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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 11, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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take it anywhere moment in our state and country against the stain of racism against the killing of george floyd, there is no choice. >> certain parts of the first amendment are better than others or certain causes are more essential, that is where we are. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. several city blocks of seattle reportedly under the control of protesters who have banned police and we are told taken over city hall. residents being shaken down and intimidated by the occupiers, how will democrats in dc handle this effort by the proposed progressive part of their base to force radical change to law and order in america. protesters across the country tearing down statues, many of them icons of the confederacy, christopher columbus statue also tumbling, the latest one in st.
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paul, minnesota, the nation's capital gets its name from the 15th-century export, so does columbia university and much more. the story has been debated for generations so why now? monuments coming down coast-to-coast. welcome to fox news at might. we start with chris gallagher on the protester takeover of a portion of an american city, seattle. >> it's not a violent coup in downtown seattle but could be emblematic of where the democratic party is setting. on monday police boarded up the downtown precinct, hundreds of protesters reportedly from antifa, black lives matter and others have moved into the area declaring it the capital of the autonomous zone and protesters are turning against their own storming city hall demanding resignation of mayor durkin, unusual since durkin is a progressive who has long supported far left issues but this time the mayor is calling
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for police reform, protesters want the police department abolished and won't. but there are calls for police department to be defended but presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden does not feel that way, just the opposite. in the usa today op-ed the former vice president wrote while i do not believe federal dollars should go to police department violating people's rights, turning to violence as the first resort, i do not support defunding police. biden supports giving more money to departments that are willing to implement reform. democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez came out in favor of defunding police, her primary push still appears to be demilitarized in police. >> we would not be giving local police departments who are undertrained a tank. if we didn't give the military
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too much money to have extra tank lying around to begin with. >> in an op-ed in law officer a third-generation cop so there's no need to abolish police because they won't be around, cowards are all around us from chiefs to sheriff to politicians, no one has our back. i used to talk cops out of leaving the job, now i'm encouraging them and bernie character has been told 600 ip officers are considering leaving. crime in los angeles was up 250% from the previous week. shannon: you are tracking on the west coast, thank you. in minneapolis, transformational reform to the department.
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by withdrawing from contract negotiations with the police union and discussing new research aimed at spotting problem officers. mike tobin has the latest from minneapolis tonight. >> late this evening the union representing police officers said the city charter and state statues prevent city leaders from stepping away from contract negotiations the way the chief said he would do earlier today, the police federation accuses the mayor and the chief of pandering to those demanding the irrational. protests continue in the case against those officers accused in george floyd's death moves forward. one of the three officers charged with aiding and abetting in the death of george floyd is out on bail. thomas lehman, the conditions for his 750,$000 bond aser prep wayne, a rookie tried to help floyd but was shutdown by derek chauvin is the chief of the minneapolis police department
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promises major reform to the antiquated system of policing saying the devil floyd will not be in vain and the police accountability system will be overhauled. >> beginning today as chief i am immediately withdrawing from the contract negotiations with the minneapolis police federation. >> he defended his decision to order the evacuation of the third police precinct saying with the building surrounded his priority was preservation of life. >> they were surrounded and if individuals have gotten inside and were "outnumbered," individuals the officers in there would have been "outnumbered," only a couple ways the scenario was ended and none of them would have been good. none of them would have been good. >> conflicts continue at the minnesota n st. paul. demonstrators tore down the statue of christopher columbus. all around the nation protesters have been clashing with police.
