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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 22, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i agree. we are out of time. so much content, see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. will be televised. jillian: it is monday, june 22nd. we start with a fox news alert. more violence reported inside chop, seattle police investigating another shooting inside the autonomous zone. it comes after a deadly weekend shooting exposed the dangerous reality in what's supposed to be a peaceful protest. details on the latest act of violence, just in from the west coast. i don't think he's fit for office. i don't think he has the confidence to carry out the job. there really isn't any guiding principle other than what's good for donald trump's re-election. >> how do you think history will remember donald trump. >> i hope it will remember him as a one term president.
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>> john bolton lashing out at president trump in an explosive interview before his book release. the new revelations from the former national security advisor open the door to another impeachment push. we're live in washington with the fallout. >> one gave his life for his country, the other took a knee for the american flag. one nfl legend says colin kaepernick should get the same honor as pat tillman. the reaction that's pouring in from social media. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, you're watching "fox & friends" first on monday morning. i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele as always. more violence inside seattle's chop zone overnight as at least one person is shot. >> .>> more shots fired.
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i'm running away. jillian: fox news is told the victim is in serious condition at a local hospital right now. police tweeting there are reports of a second shooting but they have not been able to verify it. this comes after a 19-year-old was shot and killed in the chop zone over the weekend. police body cam video shows officers struggling to reach that victim amid angry crowds. todd: all eyes on this story today, john bolton slamming president trump, saying he poses a danger for the republic. the former national security advisor sounding off ahead of his book release tomorrow. jillian: democrats suggest bolton could be called to testify. what's the latest, doug. >> reporter: good morning. john bolton is unloading again on president trump and on house democrats who led the impeachment inquiry. here he is telling abc's martha
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radits that he hopes trump doesn't win a second term in november. >> i hope it will remember him as a one term president who didn't plunge the country i retrieveabley into a downturn we can't get over. the decisions are made in a scatter-shod fashion, especially in the potentially mortal field of national security policy. this is a danger for the republic. >> reporter: bolton's book, the room where it happened, will be officially released tomorrow after a federal judge denied the administration's request to block it. bolton had served as the national security advisor for nearly a year and-a-half and managed to anger both republicans and democrats who are still angry that he refused to testify for the house impeachment inquiry. >> bolton said he would sue us if we subpoenaed him. bolton has demonstrated and i think to the length and degree
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that he indicts donald trump, he also indicts himself for could e and agreed. >> i wish he would come under oath and testify. under oath, he would have had an opportunity to answer questions and not just make assertions. >> reporter: so will bolton be called back to testify before the house? the chairman of the house judiciary committee said no and then maybe yes. >> no. we're not interested in bolton's testimony. we may, but we'll see about that. i think the president's done a lot of impeachable things including what bolton's talking about. >> reporter: john bolton will appear on fox's special report tomorrow night to coi coincide h the official release of the book. jillian: doug, thank you.
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todd: go to a fox news alert. nine people shot, two skilled according to local reports in a violent night in charlotte, north carolina. officers confirm five people were hit by cars but it's unclear if any of them were seriously hurt. police say this happened during a party. we will monitor the situation and update you throughout this newscast. jillian: overnight, police in richmond, virginia surround a confederate monument after declaring unlawful assembly. >> we are peaceful. stop using weapons! jillian: demonstrators trying to topple a statue honoring a confederate general, protesters placing fireworks on the statue that is over 110 years old. two city council members calling on the city to immediately remove all monuments for, quote, public safety reasons. a george washington statue in
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baltimore defaced with red parent and black lives matter graffiti. the statue of henry wyatt, the first confederate soldier to die in battle was taken down, along with one honoring the women of the confederacy. governor roy cooper ordered the removal for safety reasons. todd: thousands of new yorkers are heading back to work for the first time in months. phase two is beginning this morning. as new york moves forward with its recovery, abc news reports more than a dozen states are seeing a spike in cases. many counties require masks indoors to help slow the spread. this comes as the world health organization reports its largest single day increase in cases with more than 183,000 in just 24 hours. jillian: and nypd officer is suspended without pay after using an apparent chokehold, a
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move the department has banned. >> [ indiscernible ] jillian: the man taunting officers allegedly harassed people on the beach and resisted arrest. new york city mayor bill de blasio commending the department's swift action. todd: protests continued over the weekend with unrelenting calls to defund the police as the senate and house prepare for a showdown this week. president trump tweeting, quote, the democrat house wants to pass a bill this week that will destroy our police. republican congressmen and congress women will hopefully fight hard to defeat it. david spunt has more as protesters hit the streets, one day after trump's rally. >> reporter: protesters continued to spill into the streets across the country as they speak out against racial injustice and police brutality.
