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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 23, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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call newday right now. >> harris: fox news alert, right no an atlanta man shot and killed by police in a wendy's parking lot, a shooting that sparked fiery protests. this is "outnumbered" over time, i am melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. a family friends gathering this hour for 27-year-old rayshard brooks' funeral at the historic ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, which was once dr. martin luther king jr.'s congregation. in the who will be giving today's eulogy speaking earlier. >> it's important for us to be present with his family as they deal with this unspeakable loss,
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so i hope to shed some light on his humanity and connected to this larger problem in america. >> melissa: jonathan serrie live in atlanta with more. jonathan. >> this is a private invitation-only funeral for family and friends, but they are showing some live streaming video on a big screen that has attracted several dozen people in the courtyard outside of ebenezer baptist church. the senior pastor here who is also a democratic candidate for u.s. senate says he plans to devote part of his eulogy today to a discussion on the need to end mass incarceration and invest in communities. take a listen. >> rayshard brooks was not simply running from the police. he was running from a system that entrapped people who are trying to have a second chance, a shot at redemption.
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>> the 27-year-old father of four died in the police involved shooting june 12th while attempting to escape a dui arrest in a wendy's parking lot in southwest atlanta. this is attorney paul howard is prosecuting garrett rolf, the now terminated officer for felony murder and prosecuting fellow officer devon brosnan for aggravated assault among other charges. critics say the d.a. who faces a tough democratic primary runoff is acting hastily for political reasons instead of waiting for the completion of an independent probe by the highly respected georgia bureau of investigation. republican congressman doug collins is calling for an independent prosecutor to take over the case. take another listen. >> you cannot prosecute cases until the investigation is over. you don't do it for politics. your job is to find justice for everyone. not race, not class, not anything else.
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>> former officer rolf was originally scheduled to appear for a bond hearing at 2:00 this afternoon. obviously, that would've overlapped this memorial service here and under georgia law, the family of a shooting victim or a victim of a crime is allowed to attend such hearings, so the courts have decided to delay that bond hearing and reschedule it for a later day there to back to melissa. >> melissa: thank you for that. in the ceremony honoring the life of rayshard brooks is expected to be underway now. you can watch it streaming live on president trump says he will order the federal government to arrest anyone vandalizing a monument on federal grounds after farr left protesters defaced and try to topple the andrew jackson statue near the white house before police stopped them. this as two new york state
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lawmakers reportedly push to remove both of the states statues in the u.s. capital honoring -- saying they honor men tied to slavery. here is the president on the mayhem in d.c. >> we are looking at long-term jail sentences for these vandals and these hoodlums and these anarchists and agitators. call them whatever you want. to some people don't like that language, but that's what they are. they are bad people. they don't love our country. and they are not taking down our monuments. i just want to make that clear. i will have an executive order very shortly and all it's going to do was reinforce what's already there, but in a more uniform way. >> melissa: let's bring in former arkansas governor and fox news contributor mike huckabee. thank you so much for joining us. at a time when we have so many things going on in this country, whether it is the coronavirus
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pandemic, the riots, trying to get kids back to school in the fall, all of these different things, do we focus on statues right now? >> i don't think we focus on them in the sense that it's the most important thing, but when people are trying to tear down public property, that is a mark of anarchy. this is not peaceful protests. we are all for that. that's an american right and i think we all support people being able to protest. that's not what this is. this is a total violation of everything simple about us and it's also people deciding that they are their own government. you can't have that in a society where we have the social contract of law. they don't like the law and they don't like the statue, they can go to their legislators and maybe get it taken down but where does it stop? i'm expecting a few years ago, we joked about things like the washington monument, jefferson memorial. why not? if we are going to get rid of all the statues in defaced things like the world war ii memorial, i think any day now we
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are going to see people say let's get the jefferson memorial taken down, the washington monument. it's absurd and it is dangerous to a civil ordered society. >> melissa: let me play for you what mitch mcconnell had to say about it, why he says this conversation is important. let's take a look. >> our founding fathers are being groped to the ground like they were saddam hussein. is no surprise that people who want to say our country is intrinsically evil are so frantic to erase history that they will break the law to do it. i racing history is the only way their claims could carry any water. americans know that and in perfect nation belt by imperfect heroes is still the most perfect union the world has ever seen. >> melissa: so that's one argument. the other idea is what about people who look at andrew jackson or another leader