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officers are verbally harassed and pelted with everything from rocks and bottles to yaron. the detectives endowment in new york is fighting back suing the protester they say attacked a cop and promising to sue again. >> any criminal element puts their hand on a new york city detective i promise you not only -- we will soothe them civilly as well. >> as much of the criticism for covering the policing is directed at their unions a group called open secrets published numbers about which politicians receive the most campaign donations from police unions, turns out a handful of democrats in the house and senate. the top donation receivers are amy klobuchar of minnesota in the senate and patrick leahy from vermont. on how site is steny hoyer of maryland and bill pascale junior. >> mike tobin in minneapolis, thank you very much. a fox news alert. california sheriff deputy is in
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critical condition with a bullet lodged in his head. the sheriff's office says he was ambushed coming out of the police station. another deputy was able to drag him to cover while engaging the suspect with gunfire, the shooter still on the loose but they released a picture. authority for asking the public to call 9 one one if they spot this person or know who he is. in this hour in dallas the president will meet with faith leaders, law enforcement officials and small business owners and is expected to announce his administration's plan for revitalization and recovery. kevin cork is tracking efforts to find bipartisan agreement on police reform. can it be done? >> reporter: this is the guidance so far as to when the president is expected to issue an executive order to implement police reform. soon. that is all happening while lawmakers on capitol hill continue to work on it legislatively. to two front battle with a single goal in mind, getting the white house and congress to
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collaborate on police reform. and increasingly rare, executive legislative partnership, with one important component. >> the president -- trying to make sure they are sensible and directed towards the american people and not towards partisan. >> senator tim scott is a key figure in the joint effort taking the lead on capitol hill even as the president heads to dallas to meet with religious and law enforcement officials to promote his plan for holistic revitalization and recovery in america. >> the president spent the last 10 days quietly and diligently working on proposals to address the issues the protesters raised across the country. legitimate issues and that body of work is reaching its final edit in the coming days. >> republicans formulate plans for police reform that could include independent investigations of police misconduct and a ban on
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so-called democrats insist much more needs to be done. >> we need wholesale reform, not piecemeal reform. we cannot approach this debate by cherry picking one or 2 reforms and calling the job done. it is my worry that is what our republican colleagues tend to do. >> reporter: well-qualified -- qualified immunity the key sticking point over reforming the police, the legal doctrine which can protect police officers from civil lawsuits and is facing scrutiny in the face of george floyd's death at the hands of any of the police. there is a democrat a proposal that would make sweeping overhaul to that doctrine but gop senators tell us, backed by the white house, changes are largely a nonstarter. that is something we will be watching carefully as we track the trip to dallas tomorrow. >> is the far left demand cities defend police department are
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questions about the root of the problem especially since most of those cities are run by progressive democrats. the former attorney general of florida, pam body, great to have you with us tonight. let's start in the atlantic. there headline is why minneapolis, police unions continue to codify policies to shield officers from accountability such as rules insuring officers hukill can't even be interviewed by investigators until their victims have been dead for days. you have done swat team, you've been a police chief, you've done it all. we heard a lot of talk about police unions and how they are part of the problem. what do you think? >> we have a situation where something very bad has happened and now you have a lot of people that are fearful and running for the hills and blaming unions and
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whatnot. the chief worked with other departments since 1989, he worked on internal affairs, he sued the department for racism and he has been the chief for two years now. derek chauvin was in the barber for 19 years and everybody knew what he was about. when he did something that was extremely terrible and reprehensible look what happened. the chief was able to fire not only him but three other officers the next day. in california that is unheard of to give someone no due process and fire them the next day. what does that tell you? they had the power, the power to inspect, to discipline but failed to do so and now that everything has come apart everyone is reacting to the worst example of law enforcement and making changes that could devastate police in this country.