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demonstrators held a march in columbus, ohio sunday, one day after president trump referred to some protester as radicals and thugs during his campaign rally in tulsa, oklahoma. >> protesting is an american right. >> reporter: demonstrators clashed outside the rally. there were mo reports of violence -- there were no reports of violence. during the president's speech h- >> they wanted to defund and dissolve our police departments. think of that. i heard it for the first time two weeks ago. i thought that was -- i mean, they're only kidding. >> reporter: they canceled an outdoor rally for an expected overflow crowd. >> we saw it have an impact in terms of people coming to the
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rally. >> reporter: protesters say they're focused on ending systemic racism. >> black lives matter. we're letting everybody know that we matter. todd: the trump cam bain says concerns over -- campaign says concerns over the coronavirus caused many supporters to stay home on saturday. that was david spunt reporting. jillian: at least one person shot inside seattle's chop zone overnight after a teenager is shot and killed over the weekend. as other major cities see a rash of weekend violence. todd: doesn't this prove how much we need law enforcement? retired nypd lieutenant darrin porcher with a powerful message on how to take back our streets. he's coming up next.
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>> more shots fired. i'm running away. todd: this is a fox news alert. chaos in seattle's chop zone as police report a shooting had left one person in the hospital. jillian: this after another shooting there over the weekend where a teenager was killed and another person left in critical condition. former nypd lieutenant, darrin porcher, joins us now. good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me, jillian. jillian: these are supposed to be peaceful demonstrations. you have seattle police sending out a tweet in the overnight hours, saying they're investigating a shooting there, another one, in addition to the shooting that happened over the weekend. you can see the tweet right there. and in fact, they also say there are reports of a second shooting but they have not been able to verify that at this time. what do you make of this, dr. porcher? >> unfortunately, this is a litmus test on public safety that's failed. you can either make this opportunity or miss this opportunity and the mayor of seattle has missed this opportunity. we have a community under siege. police are the practitioners prs
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that are capable and able to solve the situation of violence in that quote, unquote chop zone. the police department's hands are tied and the mayor is not enabling them to come in, which should be immediate, and take over that area and now promote a level of genuine peace for the sitens in seattle. we have a select few group of individuals that are protesting and have taken over this area, which i refer to as anarchists. we need to put an end to this and we need to stabilize that society. todd: it was a violent weekend in seattle. take a look at this body cam footage from saturday. >> please move out of the way so we can get to the victims. all we're trying to do is get to the victim. todd: you see scenes like that putting into context the whole picture. how many more shootings before chop is disbanded?
