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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 10, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> one day after he and his family laid floyd to rest. >> remember him around the world, he will change the world. >> i thank god for giving me my personal superman. todd: emotional tribute as the white house and republicans take steps toward police reform. chad day well, the husband of lori balogh hauled away in handcuffs after a grisly discovery at his home in idaho.
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jillian: breaking developed in the search for her kids, jj and kylie, not seen since september. positive news, already making a difference at the end of the day. they lost everything in a fire. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪
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rob: matt finish live in minneapolis, some testimony was released overnight. >> reporter: today's house hearing seeks to examine the crisis. racial profiling and lost trust between police department and their communities. the white house is working with senator tim scott to develop a gop response to the democrats police reform bill. democrats need to bring their police reform package that would ban show colds, create a national police misconduct registry and recovered federal officers to wear body cameras. in today's hearing among the scheduled witnesses george floyd's brother and benjamin graham, attorney to the family. a piece of the expected testimony today reads, quote, the only reason we know what
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happened to george floyd is it was captured on video. the advent of video evidence is bringing to light what was hidden. what black americans have known for a long time that it is dangerous for a black person to have an encounter with the police officer. the hearing comes after george floyd's funeral in houston, texas in a video message at the service, joe biden vowed not to turn away from racism, al sharpton called out donald trump as did the niece of george floyd who feels her grandmother welcomed george floyd to heaven. >> open arms -- feel the pain. >> reporter: live in minneapolis, the recovery and aftermath is still unfolding, we continue to talk to local and federal authorities and we will bring you the update throughout the day. jillian: thank you. todd: the former minneapolis officer seen kneeling on george
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floyd's negligent talks to plead guilty a day before the arrest. there is a possible plea deal with derek chauvin that involved civil rights charges, it is not clear why those negotiations fell through. the coworker claims they had run-ins when they worked together doing security at a nightclub. the employee telling cbs their conflict had to do with derek chauvin being aggressive toward the patrons. he made a court appearance earlier this week charged with second-degree murder. his pale set at $1 million. >> a police captain will be laid to rest today. david dorn spent 40 years with the st. louis police department. the 77-year-old kills trying to stop looters outside his friend's store, hundreds waiting in long lines, to pay respect to
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the public viewing, a private funeral for family and fellow officers will be held today. 24-year-old canon is charged with dorn's murder. rob: the husband of lori val oh is waking up behind bars, chad day bill was arrested after finding human remains in his backyard. jillian: marion rafferty live in los angeles as the grandparents of one for missing children speaks out. >> reporter: investigators found the remains tuesday morning after executing a search warrant, in salem, idaho. and have not been seen since december of last year. the couple told authorities they don't know where the kids are. investigators were seen digging in a field when they made the grim discovery.
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>> they discovered what appeared to be unidentified human remains and an autopsy will be affected. >> reporter: the 59y was booked into the fremont ailing felony and held without bond as investigators work to identify those remains. we were notified law enforcement discovered human remains on the property. this is a difficult time for the family. and they release news with heavy hearts. in november of 2019, two month after children last seen in one month after day bell's previous wife died in a couple's home and balogh's previous husband was shot and killed by her brother who claim self-defense and was never charged. the family has accused her of being involved in a cold with day bell who has written several doomsday books.
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they will appear in court this morning. todd: thank you. jillian: attorney general william barr, the ongoing probe for the origins of the russia investigation. rob: griff jenkins joins us with more on the fox news exclusive. >> reporter: attorney general william barr says in the exclusive interview to expect to recognize some of the names surfacing in john durham's probe into fisa abuses. >> i publicly made clear this does not involve looking at president obama or vice president biden. >> names we will be familiar with? >> some of them. i'm disturbed by what has come to my attention but i will not characterize it beyond that. >> reporter: william barr wouldn't name names argument timeline for release a report
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that says the closure of the court system the durham team has been aggressively moving forward intent on holding accountable anyone who committed a criminal violation. william barr deflected criticism this was by politics saying this is about abuse of power noting the media's role as well. >> first time in american history police organizations and the national security organizations were used to spy on a campaign. there was no basis for in the media, all kinds of sensational claims were made about the president that could have affected the election. >> reporter: discovered lindsey graham's senate judiciary committee meets on subpoena authorization, diving deeper into those fisa abuses and all matters related to the crossfire a cane investigation and you will see testimony from people you're familiar with like mccabe, comey, clapper and the like. rob: thank you, appreciate it.