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>> we all agree when police officers are troubled, have disciplinary complaints and things like that against them that can be proven through due process nobody wants them to stay on the force. average americans would agree on that. that is a nonpartisan kind of thing we can agree on but i want to read something from the new york times. the title is the movement needs to question, de-funnel reform the police, we are having a heated debate across the country. protesters demand a law enforcement restart. biden and the democrats back reform while trump backs, well, the police. we are waiting for him to roll out whatever set of policies, legislative or executive action proposals, waiting to see but it is being portrayed as he doesn't want reform and democrats do. >> that is what we constantly see the false reporting about our great president. i've been in the room with him when he and acted some of the
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most sweeping prison reform possible to help inmates. when he granted clemency to minority women and cared so deeply about them and also cares about our great men and women in law enforcement. he is a law and order president and he will continue to do that. what we are seeing tonight in seattle, what we saw in minneapolis, the taking over of the police station is abhorrent. the taking over of city hall, this country should be so blessed right now that we have donald trump as our president, joe biden gets elected we will be seeing that all over this country. we need a strong law and order president, he will make reforms, working with tim scott, jared kushner, going to make reforms, they are going to be swift, decisive and meaningful and that is the difference with donald trump. he doesn't go out and talk, he acts. that is what he has done and that is what he is so great at doing and he will keep our
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country together. >> i got to ask you for your reaction. as someone who has served on the street in uniform and been a police chief what are your thoughts when you see what is happening in seattle tonight? >> the reality is this is not a political situation, democrat versus republican. this is an issue of right versus wrong. the police should not allow nor should the government allow the police building to be taken over. it is a completely wrong message. the reality is. chiefs need to be held accountable, city councils and mayors need to be held accountable for the performance of their police department. i've run three police department, we don't have these types of problems. it is in that this is emblematic of every police department in this country. this is emblematic of a very bad situation and then having elected officials run for the
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hills because they are so frightened because of their years of malfeasance, then he told the police chiefs accountable. >> final word to you on how this gets resolved in seattle. is there a place for federal intervention? is it up to state and local officials to figure it out? >> it doesn't look like they are doing it and thank you for your incredible service, your long career of service in law enforcement, this is where the national guard need to come in, to back up when you're city hall has been taken over, that's when you need the national guard, to protect your citizens, that is what 98% of our great men and women in law enforcement do every single day as well as being first responders, helping all our citizens and they need backup as well. >> i have to agree with that.
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right now restoration of order, cooler heads need to prevail. most of the reforms being talked about have been instituted in most every progressive department in this country so now is the time to step back, take a deep breath, take control of our cities and do the right thing. >> good to see you both, thank you. as we have been reporting demonstrations continue in cities across the country, and longtime historical monuments are destroyed. or toppled. we are tracking it. >> the video that was displayed next to you in the intro reports, portsmouth, virginia you saw a statue being pulled over, confederate monument, city council had been meeting about it to try to move and when the protesters didn't guess what they wanted in the city council
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meeting they toward the statue apart. first in the words of the virginia pilot reporter who was there they beheaded all four soldiers on the statue and then used a tow rope connected to a car to pull one over. when that statue toppled over it hurt somebody so badly they were knocked unconscious and had to go to the hospital according to some witnesses that were there. as of tonight the statue has been destroyed and defaced. an american flag was burned on top of the statue and we are told by somebody on the ground that police came in after the statue had been destroyed and told everyone to leave the area. >> it is an active night and there's more to cover, thank you. the senate judiciary committee around subpoenas for obama administration officials. senator marsha blackburn is on the committee next.
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♪ shannon: in a matter of hours the senate judiciary committee set to vote on subpoenas from 50 obama era officials, the review how the russia collusion investigation got started. marsha blackburn sits on the committee and joins us live. welcome back. let's talk about those who think this is not. it, diane feinstein says i can't support this kind of dragnet authority to conduct politically motivated investigations. how do you respond? >> i think one of the things for her to remember is when you have the amount of wrongdoing that
12:23 am
was done through the russia collusion hoax and what donald trump has lived with every day you need to get to the bottom of this. we've had the horwitz report, we know a certain amount of things that have been done, doj has reversed the charges on michael flynn and what taxpayers want to know, who decided this should be carried out, who did the dirty work, how did it end up in an oval office meeting on january 5th, there are 39 people that were involved in this plot, 14 that were involved in the unmasking and in order to get to the bottom of it, bear in mind this was a taxpayer paid for conspiracy, the department of justice and the fbi, the premier law enforcement agency, people
12:24 am
want to know how did this happen, how did they get those fisa warrants and how did they knew the dossier was not. it but yet used it for the fisa warrants but the hearing we did with rod rosenstein left more questions unanswered than and said. how could you have possibly been running the doj and could not have known. you had questions about what andrew mccabe was telling you. are you telling me the whole truth, are you hiding anything. rod rosenstein thought he is not really forthcoming, something is not right. shannon: we are told there will be more clear declassified documents, that could be very soon. attorney general william barr in
12:25 am
the course of that, details as durham is heading that up but the doj recommended the case against him be dismissed. let me get some outside help with this, acting retired judge to weigh in and he filed his brief today. the facts surrounding the filing of the government motion constitutes clear evidence of gross prosecutorial abuse, disguised as legitimate, a decision to dismiss that was based solely on the fact that flynn is a political ally of donald trump. not surprising given what we know about judge gleason and his previous writing, he says doj, this case should not be dismissed against general flynn, this is a political situation meant to help the trump ally. he recommends against it. what do you think happens next? >> we know that judge gleason
12:26 am
has this opinion, an op-ed that he has written as you said so basically what he has now done is provide this ruling based on what his previous opinion stated. judge sullivan knows the federal prosecutor can place criminal charges, he can dismiss criminal charges and judge sullivan actually has been involved in the ted stevens case. he was the judge there and doj later realized there was wrongdoing, there were activist prosecutors that were involved in this and they dropped those charges and after his death senator stevens was exonerated.
