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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 8, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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giving some examples and i hope i can help others find god and find christ and they can walk for this life a little easier because of their faith. we all need it right now. >> these are challenging times. >> sandra: thank you for that. a fox news alert, thousands of people taking to the streets oveover the weekend demanding racial justice and systemic change. that's called to defund the police become a rallying cry in cities across america. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> ed: new york city starts to reopen greatest city leaders under pressure to live address policing issues in their communities. minneapolis mayor jacob frey right there saying shame at a rally this weekend after he refused to commit to abolishing for that city's police department but protests remain
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largely peaceful in the twin cities. >> sandra: nine members of the minneapolis city council announcing a vetoproof push to expand the police department following the death of george floyd who died in because t cusr an officer knelt on his neck for 9 minutes. saying it has become clear that reform is not enough. >> our commitment is to end our city's toxic relationship with the minneapolis police department, to end the policing as we know it. and to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe. >> sandra: matt finn is live on the ground in minneapolis this morning as we begin a grand nomadic brand-new week. this be my former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is set to make his first appearance in the courthouse behind me. that killing happened two weeks
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ago today in minneapolis and shortly after that event, minneapolis council members promise to dismantle the minneapolis police department. now the major announcement council members say they have a vetoproof majority and will be moving forward with steps in the police department for policy and budget decisions. i were, jacob frey is at our and says he will not defund police. >> i'm looking forward to working with counsel and talking about what they particular they mean when they say ending in abolishing, and i will be talking with them directly. everything is on the table at this point. i think right now, we need to use this momentum channel, all of this anger and sadness and energy to real structural refo reform. >> a rather stunning moment over the weekend. was publicly booed at a massive
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downtown rally. after this in front of the crowd, vowed to defund police. he stood his ground and said no, that answer outraged protesters who chanted for the mayor to go home. they also said the mayor's reelection is next year and "they will win." they say they don't have all the answers about what a police free future looks like, but they have previously said they want to defund police and invest in juvenile crime prevention programs, calling 311 instead of 911 and calling on city resources. u.s. representative ilhan omar responding. >> what does it mean we are going to hit the eject button without a plan, but have to start somewhere. >> no one is advocating for lawlessness. no one is advocating for our community to be endangered. no one is advocating for crime to happen in minneapolis without there being accountability.
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>> and what's happening here in minneapolis could spread to other cities. fox news has obtained a draft proposal circulating in austin, texas, that would steer money away from police and towards harm reduction strategies there would also in houston, there was a public memorial for george floyd and joe biden is scheduled to travel there to meet with the floyd family. >> sandra: will be watching for all of that. matt finn on the grounded minneapolis. >> ed: turning to the nation's capital where president trump is set to hold a roundtable with law enforcement officials this afternoon's house democrats get set to unveil their legislation on police reform. they call it the justice and policing act. steve scalise says does need to be addressed. >> when you look into minneapolis, it seems like they've had some problems that didn't go addressed, and where these departments have had problems, and we need to look at
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what they are doing there. but everybody ought to be treated equally, and if anybody in law enforcement abuses their position, they need to be held accountable. >> ed: john roberts is live with more. good morning. >> president trump this morning leaving no question as to how he feels about calls particularly for the minneapolis city council and others to defund and dismantle the police bear the president tweeted just a short time ago "law & order, not defund and abolish the police. the radical left democrats have gone crazy. since he ran for office, the president has had a good relationship with state and local law enforcement agencies and prides himself as a law and order president but they are under increasing pressure to make substantial reforms in the wake of the george floyd killing. at the roundtable today, the president will be speaking out about how the country and he himself are outraged about the killing of george floyd, but
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defunding or dismantling police agencies is not the way to respond. in fact, the president's position is that more police, not fewer, is the way to keep the peace. putting law enforcement on the streets as we saw during the riots, bringing in the national guard the president believes was the way to keep the peace and turn down the heat on everything. and to address the issues that face the nation, the president does say we need to strengthen the bonds of trust between police forces and the communities they serve. that's the context of what this afternoon's roundtable will be all about. on the subject of defunding police forces, let's listen to what tim scott said yesterday. >> i would say on the defund police, what a ridiculous idea. it is not an idea whose time has come, it should never come. the absolute nation requires law and order. we need order in our streets and the easiest way to have that is to have a strong presence of character driven law enforceme
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law enforcement. >> very much on the same page there, house and senate democrats will be introducing a new legislation among the issues that it would address change, misconduct from willfulness to recklessness, create national police misconduct registry and no knock warrants in drug cases for independent investigation process into misconduct and band choke holds george floyd's brother is expected to testify before the house judiciary committee on police accountability. that would be on wednesday. said he spoke with both the president and the vice president and said for about 10 to 15 minutes but only a couple of minutes. this next week is going to be a crucial moment for president trump because he has been appealing to african-american voters from an economic perspective including historically low african-american unemployment prior to the coronavirus and now
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the whole narrative has changed and now the president today and in the coming days must strike a balance between his support for police and the growing calls for substantial reforms when it comes to police. >> ed: john roberts, thank you. >> sandra: for more on all this, let's bring a national political reporter for axios. thank you for being here. so first to what we saw on the ground where the mayor there jacob frey was booed out of a protest because he would not commit his support for abolishing the police. >> this is what the public has been waiting for. a wedge issue that they can use to put democrats under pressure when it comes to police reform. watching th the trump campaign a calling on biden to denounce the defund police moment and to really put pressure on him to
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alienate a portion of his base, the most activist portion of the left-wing base, the people that you saw chanting when the mayor refused to support that push to abolish the city police force. >> sandra: now to mayor bill de blasio of new york city who has vowed to cut funding to the nypd. here's his idea. >> we will be moving funding from the nypd to youth initiatives and social services. i want people to understand that we are committed to shifting resources to ensure that the focus is on our young people. >> sandra: how is that going over? >> these slogans mother actually isn't a defined set of policies underneath it and even when you
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see interviews with the council members who are endorsing this direction, they can't actually give very specific details. so that's why you have different men advocating different definitions of what that means. most are shying away from the idea of entirely abolishing the police department but we are going to see democrats try to put some flesh on that. they won't use the defund police slogan, but they will try and put the most aggressive federal overhaul of police reform that we've seen in recent memory. >> sandra: but what you realize when you find these calls in some cases to defund the police, don't hear a whole lot of specific ideas for replacing the police if they were to abolish them and some of these u.s. cities. al green in texas was asked about this over the weekend, what congress is thinking on the issue here and here is how he
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responded. >> we could have peace officers, not police officers as we currently see them. if they have law enforcement officers mother were okay with it. i quite frankly join them. i don't want to either. let's do something about it. >> sandra: do you get a sense that there could be support for that peace officers as the congressman suggests? >> you might see these, a firm grip, the proposals going through the house, but what goes to the senate will ultimately depend on what president trump is willing to support. yes, he is going to do a listening session today with law enforcement. the white house is trying to signal that they are open to reform, but this sort of policy is not something that
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president trump is ever going to support, certainly not an election year. >> sandra: interesting you say that. the chairwoman of the congressional black caucus is talking about where she is finding some republican support as far as police reform. she says for her, the number one issue is police accountability. >> in the house, i had a meeting the other day with the problem solvers caucus and that is a bipartisan caucus. we are going to go back and talk to them now, but i found there was a lot of interest, a lot of support. another ones son as a police officer, they were appalled by what happened to george floyd's. >> sandra: a really interesting words from her and in her words, saying we have a moment now that she feels at her caucus feels they have the momentum for change, that's the big question i will leave you with is where does all this go next?
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final thoughts. >> the sweet spot might be accountability. they have signaled an openness to reform, and it might be on something like that misconduct registry tracking police officers who have acted out and committed crimes, so i think that is an area because everyone from president trump on down have acknowledged that what happened to mr. floyd should never be allowed to happen aga again. >> sandra: jonathan swan joining us as we begin a brand-new week, thank you. >> ed: making landfall on the gold coast bringing heavy rain, dangerous storm surge. we are live in new orleans as louisiana claims a state of emergency. saying he'll vote for joe biden in november. colin powell says he is breaking ranks with his party yet again. >> we have a constitution.
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we have to follow that constitution, and the president has drifted away from it. when i heard some of the things he was saying, it made it clear that i could not possibly vote for this individual. ♪ limu emu & doug
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david doran, 24-year-old steven cannon was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and said he was killed trying to protect his friend's pawnshop during a night of violent protests sparked by george floyd's death. serve nearly 40 years on the st. louis police force. >> ed: reporting several prominent republicans will not support president trump. to:also sang this weekend he will not be voting for the president is here for the president dismissing the criticism in a series of treats, former white house chief of staff, good morning. he worked very closely with general powell, we honor his service to this country but as i recall, he supported hillary clinton in 2016 and i didn't quite work out. >> not only that, he endorsed president obama against mitt romney in 2012, so like
6:19 am
most of what you read in "the new york times," it is 97% spin, 3% of substance. think president george w bush has said he has not made up his mind as to who he was going to support this year. >> met romney i mention tweeted a photo this weekend, some video on social media have him marching in washington at a black lives matter protest. the president a few moments ago tweeted back and question his sincerity. why can't someone who was a former nominee of the republican party speak out who however he wants without facing the wrath of this white house? >> of course they can, but the way politics is today, you have to expect even in the softest and most innocuous comment it gets commented on by all kinds of folks by the whole twittersphere to the president of the united states.