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>> one firefighter is hurt battling this rush fire in los angeles overnight. scorched at least 15 acres near homes. authorities believe it started by fireworks and they are investigating whether it was arson. it is at least the third brushfire in los angeles in 24 hours. todd: rob: the nasdaq is 10,000 for the first time ever. can you believe that with all that is going on? closing at a record high just below that mark, the take of the index getting a boost from apple and amazon, both closing at record highs, amazon at 2600, futures high with the nasdaq expected to go back over 10,000 again today. jillian: nascar gives the green flag to having fans that races this weekend, 1000 florida servicemembers will be honorary
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guests at homestead miami speedway, next weekend, 5000 fans will be all out at talladega superspeedway, they must wear masks and social distance, today it, bubba wallace will drive a black liars matter car in virginia. wallace is the first full-time black driver to race in the nascar cup series since 1971. you can watch wallace take the wheel at 7:00 eastern. rob: social media giants put under the microscope. >> originally tell themselves how it is open for them and they are acting more like publishers because they are censoring particular viewpoints. jillian: additional do that, the top prosecutor tells fox news the feds are looking at social media censorship.
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scott push their police reform plan as democrats prepared to vote on their bill in the coming weeks. >> what does the administration's solution look like? joining us to discuss is pam bondi, thank you for joining us, good to see you this morning. what do you think this would look like? >> it is great and with mark meadows as chief of staff in the white house i can't think of a better person than senator tim scott not only because he is a black man but also because he is thoughtful, wise and wants to do the right thing and you need working with him on this, people like lindsey graham who have a prosecutorial background like i do. i was a prosecutor my entire career and i prosecuted countless homicides where my victims were also black so that is important as well to have that background but i can tell you what the white house does it
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is going to be swift, decisive and meaningful because that is what donald trump does. he doesn't just listen to people, he listens and then he takes decisive action and i think he knows now, mark meadows and senator scott and mitch mcconnell, they all know, we've got to do something and we've got to do something fast, meaningful. rob: let's look at the draft of the police reform bill, the first thing is, george floyd walter scott notification act, requires reporting of uses of force that cause death or serious injury, that goes to the fbi. the breanna taylor notification act provides data on the use of search warrants, if there's a drug warrants, without knocking the scrutiny on that. police recruiting reflexive, reflective of the community,
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increasing funding for body cameras. there's a lot of points of debate. what do you make of this so far? >> i'm a big fan of body cameras, normally do a correct police officers but defendants. if we did not have this camera footage from a cell phone in the george floyd case we would have had some bad police officers still on the street so i'm a big fan of body cameras because they protect police as well, good police officers which is 90% of them but we have to make changes in our country, the president knows that and that is why he is taking swift and decisive action. it is not just about words. we can talk about things that i sat on the president's prison commission change reform and that made a huge impact, i worked on pardons with him,
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great minority women. i've seen what the president does, he cares so deeply about all-americans. rob: absolutely. we have breaking news to get to add involves your state of florida where you are the state attorney general. the washington post reporting republicans have tentatively settled on jacksonville, florida as the destination for the party convention. jillian: it was supposed to be held in charlotte, the president said he wanted it moved because the governor of north carolina wouldn't lift coronavirus restrictions on how many people could attend the convention. we know the president wanted to be assured the convention, this is tentative but what would this mean for florida? is florida equipped to handle this? jacksonville in particular? >> absolutely. i spoke at the convention when
