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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 1, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> harris: breaking news this hour, nearly 67,000 national guard members have now been mobilized as protests reach across america. that is more than the total number deployed during the 2005 hurricane katrina response. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. more protests planned for various cities after violence and looting erupted for another night across several major municipalities. let's take a live look at new york city's union square, where we have seen so much of this. a new protests is already kicking off. moochers have hit luxury stores there, or near there.
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officials warn that peaceful gatherings to protest george floyd's death are being hijack hijacked. >> well, there's no doubt is a challenging time. i would make an argument this is one of the most challenging times i've seen in 30 years. i think people need to understand when they see the police officers out there. as they are right now, as we are talking, trying to keep peace. they are doing the best they can, they are extremely, it extremely difficult situation. >> harris: in minnesota we just saw the governor talking about this, at his news conference with officials joining him there. shocking video in minneapolis of a tanker speeding toward protesters on a highway bridge. 5,000 to 6,000 people on that bridge at the time. police arrested the driver, no one fiercely hurt. just moments ago, the commissioner of minnesota public safety call that nothing short
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of a miracle that nobody was hurt or killed. fires are raging in washington during demonstrations, that happening again overnight, including at the historic st. john's church not far from the white house. we have live team fox coverage on all of it. kristin fisher standby live at the white house. first, let's go to steve harrigan in minneapolis with the latest. steve, already activity in that city. >> that's right, harris. about 150 arrests overnight, mostly for violating that 8:00 p.m. curfew. it really was a far cry and very different from the violence and widespread fires. police asking more aggressively, using pepper spray, tear gas, confronting this protesters before they could get a foothold. there was also an appeal for calm from george floyd's broth brother. >> if you're angry, it's okay to be angry. but channel your anger to do
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something positive, or make a change another way. because we have been down this road already. the anger, damaging your hometown, that's not the way you want. >> there was a near tragedy yesterday afternoon on the i-35 bridge, about 5,000 peaceful protesters. we were right behind them when a tanker truck spread about 30 miles per hour through the middle of some of those protesters. the driver was pulled from a cab, he was beaten by some of the crowd and tried to be protected by other members of the crowd before police came and arrested him. he's with the governor had to say about that near tragedy. >> i was breathless as i watched it, because i thought i was going to witness dozens or hundreds killed in the immediate crash. my fear was the intentional thought of detonating that tru truck. >> the next couple of hours, we
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expect a press conference and the results of a private autopsy from the floyd family. harris, back to you. >> harris: steve harrigan, thank you very much. in our nation's capital, u.s. marshals, dea agents, and d.c. national guarnational guard wer. officers were injured as some angry protesters threw rocks and gasoline bombs late yesterday authorities were on alert for co days after president trump was briefly taken into a bunker for his safety. kristin fisher is live at the white house with the very late latest. >> harris, president trump just unloaded on the nation's governors, calling most of them week and urging them to make more arrests and dominate the streets in the midst of these riots. he said, and this is a direct quote according to somebody who was just on this 11:00 a.m. call with governors which was held in the situation room, he said,
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"you have to dominate. if you don't dominate, you're wasting your time. they are going to run over you, you will look like a bunch of jerks. you have to dominate." the president also said that after three nights of violence and destructive protests right outside the white house there's going to be a clamp down in d.c. he said, "in d.c. we are going to do something that people haven't seen before. it is unclear exactly what he means by that at this point. we have the national guard who has already been called in and i we are learning that attorney general bill barr, who was also on that call, as directed the bureau of prisons assented right teams. the president has not been happy with the city's mayor. recently they were upset that she waited until 11:00 p.m. last night to finally impose a curfew. here is the white house press secretary, who will be holding a briefing about an hour. >> i think when you look at some of the befuddling actions, like right here in d.c., the mayor of d.c. didn't issue a curfew until 11:00 p.m. well, guess what?