6:20 am
you put something online, you can expect a response from someone that may have a little bit of bite to it. >> speaking about where we are in 2020, obviously presidential campaign after the recent civil unrest is starting to heat up and shape up, some national polls, a cnn poll that is now finding that joe biden allegedly has a 14-point lead, and nbc "wall street journal" poll suggesting that the gap is more narrow, a cnn poll, nbc "wall street journal" poll only a seven-point gap. hillary clinton again mentioning her was leading and about all the national polls in 2016, but the president won through the electoral college. >> i think as much as i don't believe in polls at this time of the year, i think the trump campaign should take them as an indicator of having to tighten up their campaign, the president
6:21 am
likes to riff and go off message at times and i think he gets into real trouble when he does that. he's got to understand that the selection like all elections depends on both substance and style and unfortunately, i think in the last couple of tough issues he's had to deal with, he has lost control of his style to the point where it may be attractive to his base, but the swing voter, the voter that he needs to bring back as he did in the 2016 election really looks at style, sometimes even more than they look at substance. we make you are making an interesting point because the context of courses that that there are various reports suggesting ben carson suggesting the president may be addressing the nation in some form, don't know if it will be an oval office address for some sort of speech about race in america, what would be your advice as a former white house chief of staff who said may be of the messages gotten away from
6:22 am
this white house, which of the president say? >> i think you've got to be careful because i don't think his strongest suit our white house addresses and even though he is going to do this, they've got to be extremely careful on how they craft the message and has the self-discipline to stick to the message and not go off message or off script for off speech as he makes that presentation. he has to talk to the nation, has to talk about the fact that has to be reform and seven police department, has to announce at the minneapolis department had a problem, but he also has to talk about the fact that he cares about the reality of peace and tranquility in the minority communities across the country and that will not happen without the assistance of the police force and that it is his concern about peace and tranquility and minority
6:23 am
communities that is an important part of his assessment of what has to be done. >> we appreciate your insight as always, thank you. >> new york city entering phase one of reopening today, but how long will it take big cities like new york to get back on track? he has some thoughts on that and he will join us live just ahead but first, tropical storm crystal ball makes plan fall after a week of flooding and tornadoes along the gulf coast. we will be live in new orleans with the report next. >> the low-lying areas did get some heavy water, but mainstream flooding just need to keep our fingers crossed as it moves through. about making choices.
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at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va streamline benefit now. >> ed: we are tracking crystal ball this morning, made landfall along the louisiana coast as a tropical storm swamping the low lying areas with rising waters. many residents say they are thankful the damage was not worse. >> it's just another month in new orleans. this is what we do. >> definitely don't want anything major like katrina or a category one or two, anything like that. >> ed: live from new orleans with an update this morning.
6:29 am
>> good morning. this is normally a boat launch but looks like the reason the water, the storm surge bringing a lot of water up here tearing trash onto the ground but most areas simply saw a lot of rain so people used to big hurricanes say they came here to watch as the storm zeroed in. we met kind of a new orleans tradition to come here and watch the waves break over as long as it's not too dangerous. >> now downgraded to a tropical depression, and as it moves forward, we know that it will be bringing wins or has brought winds up to 50 miles an hour starting to calm down. i jumped up to 12 inches of rain and some parts, caused flooding in roads and neighborhoods, without power for thousands. the tropical storm stretched 18o florida where a tornado touched
6:30 am
down uprooting trees and damaged homes and wires. people used sandbags to protect businesses in the french quarter of new orleans which was already mostly boarded up because of the pandemics and worries of possible looting during the protests. as the story continues to move, we do have coastal flood warnings here. you can see all of the water behind me but that storm is expected to move through arkansas and missouri by tomorrow morning, but today they were also tornado warnings in alabama. >> ed: alex hogan, thank you. >> sandra: trading is now underway on wall street just seconds ago, the opening bell ringing, stocks again looking to gain after the u.s. adding more than 2 million jobs in may. that big surprise jobs report on friday. the unemployment rate, that headline number is unexpectedly dropped to 13.3% from that lead to an 829-point rally on friday. let's bring in charles payne,
6:31 am
host of making money, good morning to you. does this rally continue? >> good morning. i think so, sandra. what's really interesting about this whole thing is that the parts of our economy that i represented in the stock market who are participating until two or three weeks ago. they started to come to life. so airline stocks are taking off, material stocks, they are taking off. and it's pretty good because it means the tech names for the covid lockdown names are pulling back but the great news is that money isn't going to the sidelines. is seeking a better place to be and they think those are names that are attached to researching u.s. economy. >> sandra: very interesting, and here you have new york reopening this morning. a couple ways to look at this, the recovery on the stock market rally and went on the sunday
6:32 am
shows over the weekend, talked about how surprised he was by the economic numbers on friday, but still uncomfortable buying into this recovery. >> i was very surprised. this will go down in history as the biggest positive data shock for the markets and the economy. like everybody else, data gatherers are having challenges in these pandemic and it made me come of the may be incomplete. >> sandra: of course, her former obama economist and given credit for that jobs report but i wanted to ask you about it because he went on in another interview to say he is uncomfortable betting on this huge recovery, but he respects and admires those who have the ability to buy into it. >> to that point, let's face it. he has been cautious throughout
6:33 am
the entire reversal, so if you were waiting for him to get excited about this market, you missed one of the greatest rebounds in history. i just hope people didn't sell because he was very pessimistic in march and april to the point where he was talking about the market going substantially lower, so some people get a great reputation and they earn it. but when it comes to what's happening right now, he has been one million percent wrong when that happens from time to time. people need to invest for the long term and not worry so much about where the experts nuance on these reversals. the stock market is not supposed to mirror today's economy. is supposed to tell us what will happen a year from now. it is telling us things will be much better than i believe the market. >> sandra: i want to ask you about this recovery because peter navarro has gone on the record in full swing everywhere except major metropolitan areas, so a big question becomes when
6:34 am
will bc recovery and some of these big cities that have been so hardhead reopening phase one today? >> it is tough. we do believe 400,000 people will go back to work today in new york city alone. you look at restaurant reservations, 40% of restaurants open, 40% in miami, 0% going in today. there is a tremendous amount of room to the outside, 5% in l.a. they would simply open their economies and let people go to work, everyone understands the rules, everyone wants to be careful but they are holding us back. they are holding back the overall u.s. economy. >> sandra: very interesting stuff.
6:35 am
in you'll see where it leads us, charles payne, we will see you later on network, thank you. and we are going to have a whole lot more on the u.s. economy and where it is headed next when white house trade advisor peter navarro will be joining us top of the hour. >> ed: meantime, more controversy at "the new york times,, and editor now resigning, his reason for stepping down is next with howie kurtz. ♪ it's only human to find inspiration in nature. and also find answers. our search to transform... waste into renewable natural gas led chevron to partner with california bioenergy. working to provide an alternative source of power...
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6:40 am
ultimately be detained. the protester was taken to a hospital and is now listed in stable condition. >> they even defended it. the publisher defended the decision to publish that column after it was published in the mob in their newsroom began to demand that it be taken down. within a day, it turns into something like a struggle session from the cultural revolution where they had to prostrate themselves and apologize in front of the walk children. >> ed: on "fox & friends" as morning reacting to the resignation of an opinion editor at "the new york times" leaving abruptly calling for military deployment if police were overwhelmed. good morning. one of many key points there which is that senator cotton was not saying this in the military out now, i thought op-ed pages
6:41 am
were supposed to be about sparking debate, not stifling it. >> i grew up in newspapers and not only a surrender by "the new york times" to the staff result but it was a betrayal of the very things that they had eloquently argued for when they initially defended the tom cotton not bad and the liberal philosophy. it all got thrown out the window in the face of the pressure from staff members led by black journalists at the paper. >> ed: didn't do himself any favors by admitting after all that were he laid that out so well were he admitted that he had not initially read the op-ed. the guy overseeing all of this, not seeing it before publication seemed to be a big mistake.
6:42 am
>> that was a definite lapse. very smart guy, former editor of the atlantic, got a lot more attention for tom cotton. but first, they said they were factual problems despite three rounds, then it was the tone was needlessly harsh. within michelle goldberg's time column the next day entitled tom cotton's fascist op-ed. so the is trying to come up with a nice sounding fig leaf to cover the fact that united states senators online only column which called for possibly using the military to quell urban riots which is the majority support in the balls was totally unacceptable. i certainly think it's worthy of being posted in. >> ed: some journalist at the time seem to be saying there are different rules that apply to president trump and he was one of the journalists on cnn. >> adherence to evenhandedness, both sides, he doesn't actually
6:43 am
work in the political circumstances that we are in. in a news article that we can check the facts where we can push back, you don't just hand over your platform to someone that might be constitutional and certainly not accurate. >> ed: your reaction? >> this is the same mentality that has led many in the media to justify overwhelming negative coverage of president trump and given this, the notions of fairness, they are just being tossed out. he was quoted today as saying we don't pretend to be objective about things like human rights and racism. no journalist wants to support racism or police brutality or sugarcoat the sheer horror of the way he was killed, but there's a debate about what is racism. as a racist to say i'm against defunding the police? is a racist they are never justified.
