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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 12, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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by this time next month. ♪ >> harris: president trump sitting down for an exclusive interview amid the growing firestorm over police protests and race relations, and more. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. i had the chance to meet with the president in dallas, texas, for a wide-ranging conversation on a host of issues, including his plans were police reform, and what he thinks the protesters want. i also asked him about one of his most controversial tweets, and got his reaction to some fiery remarks recently from joe biden. we'll get to that a little bit later. first, the president weighing in on the rising tensions in the nation and where we go from he
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here. >> harris: you know, mr. president, with all that's happened in the last couple weeks, i feel like we are at one of those historical moments where future generations will look back and they will decide who we were. are you the president to unite all of us, given everything that is happening right now? >> president trump: well, i certainly think so, and i certainly hope so. the relationships we have are incredible, the spirit of this country, especially considering what happened. we had come out of nowhere, a plague come in from china. it just came in, and it came to all over the world. it went all over the world. looking at 186 countries, and they were devastated. we were certainly hit very hard. some were hit harder than us, relatively. but we were hit very, very hard. now we are making our comeback, and on top of it, we we have the riots, which were unnecessary to the extent they wear.
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if the governors and mayors would have taken a stronger action, i think the riots, you could call them protesters, you could call them riots. different nights, different things. in minneapolis, they went numerous nights and i said, "you have to get the garden there." they could have done that really are. now you look at what's going on in -- you can look at a couple of places that are in such great shape, but then you look at seattle. with that all about? how did they allow that to happen? it's just a bad philosophy. so, i think it's incredible where we are and what we've done, considering where we came from. we were riding high, the greatest economy in history, we had the greatest employment numbers in history, including black, african-american -- if you look at the african-american numbers, they were incredible. best they've ever written. spanish, if you look at hispanic and asian numbers, women numbers, everybody. then we got hit with this plague, this horrible plague, and it was devastating in many
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ways. including the lives that were lost. that can never be regained. economics, we are going to be great. next year we will have a fantastic year. i think we'll have a fantastic third quarter. but you can never replace their lives. >> harris: i want to talk to you about where we are just in terms of the black community, people of color. you know, i hear you use the word "rider," and i understand, we covered it on fox news. i covered it at night as it was bursting a couple saturday nights ago. the looting. it was heartbreaking to see businesses, small businesses, which we know employ north of 66% -- it was. at the same time, you had peaceful protesters, and they were hurting, and i know from your team that you watched that 8 minutes and 46 seconds of george floyd. >> president trump: i did. >> harris: mr. president, your response to that is different
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than a person of color. and i'm a mom. when he called out "mom," on that tape, it is a hard punch. i'm curious, from you, what do you think the protesters -- not the looters and the rioters. we are intelligent enough to know the difference in our country. what do you think they want, what do you think they need right now from you? >> president trump: for different reasons, you had protesting also because they just didn't know. i watched it very closely. "why are you here?" they really weren't able to say. they were there for a reason, perhaps, but a lot of them were really there because they are following the crowd. a lot of them were there because what we witnessed was a terrible thing. what we saw was a terrible thing. and we seen it over the years. you know, this was one horrible example, but you've seen other terrible examples. you know that better than anybody would know it. and i know it, i've seen it, too. i've seen it before i was
