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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 22, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to go in there. >> tucker: such a good point. what a nice way to end the hour. they should work for border patrol, i agree. great to see you. thank you. we are out of time, sadly, but you know what that means, the great sean hannity standing by a new york to take over. >> sean: thank you. i will accept the intro, but i do not deserve it. welcome to "hannity." we will begin tonight with multiple news breaking stories tonight. an urgent situation in multiple cities, chaos, deadly violence in seattle's so-called autonomous chop, chas, summer of free love zone. we will take you there in a moment. and chaos in washington, d.c., tonight, demonstrators attempting to create their own autonomous zone right there in our nation's capital outside of the white house. before we get to our opening monologue, let's go live to washington, d.c., where fox news' kevin corke is standing by with a live report. apparently lost -- kevin is there. tell us what you got.
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okay, we don't have kevin. we had him, we don't have them. we do have other breaking news, back to that in the moment there that was earlier tonight. we've also taken on the ground to seattle for a live report. we will bring you breaking news there is happening everywhere. also the secretary of state mike pompeo will join us tonight on top of all of this breaking news. violence has been now erupting in america's major cities all weekend long. it is bad. if shootings robberies, salt. this weekend we saw carnage on an absolutely shocking and unacceptable level. we want to be a country, a united states. the first thing we need to establish his safety and security. bottom line. next thing we might want to do is fix these broken schools. you are watching a rapid deterioration and disintegration of our major cities. democratic mayors and governors who have been in charge for decades are now clueless, unable, unwilling to fix it. these are our fellow american citizens. they have failed their constituents here in, year out, now americans are suffering.
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we are watching this far left radical agenda play out in real time and frankly, it is a sad -- it is a scary picture and we're going to take a closer look at america's liberal cities in crisis because in 134 days, you will be the ultimate jury. what is now becoming visible for all to see and all these liberal cities and his liberal states, well, if they win in november and 134 days and implement their new greenfield in their radical leftist agenda, you can pretty much assume the same results. if we start with the news in seattle as we've been reporting. the democrats there have ruled that city for three decades. eight straight democrats have served as mayor. it's a one-party town. crime is spiraling out of control. violent crime is up by 30% the past three years. in february the downtown seattle business association openly worried that the city "could be ruined by drugs, random attacks, shootings, and homelessness," but that didn't stop the democratic mayor of seattle, jenny durkan from, well,
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seating, what, six city blocks. the main part of seattle too literally a collection of anarchists, radicals, socialists and other so-called protesters. she let them take over parts of an entire city, including a police precinct. we saw them burn down in new york and other cities and literally all law enforcement were kicked out. she allowed them to wall off an entire area -- basically commandeer it, take it over and prevent stores from conducting their business of protecting american business owners. and workers. she let them literally light fires breaking into the buildings and spray paint nearly every surface with graffiti. she said, how long is this going to go on? she said it might be a whole summer of love. with a lot of pot luck spaghetti dinners, right, mayor? this is what you said, right? >> how long to think seattle and those few blocks look like this? >> i don't know, we can have a summer of love. >> tell that to the police who are supposed to be in that
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precinct. >> sean: multiple media outlets also referring to this lawless area as a festive zone, even as the anarchists themselves, well, telling the media, fake new cnn, msdn c, while they are alive and they are, this is not a festive zone, they still reported as a festive zone. didn't look to festival -- festive over the weekend. if multiple people shot in the so-called festive zone. we told you on this show this is not going to end well. we have been warning all. we must protect every american. we have got to have "law & order." we got to stop the assault on police. we are headed now towards 900 injured police officers with rocks and bricks and bottles and molotov cocktails and some have died. and on top of some dying we have the guy in vegas, cop shot and is not paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. and then other, the looting, the arson. it's got to stop. the media also needs to stop lying and saying it's a festive
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zone when it's not a festive zone. there were peaceful protesters -- everyone was unanimous on the george floyd case. there was very little disagreement. if that can't in this country. in one instance we had police desperately trying to get to the scene of the shooting in the festive zone. autonomous zone, but they were blocked in seattle by angry individuals. watch this. >> please move out of the way so we can get to the victim. all we are trying to do is get to the victim. please allow us to get by into the area. >> sean: mayor, what happened to your summer of love? where are you? where is governor inslee? this is your state. the president has been begging both of you to accept his help. just like comrade de blasio, governor cuomo offered help again and again, just like chicago, just like illinois. president offering help to everybody. we don't want any help, we can handle this. it didn't work out too well and
