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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 12, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> if they don't strain that situation that we are going to straighten it out. we will not let seattle be occupied. >> lawfully gathering and expressing first amendment rights his patriotism. >> leaving the precinct was not my decision. this is not legal. carley: this is a fox news alert, people who protest, and raise anarchy, donald trump says he won't stand for the overthrow and occupation of a seattle
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police precinct as the city's liberal mayor defends the move as patriotic. it is heating up as protesters maintain control of the top three zones. >> police reform gaining new momentum after the president meeting with state leaders and law enforcement in dallas, live in washington with what is inside, bridging the gap between police and the communities they protect. >> i had thought we could both support the important protests and calls for change and say nypd, among police officers and police department can and should be a part of that. carley: not just conservative commentators calling out can sell culture. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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todd: you are watching "fox and friends first," carley: thanks for starting the day with us. we begin with a fox news alert, the mayor of seattle blasting donald trump for allowing to take back seattle from what he calls anarchists occupying the police briefings. todd: the police department stands off on the takeover. >> reporter: following weeks of protest against police brutality donald trump blasted the situation on twitter saying if seattle didn't take back the city from anarchists he will. seattle's mayor defending the move by protesters who took over 6 blocks, referred to as capitol hill autonomous zone. one person in the crowd was seen escorting officers to the precinct.
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>> taking them. >> went even as far as calling it an act of patriotism. >> how long does seattle in those few blocks look like this? >> we don't know. >> tell that to the police who are supposed to be in that precinct. carley: how the zone is causing chaos. >> they are trying to respond to a murder call. it will take 18 minutes because they don't have officers operating out of what should be a police precinct. >> police occupy the precinct not too happy about it, the chief saying this was not her call. >> the decision to board up the precinct, our precinct, our home, the first precinct i worked in was something i have been holding off.
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we should know leaving the precinct was not my decision. >> a list of things they are deciding, defunded abolish the seattle police department and the attached, justice, not only that but police say reports of what they are asking of the people in seattle is a crime. >> we heard anecdotally reports of citizens being asked to pay feed to operate within this area. this is a crime of extortion. >> reporter: the president spoke in dallas about the situation yesterday calling the city very unsafe. carley: appreciate the update. todd: another fox news alert, the homeless man wanting for ambushing a california deputy killed, mason and james lira found hiding in a riverbed, he was lying in wait for another
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attack. >> this was a planned ambush on the police department as offices come out and the suspects engaged, the reason i know that is it happened then hour and a half period of time, the suspect not trying to flee. todd: three officers were hurt in the shootout but are expected to be okay. deputy nicholas dreyfus is recovering from surgery, his prognosis is good. carley: a vigil will be held for two children of so-called cult mom lori valllow, their body was found on the property in idaho, they had been missing since september, jj's grandparents choking back tears as they visited the site. >> i am not coming for that. i come trying to be the peacemaker. i want to be a peacemaker, let's
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all get along here. >> a neighbor called 9 one one to report several giant bonfires, he claims that information gave police the evidence they needed to search the property. todd: police searching a home in connection with the difference appearance of jennifer dolus, they swept the property where the missing mother of 5 once lived briefly with her estranged husband, the now empty house is two miles from where fotis took his own life in connection with her disappearance, it will be tested for human remains. jennifer has been missing since may of 2019. jillian: the senate judiciary committee giving lindsey graham the green light to issue subpoenas in the probe investigating the investigators. the list requesting documents and testimony for obama
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officials, details ahead. >> did you know about doctoring of an email in the fbi was no longer reliable? most of them will say no. the most important investigation in 30 years of a sitting president that nobody told the top of the fbi, our case fell apart. carley: he can only issue subpoenas as part of a deal with diane feinstein or a majority vote. todd: donald trump laid out a plan to tackle racial inequality and police brutality as he defense law enforcement during exclusive fox news interview. carley: how the president wants to reform policing, a topic at the forefront of the national conversation. what is the latest?
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>> reporter: the president wants to build safety, opportunity and dignity and faith leaders and law enforcement, aggressively pursuing economic development in minority communities confronting healthcare disparities, including police promised a hold up standards for use of force and renew calls in congress for personal choice thomas sat down with harris fox and her for an exclusive interview. >> we have to keep police and law enforcement doing it right, trained in a proper manner but when you see that, eight minutes of horror it is a disgrace. then people say are all police like that? police aren't like that. i have seen so many incredible things they do. >> reporter: democrats unveiled
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banning chokehold and nancy pelosi wants to bring it to the floor before the end of the month. >> george's brother said to me i have a question for you. is this going to happen? is there going to be a bill that is passed? we will not rest until it becomes the law. we will not rest until changes are made. >> reporter: republicans are close to unveiling their plan which will include more police training and funding for body cameras being led by senator tim scott who is responding to being called a token. >> it would stop from coming into the building. there is someone in the conference who understands discrimination and profiling it is me. >> reporter: calls to defend the police who growing, 30 cities pushing to reduce the redirect police department funds. that will be a big debate going forward.
