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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 10, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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are you going to call? we have to ask ourselves, what would this mean for the future of this country? and are people using a broad brush and literally smearing good people, the police that patrol our cities? laura ingraham. my heart is troubled again become lots of heart trouble these days. >> laura: well, this is where we see what people are made of, and it was well said. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." from a very busy washington, al sharpton has inserted himself, big shot, into and exacerbated nearly every thorny racial issue the country has seen over the last what, three decades? tonight horace cabrera delivered the response to the deliberate exploitation. also tonight and this is a huge story, a ucla professor is not receiving death threats after refusing to move exams in the wake of floyd's death.
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he is here tonight in his first interview to tell us why he is not backing down and it's about time. and cultural assassination in this country continues. raymond arroyo brings us the latest on the classics and the monument, monuments being torn down in the name of the revolution. but first, democrats cancel america. that's tonight's angle. for the past 40 plus years liberals successfully purged almost all conservatives from academia, the entertainment industry and journalism. one by one those sectors ultimately fell victim to oppressive groupthink which had a terrible effect on their work product and credibility. dissent was not tolerated and the punishment for deviating from the sentiment du jour grew harsher over time. even liberals aren't immune. who can forget when the comedian
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kevin hart lost his oscars gig a few years back or how colleges have routinely reacted to conservative speakers on campus? >> all right. >> laura: or how columnists, even those who are pro-gay marriage, they lose their positions when they see something shockingly science based. meanwhile shut out from jobs affecting the culture, and traditionalists are fair-minded people who went into law and may be a business and during republican administrations, some of them work in government. i'm fiscally conservative but a social liberal begin the acceptable way for mainstream
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types to describe their cultural beliefs. as we have been reminded over the last 14 days or so the culture is where the battle will be won or lost. there are times that spell america with the kkk, yelling in the faces of police officers or national guardsmen. remember they learn this behavior from either their radical parents for their progressive teachers, or maybe activist celebrities. all validated along the way by a fawning press court. what we are witnessing is a relentless propaganda war against the old teachings about america. it's an effort to smear our history and our patriotic spirit. for decades, conservatives from villa/lashley warned about the poisonous effects of the
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cultural monopoly, but they were largely ignored. after the death of true liberals like christopher hitchens, i'm hard-pressed to name any prominent liberal who would openly oppose today's cancel culture. this was hitchens in 2006. >> it's not just the rise of the person who speaks to be heard it, it is the rise of everyone in the audience to listen and to hear. every time you silenced somebody, you make yourself prisoner of your inaction because you deny yourself the right to hear something. >> laura: we miss him. a few decades back, many republicans and even some liberals dismissed things like critical feminist theory and critical race theory at our university is that were kind of harmless musings of a radical french. today those theories are mainstream because good academics and administrators were just too weak or too afraid to push back.