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that predictable. the mayor finally tonight, just breaking, all of a sudden wants to wind down the summer of love in the chop zone, the chaz zone. really, no more summer of love, mayor? all told, one person killed, two others gravely injured during this weekend's violence in the so-called, well, capitol hill occupy protest or chop, as one business owner put it, "chop destroyed the neighborhood, made everyone there feel unsafe" and as you can see, mayor durkan, well, you're wind down is a little too little, too late and we are going to see the same thing in nearly every major liberal city. we must, for the safety and security of all americans, restore law and restore order. now these democratic governors and mayors have refused to do so. let's go to chicago as an example. that's been ruled by democrats now and mayors, democratic mayors since 1933. want to know why it's a mess? there you go. the city's government soft on crime approach has led to a
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seemingly never-ending wave of violence. over the weekend, this past weekend 104 our fellow americans were shot, including 12 children. 14 people died this weekend. it's kind of like, well, just a little bit above average in chicago. they do nothing to save that city and the people keep them safe and secure even in their own homes. never mind that the dilapidated broken down corrupt school system where kids don't mind reading, writing and math. in new york city, comrade de blasio, well, two terms in office, well, guess what, he wrecked a once peaceful city that he inherited. his antipolice, soft on crime policies along with cuomo's get out of jail free, no jail reform is destroying not only new york city, but new york state. and they stand by their stupidity. just like they were awful on coronavirus. look at new york city, shootings up a whopping 358% over last year. just this weekend new york city,
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28 separate shootings, 38 victims. do know the names of any of our fellow americans in chicago, seattle, new york, did you know the names of those individuals shot, those kids that were shot, those people that died? know, the media barely reports it buried minneapolis where a democrat has been mayor since 1978, also violence spiraling out of control. at least they're the president did get an opportunity to go in and help stop the violence in minneapolis. before the pandemic, serious crimes were up by 70%. of course now after the city council now vowed to dismantle the entire police department, guess what, seven police officers have announced their resignation. violent crime has ensued. in just one shooting over the weekend, 11 people were injured there, one dad there. again, our fellow americans. this isn't just a failure of leadership on the state and local level. nationally, top democrats, they have turned a blind eye to violent crime for decades.
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joe biden, okay, joe, you're going to lecture everybody in terry mcauliffe, i'm fine with joe in the basement. two people a day, two people, that's all he sees. i'm fine, leave him there. he's been in politics 51 years, joe, what did you do after ferguson? what did you do after baltimore? what did you do after cambridge? nothing. speaker pelosi, she's been in politics 44 years. senior senator from california dianne feinstein has been, well, a public office now for over three decades. maxine waters has held office since 1976. patrick lahey, he's been in the u.s. senate a whopping 45 years. what have they done? these democrats all claim to care about america's inter-cities. what have they done decade after decade after decade? every two years, every four years, what do we hear, conservatives, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, they want dirtier water and they want to kill children and want to throw grandma and grandpa over a cliff. it's the same playbook by the
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democrats every 214 years. it's not true because not all trump's leadership, record after record low unemployment. african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth on employment and african-american youth on employment. it didn't happen under barack and joe when they had eight years. 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more on poverty in the lowest labor participation rate since they foster a 70s. they've been more focused on expanding power in the of government over freedom and the lives of law-abiding americans who are not being protected in our cities. women and children and moms and dads and grandmas and grandpa's while they've been coddling criminals in these big cities, letting criminals out, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states and wreaking havoc on america's streets. if you want to live free, unit law and you need order and you need safety and you need security the american people. that's the simple hannity roll. i think all americans can agree
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on. in the next thing, let's fix america's broken, dilapidated -- frankly what is a despicable amount of money we spend more per capita than any other industrialized nation on education with the worst results. how is that possible? how was it possible in the city of baltimore, third highest per capita spending on students in the entire world and guess what? there are 13 public high schools, not one cat is proficient in math, not one. the veil has not been lifted. socialism is on the ballot, safety and security is on the ballot and certainly a dilapidated school system is on the ballot in donald trump's record of success versus biden's record of failure in 50 years in politics, that's on the ballot in 134 days. which america do you choose because this is now the biggest toy selection of the history of the country. i don't want to be due hyperbolic on this, make no mistake.