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president and during the presidency i've seen it. i think it's a shame. i think it's a disgrace. it's got to stop. at the same time, you also know that we have incredible people in law enforcement, and we have to cherish them and take care of them. we have to let something like this -- we have a bad apple come out and destroy the image of millions of people that take really good care of us. and we have a movement where they say, "let's not have a police department." where these people coming from? >> harris: do you think you are perhaps closer than the nation might have ever been right now with police reform? you've got both sides talking. you've got the third most powerful person in the house, james clyburn, saying no to defending police. we need reform. what are you in favor of? >> president trump: everyone understands that. i don't know, is it a stiff race to break things up? the one he was talking about some of the things that would be in a bipartisan bill. i can't put words in his mouth. >> president trump: and not talking about him, i'm saying
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when they talk about police, when they actually talk about beyond defunding, they actually go on. defunding to a lot of people means to break up the police forces. either that, or don't give them any money -- >> harris: what do you want to see? what does it mean for you? >> president trump: i want to see really compassionate but strong law enforcement, police force, but law enforcement. >> harris: say no to choke holds? >> president trump: i don't like choke holds. i will say this, as somebody who -- you grow up and you wrestle and you fight, or you see what happens, sometimes if you are alone and fighting somebody, it is tough. and you get somebody i in a choe hold, what are you going to do? and it's a real bad person, and you know that, and they do exist. we have some real bad people. he saw that during the last couple of weeks, we saw some very good people protesting and some bad people, also. and you've got somebody in a choke hold, what are you going to do? let go and say, "let's start
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over, i'm not allowed to have you in a choke hold?" it's a tough situation. if you have two people, and in the case were talking about, four people, and two of them i guess just pretty much started. it's a very tricky situation. >> harris: that's an interesting point. >> president trump: to talk about it, off the cuff it would sound like, "absolutely." but you think about it, and you realize, maybe there is a bad fight. and the officer gets somebody in a position -- >> harris: you say it's a sliding scale depending on what the circumstances are? >> president trump: i think you probably have to -- >> harris: do you want to be in that conversation? are you in that conversation? >> president trump: i really am, and i think the concept of choke holds sounds so innocent and so perfect. if it's two on one, that's a bit of a different story, depending. depending on the toughness and strength, we are talking about toughness and strength. we aren't talking about -- there's a physical thing here, also. if a police officer is in a bad
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scuffle, and he is gone somebody in a choke hold -- >> harris: it's a one-on-one fight for life. >> president trump: that happens, so we have to be careful. with that being said, i think it would be a very good thing, generally speaking, it should be ended. >> harris: that's interesting. do you want that to be a top-down federal, or at the local level? that's the question right now. >> president trump: it could be local level. in some cases it will be local level, but i think we can certainly make recommendations, and very strong recommendations. >> harris: you look at me, i am harris on tv, but i'm a black woman. i'm a mom. you know, you've talked about it, but we haven't seen you come out and be that consoler in this instance. and the tweets, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. why those words? >> president trump: so, that is an expression i've heard over the years. >> harris: do you know where it comes from?
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>> president trump: i think philadelphia, the mayor of philadelphia. speed when it comes from 1967, i was about 18 months old at the time. everybody is shooting wikipedia because they probably got it wrong. it was from the chief of police in miami. he was cracking down, and he meant what he said. he said, "i don't even care if it makes it look like brutality when we cracked down, when the looting starts, the shooting starts." that frightened a lot of people. >> president trump: that comes from a very tough mayor who might have been police commissioner at the time, but i think the mayor of philadelphia, named frank rizzo, he had his excursion like that. but if heard it many times. it's been used many times. it means two things come a very different things. one thing, if there is looting, there is probably going to be shooting, and that's not as a threat. that's really just a fact, because that's what happens. the other one is if there is looting there is going to be shooting. there are very different meanings. >> harris: interesting. >> president trump: there is very different meetings.
