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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 8, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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rudy giuliani's policies worked, chicago is failing. these schools that have failed our kids, what schools are working? at stanza., take a look at the news everyday, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes it away. >> laura: hannity, i think the investors like trump. does it seem like this market is betting on a progressive socialist revolution? don't think so. >> sean: i think that the greatest thing that i saw in the last two weeks, there's been a lot of bad news is we cover, the fact that i didn't expect those numbers we got friday until getting july's numbers, which would have come out in august. so that tells me that when they talk about a v-shaped recovery, if that's real, that is great for every american. it's great for our country. >> laura: imagine if every blue state was open for business too. great show, sean, we will see you tomorrow. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. what are the true goals of the black lives matter movement?
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do they want a basement or conversation? harmony or strife? victor davis hanson, lara logan will have more on this throughout the hour. also tonight, he's called l.a.'s mayor, eric garcetti, what did we call him? we call them unstable. jamie mcbride, director of the los angeles police protective league is here to tell us why. and raymond arroyo is here with the serious backlash congressional democrats are facing over what critics call an insensitive photo op in which famous looney tunes character is being censored now. seen and unseen ahead. but first, the new new normal, that's the focus of tonight's ankle. remember at the beginning of the lockdown when i warned you about how the democrats and their allies in the media would try to use the excuse of the pandemic to keep the economy closed as long as possible and then voiced
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a new normal on us? >> as a society, just forget about shaking hands, we don't need to shake hands. >> everything that comes in the house, i wipe it down. >> it's just an opportunity to make it easier for folks out there. >> will will return to normal? i don't think we returned to normal. >> come on, after the past 14 days, that's basically all out the window. over the weekend in l.a. and philadelphia we had huge crowds. before that widespread riots and we had widespread looting. so much for social distancing. meanwhile, millions of americans are still living in democrats states like california, virginia, illinois, michigan. they are still standing on those stupid red dots outside the hardware store, don't you love those, the arrows at the grocery store, ridiculous. and the left, seeing how compliant so many americans have been is now onto the new new
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normal, okay? so under this new new normal, you have no right to an opinion that conflicts with or calls into question any aspect of their campaign to destabilize america through bullying and violence. just ask the editor of the "philadelphia inquirer," who was fired for the sin of this headline, buildings that are too. at least he only lost his job. when you physically defend your business or home, you could end up like david dorn, left to die on the ground. he was allegedly murdered by this man. there are no televised memorials planned for the captain, at least that i know of. in this new, new normal, if you lose your business to looting or fire, we are supposed to empathize with those who carried it out. because if you do, that demonstrates a higher recognition of your privilege. and in this new, new normal,
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it's perfectly acceptable to assume the worst motives on the part of anyone doesn't repeat the progressive mantra doe. >> a friend of mine posted something without posting anything about #blacklivesmatter >> that you can't help yourself but speak up. >> white silence is incredibly powerful. it's not neutral. it acts like a weapon. it's not even silent. it speaks volumes, right? >> laura: so you get it, you'll be forced to repeat after them, or else. and inspired by al sharpton's long history of shaking down corporate america, they're known to demanding that businesses write fast tracks or risk branded insensitive at best, racist at worst. and without even knowing how the money will be spent, fearful
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wealthy elites are falling all over themselves to appear the most woke. >> the offensive from the last week excreted urgency particularly in view of the racial injustices that we have seen in the communities where we work and live. we all need to do more. again, those are comments from brian moynihan, the chairman and ceo at bank of america on this new commitment that they are announcing a billion dollars additional over the next four years. >> laura: jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon even went to a local branch to take any and solidarity. but will the money really by the protection? i guess until the next round of demands, which of course is any minute now, we will find out. but the subjugation and self humiliation that we've seen over the past week is truly nauseating. if you thought the performance activism of white liberals dramatically dropping to their knees, fist in the air, wasn't bad enough, well, you are basely
