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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 22, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we want to take you to across the street from the white house, a fox news alert for you. at this moment a mob is attempting to knock down a statue wac of andrew jackson. those are my pictures you're looking at. spray painting the base. trying to knock the statue downo in large letters you can see it says "killer" at the bottom. amazing. this is happening all over the country, as you know, there's a reason for it. over the weekend, most recently, that was a part of this, city
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officials announced a plan to remove the statue of teddy roosevelt outside new york's museum of natural history. the bronze statue has stood there facing central park since before the second world war. soon it will be gone. people record that statue 80 years ago would be confused by this no doubt. they did not consider setting roosevelt a controversial figure. the most popular president in american history. also the most american president.ev no other country could have produceded teddy roosevelt. his virtues mirrored the values of america. he was physically brave, he was profoundly literate, highly self disciplined and amazingly energetic. while still a college student, roosevelt wrote a two-volume history of the war of 1812. it is still in print today, you can buy it on amazon. the youngest president in our history, saved our economy from corporate monopolies and by doing that he made the american middle class possible. he created the national parks, created the panama canal, the food and drug administration, and then he kept going. the list of teddy roosevelt's achievements fills entire shelves of biographies.
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those are in addition to the more than 40 books he wrote himself on topicse ranging from oliver cromwell to cattle ranching, to social justice. personally, roosevelt was a famously decent man. in 1901 he invited his friend booker t. washington to dinner. no african-american had ever eaten in the white house. democrats roared with the rage the idea. the crime of having a meal with a black man, they attacked teddy roosevelt and his wife for the rest of their lives. but roosevelt never bowed. he gave the finger to the mob and he continued cheerfully on. teddy roosevelt was a hero to millions of americans. he still is. that's precisely why they're tearing down his statue. they noted they can force you to watch as they topple your heroes, they have won. there is nothing they can't do next. they can decide how you raise her children, how you vote, what you're allowed to believe. once they've humiliated you, they can control you, and that's why across the country mobs are tearing down america's monuments. in the cities of richmond andd
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st. paul, minnesota, they turned on status of christopher columbus. they did the same thing in boston. boston's mayor announces its time to remove a statue of abraham lincoln, the man who freed the slaves. in dallas to build a texas ranger statue out of the airport after more than 50 years. in michigan the top of the statue of the former mayor. they did the same thing in philadelphia. in nashville that pulled on a statue of a former u.s. senator. in oregon, thomas jefferson and george washington were torn down. the mob demolished statues of ulysses s. grant and francis scott key. in the pedestal of the key monument they spray-painted "killer colonizers" and "kill whitey" just in case you missed the point. one thing all of these americans now cancel have in common, not one of them fought for the confederacy. pulling down her statues had nothing to do with the civil war. at least not the first civil war, the one that took place on hundred 50at years ago.
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democrats understand that very well and they support all of it. in every place where the mob has destroyed public monuments, democratic leaders have backed them as they did it. but at the same time, and you should know this, so have many republicans. last week i mob in downtown washington, d.c., cited to tear down the statue of a man called albert pike. pike was famous as a journalist and a poet and later as a prominent freemason. for less than a year from late november of 1861 to mid-july of 1862, pike served in the confederate army. pike was later arrested for treason against the confederacy and he faceded62 execution for . but in the end, it didn't save him from the mob. they set fire to his apogee as a llama ground. at least one prominent conservative tweeted his approval of this. republicanss in congress said nothing at all, and they could have. pike's now-destroyed statue is owned by the national park service. it's federal property, tearing it down was a federal crime. but no one in washington even considered enforcing the law. kevin mccarthy of california,
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the top republican house was not in a position to say much of anything. mccarthy has endorsed the removal of statues that the left had designated and a last week kevin mccarthy refused to acknowledge it on his official twitter account. wednesday, mccarthy didn't manage to send a very emphatically calling for sanctions against syria. "to hold the results, assad regime responsible for its atrocities." elected republicans from almost all of them, are in no hurry to stop this disorder. a version of the rodney king riots from the 1992. people saw upsetting video on the internet, there are hundreds, that's instant expandable. we can get back to cutting capital gains taxes and sanctioned bashar al-assad. that's their view of it. they're wrong. this is not a momentary civil disturbance. this is a serious and highly organized political movement. it is not superficial, it is deep and profound, it has vast ambitions. n it is insidious, it will grow. its goal is to end liberal
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democracy and challenge western civilization itself.s. this is an ideological movement. the idea that having given it for decades on college campuses. we pay for all of it,f by the way. rest of us were so thrilled that our kids got introduced that we decided to ignore what duke was actually teaching them and has continued to send big checks. that was a mistake. if one of the greatest mistakes we've ever made. we didn't appreciate the stakes involved at the time and as a result of that we became easyee marks for their lives. even now, so many of us continue to pretend that this is about police brutality but the death of a man called george floyd in minneapolis. we still imagine we can fix of a regulating choke hold or spending more on de-escalation training. we are too literal or too good-hearted to understand what's really happening. our decency is the mob's main weapon against us. we have no idea who we are up against. for most people, the primary joy