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so now you can't read up huckleberry finn without hearing that, macbeth, without being lectured about shakespeare's misogyny. and, that's what i'm calling them. these are -- they are eager to wipe away everything that came before them. they want to force everyone else to beg for forgiveness. now why would anyone be surprised that a statue of christopher columbus was pulled down and set ablaze in richmond with another in st. paul being vandalized tonight, or that entire city block in seattle now looked like mogadishu circa lake, 191 or 192? even corporate ceos are positively panicked by what's been happening in the streets
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and if they are desperate, falling all over themselves to placate or even work with these new revolutionaries. g.o.p. lawmakers violate their own principle of federalism but considering plans to create a national database to track state and local police officers. hbo removes gone with the wind from its offerings. lego takes the very brave move of the ceasing marketing little plastic police figures. none of this will work. giving into threats always leads to more threats. these weak efforts at pandering are only going to encourage the kind of nonsense we are seeing tonight in portsmouth, virginia, and we will get to that in a moment. more control and less freedom, that's what's coming. back in january of 2019 i told you to watch out because new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez was not someone to be dismissed but in
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fact, she would soon become the thought leader of the democrat party. people are surprised when we said that. well, i don't want to pat myself on the back but, my partner in marxism has also become a folk hero. >> what do you have to do to make sure that the police department's are defended? >> we need to completely dismantle the minneapolis police department. >> laura: it take long for their wish list to dominate the conversation. they find themselves
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>> my major business district is just shattered. why would walmart or cbs -- >> why would we tell our residents? >> thank you aldermen. next question? >> no, i want an answer. >> i think you are 100% [bleep]. >> i still can't get over that. they were literally calling and begging mayor lightfoot to save their burned-out neighborhood. lightfoot basically told them to [bleep] off. same outcome in st. louis by the way, begging for mercy from tyrants like lightfoot or ralph northam or mayor de blasio or garcetti, the more you bag the more they
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take. it doesn't work. if you have a 401(k), if you own a home or heaven forbid something you want to own a home, if you want safe streets and you want police to show up, good police of course when you need them, do not expect joe biden is going to be able to help you. if joe biden wins in november of the nt five blm crowd is going to go through him like a hot knife through butter. whoever is really going to be governing the country will keep trying to cut deals with the president. until the main symbol of america will just basically be a bunch of nasty graffiti and chard buildings and those will be our monuments. equal opportunity and equal treatment under the law will be replaced with a ring of cultural terror and retribution against the old order.
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just ask the law-abiding residents of seattle. this is what their culture of revolution looks like. [chanting] "black lives matter." these liberals are what they are going after. all of us who still believe in free thought and free debate who are against this campaign of bullying and intimidation have to support our return to peace, prosperity and public safety. president trump, you might think he is rough around the edges, but he's the only candidate who will stand up against the average american. we need him to win.
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but that's not enough. the democrats who have tolerated and indeed lamented the silence, we need to teach them a lesson to take back their party from the radicals who dominate that. i think most oppose the blm antifa idea of america canceled and that is the angle. now i just mentioned the city of seattle where a full-blown revolution is going on and even state and local law enforcement's aren't even trying to stop. blocks of the city including the police at present have been handed over to radical anarchist groups. it's a situation my next guest has been watching very closely over the next few days and joining me now from seattle is julio rowe says.
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you are also in minneapolis, when that police precinct was abandoned to the mob, what's different about the situation tonight? >> basically the situation here is the city and local government here doesn't really seem to have intentions of taking back the area around the precinct anytime soon. in fact, when the department of transportation came by to take away some of the barriers that have been set up in place, they were kind of strong-armed by the people who were there in the area to leave most of them behind, they only took away some of the concrete barriers which were just on the sidewalk. so everything that was in the road that was initially going to be taken away, they all left that in place. basically what we had seen is, in the time that i've been here, i haven't seen a single seattle police officer or any semblance of the city government outside of the department of transportation. >> so julio is totally
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abandoned, there's basically a domestic occupation going on in seattle and here is what seattle's openly socialist city council said. >> it was only one battleground in a long and hard fight that we have to continue. the east precinct is not just any precinct, it was the flagship of the seattle police department. and it has all been taken away from them. >> laura: julio, they will go neighborhood by neighborhood, precinct by precinct, they go across to washington and california and it's not about one precinct, is it? >> absolutely not. what we have seen so far and what we saw in minneapolis after
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the third precinct was taken over, they are trying to do the same thing again. now again, the difference is that minnesota actually took steps to take that area back. whereas here we are actually curing reports of the seattle police department in the planning stages to actually pull back all of their precincts. now that is just kind of what we have heard, and whether or not to go through with it as a whole other thing. as you can imagine, people feel pretty emboldened to go to other precincts in other neighborhoods as well to recreate their own autonomous zones that they set up over here. >> laura: we are calling them autonomous now, that sounds so pleasant. individuals who are armed who may be patrolling, we will confirm that. let's just use this as an experiment, we will see where this goes.
