, meeting with our states governors deciding what is next in all of this. congressman, thank you. thanks for being here this morning. >> ed: meantime, fox news alert, issuing a curfew for the next several days after rioters attacked police over the weekend. we will talk to the dallas police chief about the dangers her officers are facing next. >> we cannot allow people to destroy the livelihood of others or threaten the safety of the very same people who we are
8:30 am
asking to protect us in our time of need right now. just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like it's an honor for them to help you out. i went from sleepless nights to getting my money right. so thank you. ♪
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>> ed: this just in a come of the first lady on the protests and riots we are seeing. tweeting "sad to see our country and our communities being damaged and vandalized. i ask everyone to protest in peace and focus on taking care of one another and healing our great nation."
8:35 am
she also tweeted over the weekend sending condolences to the family of george floyd and urging americans to come together and begin the process of healing. >> sandra: more than 350 protesters arrested this weekend in minneapolis as minnesota ramped up its response to violence surrounding the protests over the deaths of george floyd. in one shocking moment saturday, a semi truck speeding toward the crowd of marchers as is seen on video. now george floyd's younger brother terrence has a powerful message for those using his death as an excuse for lawlessness. >> about peace and unity. the things that are transpiring now, they may call that unity but it's destructive unity. not what he was about. he would want to see justice the way we are trying to do with, but channel it another way.
8:36 am
damaging your hometown is not the way you want it. >> sandra: let's bring an executive director of the minnesota chief of police association, thank you for your time this morning, if you could respond to what you just heard from george floyd's brother there. >> george floyd's death has understandably sparked outrage here in minnesota and across the country and the callousness of the police officers actions, the blatant disregard for mr. mr. floyd's health and well-being, it is disappointing, disheartening and include frustrating as a law enforcement professional. we do not train officers in minnesota to use that type of technique. i think there is a national narrative out there that that is the case. simply is not true. why this officer did what he
8:37 am
did, i don't know. i can't tell you that. but we understand mr. floyd's friends and family and all the supporters, their concern. we share that concern as well. >> sandra: he said his brother would've wanted to see unity, but this is destructive. the minnesota officials are warning that there are outside extremists that are getting involved in making these protests and demonstrations even more violent. here is the minnesota attorney general keith ellison on that. let's watch together. >> we have evidence that outsiders have been present and in some cases have played a very negative role, but i've been talking with protesters trying to get a sense of who some of these folks are, and i have heard mixed things. but i would say is we've got enough to handle on our own and that what we really need to do was refocus on justice for
8:38 am
mr. floyd. >> sandra: what more can you tell us about what we are learning, who was involved, and who is making this so violent? >> i'll be honest with you, i am not directly involved in the investigative standpoint of what's happening out there, but i do think it's very clear and we've heard from state leaders, heard from state leaders across the country, not just here in minnesota that there are indeed a violent element here that is coordinated and organized, and there is probably very clearly individuals on the ground so to speak to use that term that help. but i'm -- i don't have the exact information, but we know there is outside forces hell-bent on doing violence.
8:39 am
>> sandra: i really appreciate you coming on our program this morning, thank you. >> ed: a historic church as violence breaks out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. in this world where people are staying at home, many of life's moments are being put on hold. at carvana, we understand that for some getting a car just can't wait. that's why the new way to buy and sell a car is also the safer way. at carvana, you can do it all 100% online from home
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♪ ♪ ♪
8:43 am
♪ >> ed: protesters outside the white house yesterday, the historic st. john's church nearby set on fire, talking about this trying to get an idea of the extent of the damage. our correspondent is live outside the church with details. a good morning, how bad does a look and how are people digging out this morning? >> good morning? we are right outside st. john's church right now where you can see that the church is still standing, which is good news.
8:44 am
i think st. john's episcopal church, there were some concerns last night that this was a church that was going to be a much different situation than what is right now. the fire was contained to a small portion, we are told that protesters were able to break into an area that was an emergency door and then set the fire but i am told that there was minimal. the people that are charged have just been coming up here to take a look at the damage and also working with the bureau of tobacco and firearms as they investigate. right now we are at ground zero and it really is a much different story here at the corner, you can see plenty of people taking off some of the graffiti that was on their as well as the windows that were boarded up all over the place. ed? >> ed: if you can still hear me, the mayor of d.c. has just
8:45 am
announced a short time ago there was going to be a curfew in place in d.c. as i understand it at 7:00 p.m. last night, there was a curfew that seemed to be brushed together there with people already out on the street. talk about number one, number two obviously as we have seen in other cities, people were simply not listening to it in terms of how it actually gets enforced so we don't see a repeat of last night. >> last night was a mess, no doubt about it. we had curfew going into effect, no one seemed to go home, didn't seem to make any. my colleague was out here and what he was describing really was terrific. but we have is a little bit different in a sense of people reinforcing the barriers at the white house is just over there. they had at least 60 of their officers, should get an update from them today. asking them specifically about
8:46 am
the curfew and other that would make a difference. only for law-abiding citizens. it'll be interesting to see if things are a little bit different tonight. as i was walking home from the white house where i was at, this was just reported up but we did see plenty of people still out, ice cream vendors and people that wanted to see the action for themselves, but for those more established businesses, grocery stores and mcdonald's down here, i'm sure you remember that remains boarded up trying to clear up as much of that as they can. >> just a horrific scene in washington in particular, graffiti and a lot of places. mark meredith, thank you for giving us the bird's-eye view. sandra? >> sandra: former vice president joe biden visiting a historically black church in delaware and weighing in on the unrest gripping the nation. we will have more on that in just a moment. here's huge news for veterans with va loans.