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in life is the act of creation, making something good and useful, other it's dinner for your family or a deck off the back of her house or a solid day at the most profound active creation of courses having children. new life itself. healthy societies celebrate all of this. they understand that the impulse to create is how civilizations are built. but they also recognize that there are forces arrayed against creation and they vigilantly defend themselves againstet tho. in every society there are those who seek to destroy. they destroy for the same reason that troubled boys torture dogs, or should house cats, inflicting pain makes them feel powerful. t we used to call people like that antisocial forces. they still exist, we just pretend they don't. or worse, we excuse their behavior, we coddle them, we fundci them. wall street sends the money in the hopes that they will be destroyed last. rest of us look upon confused, we don't really know what's happening, but the destroyers know, they know exactly what's going on. never in american history have they been more emboldened than they are now. just this afternoon around
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lunchtime and activist called shaun king issued the following demands on twitter. "all murals and stained-glass windows of white jesus and his european mother and boyfriend should also come down. a m very gross form of whites fm us he tools of oppression, racist propaganda. they should all come down." before you dismiss that idea as absurd, the rantings of some crank of social media, keep in mind that shaun king is the most amos black lives matter leader in this country. black lives matter is now more popular than either major political party. so don't be surprised when they come for your church. why wouldn't they? no one is stopping them. the forces of destruction have grand ambition. it's not just about the teddy roosevelt statue. they plan to rule this country. what will happen if they do? well, you may imagine that self-defense is your bulwark against chaos.ry in this country you assume you
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can always defend yourself and your family. that's a pillar of our civilization, of all western civilization. this woman assumes that too. on wednesday she was driving through louisville, kentucky. cording to local police, the woman found herself surrounded by protesters who were rocking the road. they stood in front of her car with a megaphone. she argued with them to let her pass. one of them produced a gun. the woman tried to flee. where showing the dramatic tape on your screen right now. look at it. when the woman stopped at a red light a block later, another protester pointed a gun at her again. she hit the gas and made it home alive.hehe on sunday, national public writer published an article about the incident. if the of that piece, vehicles attacks rise as extremists target protesters. aid in other words, for trying to escape from being murdered, and p.r. called this woman an extremist who was "targeting protesters." think about that and you'll begin to understand why so few citizens have tried to stop the mob as they pillaged our country. antifa doesn't own the statues
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in your city's parks. it doesn't own your city, you do.. you helped pay for it. but what would happen if you try to defend public property? or even if you try to defend your own property? you know the answer, you'd be swarmed by federal agents, roger stoned with the help and complicity of cnn and npr and so many others. there's no question, you've seen this happen before. to a remarkable degree, federall law enforcement star driven by political imperatives. certain kinds of so-called hate crimes top the list of priorities. they will draw the fbi faster than you put some of the local police to your house during a home invasion. even when, as is so often the case, they turn out to be hoaxes. meanwhile, actual hate crimes, brutal crimes in which americans are gravely injured are ignored completely. they take place on our streets with shocking regularity. i mean, they don't cover them. they often go unpunished entirely. that's not speculation. there's quite a bit of video ono
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it online. some of it very recent. we're not going to show you the clips. if you're interested, go to the twitter feed for the matt walsh blog before twitter pulls it down, you'll get the point. but you already know, laws are not applied equally in america. some victims are considered more deserving than others despite the fact we are all citizens. justice is not blind. never in our lives has this been more true than it is right now and is very likely to get worse. that's the aim of this movement, of these riots, to overthrow the value, the principal, of equality under the law. after november, that trend could accelerate dramatically. and by the look, we should stop attending this as an election between donald trump and joe biden. there is no joe biden. the joe biden you remember no longer exists.s. the babbling husk you see may have the same name and similar features, but behind a mask there is nothing but a jumbled b collection of talking points in the early of us to be 70s. turn on your record player, no more malarkey.y. the candidate has no independent
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thoughts of his own. he has no core beliefs. he isor empty. he is a perfect trojan horse. for the people have taken over the democratic party, he is perfect. their plan is to write him to power. once there, someone tough and calculating and purposeful, kamala harris, probably, will change the country. how? they showed us how. for three years they told us that secret russian agents had taken over the u.s. government. there was never a single piece of evidence to show that that was true in any way. h it was a hoax, and yet it worked. they dominated the country without live. and that was their dry run. can we convince millions of people to believe something that's completely absurd? yes we can. that's what they learn. that's the lesson. they'll do it again. this time, the russians will be confederate sympathizers or nazis or what's a pharmacist, or whatever other name that you still get to their political opponents.