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>> you know, it seems like it's endless at this point. police are not able to partake in the social contract in affording the citizens a level of safety and this is a result of elected officials' failure to execute on what they've been put in office to do. policing is necessary to bring an end to the state of anarchy in the chop zone. therefore, one of the things that i hear all the time is black lives matter and i'm okay with that. black lives matter, all lives matter, and blue lives matter. however, you as the director and executer of your life, therefore, make your life matter. the communities of color are under siege. and no one is there to help. we have these resounding ideas of, look, let's make this a police-free zone and let's create a city of love, so-to-speak. of we've clearly seen it's had a
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catastrophic end. we need to bring in practitioners that can implement a sense of normalcy. unfortunately, this hasn't been done. we've had multiple shootings that occurred resulting in people dying, becoming seriously physically injured and nothing is being done. enough already. let's bring this back to a state of normalcy and that's what we need to do, as opposed to continuing in this horrific example of a failed experience. jillian: expanding it outside of seattle, it was a violent weekend across the country. we can show you the numbers. inside the chop zone, one killed, one injured. in new york, two killed, 24 injured. in minneapolis, one person killed, 11 injured. these are just numbers from this weekend. you know, where are we going to be if we don't have police, if this is what we're looking at in just a few days span? >> this is a classic example how
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defunding police is not an alternative. we need to fund professional development within law enforcement agencies throughout the country. the revolution or the changes in police structure come from the implementation of the necessary funds that go into professional development. if we continue this regressive mode of defunding police and the state of accr acrimony this continues. crime reaches all-time highs during the summer months. no one is understanding this. our elected officials have fallen asleep at the switch. as a result, the communities have suffered based on the inability of government to enact the necessary steps to protect these communities. when we look at shy ca chicago w york and the catastrophic failures in government, it shows
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us how necessary it is to have police and boots on the ground and this is clear failure. jillian: we'll continue to follow it, that's for sure. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. jillian: it is 18 minutes after the hour. former national security advisor john bolton unleashes on the president, saying he doesn't have the competence to carry out the job. todd: so what went so wrong between bolton and the president. fred flites has an idea. he's next. wherever you live, certain truths are universal love...feels the same. joy... is a joint expression, and health... is an essential need for all. yet with so much we share, there's one thing we don't: around our world, millions live in places with little to no access to hospitals. at mercy ships, we've made it our mission to change this.
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. police unleash rubber bullets and pepper spray on protesters outraged over the deputy involved shooting of a teen.
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protesters scatter as police fire rubber bullets in california. video shows one of them throw an object at deputies. protesters gathering over the shooting death of andre wardoto. deputies shot and killed him last week after they say he pulled a gun on them. todd: eight minnesota correction officers of color filing a discrimination lawsuit, claiming they were banned from guarding the white officer charged with murdering george floyd. the jail superintendent reportedly issued an order keeping black officers off the same floor of derek chauvin. the superintendent later reversed this order and apologized. jillian: former national security advisor john bolton slamming president trump and questioning his ability to lead. >> i don't think he's fit for office. i don't think he has the
1:23 am
confidence to carry out the job. the president may well be a superb deal maker when it comes to manhattan real estate. when you're dealings with somebody like putin against donald trump who doesn't enjoy reading about these issues, it's a very difficult position for america to be in. todd: former white house national security council chief of staff fred fleitz has been calling for bolton's book to be withdrawn since january and he joins us now. it's so important to get your insight here. you have literally been in the room when it happens on many occasions, you understand the ramifications to national security. how consequential is the bolton book? >> well, i don't think the book tells us a lot about president trump that people don't know. he's an unconventional president. he rejects the foreign policy establishment. we know he came in without a lot of foreign policy experience. i like to compare john bolton and mike pompeo, they both came
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in with a lot of national security experience. pompeo found out a way to work with the president and effectively implement the policies. for some reason john bolton was not able to do that. at the end of the day, that's the issue here. ambassador bolton's job was to work with the president and help him be effective and bolton wasn't able to do that. jillian: let's take a listen to what folks on both sides of the aisle have to say about this. >> john bolton is disgruntled. because of the fact that president trump did not follow his direction. bolton lacks credibility. >> john bolton is a political opportunityist and profiteer. >> he also indicts himself for cowardice and for agreed. jillian: that's republicans and democrats. you have other people who say you can add john bolton's name to the growing list of people who used to work with the president who are now coming out
1:25 am
and speaking this language against him. what do you say about all of that? >> well, when i think of the entire book, i am really drawn to one particular point that the new york times pulled out, and that what is the times said was the turning point for john bolton. and this wasn't ukraine or china or north korea. it was when the president decided last june not to bomb iran. and this -- you may remember that an unarmed drone was shot down by the iranians last june and there was advice, led by ambassador bolton, to bomb a number of iranian targets in retaliation. this would have killed 100 to 200 people and the president decided this was disproportionate. bolton called that the most irrational thing i've ever witnessed any president do. this wasn't irrational. this was moral and rational. and it goes against bolton's claim that the president has no principles and everything he does is for electoral politics.