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at 10:00 p.m. you had st. john's church burning. several other cities had curfews at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. some of the actions are not tough enough, as the president noted. particularly with the mayor here in d.c. >> over the last hour or so, d.c.'s mayor has taken a bit of a tougher stance. she just imposed a curfew at 7:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow, and as for the city's police chief, he gave an update on the number of people who have been arrested. he said 80 people have been arrested, 44 charged with felony writing. >> harris: kristin fisher, thank you very much. i want to bring in fox news chief political anchor bret baier, also anchor an executive editor of "special report." bret, good to see it. a lot happening in the area where you are now in d.c. we are getting that cut teleconference with leaders across the country, and one of e things we are learning behind the scenes the president is
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being urged to make some kind of address to the nation. this has been a drumbeat because we've been hearing it really since friday. what is the latest on that they've learned? >> well, i think there i is a hesitance inside the white house. and there is a determination whether he's going to do it or not. saying speak and doesn't stop nt for. those her words. there is a call that even some of its allies want him to step out beyond twitter and beyond these phone calls. what they are seeing in rioting and looting. harris, there may be some skittishness on behalf of white house aides after the last oval office address, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and what was happening. the fallout from that speech did not go well. this is a different moment.
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this is america in crisis and likely you'll hear from this president. >> harris: politics always being what they are, there is always a political opposite side to things. that is certainly playing out today. joe biden is going after the president today, while he was meeting with black leaders at a delaware church. let's watch some of that. >> the band-aid has been ripped off for this pandemic and this president. nobody can pretend any longer what this is all about. nobody can pretend who has been tearing it back. it's been minorities, it's been blacks. it's been hispanic pluralists >> harris: bret, i know this has only been a short period of time, and when you look at the entire history of the world, if you will, in terms of this
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pandemic. but it is certainly seeming that things were starting to change, things reopening right before this situation with george floyd. and how heartbreaking if it happens to him, and how heartbreaking what's happening to all of us now as we can't seem to come together. we saw the governor of minnesota just moments ago saying they are going to go on, it's june 1st, 85 degrees in minneapolis. having lived there, that is rare, rare, rare to get that kind of weather. we pray it lasts for a little while and that they warm up and can open those restaurants without more venues. but what is the president need to say it? he's got joe biden coming out now. joe biden is out, he's out of the basement. he is talking. on the other, we got to come together as a nation. >> it's complex, it's nuanced. clearly there are anchors and frustrations about what happened. really heinous, that image of
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george floyd, and the police officer. the image that sits in people's minds, those people protesters are making a statement. however, they are being co-opted by rioters and looters and different groups. it could be antifa, other groups, but it is chaos in a number of these cities. there are more national guardsmen called up now than they have had since hurricane katrina. there probably will be more with this special unit from the bureau of prisons, special operations response team in miami and d.c. i expect tonight to be a big moment as far as standing up to some of those rioters. but there is this hunger for unity. it's hard to believe we've been through two crises in just as many weeks. >> harris: yeah, we are sandwiched in between tragedy. it is a rough spot to be as a
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nation. we are resilient, though. before i let you go, we are going to be doing some special reporting and a deeper look into this group, and teeth. the president saying -- and also the doj -- looking at what they can do legally with aunt eva. politically, what does this mean, this moment? >> listen, politically, we don't know how it's going to turn. in 1968, richard nixon, when he was running for president, ran a highline order platform in the wake of protests and riots that got out of hand. that was successful for him. whether that is going to change, independents will be swayed, depends with the president does. they are big moments for this president. there are big moments in the coronavirus, big moments right now. so far he has put a lot of onus oon the governors and their leadership or lack thereof from his phone call. i would venture to guess you hear from this president either today or in the next few days. >> harris: bret baier, we will
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hear from you at 6:00 tomb easter. i always tune in. "special report." thanks for being here with me. we were just talking about this, president trump blaming antifa for much of the violence we have seen across america and cities. what is antifa, exactly? and how far as they reach a question mark plus, the growing calls for charges against the other officers who stood by while george floyd suffered and died. the minneapolis police chief says they are complicit. reaction from trey gowdy, who joins me on the program. and i'm looking for this, i'm looking for those points of goodness and of hope. i tweet about this a lot. in the midst of the pain in the violence and the chaos, there are constant reminders of what we can be as americans. that there is goodness in people's hearts, together.