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it doesn't matter. but once they pick when they will gin up mass hysteria, because that's what they are good at. and we will have another witch hunt. once again with the full support of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. and who knows, maybe the military too because the threat is just that profound. a few foolish souls will attempt to point of the obvious, what's true. of course there are racists here, as there are everywhere, but overall this is the least racist country in the history of the world. millions of africans want to move here, many already have. our last president was black. you talking about? those people will be silenced. anyone who defies the narrative will be silenced. by that point, the category of hate speech will have expanded to include anything they don't want to hear and it will be criminalized, a federal offense. you watch. if they can tear down the lincoln statue because it's racist, they can ban the first amendment. if you don't want to live in a place like that. who can save us from that? well, as of right now, only republicans can save us from
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that. not because they're inherently virtuous, not because they want to, they don't, but because they're the opposition party to the extent they still have opposition to anything. we have no choice but to ask for their help. the republican party is the only power center left in this country available to people who dissents.p. it doesn't matter who you voted for last time. this is not an endorsement of anyone's policies, it's in its knowledge meant of who holds power and who doesn't on the v republican party is the only power center available. on friday, "the daily caller" interviewed donald trump at the white house. ask the president why he hasn't sent federal troops to stop the chaos in cities like seattle. i here's the president answered. "right now i think it's great, sitting back and watching this catastrophe." we understand the point he was making. these are liberal cities and are destroying themselves. their policies don't work, this is what you get when you vote for liberals.
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but it's still the wrong answer. ola president is responsible for all americans, no matter where they live, for the country itself.he imagine if you had a better argument with one of her children. the kid runs out of the house and then goes complete that the defendant becomes a heroin addict living in the streets. k but you don't look for him. you don't try and save them. instead, you brag that his drug addiction is proof, you were right all along. right now i think it's great watching back y h this catastro. he wouldn't say that, no good parent would say that. no president should say it either.t we need help and we need it right now. these are not protests, this is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save the country from it.. i want to bring you back to a fox news alert. police just arrived in washington to the andrew jackson statue across from the white house. this is in lafayette square park, right in the center of washington. j on the left to see live pictures of police removing ropes protesters were using to try
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tear the t statue down. they arrived fairly just-in-time. a few minutes later in the statue would have been on the ground, priceless work of art, another piece of american history sweptte into the memoryy hole and dust. on the right you can see videos of protesters trying to take it on. they've also spray-painted the word killer on the base of the statue. they are literate vandals needless to say but they are suddenly in charge because too if you are standing up for thist culture, its people, the country itself. v there are also growing demands in new york tonight he worked on the city statue of christopher columbus and to rename columbus circle. the final call though is being left to the wife of mayor de rick leventhal's life tonight for us at the statue. rick. >> tucker, the statue of christopher columbus was installed here on manhattan's upper west side in 1892. it's listed on the national registry of the dash one of the most recognized members in the city that's full of them, you
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can see time it's rained with metal barricades and a pretty heavy police the to presence because of the factor tear down. 70 feet tall including the marble statue on top honoring italian explorer helping create the western world. eight years ago, the statue was the subject of an art exhibit with an 800 square-foot living room around it, allowingg visitors to go up and get up close access to the sculpture, but there are growing calls to remove it now with protests last weekend and a petition signed by thousands of people and the wife of new york city's mayor has been named to lead a new panel charged with deciding the future of the city's historical statures and structures including george washington, thomas jefferson, and christopher columbus. the fate of columbus isn't clear, tucker, but as mentioned earlier, the museum of natural history has announced it is removing the statue of teddy roosevelt that has stood out front of the museum for the past 80 years, tucker. >> tucker: almost beyond description, rick leventhal, thank you so much.