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but occupying six blocks of seattle are calling at this no police tone and a show of defiance with these activists. they are a mix of blm and antifa have put up the barricade around their holdings. my next guest is here to tell us, michael sloan is part of the seattle police killed. >> i want to thank you for have having me on. 1300 men and women of this seattle police officers guild. we are beside ourselves. the city has lost all of the political will to enforce the rule of law. there is an unreasonable activist fringe that has unfortunately -- is unfortunately stealing the peaceful protest message for justice for george floyd and now
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they are occupying over a six block area in the city of seattle. absolutely unreasonable activism and we are pulling our hair out because we are true public safety professionals that took an oath of service and we are holding our elected leaders responsible for this travesty on the overall amazing seattle, which we professionally provide on a daily basis, it's out of control. >> laura: michael, where are these law-abiding seattle folks who are up in arms about the trashing of property as we are seeing in virginia, as we saw in minneapolis, as we saw in new york, l.a. and santa monica? where are all the people that stood up and said, oh, no, you won't? where are they? >> they are the group that is impacted by this.
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where is their voice? why is it that the city council and certain members of the unreasonable activist crowd, why are they taking control of this public safety narrative, which is impacting every one of us? >> laura: michael, i think you are being too kind, i'm very upset tonight. i don't like what i'm seeing. i was just in seattle recently, it's a beautiful city. but this is an unreasonableness. this is a continuing criminal enterprise. okay. and they are occupying land that is not there is. they are occupying streets and taking it over as they are unelected sovereign authority and that's not how we roll in the united states. it's ridiculous. everyone is talking around what this is, this is a marxist cultural revolution set about to
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destroy everything that came before it. >> and sadly the public safety of officials, there is a tug-of-war at city hall for control and police are stuck in the middle. now look what happens. we lost the precinct, that what's next? the city council has removed our ability to have less lethal munitions for us to properly protect those facilities and protect ourselves. that has now been taken away. now what is left? what about the communities? >> it's a real blunt question. are you -- all of your police officers, more than a thousand good men and women, it's a very diverse police force, i've seen your breakdown. this is an incredible group of people. are they being set up to fail or are situations being put in place in front of them to try to
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spark some type of violent interaction? because that's what it looked like to me last night and i stayed up watching all of this last night. >> good perspective because you are spot on. we follow chain of command orders from the mirror down and if those chain of command orders they hold the police precinct, for everyone's', if the decision is made because of politics, we are told to give that up. as public safety professionals who took an oath of service to represent our community, to represent the constitution, it's unbelievable to us and we are pulling our head out. >> laura: michael, i don't have any other words. my heart goes out to all the police officers. you need leadership, you just need leadership and people have to take the city back. we have to take it all back.
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>> laura: 's the seattle mayor tried negotiating with extremists who were occupying her city and it didn't end well. but the whole help of certain socialist city council members hundreds of revolutionaries stormed city hall last night and demanded that the left-wing mayor resigned. [chanting] >> laura: joining me now is laura logan. the mayor of accounts, why hasn't it worked? >> it's a very significant question. most people are in america,
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black and white, and any community you talk to. they don't support the defunding of the police or the disbanding of the police and they are afraid of what this means. i speak to people all day long and what many of them say is that, they are very concerned about the fact that you talk about defunding the police but you don't talk about what comes afterwards. most people are united in this country and it doesn't matter whether they are on the right or the left. they are united in what happened to george floyd and they are not the picture that you see in the media. as you know you have documented it on your program. if anyone is paying attention to this, there have been a terrible incidence of violence and yet that is not what political leaders want you to talk about. i always come back to this, there is only one truth and none of us can do anything to change it, it is what it is. unfortunately for all of us, people across the country whether they are from the rural
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areas or the city, they see the truth. >> laura: thank you so much, sorry it's such a short segment. al sharpton has made it his business model to exploit tragedy. horace cooper is here next to expose the reverence playbook. woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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>> laura: al sharpton has made it his business to assert himself into the most divisive racial conflicts in the last four decades and recent years, that's including cases like freddie gray, michael brown and we are seeing the same playbook with george floyd's tragic death. >> no matter what they said, mom is the word until we lay michael to rest, and then, justice. justice is the agenda. >> justice. do not condemn people. we do not get rest until we get one standard of justice. >> laura: after tragedy hits, sharpton swoops in with his justice. they leave the trail of destruction. sharpton's intervention made the situation more volatile and more
