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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 5, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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worked as special counsel for robert mueller's legal team. she worked on the russian government disinformation probe and on the hillary clinton email investigation. lucky for us, msnbc analyst. >> sean: my heart is troubled. laura is next. have a great weekend. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. after a trump press conference heralding these new jobs numbers, the media engaged in such a disgusting smear that i just felt i had no choice but to call it outcome and frankly, destroy the smear and name the very figures and spreading it. we are going to do that in moments. also tonight, we get such a huge reaction from his appearance the other night, he studied domestic insurgencies for years at the fbi. he is going to tell us why calls to dismantle the police pointed to a very alarming end game. what will the result of that all
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the? plus, raymond arroyo is here. biden's latest stumble. the left's newfound religion and jimmy fallon embarrassing. friday follies has got it all. but first, the experts blow it again. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." >> it won't be a decade, i think i'm totally economy can fully adjust and we get those jobs back. >> is not hard to get a 20% unemployment. >> the administration has been so much on ppe, helping to lead what they say will likely be a v-shaped recovery, and that doesn't seem very certain at all. >> laura: it was obvious that many on the left were just giddy a couple months ago that the virus had devastated the booming trump economy. they were thrilled. and they were wish casting gruesome jobs numbers from april, basically, all the way until election day, and they predicted the economy would shed
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another 8 million jobs in may. their hate and anger toward this administration continued to consume whatever good judgment or sense they have. and today, the credibility of all those who forecasted doom and gloom, well, it took a major body blow when the stunning may jobs numbers came in. >> new jobs numbers show the u.s. added 2.5 million jobs in may, added, that's a big surprise. >> this number is higher than i would have predicted. >> shocking for all the right reasons to see this number. >> definitely underscoring the fact this will have been the shortest recession in history. >> laura: remember there was going to be no v-shaped recovery? well, the number of jobs created in the last month by american entrepreneurs and businesses shattered every record. the dow jumped 800 points today. and the media was so ready to pounce on what they presume were going to be the poor jobs numbers that they were caught totally off guard.
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now, this morning, the amazon "washington post" tweeted this gem. "grim milestone to be reached as may unemployment rates near 20%." well, they deleted that embarrassment, and their second attempt read "u.s. jobless rate unexpectedly declined to 13.3% in may amid pandemic." these are the most dishonest people ever. just own up to it, okay? you detest trump so much and you've allowed your own bias to get in the way of what should be reporting and the real data analysis. stock market was over 27,000 today, kids. on election day in 2016, it was at 18,000. so, an honest tweet would have been, may be, i don't know, "in some jobs report, investors prefer trump in a pandemic over the democrats on the verge of
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victory." oh, i should have sent that one. now, just over a week ago, remember, "politico" reported that democrats are "dreading a full-blown recovery ahead of november" according to the article, the possibility of americans getting back to work has caused some democrats, especially obama alone -- alumni -- around washington to panic. oh, they are panicking today. joe biden would surely have preferred that we stayed and locked down through the election, maybe all of michigan will for all i know. and he offered this feeble response to the stunning economic news. >> the president who takes no responsibility for costing millions and millions of americans their jobs deserve no credit on a fraction of them return. >> laura: of course, if joe wins the presidency, we won't be seeing these types of numbers because he'll immediately make it easier to shift more jobs
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over to china, like we used to do, and he will green light more foreign labor to take the jobs that americans would do. but what about the polls? i know all of you are freaking about the polls. well, the experts say that biden is way ahead. it's his election to lose. folks like james carville are predicting a democrat wipeout. experts say americans want more progressive government. well, they said that in 2016, too, remember? all the same people made all the same predictions. but then, as now, most of the so-called experts are just horribly wrong. in fact, they are not really experts in anything, i've concluded. the media figures who furrow their brows and huff and puff about the president at every turn and every tweet, all of the left-wing economist, the social scientists who are desperate to usher in their era of a new normal, they have been predicting trump's imminent political demise since day one.
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their predictions about russia and mueller, wrong. there predictions about impeachment, wrong. their prediction about trump-china tariffs, oh, yeah, wrong. there predictions about the usmca. wrong. there predictions about the coronavirus, wrong. some of their predictions about the spring break covid super-spreader's? wrong. and as i've said time and again, if you come with your common sense, are so much smarter than most of these people will ever be, again, they are not really experts, they are just people who go on tv to play the role of experts. let's be very clear: they are not just getting it wrong time and again. if that was all it was, they wouldn't have jobs anymore. they are important because they are perpetrating a fraud on you and america, and in some cases, it even costing lives.