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>> let's lighten things up. country music star garth brooks wants you at his drive in concert. carley: that is the best song in the world, brooks will hold a virtual concert, 300 drive in theaters, he will perform from nashville so fans nationwide can watch. carley: tickets will be $100 per car passenger, they go on sale next friday. mark your calendar. todd: it is 10 minutes after the hour. charlotte's losses jacksonville's game. donald trump will have the gop nomination and deliver a speech in florida after north carolina's governor refused to guarantee a full house. carley: mayor lenny curry joins
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us live with how his city seals the deal.
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todd: the republican national convention is headed to jacksonville, florida, it will happen this summer after ditching plant in charlotte overcapacity clash with the north carolina governor. carley: lenny curry joins us with how this will boost local businesses. i know you worked hard on this. explain what it means for the city of jacksonville. >> thanks for having me. this is an opportunity for the people of jacksonville. as we navigated our way out of covid-19 it is my goal to get people back to work in a safe and responsible way. we started that during the pandemic, we hosted with dana white, first live professional sporting events. without fans in our arena.
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now to move on to this, a live event with people in a safe responsible way will be tremendous for economic development in the city. todd: let's touch on the covid-19 aspect. florida has seen a rise over the past couple days with regard to covid-19. critics are going to say it's too soon to host an event like this in light of those numbers and increased. what is your response to those critics? >> i have been on weekly and daily phone calls and conversations with leaders of healthcare hospital systems in our city for 10 plus weeks as recently as yesterday. while we know the viruses with us and is going to spread the keys watches hospitalizations and our hospitalizations are down. we will continue to monitor that. we have operated in a very responsible way in jacksonville, people are back to work, businesses are open.
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we are ready to host this, we are ready to have donald trump accept the nomination in jacksonville, florida. carley: explain what this convention is going to look like a where will the speech be held, things like that. >> 5 star memorial arena in jacksonville, downtown on the river. people that aren't familiar with jacksonville, we have sports, we have river, we have beaches, night life, so much to offer and we are looking forward to hosting people who travel to our city for this event as the president accepts the nomination but also people begin to return to some sense of normalcy as we move out of covid-19. we work with our federal and state partners, local sheriff and make sure we have a safe responsible event. it is an exciting time for our city. todd: does this help the
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president win florida come november? >> any time you are in a national campaign the state of florida is key and we look at the state of florida in northeast florida, specifically jacksonville, this used to be a guaranteed republican stronghold if you were going back in the early 2000s. it is now a swing county. this is an incredibly important county and incredibly important state. >> the party will be held in jacksonville so congratulations for that. i'm sure everybody will have a great time, best of luck with it. >> got to get people back to work. carley: 17 after the hour, donald trump lays out his plan to combat racial disparity as
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law enforcement officers push back on calls to defund the police. >> i get attacked for protecting officers rights but just because you wear a badge and uniform you don't forgo your constitutional rights. todd: that veteran officer talking with protesters was with the president in dallas and joins us live next. they are compelled to step forward. to the front lines. and into the unknown... for all of us.
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carley: donald trump outlining plans to combat racial disparity during a roundtable in dallas while doubling down on his support for law enforcement. >> working to finalize an executive order that will encourage police department nationwide to meet the most current professional standards for the use of force including
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tactics for de-escalation. we are going the other route, stronger police forces because that is what you need. todd: president of the dallas police association talking with protesters in the city and was there for the president's remarks and joins us live, thank you for being with us. what was the general reaction to the president's visit specifically his declaration that police will not be defunded? >> overwhelmingly positively accepted. what has been going on across the country, this narrative of d funding and dismantling the police department is really scared a lot of the public and it is unfortunate and not necessary. we need to talk about serious problems within law enforcement and correct them. that is everybody's number one plan. carley: how do you feel about
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the way the media and lawmakers are talking about? will you consider that a large majority of police interactions are positive and necessary? >> absolutely. there are 800,000 officers across the country and we answered almost 1 million public contactss between 9 one one calls, traffic stops, extra jobs and throughout his public contacts 99% are more positive. we greatly reduce internal affairs by 50%, reduce officer involved shootings less than ten. we are reconnecting with the community, initiating community relations programs for over 15 years. so many things happening through law enforcement in the media is pushing a narrative that we are
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beating people every day. it is just ridiculous, amazing to me how a month ago we were going to covid-19, risking your life every day other than we normally do in our families lives and a month later we are vilified as out there as murderers and beating people in the street. it is unbelievable. todd: it is an odd juxtaposition. your thoughts on the president's plan to address racial disparity, it is a four part plan, increase access to capital for minority business owners, confront disparities in healthcare, sign executive order encouraging police to meet professional standards for use of force and finally push congress to enact school choice. will the president's plan work? >> absolutely, the number one thing we have to do to better the economic standard and prosperity of these communities, if you give better access to
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education these kids need to have the best school in the best education possible available, not just available in their neighborhoods but they should be able to go to any educational school in the city in their area that they can and we invest in those communities to make them better and we all would agree competition creates better product and that should be no different in education. the idea of reform as far as law enforcement we said for use the disparity between one department and another department across the country is amazing and the fact the federal government would want to make these standards is immediately necessary. >> thanks so much. todd: 25 after the hour. in a few hours and appeals panel will hear arguments over whether the case against michael since be dismissed.