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socialism, its radicalism, it is the one philosophy that has been tried, the one incarnation after another worldwide. it has failed again and again and again. every time they tried, no matter how they try to sell it, it all ends up in failure. power for the state and the people end up in poverty. otherwise, venezuela will be the richest country on earth. that is what is at stake for this country and 134 days. in other words, if they actually implement their new deal, get rid of oil and gas and make everything free, free, free, it's going to fail, it is mathematically impossible to actually do what they say they're going to do. will we triumph or will we fail? we will fail and america will become unrecognizable. well, in about 40 some odd things, i have it all laid out my book. "live free or die: america in the world on the brink" and that is now, well come out august 4th, but that is on the ballot in 134 days. america is and has been great for a reason, not perfect,
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great. it's built on principles, freedom, rugged individualism. self-sufficiency. democrats, they now want to fundamentally rip out those core principles and it's up to you, the people. i'm only one little vote in new york. i can't vote more than once. i do it legally, i do with the right way. but you know what? sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, if you believe everything is going to be free, look at new york city, look at new york state, look at new jersey, california and tell me you want that to be america because that's what america will become. otherwise this country will never be the same again, is my prediction. they win, guess what? this country will be unrecognizable. if these plans are implemented. what we are seeing, what we are witnessing in the cities we will see nationwide. here with reaction, fox news contributor dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. you know what, geraldo, we never fixed to the. we never fixed the problem. we elect to the same people, the
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same lies, the same arguments every two years for us. we were on a course that was unprecedented in terms of the economy and for every demographic in this country, coronavirus stopped it, the early economic indicators we have now is we are going to come right back now with a v-shaped recovery. do you disagree with anything upset about safety, security, and education? >> absolutely not. in fact, i would like to embellish it to this extent, sean. i'd like to start a new social movement called "black toddlers lives matter." 23-year-olds -- i think this may be the first time in american history, two 3-year-olds were shot dead. you said people don't other names. i know the names of the 3-year-old in chicago. mckay james, the 3-year-old boy. in baltimore it was shania gilmore, a 3-year-old girl. shot at these gang bangers, probably fighting over drug turf, were shooting recklessly into vehicles and homes with
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total disregard for the safety of the children and what i cannot understand for the life of me, and i've been around the block a few times, is how this does not generate the same kind of rage that you're seeing on screen for the death of a single person or a second person or a third -- even five. what about the children? what about these lives that are being lost? four teenagers also shot dead in chicago. black toddlers lives also matter and it's time that the people who have been selling the other black lives matter got on board and save their own children. >> sean: stay there, dan, we're going to get to you. kevin corke is standing by with the latest. we've been watching this news unfold all night in washington, d.c., we have now confirmed to him press was told to leave the white house at 8:45:00 p.m. by the secret service. here was the full report and you could see the protest on going. obviously attempt now in washington, d.c., -- a lot of things going on there, kevin,
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what's going on? >> let me tell you two things, you're right about 8:45 or so, the secret service to the white house press corps to evacuate. usually what that means, sean, as if your other on the north one, you don't want to be downwind of any dispersal techniques. in other words, if they're going to use pepper or some sort of other agents, they want to clear an area, especially when there are lots of people, they don't want you on the north lawn. it could also mean, sometimes it does, the protesters have gotten too close to the fence line. i don't believe that was the case, but as you've known, sean, the mob is in fact on the move. they are trying to do in d.c. what they've done in seattle, and that's great and autonomous zone. if they're calling come away f for, black house autonomous zone. they try to actually set up shop on north of the white house about a block east of north lafayette park. they were arty there things to muriel bowser, who cordoned off a part of 16th street and renamed it "black lives matter plaza." sort of scooted those barricades over along with some fencing.