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like that bogus hydroxychloroquine study that was published in the prestigious medical journal "the lancet." i mean, that just collapsed, they had to retract the whole study. we are going to expose that later in the hour with two of the original medicine cabinet members. don't want to miss that. but countries on hospitals, including in this country hospital, they stopped allowing the use of that drug based on false data. how scary is that? and the experts, by the way, locked you down for weeks and weeks in your homes -- some of you still walk down -- based on false covid mortality productions. you couldn't go to your daughters that wedding, your son's baseball game, your kids didn't know matt couldn't go to school, you missed graduations and all of these life experiences, but the moment there was an event or a protest that they thought was important, all their rules were out the window.
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look at michigan governor gretchen whitmer, or pritzker in illinois. the left is always the same -- always the same. you will sacrifice, but they, they won't. just like with obamacare, climate change, and everything else, the experts and academia -- come on, they've been urging us to do things like, what comedy funds the police? they have been urging that for years. and they say it's going to lead to safer communities, more trust. we know that is a fraud. it's going to lead to more suffering and more destruction, but not for the rich liberals who vote for biden, or the hashtag and hollywood celebrities or the fortune 500 ceos. they are not going to be affected, really, by a disbanded police force. they have their own private security guards, and their expensive security systems. they can fleet in their private jets to any country they want to come any time of day or night. everyone else, they will be left
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with a lot of bad expert advice. and that's the "angle." joining me now is bernie marcus, cofounder of home depot and founder of the job creators network. bernie, the experts, the media, so many democrats discount to the president's plans to let governors decide when to reopen the country. they wanted us locked down. but he made a key judgment in letting the states decide, and look at the jobs numbers today. imagine if the whole country was open. >> well, you know, laura, i'm so happy the president finally listened to himself. i mean, he's a businessman. he has common sense. he understands what's rights and what's wrong, and he stopped listening to the experts. fauci, who is a bureaucrat, and i think i discussed this with you last time, is a mama doesn't worry about what happens to the economy, because he gets paid no matter what. he's in the government, and the government doesn't stop
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paying -- by the way, you'll notice in all of these people were out of work, there was nobody out of work and the government. all those people had their jobs, had their money coming in every week. so the american people are the ones who suffered. the american working people, who are not part of the bureaucracy in washington. and i will tell you that the president has to stay on his own mind and think for himself. listen to some business people like yourself, and you'll come up and make the right decision. i think he will. and i'm so happy that he listened on giving some relief to small businesses on getting the employees back. we realize -- by the way, job creators network was very much involved in that. talking on making sure that the small businesses got a piece of their action, but the truth of the matter is, they just didn't do it over a long enough period
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of time, now they are ameliorated and they are going to make it over a longer period of time. but i will you this, if i had the president's ear and i could say to him, what would i do next? i don't know that i would come down with any more money -- >> laura: totally agree. >> from washington. and give it out. i just don't believe that that is what i would do. but what i would do, is those people working, i would take away fica for the rest of the year, both for employees and for employers. that way, they'd be able to keep their money, employers who are now running their businesses, especially in the restaurant business, and half the businesses in america at a 50% rate, would be able to make up and pay their expenses -- by the way, those expenses didn't go to 50%, they stayed at 100%. >> laura: bernie, real tax relief, i don't think americans in georgia or florida should have to give one sent to
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new york city, given what they allowed to happen in that city, or california, or any of the other lockdowns. i think it is ridiculous. not 1 penny to these estates that refuse to give people the right to go earn a living. paul krugman had a very interesting take, bernie come on what the good jobs numbers meant going forward. watch. >> we did a lot of aid to people in distress, which was necessary. better than i would have expected, better than we have in any previous downturn, but republicans hate that. the administration hates it, republicans in congress hate it. they can't wait to stop helping people, and just gives them an excuse to do that. >> laura: bernie, it why the democrats who held up the original rescue package for days and days and days while nancy fd to coming back to the country we brings every last concession she could into the bill. >> laura, let me just say something to you. if i didn't elected, the first
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thing he will do is they will go back and put the regulations and that will strangle businesses. that's what happened, when trump came in, the first thing he did was knock down these regulations and open up the door for people to hire and grow and build and create jobs. he did a wonderful job in that area. the one thing democrats love our regulations, and biden -- believe me when i tell you, for years from now, if biden is el elected, this country will be in very bad shape. the 14% or 13% unemployment will be a good number, because they won't raise it much more. this man -- and i'm talking about president trump -- understands how to create jobs. he's done it before. he can do it again. and i trust his judgment on this. i trust his judgment because he brought us in economy that we