1:26 am
the president has a very definite principle here, to keep the u.s. out of unnecessary wars and not to use military power that will start a new war. this was the right decision and for this to be the turning point in my view, sort of argues against the whole theme and thrust of the book. todd: quickly, fred, in the time we have remaining, 10 seconds, what are the ramifications to our country from this book from a national security perspective? >> it's very disturbing that a former national security advisor publishes a book with such extensive detail, the internal discussions on national security policy. not only is this going to make it hard for the president to trust his advisors in the future, this is a guidebook to foreign nations on how to deal with our country. for example, it talks over and over again about which leaders president trump likes and dislikes. this kind of book should have never been published while a president is still in office. jillian: we're certainly going
1:27 am
to be following it as i know you will, fred. thank you for joining us. fred fleitz, we appreciate it. >> good to be here. todd: time now, 26 minutes after the hour. as president trump returns to the campaign trail, joe biden remains in the basement. what is the best strategy? the debate, next. as you get older, are you worried about staying sharp and alert? forebrain, from the harvard-educated experts at force factor, contains key ingredients to help boost memory, learning, clarity, focus, and more! rush to walmart and find forebrain, our #1 brain booster, in the vitamin aisle.
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todd: welcome back. we begin with a fox news alert. more violence in seattle's chop zone after a shooting leaves one person in serious condition. police still investigating. it comes after a 19-year-old was shot and killed over the weekend. jillian: today the supreme court could issue its first major ruling on abortion rights since president trump took office. all eyes are on chief justice roberts who sided with liberals in two landmark cases last week.
1:31 am
the ruling will indicate the court's willingness to revisit protections granted in roe v wade. todd: the world health organization reporting the biggest single day increase in coronavirus cases since the pandemic began. there were 183,000 new confirmed cases worldwide in just 24 hours with the biggest jumps in brazil, the u.s. and in india. the global total now stands at nearly 9 million confirmed cases and 468,000 deaths. jillian: president trump says he is open to meeting with venezuelan dictator nicolas maduro, despite claims his administration is failing to recognize maduro's regime. todd: trey yingst is live in jerusalem with the major foreign policy shift. >> reporter: good morning. in a big turn of events, president trump says he is now open to meeting with venezuelan dictator nicolas maduro. the president discussed the
1:32 am
possibility during an interview on friday in the oval office with axios, adding he is currently against what is going on in venezuela. the development highlights the lack of structure in current american foreign policy. previously, the president threw his support to the opposition leader amid a deep crisis in venezuela. new revelations in the book written by john bolton say president trump saw guido as weak and compared him to beto o'rourke. this is opening the door for iranian expansion in the south american country. this week, iran sent a cargo ship with food to open the first iranian supermarket in venezuela. last month, iran sent 1.5 million barrels of oil to venezuela. that move was in violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement. the vessels were escorted bivens way lai -- by venezuelan navyd
1:33 am
say force. this highlights the larger issue with the trump administration's maximum pressure campaign against the islamic republic, showing it's not working in many areas. todd, jillian. jillian: thank you, trey. the suspect in the disappearance of madeleine mccann allegedly abducted and sold her, that's according to bombshell new claims from a close friend of the suspect. christian bruckner allegedly bragged about burglarizing apartments and selling kids. so far, there's no evidence to support the claim. mccann disappeared in 2007 while on vacation in portugal. she was 3 years old. jeffrey epstein's alleged madam is reportedly hiding out in france. the sun reporting she is hunkered down in her paris apartment as the fbi looks into her connection to epstein's sex trafficking. she has been accused in civil suits of finding young girls for the dead billionaire.