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missed the new trend. foot washing stations for activists. and yes, they are manned by liberals with almost a religious zeal. and don't think of having a d next to her name, even if you're a far left democrat. don't think that's enough to save you in this new, new normal. the pajama boy mayor of minneapolis found that some of his new friends in the riot in protest business weren't so friendly after all. >> jacob frey, we have a "yes" or "no" question for you. yes or no, will you commit to defunding minneapolis police department? >> get the dash out of here ! [crowd chanting "go home jacob"] >> laura: i almost felt sorry for him. watch the media operates in this
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new, new normal. ever so gently tiptoeing around marxists masquerading as humanitarians. >> do you understand that the word "dismantle" or police free also make some people nervous to for instance, what if in the middle of the night my home is broken into? who do i call? >> yes, i mean, i hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors and i know -- and myself too and i know that comes from a place of privilege. >> laura: i guess you're supposed to call the white privilege hotline. i wasn't clear on that. if there was virtually no follow-up to that moronic answer, by the way. this lunacy is gaining traction across america in like a dozen other major u.s. cities. that seemed to agree that worrying about home invasion is really just -- it's racist. from l.a. to new york, mayors and city councils are looking to strip funds away from police and then to reallocate them to communities of color. presumably, they think that
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communities of color don't need protection from criminals of all colors and ethnicities, or is it that they don't deserve protection in order for guilt ridden liberals to feel superior? i don't know. it baffles the mind. this lunacy is even getting support in chicago, which over the past two weeks since the killing of george floyd has had at least 48 murders and even more shootings. the overwhelming share of the victims were african-american. when we did our two town halls in chicago, we found that the people there wanted more police presence, not less. >> won't that make people feel like them or under siege, or you're saying it will make them feel safer? >> it will make them feel safer. >> we need programs that we used to have on the police department-like officer friendly, the explorer scouts. take the youth, give them something to do. when i worked, 29 years, everybody that knew me knew i
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was a good cop. >> laura: this confirms what a recent poll found, despite calls by activists and protesters to defund police department's, close to two-thirds, 65% oppose cutting police force funding. just 16% of democrats and 15% of republicans support that idea. also of note is the recent monmouth ball. check it out, which found that in the last five years, overall satisfaction with local police has increased among black americans from 50% at least somewhat satisfied in 2015 to 72% now. so is this push for a new, new normal really, really about equal protection, equal treatment under the law and justice for all? well, listen to the cries of women business owners like this. >> use a black lives matter. why don't you choke me, i'm black? look what you did to my store.
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look what you did to my store. i got -- tell me black lives matter. you're lying! >> laura: well, if black lives like hers were really the focus, we would all, all of us know her name. celebrities would flock to her store and those of thousands of others and help them rebuild and protect them from future harm. look, as we've said many times on this program, the killing of mr. floyd was an absolute assault on humanity. and the use of his death to run a proxy campaign for a political candidate, i don't care if it was a democrat this time, it would be a republican some other time, it's a transparent insult to our intelligence. just like wanting us to believe that a heavily edited interview by cbs of joe biden tonight means anything significant.
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biden claimed he did not approve of the black lives matter demands to defund the police. >> no, i don't support defunding the police. i support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorable this and in fact are able to demonstrate they can protect the community and everybody in the community. >> laura: honorable miss. the poor guy is not capable of doing along for interview without serious lapses in thoughts and focus. yet we are to believe he is going to keep the country from burning down once the blm and nt for folks really start issuing ultimatums? i don't think so. joe though, let's get straighter, he's hoping that the campaign will really just be 2008 all over again. >> you don't have to accept what was considered normal before. you don't have to accept the world as it is.
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you can make it into the world but it should be and could be. you can create a new normal, one that is fairer and gives everybody opportunity and treats everyone equally and build bridges between people instead of dividing them. >> laura: now wait a second, i could have sworn that he was president of the united states for eight years. so should we consider only the past three and a half years is not normal? why did president obama solve all these problems if he knows what we should do. i will tell you why, because these issues are really complicated. no one wants to live in a police state and no one wants to live in a racist state. on the hard left suggests otherwise, they're lying. and they insult the hundreds of millions of americans who work hard and live in peace all over this country and that's how they want to live in the future. this is a great nation filled with good people. if there are a racist police, they should be fired.