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have never seen -- >> laura: never. >> in the history of this country. how the hell do you -- how do you argue about that? >> laura: bernie, we've got to hop, but let me tell you, the democrats aren't even bothering to argue the economy. they are not even arguing -- they are not trying to pretend they are going to raise anybody's standard of living, and they are lying to you about all of the goodies they are going to deliver because they are never, ever going to vote against their self-interest, not these rich people. bernie, thank you, great to see you as always. >> thank you. >> laura: after president trump heralded the jobs numbers in the rose garden today, the media gave him such a perpetual smear job we felt it was our duty to call it out. at the point were summarized by "bloomberg news" reporter, who said trump said he hopes george floyd is looking down from heaven and happy about the strong jobs numbers. well, that is a lie, and that life spread like wildfire among more prominent members, like cnn's jake tapper, and
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"the new york times" peter baker. it even made its way onto the airwaves, msnbc, michael steele, former rnc chair, that's embarrassing, called trump's comments borderline blasphemous. now, if the president actually said with those media members were alleging, then his comments would be out of place and i would call them out. but since we won't lie to you, here is what trump said in its entirety. >> equal justice under the law must mean that every american receives equal treatment in every encounter with law enforcement, regardless of race, color, gender, or creed, they have to receive fair treatment from law enforcement. they have to receive it. we all saw what happened last week. we can't let that happen. hopefully george is looking down right now and saying it's a great thing that's happening for our country, there is a great day for him, it's a great day
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for everybody. it was a great day for everybody. it is a great, great day in terms of equality. it's really what our constitution requires, and it's what our country is all about. >> laura: he's talking about equal protection under the law, regardless of race. joining me now, charlie hurt, "washington times" put editor, fox news contributor. charlie, did you hear the jobs report mentioned in there? how do the media figures who i called out justify the blatant dishonesty in what they did? i mad about this. pico you know, it's not even a distortion of what he said, because they are always distorting what he said. this is a flat out lie. they are making up something that he simply did not say. if you listen to his actual words, he's giving a shout out, he's applauding the peaceful protesters who are protesting
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the treatment of george floyd. that is entirely different, 100%, completely, factually different, from what people are claiming he said. but if you stop and think about it, and you go back to the beginning of just this year, this guy has been through an impeachment, which was entirely made up of lies, and that all of the stuff before the impeachment was made up of lies buried in the guy's been pandemic. he's been going through riots right now. the good news -- the good economic -- the stunningly good economic news that came out today, i think has a lot of these people in vapors. i think that they have got nothing left to do but to make up things about donald trump, and between now and the election, laura, we are going to be listening to exactly this sort of thing, where these guys come unhinged and make stuff up every single day. >> laura: i mean, charlie,
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they thought the mueller investigation was going to save them, then they thought impeachment was going to save them. ben may thought the virus was going to save them. now they think the protest and riots are going to save them, and wait a second, this guy is really resilient, and i think they are freaking out about it. i think they are absolutely freaking out, and it's going to get worse. i completely agree with you. now, the media's allies, they have real political consequenc consequences. here was biden. >> towards the end of his remarks, the president trump said he hopes "george floyd is looking down and seeing this asa great day for our country." for the president or try to put any other words in the mouth of george floyd, i frankly, think is despicable. >> laura: charlie, your reaction? >> you know, with the media like this, you kind of wonder, well, what else do you expect? what you said in your "angle"
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was exactly right about this. all of these predictions -- it's not always lies after the fact, it's all of the prognosticating before the fact, from russia to impeachment to the pandemic to all of it, the predictions have been the most dire predictions. they are fever dreams. they are dreams about anything -- and ultimately what it is is it's rooting for failure. they not only want donald trump to fail, they want america to fail. they would do anything -- they will crash any economy. they want the city -- the country to bring to the ground. >> laura: burn it all down. >> yeah, just to blame donald trump. and so, now that all of these things come all of their predictions aren't coming to fruition, they are left with nothing else but just to lie after-the-fact, and they are going to keep doing it, and you know what? american voters are very, very cagey and they are very smart. even people that don't get paid
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like you and i do to pay attention to all of this, all the time, we, you know, live it day-to-day. they can tell when people are lying. and i don't think it is going to work in the selection. >> laura: yep, it is never seemly to be rooting against her own country, or your own country's demise. we see that in a lot of protesters, the activists, the violence, the violence, and it's not good. there are good protesters and a lot of bad stuff going on in between. charlie, thank you so much. and ahead, the calls to dismantle or defund the police, now, it's not some progressive pipe dream, it's now part of the democrat mainstream. terry turchie, who i told you studied domestic insurgencies for years, he's going to tell us how these calls of mirror what the weather underground has set up years ago. stay there. you doing okay?