1:34 am
she stayed in france during the pandemic and plans to try to stay in her home country to avoid possible extradition. todd: president trump back on the campaign trail, meeting with thousands of supporters, all this as joe biden team defends against reports that the vice president, former vp, is avoiding reporters. >> just because we're campaigning virtually doesn't mean we are not meeting actual voters across the country. the reality is, what we have been doing is following cdc guidelines. the vice president is doing local media interviews, and he is taking questions from reporters. todd: joining me to debate, democrat strategist anthony tule and trump 2020 advisory board member, jason meister. thank you for being here. let's pop up on the screen the latest joe biden news conferences, april 2nd there was a virtual news briefing, march 25th a virtual press conference and june 24th, the
1:35 am
last conference. is the strategy to keep biden quiet to limit the gaffes. >> for a short while it is. i think it works for right now. i think it works for what's going on in the country and with the pandemic and with the protests. i don't see a need and i don't think the party sees a need for joe biden to get out there and do a lot of public appearances when basically a lot of the policy with regard to coronavirus says, hey, he should be at home, he should be doing virtual meetings. so this is where we're at. biden, he has a habit of being kind of a gaffe machine. so as long as you can keep him out of the lime light, i think it's best for him and i think it's best for the party. todd: jason, same question to to you. i mean, that is a pretty big admission by anthony. he admits, look, biden's a gaffe machine. we've got to watch this guy.
1:36 am
what are your thoughts? >> look, i think it's a great strategy for democrats. i think it's important for biden to stay in the basement so he doesn't make the gaffes. he can't string a coherent sentence together. i think it was an exciting rally that we saw the president have in tulsa. i think when you look at the transition to greatness, you see this president showing leadership and showing the american people it's time to come out and realize that this country is coming back and we're going to persevere through this and you had over 12,000 people in that arena which was 11,990 more people than joe biden had at this event. you had 10 million view this. this was a tremendous turnout for the president as we move to this greatness. todd: let's get to the rally a little bit more in detail. the president and the gop really placing a big bet on the economy as the issue for 2020. maybe a little bit public safety as well. but really, it's the economy.
1:37 am
is this a vital message for them? is this the message? let's listen to what the president said at the rally on saturday. >> so we built the greatest single economy in the world. and then the plague came in and now what we're doing is we're doing it again and it's going fast. in the end, we're going to have a phenomenal economy and next year we're going to have a good third quarter, but next year, i said it before, will be the single greatest year economically that we've ever had. todd: is this a good strategy, really put all the chips in the center of the table on economy? >> it's very risky. it's very risky because of the fact that we don't know what the economy is going to look like in november. we don't know what the economy is going to look like two days from now or tomorrow morning. so it's kind of -- it's very risky considering what it looks like now. the president is struggling in the polls. he's got protests going on all
1:38 am
across the country. so i think that if he's going to bet that the economy comes back, there's two things that the republicans can rely on and that the president can rely on. he can rely on the fact that maybe it starts coming back and it comes back a little bit, more like the nike swoop that we talked about, comes back a little bit and the country feels a little bit more comfortable, they say he's on the way to bringing it back or he takes the risk of everyone saying we're still at 25 million, 20 million unemployed, there's no way i'm going to reelect him. it's a huge risk. it's not something i would advise the president to do. but i think that's kind of the situation that he's in right now where that's the best bet to go. todd: okay. jason, quick final word to you and my final betting pun of the day, should the gop be doubling down on the economy? >> 100%. there's no greater contrast. when you look to prior to coronavirus the president created over 7 million jobs. he brought unemployment to
1:39 am
50-year low. black and hispanic unemployment to record lows. gdp above 3% growth. i mean, this president built the greatest economy the world's ever seen and he's going to do it all over again. when you contrast that to barack obama and joe biden, who presided over the weakest and flattest recovery in u.s. history, it's really very clear, in november, it's either jobs or mobs. todd: there we go. obviously not the last time we're going to debate this but gentlemen, thank you for your time this morning. anthony tull, jason meister, always a pleasure. jillian, over to you. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. jillian: president trump's children sharing their father's day greetings. don junior posting a photo with his dad, praising him for doing the job right, he said. ivanka posted a photo of the president showing her as a baby. eric showing off the family as young kids with their mother,
1:40 am
ivana. unexpected guests drop in on some hunters, the social media reaction to this wild encounter. todd: that is wild video. the president is eager to get students back to to school this fall. but what do parents think? a panel of moms tells us what they're thinking about with school just a few weeks away, coming up next.