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>> the lower court judge who refused to drop the case will lose, she joins us live. if you think about the last few months maybe it'll give us a new perspective. maybe we'll see things we've been missing. maybe it'll help us see just how connected we all are. and maybe... just maybe, if we look at the big picture... it'll remind us just how amazing freedom really is.
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todd: a look at the top headlines we begin with a fox
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news alert, shooting a shares deputy in the face is now dead, mason james lear killed in a shootout with police in california. authorities around the riverbed where he was hiding. during that shootout three officers were hurt and expected to recover. carley: a four step plan to tackle police brutality that includes economic development in minority communities, confronting healthcare disparities, encouraging police department to meet standards for use of force and advocating for school choice. todd: los angeles lifting more restrictions, hotels and movie theaters among the businesses to reopen in la county, they will have produced capacity and let's not forget social distancing guidelines. >> they are seattle blasting donald trump for vowing to take back the city from what he calls anarchists occupying the police precinct. todd: the police department sounds off on the takeover.
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>> reporter: this move follows weeks of protests against police brutality, donald trump blasting the situation on twitter saying if seattle didn't take back the speaker anarchists he will. the protesters took over 6 blocks surrounding a police precinct referred to as capitol hill autonomous zone and threatened by group of people for allegedly stealing last night. watch this. [crowd chanting] >> reporter: as far as calling it an act of patriotism. >> how long do you think seattle looks like this? >> don't know. we could have a summer of love. >> tell that the police who are supposed to be in that precinct. carley: the police are not happy about it, the chief saying this
2:32 am
was not her call. >> the decision to board up the precinct, our precinct, our home, the first precinct i worked in was something i have been holding off. you should know leaving the precinct was not my decision. >> reporter: let's look at a list of things they are demanding, to defend and abolish the seattle police department and attach, justice apparatus, reports of what they are asking, the people of seattle is a crime, the president spoke about the situation in seattle yesterday calling the city very unsafe. todd: a woman arrested for torching the five seattle police cars, margaret shannon charged with federal arson, using an excellent to light the cars on fire during the george floyd protest last month, now expected
2:33 am
to appear in federal court today, she faces 10 years in prison. carley: a new jersey mayor speaks out on the removal of christopher columbus statue overnight. camden's mayor calling it a controversial symbol that is pained the community. in houston two confederate statues will be removed from public parks, the dowling and pure to the confederacy statues will be placed in a museum at a historic site to prevent vandalism and given historical context. they will be moved on june 19th to commemorate juneteenth. todd: and appeals court will hear arguments on the potential future of the michael flynn case despite the doj dropping charges against the former national security adviser. >> emmet sullivan suspects corruption, democrats say there is overt political bias but what about the apparent fbi bias at the center of this case? former florida attorney general
2:34 am
pam bondi joins us with her expertise, this is getting very confusing with multiple judges weighing in. explain what is happening with these oral arguments and why it is so important to michael flynn's ultimate fate. >> for people, it is very confusing because this should never have happened, we should never the in this position. in our government we have three very distinct branches of government, legislative make the laws, the judges who act as umpires in the executive branch which consist of the prosecutors and defense attorneys. here we have the department of justice at the top level saying we do not want to prosecute this defendant, this case should be thrown out. they used all kinds of bad ways to prosecute him in the defense is in full agreement, the prosecutors have said and what
2:35 am
you said about the fbi is so true, major questions with the fbi, they came in and set up general flynn. we all know that. they came in during transition and comey, page, peter stzrok had a plan, comey said there was a plan to go after general flynn, there's no reason in the world to go after this man other than they wanted to set him up and trap him and have him lie. they came into the west wing of the white house, donald trump's first week in office, caught general flynn completely off guard, should have been thrown out when they said you don't need an attorney, crazy what they did, they didn't get anything so what did they do, they kept pushing, they basically threatened him with going after his own son so what the general flynn do? here to guilty police, now that all this has come to light, the missteps is an understatement, i believe criminal actions on the part of the fbi, at the highest level, department of justice said this case needs to be
2:36 am