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♪ >> laura: first it was just the radical left, and now it's actually leaders in the democrat party, and they are asking us to imagine a world without police. but we don't need to imagine that because we already know what it looks like. and alaska, where one-third of villages have no police officers at all, a 2015 report found that
7:25 pm
sexual abuse runs rampant, safety resources scarce, and in pittsburgh, they dissolve their police force after an officer shot and killed a black teenager, and guess what happened next? violent crime went up, and black communities are some of the hardest hit. it's what it's like in santa monica, california, when cops are nearby to keep the peace. >> get off of her! [beeping] >> laura: there was a woman on a bicycle that was driving by, got knocked off, he was trying to help her, and he got beaten and stomped. we seen other disturbing videos tonight that will try to get to later in the hour. my next guest says there is something even more troubling about the calls to defund the police. those demands mirror those of the weather underground in the
7:26 pm
1960s, that violent group. joining me now is terry turchie, former fbi deputy counterterror director, author of the book "in their own words." terry, these videos are hard to watch. they are not being reported on by the other networks, which is a stunning dereliction of journalistic duty, but what is the similarity with the weather underground, and why is that so jarring to you? people who still aren't familiar with that group? >> sure, many people weren't even born at that time. the weather underground, laura, was a terrorist group back in the 1970s, they were responsible for well over 2,000 bombings and attacks on government institutions, businesses, and the united states. certainly, they had a major goal, about goal was to put in a communist revolution pure they call themselves communist-minded men and women, and in 1974, they authored a document called "prairie fire," they outlined their strategy and they outlined the way to get to that strategy, and actually bring down the u.s.
7:27 pm
government. we saw, during that time frame, massive protests, hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, kind of marshaled by the aftermath of the vietnam war, then watergate. they used those protests to get to where they wanted to go, but then they got scattered the fbi was effective in running them down and eventually many of them left the country. ultimately, the weather underground kind of went out of business, but they left "prairie fire" behind. what was their strategy? this was a 100-80 page document. it was called resistance, not too long, maybe about 5 minutes after president trump won the election in 2016, democratic party leaders came out and said we are going to resist, we are going to embark upon a strategy of resistance to the president. but that's only the beginning. the document -- the "prairie fire" document actually contains six points that the weather underground felt very important about. these were the planning points to bring about this revolution.