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so the fate of american history is decided by one of the dumbest people in the country. it's happening all over the nation, so why should the people who are backing this, the business community, for example, former mckinsey consultants, why should their favorite institutions be immune? is it time to start renaming the ivy league, starting with yale, we have a few alternative name proposals next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: statures are coming down across this country. books and people are being purged, but so far, one thing has remained strangely impervious to this revolution, the names of our most prestigious institutions, like ivy league schools. yale, for whom yale university was named was in fact a slave owner. oversaw slave trade for the east india company. in culture pointed out last week so if we are going to abolish the past, yale seemsas like a pretty good place to start. on twitter, she has compiled a great list of suggestions for alternative names for yale. if they don't replace all the why all their sports jersey,
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they could change it to yellen university, or yelton university. but here's another idea. many people know that yale is a harvard of connecticut, harvard university of new haven has said nice ring to it. sports stadium, sports stadiums are significantly less sleazy than ivy league schools how does goldman sachs university sound? that's the chinese would be interested in buying a slice of america's dwindling legacy prestige. how about huawei university? just rename the hopeless date confucius university of new haven. yale likes to insist on community, so why not become a community college? new haven community college? to be clear, for the record, we are against doing this, renaming any schools, we are against ripping up statures, we are against stronger history. institutions have their own identities, they were separate from the founders. that's part of it. history is complicated. there's good and badad in there. look at it in the face directly in its totality, like an adult and assessed at like an adult
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would assess another person, which is to say, warts and all. but these are children, they can't. what's interesting though is that as long as we're going with the "you commit one sin, you must be destroyed forever" standard, our elites seem to have exempt themselves. fine with seeing your city's century-old columbus statue torn down and spray-painted "kill whitey." they're happy to lecture you about naming a high school after thomas jefferson and calling it ignorant and hurtful. but they will keep getting degrees from yale, or more precisely, agitate to get their kids into gail and bill keep applying for rhodes scholarships. when their own silly credentials, the ones that mean so much to them, are extinct, we suddenly care a great deal s abt institutional continuity. victor davis hanson is a senior well up to my fellow at the hoover institution we are always critical to have him on the show. professor?
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good to see you tonight. >> good to be here. >> tucker: so this is happening everywhere. at first they told us it was the confederacy was on acceptable. worse most americans don't support the confederacy, but that we needed to take the statures down. next thing you know it's george washington. what does this mean? >> cultural revolutions, we saw them in the french revolution, the chinese revolution. they always have a minority of a population that's not about the icon on the statue, it's about humiliation and power. so if you take down teddy roosevelt at the national museum, whether you go through mountt rushmore and blow him off matthew don't do that because -- if you really want to get rid of property lease had in washington, but don't you go to stone mountain, georgia, where we have the largest lake in the that?an attack won't do that because they know if you people will stand up and say you're not going to do it. this has been empowered by a lot of conservatives who say the confederates were racist and i just want them gone, that's
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going to end it. i don't want the mob to do it, but think of -- the mob says back to them, you wanted gone, why waste the city council vote? it sort of like the soviet duma has two ratify prejudge conclusion and it's not "let the city council come to any conclusion they want"it and then we get these personal agendas in it. suddenly we see the ceo of chick-fil-a, the subject of aci gay marriage boycott in the past and has looted stores. all of a sudden he says he wants to, what, washed the feet of african-americans and say what you going to do, wendy's, mcdonald's, and then tucker,r, where did all these generals at suddenly the aget of 68 discovr that robert ely was a symbol of confederacy and their shocked at fort bragg and they want his statue removed from west point? and they are deeply embedded in corporate profiting, so what i'm getting at is what got a lot of