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we are those guys. that's you? the truck adds 10 pounds. in the arms. -okay... transfer your service online in a few easy steps. now that's simple, easy, awesome. transfer your service in minutes, making moving with xfinity a breeze. visit today. >> harris: as protests give way to violence nationwide, president trump is singling out antifa, the loose affiliation of left-wing activists, saying the u.s. will be designating nt for a terrorist organization. who exactly are these people? many people want to know the answer to that. let's get into it. mark meredith explains. he did some deep dive reporting on this. mark, school s >> hey, harris. good afternoon. where we're standing was really ground zero for the protests outside the white house last night. you can see come as you take a look right now, a much calmer situation.
10:18 am
we are called because you see traffic is being blocked right here on 16th and h. as you talked about, the government is concerned antifa, short for antifascist, could cause more damage night. it's important to point out we still don't know a lot about the group. it dates back to the nazi german era. his decentralized, there is no organizational hierarchy. members are known to embrace many different viewpoints, some of them including anarchism, socialism, and communism. the white house has repeatedly labeled antifa as a threat to national security and, as you mention, harris, president trump says he wants to declare them a domestic terror organization. >> he has taken extraordinary action, talking about activating the nutritiona national guard hn minnesota. criminalizing interstate travel geared toward inciting violence, making sure those to individuals are prosecuted relabeling atif as a domestic terrorist entity
10:19 am
that will be prosecuted as such. >> i thought this is interesting, the acting chairman of the intelligence committee, marco rubio, boil it down more. he said, "many of these professional agitators don't fit a simple left versus right identity. they are part of an antigovernment extremist movement. they hate law enforcement i want to tear the whole system down, even if it requires a new civil war." that mirrors some comments we saw from attorney general bill barr. also i want to mention where you are complete seen so much of the graffiti is starting to get cleaned up. businesses still boarding up so many of their windows. a lot of people trying to prevent further damage from what we saw last night. harris, back to you. >> harris: mark meredith, thank you very much. meanwhile, current and former government officials are warning there could be some legal hurdles to try and designate antifa as a terrorist organization. jeh johnson served as homeland security secretary under president obama. here he is. >> the state department has the
10:20 am
authority to designate a foreign terrorist organization as such. there is no legal authority in the united states code or the constitution to designate a domestic movement as a terrorist organization. >> harris: former congressman trey gowdy chairs the house oversight committee and is a former federal prosecutor. great to have you on the program to talk about this. good to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: let's start with what those convocations would be. you heard the former lead security secretary, jeh johnson, talking about legally how you designate antifa as a terrorist organization. >> i don't think anyone knows. i don't think there is a protocol for identifying domestic groups as terrorists, and kind of the more important question is, practically, what does that designation accomplished? if bill barr which tell us, harris, if i get this designation i'm going to have access to charges i don't currently have and i'm going to
10:21 am
have access to investigative techniques i don't currently have, then i am open minded. tell you more. we already have something called conspiracy, which is in agreement, tacit or otherwise, between two people to commit a criminal act. it doesn't even necessarily need to be an overt act. you've already got mayhem, you've got writing, antigang statutes, you got arson statutes. what do you get from this designation that you don't currently have? it would be my practical question. >> harris: all right, having been a chairman, i know it comes up that you would know if there are other groups that the nation would be watching, that a federal law enforcement would be watching. outside of antifa, who else makes the short list? >> well, i learned moral more on judiciary than i did on oversight. i will tell your viewers, depending on who is in power is who you consider a terrorist
10:22 am
group to be. there are some on the left to consider the life movement to be domestic terrorists. i think we need to be very, very careful, because we may not always be in power. we have elections every four years. do you really want the u.s. government to be able to clear certain entities come or you disagree with their orthodoxy or philosophy, to be terrorist entities? i'm a pro law-enforcement guide guy. bill barr says yes, "i need this designation for the following reasons," i am open to hear it. but i'm not aware of any statute he can't use now that this designation would all of the sudden empowering. use what you have to stop what is happening in these cities. 90% of all crime, harris, 90%, state and local. is not federal. if minnesota is having a problem, is your argument really that you lack sufficient statutes now to solve the public safety issue?