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if there are abusive police, they should be criminally prosecuted. but the left a posthumous big idea of defunding the police will lead to a dramatic increase in pain, suffering and death. they don't care. although most americans, they do. that's why president obama didn't push for it. that's why democrats like nancy pelosi are afraid to vote for it. that's why the american people will never stand for it. defunding the police is a ludicrous position that should never be taken seriously. but too many democrats have shown that they cannot be trusted to stand up for law-abiding citizens against criminals with a purpose. and come november, millions of us will remember that fact. and that's the angle. joining me now is a civil rights leader and spokesperson of the congress of racial equality. niger, why does blm only seem
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satisfied these days with a complete subjugation of others, especially others that haven't been part of their movement? >> because they take their instructions, their guidance from the marxist playbook. look, i'm going to tell some hard truths that people are not going to want to hear and i want to separate the protesters out there that support blm and some of the misguided athletes and celebrities that get off pushing the black lives matter narrative. many of them are innocent and misguided, but innocent. the blm movement, black lives matter movement was founded by garza and a number of other cofounders that were promoting a hard marxist and lgbt agenda. lgbt i believe is the right terminology agenda. and look, i don't have a problem
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with people exercising their first amendment right. if you have the right to organize, the right to protest, the right to come up with an agenda but i will be -- if you use the software and mystery of black americans and our legacy to the united states of america as your shield and use us as cannon fodder when your agenda really has not a damn thing to do with saving black lives. if you look at their agenda, defunding the police, that would put black lives in danger. but it's even more than that, laura. they have as a part of their platform on their own website that we want to disrupt -- disrupt! the western prescribed nuclear family. and we all know that black americans, african-americans that are doing well -- not just african-american's, americans, period, that are doing well are
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doing well when they are coming out of a traditional family, they seek justice to medically -- >> laura: have to say, hadn't been aware of the lgbtq connection at all. i'd not heard that before, but i did know that it came out of the organizing against wall street movement. before that, the black panther -- there had been a number of movements, some loosely related. >> variations on the marxist name, that's with the bottom line is. overthrow capitalism, they would overthrow western civilization and they see america as the biggest clear and present danger to fulfilling that agenda. using black people to do it. >> laura: and what i find particularly gross is a nice way of saying it, it's just gross to take the suffering of a family at the hands of a murderous police officer and then
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extrapolate that onto the rest of america and have people spitting in the face of police officers because they're so angry because they've been taught that this is what police officers think about them and it's so upsetting, especially african-american national guardsmen and young guy, must've been 20 years old, 21, i don't know. >> the law enforcement officer in oakland was murdered by one of these rioters. you talked about david dorn, out of st. louis. murdered by savages committing acts of destruction against the small businesses that provide the jobs in these communities that they pretend to be supporting. laura, it is so gross for all of the systems that give a dollar or millions of dollars to the blm agenda, they are destroying
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black lives. you want to talk about antiblack supremacy, that's the antiblack supremacy taking place. >> laura: terry crews of course yesterday tweeted that he of course believes that black lives matter was not about reconciliation, but about supremacy, black domination, and he got huge blowback for that, but he basically came forward and said i stand against groupthink, but the conformity is being pushed down, niger, that's what we're going to keep our eyes on. >> the irony is that it's the illusion of flexor pharmacy and the reality of a marxist agenda that will bury all of us. >> laura: niger, thank you so much, it's great to see you tonight. over the past week, the black lives matter movement has found itself more powerful than ever before and richer than ever before but as its influence judges grow, journeyman exes victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution.