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however, the separatists have been hit by a massive law enforcement presence, so at this hour it's still unclear how much autonomy they may be able to secure. sources on the ground in fact are telling us that there are dozens and dozens and again, dozens, of men and uniformed women in the area. as we get pictures we will pass them along. meanwhile they want to tell you this, authorities have moved it to say the statue of old hickory, andrew jackson, anarchist some of the protesters defaced the statue of the president of the united states and they tried to pull it down. that too was right there in lafayette park directly across from the white house. thankfully law enforcement moved in to push back the mob and to protect that historic statue. i'm going to make my way over there and see what else i can learn on the ground. if i get more before your hour is up i promise to pass it along, sean, but for now back to you. >> sean: we will be checking in and out and we will head to seattle just a minute to update what's going on there. let's bring in dan bongino here.
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you know, dan, the president has been begging these mayors, begging these governors, offering all the help, support that he can. now, if it gets really bad, the president has been clear, he will do their job for them, but it's really their job. you know, when the seattle mayor says oh, no, how long is this going to go on -- this is the summer of love. now even she is saying maybe it's not exactly the summer of love or as our media colleagues called it, the festive zone, was not exactly festive. there were peaceful protesters, many of them for good reason, but there are a lot of anarchists. we can't have 800 cops with bottles and bricks and molotov cocktails and bullets and larson and precincts put on fire. and looting. every american deserves the right to be safe. let's start there and agree on that. >> yeah. listen, sean. i mean, everything's radical
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leftists in these radical leftist mayors have told you is a lie. i mean, what kind of a dunce you have to be to believe this? i mean, you started with the school. they told you they'd educate your kids. they lied. they told you don't worry, you don't need a second amendment, we will do that. they lied, but some of them actually moving now to defund police department's. police officers in seattle, se sean, as was reported, were having some of their nonlethal weapons taken away. however that -- how that's going to help exact with, their only resort being impact weapons and firearms. and that's your way of diffusing it? everything they told you is alive. the basic premise of government, sean is, what, if you can't protect your citizens, the rest is total b.s., and they can't -- they have totally and failed. i don't know how you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror
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and say gosh i'm proud to be liberal. we really nailed this one, because you're wrong. >> sean: you know something, geraldo, what i love about you -- you've been a reporter for 50 years. if ministry reporter and some of the toughest times in the country and around the world. i tip my hat to you and you know i'm sincere. and i admire you so much because you love and care about this country. the rot, the decay, the lack of safety and security, the destruction that has been our educational system, that's the legacy of all these big liberal cities in these liberal states. that's just a fact, geraldo buried it is irrefutable at this point. >> i think, sean, there's a couple of things going on. i lament and am outraged by the anarchists, the nt fors the world. i believe they should use rico statures against them. they should go all out. , do their best to treat these
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people as the organized criminals they are. the other problem is much more pervasive, i think the summer of level pass, the season will pass. they will get over that student seattle. the bigger problem is the shattered families. you never say with any emotion, where is -- i love al sharpton buried jesse jackson, where are our great leaders? where is joe biden on black and black crime? 13-year-olds and teenagers can be murdered. this is the stuff of a real social movement. i want the rage that was demonstrated on the streets of america and the killing of george floyd to be broader. look at -- there's a ghetto civil war going on and because of political correctness, we don't talk about it because people are afraid that they'll be considered not woke. that we won't be on the side of
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the new moral majority. i think it's absurd that we are turning our back. that's the real killer of minorities. i feel so strongly about this and i am horrified that we've been so silent. not here of course on this channel, it's a different reality almost, but in the broader world, where is "the new york times"? wears "washington post" reporting on the violence that chicago had this weekend? where are they -- you know, the big networks, why aren't they leading with 3-year-old murdered and four teenagers slaughtered before they could even get to high school? there's a reality here that we are -- oh, look at that, and it's horrible what happened or what happens in cases of police brutality, but a thousand times worse is what the community is doing to itself. and i don't know how you fix it.
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>> sean: i know how to fix it, geraldo. i know how to fix it. you have law and order and the people that will do it our brave cops. 99%, not the idiot in the george floyd case. dan bongino, last word, we've got a lot to get to. >> listen, i don't disagree with geraldo. the problem is, these people like al sharpton and others, they don't want to fix the problem. sin, the intimidation is the coin of the realm. they intimidate companies and people into complying with their agenda and some of them have made literally careers out of inciting racial animus. there's no interest in fixing this problem at all. here there is, not there. we are interested in fixing it, not them. >> sean: thank you both, we appreciate it. we learn as we look at these pictures of the attempt to hold on statures, lafayette park, park police were called in, metro police were called in. in rapid order and were able to push them out of the park. we will continue to update, we will go back to kevin corke on that in just a minute.