6:44 am
in at the heart of a very heated and important public debate, it was said by the retreat of one of the nation's top newspapers from allowing the dissenting voice to be heard. >> ed: all the important issues and newsroom across america, no doubt. what about the political commencing as of rising star, the republican strategist in terms of how he is rallying conservatives against the times and what they considered to be the thought police. >> this is a huge political gift to tom cotton as the op-ed has gotten 500 times more attention it would have if they had just put it online and let it stand and of course now he gets to run against the media and that will resonate with a lot of conservatives who have lost trust in the media to tell both sides. and again with using the
6:45 am
military and the situation is a good idea or not, it actually holds pretty well, so it's not like some fringe person faking a fringe argument that was unacceptable, and i think if you don't like what he said, run more pieces on the other side. great to see you. >> sandra: congressional democrats set to unveil a police reform bill amid nationwide protests. arizona congressman andy biggs will be our guest and will join us live next hour to weigh in on all of that. plus, new york city beginning phase one of the reopening that is happening today after a very long shut down for the city. keeping customers healthy, dr. marc siegel will join us next on that. they should all celebrate the achievement because you did the
6:46 am
hard work to fight back the coronavirus we could get to phase one. ♪
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>> ed: a treasure chest stuff with more than $1 million has been found. of the trespass -- in the rocky mountains by a new mexico art dealer and author about ten years ago. created a treasure hunt for thousands of searchers by dropping clues in his memoir. was found by someone who wants to remain anonymous. guess he or she is not sharing. >> we are going to have a big day with the reopening of new york city. new york city had the highest
6:51 am
number of cases, has the highest density, new york city has also been the location for the protests with the most number of people. we are concerned that those protests may have increased the spread of the virus if those protests actually increase the spread. we are going to increase the numbenumber of testing sites in new york. >> sandra: that was new york governor andrew cuomo has new york city tries to reopen coming as health officials raise concerns about a spike in covid-19 cases due to those massive protests we've seen in cities across the country. the professor of medicine and a fox news contributor, good morning and thank you for being here. so who was allowed to reopen today according to phase one for new york, construction, agriculture, wholesale trade, retail stores can begin reopening again although that will be curbside her inside pickup and drop-off only.
6:52 am
but how do we keep workers safe returning to their places? >> that is the key question and of course the other things that apply, we will not see much of that in new york but you hit the key parts in a retail is really going to be a big change because we are so retail oriented here and finally getting back to that. the key will be social distancing creative staying apart, staying at least 6 feet apart, i think longer. masks are important but if you close together was someone wearing a mask, it's of less value so those are the key things. governor cuomo has also said contact tracing, hired many thousands of people to track people if you get a case coming up to track the context of that case, have to isolate people that have been sick and testing has been the key. going to be key to making sure there is not a surgeon cases and also with the recent protests,
6:53 am
we have to make sure there is not a surge because of that. here's a great number for you. back on april 14th, we had almost 12,000 new cases in new york city. on june the 6th, saturday, we had 781 cases. that drop-off has why we are going to phase one. >> sandra: so penned a piece in "the wall street journal" this morning and while you are talking about social distancing, also saying testing is important. he is a lot of emphasis on that for workers safely returning. he says this. how they can keep employer safe from the coronavirus is a better option for some employers could be lab-based testing. that mail a test to a patient who can collect a sample and send it back to the lab. this option is convenient for both patience and employers and it will reduce strain on health care workers. about that?
6:54 am
>> i completely agree on that. the key here is point-of-care testing on the other point he made is the test is something you can minister yourself so you can be at home and test yourself with a nasal swab and send it in and get a result and know whether you have covid-19, 60 or 70% of the time. not 100%. we have to keep in mind there are a lot of cases that are missed. the key point is that the nasal swab has been tested in this way and found to be equal to somebody testing you. doesn't have to be the way it used to be at the beginning where we use these very invasive nasal swabs. i will add i also feel strongly that the antibody testing is going to play a significant role here. after all, we are seeing more and more studies that show those antibodies actually constitute some immunity. so if they show you are over covid-19, it is much safer for you to be in public with other
6:55 am
people. >> sandra: really interesting. you see billboards up that you can turn off and go and get yourself a antibody test so many people want to do. no thoughts of noting that this is another good news point this morning, this is "the wall street journal" editorial board this morning. coronavirus good news, that will catch her eye. science and medical trial and error keeping more patience alive. this makes the case that it's not that coronavirus has become any less deadly, but we have had treatments improved so much that we are able to keep more people alive when they do contract the disease. >> that is a fair point. no proof or a sign that mutated. we now know so much more about covid-19 that we didn't know before that we didn't learn coming out of china. we are learning about the blood clotting that it causes using a blood thinners early in the day treating the inflammation,
6:56 am
managing the respirators, all of this and then the antiviral drug, all of this has allowed everyone to come together and treat sick patients and get them over it. another thing which is like a respirator only even more advanced for very severe patients. is a respiratory device that has saved many lives. all of this is causing less death. >> sandra: now of course we await the possible vaccine as we know trials are underway. always good to see you, thank you. >> ed: after nearly two weeks of demonstrations, mayor de blasio place to cut fundinghe for the nypd. the big controversy straight ahead. n leave behind, washing away even the smallest food residue, so it doesn't redeposit on your dishes. and oxi is cascade's most powerful clean,
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7:01 am
do it in a way that we are certain continues to ensure the city will be safe. >> sandra: cover this morning after nearly 300 officers are wounded keeping the peace. vowing to cut budget. >> ed: live here in new york city, good morning. >> good morning. that's right. the mayor says the details haven't been worked out just yet but the plan to cut up and divert nypd funding should be hammered out in the next couple of weeks at least before the july budget deadline. here he is on cnn this morning. >> if you address the needs of young people, it makes the entire community safe. if it keeps you away from gangs and away from crime, it is best for the community and the poli police. they met the mayor also took the
7:02 am
time this morning to squash rumors that were swirling last night of the shake-up nypd, the possible resignation of police commissioner and the chief of department terrence monahan. has complete faith in their leadership, but calls for the mayor to step down and not letting up since he was booed at a torch for a memorial in brooklyn last week during last night's peaceful demonstrations. some protesters said the mayor's plan is not enough, too little, too late pointing to a segregated school system. they want to see a reorganized nypd which will give the police brand-new priorities and it goes beyond city hall, organizers we have seen that these protests are handing out voter registration forms basically asking protesters to learn more about their local, their state leaders, other state representatives and asking them to continue marching all the way to the polls. >> ed: think you.
7:03 am
>> sandra: meanwhile, an air force staff sergeant has been arrested over the weekend. policing the suspect ambushed officers while they were investigating reports of a suspicious vehicle. the sheriff now paying tribute to the fallen deputy. >> you think about what you want to see in a police officer, passion, caring, someone who truly loves his job, wants to help people, that's what he was. >> sandra: senior correspondent is life with those details. claudia? >> good morning, sandra. was a vicious attack that could be connected to another fatal shooting in oakland, a case that is being called domestic terrorism, a white van was seen and now investigating to determine if there is a link. santa cruz county sheriff's deputy and another officer for following up on a tip about a
7:04 am
suspicious van filled with guns and explosives. they found the van and followed it to a home where he was killed in a hail of gunfire and explosives. the suspect tried to escape but was caught after an attempted carjacking and a second shoot-out with officers. at a vigil last night, mourners remember the 38-year-old has a good officer, kind and patient. the 14 year veteran leaves behind a 2-year-old son and a pregnant wife. the suspect, was an air force sergeant stationed at travis air force base in northern california. where he got his weapons and why he ambushed officers is under investigation. this all happened saturday afternoon and follows a fatal drive by shooting outside the u.s. courthouse in oakland on may 29th. the victim in that case, dave underwood, a federal security card who has been monitoring a nearby protest. surveillance cameras caught a white ford van clearing the scene. not sure if it matches the van
7:05 am
in saturday's ambush. will only say they are working with a sheriff's department to determine a possible motive for links to other crimes committed in the bay area including a shooting in oakland. the santa cruz county sheriff's department expected to release more details at a news conference later this afternoon after the suspect expected to face multiple felony charges including first-degree murder. sandra? >> sandra: thank you. >> i thought the number would be a loss of 9 million jobs and it was a gain of almost 3 million jobs. i think it was incredible and a couple of ways. >> ed: president trump last they are touting last week's stunning jobs report within an expected 2.5 million american jobs added in may, the unemployment rate falling as well. members helping to reassure markets but now a survey says most are still worried about a potential second wave of
7:06 am
coronavirus that could threaten this. we will bring in peter navarro, assistant to the president and director of office of trade of manufacturing, basically a utility player at the white house, good morning. we've got a hole in who we come a lot of issues we want to touch on. wanted to come out to the rose garden, but most economists were saying we were going to lose 9 million jobs roughly in may and instead will gain 2.5 million. >> what happened on friday was a good report that came out, but for me, as somebody who is interested in manufacturing, the big news was when we got on air force one, flew up the bank and then went out to accompany and saw all the jobs that had been created by this president not just to create good jobs and good wages for the people of
7:07 am
maine, but also to defend, it's a company that makes swabs for testing and it is gearing up to have a new factory next month, it is made in 60 days instead of the year, and it is going to be making 40 to 60 million swabs a month in a matter of months, and what is cool about this was not just the fact that that factory was humming, that this whole broader theme of how we as a country are able to repurpose our factories in order for them to make those swabs, they had to pull in general dynamics in the back iron works to repurpose their factory to make the machines to package those swabs. you look at maine, that's what i was concerned about. you had the mall affected simply by that one.