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>> harris: do you think most people see it that way? >> president trump: i think they see it both ways. i have had it viewed both ways. i think it's meant both ways, not by the same person. when they looting starts, often times it means there's going to be shooting, there's going to be deaf, there's going to be killing. it's a bad thing. and it's also used as a threat. it's used both ways. but if you think about it, look at what happened, how people were devastated with the looting. look at what happened. >> harris: your rally in oklahoma is set for june 19th. was that on purpose? >> president trump: you know, but i know exactly what you're going to say. >> harris: i'm just asking. [laughs] i have not got anything to say. >> president trump: my rally is a celebration. we are going to oklahoma, and if you think about it, relative to your question, think about it as a celebration. don't think about it as an inconvenience, think about this is a celebration. >> harris: it's on the day of african-american emancipation. it's the independence day. >> president trump: the fact
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that i'm having a rally on that day, you can really think about that very positively as a celebration. the rally, to me, is a celebration. it's going be a celebration, and it's an interesting date. it wasn't done for that reason, but it's an interesting date, but it's a celebration. >> harris: there is so much more to get to. former white house press secretary sarah sanders and former dnc spokesperson mo elleithee will join me next, as we watch much more for my exclusive one-on-one interview with president trump in dallas. there they are. we are live, coming back. ♪ ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna
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>> president trump: we are going to do lots of, i think, good things. but we also have to keep our police and our law enforcement strong. we have to do it right. they have to be trained in a proper manner. they have to do it right. again, the sad thing is that they are very professional. but when you see an event like that, with more than 8 minutes of horror, it's 8 minutes, really, of horror. it's a disgrace. and people start saying, "well, are all police like that?" they don't know. maybe they don't think about it that much. it doesn't make any difference. the fact is they start saying, "police are like that." police aren't like that. >> harris: president trump on what being the "law & order" president means to him. just one of the topics we've touched on during my exclusive sit down with him last night in dallas, texas. former dnc spokesperson, mo elleithee, is here to weigh in on all of this. first, i want to talk with former white house press secretary and fox news contributor, sarah sanders.
10:17 am
sarah, it's great to see you today. let's unpack this just a little bit, because we've seen about 50% so far of the interview. we watch the rest throughout the show. "law & order," the president making it clear what that means. how does it resonate, a do you think, with his base and a wider range of voters across america? >> i think it should resonate with everyone in a positive way. i think the point the president is making, and i've heard him do it many times before, is come as a country, we must have law and order. that doesn't mean we also don't have compassion. i don't think there is a single person that i know or in this country that wasn't appalled by what happened to george floyd, including the president. that should never happen in this country. i think the president made that very clear, but that doesn't mean that every police officer in the country acts that way, or is a bad person or a bad officer.
10:18 am
in fact, most police officers in this country are doing the best they can to protect the most vulnerable people in our society. we must have law and order in order to continue to be a country without chaos and anarchy. i think that's up with the present was making, and one i've heard him make many times befo before. >> harris: one of the things the president said as we were showing your audience this entire interview is now being picked up on wire services. reuters is quoting the president for saying choke holds might be needed in some one-on-one situations. the president says it would be a very good thing generally to end police choke holds. could be local level decision. that is all from our interview just moments ago. your reaction on how you might think that this would play out in a wider public, this idea that maybe in some instances you would have it? >> sarah: i think the bigger topic here, and the main thing we need to be focused on, is
10:19 am
reform. i think we need to be looking at ways that we close the racial divide in this country. i think that what has happened has been horrific, but we are now having that conversation. i think it's an important want to have. you have the leader of the free world engaged in it, and looking at ways that we can do better. the most important thing we can do at this point, and moving forward, is to make sure we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. but that we come together as a country and we do better, because that's who we are as americans and that's what we have to stay focused on. how we close that racial divide, and how we make things better for the next generation and the next generation after that. >> harris: sarah sanders, you were in the room with me the first time i interviewed the president. you are white house press secretary at the time. the president is facing a much different situation now. i was asked this morning on "fox & friends," a behind-the-scenes question, what was his -- not his attitude, but point of view. how is he doing? he seemed the same to me.