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victor, the blm movement seems to be pushing for mainstream domination through intimidation and that along with goes chaos. what of the historic parallels here? >> well, we've seen them -- late republican rome with the 1792 french revolution, as these revolutionary movements like a stream and then all these other streams combined with these different agendas, a lot of them are careerist agendas. so if you want a better job at "the new york times," then you latch on to this agenda, but what happens is you get today's revolutionary becomes tomorrow posthumous counterrevolutionary because you can never satisfy the mob and you have to get more and more extreme, so it started out as a legitimate worry that the police will be held to account and then there was this motive or this idea that blacks were dying abnormal at the hands
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of the police and yet there was -- a blanket condemnation and then where do you go? then all of a sudden people were cutting their hair and saying, you know, i'm not black. children were accusing their parents of racism or suddenly it was defund the police or you have to remove books from the bookshelf if they display an inordinate attention to white authors. and you'll never be able to satisfy the cider ration, the more radical -- all we're waiting for now is arose. to come out and say you know, i think we need to rename the months of the year or extend the weeks from seven days to 10 so we don't privilege sunday or we should start worshiping a new god, the supreme being reason. and when barack obama ventures forth from martha's vineyard to weigh in or michelle obama says you can never be angry enough or nancy pelosi weighs in from her -- we want to say well what are you doing right now? why don't you go out to dinner with somebody of a different race? what you put your kids in a
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private school? why don't you befriend the fourth? why don't you try to do something rather than just virtue signal and relieve her psychological of guilt and inadequacy because you know you have privilege and you don't want to share it with people in a concrete, real way so a lot of this is a psychological mechanism of wealthy privileged white people especially, but also wealthy and privileged minorities, rhetorical penance so they don't have to in the concrete rub shoulders with people they championed. it's very common in history. aristocrat, remember that. >> laura: bingle, and victor, it never affects them, because they're always going to rise to the top as everybody else gets slaughtered underneath and there's a -- a wonderful moment over the weekend where studies professor spoke about the need for violence at times. watch. >> look at a historical timeline. every single major moment in
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american history is pivoted around some sort of force or violence. so if we are looking at the american revolution, the haitian revolution, the civil war, all of these moments involve some form of violence and some form of force to create the systemic structural change. >> laura: so if you have to burned on and tear down the lincoln memorial emma because he wasn't woke enough, then you're going to have to do it. >> i can guarantee you when they defund the police, there will be a growth industry and private security forces and shall be one of the first to hire herself and guard. right behind nancy pelosi and barack obama. >> laura: victor, great to see you tonight, thanks so much. coming up, l.a. mayor erica said he didn't just proposed shifting funds away from l.a.p.d., he referred to the muscular's. in moments, head of the l.a. police protective league is here with his response. oh, boy, it's going to be good, don't go away.
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♪ >> laura: los angeles mayor eric garcetti has a plan that he says will help solve racism in america. well, it requires up to $150 million from the police budget and putting it towards more social welfare and jobs programs in black communities. garcetti also said that failure to enact his grand design would mean "we are going to continue
7:27 pm
being the killers that we are." by next guest, jamie mcbride, director of the los angeles police protectively is just irate about that smear, watch. >> clearly unstable. he's more interested in his image as opposed to being a leader during these difficult times. yesterday he smeared every single police officer in los angeles and across the nation by calling us killers. that's offensive, it's wrong and despicable. >> laura: mr. mcbride joins me now. jamie, mayor garcetti said you were taking his remarks out of context. and that by killers he meant our collective burden on society, whatever the heck that means. what's your further response to his explanation? >> i think it's quite clear what he meant. he actually corrected it and said he didn't mean l.a.p.d., he's said officers across the
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nation, which i think is even worse. eric garcetti had security detail on his residence to guard his family 24/7, his children, so he has killers guarding his children. that's how ridiculous this thing is. we have officers that were injured the last week and a half, one was shot. we had officers that had their heads fractured, their skulls fractured, they are in the hospital in one minute literally he's praising us for our dedication and service, two days later he's calling us killers and there's something definitely wrong with eric garcetti. he has failed a leadership test. he has definitely unstable and i think he needs to step back and do a self reflect, he just can't handle the stress of a big city like los angeles. >> laura: well, he's focused on chasing people off beaches apparently. that's easier duty for him. congressman karen bass wants to do with the money, jamie, that would be cut under this plan from the police budget.
7:29 pm
watch. >> part of that cry is a desire for there to be significant higher investment in communiti communities. looking at why police are needed, what happens, what are the root causes of the problems in communities and a lot of people feel when it comes to defense budgets, maybe that money could be used in different ways. >> laura: jamie, sounds reasonable? >> for one thing, you can't cut the police budget. there's too many things that are not going to happen. the riots that we experienced the last two weeks, that's going to be an everyday occurrence, it's going to be like a curtain russell movie escape from los angeles. if you cut the budget you're going to have a slower response time, the response to 911 calls because he will have fewer officers on the street. if you cut the budget you're going to have a slower investigations. talk about reform. where the number one agency when it comes to reform. part of being reformed is you got to have training and in order to have training we have to have a budget to make sure that we are within the reforming
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that they want us to be in. let's go a little bit step further, laura. a couple years ahead now. he wants to cut the budget, what's coming around the corner for los angeles? the world cup and beyond that, the olympics. in 1981 they had a mass hiring for police officers gearing up for the '83 limbic's. if he cuts the budget we are going to be so far behind, i don't think it would be savior of the world cup here, i don't think it would be safe to have the olympics here. >> laura: i remember the olympics, i was there in california that summer. that was fun, but all i can say is, given what i saw in the footage in santa monica that the mainstream networks didn't play, if you miss that footage of what was being done to those businesses and those incredible people of all backgrounds, search around, you have to be your own investigative reporter to find it, but jamie, we're going to follow this, keep in touch with us please, we are supporters of the police and i know you have a very diverse police force as well, thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you, laura.