12:27 am
many people have been surprised at judge sullivan's step in bringing in mister gleason on this especially when there was an op-ed in his opinion. >> there is a hearing involving this case on friday and we watch the closely but always good to have you with us and we will watch the votes out of the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. thank you. seattle under siege as protesters storm city hall, declare several blocks a police free autonomous zone and demand the mayor resign. we are live next. when we started our business
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>> a developing situation in seattle, protesters camping out in a 6 block area that includes the east precinct building police some say abandoned. dance joins us live from the
12:32 am
capitol hill autonomous zone. >> a strange and concerning time in seattle. we are a few blocks away from where protesters took over a 7 block area of the city, calling it the capitol hill autonomous zone. another name we are hearing is free capitol hill. a mix of apartments and small businesses in right in the of it in blue is the seattle police department's east precinct. we went inside to look around and it was eye-opening but 200-300 protesters were there, most listening to speakers in front of what used to be the police station. there are several dozen homeless tents and sensations including one labeled the co-op. lots of security at checkpoints. some of them armed and reportedly frisking and shaking down. >> we are hearing that citizens and businesses are being asked to pay a fee to operate in this area. this is a crime of extortion.
12:33 am
>> this is all the result of the national guard and seattle police surrendering the east precinct monday afternoon after 10 straight days of protest which often ended with cops being hit by projectile's according to them and then responding with tear gas and flash bang, the police chief said was to de-escalate the situation and they do intend to return to the precinct but that doesn't look to be happening anytime soon. the protesters fortify their position by moving barricades to block the roads leading in. they seem intent on staying here at last night another bold move when they took over city hall after hours. and city councilmember reportedly let them in. the residents are calling a complete breakdown of government. >> are talking about entire city government has handed over a portion of the city to domestic terrorists, two people who are protesters. this a bunch of different groups here in the city has literally ceded control of that area to these people. >> what leadership there is
12:34 am
calls the group collective black voices and they have a long list of demands among them abolishing the seattle police department and court system, disarm all cops until they are eventually fired and abolish youth jails. we stopped in the mayor's office for when this all ends and they never got back to us. shannon: we continue to check back, thank you. as the death of george floyd raises new conversations about racism in america many companies want the public to know they are learning and adapting and also suspending and firing. we take a closer look at cancel culture for us tonight. >> reporter: just as the me too movement led to cultural shifts in this country it seems 15 days of flak lives that are protests the country is undergoing a
12:35 am
similar cultural of white people lost their jobs or been suspended for criticizing the black lives matter movement, fired by his radio station, and resigned as segment bookings radio announcer for tweeting all lives matter to peters, a radio host was suspended for suggesting white privilege does not exist in our lives matter. in los angeles gordon klein, a ucla professor was suspended for not canceling final exams for black students who wanted to take part in a protest. >> the idea of cancel culture, the inability of people to deal with differences of opinion, that is my great announcement to the world of media. will be an increasing problem. >> there's pressure to 11 a positive depictions of police and pop culture, paramount network canceling the long-running show cops, a andy canceling it series live tv and even talk on social media over
12:36 am
whether a children's animated show should stay on the. hbo max temporarily removed 1939 academy award-winning classic gone with the wind because of the film's racist civil war depiction. hbo max it will return with a discussion of its historical context, quote, these racist depictions were wrong then and are wrong today and we felt to keep this title up without an explanation and the denouncement of these depictions would be irresponsible. tonight from boston to virginia, protesters are beheading and toppling statues of christopher columbus who they view as a murderer and racist. vogue magazine apologizing for not giving black editors and creators enough space in her magazine and greg glassman resigned after he reportedly told his staff on a zoom call the, quote, we are not morning for george floyd.