thrown out, then what happened, the judge, judge solomon decides i don't want this case thrown out. he is the reason we have separation of powers where a judge cannot come in and act as a prosecutor, who will prosecute the case? the highest level of the part of justice saying we don't believe a crime was committed here, defense attorneys full agreement so now unprecedented it has gone to an appellate court so the judge has to basically show cause why he is refusing to let the defense and the state, the prosecutors dropped the case against general flynn who has been persecuted long enough. that is happening today. an appellate court will hear from this judge so the judge has come in and appointed another retired judge who shares his liberal political views on the
2:37 am
case to argue the case on his behalf which is crazy. a judge should not be acting in the role of the prosecutor ever. todd: that was an amazing law school summary, you do that for a living. i would go so far as to say you said lawyers understand this, most lawyers never seen a situation like this and it bears repeating going to a lot of confusion, back to the whole crossfire hurricane process. we have some subpoenas issued and there are a lot of obama era officials on this list not going to go through them all but you see them on your screen. as briefly as you can because we are running out of time walk us through how the subpoena process will work and at the end of the day if these individuals will have testimony. >> we have a majority in the senate, lindsey graham at the helm, a great lawyer and so many
2:38 am
great senators and this, we've got to flush through this, this is so important. the fbi are our top premier law enforcement agency in the country. we all know 99% of fbi agents are great risking their lives for us every day and it is a shame when the very top of the fbi, peter stzrok, page, comey are doing these things trying to set up a 3 star general, a 3 star general, iraqi freedom, enduring freedom, general sin did not deserve this, he was collateral damage being a supporter of the president of the united states and head of nsa so that is what happened so we've got to get to the bottom of this because we've got to get these bad fbi agents out of there, lindsey graham has given his list, they are going to subpoena all these people to come into the u.s. senate. i sat there during impeachment
2:39 am
proceedings when democrats tried to go after donald trump and now we have a legitimate case against them and can't wait to hear what they say under oath. i have a feeling most of them will take the fifth. jillian: that is telling in and of itself but thanks for breaking it down. we appreciate it. janice dean with a look at the weather. >> janice: good morning. good news, no major systems to report across the country. it will be a nice weekend for most of the country with a couple exceptions, the cold front that brought the severe storms across portions of the northeast yesterday will linger over the atlantic as we go through the next 12-24 hours and the new system moving to the northwest. this one is impressive because it will bring mountain snow to portions of the northwest, june and we are talking about snow. the other part is south of that region we have gusty windss and
2:40 am
dry thunderstorms and the risk of wildfire danger across the basin and the southwest parts of california. there is your overall forecast, summerlike temperatures for much of the country across the central us and the gulf coast, scattered showers across the sunshine state but not a bad forecast. always nice to see you. carley: we need some good weather, we need some cheering up. todd: we will be right back.
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to trust the adults on our campuses with them. todd: lady antebellum changing its name. ♪ i am all alone and i need you now ♪ todd: popular song from that trio. they are now called lady a, dropping antebellum, the word refers to appear go in the south before the civil war including slavery. the group apologizing saying in a statement, quote, we are deeply sorry for the hurt this is caused. >> the host of live tv speaking out after the show was canceled amid growing tensions with law enforcement nationwide. >> i thought the show would survive. i had thought we could both support the important protests and calls for changes going on
2:45 am
around the country and say transparency among police officers and police department can and should be a part of that. todd: social media lighting up, dean on facebook writing live tv was a great show because it showed police work unedited. i thought this was a show everyone should watch. jillian: patricia says good, less trash on tv. mixed reaction. todd: lawlessness in seattle, not a great title of a movie, setting up a police free zone, the city's mayor calling it patriotism. are democrats endorsing in our? david webb sounding off next. >> i think that was a sleepless in seattle reference. let's check with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> coming up on "fox and friends" 15 minutes from now a big 3 hours telecast including harris falconer with highlights
2:46 am
of her interview with the president, things you have not seen yet and general jack keane was in on the chairman of the joint chiefs apologizing for walking alongside the president to st. john's church. doctor oz here to explain expanding medicare advantage to everybody to fix our healthcare system and because it is friday we have our friday regulars, geraldo rivera and judge janine and donald trump will accept the republican nomination for president in jacksonville, florida, they are moving to florida for the big speech, we will talk to rhonda mcdaniel about that. then white house economic council director larry kudlow will join us. a rough day on wall street but today looks better. thanks for joining us, "fox and friends" will start in 14
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minutes. todd and carly will be back. i got an oriole here.