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>> laura: what exactly would it look like if we define a police department across the country? joining me now is chris, former assistant fbi director who is a s.w.a.t. team member who responded to the atlanta prison riots. chris, what would this mean for americans, to hear that congresswoman and the black lives matter activists, it would be just sunshine and roses and lollipops growing on the trees, everything would be lovely. >> yeah, laura, this is straight out of the antifa anarchist playbook. that's what they would like to see. what would it look like you? crime would skyrocket, gun sales would go through the roof, they get rich. private security would profit up because you were -- only the people that could afford security and could buy security would get security. so it would exacerbate those types of problems. neighborhoods would get ravaged as they were in the '90s because of the crack cocaine
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epidemic. so you know, i would say, hey, have added that we will check back in a week and see how it's working for you. >> laura: senator cory booker has identified the real problem with the defunded police mantra. of course it's president trump, watch. >> any time you hear a slogan being articulated by activists who are seeking an end that could probably inspire a lot of common folk, you can be sure that donald trump is going to try to weaponize that slogan. >> laura: chris, it's pretty easy to weaponize something that majority of americans don't want to see happen, right? >> i've got to think this is a minority -- it's a failure in leadership. these so-called community leaders that are espousing this doctrine, elected officials that are pandering for political capital, they have to know it's not going to work. they have to -- what are you going to do, and one and have a carload of community organizers show up? they just have to know that this isn't workable, it isn't functional.
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it would lead to chaos, it would be like a really bad mad max movie. >> laura: a number of people are holding up camden, new jersey, as an example of how police reform can work. but there's just one problem, camden actually created a much bigger police force and according to this 2017 book on policing, has the highest police presence of any larger size city in the country. they just kind of -- the kind of melted their old police force into a larger police force and still the violent crime is very high there. >> i read up on camden because i heard that as well. you know, i would say that's a good example of sort of privatizing security and then you get more and more security and what you get, get a glorified mall cop. observe and report, you can't prevent crime, you can't step in and investigate crime, you can just observe crime and report it and record it basically. they try to -- they would try to
7:34 pm
tell you that having someone, any kind of security would be a deterrent. that's not a deterrent when you know what's -- that it's nothing but a big bluff. >> laura: when they say by the way, demilitarized the police, i think they all know the defunded policing is a disaster politically for them, so they are like, let's demilitarized but what they really want to do is disarm the police. so basically no weapons, no knock warrants, that's a different debate, but it's taking all weapons and all guns away from the police as well, don't you see where that's going? one line. >> absolutely, undermanned, outgunned police department, that would lead to an even worse problem. >> laura: chris, we will check back with you later in the week because this is not going anyway anytime soon. >> thank you. >> laura: up ahead, congressional democrats are under fire for pandering to the blm crowd this morning during an embarrassing photo op. it was like performance art.
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in which looney tunes is being disarmed? raymond arroyo has the answers in seen and unseen, next. dad, i'm scared. ♪ it's only human to care for those we love. and also help light their way. it's why last year chevron invested over $10 billion to bring affordable, reliable, ever cleaner energy to america. ♪
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♪ >> laura: it's time for our seen and unseen segment where we reveal the story behind the headline. for details where drawn by fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, ray, we talked last week about this almost religious form that these protests have taken and what happened this past weekend? >> well, laura, things took a decidedly ritualistic turn, speaker nancy pelosi and 24 fellow democrats gathered in the capitol visitor center to observe a moment of silence and kneel in honor of george floyd. now, they all wore cloth stoles during what could only be described as a religious t display. >> we will now kneel for a moment of silence.