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violent. joining me now is horace cooper, hop author of how trump is making black america great again. why do sharpton keep getting away with this really lame act? >> it's a lucrative. it's absolutely lucrative. not in ferguson, not in florida with the trayvon martin case, not here and certainly not with tawana brawley. but it is lucrative. you don't have to worry about not paying their taxes, you don't have to worry about being responsible with the nonprofit status that you have, it turns out that it is quite lucrative. how many times was he invited to the white house? he practically had his own room, other than the lincoln bedroom, it should have been the sharpton he was there so many times. >> he certainly knows how to
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shake down corporations. it's always an implicit, we need your help on this. a lot of big businesses to know how to funnel money, and so that playbook was well-established. well, the biden campaign. the vice president, chorus, seize this moment as a political moment. i don't know why anyone is surprised when his senior advisor simone sanders makes and is absurd claim like this. >> the nation was calm, empathetic and spoke to the pain that people were feeling, donald trump couldn't even uttered george floyd's name let alone speak to the unrest that has gripped the country. >> laura: that is a lie and it's a provable one. >> president trump: all americans were likely sickened and revolted by the brutal death of george floyd.
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for george and his family justice will be served. >> laura: horace sharpton is one thing but joe biden's racial exultation might even be more disgusting. >> so when you put sharpton on the table, you are saying to the american people we are not serious, we out do not want unity, we want to watch a division show. now all that joe biden is saying is, i have no vision, i have no agenda but here is what i know. they will put you all back in chains and there is some variation of that which is his basic appeal to black americans. you have to lie, you have to slander and scare people. that's the tactic that we expect and it is my hope that as this economy turns around and it ramps up, we are back to having more pickup trucks in the driveway and more job records being set.
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it will be very hard for someone like joe biden to trick us once again. >> laura: this is biden tonight sounding pretty defensive. >> most black folk understand that having an african-american president doesn't change the landscape for all of us. >> let me ask you a question, can you have hope? >> absolutely. >> oh, my gosh, he looks crazy there. but that is, it's about results. not rhetoric, you can't decapitate a statue. what should president trump be saying right now to the african-american community? what should he be saying to reach out to them? >> he should be focusing on the
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core things. i'm improving the strengthening of the family and we are working together so this government is saying to every person, and that is part of who we are. that's simply saying he's the arbiter of whether or not you are lucky enough. and that's the kind of bald-faced racism, we are well past the bull connor days. i think it's decades of critical and it now people are adopting the most destructive ideas out of what shelby steele called so many years ago white guilt. this passage from
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"the washington post" this morning is quite illuminating. the destruction of the target and surrounding stores was sad but understandable. a perfectly warranted and justified response, an expression of righteous rage. she felt a little guilty about it. i wasn't sure what side it was supposed to be on, it felt wrong to say, we are with you until you start loading. my next guest says anecdotes like this reveal that america is in the midst of a cultural civil war. joining me now is been diminish, cofounder of "the federalist" you see these seething resentments being fostered and fueled by the media, by academia and even by celebrities and some business ceos today, nt for
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blm driving the whole thing. >> we are witnessing the long march of the radical left through all of these various institutions that you mentioned. i think a lot of us were hoping that over the past few years, the craziness that you highlighted earlier that's been taking place on campuses would stay on campuses. a lot of us, myself included were warning that it was going to migrate into people's homes and into their lives come into their communities and very dangerous ways. i think we are seeing the results of that across the country today. those white women were frustrated and confused about expressing an adequate ally ship
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for people once they start engaging in violence. they are wrestling with this guilt from learning that america is an irredeemably recessed and nation and they have to live with that knowledge. >> laura: are not sure how many people truly feel personal guilt or they are just afraid. i've never heard people found more fearful about just seeing equality for all people. now saying equality for all people as my cohost tucker carlson said, that rhetoric is dangerous. >> i think they understand that that expectation has gone through all those institutions and has lived in their hr departments come up and they are getting these emails from institutions that have nothing to do with these. they have to realize that we are entering a new period in american life, one that i don't think is going to go away for a long time and we will have to learn how to navigate it to support our friends and our families through a situation in which many of our institutions will be on the side of the people pulling down statues and wanting to destroy them and destroy the people who honor them. >> laura: the sister breeze's wife, britney, a quote from her