7:08 am
an enterprise and then on the coast, the president also signed an executive order that liberated 5,000 square miles, an area the size of connecticut for commercial fishermen. so all across the state of maine, we are seeing jobs being created. so that's how it's on the ground activity by president trump translates into numbers that we are going to be seeing now. there will be challenges ahead, let's be clear about that. >> sandra: let's talk about that because the national association for business economics did a survey, asked with the greatest downside risk to the economy is an answer was 87% at a second wave of covid-19's with they fear the most. in so we can look at the stock market rallying back, you can look at that stunning jobs report on friday, but this is still a major risk that lies
7:09 am
ahead. how concerned are you of that second wave and what would it do to our economy? >> this is when i will invoke that not my lane, but what i can tell you is this. i think one of the things that we seem to be forgetting about as a country is the role that chinese communist party has played in all of this. how does that pertain to your question? what we have seen with the china communist party hiding the virus and sending down around the world even as it is protecting its own cities, what we have seen is the targeting, the two most important structures in the major metropolitan areas. the high-rise density and also the mass transit. so one of my concerns structurally is how our cities are going to be able to adjust in this issue of covid. i don't know if it's coming back
7:10 am
or whatever, but i do know that our cities are struggling with this and that's why the trump administration is focusing so hard on getting our businesses reopen, time to reopen our businesses, not burn them down. in this city here, i'm telling you, if you want to know what defunding the police looks like, just walk around my town. boarded up, just virtually nothing open now, and that is going to have a look back from washington, d.c., out across the suburbs, and these are the kinds of things that we are going to have to address as a country. >> ed: another threat to the economy obviously is renew tensions with china. you have an op ed, china exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to advance a strategic interest, here is how. you laid some of that out a moment ago. newt gingrich was on "fox & friends" talking about this and i want you to react. >> they clearly followed a
7:11 am
policy of using medical supplies all around the world, and also use that to stop travel from wuhan in china to continue travel on international flights. xi jinping, the secretary of the chinese communist party and his party routinely lie because it is normal to lie and they think we are dumb enough to believe it. >> ed: how you hold them accountable without further economic damages we try to recover? >> i guess that is to me. so here's the thing. i don't usually promote my op-eds come up with the one on fox news yesterday for something should read, and it puzzles me how china has killed over 100,000 americans with a virus,
7:12 am
putting one point over 4 million americans out of work and taken trillions of dollars from this economy, and there hasn't been much of a reaction from the american people. i would love to see signs that read china life, americans died. what china is doing is from a well-known playbook. whenever there is crisis when they to advance their territorial and hegemonic objectives. back in 1962 when the u.s. and the soviet union were otherwise occupied, china invaded india and grab some territory. guess what? just did it again. a china invaded india, sunk a south vietnamese trawler in the south china sea, trying to steal her vaccines as we speak through intellectual property theft, and of course, hong kong, june 4th was the anniversary of tiananmen
7:13 am
square and i virtually went unnoticed here but june 6 was the anniversary of d-day, virtually went unnoticed. and so my point is simply that there is a broader strategic and geopolitical threats to this country that this president has his eye on, but we need to really be mindful of. >> sandra: people can read your op-ed and you end it by saying that they are here by on notice and that we are not distracted. the next time i ask you the economic impact of the second wave of the coronavirus not in your lane, your harvard economist. what would that do to our economy? >> it presumes that i know whether or not there's going to be a second wave, and i would defer to the colonel ambassador birx on that who does such a great job on that. i think what i can say in all candor having now been at the front lines of this is that the
7:14 am
first wave that came that came from china inflicted on us, this country was not aware of that kind of thing. now we have sprung up factories all over the place. honeywell has got 2 factories going in rhode island, and arizona. president trump has become the export ventilator king because of efforts of gm and ford to produce ventilators. so the point is, we are a lot better prepared if a second wave comes. >> ed: utility player. we find out. >> center field today. >> ed: thank you. >> sandra: all eyes will be on the supreme court over the next few weeks as it is expected to hand down blockbuster opinions that could have a significant impact on the upcoming election.
7:15 am
in our own shannon bream will be here to break it all down for us, plus, house democrats are set to unveil their blueprint for police reform. will it start a long needed healing process or hamper law enforcement? arizona congressman andy biggs will be here on that just ahead. >> what we have to do as a nation is a police accountable, provide the necessary oversight to do that, look at training standards, look at the use of force policies. with one call to newday usa. our team is standing by right now to take your call. and from start to finish, you can do it all without ever leaving the house. with our va streamline refi, there's no income verification. no appraisal. and no out of pocket costs. one call can save you $2000 a year.
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>> if they could stay and work here and be part of the u.s. economy or whether they will have to be deported. the trump administration tried to disband or try to undo dhaka. so who knows if they will allow them to do that. just a handful of what they are
7:22 am
waiting for it. >> all very interesting as we await that. been some new polling done. we will start off here on those that were asked if they favor allowing immigrants brought into the u.s. illegally as children to stay, 85% favor that. of course, more democrats and republicans, 73% independent, 84% -- i think we have some breaking news. shannon bream. we will see you tonight, thank you so much for going on with us this morning. >> ed: fox news alert now, house and senate democrats holding a moment of silence right now on capitol hill honoring the memory of george boyd. this is coming just moments before they will unveil officially a new piece of legislation that they call in the house justice and policing act, some senate sponsors as well, cory booker and kamala harris. you can see nancy pelosi at the center of this, a moment of silence right now for george
7:23 am
boyd. to give back to younger pe. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
7:24 am
>> ed: congressional democrat leaders holding 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence and remembrance of george floyd ahead of their 10:30 a.m. news conference for a few minutes from now where they will unveil a police reform. let's listen in.
7:25 am
7:26 am
>> ed: you've been watching along with all of us has house and senate democrat leaders hold several moments of silence in honor of george floyd. in just a few moments, unveiling a police reform bill and we will be covering that as well. the president holding his own meeting, round table today with law enforcement. we will cover all of it coming up. sandra? >> sandra: okay.
7:27 am
joe biden meanwhile now a giant step closer to becoming the official democratic presidential nominee after surpassing a threshold of pledged delegates needed to clinch the nomination on the first ballot at the convention. live with the latest on all of that. >> joe biden finally just clinches 1,991st delegate because some of those just take a long time to divvy up after the ballots are counted. took six months to build that delegate count and now the only thing to make it officially official is a vote at the convention either in person or virtually, and he wasn't always in the first place. pete buttigieg was in exactly two months ago, he dropped out and now he says in a statement it was an honor to compete against -- compete alongside one of the most talented groups of
7:28 am
candidates the democratic party has ever fielded, and i am proud to say we are going into this general election a united party. and to that end, their primary rivals are rallying around him as they rally for police reform including one democrat who once challenged biden's record writing the 1994 crime bill as being bad for inner cities, cory booker. >> i fully put my faith in joe biden to be the person who could preside over this transformative change, and i'm going to tell you right now as i look at great presidents past, the time of lbj for example, extraordinary, capable leaders like joe biden. >> today, is going to go as far away from his delaware home as he has been in three months flying with his wife dr. jill down to houston for a closed-door meeting with george floyd family.
7:29 am
sandra? >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you. >> ed: former senior advisor to john kerry, good morning to both of you. i want to start with you, there was a new nbc "wall street journal" poll that had some alarming numbers for the white house that says do you generally feel that things in the country are out of control? 80% say out of control, 15% say under control. typically every four years the question is are we on the right track for the wrong track. most voters think we are on the wrong track, the incumbent is in trouble. how do you digest that number and find a way for republicans to win a national election? >> given the news of the last few weeks, it is not surprising that americans will think differently about what out-of-control means and what we also realize that over five months, a lot is going to happen. think about what this election was about five months ago.
7:30 am
we have a long way to go certainly, dynamics are going to change between now and then. some good news for the president is the economic numbers that came out last week, and the president and every poll still beats joe biden on who will do a better job with the economy. trump plays to his strengths, mitigates his weaknesses, and he will position himself to win in november. >> ed: the president certainly had a good day friday, going to need a lot more good days for the country moving forward, but that job's number was not just good for the president politically but good for a lot of people hurting right now. >> let's go back to that "wall street journal" poll, people aren't as worried about the economy as they are about this pandemic and that donald trump is in keeping them safe. more striking as we are seeing today the kind of strategy donald trump and joe biden were to conduct in this campaign. by a 2-1 margin, americans are
7:31 am
far more troubled by the conduct of police and the killing of george floyd in any violence or any protest during these last few weeks. today, meeting with law enforcement in the white house doubling down on that while joe biden is going to houston to console the family of george floyd. you can see that stark contrast. the other point here is you see donald trump has 43 to 47%. his only option is to drag joe biden down to his level, a scorched earth approach to really tarnish biden and then take some other steps at the end of this campaign that will be really ugly to try to stay in the white house. >> ed: let's look at the big picture pulls, mentioned a moment ago the president versus joe biden, biden at 49%, the president 42%, cnn had a pull suggesting it was much wider for biden.