7:40 pm
>> so much for her moment of science, the thunderous shudders of the camera, which this event was clearly staged for, destroyed silence. even democrats took issue with the stoles the democrats war at this event. frederick joseph, a former warrants are arrogant tweeted "i still can't wrap my mind around the fact that they draped these white people to honor him. this has to be hell. and then i gone in nigerian researcher at oxford wrote my ancestors did not -- for them to be worn by politicians as activism in 2020. if you're going to neil, it's probably a good idea to wear pants or a long skirt is the congresswoman here behind pelosi discovered, she was desperately trying to maintain her dignity, laura, but pulling at the hem of her dress during the moment of silence, or maybe it was a charley horse, i don't know what was happening, but she was clearly adjusting there.
7:41 pm
the other good rule of someone kneeling as if are going to go down, make sure you can get back up as speaker pelosi found out. >> laura: was it a little tough for her? love the fact that that one congressman -- forgive me for not knowing her name, but she was checking her cell phone. i looked at it i said, what is -- i mean, you're actually kneeling in grand gesture and you're on your phone, look, my kids do that. >> 9 minutes is a long time, got to check the twitter feed. at the end of the day, this event felt like a kwanzaa celebration in hillary clinton's house. >> laura: but hold on, but trump goes across the park and holds up a bible and he might as well have thought he he was a criminal himself given what their response is, it was a terrible photo op. >> let us celebrate, laura that nancy pelosi found something -- but religious appropriation
7:42 pm
aside, we are seeing religious appropriation route these protests. in cary, north carolina, have to show you this, white cops and private citizens washed the feet of black protesters in a holy thursday style ceremony of forgiveness. whatever people might think of this, just realize what you're seeing. this is a secular allies in action. washing, bowing, saluting, people subjugating themselves to a movement, not to god, but to man. my concern is it's a public expiation of sin. the sin is not private. racism isn't personal, it's public. and it has to be somehow cleansed publicly. it's troubling. this troubling watching these images, have to say. >> laura: i don't frankly even have words for what i just saw. i've seen other pictures of it, i hadn't seen those yet. so that really does take the dash let's put up on the next segment.
7:43 pm
>> finally, laura, last week we told you about amd's life pd, the police show being removed from the airwaves over the weekend out of respect to george floyd. now we limit hbo max's looney tunes reboot is disarming some classic characters. elmer fudd's rifle is gone. yosemite sam, out. he's been disarmed. they say here, we are not going -- doing guns. the bizarre things you can see in this new footage from the new reboot, he's running around with a site trying to kill bugs bunny and it's perfectly acceptable for kids to see elmer fudd wheeled a dynamite from other explosives to kill bugs bunny, only the gun is off limits. there something we here that suddenly we are kill the rifle, fill the rifle, that's the new enemy of the piece. >> laura: okay. foot washing -- this is what you've done to me. foot washing and now elmer fudd
7:44 pm
without the rifle. okay. >> it's a virtue signaling. how do you protect them from one instrument of death but declaim all these others? kids know it's a joke, they know this isn't real, come on. leave bugs bunny and elmer fudd alone, please. >> laura: is a lego policeman back, or are they still in jail? >> they are still in the warehouse. i'm not promoting the playset, the white house, the police station, the firefighters, they're all off limits because they want to demonize police. i read a piece in "the new york times" today about crime novels and mysteries and how they glamorize police. that's not what crime novels do. crime novels are about right and wrong, justice being restored. that's what people go to them. and i think there's something insidious about this, trying to take away any positive depiction of police. >> laura: are there little nt for figures at lego? today have those? little explosion?
7:45 pm
is there a little explosion over the firehouse or the police station? >> so long as they don't have a rifle, they only use sythes and explosives. >> laura: great to see you. a number of violent attacks from protesters over the past few days have been completely scared by the media. why is that? lara logan is here, she's going to tell us what she thinks, plus, she shares what she's learned about the real true goals of blm, that's next. now, simparica trio simplifies protection.