12:37 am
>> thank you. new tonight, soccer players will be allowed to kneel during the national anthem. soccer federation officials voted end the ban on kneeling as nationwide protests continue over the death of george floyd. the ban began in 2015 after megan wrapinoh knelt during the national anthem in protest. should attack from the president's supporters be categorized as hate crimes, one lawmaker's proposal next.
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♪ >> shannon: reminder that >> reminder there are gatherings and protest going on across the country, a huge crowd in portland, oregon getting together for a protests. also we are getting reports in oakland, california a large group has gotten together, heading to the mayor's
12:42 am
residence, they are going to demand the mayor defend the police department. that is going on in oakland and in richmond, virginia we are told the jefferson davis statue is one of the latest come down with a former leader of the confederacy and this is earlier tonight in portsmouth, virginia where statues were toppled as well so we are continuing to track activities across the country as it continues tonight. now to georgia where there is a push, attacks on supporters of the president be categorized as hate crimes in a lawmaker backing this is a democrat. let's debate this, harmeet dhillon, good to have you with us tonight. let's start with vernon jones, state lawmaker, a democrat who said he was buoyed when he announced he would support donald trump tweets i watched countless videos of trump support is getting attacked in the streets due to their support of real donald trump.
12:43 am
let's call this what it is, a hate crime. as we return to the legislature i will introduce legislation that will make it such. georgia is one of a handful of states that has hate crime legislation or law on the books. >> what he's talking about is absolutely real, in 2016 i represented over 20 trump supporters who were viciously assaulted at a rally in san jose in which the mayor of san jose almost glorified the violence and said trump supporters deserved it because the president was such a bad person. this is a real thing we've seen happen in places. my concern as a civil rights attorney is how do you parse out punishing people for their actions versus their thoughts? am not in favor of punishing people for their thoughts. as a sikh in the minority in my religious faith, you have murders based on religion and hate crime laws come into play and serve as enhancement and deterrence for terroristic type
12:44 am
action so in that sense as long as you're basing this on violent crimes that should be prosecuted anyway and enhancement that goes for the terroristic effect of trying to intimidate people i'm okay with it. jillian: one of the cases being cited in this conversation is out of massachusetts where an older gentleman who likes to go out and hold a trump sign was attacked by a young man, aiden cartwright 27 years old is accused of stopping his vehicle, 82-year-old veteran charlie chase ~trump sign, pushed him to the ground, assaulted him, toward on the campaign sign. a plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf. this is still pending but appears to be an example why the georgia lawmaker thinks it is necessary. >> i was shocked because i was born in massachusetts where this took place and grew up in that area until i went to college. a very tolerant area, massachusetts is a very tolerant state.
12:45 am
i was shocked, surprised, second. secondly, here's the problem i have with this. are we going to equate political ideology with religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity? that is what most hate crime laws look at. does that come under this umbrella? if you're going to say we are going to have a hate crime with somebody who wears a make america great again hat, what about people attacked by those wearing the m a ga hats? 30 people at least in the united states sitting in prison assaulted and killed those who opposed and we are not supportive of donald from. legislation will go forward that has to be fair, attacked and those who oppose him. shannon: the washington post says this is a consequence of
12:46 am
trump's rain of rage saying hate crimes in the us are 30% higher than before trump's rain of rage. what do you say? >> spoken is a clueless washington post writer. i can tell you, ask hayden williams, young man punched on the berkeley campus because of his perceived conservative viewpoint leslie is right. we have a lot like this it should be bipartisan and agnostic as to the viewpoint but it is not unprecedented. california has a law that protects people in their jobs on the basis of their political viewpoint and this is the next frontier. it is terrorism. >> thank you both. come back soon. cancel culture strikes again. the anchor of chris wallace next. guys, times are tough.