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here with more reaction to all of this and housing and urban development secretary, ben carson with us. dr. carson, good to have you back. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: i love her biography and i love your story and i love the many times you talk about it on and off air and that is a loving parent insisting on safety, security and education and you give credit to your mother for saving her life. >> absolutely. i had my share of disagreements with geraldo but he's right on target there. those are the kinds of things we should be talking about. i've traveled all over this country. there are a lot of people in this country who have common sense, but the problem is they're keeping their mouths shut. they need to open their mouths. they need to make themselves known. this is the critical time. this is a inflection in our country. we've got people trying to destroy our history, rewrite our history. we've got people trying to get rid of "law & order."
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with that people trying to keep our kids from getting the kind of education that will give them the freedom to take advantage of this wonderful country in which we live. we have got to stand up now and speak up, or it will be too la late. and these people are not lovers of george floyd or anything like that, they are anarchists. and what you do with anarchists, you have to control them. they are like bullies. if you just leave them alone, they will grow and grow and grow and continue to take over. and look how quickly things can change. look at venezuela. look how quickly they went down. believe me, the same thing can happen in this country. >> sean: you look at the election scenario, we have joe biden has been in politics, dr. carson, 51 years. schumer, 45, pelosi 40, whatev whatever. maxine waters and abbas to be 76. you know, to get lectured by joe biden, who hides in his basement bunker and can barely function and put some sentences together is a little insulting because he had an opportunity
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after ferguson. he didn't do anything after baltimore. he didn't do anything. all these years in politics, our cities all during the eight years of barack and joe, we got weekend numbers on chicago. barack, joe, barely mentioned it. they never fixed -- even the hometown of the president at the time. >> and the values and principles that made this into a wonderful country, the judeo-christian principles of love and caring in the family. all of those things, we're just throwing them out when we are letting these radicals dictate what we need to replace them with and we are seeing the results of that. and this is only the beginning. i guarantee you, it is time, america, to speak up. this is our beloved country, this is what we have for our children and our grandchildren and it's our responsibility to keep it. >> sean: we could all learn
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from your life experience. it is telling, it is foundational to be one glorious nation under god as the president says, one united american family. we can have political disagreements all day. safety, security, good education, fundamentals. now joining us in the latest inside of seattle's autonomous chop free love zone, chas zone, dan springer. thank you so much for joining us. >> yeah, hey, sean. the beginning of the end of chop it sounds like. jenny durkan, the mayor of seattle just held a news conference, she had not only the chief of police, but also a number of black leaders here in seattle and they seem unified in their response that over the weekend there was a lot of violence, there were two separate shootings, one space back in 19-year-old, a young teenager. another 33-year-old man was shot and he's in critical condition. and then last night, a 17-year-old kid was shot in the arm. but you had two violent
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instances over the weekend. when i also here there was a rape inside this zone. came out and basically said that this cannot continue. and so she did say that the city will end up going back into that east precinct. the police department well. she didn't get into specifics in terms of one they will go in, how they will go in. i'd be shocked if she did anything that would create another chaotic violent situation with protesters. she's really hoping that the black leader ventured behind her at this news conference will get on board and go in there and broker some kind of a deal and get these people, these protesters come out of there. sean. >> sean: dan. well, she was saying it was going to be a spaghetti potluck dinner zone and was fully supportive and when asked how long it might go on, well, it was going to be the summer of love. it wasn't really that difficult to predict this wasn't going to end well.
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the media was saying it was a festive zone and they were saying it on live television, they were being corrected by the anarchists in the zone that built the walls, ironically, to keep everybody, including police come out of the zone. >> yeah, and she took a lot of heat for that off comment when she said summer of love. she said she was just kidding, but she did describe this as kind of like a gay parade festival, a block party if you will. she early on was describing this in terms that people who have work and live around there same distance to match. if today was the first time i heard her voice concern of evil who have businesses there. we have been talking to businesses, leaders who have absolutely absen apoplectic this going on for two full weeks in the city have done nothing to stop it. they are losing business, they are boarding up their businesses and they are just fed up. we saw some people today moving barricades out of the way because they're tired of it. >> sean: can't stop the police from doing their job.
