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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 30, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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out the ri success of donald trump, thefaid america being unrecognizable if they win., here is laura.ub how are you? >> laura: hannity, i'm great.g interesting little segment with mark cuban. he's trashing the president on masks, and... i don't know what his whole play is. k he's fine. i've had him on. he's obviously a really smart guy. >> sean: i begin to wonder, how does this guy become a billionaire? if you can't see biden doesn't have a slow pitch... it's pretty obvious to me. >> laura: it was a little bit slow over there at the press conference but i love your show. >> sean: do you know why i think-- it would be a good --
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listen, joe is going to be older than reagan was when he won when reagan left office. she should go to the villages. he can play cards and stuff. >> laura: don't even use biden in the same breath as reagan unless it's a pejorative. all right, i'm laura ingraham. this is another hot flying ingram angle for you tonight. is new york city about to fall victim to an autonomous zone like in seattle, a reporter has infiltrated their encampment and will bring us up to the minute exclusive reporting on the ground. joe biden as hannity mention answered questions from the press for the first time in, what, 90 days. raymond arroyo has a complete breakdown of all of it. it's hilarious on seen and unseen. speaking of biden, what does fauci have to do with biden's campaign?
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we have a great explanation. but first, a time for action. that's the focus of tonight's angle. even i was shocked to hear that the g.o.p.-controlled senate are going to leave town on thursday for an 18 day recess in the middle of this current crisis. we still have 21 million people unemployed, covid still lingering, anarchist rioters. unfortunately too many republicans are exactly the people iou warned you about last night, the sunshine patriots thatsh thomas paine wrote aboutn 1776. we see this kind of behavior, it can look like our cause is hopeless. but it is not. we've gone through tough times before and we come out on top. and we can again. remember the 1970s and how bleak the outlook was for the country? maybe you were too young to remember it. i was a kid.
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but you've got watergate, the quagmire of vietnam, the oil embargo, double-digit o inflati, not to mention a hostile media and the malaise of jimmy carter's presidency? a lot of people lost hope. they were convinced we'd never be able to prevail over the soviet union or end communism. but robert ronald reagan came. he reminded us to have confidence in ourselves and believe the u.s. and worth defending. he transformed politics, despite the fact that they didn't have fox news, they didn't have a talk radio -- they had paul harvey, other than that they didn't have talk radio, social media, or conservative websites. the situation we face now isn't any more dire than we faced back then. by b the way, back then included an immediate threat of thermonuclear war. remember how everyone at the same time was predicting the end
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of conservatism after obama won in 2008? well, i was there in 2009 and i spoke at some of the tea party events. remember those? also recall how the movement was derided by the political and media establishments. >> it's not really a grassroots movement. it's focusing tax cuts on the rich instead of helping the middle class parents speak of the things socl disturbing to me abt the tea party is there racist attitudes, >> they have no idea what the boston tea party was about. it's about hating a black man in the white house. this is racism straight t up. >> laura: but we kept fighting againstep those fools. and in 2010, we helped wipe away president obama's majority in the house. then we had senators marco rubio, rand paul, and mike lee,
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they were all elected in part by that tea party surge. romney bound bombed out in 2012, but we didn't give up. 2014, we took back the senate and we did the unthinkable and put donald trump back in the white house. we did all of that with the political superstar barack obama as president. and republican voters at this moment are worried about this guy? >> i'm going to get in trouble. fire away. i always get in trouble on the last question, but go ahead. guys, i really do have to go. i apologize but i'm going to get in real trouble. i'm already in trouble. the i'm i'm going to follow the doc's orders. that means i'm not going to be holding rallies. >> laura: of course biden won't be holding rallies. i was so worried about it.