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>> lawfully gathering and expressing first amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism. it is patriotism. todd: the mayor of seattle seemingly in support of the occupied zone in the city is reports letting of extortion and violence. carley: is the left endorsing the anarchy? the host of reality check on fox nation david webb. we are in desperate need of a
2:51 am
reality check. mayor dirk and said this could be a summer of love with this cop free zone. what is your take on this? >> welcome to the nationstate of chas, those who voted in leaders who abandoned you when is your next vote going to be for those who oppress you or will you? this is a dystopian reality and tragic to see in america but maybe it is a needed lesson for people out there to see what happens when you let insurrectionist, anarchists, various groups take over and this becomes a lord of the flies in reality except where is mayor bloomberg? where the anti-second amendment crowds? people walking around with scary looking long guns and firearms
2:52 am
in their waistband, black, white, every color of skin and what happened to mayors around the country, mayors against gun violence, businesses, reports of extortion, what happens when this goes horribly bad or there is a medical emergency, who shows up, who responds and they are putting up fences and barricades so how do you take back the land from them that they acquired? todd: the patriots as the mayor us refers to them have a series of demands that are on your screen, abolition of the seattle police department, abolition of imprisonment, retrial for all people of color currently in prison, that is on its face unconstitutional, police funding redistributed to social programs, reparations for police brutality victims and the causation of acts of protests was what would happen to the city of seattle with those demands are met? >> you would see chas become a citywide anarchy zone, something
2:53 am
you expect from a hollywood movie but unfortunately this is real life and life reflects art and what we see in their demands is what they need to stay in power whether it is a pseudo-wrapper or someone who can put on a mask and be i am scary and archivists man or woman, these are dangerous people. i took to sarcasm against them to say the least, these are dangerous people and it is the people who supported these elected officials who have to look at reality but around the country we need to take a lesson from this, it is time for the police to stop kneeling, having their hands tied by political leadership and start tying the hands of these writers, anarchists, various groups or individuals, doesn't matter what they want to call themselves and shutting it down because what
2:54 am
they've done is a disgrace to the justice for george floyd that is needed. they no longer care about law and order and civil society, they are looking to tear down society into their form of seattle chas like nationstate dystopia. that doesn't work for anyone including the people on the left. >> these left leaning people create borders and guard them with guns. you can catch reality check with david webb on fox nation, don't miss it and we will be right back.
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. .
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rob: joe biden taking on facebook. the 2020 presumptive democratic nominee is demanding the social media giant crack down on misinformation ahead of the presidential election. biden tweeting in part quote we saw in 2016 what can happen with social media platforms are allowed uncheck and allow disinformation to run rampant. it puts the integrity of our elections at risk. v.p. is asking supporters to sign online petition. one of the rumored vp contenders says she has not been contacted. >> i have said many times if called i will answer. but i have not received any calls. todd: former gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams inc. indicating she is interested in the job. he promised to pick a woman as his running mate. of course amy klobuchar,
2:59 am
elizabeth warren all rumored. >> wes point tomorrow. this year's ceremony breaking away from a tradition bus of the pandemic. return to the new york campus after leaving in march. social distancing will be enforced and families will watch the ceremony on livestream. so very exciting stuff there. before we leave and hand it over to "fox & friends," we have to say goodbye to our fearless leader, executive producer desiree dunn who is moving on to a very exciting new adventure. desiree thank you so much for what you have done for all of our careers and this show. we love you and we will miss you. todd: yes. des, thank you for letting us be a part of your baby. thank you for letting us fill in from time to time. decision on your part but at the very least you got some laughs a lot of good food and we got a great boss. we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
3:00 am
carley: very good point. i guess the main thing, desiree, thank you for feeding us. we love you so much. more news to come. a very big show on "fox & friends," which starts right now. [chanting] whose street? our street. [bleep] [changing] steve: good morning, it is friday, june 12th, 2020. a fox news alert. president trump vowing to take on seattle's cop-free autonomous zone known as chaz, brian. brian: unbelievable this is happening. protesters occupying an area that includes a police precinct. the city's mayor defending them overnight, ainsley. ainsley: that's right. ashley is live with more on the fourth straight night of chaos in seattle. ashley? >> good morning.


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