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it was in tampa. we know how to handle it convention. we've done it successfully and i believe we have done it with minimal unrest was when it was in tampa which was my hometown. florida is open for business, we are cautious. our governor is having everyone be cautious. it will be a different convention. there is going to be social distancing. it is going to be different but in florida we can make it great and i do hope it is in my great state. rob: it has moved in that direction. what about the loss from north carolina and the scrutiny on the governor for missing this up after all these kim jong un foreclosures that would have been a huge infusion of cash into charlotte. >> i know roy cooper. i worked with governor cooper when we were both attorneys general together but being in jacksonville i know that any
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hurry is the mayor of jacksonville and he's committed to making this the best convention we can have so the governor in florida, don't forget marco rubio, let's pray we do, convention. everyone will enjoy them and it will be safe. jillian: good timing, thank you very much. we will be right back. when you say what you're in the mood for,
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jillian: a fox news exclusive, william barr believe social media companies are censoring donald trump and his supporters. >> these entities are engaged in censorship. they originally held themselves out as open forum where third parties could express their
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views and now they are acting more like publishers because they are censoring particular viewpoints and putting their own content in their to diminish the impact of various people's views. jillian: donald trump accused twitter of interfering in the 2020 election after the text giant flagged his tweets about mail-in voting fraud. rob: the navy joining the marines, banning confederate flags on bases, naval operations chief says they are working on an order that would ban the flag from a public spaces, work areas and ships as well. removing the flag from bases worldwide last week comes as the army says it is open to renaming bases named after confederate generals. jillian: you can say the name again. rob: cristobal, are we still talking about that thing? is into just a rainstorm?
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>> janice: it is a post-tropical area of low pressure. the fact that we still are talking about cristobal is very remarkable. the fact that it has tropical characteristics across portions of wisconsin and when it moved into wisconsin yesterday it was still considered a tropical depression. that is the first for that state. we get the remnants of these tropical systems through portions of the planes in the midwest but for it to remain intact and be call the depression is quite something. we are still tracking what is left of cristobal across the upper midwest in the great lakes and the potential for severe storms over portions of those areas, we had tornado report yesterday and strong winds in excess of 60 miles an hour will be possible today. there are your forecast temperatures, radar as this moves through cooler dryer air behind the system, in front of
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it we have warm moist air so that will bring the potential ingredients for severe storms including tornadoes in parts of michigan and ohio, indiana, kentucky. that is a big story through the afternoon. we had a cold front interacting with remnants of this storm and that is why we've got this juiced up system that will move into canada tomorrow. 84 in new york city, we could get thunderstorms later today but that front will extend to the south, 75 in kansas city, 70 in minneapolis but something for the record books in terms of this tropical system and how far north it landed. say it one more time for us. rob: cristobal. i love it. it is warmer around here and i love it. good to see you.
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25 minutes after the hour. chick-fil-a compelled to clear up confusion over a years old photo of employees wearing a shirt that said back the blue and it didn't have anything to do with police and there was a lot of online outrage. why was this even necessary? jillian: supporting police and racial injustice are not mutually exclusive, supporting racial injustice, joins us next. there he is. oh, wow. you're doing, uh, you're doing really great with the twirling. dad, if you want to talk, i have a break at 3:00. okay, okay. i'm going. i'm gone. like -- like i wasn't here. [ horn honks ] keep -- keep doing it, buddy. switch to progressive and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says.
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it works fast. relieving pressure, bloating, and discomfort before you know it. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x rob: a check of the top headlines, the husband of called mom v loriallow, he was arrested after finding human remains in his backyard. investigators determined an autopsy to determine if they belong to her children, jj and kylie. they have been missing since september.