10:23 am
>> harris: it's interesting to get your perspective on that, and the other committees, obviously, that you set on. but questions about whether the other officers involved in george floyd's death will now face charges, and the minneapolis police chief says they should bear responsibility they were complicit as floyd's family was calling for upgraded murder charges against derek chauvin, the officer who knelt on floyd's neck for nearly 9 minutes. let's watch. >> being silent or not intervening, to me, you were complicit. so i don't see a level of distinction any different. if there were one solitary voice, that would've intervened and act, that it's what i would have hope for. that did not occur. >> harris: how does the law see it? >> well, harris, i've always felt there should be murder 1 and not murder 3. for the officer whose knee was on mr. floyd's neck, i think
10:24 am
that should have been murder 1. we've got video. there is video of other officers restraining mr. floyd. i think we are going to need is the audio. what do the other officers here? to they hear him begging for his life? did they hear the life being extinguished from him? more importantly, what were the officers saying to one another? you do have aiding and abetting charges, you have conspiracy charges, sometimes you have a duty to intervene if you see someone else committing a crime. whenever i hear someone say, "this person not to be charged," i need a statute. you need to point to the statute you have in mind and then we will fill in the elementary -- the evidentiary elements under that. >> harris: real quickly, before he let you go, this seems to be a little bit of -- you say an up charge sounds reasonable, maybe murder 1. on saturday night, things were breaking, exactly what he said. former u.s. attorney
10:25 am
andy mccarthy says no, according to minnesota law, they give the right charge with their degree. real quickly, just your thoughts, his of her but he sing something differently or is there a baseline here? >> no, and he is a really good prosecutor. murder 1s premeditation with the intent to kill. murder 2 is the intent to kill without the premeditation. murder 3 is an inherently dangerous act that results in someone's death. the safest charge is murder 3. some want to take safest charge. however, when someone is begging for their life, harris, when you are warning the officer, "you are killing me," how much time meets the past before it becomes premeditated? no one is arguing he planned this for a week, but if someone is saying, "you are killing me," how much time needs to pass before that manifests premeditation, which you need for murder 1? and he is a really good prosecutor, but maybe i was a little more aggressive -- i also was a homicide prosecutor. >> harris: i heard you were
10:26 am
really good prosecutor, too. [laughs] >> that was a long time ago, here is. long time ago. >> harris: trey gowdy on the program today. really great to have you. thank you. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> harris: social unrest across america following the death of george floyd. we have seen so much of it. how president trump may use this time to take a different approach with his campaign. we'll talk about it. ♪ limu emu & doug [ siren ] give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> this president is taking bold action. this is the law and order president, going back to his convention he's always been about law and order in this country. he's taking every single possible action to ensure that our streets are safe. >> harris: as violence spreads across america, president trump is expected to use this moment to be the "law & order" candidate that he ran on in 2016. during a conference call with our nation's governors today,
10:31 am
president trump said most of them were weak and urged them to "dominate" any violent protesters. the power panel slides in operate scott bolden, former d.c. democratic party chairman and former chair of the national bar association pac. fox's political analyst and founder of caldwell strategy consulting. great to see. i haven't seen a bit, i want to go to you you first, where the president is now. politically, what it all means. >> gianno: if you can give me a few seconds to address america, harris, for a lot of folks today, they feel under attack. for the last three months with coronavirus, with the unemployment numbers, and now we have racial unrest and tension, this is a time where we all need to take a collective breath and know that it's going to be okay. we are a resilient country and we will be okay. when you think about
10:32 am