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the pandemic is the perfect excuse for biden to do the entire thing t virtually. he's totally weak. get the media, they want to freak you out. they want you to think he is unbeatable. and that you are alone and powerless to stop his victory and to stop the tearing down of america. >> is standing in the polls in his race against vice president biden... >> if the election were held today, joe biden would likely win by 375, possibly even 400 electoral votes. >> there is a better chance that donald trump does not run for reelection then he is reelected. >> laura: that is about the dumbest thing i've ever heard. the media, they are wrong again be at the radical marxists on the left and their figurehead joe biden are 100% beatable and they are already making huge a mistakes. minneapolis city councilors just voted to disband their police
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force. this is wildly unpopular! of course, it's completely dangerous for american cities, suburbs, all of it. luckily voters in that city will have a chance to vote it down in november. and last night, we were the first to tell you about a shocking tweet posted by the dnc linking mount rushmore to white supremacy. by the morning, the tweet was deleted. but the link to the far left? it was received. if biden wins, mount rushmore will be flattened. or may be refashioned to celebrate the squad. i don't know. who knows. that's good. democrats get arrogant when they are ahead in the polls and that's when they start making these big mistakes. they say nothing with the birkenstocks bolsheviks even when they rampage against black americans. >> [bleep] -- every [bleep]
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date -- >> you are the shame of your family! >> you are part of the [bleep] problem. >> laura: who in the heck raise these young white thugs? that's what they are. thugs. then there is a seattle travesty. the mayor should be tarred and feathered for having allowed that chop zone for existing for 5 minutes let alone 23 days bid two teenagers have been shot and killed and the mayor begrudgingly ordered officials to end the occupation. but maybe she was just mad that despite giving the socialists their space, they came to her space. they protested in front of the
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mayor's residence, and that was the last straw. can affect me.ty of course, the press the party wants you to believe has a virtual lock on victory in november said as their peaceful protesters attack catholics at the vandalize statue of st. louis in his namesake in missouri. every catholic voter in the midwest, across america, should watch what happened they are very carefully. may be my favorite misstep of the week was when joe biden stumbled into making a clear and truthful statement on a call with big donors. he said, i'm going to get rid of the book of trump's $2 trillion tax cuts and a lot of you don't likeony that. of course, we know that's going to do wonders for all of your 401(k)s in the midst of a pandemic that caused an unemployment crisis. i recount this tonight because
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all of these blunders are actually really good news for conservatives, even if some of the underlying use is terrible for the country. but now it's time to communicate all of this. if biden wins, he will support defunding the police, a policy that lead to lawlessness and this order. i don't care what he's promising you now. if biden wins, every american will be paying more taxes not to pay down the debt or help the elderly, but to give aoc and company more money to wreak havoc on the country that you love. meaning more anti-american propaganda in the schools, more attacks on the nuclear family, and the big green deal -- well, that's going to be a big new cramdown. you will be sending money to washington so pelosi and the squad can commission statues of their new heroes of the left like, i don't know, colin kaepernick and stacy abrams. but that doesn't have to be our future. we have a long weekend coming up to celebrate our nation's 244th
11:11 pm make sure to take some time to teach your kids or grandkids about what makes this country so great. i had a good talk about america with my 12-year-old son -- i don't know, five or six hours ago when we were hiking. if you can't find the right words, show them this. >speak of the things that unite us, america's past, our hopes and aspirations for the future ofopop the world in this troubld country, these things far outweigh what divides us. so tonight, we are, with and jew and gentile, we are one nation indivisible, we are all americans.
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>> laura: we live in the best, freest country in the face of the earth. and we do not need to apologize for our rich and complex history. we just have to learn from it. and we have and we are. so right now, we need patriots from every state, from every walk of life, from all races and backgrounds, to stand up for america, to stand against the bullies of the left. for years now, it's been obvious that president trump and the movement he leads is the last line of defense against the anti-americanism the left will unleash if it's allowed to retake the levers of government. liberals want to help us. they can't stand up to the left. the never trumper-e rs want help us , they'll make the never trumpers won't help us. what does that mean? we have to help ourselves. we have four months left to defeat the forces to take over thee country in the race are history.