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from the past that we are honoring with the statue who stood for slavery or stood for things that are personally hurtful to some of our population. what do you tell them about the statues that seem to honor these people that they feel like shouldn't be honored? >> i think mitch mcconnell had it right. these weren't perfect people. they did some things that we can't necessarily applaud in 2020, but there were other things about their lives that truly were remarkable. here is what i think we are missing. when we start erasing our history, including all the cultural and antiquities that we have come at the marks of it, we are acting no different than the islamic terrorists who go into a very civilized place like i ran and destroyed every last piece of art and erase the history of a people. the danger there is that history is to a civilization what memory is to the individual, and if you
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were to wake up tomorrow and you had no memory, total amnesia, you would be lost, confused, and live in a world of chaos and if the culture, civilization doesn't understand, no, or even care about its history, it is going to be a civilization that is lost, confused, and living in chaos, which is where we are headed because i don't know, maybe these kids never studied history and are there things about our history that are in a beautiful? of course. but that's part of the lesson of history to say let's embrace this, but not this. that's how it's supposed to wo work. >> melissa: and who would ever be perfect enough to have a statue then? president trump also said to arrive in arizona later this hour, he will be expecting the construction of the new border wall, here is the president earlier today. >> we have over 200 miles of wall built. it's been incredible.
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our numbers on the border as you know are at just about a record-breaking low, people not being able to cross the border. >> melissa: the president will also be giving a speech at the students for trump rally today in phoenix, a city that is becoming a covid-19 hot spot. here is the mayor. >> we are not going to be focused on enforcement during the rally, but we would hope that our governor who is there can send a strong message. he believes in masks and he could be a great spokesman for telling the young people to wear masks, but the best spokesman would be the president. >> melissa: this as president trump's campaign is reportedly rethinking how it will conduct rallies after the lower-than-expected turnout and criticism around the tulsa rally. governor, one thing that i think is so interesting about the tulsa rally of course it is that no matter how you place it, there weren't as many people there as they thought they were going to be for whatever reason. but so many millions of people
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watched it from home. maybe that's what people would prefer to do right now. there's a sizable group that wants to go and feels like it's worth it to them at whatever risk it might be to their health, the same that protesters feel about protesting, but then there is a big group who wants to stay home and watch it from the safety and comfort of their living room. what are your thoughts? >> i think you hit it exactly. for more than a week, the press basically said if you go to that rally in tulsa, you are dead certain to get covid. you're going to die if you go. or you're going to get beat up on the way and because it will be a bunch of violent protesters so sure, it scared some people the way for a lot of reasons but what the press is missing is that they were over 20 million people who watch the speech, a record number on fox alone on saturday night, and then millions and millions more people watched it online. i just think people are missing that he is touching, communicating, and getting
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through to a lot of the american population despite the best efforts of the press to stifle and shut down everything he says except what they say he says which is often untrue and absolutely fake news. >> melissa: there was a lot of that in the last hour, we saw the testimony about the covid response before the house. they asked repeatedly, have you been told by the president to slow down testing, and they answered again, no, no one has told us that, no one in the administration has. here's another quick piece of piece of testimony from dr. fauci. let's listen. >> we are now seeing a disturbing surge of infections, the next couple of weeks are going to be critical and our ability to address those surgeons we are seeing in florida, texas, arizona, and in other states. and they are not the only ones having difficulty. bottom line is it's a mixed bag. some good and some now we have a problem with.
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>> melissa: let me ask you, calling on your political knowledge, would you tell the president to avoid these hot spots or his he going there on purpose? what are your thoughts? >> i'm not sure. i think he's got to be careful, and he does need to encourage people to recognize the threat of a coronavirus that is yet to be cured with any type of vaccine, so that's an important message but it's also an important message for him to say we are america, we don't live hiding under the bed. we know there are some risks, we take the ones we feel we can manage and we don't take stupid risks, and i think hopefully that's how most of us are living, but the president has got to come out with that balance that i think that's an important message. i hope he says some of those things today in arizona and will continue to say them. we are not out of the woods but neither do we want to go back to a lockdown situation which was very destructive to the economy and quite frankly destructive to the mental health of a lot of
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people. >> melissa: it really was. governor, thank you so much. love having you on, appreciate it. a scene outside of the gates of the white house when protesters tried to set up an autonomous zone like the one in seattle. the fiery response from the president and that three block zone in seattle may be nearing its end after a fatal shooting. why is the mayor and the police have waited until now. reaction from one of the nation's top law enforcement professionals coming up. >> this is not about politics and i am not a politician. this is about first amendment rights. this is about life or death.