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these personal agendas that they piggyback on or parasitical fashion, they glom onto the revolution thinking it's going to carry them in their career to new trajectories. and you know, finally, we are looking for one brave woman, a few brave men to say it's not going to happen anymore, you're not going to do it, come into my neighborhood and you're not going to like what's going to happen, or one brave mare. if we had that. i don't want to get political, but this election no longer is about donald trump's tweeting. if not about joe biden's cognitive impairment. it has nothing to do anymore with a lockdown, the virus, the economy. it's an existential question. a choice between whetheriv you want civilization and you believe that america doesn't have to be perfect to be good and we are not in the third century going to destroy all the people died for, or you feel it was inherently flawed with a cancer and we have to use radiation and chemotherapy and kill the host to kill thee
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cancer. and that's the choice we are looking at. and i'm going to vote for civilization. >> tucker: well, it's our only option. the republican party is our only option. speaking of a flawed option, but there's no otherub -- and you're absolutely right to point out the flag officers, the pentagon, wholly captured by the left. i think conservatives have been very slow to pick up on that, it's true and it's scary. professor, thank you so much for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: president trump just signed an executive order today suspending most u.s. workplaces to lease the end of the year. notably order that covers both h2b guest workers and h1b visas, both of them as you know if you watch the show have been exploitedpl for many years by silicon valley to drive down wages in the tech sector and prevent americans from getting the jobs they train for at high expense. this order, if it's effective, is a profound unwelcome development. 1:30 million americans have been laid off due to coronavirus markdowns, continuing to replace them with an army of low-wage foreign nationals isn't just
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wrong, it's insane. protecting american workers, meanwhile, isn't simply right, it's popular. people support it across party lines, why wouldn't they? "washington post" poll in late april from at 65% of all americans supporting temporary immigration pause -- that's a lot more popular than defund the police, don't tell republicans in congress by, they don't know, when you do things that help americans, it turns out, that most americans approve. right now in america's largest cities, authorities are not protecting citizens. the result is protectable. violence is exploding. many more people are dying. we will run through the horrific violence all over the country this weekend in new york, minneapolis, and more. and then a fledgling breakaway nation of chop, the country that may have the highest murder rate in the world as of tonight. we will be right back. ♪
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>> tucker: the first target in this cultural revolution posing as a protest is the police and this weekend we saw the inevitable outcome of that, an explosion of violence in cities across america. matt finn has been tracking it for us tonight and joins us now, hey, matt.t. >> a shocking 14 people were killed, at least 102 people shot over the father's day weekend here in chicago including a 3-year-old boy who was in the back of his father's car. the father was the target, the car was shot at, but the boy died. w now anti-crime activists here in chicago say there should be just as much outrage over the death of this 3-year-old boy as there was over the death of george floyd.ts >> when you think about this for 3-year-old, have the empathy and compassion to know that it might be your child. if anything about this 3-year-old whose life was taken unjustly in a moment as we police totality,
9:37 pm
remember black on black crime is the number one killer of black men and women. we never talk about that is black >> in minneapolis, this wild video shows people apparently revving their engines and what even sounds like on fire going off over the weekend in minneapolis, at least 11 people were shot, one person killed in a brazen uptown shooting. in new york is reporting a spike in shooting. an estimated 72 people were wounded in 53 different shootings citywide from june 15th through sunday. that's up from 14 shooting victims in the same time last year. also reporting upticks and murders. tucker. >> tucker: matt finn for us tonight, so much. even the breakaway republic of chop in seattle saw its first murder over the weekend. the victim might have survived but the citizens of chop blocked the arrival of plant paramedics. >> tonight the body camera video of seattle police arriving at
9:38 pm
the scene, police of the shooting of a occupied zone. protesters forcing people away, leaving them powerless to investigate. he was there and capture this video, volunteer medics rushing the 19 rolled to the hospital where he died. another was critically injured. >> tucker: didn't need to happen. afterwards, the victim's godmother blamed chop for her godson's death. >> he deserved to sit up here today. >> she needs to know why. >> i'm trying to figure out why he won't let 911 medics into pick them up. you picked him up, you guys little black life go under so-called black lives matter protests on the street, come on now. g >> tucker: yeah, come on now. aching mockery of the slogan black lives matter. our man on the ground outside