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>> brian reporter on this earlier this hour cancer cultural sweeping the nation, the mayor questioning of the black lies letter platform or praising police is generally good. getting suspended or terminated from your job, discusses it with the author of the brand-new book countdown 1945 and anchor of fox news sunday chris wallace, great to have you with us tonight. >> great to be with you.
12:51 am
>> let's start with this, the headline frankly we should all give a damn about cancel culture. this is not going to stop. the left is emboldened and you see this among fundamentalist, religious and political movements throughout history that they attack elements of the culture. what do you make of where we are right now? >> your staff sent me examples of what is happening, people saying things as mild as going out to these black lies matter protests might be dangerous because of the virus or people saying all lives better. there is no place for racism and if it is a truly racist remark that is the kind of thing that can and should get you fired but simply to say all lives matter or to raise an issue about
12:52 am
whether or not it is dangerous as some public health officials are saying to have these mass rallies and people being next to each other without masks, to lose your job over that or to be the target of thousands of tweets goes too far. i have been thinking about those a lot today and today it may be what somebody you don't like is saying and you are okay with cancel culture but tomorrow it might be something you say or you believe that is being canceled out so be careful about cancel culture because it could turn around real quickly. >> it is true. if your viewpoint is no longer the favored viewpoint, you find out there is trouble there. mitt romney, senator from utah who often clashed with the president and broken with the president on a number of things saying i'm confident we will keep the majority in the senate and i long predicted the president will be reelected. i continue to think that is the case. he has been so critical of the administration. do you think that is overly
12:53 am
optimistic? why does he need to make that statement? >> i heard that this morning and usually i have -- my analysis could be right or wrong but i have an analysis on why something happened. i have no idea why mitt romney said it. as far as republicans holding onto the senate, he's a republican senator, he wants to be the majority. that i can understand but he's been very critical of donald trump, literally voted for him to be removed from office, voted for one of the articles of impeachment so for him to suddenly not endorse trump but predicted he is going to win reelection, i don't know what that was about. it was very curious to me. >> let's talk about your book. it sounds fascinating, a lead up to what got us to the moment of the atomic bomb.
12:54 am
>> i didn't even -- i hope i made up the genre or whatever it is, a kind of historical thriller and by that i mean most histories are written looking back after the fact, this happened in the past, here's why it happened, that is not what i wanted to do. i wanted to take you, count on 1945, 116 days the changed the world, april 12, 1945, when truman is summoned to the white house and finds out he is the vice president, roosevelt died and he is the president and taken aside by the secretary of defense who said we have the secret project to develop the most powerful weapon in history.
12:55 am
even though truman is the vice president he knew nothing about the manhattan project and the effort to build an atom bomb. what i tried to do is put you with the president to i use the bomb or do i invade japan, with a scientist at los altos who doesn't know if it is going to work until 21 days before it is used, the flight crew being in the in all the gas they take the bomb to hear a shema, they never dropped an atom bomb out of a plane, they didn't know if the shockwaves would blow the plane out of the air. it is a page turner where you are there facing the same doubts, same uncertainties, the same enormity of the situation all the key players were in 1945. >> i cannot wait to get it. congratulations and thanks for joining us, good to see you. >> great to see you. stay safe and stay sane as i say to everybody.
12:56 am
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jillian: it is thursday june 11th. a heartbreaking end to the 9-month search for the missing children of lori vallow, the remains found on her property are the remains of her children, a judge holds chad daybell on $1 million bail. >> the pain you feel when you watch something like this. it is on you to make sure their death is not in vain. >> the brother of george floyd urging congress to act during an ot


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