president trump and the protests and the riots, that should never be allowed. i am for "law & order." i think the president needs to push these governors in their particular states, and these mayors, to be about "law & order." this is no longer about george floyd. his brother responded to that, that george wouldn't allow this. in the city of chicago, where i'm from, they are literally going in and destroying the black community. the very disenfranchised people that a lot of folks say they are speaking on behalf of, they are making them even more disenfranchised. i am concerned that, like in the '60s when the riots happened, places like in chicago would still, 60 years later, have recovered pray that we will see similar instances. we have to speak up and speak up now. "law & order," for sure. >> harris: eloquently put it. scott bolden, i read through the op-ed that former president barack obama wrote today. how to make this moment the turning point for real change. one of the things haven't seen, and i really want you to speak
10:33 am
to this, that black leadership across america. many of them in the cities where this happen. end of they are inundated with what's going on, but we don't have the reverend jackson play or less. seen people coming out, if you will. and barack obama calls for that next generation now to step up and to lead through this. where are the black leaders? we are not one unified community, thinking all the same, but in something like this, where are the people who would organize these things? >> scott: well, i think they are on tv. i think they are in the streets. i think they are on social med social media. while we are not a monolithic community, the leaders of the fraternities and sororities in the civil rights organizations are speaking to these issues. my colleague and i are from the same state. i am from joliet, illinois, and i remember -- and he is from chicago -- i remember in the '60s when martin luther king
10:34 am
was killed, my father and the ministers were in the streets in joliet and chicago trying to calm those who were suffering. this is about black suffering. if you want to loot, if you are about anarchy, antifa, stay aw away. because black people who are suffering deutsch to exploit, dilute the image, or what george floyd stood for, or michael browned, anyone else who has suffered at the hands of the police. that's got to be a clear message. it's complicated because the police are trying to get "law & order" " this is bigger than just george floyd. let's be honest, this is about block suffering. law and order won't do it alone. it won't. you have to have an agenda, african-americans, communities of color that go beyond this. because they are suffering.
10:35 am
one police officer is not the problem, the thin blue line on how we train them, black-and-white, is the problem. the fact of other officers there that didn't intervene, that's a problem. they share and complicity. this is not myopic. it's broader. until he faced that, that's the injustice against black people, we simply are going to continue to live this over and over aga again. >> harris: the only thing i would add there, gianno, is you and i are watching some of these pictures on the weekend and just shaking our heads uncertain of it. it is the black community suffering, but it's all of us. we have an enemy that we can't see with covid-19, it is ravaging the economy in america. 40 million people out of work. and we are facing new numbers this week. i'm just so prayerful that maybe things reopening we can get to work. her last thought? >> gianno: i agree with everything that's been said
10:36 am
here. surely we want justice, we have to have a criminal justice system that is fair. we have to have a judiciary system that's fair. we should all be speaking of voices, united, of all races, calling for that. we absolutely need to. but there absolutely has to be "law & order." we can't go in destroying our own communities and thereby creating more injustices for those same people who we are fighting for. >> scott: right, that's never going to work. i agree with gianno. >> harris: and i've got to let you go, but i'm curious to know what we'll hear next from the president. he obviously is meeting with the attorney general today in a closed-door meeting, and then with governors, learning so much about what we do going next. i will have you both back. i appreciate your time. good to se see you both. >> thank you. >> harris: big city mayors facing a big challenge now. you saw the pictures, gianno, scott, and myself talking about
10:37 am
a polluters, rioters, derailing peaceful protests. and any messaging around george floyd's death or anything bigger at this moment. the former mayor of st. paul, minnesota, where some of this began breaking off, joins me next. norm coleman is on the program. i've got great news for veteran homeowners. if you have a va loan, now's the time to call newday usa. their va streamline refi helps you take advantage of some of the lowest mortgage rates we've ever seen. one call to newday can save you $2000 a year. one call can lower your payments by this time next month without verifying your income, without getting your home appraised, and without one dollar out of pocket. it's the quickest and easiest loan newday's ever offered. one call can save you $2000 a year, every year.