10:20 am
he's very focused, upbeat, got a lot of energy. but really honing on what he needs to do next. what are your impressions about the president is doing right n now? >> sarah: look, right now our country is at a pivotal moment. we have had unprecedented challenges face us through the covid crisis that has been going on for the last couple of months. one thing that i know is clear is that, at the end of this, one of the most important things to do in bringing the country together is to have a strong economy, to create opportunity for every american. to make sure every boy and girl across this country has the same opportunities. and you have to help do that through having a strong economy. no one is better suited to do that than someone who has done it before. and knows how to do that. that's donald trump. he can do it again. i don't think there are a lot of americans who honestly say they think joe biden can help rebuild the economy. i do think that's an important
10:21 am
cornerstone of what we are going to need as we come out of the covid crisis, and as we put the country back together and bring the country back together. that is going to be important and i think donald trump can help us get there. >> harris: sarah sanders, thank you for being with me. good to see you. >> sarah: thanks, harris. >> harris: meanwhile, i asked the president if he could be both a law an law law and ordert and a consoler. amid so much turmoil in the nation. his answer, and more of my exclusive interview. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein,
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>> harris: can the law and order president also be the consoler in chief? >> president trump: i think so. i think the law and order president can keep a situation like seattle from ever happening. it should never happen. what happened in seattle, what happened in minneapolis, should
10:26 am
never happen. >> harris: you had some harsh words to say about seattle's mayor. why? >> president trump: because i saw her break down, i saw her leave, i saw her have absolutely no control, and i sir make a lot of bad decisions, including don't do anything that's going to affect anybody. toughness sometimes is the most compassionate. because people are getting badly hurt. look at what happened in minneapolis, where they left the precinct. the city, which is -- is a great place. >> harris: the black police officer who was killed? >> president trump: by being compassionate, she thought she was being compassionate. or, in the case of minneapolis, the young gentleman, the mayor, thought he -- >> harris: mayor frey. >> president trump: what was that all about? look at the damage, and the travesty, the small businesses. and the death. look at what happened.
10:27 am
by being soft and weak, you end up not being compassionate. it ends up being a very dangerous situation. >> harris: more of my exclusive interview with president trump. i was talking with him about some of his harsh language about the protests, and whether he can be both a law and order president and a consoler. the president, adamant that with compassion comes toughness. for more reaction, i am joined by mo elleithee, executive director of the institute of politics and public service at georgetown university. he is a former dnc spokesperson, also know i fox news contributor. mo, good to see you. one of the things the president said toughness has to come about has to do with the economy. he was talking yesterday and that church where i was in dallas, texas, about revival, and he specifically was talking about reviving that economy for people of color and for all americans, because we are in it together, to bring us back from the brink. he says that's how unique the situation is with compassion.
10:28 am
what do you say about that? >> mo: look, i think what was really interesting but your interview with him was you gave him plenty of opportunities to show compassion and empathy for the struggles of the black community, and of those who are protesting in the streets for justice. you know, he showed a little bit, but he tended to lean more on the law and order side. i don't think he exhibited a ton of empathy for what people in the community are really going through. he wants to talk about the economy. fine, we should talk about the economy. it's one of the problems we're seeing right now. while we should all be very happy that the last job numbers showed things weren't as bad as economists had predicted, they did get worse for the black community. unemployment in the black community went up. he didn't talk about that. we have seen, with the pandemic,
10:29 am
that communities of color are disproportionately affected. they are getting hit so much harder than other communities by the pandemic. he didn't talk about that. and while he is showing a lot of empathy for cops -- look, i've got lifelong friends who i grew up with who are in law enforcement at the federal and local level. i've got a member of my family -- >> harris: you and i have talked about that. >> mo: a local deputy sheriff. i care deeply about our men and women who are protecting and serving. but we can't deny that these problems are not -- we can't say they are entirely isolated. he isn't talking about the specific ways that we can reform police other than to say, "let's reform it." >> harris: well, he does. keep watching the show. >> mo: well, beyond just saying choke holds so far, i haven't heard it. >> harris: and, that's the whole purpose. i do want to hit this, though.
10:30 am
it's why i bring you in at this point. in particular, economically, the president is looking at revival. nearly 9,000 of those opportunity zones. how do we stop black on black destruction? and i mean both violent crime and property. it hasn't worked under democratic leadership in democratic bastions like chicago and baltimore. those are the realities. you are looking to this president, he's focused on the economy, you know the optimal color right now has got to be green to bring people forward of all races and cultures in america. just a quick reaction to what i've said? >> mo: there's a lot of doubts that need to be connected here. we are seeing in justice right now. not just in the criminal justice system, but in the health care system, and also in the economic system, environment, so many different ways. we've got to connect those dots. we've got to deal with the
10:31 am
underlying problems, where access to opportunity, access to capital in the black community, is lower -- >> harris: and he's talking about building that. >> harris: mo, good to see. i'm going to have to leave go. >> mo: you can't focus only on the economy. thanks, harris. >> harris: i'm going to actually go. keep watching. thank you. coming up, president trump's first on camera reaction to the situation in seattle where activists have occupied several blocks outside the cities abandoned precinct. we will hear from the head of the seattle police officers killed, next. ♪ payment relief options to eligible members so they can pay for things like groceries before they worry about their insurance or credit card bills. discover all the ways we're helping members today. because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery is all the difference in the world. the lexus es.