7:28 pm
>> laura: we are going to put them on screen, terry, so people can see what you're talking about, go through them briefly, destroy capitalism -- >> destroy capitalism. >> laura: police racism, identify the victim classes, organize the victim classes -- that's why you have lgbt folks and illegal immigrants joining the cause, engage in international solidarity with the global movement, attack ande god. >> so let's take turk all those points tonight, let's take international solidarity and police racism. this is over 50 years ago. racism, systematic racism, police brutality, these were the things they were saying then. they knew these were nothing more than the kerosene you throw on the fire, but they knew they worked. the black panther party, meanwhile, over in oakland, was recommending, was saying, we are going to demand that the police and our communities leave, that we will police our own
7:29 pm
communities. all of this was happening at the same time, the black panther party was ambushing police officers in america back then. police racism then and police racism now is a phony issue. it has always been a phony iss issue. communist societies use it to literally tear apart americans and be divisive. those categories of people you have on that screen, those are the kind of victimhood that they look for to kind of bring into f people and get them on the team here, and so when you see these demonstrations, they are kind of part of a large of organized parties being brought in together, all of this has been adopted into the 2016, in almost the same language as you have on the screen -- >> laura: we've got to go. so terry, now from the radical groups that became violent, bombings and so forth, morphing into all of these -- resulting
7:30 pm
in a new democratic party that is embracing all of these radical ideas and making people literally bow down to them, or else you're going to lose your job or all of the other things they are threatening, and all of these corporate ceos come all of these folks -- everybody is running scared. terry, we are going to continue, will talk to you next week further on this because there are going to be more developments, you see them already happening. thank you so much. the minneapolis city council's push to dismantle its police department is getting a boost from the squad. congresswoman ilhan omar, it's her district after all, all of his happening, "the minneapolis police to pump has proved itself beyond reform" -- she meant itself -- "it's time to disband them and reimagine public safety and minneapolis, but as this idea, of course, it's the mainstream, has democrat might not have democrats thought it through? one poll from 56% of voters believe police behave appropriately for not aggressively enough.
7:31 pm
only 34% believe police are too aggressive. joining me now is doug schoen and patrick ilk scott, founder of the revival center, cofounder of the national diversity coalition for trump, and author of the upcoming book "nothing to lose." pastor, what would defunding the police due to black neighborhoods and miss omar's disturbance. >> defunding the police would be nothing short of disastrous. in an inner city and urban community. truth be told, increased funding is actually necessary in certain inner-city communities. the criminal element would like nothing more than a reduction in police presence and police power. i know what i'm talking about. it would be the dumbest, stupidest move that the democrats -- in a long history of dumb, stupid moves, this would be the dumbest and the stupidest. >> laura: as we said earlier, the rich people vote for right ryden, they have their own
7:32 pm
private security detail. the political aspect of all of this with this poll, what are the democrats thinking? do they think that all of suburbia, they hate their police come too? i love the police in my area, they are wonderful people and not gotten to know a lot of them. i'm a big supporter of the police. always bad folks in many groups, but i love the police in my area, they are great people. and i think most people actually agree with that. >> you know, laura, most swing voters agree with you. suburban whites, suburban women, like the police. i think with the democrats should focus on is not defunding the police, but a better and more responsive police, because if you have a better police force and you have officers that are better trained, you will avoid the kind of tragic abuses we've seen here. and for the democrats, if they go hard left, as they did in 1968, the net result will be to
7:33 pm
help donald trump win the election, and i think the party is making a very bad move when you talk about eliminating i.c.e., talk about defunding the police, you are just playing into the hands of the republicans, donald trump, and really hurting things for the moderate democrats like yourse yourself. >> laura: pastor scott, let's take a trip down memory lane, 1989 when president george hw president george h.w. bush put forth his plan to get drugs off the street. here is how biden reacted. >> the sad part is we have no more police in the streets of our major cities than we had ten years ago. the president's plan doesn't a include enough police officers to catch the violent thugs. the president should triple -- triple -- the commitment he's made tonight for police prosecutors and judges for our cities and states. >> laura: pastor scott, that was joe biden before he was mugged by the new radical reality.
7:34 pm
>> but see, that joe biden right there wasn't really black. now we've got black joe biden. he's saying whatever appeals to the black community, so of course, if he thinks the blacks don't want police, okay, then let's not have police. if you think the blacks do -- and now, once he gets in power, he'll change his tune. he's saying whatever he has to say right now, when he's talking about police reform, he's saying whatever he has to say right now to get that black vote. but back then, we heard the true joe biden. he thinks increased police presence in police power is necessary. that's why he introduced that crime bill, because he thought it then, and he still thinks it now. he's trying to hoodwink the black community into supporting him. >> laura: all right, doug and pastor scott, thank you both so much. and up next, biden has some confusing advice for protesters. the left gets religious. and the news shows you are not allowed to watch anymore.
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♪ >> laura: it's friday, and that means it's time for friday follies. ♪ biden on repeat, poachers get downright religious, and what you should now avoid. raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. raymond, what is biden up to n now? >> well, during an online summit on race, laura, joe biden was joined by actor don cheadle, and at one point the former vp attempted to demonstrate how advanced he is on race relations and offered this pen a penetrating insight. watch don cheadle's face. >> in my household, you could never, ever ever say if you get in a fight with somebody, you can never say anything about them that was true. if they were 300 pounds, you could ever say they were fat. you can never say they had nothing to do with having to have put upon themselves.