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>> the cumulative impacts of the gatherings and protests on the nighttime atmosphere and violence has led to increasingly difficult circumstances. the impacts have increased in the safety has decreased. in we need to disrupt the cycle of violence. >> melissa: seattle's mayer warning activists inside the city's police free chopped zone that it is time to go. the move follows two shootings over the weekend, one of them fatal after now the mayor hoping to peacefully reclaim the occupied zone including an abandoned police station. in protesters in washington, d.c., last night attempted to set up a similar autonomous zone right outside the gates of the white house, some also vandalize nearby st. john's church and tried to topple a statue of
10:19 am
president andrew jackson before being pushed back by police. president trump tweeting "they will never be an autonomous zone in washington, d.c., as long as i am a president. they try, they will be met with serious force." los angeles county sheriff. let me ask you, how much luck do you think that mayor is going to have? she has undermined her local police department, but now she thinks that because there has been violence and death in that zone, she is going to ask everybody to go home and they are peacefully going to go. do you think that's going to happen? >> we have a conflict that is kind of artificially been made larger than it needed to be because the moment when they abandoned the precinct and abandoned those city blocks to this autonomous zone, that was a key point in this thing that is only escalating and getting bigger and we need to disk wow de-escalate the situation and if they can convince the people
10:20 am
occupying this to walk away and call it a day, that's great, but in hindsight, you have to look back and wonder the decision-making that was involved in deciding that, to use police presence when it was appropriate which is the case when they were trying to establish a police free zone, but it didn't work out well. look at the virus tha violence s occurred in the zone. >> melissa: what you think she is going to do if they don't peacefully go? she going to call the ghostbusters? what are her options here? >> you have to revert back to your reverence for human life in this regard and she is going to have to start deploying tactics which shut down power, shutdown facilities, shutdown access and at some point, they are going to run out of food and water and it will end peacefully, hopefully, and that should be the goal of the mayor and the chief of police. however, needing to take a hard look at the decision that led to
10:21 am
this point. >> melissa: we were looking on twitter. calling up to 90% at least. i would ask your opinion on that because it strikes me how quickly we have forgotten about school shootings. there are police inside my son's school done her job is to keep track of who was going in and who is going out. when they say they want to defund these police, have they suddenly forgotten about school shootings just trying to know who is coming in and out of the school and keep it safe? >> i think these are selective amnesia and people that believe in a utopian society which is great, we can defund all law enforcement, all military, there will be no wars. but i vividly remember we had an
10:22 am
active shooter in the loss of life they are, tragedy, and just ask the parents of the students in that school when they think about defunding the school. was off-duty law enforcement who was the first within second and they didn't hesitate to go into try to to contain the situation and save lives. so defunding the police is not an answer, not a legitimate answer. it's a question of what are you doing and how are you interacting with the community and that's with the key to success is. >> melissa: yeah. maybe that's a better place to start. you do mention it was an off-duty police officer and not the actual school police to stop that particular shooting so i guess they might point to that as well. thank you for coming on today. we appreciate your time. president trump signing an executive order suspending temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of the year as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a major toll on the economy but at least one
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> back in april, the president suspended immigrant visas for 60 days to what the order does as it extends that ban through the end of the year as well as nonimmigrant visas. these are temporary visas that people come in from out of the country and what the president has said is as we build this economy back up, he wants american workers first. >> melissa: acting secretary chad wolf explaining president trump's executive order halting a variety of work-based immigration saying that these devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has forced officials to do more to protect american jobs and at least one of the presidents allies is questioning the move. senator lindsey graham tweeting this yesterday. "this decision in my view will
10:28 am