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more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. as states continue to reopen after covid-19 closures, president trump is calling on schools to reopen next. >> kids are much stronger than us. let's open the schools, please. we've got to get them open. in the fall, we've got to get them open. jillian: the question many are asking, is it too soon. we ask the women who know best, moms. joining us now, kim, a mother to
1:44 am
a 14-year-old, elizabeth, mother of two, and carla, mother of three. thanks for joining here. kim, i'll start with you. i know that during this period of time where they weren't at school and things were closed and people were quarantining, you did a lot of life education. i'm curious if you think, though, that it's time now -- you can appreciate that time you had but now it's time to get back into the classroom. >> absolutely. we found a camp that was open and i feel like parents were squealing in there at 200 miles an hour, kicking their kids out the door. i love my daughter. i've had enough time at home with her. i think that at 14 they're desperate for interaction with other kids. it's such a critical thing at this age to be together with other children and get through all that awkwardness of being eighth grade freshmen in high school. yes, i think they need to get
1:45 am
back to each other. i think this virtual world is great but it's so isolating. i don't think that's healthy for them. jillian: long-term especially. take a look at this, 94% of superintendents are not ready to announce when schools will reopen or resume in person and then whenever they do, there are some safety measures that are being discussed, precautions that will be put in place, that includes a hybrid model of in person and remote learning, socially distanced desks, require temperature checks when entering and frequent hand washing of course. elizabeth, do you think that would be enough for you as it stands right now, the measures that are being discussed? >> yes, i think it will be enough. i think that we're all going to have to work together to adapt to a new normal, it's not going to happen overnight and i think we will take those safety precaution that's we have to take and adapt as we go and like kim, my two daughters who are five and seven, just finished their first week of horseback riding camp and after three
1:46 am
months, plus, in isolation, not having any interaction with other kids, it really made me emotional as a mother to just see how they're thriving now and how important that human to human interaction is for their mental health and, you know, the goal of the stay at home orders were put in place to flatten the curve so that we wouldn'tover wt overwhelm healthcare systems. it wasn't meant to last until we find a vaccine which can take much longer. i think if we all work together to implement the safety measures, whether it's smaller groups, lunch at desks, staggered dropoffs and pick-up, then we can reopen and hopefully everyone will stay safe and our kids will get the in-person learning they need and we as parents can get back to work, so america can get back on its feet. jillian: i know you say that home schooling was not
1:47 am
necessarily easy, efficient or enjoyable but you're not opposed to schools opening because you realize the importance of it, is that right? >> yeah, of course. i mean, like all the other moms, would love my kids to go back to school but i do want that to be in a safe environment and i have three kids, so they haven't been as isolated as maybe some other kids, so i'm lucky that way. but i think that the pathway to success will look different depending on where you are in the country. i'm in no huge hurry to kick my kids as it were out the door just to get back into school so to have person to person contact, although i know that's important. remote learning, it wasn't as effective but we need to make it more effective and maybe think of a hybrid situation where they can remote learn in a more effective way and continue in classes. jillian: kim, i'll go back to you. is your daughter ready to go back to school? >> absolutely. she's been ready since the day they cut it off because she was
1:48 am
actually having a fun 13-year-old year, which is rare for any 13-year-old. so, yeah, no, she's absolutely ready and she's a germaphobe so i was surprised about that. we had gallons of hand sanitizer in our house long before the pandemic. it's not going to pay for our college education but she is ready to go. jillian: elizabeth and karen, same to you. were your kids ready? >> they can't wait. they just love their friends and they miss their teachers. jillian: i heard that a lot. karen? >> my kids, this is the first week of summer vacation so they're in no way ready to go back to school. so we have a couple of months to hopefully reorganize and make the schools as safe as they can be. jillian: great answers all of you. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, jillian. jillian: have a good day. and we'll be right back.