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>> harris: president trump weighing in on the retired police captain killed by looters, allegedly won particularly in st. louis. he also gave his first on camera reaction to the situation in seattle where activists are still occupying a six block section of the city. and they are calling it an autonomous zone.
10:36 am
watch. >> i want to talk with you about revitalization in black communities. the focus of the opportunity zone that you put into place, i think it was late 2017. how did senator does all of that fit intotalkind people right now wanting for the black community -- and not just black, but communities of color, people who are disadvantaged in general. the economy is the great unifier, right? >> president trump: i think i've done more for the black community than any other president, and let's take a pass on abraham lincoln, because he did good, although it's always questionable. in other words, the end result -- >> harris: we are free, mr. president. he did pretty well. [laughs] >> president trump: you understand what i mean. i will take a pass on honest abe come as a kind. >> harris: but you said you did more than any. >> president trump: criminal justice reform, nobody else
10:37 am
could have done it. i did it. i didn't get a lot of notoriety, and the people that i'd did it for didn't go on television and think everybody but me. they needed me to get it done and i got it done, and i got five or six republican senators who had no interest in getting it done, and they were great. we got it done. we did that. the historically black colleges and universities were not funded, they weren't funded. i got them funded on a long-term basis and took care of -- i became friendly every year for three years. they were the heads, the deans, the presidents of the universities and colleges, they would come up. i got to know them. 44 or so people would come up to the oval office. first it was normal. i said, "all right, let's do it." second year i said, "why are you back again?" here i said, "why are you here?" and they said, "for ever years d to come back every year. we are to beg for money."
10:38 am
i said, "you should be begging. you should be back at your colleges and universities in teaching." i got them long-term money, more than they had. much more than they had. and i got it permanent. they don't have to come back into washington, d.c. i said, "the only bad part is i won't see you again maybe." >> harris: [laughs] >> president trump: because they were great people. but i took care of that opportunity zone. i did that. prison reform. harris, honestly -- >> harris: those opportunity zones? >> president trump: the opportunity zones, vast amounts of money are going into areas that never got money. they are investing. the people had tax advantages, they get certain advantages, otherwise they won't put up their money. it affects tremendously the employment and areas that were absolutely dead or dying. >> harris: so they should bounce back faster. either from the pandemic or from this latest round of
10:39 am
construction. >> president trump: we will get this straightened out. we can never gain back all of those lives that were lost. outside of that, we are going to be in very strong shape. we have tremendous stimulus, a lot of things happening. >> harris: i was going to toggle right then to former commander in louisville, i believe, david doran. >> president trump: i called his wife last night. >> harris: you talked with anne-marie? >> president trump: yes. >> harris: it didn't get a lot of coverage. we talked about on both measures on fox. but his murder was streamed live on fox. african-american cop. these have been really tough couple of weeks. you have lost people of color on both sides of what i guess would be termed as a fight, although i think we are all in this together. and we got to get to a better place. speech he was chief doran, i spoke to his wife, she was devastated. sounds just like a great woman. i said, "did you see all the
10:40 am
people that went to that funeral?" it was incredible. it wasn't covered. this was an african-american top guy, many years on the forest. killed by looters. he wasn't being aggressive, either. >> harris: he was defending his friend. >> president trump: he was a very professional guy and he was killed. the people got it, because i don't know if you got to see that, but -- >> harris: the visitation on one day in the funeral the next. >> president trump: it was around the block. he was a great gentleman. i say this, if there are more toughness, wouldn't have the kind of devastation that you had in minneapolis and in seattle. what's going on in seattle. but i will tell you, if they don't straighten that situation out, we are going to straighten it out. >> harris: what do you mean that you might buy that? i don't know if you caught it, but governor cuomo was so set by