have a chilling effect on our economic recovery in a time when we should be doing all we can to restore the economy." kristin fisher's live at the white house with more. >> it is not just republican senator lindsey graham that has a problem with the executive order that the white house put out yesterday, it's also a lot of the big tech companies that rely very heavily on this visa program which is now in a frozen until the end of the year. so we are talking about companies like google, amazon, liver, and twitter all put out statements yesterday opposing the executive order that president trump just signed, twitter says "it undermines america's greatest economic asset, its diversity in. he unilaterally and unnecessarily stifling america's attractiveness the global, high skilled talent is shortsighted." but the white house says this executive order is designed to free up half a million jobs to be filled by american workers. here is the white house top
10:29 am
economic advisor larry kudlow. >> i think the presidents view and i served on that task force, and we agreed that we have to help americans get back to work first. >> the order suspends five types of visas until the end of the year, and i just want to run through them briefly. visas for certain types of highly skilled workers, these are the kinds of visas that big tech is so upset about. those are for nonagricultural seasonal workers, each for vis visas, visas for cultural exchanges, and visas for managers of multinational corporations. there are some exceptions, but not many, and then on top of that executive order, you also have president trump about 20 minutes away from touching down in battleground arizona where he we know he is going to be touring the newly completed section of border wall over 200 miles of it. so between the executive order
10:30 am
in this trip today, you can see president trump really making a push to get back to the issue that served him so well back in 2016. melissa? >> melissa: kristin fisher, thank you so much for that. joining us now is acting dhs deputy secretary, acting director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services. thank you so much for joining me. and let me ask you about that executive order i don't know hw much practical sense it makes in the idea that most of the people that lost their jobs during the coronavirus epidemic were in the service industry even though they might be waiters and waitresses and work in hotels. they are not the people that would be coming in so by blocking those other folks from coming in, it doesn't really mean that you are creating jobs for americans. the jobs that they were trained to take to take. >> that's not right. you look at the unemployment
10:31 am
data the last several months, which we did when we were putting all the recommendations before the president for him to start making decisions if you look look at every category in which h1-b's are employed, there was significant job losses and every single one of those categories. so the myth that there is no job losses in these spaces and that there are no americans who will do these jobs is sorely tested when we go from 3.5% unemployment and a trump economy and get hit with a covid virus and end up had over 13, got over 14% unemployment for a while, and yes, there were major job losses in the seasonal work as you describe but there were job losses entirely across the economy and i'll give you another example. the medical industry if you remember the april proclamation, the president exempted all medical workers. in this one, we narrowed it down substantially to just those coming into work on covid-19 or
10:32 am
do research because we saw across the country that people in the medical industries on the associated industries were being for load and laid off as well. so we paid very close attention to those job losses and the president prioritized as you heard larry kudlow say getting americans back to work. >> melissa: so if this is data-driven, does that mean you were going to watch the numbers and what is the number at which you're going to say okay, it is fine now, we can open it back up and let these recent workers come back in? what is the bar? >> that's a great question. one of the things in the executive order, the secretary of state for homeland security to report back 30 days and the president is reserving his flexibility to adjust this up or down as he views it is needed to get americans back to work and to keep the economy going.
10:33 am
those two things do go hand-in-hand. lots of debate about where the balance point is, but the president has planted himself firmly on the side of prioritizing american workers and expects that if this temporary bar is in place through the end of the calendar year in accordance with the order that it will clear out 525,000 jobs for americans who have recently lost their jobs. >> melissa: okay. we will keep an eye on that. 525,000. thank you so much for coming on today. i appreciate it. former president barack obama teaming up with joe biden for the first time in this campaign, the big event they are holding today as the trump team accuses biden of trying to hide behind his camera. some companies still have hr stuck between employees and their data.