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remember this, the establishment and media will never see it coming. they rode off reagan after he lost to ford in 1976. they wrote off reagan after 1979 for they wrote off the tea party in 2010. and trump, of course, in 2016. they are underestimating our chances now. freedom is always worth fighting for their that's what those men on mount rushmore would be telling us today. and that is the angle. joining me now is sara carter, fox news contributor and host of "the sara carter sara carter show podcast" and also with me is ricky cassano, the national post editor and chief and cohost of the democrats are obviously b hijacked by the radicals, totally in bed with them. why are republicans twiddling their thumbs, talking about masks today, how patrioticlk mas are washed and marked they have to realize that the last best
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hope our are the guys in the white house now. >> laura, we come onto national television like this and we have notes in front of us aboutin things we want to say. i want to say what you said in your monologue hit me in the solar plexus and changed what i wanted to say tonight. you talk about the affording world looking into america. you can probably hereby my accent not from here. i come from somewhere else, my parents are from m even further away it. i'm england. they were born in india. here's the thing. the world is looking in right now and thinking, how did america, the country that we all wanted to come to come in the country all wanted to build families in, work hard, and produce things within, how did they fall to marxism? and it's exactly what you talked aboutt in your opening monologu. whether it's the republicans who have sold out their country,
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whether it's beijing, biden -- laura, i was sitting in washington, d.c., downtown tonight having dinner with friends and we were accosted by a mob of 60 plus people chanting, "black lives matter." i stood up and said, hey, listen. does my life matter? some of them said yes, some of them said no. the black people in the crowd said yes, all lives matter. we want to have a conversation with you. the white liberal said, no, if you can't say that black lives matter, you are a bigot and you are a racist. i'm not from here. i am of indian extraction. for me, these white liberals started chanting at me, you are a white guy, what do you know? i'm not a white guy. i'm here to say this. america represents something extraordinary in the world. that is so far beyond the idea that anyone can have about
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defense, defense of the west, it's beyond me, what we are seeing in the streets of the united states right now. >> laura: sara, i think of the immigrant business owners in northern virginia, in l.a., in phoenix, in michigan who came here to work hard, play by the rules emma and they built an incredible small, medium-sized businesses. what are they to think about this? biden is going to tolerate it and grow this movement. it's time for republicans and patriots to stand up this weekend on fourth of july and make their voices heard unafraid, sar sarah. i know you are unafraid. i know raheem is unafraid. >> my mother came from cuba in the late 1960s, she has now passed away. i remember her telling me about stories when she got to california about how she worked so hard, how she had to walk to
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a thrift store and buy some shoes and cut the back and back of that she is off to walk to find a job. i remember my mother telling friends, are you a cuban, no, im american but i'm'm american, she was proud of it. that's the neighborhood i grew up in. the people i knew, whether they wereth from mexico or guatemalar cambodia or vietnam, they were americans first. i have got to tell you something. the silent majority needs to stop being silent. we saw that with "the new york times" in 2016 say that hillary clinton was going to win by 91%. she did not win. the silent majority needs to stand up, live by principle, and not be silenced by these marxist leftist and go say thank you too the people who serve our country, thank you to the business owners were opening their business is risking so much, and thank you to our soldiers and law enforcement officials and first responders who a do so much for this natio.