7:32 am
in 2016, we heard a lot about these national polls giving hillary clinton a big lead in the end what mattered obviously was state-by-state in the key battlegrounds. your thoughts? >> you can look at as many polls as you want between out in november. the numbers that matter is president trump stays in the mid 40s, he will win reelection just as barack obama did, just as president bush did, every incumbent president who has been above 37% as won reelection. carter, ford lost reelection because they were down in the 30s. so the president needs to stay in that 40% range, but let's go back to one thing that maryann was talking about for a second. there is a huge gap between people who are disgusted with what happened to george floyd and what police reform and those who want to defund the police. there is a big gap that goes on
7:33 am
there, and joe biden has never been one who has been for defunding police. in fact, his crime bill would do just the opposite. and let me add, they then go out and talk about the first care act which was about allowing people a second chance on small crimes to be able to get their lives back in order. democrats think joe biden is going to lead on defunding police makes no sense. >> ed: i noticed over the weekend as well, a conservative who is not a fan of the president typically but tweeted out that he basically couldn't think of a better way to hand the suburbs in america back to the president trump. he lost them largely in those midterms are 2018, handed back to him by your party saying it is time to defund the police. >> i think what democrats are supporting here is a reallocation of some funds.
7:34 am
no one is going to eliminate the police department, no one will zero fund. >> ed: what about minneapolis for the city council is voting to say we are done with the police? >> that is up to minneapolis. the bill you're going to see from the democrats today including finally outlawing lynching which is illegal in this country as a reform of policing. in you see that from democrats and joe biden. here is a real one. donald trump has a problem with white women in the suburbs. he is going to have to not only tear joe biden down, his appeal to african-american voters has never been about getting black votes. it's always to try to look better to white suburban voters and especially white women which he has been in deep deep trouble with. donald trump is going to campaign to try to scare white women in the suburbs and joe biden is going to tell them that he is better at putting this country back on track.
7:35 am
>> ed: claiming that the president never really wanted african-american sports, said something like that a moment ago. i heard him say that you said he never really wanted their support pretty is just trying to scare white women. >> it was to look better to suburban voters that he didn't look at the same one because they don't view themselves. >> ed: i've heard the president make the case that he is trying to get before the pandemic, african-american unemployment was a record low. >> agenda whether it be the first setback or whether it be talking about things like bringing more infrastructure so that men and women can get to their jobs but whether it be getting better child care as republicans and the president talked about extended family leave, all policies that actually help men and women in all communities be able to
7:36 am
thrive and succeed, it's a bit cynical to say the president wasn't actually campaigning or didn't want the votes of african-americans and it was all about just making suburban women feel good about donald trump. ultimately, people are going to devote some macro someone who will make their life easier, better, and safer and to look at policies that have been enacted the last two years and why americans think trump will do a better job than biden on the economy, why he continues to win those numbers. >> one last point, this is something that richard nixon did when he campaign for president, something ronald reagan did when he campaign for president, so donald trump is not the first one, but it's not about getting more black voters which he will be incapable of doing after the george floyd event, it is making white women voters in the suburbs feel better about him. >> ed: another important --
7:37 am
you keep repeating the same thing. but a block of independent voters, both parties want to get independent voters, colin powell and his endorsement might be something that would get that. let's listen and get both of you a chance to react. >> the one word i have to use with what respect he's been doing is a word i would never have used before, i never would have used with any of the presidents i worked for. he lies. he lies about things and he gets away with it because people will not hold him accountable. i couldn't vote for him in '96 and i certainly can't in any way support president trump this year. >> ed: i think he meant 2016. how do you respond to that attack there from a retired general and former secretary of state colin powell? >> calling powell endorsing a democrat for president and leap years are the answer to a jeopardy question. something that happens every
7:38 am
four years, endorsed president obama in 2008, he endorsed his reelection in 2012, he endorsed hillary clinton in 2016. arguably, he is a consistent and reliable democratic voter. >> ed: very quick final point. >> it is well documented that he has consistently lagged throughout his tenure and that is true for fact-checkers that have documented that. the real point here is the republican senate is now in jeopardy. you have mitt romney marching yesterday with the protesters, lisa murkowski saying this isn't the america she knows. started to see cracks in the republican elected official base, the widow of john mccain. that is what appeals to independent voters. >> ed: we will watch it, thank you. >> sandra: turn your attention now to a live look on
7:39 am
capitol hill where house democrats are gathering set to unveil what they are calling the justice and policing act of 2020 set to be released at 10:30 a.m. eastern time today as we saw moment ago as democrats were kneeling and emancipation hall of the capitol to honor george floyd and others killed by police. so democrats are gathering there on the hill. what you heard from jerry nadler a short time ago leading up to this unveiling says we will deliver meaningful needed policing reform. we are going to take a quick break as we await nancy pelosi and the unveiling of this policing act and be right back. by shortcutting the loan process. there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. it's the quickest and easiest refi newday's ever offered.
7:40 am
one call can lower your mortgage payment by this time next month. >> sandra: house democrats on capitol hill unveiling what they call the justice and policing act, their plan on a national scale. as you can see, the news conference is underway there. we do expect to hear from nancy pelosi a short time from
7:41 am
now. we await the text of that bill and let's listen together. >> a cell phone camera that has exposed a continuation of violence directed by the police and expose the reality that the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not guaranteed to all african-americans at all times. now the movement for police accountability has become a rainbow movement reflecting the wonderful diversity of our nation and the world. the power of this movement will help congress to act, to pass legislation that not only holds police accountable and increases transparency but this is police departments to change the culture. i know that change is difficult, but i am certain that police officers, professionals who risk their lives every day are deeply concerned about their profession and do not want to work in an environment that requires their silence. where they know fellow officers are abusing the public. i am certain police officers would like to be free to intervene and stop officers from using deadly force when it is
7:42 am
not necessary, and i am certain police officers want to make sure they are trained in the best practices sing. a profession where you have the power to kill should be a profession that requires highly trained officers who are accountable to the public. embarking on a journey toward a new vision for policing in america is only possible because of the incredible leadership in the house of representatives. we now have over 200 cosponsors in the house and the senate. speaker pelosi has said she wants to see a bold transformative effort and that is exactly what justice and policing will do. join me in welcoming the most powerful woman in congress and the nation, madame speaker pelosi. >> thank you very much for your tremendous leadership. under that leadership, many of us have the privilege last year
7:43 am
observed going across the atlantic. there was no united states. going across the atlantic. was a horrible, the kidnapping, the purchase of those, the dungeons in which they were capped and if they survive that to be sold into slavery. and then everything that came from that. when we were there in march, we saw one of his museums, a beautiful display, heartbreaking display of children, little children saying mama, has anyone seen our mother. these children separated from their mothers, the cruelty of that, and that is why when george floyd called out for his mother when he was subjected to
7:44 am
that me in the neck, it was just a continuation of some poor that has existed in our country for a very long time. distinguished leaders, with karen bass, leaders, senators and leaders on this issue, congresswoman harris, senator harris and the emancipation hall aptly named for those who built the capital of the united states. in their honor. we were there for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on our knees. my members will attest it is a very long time. it's a very long time. and i graciously led them and falling over when it was over so they could do the same thing. but here we are, the martyrdom
7:45 am
of george floyd gave the american experience a moment of national english as we grieve for the black americans killed by police brutality. today, this movement and moment of national english has been transformed into a movement of national action as americans from across the country peacefully protest to demand an end to injustice. in the day the justice and policing act, standing with those fighting for justice and taking action. let them go over some of those names of martyrdom, george floyd, jackson davis, oscar grant. so sad, freddy gray, walter
7:46 am
scott, tamia rice, michael brown, everett garner, my colleagues in the other names. thank you. we cannot settle for anything less than transformative structural change, which is why the justice and policing act will remove barriers of prosecuting police misconduct and covering damages by addressing the quality and unity doctoring. will end -- demilitarized the police by limiting the transfer of military weaponry to state and local police departments. will combat brutality by requiring body -- board cameras, banning the choke hold's, and end racial profiling. it will finally make lynching a
7:47 am
federal hate crime, and i support the chairman and are to distinguish senators for their work in helping to pass that this year. police brutality is heartbreaking reflection of an entrenched system of racial injustice. in america. true justice can only be achieved with full comprehensive action and that is what we are doing today. this is a first step. was more to come. in the coming weeks, the house will hold hearings, once the house passes the justice and policing act, he must swiftly take it up. the president must not stand in the way of justice. will not relent until this legislation is made into law. my colleague is always getting awards for liberty and justice for all.
7:48 am
that's what this is about, that is what our distinguished leader talked about in the emancipation hall and they yield the distinguished leader mr. schum mr. schumer. >> thank you, speaker pelosi, and i'm so proud to be joined by so many of my colleagues, representative bass for joining us in speaking this morning and all the support that we have from so many wonderful people behind us. over the past week, hundreds of thousands of americans have engaged in peaceful demonstrations against police violence and systemic racism. this large diverse group, so many of them young gives us hope that americans are prepared to march and fight to make this a more perfect union once and for all. and so today, we are taking the
7:49 am
first of many steps, many necessary steps to respond to this national pain with bold action. as my colleagues will explain, the justice and policing act proposes crucial reforms to combat racial violence and excessive force by law enforcement through strong accountability measures, increase data and transparency, important modifications to police training and practices. this has never been done before at the federal level. in the senate, democrats will fight to make this a reality. americans who took to the streets this week have demanded change. with this legislation, democrats are feeding their calls. now we must collectively, all americans raise our voices and call on leader mcconnell to put this reform bill on the floor of the senate before july to be debated and voted on.