10:41 am
mayor de blasio he said he would to place him. i don't know how that would work, but it is that what you seen seattle? >> president trump: won't let seattle be occupied. he was weak person. in minneapolis, the woman -- has she ever done this before? >> harris: in seattle. >> president trump: it was pathetic. no, we are not going to let this happen in seattle. if we have to go in, we will go in. the governor, let the governor do it. he has great national guard troops, he can do it. one way or the other it's going to get done. these people are not going to occupy a major portion of the great city. they are not going to do it. and they can solve that problem very easily. >> harris: joining me now, the president of the seattle police officers killed. michael, thank you for being
10:42 am
with me. when you hear the president say that he is willing to take charge, take care of what's happening in seattle, what is your reaction? >> michael: hi, harris. thank you for having me. this is such an important societal topic that sadly, what's happened in seattle, that conversation has been stolen by unreasonable activists in the city of seattle. now they control six square blocks. they control the precinct. that is a direct result of our city elected officials lacking the political willpower to enforce the rule of law. much like your topic of your show, law and order. great interview, by the way. thank you. this is the closest i've ever seen our country, let alone the city, to becoming a lawless state when public safety issues are deeply concerning. as a seattle resident, it was very profound.
10:43 am
what's to stop them from taking another precinct? as i said last night, 300 protesters marched on it two nights ago great officers were ordered back inside, outside the perimeter. if we lose that flagship precinct, that houses the 911 communications center. therefore, if becomes disabled, how do we provide public safety services to the entire city? this is how serious this conversation is. but we are more than willing as a membership to have these tough conversations about race. in fact, we came up with our own concept, the protection plan, engaging in the disadvantage communities, where our own people, our police officers, partnering with the community, have raised over 4 tons of food to donate to those most in need in our inner city. very, very troubling issue going on right now in seattle. >> harris: i want to give another stab at it. when you are the president say that he is going to help you
10:44 am
take care of what's going on there and take charge of the situation, you are talking about losing your 911 center, another precinct, potentially. anything can happen. what is your reaction to him offering or saying he's going to jump in? >> michael: we need leadership from somebody. it's not occurring in the city right now. we've lost the ability as a police force, with the primitive justice policies regarding crowd control, there is a portion of our seattle city council, the unreasonable activists crowd, a very small group that are trying to rustle control with city hall. they have removed our ability to have less lethal tools to properly defend the police facilities. it's putting my membership at great risk for energy. if dozens injured. i don't know another way how we can defend, protect that critical police facility in the city without the adequate, less lethal tools to keep a crowd
10:45 am
back. >> harris: michael, i'm going to step in real quick, because i want people to see -- he called that the unreasonable activists crowd. take a look at these demands. we are just going to put four of the 30 demands we know about from the protesters. abolish seattle pd on the court system. they want to get rid of the courts. abolish imprisonment. free college for the people of washington state. the gentrification of seattle, starting with rent control. real quick, your reaction to what they are demanding? again, that is 4 of 30. >> michael: fantastic example of unreasonable activism. the overall seattle community, the reasonable people fully support reasonable activism. not this unreasonable activism that, sadly, has taken our city hostage. and they own a precinct right now. that is a great example of what is going on here, and our political officials aren't leading right now. we need rule of law here.