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jillian: the house judiciary committee sets to hold a hearing on police brutality. several witnesses will be present including george floyd's brother. rob: the secret service planning to remove temporary fencing around the white house, it was put up for the george floyd protest. the agency says the work could begin today, temporary fencing around lafayette park will stay up a little longer. jillian: results rolling in from georgia's primary election. rob: the polls were plagued with problems, state officials are calling for an investigation. jillian: todd pyro joins us with more. >> polls close in georgia after voters spent our standing in line to cast their ballots. people forced to wait up to 5 hours in the heat to comply with social distancing guidelines and avoiding your crowds. problems with voting machines were reported, state election
2:31 am
officials blaming inexperienced election workers for the problem as well as safety issues related to the coronavirus. the high absence of absentee ballots and lack of staffing. the secretary of state calling for an investigation. >> one or 2 counties, having these issues today, the failure of the management of the county election electors in those counties has nothing to do with this. rob: a winner has yet to be declared in the democrat race facing david perdue but john s osssof leading with 40% of the vote would remember him from the special election a few years ago, carried 50% of the vote. now the one you see on screen, marjorie green, who was on our show on monday winning 40% of the vote for georgia's fourteenth district. moving to the presidential primary joe biden picking up
2:32 am
more delegates with wins in georgia and west virginia. he has a total of 2136 delegates as fox news obtains video of top biden surrogate terry mcauliffe telling virginia delegates the former vice president should remain in his basement campaigning remotely during the pandemic. >> we got to get the vice president out of the basement, he's fine in the basement. two people see him a day, his two body people. trump doing what trump is doing, to break through. rob: recent poll so biden leading donald trump who is set to resume trademark campaign rallies in the coming days. that dynamic whether biden gets out of that basement is something to watch over the next couple weeks and months. rob: cracking down on nursing homes that are trying to take
2:33 am
stimulus checks from their residents. some nursing homes are demanding low income medicaid recipients hand over those $1,200 checks, lawmakers sound the alarm calling the smooth improper and unlawful to say the least. medicare and medicaid administrator thanking them for raising concerns tweeting cms requirements prohibit nursing homes engaging this behavior will be subject to enforcement action. jillian: missouri senator josh holly calling for civil rights investigation into coronavirus orders for churches to remain closed. republican noting civil rights protests was the one from george floyd allowed when churches remain closed and forced to operate at limited capacity. holly rice wrote, quote, state officials determine a message behind the current protests, they cannot block religious speech while allowing protests because they think protest speech is more valuable. rob: chick-fil-a in the hot seat after a photo of an employee's
2:34 am
back the blue shirt made the rounds on social media but there's more to this story. turns out this had nothing to do with police. jillian: the restaurant apologizing for the confusion but should companies have to say sorry for supporting law enforcement or our military, joining us his marine corps contributor joey jones. good morning. i still ask this question. why can't people support racial equality for all, why can't people support the injustices to end and be part of social injustice but still support our good police officers, thousands and thousands of them who go there every day risking their lives, not knowing if they are going to come home? >> honest people with convictions can. that is the problem. if that young lady's dad was a cop why couldn't she wear back the blue every single day, why
2:35 am
should we be shamed away from doing it, why her employer apologize for her? we don't know that but that is a scenario that would be pretty reasonable. the point is if you are the kind of person that the roads gaps in police officers, matter to you two days ago, but for some reason don't matter to you today then you succumb to a narrative that isn't true and you are the one with the problem because you don't have conviction in your life, you don't believe in something enough to take a stand. when it comes to racially quality, that is a nonpartisan issue. if you make it a partisan issue, you are hijacking a partisan point. the idea we are anti-cop is something different. that's not racially quality. that is something that in and of itself is a good thing and filled with honorable people and somebody has got to put their foot down. we are not going to do anything but cower to an entire political ideology if we keep going down this road.
2:36 am
rob: this has nothing to do with anything, it is a years old photo evidently. is it just the fear of cancel culture? that visceral fear that the backlash will take down your business? is that why we are seeing so much grumbling and pandering to this mob of people demanding that everybody be perfect all the time? >> i don't think it is one specific thing. there are people out there taking a second look, people who didn't believe this was truly an issue in the way it was talked about. you saw that with colin kaepernick. when he started kneeling it was easy for half the country to say why are you disrespecting us? it was not the same half of the country to say what are you talking about, people are starting to say maybe other people experienced something different than me but that is a different issue than attacking cops for doing their job. those are two separate things.