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instagram page. she set only the last three days we experienced the death threats, we experience the hate and i realize that the words of mlk were speaking directly to us saying, was also saying i don't understand what the problem really is. we are not listening. white america is not hearing them. >> this is the expectation on the part of the radicals that you are seeing, collective guilt. the problem really is, it's not just the stance that you are taking, it there is no solution to them for which an apology for an insult, and that it's never going to be accepted. you had to christopher hitchens or quotation, and everyone else
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was kneeling on the ground. you should be like that. i think a lot of people will be called upon to be brave in their own lives and their own community is, to stand up to the bullies and say, you know what? i am going to stand and honor the flag because that's what i agree n. >> laura: of your authentic self and how you define america. many of us will be the standard, thank you so much. coming up, one of america's most beloved films being censored as it is a black oscar winner. all the details in seen and unseen next with raymond arroyo. plus a ucla professor suspended for refusing to cave to the left. he's here tonight exclusively, that the head
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>> laura: it's time for is seen and unseen, where we explore the bicultural issues of the day. raymond arroyo is a fox news contributor.
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they are now claiming a classic, classic movie. >> she is best known for the role of many in the most beloved film may be of all time, gone with the wind. >> where are you going? how come -- come on in the house. >> she was spunky and she was smart, easily the most wise character both in the book and in the film. but now the streaming service has stricken gone with the wind from its platform at least temporarily exciting, racist depictions. keep in mind hattie mcdaniel was the first african-american to ever win an oscar for that role in 1930. they wanted to serve people and the industry.
7:42 pm
>> i sincerely hope, and i spoke to an actor friend that reminded me, it was hattie mcdaniel that refused to use the n-word. she brought a dignity to the character that needed to be seen and held up next to contemporary films like "12 years a slave," the help and selma. that's the african-american experience as well as the depiction and how that changed, but to deny viewers this classic film that in 1989 the library of congress designated, and i don't know how you do that to future generations. >> laura: this all takes your breath away.
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she was one of the most beautifully graceful, gracious and talented actresses i think of that whole quarter-century, it was amazing. an amazing person. talk about a trailblazer, now you can't be a trailblazer now. >> i my godfather guy, that's my idea of a classic. but there is no doubt, a lot of people do give a damn about this. when we returned the film to hbo max, it will return with the discussion of historical context. it will be presented as originally created because to do otherwise the same would be claiming these prejudices were never created. if we want a more inclusive future we must first acknowledge and understand our history. i agree they should have left the film alone, left it on the surface, and discussed it for those who wanted to watch it but
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don't take a classic. >> laura: i think we can all understand films without the brilliant set up from anybody, left right or center. we can figure it out. we are not as dumb as you think we are over at hbo. come on, the cultural revolution, it's now reaching beyond film of course to monuments. and we predicted this. vigilante extremists and the second statue of the explorer enrichment was ripped from its face, broke with the flag and thrown into a nearby lake. before they yanked it down one of the activist said it, for those supposedly committed states, for these supposedly united states to salute this man
7:45 pm
was a a mass murderer was a farce. they pull the statue down and that's what they did. they did it again tonight, and the one they saw on the screen, that was donated by italian-american immigrants in 1920 and that is an outrage, and outrage that they do. >> laura: now, pelosi is asking that 11 statues be removed from the capitol building itself. in a letter to the joint committee on the library that oversees the static collection, she says the statutes pay homage to hate, not heritage. boston rioters defaced that civil war monument and he filed the 54th regiment. >> that was the first black regiment, this is more crisis than sons of liberty, talk about
7:46 pm
striping, and he was a confederate general, but he was a man who fought for black suffrage and open the first public schools for african-american children. people's lives are complex, let kids see all of it. >> laura: only marxists can get redemption. raymond, thank you so much, we have so much more to get to. a ucla professor has been suspended and is being investigated for discrimination after refusing to exempt black students from final exams after george floyd's death. he will tell us the full story for the very first time. you say that customers make their own rules.