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get yours at >> sandra: presumptive democratic nominee joe biden holding a meeting at a historically black church in his home state of delaware. this coming as anger over george floyd's killing seeks to shake up his short list for vice president. peter doocy is live with more on what is coming out of that church this morning. >> the former vice president has been speaking at the front of this church in wilmington, socially distance with more than a dozen local leaders who have been laying out their concerns about systemic police of violence, the record as vice president the record as a senator who was involved with crafting the 1994 crime bill. listen for most of an hour and now is responding to those concerns plus concerns about
8:52 am
covid-19. >> the band-aid has been ripped off by this pandemic and this president. no one can pretend any longer what this is all about. nobody can pretend who has been carrying this on their back. it's been minorities. it's been blacks. it's been hispanics. it's been four or 5,000 of these kids who are "illegal young people" coming across the border. >> biden's first event at this church is the first day that delaware's stay-at-home order has been lifted but he did speak out yesterday for an unannounced visit to a protest site as allies or to pressure him to use current events to narrow down his vp short-list. congressman james clyburn was asked by "vanity fair," do you
8:53 am
think avoid killing will end amy klobuchar's chances of being picked as joe biden's running mate and he said "it certainly won't help, but is not just this. for history with similar situations when she was a prosecutor came up time and time again in her campaign and this plays into that. just during the listening session today, two of the local leaders urged the vice president depicts a woman of color as his running mate. >> sandra: very interesting some of the things that we are hearing came out of the q&a portion of the former vice president's meeting with those leaders in the church. we are told mostly they are supporters. 15 invited guests but at one point it getting challenged on his track record with the '94 crime bill and what that means for the youth vote and the obama years employment situation for african-americans. so he did take on some criticism and some challenges from those in the room. >> certainly, but you have to
8:54 am
remember we are here in wilmington and delaware, represented us in the senate for 36 years so these are leaders who have had an ongoing dialogue with biden. some of them it sounds like since the early 70s about issues like this, so there is a different level of comfort with the people who are bringing up things about his record here that you might not see at a traditional event that he was trying to do something in a swing state where he hasn't lived for his whole life. >> sandra: to take a lot of questions on the unrest we've seen across america. going to hear more coming up a bit later on with that virtual meeting that he is going to be holding with some state and local leaders. >> that's right, and he will be doing a zoom call with mayors of some cities that have been dealing with very widespread unrest the last few days. in minnesota, chicago, los angeles, st. paul, minnesota, inspired and is now
8:55 am
just a candidate, it sounds like he's just going to be trying to do what he's doing here which is listen and possibly give a preview of what he might do in his first 100 days as president if elected. >> sandra: we are looking at these live images as you've been speaking of the former vice president inside that church wearing a mask and distancing taking questions and at that event continues there, the first in person event that joe biden has participated in since mid-march. so we will continue to watch it. peter doocy reporting live on that for us today. thank you. >> ed: fox news alert now, peaceful protest in some cities descended into utter chaos. ted's standouts between law enforcement and angry demonstrators, new reaction to the violence coming up next. to eligible members so they can pay for things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. discover all the ways we're helping members today.
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>> sandra, i read today it's been 80 days since march 13th, the last day we had sort of full freedom before the lockdown. it's been 80 days. think about it, day after day, what this country has been through. that's just truly unbelievable. >> sandra: it is really something. we're getting somewhere it out of the white house that the president, posting this meeting with governors, unloading on them, if you will, to get the job done to secure the citizens of their states and encourage safety and call him in those states as we enter into a new evening. >> ed: you're absolutely right, there is reporting from
9:00 am
that call saying he still in governors and mayors, "you got to get tougher, you've been very weak." this is something the president has suggested on twitter but directly in this videoconference. we'll have more tomorrow. >> sandra: great to be with you here again, ed. we'll do it again tomorrow morning, right? "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, another night of violence and unrest as nationwide protests over the death of george floyd escalate. some cities descending into chaos amid tense stands offs between law enforcement and rioters, including in our nation's capital where fires blaze near the white house as u.s. marshals and dea agents were deployed and dozens of secret service agents were hurt. 26 states and the district of columbia activating the national guard as local authorities scrambled to keep things under control. the associated press reporting at


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