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10:38 am
time, saying they expect to bring in at least $4 million and the building of this as the biggest online event yet. all this as the biden team says that he will take part in three presidential debates rejecting the trump campaign's call for a fourth. biden's campaign saying "the trump campaign's new position is a debate distraction. joe biden will accept the commissions debate on the commission's date and the commission's independent choice of moderators." team trump hitting back, here is the term communication director jim murtagh. >> you have to wonder what is he going to do in a setting where he doesn't know the questions in advance and can't have his answers prewritten for him on the teleprompter. >> melissa: donna brazile is former dnc interim chair and contributor. is wonderful to see you. what do you expect from these debates? i think we are all looking forward to them. we feel like anything can
10:39 am
happen. what advice would you give to joe biden? >> first of all, let me just tell tim that joe biden participated in well over ten debates during the democratic primary and he doesn't need to take advice from someone who's never been in the big leagues. joe biden of course has been in the big leagues not just as vice president but a presidential candidate on several occasions. my advice to joe biden is to because he understands the issues and what's at stake and he knows this is a referendum on president trump's leadership, just stick to the facts, offer the american people a better vision for our country. how we come together and unify this country so we can all make progress on the 21st century. that's what i would tell joe biden. >> melissa: but i watch those debates and if you go back and you play vice president biden's closing statement, almost every single time it was nonsensical. there were words together that didn't make any sense and it sort of made you feel like i don't know if he was exhausted
10:40 am
by the end or if he -- don't you practice the closing statement and you know just what you're going to say? what do you think about that? >> if you take a snippet of everybody including myself, you, and everyone else, sometimes we make noise and can't make music but still, the sound is heard. i think the fact that he secure the nomination and remember, this is a very diverse party. the democratic party is comprised of a little bit of everything that is called america. so i am sure joe biden will be up to the task when that moment arrives to debate president trump. a president trump of course is a seasoned debater as well, so this is going to be a great opportunity for the american people to sit back and see to go national decide for themselves who will help us not just come together, but rebuild an economy that works for all americans, clearly someone who understands the public health concerns of every american. so i look forward to these
10:41 am
debates this fall and i am not going to go back and try to pull a snippet here over a snippet they are and try to call her this as something other than extraordinary. what i'm looking forward to it as an opportunity for us to see these leaders talk about these important present issues. >> melissa: i can't wait for it either. i would love to watch with you, but we will see. despite biden's lead in the polls nationally and m.o. swing states, still believes there is a path to reelection. watch this. >> he is fighting a two front wars with problems in the midwest on one hand in arizona and florida on the other hand. i want to be really clear. if drum could absolutely win reelection, but he definitely has his work cut out for him. >> melissa: what do you think of that analysis? obviously, he is way up in a lot of the polls and then those of us who don't believe in the polls because we saw what happened last time. what do you think the truth is right now? >> if i was managing joe biden's
10:42 am
campaign, i would run as if you were 15 points behind because it doesn't matter where we stand in the today, what matters is it's an extraordinary election as you well know, pandemic and all the other uncertainty that we must face, so run as if you were 15 points behind, do not take any states were granted because what president trump was able to do was to crack as you know, in three major states and then came out with 78,700 votes were something like that, and he won the electoral college. so campaign is if you are 15 points behind, don't take anyone for granted, expand the math, and remember there were millions of americans who set out the election, try to communicate with them with a positive message and perhaps we can sleep better on november 3rd. >> melissa: wise words from donna brazile. thank you for coming on, we appreciate it. president trump and ag
10:43 am
william barr blasting mail-in ballots claiming they give foreign countries the chance to disrupt the 2020 election but critics note that some of the presidents article including william barr have voted by mail. we have a power panel coming up next.
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>> melissa: president trump continuing to sound the alarm on male and a voting tweeting rig 2020 elections, millions will be printed by foreign countries and others it will be the scandal of our time and attorney general william barr also expressing concern over foreign countries using mail-in voting to wreak havoc on the election. watch. >> it absolutely opens the floodgates to fraud, but right now, a foreign country could print up tens of thousands of counterfeit ballots and it would be very hard for us to detect which is the right and which is the wrong ballot. >> melissa: however, currently no evidence of widespread fraud with mail-in ballots and many in the presidents article have voted by mail including william barr, the penances, and his son-in-law jared kushner. let's bring in our power panel, trump 2020 senior legal advisor in constitutional law advisor and scott bolden, former d.c.
10:48 am
democratic party chairman and former chair of the national bar association. let's start with you. foreign governments try to meddle in the last election, it is logical they would try to do the same thing. why not with mail-in ballots? >> sounds to me like they are inviting the russians to do just that. i have run elections.