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>> laura: and finally if someone is fighting back. and there is an accounting professor at a business school. thousands of students issued up demand that klein was his job.
7:51 pm
>> one day before the infamously alleged email i got sent out, i got directed by colleagues that we should i followed the specific direction my boss gave me in the school knows it. >> here's a passage from the petition signed by 20,000 people to have you fired. we ask for your support and having professor or client's.
7:52 pm
so professor, and why were you singled out if not? >> many people to grant the exemptions. i was the one who is chastised for action. i was an advocate of equal treatment of all students, but i am somebody who is on th the vee of retirement and the best i can figure out, that's what my colleagues told me. the principle of standing on equality for all students irrespective of color, to simply jettison me. >> laura: what do people have to understand tonight's about academic institutions as
7:53 pm
important in ucla on what's happening, and free inquiry. and, i called minnesota a tragedy. and the student itself who contacted me it's a tragedy for the future of education. because historically, and an effect of the code of conduct, you must -- and you don't have a choice, you must create people based on merit and the school is regarding its own policies in favor of the squeaky wheel, those who threatened to riot. >> laura: how much intellectual and ideological
7:54 pm
diversity professor is there at ucla today. >> it's so tragic, it makes my heart bleed. i will call balls and strikes like any umpire and sometimes you think it up to the left, sometimes you take it to the right. i've done my job, if you leave this class and you have no idea of my politics. i think i am this rare uniform sadly who believes the importance of analyzing things, irrespective. i just call it as neutral as i can and i think that is the standard academia that should apply. sadly i understand many do not. >> laura: professor, maybe your role going forward, obviously you should keep your professorship, that's ludicrous. but maybe your role going forward, would love to have you back because the story is wild.
7:55 pm
there are many like it across the country but they are trying to make an example out of you, sir. i think you should fight back with everything you have and if you have to file a lawsuit, i will help write it for you. i'm still a member of the california bar so i will help you. thank you for joining us tonight. new jersey governor phil murphy's stunning hypocrisy exposing the lockdown which was a total and complete farce. "the last bite" next.
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>> laura: governor phil murphy letting people go to church but just too dangerous. but protesting? fine. are you concerned about a spike in cases when you combine reopening and the protest? >> you have to be, but the alternative, i just don't think it is feasible. i can't see it. i can't -- the overwhelming anger, frustration, the mademoiselle come i will not take it anymore moment in the
8:00 pm
state in the country and the state of racism against the kilg of george floyd. there is no choice. >> laura: certain parts of the first amendment are better than others or certain causes are more essential, okay, that is where we are. shannon bream and "fox news @ night" team take it from here, shannon appearance bill and laura come i as much. we began tonight with a fox news alert. several city blocks of seattle reportedly under the control of protesters who have banned police and are told taking over city hall. residents allegedly being shaken down and intimidated by the occupiers. so how will d.c. handle this persistent effort by the most progressive bays? forcing radical change for a law and order in america? was protesters across the country tearing down statues, many icons of the confederacy. the christopher columbus statue, in st. paul, minnesota. the nation's


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