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we are not a country of hate, laura. it really is so upsetting when you see that. >> laura: being not afraid. everyone is demoralized out there. we have been through so much worse as john paul ii said. raheem, there is this coterie of white lefty politicians emerging. perhaps it is best example fired by that minneapolis mayor jacob freyey who said this tonight abt the police in his city. >> mayors around the country including myself are on the side of massive structural change. this needs to be a rethinking and rethinking of how our police department has done businesses for decades harmed black and brown people. >> laura: frey virtue sickness, his city spins out of control. 27 homicides reported in minneapolis compared to 15
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people total killed this time last year. raheem, it's being consumed by violence. this is what a biden residency will bring them not going to calm down. it's going to be the norm and is going to be worse. do you agree? >> lives don't matter to these people. go to -- it's not journalism, it's an op-ed. these insane names come down i come up over and over again. joe biden, john bolton, mattis, every moment now and again to this election is going to be layer upon layer upon layer of attending some of the establish and pretending that president trump somehow represents a danger when actually president trump is the one who has kept america out of more foreign wars, who has renegotiated america's role in the world, when obama bowed to cairo, tehran, all of that. as a non-u.s. citizen, i cannot believe that americans would ever vote for joe biden.
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>> right. >> laura: i'm telling you.yo sara, don't you agree that the media wants to demoralize the american people? they wants to demoralize them and drive their move down, drive their optimism down so they just give up. and that's the last thing anyone should do. >> that's absolutely right, laura. ibs can tell you that's absoluty right there they are divisive, they have tried to divide this country. when you try o to go to the midwest, like utah where i was last week, people are they are unified. they don't want to watch that news anymore. i can tell you that it's going to make a difference. if we stand up and speak and are not silenced by these leftist marxists and joe biden and fall into this trap, will be a greater country for if it will comeco out in november winning. >> laura: surprising everyone. we don't have to be the silent majority. we can be the loud majority, frankly, thanks to the both of you. glad to see you both, and up
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next, a covid to further. why is dr. fauci acting like biden's running made? and what's going on with the texas surge? guys, times are tough.
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anybody involved in vax knowledge he will tell you that we will have a safe and effective vaccines that i will not be surprised if he go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around. i'm not satisfied with what's going on because we are going i. the wrong direction. clearly we are not in total control right now. >> laura: dr. doom himself at a senate hearing today spreading more covid panic and undermining trump's agenda. at this point, can we all admit that fauci is basically working for the biden campaign? for all we know, he could beng joe's running mate? why not. he doesn't fit the bill, but fauci's fearmongering didn't go unchecked. senator rand paul hit back with an issue ire noticed many of you care about. this. for go it is a fatal conceit to believe any one person or small group of people have the knowledge necessary to direct an economy or dictate public health behavior. i think government health experts during this pandemic
11:26 pm
need to show caution in their prognostication. >> laura: he went on to challenge dr. fauci on kids needing to go back to school and he got dr. fauci to admit that it's very important for kids to go back to school and he went around and around her but mom's, most of them want their kids back in school. fauci and the rest of the expert class have been wrong on every issue every step of the way. from the efficacy of lockdowns, they honestly did not work, to masks, they said we shouldn't wear them first, to shutting the schools down. those same authorities went on to the announced fellow americans were protesting to save their businesses and jobs only to turn around and essentially openly embraced the blm marches while claiming racism was the real virus. now these esteemed experts, they don't even have the integrity to admit that the masked protests,
11:27 pm
which they themselves often participated in, are likely a major reason that we are seeing current spikes in various cities. the timing and patient profiles of the covid bikes in cities like cleveland, l.a., houston, and states like minnesota, all correlate to the protest. why would we keep putting faith in experts who don't just butcher the science, but display hypocritical and political messaging inpo the process? joining me now is someone who's done more independent research on the real figures on covid, phil kerpen, what's been more damaging to the faith in the nation's medical experts, this shifting messaging or the political hypocrisy of some of the messengers like dr. fauci? >> look, i think that facts have been on both sides of every single major issue have been down my completely undermined their credibility. they been flipping and flopping like crazy.