10:46 am
as a seattle resident, i am so embarrassed. as a proud professional public safety officer, we are more than willing to be brought to the table as a stakeholder. but we have yet to be invited, and our open letter to the mayor has yet to have been publicly acknowledged. we need some serious help in seattle. >> harris: i can tell you, from talking to the president of the united states, he is watching this very closely. you heard him himself. he will get in there if he has to. keep us posted here on "outnumbered overtime" what happens next. i'm sorry about the injuries to your officers. thank you for joining me. the highest ranking military officer in the united states armed forces says he regrets being photographed with president trump walking across lafayette square. the president answered my questions about that. hear what he had to say, next. ♪ mto all time lows.e now falln
10:47 am
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>> harris: the relationship between president trump and the nation's top military brass came into focus this week. joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark milley spoke out yesterday on his walk with the president across lafayette square just days after defense secretary mark esper publicly
10:51 am
split with the white house in opposing the use of active-duty troops to quell violent protests. i talked with the president about those remarks, as well as joe biden's recent suggestion that the military may need to get involved on inauguration day. watch. >> general milley con joint chiefs of staff, i don't know how much you knew that he was going to say today before he spoke. but he said he regrets having been there. he apologized about having been there on lafayette square with you for the picture. the infamous picture, as he walked to the church. >> president trump: i think it was a bit of a picture. i'll tell you, i think christians think it was a beautiful picture. >> harris: but why do you thinthink you hearing from general milley, from secretary of defense esper? and not why you think you are, but do you think it is significant? >> president trump: no, i don't think so. that's the way they feel, i think that's fine. i have good relationships with the military. i have rebuild our military. i spent $2.5 trillion.
10:52 am
nobody else did. when we took over from president obama and biden, the military was a joke. the military was depleted. >> harris: i have one last question that has to do with joe biden. do you hear what he said today? >> president trump: no, i didn't. >> harris: okay. he said that he believes he will steal the election, and if you don't win, he thinks that military will escort you from the white house. >> president trump: look, joe is not all there. everybody knows that. it's sad, when you look at it. you see it. see it for yourself. he has created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is. and he doesn't come out. certainly, if i don't win, i don't win. you go on doing things. i think it would be very sad thing for our country. >> harris: joining me now, chris stirewalt, fox news all text editor. you are watching the very end of
10:53 am
that interview, and the president very generous with his time. we covered so many topics. unpack it for us with what you think are the top lines. >> chris: well, certainly from what you heard right there, that was significant that trump backed down from engaging against his critics in the military. we have been watching to see what would happen to defense secretary esper, now with milley, the rebuke to the photo photo op. we would tell mike where leading to see what he would do, and what we heard him do was let it stand for a part of trump's problem in this election year is he keeps bringing the focus back on himself and these controversies. this is an example of a person making a good decision to say, "i'm not going to keep up this fight, because it gives too much fodder to my critics, so i'm going to let this one go." if you can stay there and not reengage on this conflict with military, then that is much better for him.
10:54 am
>> harris: you know, there were points in the conversation with the president -- and i sometimes will terminate as a conversation more than a very formal interview, because we really were going back and forth on a lot of issues, and the president was, as you say, very present in those moments. he is focused, he is consistent. i think -- you know, i'm looking to you to kind of handicap it as we go forward in this election year. you spoke a little bit about where he needs to be on that issue. what about overall? >> chris: i thought one of those interesting moments overall was your education, the back and forth, the discussion about juneteenth, the discussion about the tulsa massacre, about putting these things in context, and the way that you dealt with that i thought was quite impressive. the president knows he is in a
10:55 am
difficult space. he knows the questions of race in america's history of race. he is sometimes out of his depth, when he talks about rizzo, the heinous police commissioner, the races mayor of philadelphia. saying, "it was rizzo, not the guy in miami." and you are walking them through that. that was a moment, that is something that come in your career, 50 years from now, he would tell your grand children. "let me tell you about this time i interviewed the president." you got to be there, and that is pretty cool." >> harris: i will also tell them on how focused he is on building black wealth, that was another thing with the economy and all of that. very important. chris stirewalt, thank you very much. good to see you. great to talk with you about that behind the scenes, too. we'll be right back. at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese.
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>> you can watch my full interview with president trump from beginning to end on and you know what, from behind the scenes, i wanted to share
11:00 am
something with you. this president has given unprecedented access for the media. from daily briefings to catching him in and out of travel, so on and so forth. he doesn't get credit for that and i think you should. is going to be a powerful election year. tune into it. >> dana: president trump telling fox news that local leaders can't get control of the situation in seattle, he and his administration well. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." >> we are not going to let seattle be occupied by anarchists. >> have you talked to the mayor? >> no, but i got to see a performance i've never seen. you think he was a weak person in minneapolis, the woman, i don't know, has she ever done this before?


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