7:50 am
now, some senate republicans have acknowledged egregious wrongs but few have expressed a need for floor action. too many have remained silent. maybe they are hoping it goes away. i promise them it will not. democrats will not let this go away, and we will not rest until we achieve real reforms. leader mcconnell, let's have the debate not just on tv and twitter, but on the floor. cannot wait for healing for solutions. the poison of racism affects more than our criminal justice system. runs much deeper than that, they were racial disparities in income wealth and has only placed a magnifying glass on them. is our job, presented lives to
7:51 am
right those wrongs, bring the reality and promise of america into closer alignment. equal justice under law. as one such promise. that is what this morning in the justice and policing act is all about. the centuries long struggle to make those words actually true for black americans and every americans. >> these are serious times. i walked across the bridge 15 times hand-in-hand with my brother john lewis. my grandchildren have been there, my daughters have been there in selma in 2015, president obama asked us this.
7:52 am
what greater form of patriotism is there than the belief that america is not yet finished? that we are strong enough to be self-critical, that each successive generation can look upon our imperfections and decide that is in our power to remake this nation to more closely align with our highest ideas. that is what the boston tea party was about, a demonstrati demonstration. some would say a violation of law to address rights. we remain a nation of imperfections calling out to us to be addressed for the seriousness and determination to make good on the promise that all are created equal.
7:53 am
>> sandra: you been listening to house democrats on capitol hill this morning unveiling of their justice and policing act of 2020. nancy pelosi just a moment ago on police reform calling for "fundamental structural change saying "we cannot accept anything less. let's bring an arizona congressman andy biggs who joins us now, chairman of the house freedom caucus, good morning, thank you for being here. you've been watching and listening to this with us, where do you stand on this debate? >> they were long on philosophy and platitudes but very short on specifics so we have to see the bill and read it of course, but i'm just going to tell you, one of the things she mentioned was the elimination of the qualified immunity for police officers and what that's going to cause is a flight away from serving in police duty, and what that means
7:54 am
ultimately is if this passes the way she described it may you're going to actually see increases in crime rates because police officers, no one will want to be a police officer because you're going to have some immunity problems instead of the department taking the immunity, it will be the individual no one is going to want to put their lives and their family and that kind of arms away. and so that will be a real problem in the future. additionally, mentioned all of the provisions that they are talking about, but they include some training. and there needs to be some de-escalation training and i would just tell you when i introduce legislation to do that multiple times in arizona, we put it on the floor and not a single democrat voted to support de-escalation training. so there needs to be sure but i'm just telling you i'm not sure congress is the best place to provide a unique situation
7:55 am
with a one-size-fits-all solution. >> ed: congress usually doesn't fund police departments, something that is often left out of this conversation and what we are hearing from some of these cities is if not defunding, shifting money away from police. what you think about this entire debate? >> i think minneapolis in particular, they said this morning they have two-thirds of their counsel ready compared to actually eliminate their police force. that becomes the case, and you defund police and you take away equipment which nancy pelosi said as part of this bill as well, you're going to allow the police to be disadvantaged again like we saw in the 70s when we had high crime rates because they didn't have the equipment they needed, i didn't have the training that they needed, so if you need more training, defunding your police department means you're going to have less training. he means he will have less
7:56 am
support for the police officers which again will lead to higher crime rates and insecurity in those places. >> thank you so much for your time and the news conference on capitol hill, we will have to leave it there. appreciate you staying with us. >> ed: we are talking about this effort to defend the police gaining momentum in minneapolis after a majority of the city council's members pledged to disband the department altogether. a live report on the ground coming up next. at newday usa. newday's va streamline refi is the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. you can lower your payments by this time next month without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised, and there's no money out of pocket. one call to start saving $2000 a year. every year.
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8:00 am
>> ed: fox news alert on the push to defend the police now gaining momentum in minneapolis and other cities as well. local leaders laid the groundwork to disband the apartment altogether in the wake of george freud's death. welcome back to "america's newsroom," i met henry. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. minneapolis city council now seems to have the votes to create a vetoproof super majority even though the mayor there refuses to cut funding to police. the whole issue is getting heated at a rally where the crowd doing the mayor. >> will you defund the minneapolis police department? >> go home, jacob, go home.
8:01 am
>> ed: go home, they said come alive in minneapolis. they went on to call the mayor saying shame. good morning. >> good morning. was right here in minneapolis two weeks ago today that george floyd was killed and shortly after that event, several city council members banded together and promise that they were going to dismantle the minneapolis police department. now the major announcement of the city council members say they've achieved that vetoproof majority, at least 9 of 13 members and are moving forward with policy and budget decisions to end the minneapolis police department as they know it. in a statement, minneapolis city council members say they don't have all the answers about what their police for the future looks like, but they have previously said they want to defund police, invest in juvenile crime prevention programs must things like calling 311 instead of 911 and relying more on city resources and social workers. in >> we are going to create a
8:02 am
fear free future where every life is truly protected and respected. i encourage all of our officers who are still on duty to continue to do your work with compassion, with respect and love. we're going to need every single human to be a part of this project. >> over the weekend, a rather stunning moment right in downtown minneapolis, mayor jacob frey showed up to a massive protest, watch through the crowd of thousands by himself to the stage and when he got there he was asked in front of the entire crowd if he would vowed to defund police. he said no. that answer outraged the crowd that started building him and chanting him to go home, organizers even said the mayor is up for reelection next year and they will win. the mayor is at odds with his city council, but is not budging on his stance to maintain a police department. >> and my entirely abolishing the police department police department? no, i'm not. over the coming days and weeks, i'm looking forward to working
8:03 am
with counsel and talking about deciphering what particularly they mean when they say ending in abolishing. >> so could this movement spread to other cities? fox news has obtained a draft proposal circulating in austin, texas, that would steer funds away from police there and towards harm reduction strategies in a vacuum in minneapolis, the former police officer has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of george floyd and just a few moments from now, he is scheduled to make his first appearance of the video in this courthouse behind me. >> ed: strong reporting on the ground as always, thank you. >> sandra: fox news alert in washington now, president trump will soon be holding a roundtable discussion with law enforcement officials at the white house as democrats unveil a plan to reform police departments nationwide. a chief white house correspondent john roberts is live from the north lawn with more out all of that.
8:04 am
good morning. >> that roundtable meeting scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon right after the briefing and the president this morning leaving no question as to how he feels about these calls to either defund or disband the police taking to twitter to write "law & order, not defund and abolish the police." sources tell fox news that at that roundtable today, the president will be speaking out about how the country and he himself are outraged about the killing of george floyd, but that defunding or dismantling police agencies is not the way to respond. in fact, the presidents position i'm told is that more police, not fever is the way to keep the peace. the president believes that putting more law enforcement officers on the streets as well as the national guard in response to last week's riots was the way to keep the peace and restore order. he will also say that there are issues that need addressing and to do that, we need to strengthen the bonds of trust between police forces across the
8:05 am
nation and the communities they serve. a south carolina senator tim scott very much on the same page as the president. listen to what he said. >> i would say on the defund police, what a ridiculous idea. is not an idea whose time has come, it should never have come. the absolute nation requires law and order. we need order in our streets and the easiest way to have that is to have a strong presence of character driven law enforcement officers. >> president trump also responding today to republicans who say they likely won't vote for him in november among the met romney, george w. bush, the former president and cindy mccain the president tweeting "96% approval rating in the republican party, thank you. the president also taking a swing at mitt romney himself who marched yesterday with christian protesters protesting the death of george floyd. the president tweeting tremendous sincerity, what a guy. hard to believe with this kind of political talent his numbers
8:06 am
would take so badly in utah. george floyd's brother is expected to testify before the house judiciary committee on police accountability. that will be on wednesday, floyd spoke with both the former vice president joe biden as well as president trump, says he spoke to biden for about 10 to 15 minutes but only a couple of minutes to president trump. since he ran for office, president trump has had a good relationship with state and local law enforcement agencies, fancies himself or prides himself has been the law and order president, but no question of the events of the past couple of weeks have put an increasing amount of pressure on police agencies across the country to undertake significant reforms to ensure that things like the death of george floyd do not happen again. >> sandra: we will see what comes from that roundtable a bit later on. john roberts, thank you. >> ed: former secretary of state colin powell also came out against the reelection while announcing who he will vote for
8:07 am
in november. >> i am very close to joe biden in his social manner and political manner. i worked with him for 35 or 40 years and he is now the candidate and i will be voting for him. >> ed: joining us now is byron york, fox news contributor, good morning. so colin powell supported barack obama, supported hillary clinton and when he said i know it might sound kind of swampy to some of president trump supporters, you wonder does this help the president may be more than it hurts? >> a number of these prominent republicans and former republicans simply never voted for donald trump. voted for none of the above in 2016 for president and met romney 2016 and colin powell voted for hillary clinton.