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>> yeah, but the mayor for the first time acknowledged that it's not all love inside there. >> sean: and governor inslee, where are you? dan, we really appreciate you joining us, we will go back to seattle and back to d.c. with updates in mere moments. joining us now, secretary of state mike pompeo. mr. secretary, i know we have you on for a lot of reasons, top among them -- we've been friends a long time. i've known you for a long time. you have now -- you have secretary of state, are in the position of negotiating some very significant real challenging issues as it involves safety and security for the world. there watching all this unfold in this country and you see people that are unwilling to even protect the innocent citizens in their cities and states and i know u.s. a person well enough to know that that's our first -- that's the first job of government, isn't it? >> thanks for having me on tonight. when i watch this, it reminds me of what our founders understood
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clearly, the primary purpose of our government is secure freedom and liberty. when you watch the sings happenings were mayors and governors refused to take actions to protect the innocent, to protect people who are trying to live their lives, you talked about business people just a little bit ago, to protect their property rights. this is the most fundamental duty of government and to see that not happening in cities and states across america's disheartening and is governments need to step up. >> sean: before i -- there's a lot going on with china, we are going to keep these pictures up and go back to our reporters and just a second. i'm not going to spend a lot of time on it. i can tell -- i read that you said that john bolton is a liar. i know conversations with me, you didn't tell me the truth. a direct specific conversations that i can recall. i have all these quotes of john bolton. i mentioned to him on the radio today and i can recap them, but praising the president. nobody has been tougher on china. the president has been strong
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with russia. the president on iran, the president of north korea for example. i don't know who is arguing with, but it seems to be this john bolton and that john bolton and is a little disappointing, but i guess we've seen the president gets stabbed in the back by a lot of people at this point. >> you know, sean, it's both sad and dangerous. i read the book in its entirety but the excerpts i've seen, this a lot of lies contained there. isn't even completely true. the president and others, myself included had to cut him out of meetings because he was leaking or he would twist things or he would lie. it was a really difficult situation where john bolton thought he was more important than the president of the united states and the american people. in the core story, sean, that some of the president took action so we could get reelected, that his foreign policy was driven by that, he didn't kill him to get elected. pushing back against chinese communist party to get reelected. he didn't get out of the paris climate accord to get reelected. he did them to secure the basic rights and security for every
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american. this president policy is something that john bolton should've been proud of and instead he stepped away in a way that fundamentally misrepresents what we've done. puts criminal liability squarely on him. when we saw what happened when people classify information like edward snowden. what john bolton did here is not a similar format and while we will leave open for the justice department to take action, this kind of information getting out prisons will risk and real harm to america. >> sean: the ever forgetful joe biden. the leader of al qaeda in yemen is dead. i don't see any possibility, president trump gave nothing to kim jong un, that allowed return, just a little bit of his time. and i don't see this president given 150 billion in cash and other currencies to the arranging -- so his half of o2 bike and will go in that
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direction. onto more important things. with peter navarro and hugh taking lead lead on china. apparently we have no issues involving the trade deal and other new developments, this is significant tonight. >> so i spent the day with my counterparts boss in hawaii last week. trying to understand why unearth the chinese communist party is engaged in activities that are and i think we understand that it's ideological for them, whether that's are taking place between china and india today. today the state department announced that four propaganda outlets here in united states, state departments going to put restrictions on. president obama and vice president biden allowed to operate freely inside the united states. the state department, president trump's state department is taking action against i. this is a president who understands that the chinese communist party and globalists here in the united states have worked together to put real harm and will risk your the
6:35 pm
united states. president trump is not going to continue to permit that to happen. >> sean: one person i would say is more right than anybody in the world than china, we learned about this with the coronavirus, is donald trump. i don't think that any of his sons got a sweetheart, $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china in a field of in denver don mcgahn mike endeavor they didn't know much about. i do not a private basis, people have told me, you went to bat to to get american citizens home during the coronavirus from one country after another. it's an untold story. thank you for doing all of that, i heard about a group of missionaries you got back to the country safely. you know what, great job, sir, thank you. >> it was important work and i'm glad those people are all home with their families now. >> sean: when we come back as continuing to grip liberal cities, we're witnessing my life tonight. a lot of states, november, only 134 days, ari fleischer, mike huckabee way in. a huge announcement coming up towards the end of the show, thank you for being with fox news and hannity tonight.