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btk>utku&ykn]o f@!byúy@@pm(úiñ if the goal is to just address how people are protesting and never address why they are protesting, we will only see this anger and we will only see this resentment start to grow. >> the vast majority of officers are trying to connect to communities and do the right thing. they are in this job for the right reasons. there are some that harbor racism in their hearts. these people should not be in the police force. because the protests are understandable, the anger and the frustration is understandable. my sheer is that the message and the need for change will get lost in the destruction. >> harris: mayors across
10:42 am
america trying to reach a balance between peaceful protests with outsiders causing chaos as they mix in, as well as their own city's police response. this, as a growing number of cities are setting curfews for tonight. it is rolling in right now. warning people about the potential for more trouble. joining me now, someone i've known for a very long time, former mayor of st. paul, minnesota, norm coleman. the remainder of the city when i lived there, and was a cub anchor in that market. mayor coleman, thank you for joining me. what can you tell me about that delicate balancing act? >> it's got to break your heart to see what you're seeing. you know the streets, you know lake street, you know the community's devastated by the violence. we have to preserve public ord order, life, liberty, and property. when you've got to do that, at the same time you have to look on the horizon.
10:43 am
we need a lot of healing. but you're not going to get that if you don't have a sense of order. we had a mayor in minneapolis he made a decision to abandon that third precinct, let it burn down. i think that was the spark that ignited the flames across the country. the mayor of --dash the violence. the governor stepped in. you should know that minnesota has come down. the governor stepped in a couple nights ago, a lot more order. last night, a lot more order than the night before. we are opening a business today. perhaps we have an opportunity to rebuild. we've got to have basic order first. when you get that, then you got to address the fundamental problem. it's not just about george floyd. let's not forget him. i think his voice has been lost in the violence. let's go back. but in order to get there you have to preserve social order.
10:44 am
we lost that for 3-4 days and i think we're getting getting it back now. >> harris: we did hear the governor talking about sticking with their plans and i to open up restaurants and venues with outdoor seating. the economy so desperately needs that breath of air. the president is being called -- we've been talking about the reporting -- called by some by the scenes to make an address, to talk to the nation. we want to hear from president trump at this point? >> two things. fundamental response building government, we have to have order. people in the community's most want that. on lake street, those businesses are burned, they are down. the community suffering. we are to go to the next step. you have to go through that. this is america. we are better than what we've seen on tv in cities across the nation. i think the president has to come on one hand, be firm.
10:45 am
they've got to say this is an opportunity to make some fundamental change in the way we've done some things in this country, in terms of police-community relations. the impact covid has had on minority communities. the opportunity for both. but you have to do both. you've got to have more love. >> harris: norm coleman, i know you to be one of the most positive people i've ever met. you were the first politician i met as i was so new to the minneapolis st. paul area. i appreciate your words today, and please keep up your optimism on behalf of all of us. we need it. >> thank you so much, harris. >> harris: thank you. we are awaiting a white house briefing with press secretary kayleigh mcenany. we will also bring you that live when it happens. in addition, the middle of the protests, peaceful and violent, all that's going on, i have
10:46 am
faith. do you? i have faith in our humanity, and that our nation will come together. some pictures that my team has been gathering. please look. ♪ stressballs gummies have ashwagandha,
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>> harris: the unrest in the twin cities over george floyd's death has hit businesses already struggling to survive. that's part of the story. we are also seeing today is what is unfolding in minneapolis. i'm going to ask my team if we have those pictures now. do we? and bringing our panel again. okay, we're going to wait. we will wait just a moment. fox business' jackie deangelis joins me now to talk about the business aspect of this. jackie, forgive me if he cut into a little bit, as we see those pictures.