8:08 am
now in particular, judging from his public statements, it is not clear that he has voted for republican since at least 2004. he voted for barack obama in 2008 and 2012, voted for hillary clinton in 2016 and now he says he will vote for joe biden in 2020 so in terms of presidential politics, i'm not sure it makes any sense to refer to him as a republican anymore. >> ed: close to this president of course had some thoughts on sunday morning futures, take a listen. >> i know they have a different reaction than the two of them, he doesn't know what he believes. the reality is your personal anger at trump because he took off after jeb and ruined him. i'm very disappointed in that because the difference between trump and biden is so palpable for anyone who has republican
8:09 am
values. >> ed: is a personal animus or is there something else going on inside the republican party? >> all of the above. that certainly could be part of it with the bushes. donald trump team to take particular relish and just beating up jeb bush and was out right after the south carolina primary, as far as met romney is concerned, utah is a very red state but opposition to trump is one that is higher in utah among republicans than in other states and that explains a lot of what romney is saying. as far as a greater problem in the republican party, that is not at all clear. you do look at the polls, they seem to show that joe biden has a bit higher support among democrats than president trump has among republicans. but he is doing right now and things have changed so enormously in the past three months, the last three weeks
8:10 am
that it is hard to imagine they would not change more. president trump is certainly well within striking distance right now. >> ed: it may change a whole bunch of times. here is one from the nbc news "wall street journal" poll. things in the country are 80% out of control, 50% under control. not sure. bottom line, we have been through a pandemic and now we have the civil unrest, in some countries, you may say it's not surprising that they will be a lot of people who believe the country is out of control but if you are in incumbent president, you probably don't like to see that number. >> after this pandemic after riots and violence in the streets, mass protests, who would not think the country seems to be a bit out of control, not sure how that plays in the election. obviously, joe biden, the opposition candidate is going to say i will restore things, i
8:11 am
will store order of things, but you've just been reporting on this whole defund the police movement among some democrats and some cities, republicans will make a big deal out of that and trying to connect joe biden to defunding the police and connect him to the sort of forces of disorderl disorder ine country. it's not clear how much that will play come november. >> ed: has this meeting of law enforcement made a run, clearly, he wants to put a marker down saying he has condemned the killing of george floyd but also seeing that. jonah goldberg not usually a big fan of the president but wait it over the weekend if you want to hand the suburbs back to president trump and the midterms and what happened to republicans, push this defund the police movement. will help the president a lot. your final thoughts. >> it could be politically disastrous. it's been amazing in all the conversations we've been having about defunding the police the last few days, talking about the
8:12 am
practical consequences of doing that, what happens, do you call social workers, conflict resolution teams, there hasn't been a lot of serious talk about what a defendant police or police free situation as they say in minneapolis would be, and there is going to be in the next few days. >> thank you. >> ed: sandra? family and friends of george floyd will say their final farewells in houston, report from texas on those services coming up. plus moments ago, congressional democrats unveiling a new bill aimed at reforming police department across the country. going to take a closer look at what exactly is in it next. >> never again shall the world
8:13 am
be subjected to what we were seeing, the slow murder of an individual by uniformed police officer. newday usa makes it so easy to refinance that one call can save you $2000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised and without spending one dollar out of pocket to get it done. it is the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. one call can save you $2000 a year, every year.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
power to kill should be a profession that requires highly trained officers who are accountable to the public. >> here are the bill basics that makes it easier to take officers to court and also that was the
8:18 am
standard for what is called qualified immunity that often shields officers from lawsuits, bans the use of choke holds in the legislation forms a system to track problem officers who may vouch from agency to agency. politically, democrats know this would put them in a tough spot to oppose the legislation. president trump is standing by police and must republicans may take their cues from the white house. the house minority whip steve scalise says it would be a mistake to defend the police. >> as far as a democrat package, they haven't been talking to republicans about this so i'm not sure what they will be rolling out but clearly when somebody abuses their power in any position of law enforcement and there needs to be accountability. we've been talking about that for a long time as well, some accountability and justice needs to be served. >> the senate minority leader chuck schumer indicates that he will fight to get this through the senate once it passes the house probably in about a
8:19 am
month's time here. kevin mccarthy the house minority leader says needs to focus on bipartisan common sense solutions. the first hearing on this bill from the one of the witnesses will be the brother of george floyd. enter? >> sandra: okay, chad pergram on the hill for us. thank you. >> ed: george floyd's private funeral service will be held tomorrow in texas after memorials honoring him in minnesota and north carolina. thousands arrived for a six hour public viewing. our correspondent is live from houston right now with details. good morning. >> good morning. just about an hour, giant motorcade pulled right up here in front of the church and in it was the hearse carrying the body of george floyd. we want to show you that video now, been a very somber moment
8:20 am
at the casket was removed and carried inside the fountain just outside of houston expecting a whole lot of people here today. in fact so many that folks are parking half a mile of the road and then going to be shuffled here to the church with his public viewing. anyone is welcome to attend starting at noon. in the able to coincide and pay their respects. the reason this particular church was chosen is because some of george floyd's family members are actually congregants of the church. this ends at 6:00 p.m. local time and then tomorrow in the exact same spot starting at 11:00, the private funeral service will be held with a long list of dignitaries expected to attend and it will be televised. then, it will be followed by a private burial service. >> they haven't really had a chance to grieve because people have been calling, we want them
8:21 am
to have an opportunity to grie grieve. >> george floyd's hometown of houston, texas, some 60,000 people took to the streets last week. look at that video my some of largest numbers reported in demonstrations across the country have been mostly peaceful, something the family has certainly called for. we understand that former vice president joe biden is in houston today meeting privately with the family, some rumors that he would be here for tomorrow's funeral. we understand that is not going to happen my rather he is going to have a videotaped message that will be played during the service. >> ed: casey stegall, thank you. >> sandra: the death of george floyd still sparking protests across the country with thousands taking to the streets in major u.s. cities. now the case is fueling a nationwide push to defund police departments. with that move could cost even more lives.
8:22 am
we will have that for you next. >> the idea that the police department is out of control is totally crazy. police brutality when it happens a shocking and terrible but it's not even close to systemic that's me. by using your va streamline refi benefit, one call to newday usa can save you $2,000 a year. that's me. there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. that's me. put your va home loan benefits to good use. call my team at newday usa.
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8:26 am
>> ed: fox news alert on the george floyd protests around america with thousands still taking to the streets denouncing police brutality. while the demonstrations were mostly peaceful, police in seattle say a man drove a car
8:27 am
into crowds. as you can see here, a black lives matter rally, shot one protester before he was arrest arrested. william la jeunesse is following the story. >> it was a week ago today we are on the same street, these businesses were sweeping up in boarding up as a result of all that vandalism. now many today are actually opening up because of those largely peaceful demonstrations over the weekend that were massive around the country for the national guard pulling out of l.a. and california. 650 demonstrations over the weekend. powerful scenes of solidarity as thousands collectively protested police brutality and what they consider systemic racism. state and federal officials plan on sweeping reforms as l.a. and new york city already cut police budgets. others call that a mistake. in seattle, man plowed into protesters and shot a
8:28 am
27-year-old victim, cops arrested the driver while demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police in st. louis. prosecutors charged 23-year-old steven cannon with the murder of retired police captain david dorn. in l.a., prosecutors will not charge hundreds of protesters who violated curfews. lawyers say they were crammed into buses in handcuffs and exposed to the coronavirus. policy wise, what is next? bans on jokes and sleeper holds that cut off breathing or bloodflow of mandating that cops mourn criminals before using deadly force an outside prosecuting cops, not the d.a. some consider that ironic considering many of these same officials have been approving military style vehicles and budgets for cops and now calling for those cuts but of course, it is a different world. back to you. >> ed: absolutely. william la jeunesse, thank you.
8:29 am
>> sandra: fox news alert now from minneapolis where fired police officer derek chauvin is due in court suing on upgraded charges in the death of george floyd as it sparks a push to defund police departments in cities like washington, d.c., and new york while critics say that could cause even more liv lives. >> this is where political ideology run amok cost lives. he would literally double and triple the number of black victims if you take the police out of those neighborhoods. it is insane and cruel. >> sandra: joining us now, former boston superintendent and chief of police in managing director and judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst on fox nation. thank you for being here. looking forward to a respectful discussion where we can advance this debate. so from your view, what does a
8:30 am
police free future look like for some of these u.s. cities? >> if our education system was crumbling, we wouldn't not have teachers in the systems. so we have some challenges and concerns. the majority of funding, have to keep the lights on but the funding that is identified for doing things for you are interacting and officers getting out of their cars doing proactive engagement is what we need and if you cut the funding, will have this response of 91 calls responding after they are already concerned. we need to invest in how to retrain officers to not be bystanders in my didn't they engage and stop that officer who was engaged in police violence against mr. floyd and taking his life? that we develop training make
8:31 am
that something that in the middle of a crisis they can understand when something needs to step up. that requires resources and taking funding away probably not the best way to do it. that is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. >> sandra: what you are hearing growing calls for including new york city. so what do you think when you hear these protesters for you see the signs, abolish the police, defund the police, how do you ensure the safety of your citizens without policing? >> from a policy perspective, i agree fully with what the superintendent just say and i agree you with the clip that you ran for mayor giuliani she said over the weekend. the issue is not how much money is being sent to the police departments, the issue is our police personally liable for the excessive force that they use?
8:32 am
let's take a step back. the calls to abolish the police department in minneapolis are just political calls because that would be absurd and unlawful. why do i say unlawful? most city charters requires them to have a police department, requires them to maintain basic safety in the streets. we know the police can't protect all private property and can't protect all private individuals, but they can basically maintain basic law and order in the streets which is what the superintendent was just talking about. so if minneapolis goes forward and abolishes the police department, the state of minnesota would have an affirmative duty to come in and negate that abolition. on the other hand, if bill de blasio in new york wants to give less money to the cops and more money the social workers, i think you will see crime go up.