9:39 pm
chopped, on the border for us more than a week, jason, what happened, do we know? >> well, what we can pretty much pieced together from some of the information that's available on twitter, because remember, as you just played that clip, cops were not able to go in there and the crimes he was disrupted by the protesters. they tried to do their own investigation. we believe that a fight broke out early saturday morning around 2:20:00 a.m., a fight that was apparently over the use of fireworks and unfortunately it turned into gun violence leaving a 19-year-old dad, lorenzo anthony i believe his nametu is. a kid who not need to die. unfortunately, cops were not allowed to go in and medics of course were not able to go in either because they need the protection going into an active crime scene where the shooter or shooters are still out there on the run. they need that kind of cover and just so people understand how truly disturbing this is, last week, the seattle city council decided to take away all of the dash essentially all thehe polie
9:40 pm
officers nonlethal weapons to disperse crowds. so all they have right now are fibatons and their guns. that ofns course is not a good scenario for these officers who one seattle city councilwoman claimed she doesn't buy the narrative that they were unwelcome to go into the chopper, which of course you've seen the video, i tweeted the video, it's absolutely absurd. and then last night around 11:30 there was another shooting, a 17-year-old kid shot in the arm. >> tucker: so it sounds like the victim, the homicide victim was african-american. we know that black lives matter, that's the whole point of chopped. are there protests over his death? >> there is a vigil that has been set up. the mayor and the chief of police just about 30 minutes ago did about a 45 minute press briefing in which they said virtually nothing. i'm disgusted by the political cowardice from this mayor who barely called out the violence and said we are going to take back this police briefing soon but no timeline are planned. >> tucker: because they are
9:41 pm
not against violence, they are for it. jason, great to see you, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: black lives matter in a very short. lack of time have become the most powerful political party in america. you can tell because when they want something to happen, it does. that's called power. so what does black lives matter believe? nobody's reporting on we are going to after theti bre. ♪ it's pretty inspiring the way families
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: black lives matter isn't simply a slogan, it's a political party. in fact, it's the most powerful political party in this country. in less than a month of mostly peaceful riots, black lives matter has gotten both political parties and almost every single corporation university in america to support and endorse their agenda and to send them money.a but the question remains, what is that agenda? almost nobody is asking that question, which ought to tell you something. according to cofounder patrice, 1 of the main priorities is overthrowing the president. not figuratively in the next election, but literally overthrowing him right now. i
9:47 pm
>> not only meets to not be in office in november, but he should resign now. while we are also going to continue to push and pressure vice president joe biden around his policies and relationship to policing and criminalization, that's going to be important, but our goal is to geten trump out. >> tucker: but for black lives matter, toppling the government is just the start. the movement for black labs, that's a major black lives matter organization, once skin color-based reparations and a ban on all deportations of criminal foreign nationals. no matter what they did. for the past month the group has been completely above criticism for some reason. larry elder is a radio show host, one of our favorite guests, we're always happy when he can come on. thanks so much for coming tonight. so black lives matter, and i do
9:48 pm
to my hat to them, has achieved more political power in a shorter period of time than any group i've ever seen. more than ross perot in '92. it's amazing. why haven't we seen a forensic examination of what they are calling for? >> it is pretty impressive how powerful they've become and if you look at some of the written demands that they've made over the past two years, it's pretty clear if this is all about transferring property from white people to black people. it's the same premise as is reparations. the extraction of property and money from people who were never owners to be given to people who were never slaves. if right now we are working on a vaccine for the coronavirus. let's suppose that we came up with a vaccine to get rid of racism in america. we still have 70% of black kids being raised without fathers, we still have a 50%usos urban high school dropout rate in some cities, there would still be 25% of young black men having criminal records. if that is true, then the elimination of white racism is not going to solve the problem and we are going to always be searching for elusive solutions if that's the goal. the problem is the proliferatioo of children having children, of unwed fathers in our home.