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todd: hall of fame quarterback brett favre calling anthem kneeler colin kaepernick a hero. he drew comparisons to former nfl player, pat tillman. jillian: social media has a lot to say on this. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, here with the reaction. >> good morning. during an interview with tmz sports, brett favre was asked if he thinks colin kaepernick reached the status of jackie robinson and muhammad ali, he responded with this. pat tillman is another guy that did something similar and we regard him as a hero so i assume the hero status will be stamped with kaepernick as well.
1:53 am
pat tillman chose to leave the nfl and join the army in the aftermath of the september 11th terror attacks. he was killed by friendly fire while deployed in afghanistan. kaepernick hasn't played since he opted out of his contract. social media divided over favre's comparison. laurie says i don't know if it's fair to compare the two. spence saying it's not the same, very different. both can be heroes in different ways. louise adding, okay, that's not even close. tillman was a warrior. it shouldn't even be brought up as a possible. so a wide range of opinions on that one. but brett fa favre certainly mag headlines with that comment this morning. todd: the trending quarterback segment continues. manning versus brady, tiger king style. >> tom brady is like a mitt myl
1:54 am
character. eli manning had his number and brady hated it. >> so manning posted the parody video to twitter to promote the espes. cute video. it received about a half million views on twitter. they say eli improved to 3-0 over brady. max chiming in, that is actually hilarious, a giant on and off the field. did you write that last tweet, todd? todd: i am maximillian kosteli, that's the name i check into hotels with. >> they are funny on social media, i will say that. i haven't seen this video yet. let's take a look, black bears climbing -- i don't know if it's the right or the wrong tree. >> the wrong tree.
1:55 am
this is going viral for obvious reasons. it shows a black bear climb up a tree, the very same tree that two hunters are sitting in and the hunter filming the video, a lot calmer than he has any right to be and at one point starts to laugh. can you believe that? jason on twitter, taking the words out of my mouth, saying they're just lucky mama bear wasn't around. let's get to one last tweet. johnny chiming in with the unbearable right there. but yeah, definitely a video that's going viral online. luckily, they walked out of that situation a-ok, guys. jillian: that's actually incredible. >> very scary stuff which is why you won't find me hunting anytime soon. that and other reasons. todd: don't you put the camera down, put the camera down, maybe prepare to defend yourself. >> that's probably smart. jillian: thanks, carley. todd: all right. time now is 55 minutes after the hour. coming up in the next hour of
1:56 am
"fox & friends first," a fox news alert, another shooting inside seattle's chop zone. retired i.c.e. director tom homan joins us live to discuss the high price of not having police on the street. guys, are you tired of frequent nighttime bathroom trips? well, force factor prostate helps reduce urges to urinate, plus fully empty your bladder and promote a normal prostate size. don't settle. choose force factor prostate, from the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart.
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rob: it is monday, june 22nd.
2:00 am
breaking overnight, more violence reported inside chop. seattle police investigating another shooting inside the capitol hill autonomous zone. jillian: this comes after a deadly weekend shooting exposed the dangerous reality in what's supposed to be a peaceful protest. details on the latest act of violence just in from the west coast. i don't think he's fit for office. i don't think he has the confidence to carry out the job. of there isn't any guiding principle other than what's good for donald trump's re-election. >> how do you think history will remember donald trump. >> i hope it will remember him as a one term president. jillian: john bolton lashing out against president trump in an explosive interview before his book release. rob: could new revelations from the former national security advisor open the door to yet another impeachment push, that's the question. we're live in washington with that. and the monument madness hits one of the country's most iconic landmarks. jillian: reaction pouring in la


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