8:33 am
the issue is not money. under circumstances to use deadly force it under what circumstances should they be personally liable for their own unlawful behavior? >> sandra: with the calls to shift some of that funding and the disagreement with the governor andrew cuomo pointing out the state could step in at the city decides to defund the police or shift resources. you sit back and you see this and you hear the calls for reform and you just heard house democrats on capitol hill talking about this bill they unveiled today. you just wander from a police angle what happens if you are getting robbed in the middle of the night, what would happen in a police free city when you have an emergency?
8:34 am
>> that was directed to me. i wasn't able to hear what you were saying, i apologize. >> sandra: it's okay. just speak more broadly from your perspective, more police perspective because so many are asking the question if you know longer have the police, you defund the police, abolish the police, what happens to a citizen of that city or town who got an emergency, what did they do and how do you protect them? >> who was going to respond when the drunk driver plows into a family and get the medical care in the report and holds a person accountable, howell they respond? unfortunately, we need police and our communities to deal with those who have crime and violence. how we police community is definitely something that we need to discuss going forward. tell us what is in and what is out, what is appropriate and not
8:35 am
appropriate, train us, give us a support to do our jobs, hold us accountable when we fail, but don't just change the rules. it's a critical opportunity here with this much passion dealing with the underlying issue in our society that plays out with police officers who are the ones where others called 911. not the police all the time getting out of their car and engaging someone in the problem that they've discovered. oftentimes, other communities recognize unconscious bias amongst others to be involved in situations that are inappropriate. we saw that in central park with that gentleman. so we've got to work with our community to figure out having that discussion and change it, but taking complete funding away and having less on the street is probably not going to help the situation and will probably make it worse.
8:36 am
>> sandra: great discussion and good debate. we will continue to be on this. i like to have both of you back, we are out of time. thank you, judge, thank you. >> ed: meantime, after months of rising tensions between the u.s. and china, is it heating up between the world's two largest economies that could impact our troops overseas and national security here at home. general jack keane lays in next. >> i commend the president for taking bold action about hong kong, withdrawing hong kong's favored trade status but there's a lot more we can continue to do to check china's ambitions and to prevent further chinese aggression. did you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn
8:37 am
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and it's become your family's heart and soul... well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. learn how homeowners are strategically using a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, preserve your portfolio, and so much more. look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. >> what china is doing is from a well-known playbook. whenever there is crisis them and they tried to advance their territorial and hegemonic
8:41 am
objectives. back in the missile crisis when the u.s. and the soviet union were otherwise occupied, invaded india and grab some territory. guess what? covid-19 in the china virus just did it again. >> ed: peter navarro on this program saying china is taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to advance its own strategic interests as it relates to beijing. spelling and i with his headline, "yes, america is in a cold war with china." chair at the institute of the study of war, fox news senior strategic analyst. good morning. where are we right now in your estimation with china as we hear peter navarro, the president, and others saying they want to hold china accountable for its allies on the pandemic, but how do we hold them accountable at a time when we are essentially in a cold war?
8:42 am
>> we obviously are strategic rivals and there's a growing adversarial relationship and we all can see that. cuts across the whole spectrum of military ideological, geopolitical, and economic. what has really changed here is when president xi came to power, he put china on a very different path full of aggressive ambition to dominate and control the indo pacific region even though the united states has serious interest as a pacific nation and to do that at our expense and the expense of allies and friends and then replace the united states as a global leader in the world and every action that they are taking is a step closer to trying to achieve those goals, and most recently, they weaponize this. and they are intimidating our allies in the region from japan to malaysia, from australia to india. intimidation or coercion on a regular basis using military
8:43 am
fishing vessels, everything at their disposal, so that has put us on a path as a rival strategic nation to be sure, but what is different about this administration's relationship with china is it is willing to confront china as the economic creditor that they are and also as a geopolitical creditor. and we could no longer just treat them as a competitor who we should cooperate with. we are going to cooperate with them at times because our economy is intertwined, two largest economies in the world, but there will be confrontation. not necessarily conflict but we are not going to let them continue to trample over our interest in our allies interest. >> ed: being the biggest example where there was some cooperation. i mentioned written by a republican congressman mike gallagher of wisconsin, talking about a cold war with china and went on to say communist china is a more
8:44 am
formidable economic rival than soviet russia as a ohmic ever was. and they are more deeply connected is you just suggested, but american national security now demands them form of economic breakup of china in certain industries. your thoughts on that? >> i totally agree with that. this is been very painful for us to watch china consciously let the epidemic i in the country spread around the world while they protect their major power centers in beijing and shanghai and they should be held accountable for that. one of the things as we are going to pull back some of the industries that were so dependent on in china that have so much to do with our own national security and the wellness and health of the american people and that certainly is going to start with the pharmaceutical industry as well. and i think all of that is very appropriate. all that said, they will still be hundreds of companies that are going to operate in china.
8:45 am
american companies and also other companies that will have supply chains that are tied to chinese firms as well. so we will continue to have some economic relationship like that, but we have to break the ties that are clearly affecting the health and superiority of the american people from china. >> ed: decisions ahead. thank you. sandra? >> sandra: thank you. the cartoons that you remember as a kid are catching up with the times. why elmer floods hunt for a bugs bunny will never be the same. we will talk about that coming up next. here's huge news for veterans with va loans. mortgage rates have dropped to all time lows. by refinancing now, you can save $2000 a year.
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>> be very, very quiet. i'm hunting rabbits. >> sandra: the clumsy cartoon villain elmer fudd as we knew him changing with the times as the creators of the new looney tunes cartoons on hbo max say they are taking away his hunting rifle. let's bring in a radio talk show host of the morning show, it is great to see you. it's been a while. >> thank you so much and thanks for lightening up the day, so needed, god bless you for that. >> sandra: looney tunes is great for any of us who grew up watching these cartoons, they are fun, they are humorous, but this is going to change things.
8:51 am
he is a hunter and they are taking away his rifle. saying he is not giving up hunting. we are just not doing guns says the show's executive producer. >> elmer fudd, we love elmer fudd, you can't take his gun and they are going to give him a sights, the thing the grim reaper has. what is worse? i can't figure this one out. >> sandra: some would argue this is the best thing for everybody but here is the new clip and everyone can decide for themselves. so like i said, we will let our viewers decide and perhaps that is more violent, i don't know.
8:52 am
here is the quote from the show's executive producer. "we are not doing guns but we can do cartoony violence. shows senior series executive producer, all of that was kind of grandfathered in so that is still there. >> i know, they said it would be fine. explosive dynamite, that will be fine. are they going to put in social distancing next and wearing a mask and he will have to wear a mask? come on, give him back his rifle. he needs his rifle. the best in the world, and they can't stop being politically correct the cartoons, please. >> sandra: i have a five and a 7-year-old and a lot of cartoons have change for the times and there are face masks already prevalent in some cartoon series in social distancing. it's great to see you. how are you doing by the way? >> doing great. on the radio every morning, so much to talk about.
8:53 am
we are so proud to be part of this great country. we will get through this but it is great to lighten up just a little bit because i'm telling you, we've got it all settled down and everything will be okay. we live in the greatest country in the world, everyone has to settle down and you have to give elmer back his rifle, just saying. >> ed: okay. great to see you, take care. >> my best, thank you. >> ed: swept up in the jeffrey epstein scandal has some explaining to do. what u.s. investigators want to talk to prince andrew about. that is next. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for
8:54 am
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>> sandra: a massive fire destroyed an apartment complex under construction in phoenix. it was 40% completed when the fire broke out last night. smoke could be seen from miles away and burning construction vehicles caused several explosion. it took hundreds of firefighters to keep flames from spreading. no injuries reported. the cause is still under investigation. >> ed: federal prosecutors in new york going an interview with prince andrew in the jeffrey epstein probe. epstein committed suicide before going on trail for sex trafficking charges.
8:58 am
greg is live in london. good morning. >> the u.s. department of justice pressing prince andrew to come clean about his connection to the late convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein. u.s. officials sent to the u.k. a request which would force the duke of york to answer questions. it was alleged prince andrew had sex with one of the young ladies. he denies that. epstein died last year. new york said the royal was not cooperating, but in a statement just released prince andrew offered assistance and this latest legal move is disappointing. we reached out to u.k. authorities. they didn't tell us how they will proceed. they didn't even confirm that request existed.
8:59 am
buckingham palace is saying nothing as well. actions speak louder than words. the queen took her second oldest son off regular royal duties. prince andrew who hasn't been accused of any criminal act could end up in jail if he doesn't cooperate but that's unlikely. it's more likely he will plead the fifth. >> ed: thank you. it's good to have peter navarro on with the big job numbers on friday and the market up again today. have you been covering this a long time. >> sandra: there you have it. charles pane also joined us at 9 o'clock. on the sunday shows over the
9:00 am
weekend saying take a deep breath. he is not recommending buying that rally. >> ed: new york city opening up today. a lot of optimism. we will follow it. >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert. a veto proof majority from the city council where george floyd was killed 2 weeks and that council is pledgeing to take apart the police department. this comes as mostly peaceful protests were held in america including minneapolis and a push to defund the police nationwide. the minneapolis mayor frey sparked back lash for refusin


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