10:49 am
that's not going to be the case here, and it is a safe and secure way. >> melissa: you have to pause now, got to give jenna a chance to respond now because we are on delay. jenna, he teed it up like this is a very precise system and the states have their own thing and they are impenetrable. doesn't sound like the voting places that i've been to, but i like to give the benefit of the doubt. how do you respond? >> first of all, it is absolutely ridiculous and very unethical to sit here and say we need to protect the ballot integrity and the ballot box in foreign interference. that's a completely debunked live. >> melissa: hang on, let her finish. >> said that is absolutely ridiculous. we have to be very clear here. that is a difference between an individual requesting their own
10:50 am
ballot because they are unable for any reason, their military like i am right now to request their own ballot going through their state procedure versus mass mailing voting which is the state sending out millions of lives ballots to individuals you don't even know if they are registered to vote or eligible to vote. so this is something where we have to make sure to protect election integrity and we have to be precise. >> melissa: i want to move on before we run out of time, our own bret baier will sit down with former national security advisor john bolton, has memoir generating a lot of controversy as you know, pains an unflattering picture of president trump. the president and the white house aides deny many of the claims in the book but bolton tells brett no regrets. let's listen. >> do you regret joining the trump administration? >> i don't go back and second-guess my decisions. i did the best i could and given the opportunity i did again. i'm sure i made a lot of
10:51 am
mistakes. i have no doubt about that. i wish i could correct them in retrospect but i think the security for america that i advocate is a mainstream republican party and the disappointment is trump is so far outside. >> melissa: your reaction real quick. >> not flattering, the most important thing he says is that the president just wasn't tuned in. that is dangerous for all of us as americans and for this country. >> melissa: jenna? >> i think that bolton is very clearly self-serving and sarah sanders hit him really hard but that's where his credibility was completely undermined and payment for his book over national security interest, i think that tells you everything about john bolton that you need to know. >> melissa: all right, thank you. to be sure to catch brett's entire interview with john bolton tonight at 6:00 eastern on special report right here on fnc. nascar showing some serious
10:52 am
support for its only current black driver, bubba wallace as the fbi is investigating how a noose was placed in his garage stall. the power panel will be right back now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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my chair... and my phone. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> they have rallied around bubba wallace and the number 43 today. >> the nascar community coming together to support bubba wallace, the only full-time black driver in the series at the speedway. his fellow drivers pushing his car to the front as he broke down in tears. this comes as federal authorities investigate the discovery of a noose in his garage stall. here's wallace yesterday. >> sorry i'm not wearing my mask, but i wanted to show whoever it was, you're not going to take away my smile.
10:57 am
i'm going to keep on going. >> let's bring back our power panel. scott, what you think about that message? you're not going to take away my smile. >> every time i watch that video clip i get goose bumps and the first time i got very emotional. i see myself as an african-american male in bubba and the power of supporting him, teammate supporting him. and that he will persevere like this country has to persevere to eradicate racism, systemic racism, generational racism. now america seems to have a consciousness and we have to do more than eliminate the flag. we have to worry about eliminating the confederate flag outside the nascar facility. we still have a segment of the population, america's population that doesn't get it, but together we can beat it,
10:58 am
challenge it, disrupted, and that is how we get to the core. that is how i see it. >> i wonder, watching this, you can't watch it without getting chills or getting teary. to see him say, you can't take away my smile. and see all the support that he's getting, in some ways you contrast that with taking a knee during the national anthem. and i wonder which type of display changes more minds or is more impactful. what do you think? >> i love that scott as a democrat echoed president trump's words saying that we as americans are all coming together and together we can accomplish anything. that has been the president's message and i think this is a wonderful display of community and coming together to recognize that the way w we will overcome this is by recognize our principles. all human beings are created in the image of god and that is
10:59 am
true. it is not about racism. it's not about apologizing for a past. it's about looking forward to our future and a more perfect union. i think that's really the message that president trump carries, together we need to recognize this and we are all made in god's image. >> we have less than a minute. can i just say, this looks like people coming together and lifting up one a person. how can we do that together? they are lifting up bubba. >> he represents so much more than just himself. he represents nascar, his teammates. we are not going to be racism by ourselves. i talked to my buddies who look like me about racism and the use of negative racist terms when there with each other. i can disrupt them because we have been socialized to say, to
11:00 am
use certain words against certain groups of people. we've got to fix that. >> we've got to go. thank you for it i'm glad we could end down this note. thank you for watching. i melissa francis and for harris faulkner and i'll be back here tomorrow. "the daily briefing" with dana perino starts right now. >> dana: president trump is paying a visit to the border after a night of chaos. hello, i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump and arizona is set to visit the border and speak at a roundtable this hour. sure to be a very different scene than what we saw in d.c. last night. protesters near the white house trying to


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