6:36 pm
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♪ >> sean: more fox news alerts to give you. lawlessness continues to grip u.s. cities tonight and come november, a lot of what's on the ballot. i did get an update from the white house, we have sources on
6:40 pm
the ground that it confirmed that this -- one oppressed was asked to leave the white house, that that is normal protocol for the secret service when they are on alert. officially and confirmed just now. joining is now the, fox news contributor mike huckabee, ari fleischer. all of this is happening, you know, unfolding before the eyes of americans. governor, we have nearly 900 offices, the president keeps asking all of these liberal mayors and governors, can i help you come i want to help you, we are here to help you restore law and order, safety and security. the president can go in. very rightly i think hesitant not to -- at the ready of one there willing to do it, summer of love, this is not turning out well in seattle tonight. >> no, it isn't. and i think people need to understand that the contrast between what president trump offers in reelection and
6:41 pm
joe biden -- we make jokes about it because there are certain things about joe biden and his gaps that are funny but there's nothing funny but the fundamental 180-degree difference between these two people when it comes to the policies that will shape america. that's what i hope people will focus on. not the personalities. not the gaps, not the things that people say, but a fundamental difference between w and order and anarchy. between open borders and control of the borders, between big government and individual liberty and freedom. between willie leaving in business and free enterprise and capitalism and believing in government running everything. i could go on, but life itself is an issue. whether you believe in late-term abortion or you believe every life really does have intrinsic worth and value, this election is a tremendous importance in those people who are never-trumpers and they claim to be republican, that's nonsense. either not really republican but they don't have any conviction
6:42 pm
whatsoever. there is a lot at stake. a lot at stake. >> sean: all three of us have been around a lot of elections and i -- i really mean, this is a tipping point, because we hear the stated agenda. he used to be, ari, that the left would hide there -- they're not hiding the radical socialism. if they're doubling down on the new green deal and eliminate oil and gas and everything is free and redistribution of wealth and radical socialism that has always failed throughout histo history. there's so much at stake and so fundamental. >> you can actually draw a line between the seizure of property that's happening in seattle and now in other cities, and the seizure of people's earnings, the sentiment is you should not be entitled to it, we are entitled to that which you made, that which you earned and we will take it. if you heard that in the presidential primaries in the democratic debates where they
6:43 pm
want to tax people, not how much you make, but how much you've saved over your whole life and career. want to redistribute it all. and then we see the fabric of our society framed and not ways not of us thought possible. one of my favorite expressions is that laws are the restraint that make us free. and it's a bit of a paradox that it's a restraint and from a comes our freedom. and what's happening now is when you know longer follow the laws, when you take them onto your own hands and create your own zone, none of us are free. all of us become threatened one day and that's what's happening in america today. that's why this election is so profound. >> sean: thomas paine said governor 1776 right along the lines about ari ari is saying, the guys in dictation of human conscience -- we would need any lawmaker. we are all flawed, failed human beings. we all know that all -- we will croak the great both. including me, i'm the most guilty. but here's the thing, the
6:44 pm
reality is best state is but a necessary evil in its worst state an intolerable one. everywhere socialism has been tried, it has failed, governor. this is not a hard lesson in history to learn. >> well, and if we continue to tear down every vestige of history, including the symbolic statues of it, we will never know that. you know, i worry about young people who have no frame of reference about communism and the fact is we are living in a time where people do not understand that liberty is not doing everything i want to do. it's doing everything i ought to do. in short, if we all lived by the simple idea do onto others as you'd have them do unto us, the old golden rule, then we don't need any other law. if that would take care of everything, but the fact is we don't -- i used to say that as governor, the reason we have so many laws is because so many people broke the ones we already had so we have new ones that the findings even more intently.