7:40 pm
>> laura, it is this kind of rambling syntax, this is part of the reason the new rasmussen's daily tracking poll has donald trump at 25%, strongly approval -- strong approval -- among black americans. 25%. he repeatedly gave those taking to the streets some advice. he thought this might help them in their protest, and he kept checking the notes. >> the act of protesting should never be allowed to overshadow the reason for the protests. the act of protesting shed, you know, should never be allowed to overshadow the reason for protests in the first place. we can't allow the protesting to overshadow the purpose of the protests. >> laura: oh, my god. wait, wait, raymond. it looks like they were visiting him through the glass. he's sheltering in place, and they are like, oh, thank you,
7:41 pm
isn't that sweet. that was unbelievable. >> laura, that repetition. you know, if you say it's lower, it makes more sense. it doesn't. but at a time we have such challenges abroad and at home, the biden campaign have a steep, steep curve here to try to convince americans that this man, who seems to have his finger on the life alert button at every point, that he is ready to run the country. perhaps the most revealing and may be the most painful biden bite of the week was this one that got no attention. >> to everyone struggling with their mental health, you are not alone. there's no shame in seeking he help. >> laura, it's getting tragic at this point. i think people want nobody to empathize with him, but they don't want the oval office to become a crying room, not many days, it feels that way. >> laura: raymond, religion took center stage. the left are still enraged about the president holding a bible in front of st. john's church
7:42 pm
earlier this week, even though many of his predecessors i recalled to same thing. >> the president did something i never thought i'd see. just by holding up a bible, he inspired political bible studies medially. let us pray. >> here in new york, we actually read the bible. blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of god. >> i'm thinking of the book of ecclesiastes, and in it, they talk about, there is an appointed for everything, time to embrace and time to show embracing. how about that today? >> so holy. they want said when the church drops piety and religious practice, the world takes it up, and i'm struck by the religious fervor. even these protests, what we are seeing is a secular religion. people response for hands up, kneeled down, you don't see this much movement at a high mass, and even had smoke on the street. and the liturgical guard, its
7:43 pm
black masks and skinny jeans, with the occasional break. we even have public confession. the other night, jimmy fallon apologized for wearing black face in a 2000 "snl" skit, then the spent time the naacp. >> i personally want to know how i can do better and take responsibility for, you know, how i act, both consciously and unconsciously. we talked about this -- i talk to you, thank you very much -- about my mistakes i've made in the past. i want to move forward, and i want to work on being a better ally. >> the groveling is so sad to watch. but why is he the only one apologizing? why isn't nbc or the folks at "snl" apologizing? this is 20-something years ago almost. the remarkable thing to behold, what's happening. >> laura: yeah, well, i mean -- just, no one gets to ever make a mistake. you know, the goalposts shift,
7:44 pm
and then 20 years ago, 38 -- i mean, ralph northam seems to be doing just fine in virginia, he keeps a lot of it locked down. >> laura, and one of the most absurd announcements, the toy lego says in respectful black out tuesday, suspending promotion of 30 lego playsets, including those containing police officers and firefighte firefighters, emergency workers, even the white house, the lego version of the white house, perhaps they can resume promotion of the lego city police station once the antifa looting spree place that comes online tonight, a&e pulled its number one rated live show from its schedule out of respect for the families of george floyd and others who have their lives. this is one of the most popular live-action police shows on tv. i think it helps people sympathize with what cops go through. >> laura: we got to go, raymond, but i think they are worried about some of the looters being caught on camera, that's what they are worried about. >> may be. >> laura: they don't want to
7:45 pm
get into any trouble there. raymond, thank you so much. i have to go get my son's police lego's hide them. after weeks of media glee over suppose it failed medical trials, the one prestigious medical journal "lancet" has retracted a bogus hydroxychloroquine study. my medicine cabinet here in a moment to explain why the politicization of medicine is toxic for all of us c guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu. because i trust their quality they were the first to have a vitamin verified by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards nature made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand
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but totally separate. you know what i mean. yaaaaay!