2:37 am
passive racism on one side and the handful of bad cops that would kill your the other, those are not the same thing. we can attack ignorance and not treat it like hate. a lot of people are confused and sometimes people in this country and in the world in the realm of instant gratification overreacting and over submit and you have to be principled to know what you believe in and why and you can be both supportive of honorable police officers and completely supportive of racial inequality and acknowledging where it doesn't exist. jillian: now more than ever a time when all of us take a step and listen to one another. people of different communities, states, backgrounds, whatever the case may be to be able to hear and understand what everyone has gone through because it matters right now. rob: good to see you. jillian: it is 37 after the hour. incredible footage of a state receiving an unconscious
2:38 am
driver's life, the situation leading to the daring rescue.
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jillian: i feel like this has gone back and forth more than a game of volleyball but america's #could return next month. the mlb players association proposing a plan to restart the season. rob: cheryl casone he has details. ed: imagine major league baseball owners and players arguing over money. i know it sounds crazy but here's what is going on. baseball fans still waiting for a deal between the league and the players association, continuing and abbreviated season, proposing a 76 game 7 with 70% prorated pay for the players. yesterday the association of the players countered with a season of what looked like this.
2:42 am
89 game season, a 16 game postseason for 2020-2021. the two sides going back and forth since may 2, '06, the association proposed a million-dollar fund, minor-league letters charitable organization would focus on social justice. it has been going back and forth for a while. rob: i hope we don't have to do this in 2021. let's talk about the movie theater. crushed by this. i do love movies and there is nothing good coming out and amc will try to reopen but one of the people in the studio asked what are they going to show? now these are coming out. >> reporter: two blockbusters are coming out, tenet and disney releasing mulan, two of the july releases, studios amped up to see theaters opened up but this is what amc will do. they have a lot of financial
2:43 am
calls, the largest theater chain, opening almost all their locations in the us and britain in july and it will be full capacity which could be an issue, some states require 25% capacity, groups have to be 6 feet apart, employees wear masks, seats sanitized, standards to consider disposable seat covers. amc again has a lot of financial problems. they need to reopen. that is the problem here. rob: tennis is going to be good. jillian: an unconscious man rescued from a burning car. a brave officer rushes to the current attempts to break open the window, when that didn't work he used his hands to push through the window to pull them out, he passed out with his foot on the gas pedal, sending tires sparking the fire, the man had to be treated for low blood sugar that he is okay. rob: great job by that cop.
2:44 am
he hasn't been there long but rob gronkkowski making an impact donating football gear to a local high school, his equipment shed burned down. >> the high school yellowjackets getting a brand-new storage unit and new football equipment to replace everything that was lost. stay active and stay healthy and my new teammates and i are looking forward to seeing you soon. rob: look like jillian's sunglasses. 11,$000 worth of recruitment will be replaced, a great story there. jillian: doug showing, former advisor to bill clinton, joins us to explain why he says defunding police will guarantee a republican victory in november. rob: let's check with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends".
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>> we are couple hours from the house hearing on capitol hill regarding police brutality. to learn more about it we called them house minority leader kevin mccarthy with what to expect, what congress is doing and find out what congress is doing in the reaction to the voting yesterday in georgia from congressman doug collins and dan crenshaw from texas will join us and press secretary carlee -- kaylee mcinerney with the latest on the trump administration regarding police brutality reform. chicago native gianna caldwell reacting to chicago seeing its deadliest day regarding murders in decades. sounding off on cancel culture and journalism and the world health organization speaking out on a symptomatic spread of coronavirus.