6:45 pm
>> sean: that's what i love about governor huckabee, he breaks it down. we've seen lawlessness at a level that's unacceptable. in the political context, ari, last question, 134 days to go, your grade messaging, you're good at your job, i think nobody better at times. although kayleigh mcenany is giving you a run for your money, she's killing it, i got to tell you. that's not an easy job. but my question is, in the context of what advice you give the president, i think he's got the right balance. he is offering, offering help. every chance in the states to do it on their own, cities to do it on their own. sensing help like obviously the park police and others sent into night in d.c. >> in that sense you want some buddy who represents law and order, you don't want mayhem but my advice to the president frankly is retired the sleepy joe monica. it's not working. it's week joe biden. joe biden is so weak he can't even stand for the policies he
6:46 pm
used to espouse. abortion, crime. biden is so weak he can't stand up to china and certainly he's so weak that he won't lead the country. all-powerful democrats around them will be the ones leaving the country from nancy pelosi to aoc. i think that's the switch he needs to make. it's not sleepy, it's week. >> sean: i think it's weak and forgetful. let's be honest. can't even memorize two lines it seems. thank you both. when we come back, powerful debate, is busy breaking news night continues and we have a big announcement. i know you're going to like it. straight ahead. ♪ woman: my reputation was trashed online.
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♪ >> sean: another fox news alert, cast continuing to drug rep washington, d.c. protesters attempting to set up their very own autonomous zone, ripped out a statue near the white house, that was stopped tonight. also the press that was removed from the white house, told by white house spokespeople that in fact that was normal procedure when the secret service is on high alert. also witnessing another night of chaos in seattle's chopped zone, free love zone. so when does the lawlessness and? sirius xm host david webb, civil rights attorney leo jarrell. david, we begin with you tonight. the president has been begging for all the help.
6:52 pm
i know people want to talk about a lot of topics and i willing to talk about anything. can we first lived in cities that are safe and secure? first do that. fix schools. we can do that. and then we can have all the discussions and all the other issues that matter and become a more perfect union. >> safety has gone out the window sean. an example that i was starting to show up on social media. that i've even sourced through some people i worked with out there. you have residents being threatened. residents who are being forced to prove who they are if they will let them into their home. this is an occupation. as an occupation by a group of people who should be pulled away, pulled out, taken away in handcuffs. law and order needs to be restored in this country and the president, like you said, has asked for the mayor, city governance, state governance to step in. they have the police powers under the constitution, right? tenth amendment, the police powers of the state will
6:53 pm
exercise them and they are not choosing to do that. >> sean: leo, if we have safety and security, we can't have civil rights. >> sean, let me tell you right now, i'm so sick of all the shooting in the killing, the lawlessness and i got to call a black lives. they are a joke. if they really care about the black lives, what about chicago? >> sean: 12 kids, 104 -- >> black lives is nothing more than a profiteer. if it does not involve a police officer, they don't care about those black lives. reverend al won't get on his private jet and speak at that girl's funeral. these corporations, stop giving money to black lives in! they don't care about the life that are being lost right now. it is a sham organization. nothing more, nothing less, and they are a final group or extremist on the left. >> sean: your talk about the group, you're not talk to protesters that a yeah come off life matters. >> every life matters, but they have -- >> can i just add something to what you said, leo?
6:54 pm
>> sean: david, quick. >> here's the shakedown in this, sean. $1.6 billion plus that's been pledged to black lives matter in some foundation or otherwise. where's the money going? where does it end up? leo is right. it is a shakedown and a sham. >> sean: i'm saying this, we got to save our cities and prevent -- 104 people in chicago, can't happen every weekend. 12 kids can't get shot in a weekend. we can't lose 14 people in one city on a weekend. in the chop zone, didn't work out. we told everybody. >> no more money to black lives. >> sean: big announcement, straight ahead.
6:55 pm
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6:59 pm
♪ >> sean: big announcement. this thursday, 9:00 p.m. eastern i will do be, they'll not be doing a town hall. that's all the time we have le left. 43 days i wrote a book that lays out what is at stake. it's called "live free or die." it is about law and order, safety and security, lawlessness, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, security borders, failure of socialism and history. we lay out the foundational principles that make this country great. so we can have a more perfect
7:00 pm
union. the radical leftist 2020 agenda. biggest choice election in our lifetime., 43 days. laura ingraham standing by. >> laura: it's disturbing to . without home, we would have no life as we know it. that is, i think what for many americans is a very sad and disturbing sight to see. it just means we have to do better. we have to take back the public. a lot of lessons to be learned here. speak to my mom and dad are poor. they lived through four years of that. for all those