9:49 pm
70% of black kids are now raised without product on my fathers and barack obama once etiquette raised without a father is five times more likely to be poor and commit crime. nine times more likely to drop out of school from a 20 times more likely to end up in jail. it is far and away -- the eradication of white racism will not solve these problems. >> tucker: one of her biggest constituency is unmarried mothers, you can't say that. but you do say that, you've taken an enormous amount ofer flack for saying that. you just produced a new movie called "uncle tom" about black conservatives. does it explain what it's like to be you right now >> well, the movie is about what happens when you are black injured or sick to just maybe just maybe we ought not to align
9:50 pm
ourselves with the body to my party whose anti-school choice. maybe not -- unskilled illegal aliens compete for jobs that would otherwise be held by unskilled black and brown people and puts downward pressure on their wages. maybe just maybe we have to think our religions to the party roe versus wade with 25% of abortions are performed on black al owfemales. the black conservatives like thomas sowell, candace owens, shelby steele. and others in my film simply raise these questions and rather than this igniting a healthy debate within the black community about which is the best policy that can advance the black community, people like that are shunted, shot it down, maligned as self loaders and uncle tom and as a result, healthy debate does not take place. the movie is not mad, i'm not angry at these people. frankly i feel sorry for them because we're not having the debate about whether or not we ought to be rethinking our assumption, our allegiance to the democratic party. it is hurting the black community, hurting the very black people that people like black lives matter claim that they care about. that's why have done this will become uncle tom and you can go to >> tucker: and ie hope that people will. they are most important part of this is that when you pipe up and give your opinion, no one even engages your argument. instead, they denounce you personally on the basis of your
9:51 pm that would drive me crazy, i don't know how you're being cheerful after all these years.n but godspeed on the movie. >> and a 25 year career, i've invited jesse jackson on my program, maxine waters, al sharpton, louis farrakhan,n thy won't come. the one black leader did, president of the naacp. ask between the presence of white racism or the absence of black fathers, which poses a big effect of the black community, and to his credit, without missing a beat, he said the absence of black >> tucker: i think you had a number of children out of wedlock himself, if i'm remembering that correctly. >> and turned his life around and is a role model for that. >> tucker: i remember all of this, it's amazing. larry elder's, great to see you tonight. pink is much. >> my pleasure, thank you for the time, i appreciate it. >> tucker: salmon has spent, telling us, walls don't work, so how did cnn react when they wanted to control unwanted
9:52 pm
protesters at their headquarters in atlanta? we will give you a commercial break to guess. be right back. ♪ so what's going on?
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♪ >> tucker: want to bring you in on a fox news alert. some news apparently going on tonight at the white house, right now. we just talked to a journalist there in the commercial break. all reporters in the building, in the briefing room,, were evacuated apparently by the secret service just a moment ago.rc not clear why exactly, but they have been removed from the white that does not happen typically. this as demonstrations continue just across the street at lylafayette square. a group of illiterate vandals spray-painted the word killer on an interjection statue and try to topple it, they were stopped by police. you will be updated if anything else happens, but it sounds like something is happening. meanwhile, something has been happening for four years, cnn has consistently told her that
9:58 pm
walls don't work. only racists and dumb people think they do, they are useless pieces of obsolete technology. they are bigoted! but recently the mostly peaceful protests in atlanta threatened cnn's headquarters, the mob came right to the windows. so how does cnn keep these mostly peaceful protesters out? for putting up a border fence, of course.e.rt tammy bruce hosts get to members on fox nation, what you make of this? >> well, obviously they epitome of hypocrisy. but really it also exposes billing statement consistent. they had a twitter with all caps, "build bridges, not walls," and i thought it would have been easier for them to build aa bridge into cnn if they just unlock the door. if it probably would have been -- that would have worked much easier, but at the same time, tucker, this wall went up so quickly, if anybody had seen in, their ratings are low, needs money, they clearly can have a job at the southern border. this thing went up overnight. it was miraculous.
9:59 pm
and in all seriousness, look, you've got -- they have every right to stop people from getting into the building, absolutely. and a fence does the job. aborted is the job and even chop, which you've been discussing, that was the first thing they did, was build a wall. so there is an understanding that protecting your space is necessary, it's also testament to donald trump tower, the people that he's been able to influence the last three years about how this kind of security is necessary and works, but really, they maybe would have had better luck if they built a wall around, let's say, one of their anchor's homes who had trouble staying inside during quarantine. that maybe would have worked a little bit better if they put that kind of energyst and that kind of a sense, or maybe they're just trying to keep people inside. maybe it's good for the neighborhood. maybe in seattle it's keeping people inside the zone as opposed to keeping people outside wanting to go in. i don't think manyt' people want to go in there.
10:00 pm
>> tucker: such a good point. what a nice way to end the hour. they should work for border patrol, i agree. great to see you. thank you. we are out of time, sadly, but you know what that means, the great sean hannity standing by a new york to take over. >> sean: thank you. i will accept the intro, but i do not deserve it. welcome to "hannity." we will begin tonight with multiple news breaking stories tonight. an urgent situation in multiple cities, chaos, deadly violence in seattle's so-called autonomous chop, chaz, summer of free love zone. we will take you there in a moment. and chaos in washington, d.c., tonight, demonstrators attempting to create their own autonomous zone right there in our nation's capital outside of the white house. before we get to our opening monologue, let's go live to washington, d.c., where fox news' kevin corke is standing by with a live report. apparently lost -- kevin is there. tell us what you got. okay, we don't have kevin.
10:01 pm
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