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♪ >> laura: while you've been told that the protests unfolding every day the last two weeks have basically been just peaceful, the media have been obscuring wanton acts of political violence. we found dozens of examples of attacks caught on film but want to highlight just a few here. first to new york city were volunteers with the group "the guardian angels" were merely protecting a store from being looted. then some peaceful protesters stopped by. [inaudible] >> laura: founder of the group says his jaw was fractured when he was hit with a hammer and another guardian angel says he
7:50 pm
lost sight in one eye, got his nose broken maybe by that bike. portland, oregon, riders appear to use laser pointers on police before launching projectiles on them. and another organ and county police tweeted this picture of items thrown at officers. bricks, bottles, blades, even mortars. and perhaps the most brutal attack i've seen yet from blm protesters, i have to warn you, it's very graphic. [inaudible] knocked his [bleep] out! >> laura: after public outcry, police finally arrested a teenager in that attack, but you heard the folks cheering, this man beating him, they were yelling "black lives matter." joining is now, lara logan. lara logan has no agenda on
7:51 pm
fox nation. no doubt some members who are legitimate worthwhile change, equal treatment under the law, but much of their movement wants more than that. they want violence. what have you found? >> well, laura, have to say first of all, because i'm not going to be accused of being a racist, that i stand against all forms of racial injustice. but i also stand against, and i think every decent person and you stands against is this kind of mob violence. even more than this, this unbelievable deception by the media to portray these acts of violence, as if their insignificant and drown them out with the headlines about these things being mostly peaceful. black lives matter and the other anarchist groups, not just them, there are think tanks like no
7:52 pm
american others, the brookings institute. look at their page on racial injustice and social justice. it mirrors exactly what black lives matter and others say and if the leaders of black lives matter, the cofounders of this group have no problem with the human rights abuses that the leaders of venezuela are handing out to their people on a daily basis. that in fact is something that they hold up as a country that is a shining example of social justice compared to the u.s. so what i really don't understand is why so many journalists and media organizations are blind to the voices of beastly people, both black-and-white, who are on the streets trying to stop these acts of violence, decent people, many of them african-american, who have lost everything they've owned. and you know, there's many more examples than you were even able to show tonight. horrified watching but i know what it's like when a mob turns on you. >> laura: of course you do, personal experience with it is gruesome. this is one of those videos
7:53 pm
you're referencing and it's reportedly from austin, texas, shows a group of white protesters surrounding a black officer, watch. [inaudible] [bleep] [bleep] >> laura: these are ritual acts of humiliation, this effort to humiliate and especially i've noticed in the videos i've seen, especially minorities who don't go along with them, there's special punishment for them. i know you've seen the same. >> yes, it's about shaming and a black person who dares to diverge from black lives matter. it's shaming anyone who has posed, exposes the hypocrisy. all of these slogans, this idea that there behind racial justice
7:54 pm
and social justice, it's all in front pro-political agenda, and i pointed it up for but i can't say it enough, it's all over the internet, many of those sites are blocking me now, but there where they want to abolish the law, abolish the police and i've asked these people first hand, what about the black policeman? they said they are fascist pigs too, they also must die. the only good cops are dead cops, go back to the weather underground. look at their agenda. this is exactly what you're seeing play out and there are bookstores, fake bookstores in cities like austin and across this country, portland is another one where young people and students at colleges are being taught how to use these tactics by university professors and others in the name of social justice. where these people don't care about justice for anyone. what they're actually trying to do is provoke violence, provoke more incidents were more innocent people will die. the more young black kids that get hurt and killed out there, the better for them. that's their agenda. they want to provoke and divide.
7:55 pm
and what's even worse, laura, the people who don't see pulling the strings. >> laura: we will have you back the next couple days -- we should just do a whole hour on just this topic, digging deep, not just the line that they've appropriated. thanks so much. and coming up, the video minneapolis mayor jacob frey wishes was deleted from the internet, no. last bite, next.
7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
>> laura: if you got the video minneapolis mayor jacob frey groveling to the protesters is embarrassing, wait until you see this. ♪ ♪
8:00 pm
>> laura: i think i liked it better when that woman was yelling at him. that was from 2018. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it all from here. shannon. >> shannon: yeah, i got some video of me singing a few songs that i hope doesn't show up on your show. laura, have mercy on me, please. >> laura: have a good show. >> shannon: not good. thank you. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. chicago marking yet another historic day of violence based on brand-new numbers from the "chicago sun-times" tonight. the city had 18 murders in a 24-hour period making it the city's deadly date in 60 years. 31 others wounded in shootings across chicago. the record-setting violence from one of america's biggest cities almost completely overshadowed by calls to


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