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>> two weeks ago, lance had published a study claiming that hydroxychloroquine not only didn't work against covid but was dangerous. one problem, it was all faked. real scientists comb through the data and force the to retract it. three countries prohibited the use for covid based on this study. declare the drug a lost cause. >> the scientific data is really quite evident now that the lack of efficacy for it and there could be adverse events with regard to cardiovascular and the arrhythmias that may be associated with it.
7:50 pm
>> laura: science is a process, not an outcome. and with politics and confirmation bias take precedent? and there was bad result coming. also with me is dr. steven smi smith, you have created so many covid patients and continue to. you say this is a blight on the medical community and one that brings you know joy. >> thank you and how are you tonight? when that good. >> it's a rough time obviously in america but a rough time medical journalism, academic medicine. the mixture of politics in medicine should never mix together. i knew, assuming the data was
7:51 pm
correct. i assume that. center my critiques. to their credit, asked me to submit and correspond so they publish part or all of it. and it was highly critical of just the analysis of that. and then a couple of days later, the data was shown to be fraudulent and later proved to be fraudulent. and then the journal is published an article are not related to hydroxychloroquine but related to covid, several weeks earlier, they both had retracted. >> laura: my question to you, and i'm going to get back, is have people perhaps died because doctors were less willing to give hydroxy on an outpatient basis? we won't know that i guess,
7:52 pm
right? >> we may never know that, but this is medical fraud for political purpose. what these individuals did, and what they were party to as was dr. fauci, they spiked the use of hydroxychloroquine. physicians are notoriously risk-averse. you stay away from controversy. and this is now become vastly more controversial than it should've been. you don't hear about positive studies, that are beautifully done in france and spain and italy and south korea that answer a lot of these questions. you have these poorly done studies if they are done at all as is the case with the lancet article, clearly just a completely fraudulent database and you have dr. horton and dr dr. ruben respectively who are pulling rod rosenstein saying i never read it. they published it, and they
7:53 pm
could resign from their positions. we need to have a wholesale work because you wonder what else is wrong in these journals if this is what we've discovered. >> laura: the problem here i think is that the media, we are just laypeople. you guys are sophisticated. but people hear this like oh, my god, i will never take this. i'll have a heart attack. so people were afraid, dr. smith. and you were coming on the show week after week. you must've come on the show 15 times, and you explained very methodically when do you prescribe it, how do you prescribe it, and i just fear real damage was done not only to the medical establishment, but the people. >> i agree. i think people have died because of it. i myself do so extremely
7:54 pm
carefully because i know the administration is looking over my shoulder. and they restricted the drug in clinical trials saying it was unethical, and it's a very, very chilling environment to practice medicine in, and it is weird that science doesn't rule the day where the studies are unbelievably strong in that regard, and people have suggested it wasn't a covid case. we have our own data showing this. you still measure ekgs on patients every day when we use these. we do that not because we think we need it, but because god for that anything happens, they're going to blame us. >> of course. my question here is where are the mea culpa was from dr. fauci, from all of these medical journalists, from all of these types who gleefully
7:55 pm
proclaimed this drug is dead, not going to be the go to drug, out of hospital protocol. i have not heard from any of them, zero. >> the one abiding characteristic of all politicians is they can never admit they're wrong, and this tells me that dr. fauci and others who never admit they make a mistake are more politician than physician. he will never see this. they will move on. they will never be called out for what they've done, and the real damage they've done to the trust that practicing physicians like myself have for the so-called academic experts. >> laura: we've got to go. thank you both for being here tonight and when we come back, the media's stunning hypocrisy on social distancing. deere gato. because being linked to the land means the work never stops. nothing runs like a deer.
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>> laura: after not caring that throngs of protesters have been mere inches from each other, the white house press corps was put in danger today. >> the president tried to turn reporters into props earlier today as white house staffers
8:00 pm
rearrange the chairs at a news conference. >> this is a president who was violating social distancing policies. >> laura: okay. let that stand on its own. >> welcome to fox news at night, shannon bream and washington. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. more than 1,000 public health experts signing onto an open letter saying wipe white supremy contributes to covid-19. they say they will not condemn the health risk of these health protest but it is vital to the national public health. state leaders who enforce tough lockdowns like michigan's democratic governor now standing shoulder to shoulder with protesters. the science to support them or is it no longer the basis for


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