10:51 am
the brother of george floyd is getting ready to speak to a large crowd. we will go to that as it happens. first of all, wall street and main street. >> wall street, harris, is still optimistic about reopening. realizing it can take a little longer because that civil unrest across the country. businesses that have already been beaten down and closed because of coronavirus now staying close to a closing again, in some cases, instead of getting back up and running. target is one of them, foods to close stores in minneapolis, and over the weekend the chain closing or reducing hours and nearly 200 stores nationwide. in fact, six target stores across five states closed until further notice. target has said safeties its number priority and closing is the best way to achieve that right now. then there is whole foods, the supermarket temporarily closing some sores and adjusting store hours. it stores no l.a., many hapless, chicago, they are all close. amazon owns whole foods, it itself is starting some hubs because of protests and scaling back to liberty scum as well.
10:52 am
walmart also clues and hundreds of stores nationwide, again emphasizing the safety theme. the most important thing right now. target, amazon, whole foods, walmart, these businesses that have come to my gone above and beyond to get people essential items. now they are facing even more challenges, which is problematic on many fronts, harris. >> harris: all right. as i said, jackie deangelis, we might have to pull away. you do great reporting pay thank you for taking a look at the latest on the economy amid the pandemic, and what's happening now in protests. george floyd's brother, terence, is leading a prayer vigil at the sight of his death in minneapolis. let's watch together.
10:53 am
>> harris: we are watching as they pray silently here at the place where george floyd lost his life. i want to bring back scott bolden, former dnc party chairman, fox news political analyst. as we watch this, we pray for healing. >> yes. this is a moment where whole country, we can unite around george floyd. this is an individual who did not deserve to die. we recognize that, in addition, his brother who said that george would not want for the violence to take place, the riots i should say. >> harris: i'm going to cut in for a second. terence floyd is in the center of your screen.
10:54 am
[crowd chanting "george floyd"] >> george! >> floyd! >> george! >> floyd! [crowd chanting "george floyd"] >> harris: you can hear, you are not saying it loud enough. to say his name george floyd. to say his name, george floyd. gianno i'm going to come back to you. >> i am very proud that we can call for justice, not just them,
10:55 am
but other folks impacted by police brutality. as we take this moment and reflect, i hope and pray that others can pick up the baton as we push for justice in the form of legislative reform that calls for police accountability in all levels of government. >> harris: all right, i think that we may hear from terrance floyd, i am not ignoring you. i know that you are wrong. let's listen for just a second. >> you have to be respectful. good afternoon, my brothers and my sisters. my white allies, my blue allies that are here today. my name is reverend kevin mccall, i am a civil rights leader in brooklyn, new york.
10:56 am
we came today with the delegation that you will hear from. the delegation consists of the attorney and committee activists chris banks, the brother of george floyd terrence floyd. we came all the way, flew all the way here for simply one message, we came in solidarity of those who are in -- been in the streets peacefully protesting. simply saying no justice --
10:57 am
>> no peace. >> no peace. this family is a respectable family. this family is a peaceful fami family. and as much as outrage, the family is too. but you cannot come before the family. you cannot become before the victim. the family has called for peace. the family has called for peace. the family has called for peace! the family has called for peace! the family has called for peace! we are sending a message to people all across this country to stop eluding and to throw up
10:58 am
the peace sign. the power is in the numbers. don't stop protesting. the family has called for peace! we are sending a message to people all over this country to stop looting and throw up the peace sign. the power is in the numbers. don't stop protesting. but throw up the peace sign. the family has a long road ahead for justice. but just because they are doing it peacefully, that does not mean we don't want all of those officers locked up.
10:59 am
too many times the media and the people want to talk about black on black crime and say, oh, it is crime in minnesota, minneapolis. it is crime in new york city. it is crime in chicago. well, guess what, when you do a crime, you do the time. them officers did a crime, and they deserve to be locked up. and we will not rest until they get locked up. and once that happens, if they want peace, we will give them peace when you give us justice. just like we have a left hand and a right hand, we want peace on the left and justice on the
11:00 am
right. peace on the left, justice on the right. peace on the left, justice on the right. [crowd chanting "peace on the left, justice on the right"] you will now hear from this brother who traveled with us who has to endure watching his blood brother die at the hands of a corrupt police. let us respect him as he speaks at this time. please let us hear with a round of applause for the brother. the


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