2:46 am
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rob: we hear calls to defund the police from the far left but establishment democrats are speaking out. jillian: the next guest, advisor to bill clinton says defunding the police will ensure a republican victory in november. thank you for being here. we know this week joe biden said he doesn't agree with defunding the police. a lot of people on the far left calling for it. where does this go between now
2:50 am
and november? >> the far left is going to continue with this, aoc, minneapolis, the mayor of la, three examples. i anticipate the mainstream of the democratic party will soundly reject this, voters jones want it, and candidly - rob: mainstream democrats going against the far left movement. >> i don't support defunding the police. >> i don't see cause to defund the police or dismantle the police, why isn't that in their? >> that is not the appropriate thing to do. >> we rebalance the funding to address those issues.
2:51 am
>> you see this happening a lot, crazies on one side or the other make a lot of noise about something, the media plays the heck out of it but give me an idea what percentage of people in your party support defunding or removing police departments? >> from the polls that came out, no more than 25% support defunding him 65% are against. there is a clear sense we need to reform the police, do a better job on community policing, more social programs so that we can ameliorate social and economic ills that many african-american and hispanic people face. that needs to be done but defunding the police, absolutely not. >> talk about potential pics for vp, kamala harris on that list,
2:52 am
$3.5 million for joe biden's campaign with a fundraiser. what do you think of that as her placement on this potential list? >> raising 3.5 million is good for any person particularly somebody who is one of the front runners for a vice president, that would be number one. number 2, senator harris has been outside in washington protesting which for the democrats is a good sign but also as attorney general in california, tough on crime so is well-positioned as a qualified african-american, as highest ranking women, one of the highest-ranking women in our
2:53 am
government, extremely well-positioned to be chosen. >> she has gotten a lot of criticism from blacks about being too tough on crime, joking about smoking marijuana after putting a lot of people away from marijuana convictions and then you have the president playing the busing clip from one of the debates. how to that play out if he chooses her? >> if he chooses her those will not be good signs. at this point people are not worried about someone who smokes marijuana but the juxtaposition of prosecutions of people who are selling or smoking weed against doing it yourself combined with the back and forth, the first presidential debate, those are not pluses but senator harris has a lot of positives that would overwhelm. jillian: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it.
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jillian: hit tv show cops canceled among the defunding of law enforcement. rob: are you surprised? carlecarley shim sirius 115 pusk the network is receiving for cowering to cancel culture. i don't know why i have a hard time saying that. >> that alliteration will get you, rob. 32 seasons on the air cops have come to an end. show was banned from tv amid protests over the death of george floyd and now paramount
2:58 am
network is making that permanent saying cops is not on the paramount network and we don't have any current or future plans for it to return. the 33rd season of the show was supposed to premier on monday. of course, that did not happen. some people are angry over this and say it's political. catherine says perhaps because they show good police officers doing their job #back the blue. another twitter user says this i know you guys are going to want me to sing it i'm going to sing bad boys bad boys, watch that gonna do, watch that gonna do when they cancel you. rob: world health organization on asymptomatic spread. let's take a listen. >> still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onward. we do know that some people who are asymptomatic or some people who don't have symptoms can state the virus on. i wasn't stating a policy of w.h.o. or anything like that. i was trying to articulate what
2:59 am
we know. carley: a major back track from the world health organization. people are just confused. stuart says ooption, now that the businesses are destroyed, oh, never mind it's okay to get out. you know the world health organization will be back pedaling for months. said that asymptomatic transmission is happening we just don't know how much. jillian: now to my favorite video of the day. watch this. >> don't touch him. i have to help him. >> put the chair. >> let me save you. [screams] jillian: just as funny the second time i watched it. no good deed going unpunished. kind hearted woman in texas tried to save a squirrel. squirrel had other plans. the family was able to get the
3:00 am
squirrel out of the pool in the end. rob: just a squirrel. carley: that's scary, man. rob: i feed those little guys in the park. they up and eat out of your hands. jillian: until they crawl all over you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ steve: good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, june 10th, 2020. as officials push defunding the police. a new ally is emerging, that is congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. she is urging her colleagues don't back down, double down, ainsley. ainsley: yeah. she is. the issue will take center stage in washington today in just a few hours the house judiciary committee is going to hold a hearing on police reform, brian. brian: yup it, will feature testimony from george floyd's brothe t


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