11:28 pm
the worst has been the way they've treated these protests, at that if they left the house for any reason, that was tantamount to wanting to kill a grandparent. they went out and shared and in many cases participated in mass events with mass crowds of people which according to their ownn lockdown logic should have beenn the very last thing that you would allow, far, far after things like letting small businesses and schools go. >> laura: this is what joe biden said in his big presser today and he references dr. fauci. watch. >> i will be a president that respects science, who one sense whowant to censor their abilityo talk to the american people. i'll have day one ready to go the best medical experts and scientists to advise on our response. i will listen to them and let
11:29 pm
them speak freely. >> laura: i think a better way of stating it, phil, essentially we'll be electing the doctors instead of joe biden, because the doctors, whatever they say, forget church, forget sports, forget school, the doctors want elected, apparently they get to run most aspects of our lives. > we should be deeply concerd about that possibility. one of the most important takeaways we should have from this whole debacle with covid is the so-called public health experts are completely risk-averse. they are willing to tell doom and gloom 100 times worse than it really is if they think they can save one life from whatever their narrow focus is, even if the cost of doing that are staggering in terms of trillions of dollars in thousands of other lives that are lost. you need to have real judgment. the reason we have political leaders is to exercise judgment between competing values, not tt defer to an expert class that's focused on just one thing. >> laura: we mentioned the
11:30 pm
issue about the schools and i want to show you deleted data on covid statistics. through june 20th, the record 107,977 deaths. of those, 164 under the age of 25 fed by contrast, 64,683 people over the age of 25 died. i don't know the other people who died, but in other words, over 75, the accounting of 60%. under 25 just accounted of .5% of deaths. why is fauci even waffling on the school issue in the slightest? >> he did say he's an loc agreement with rand paul in opening the schools, that was good. he used his weasel words they are, which of course are unhelpful. the distribution by the virus is notha the usual u-shaped, it isa
11:31 pm
j shape. there's usually no risk to young people and it doesn't gets deeply dangerous until you get up above age 65, really age 75 is where we see the vast majority of the deaths. for school aged children, there is a lower hospitalization risk, considerably lower, eight times lower with covid then with confirmed influenza, and there's a much lower fatality risk as well which meansns that if we accept these restrictions on schools ido can't see how logically they could be temporary because every flu season is a greater danger to children. >> laura: shut it down all the time. who cares what happens to the poor kids, especially the disadvantaged kids, minority kids in this vantage situation is already.. this is going to be a nightmare in the fall if these goals aren't open. i'm going to advocate this morning, noon, night. thank you very much be a happy independence day weekend. what is really behind the spike of covid cases we are seeing in texas, i know this is working a lot of you.
11:32 pm
you've seen these headlines, texas hits record highs, new coronavirus records, pandemic surges, what is behind this uptick. here's what a friend of the show alex berenson was told by a chain of taxes emergency clinics. here's what he said, the vast majority of cases are mild. average age of the people getting tested in his mid-30s. the hospital icus are filled with really sick people with nonsense between six issues where they didn't come in earlier because they were scared and now they are super six. texas is being compared to new york, with 31,000 deaths. i'm not l laughing at that. i'm just saying the comparison. is the reality just slightly different, dan? >> reality is a lot different. we've had 2,200 -- rather 22400 people die, and new york has had over 31,000. even california has had almost
11:33 pm
three times as much as texas and remember, those two states haveo been locked down the entire time while we have been open. locking down doesn't work. if we did, those two states would be doing better than tex texas. strozk seemed sad todayuc that e is concerned about states likeke texas that he doesn't know what he's talking about. the only thing i'm skipping over is -- you had a lot of doctors on your show since day one. you doctors have been right almost every time and he has been wrong every time on every issues. i don't need his advice anymore. we will listen to a lot of science, we will listen to a lot of doctors, governor abbott, myself and other state leaders will make the decision, no, thank you, dr. fauci. >> laura: i want to talk a little bit about what's happening with the numbers as well in texas. m the icus, the media is glaring that the icus are filled, they
11:34 pm
are filled with people sick with noncovid illnesses according to this dr. that berenson quoted, i run the head of another group say something very -- why is that getting lost in the shuffle,e dan? >> i said it's the medium is reporting information but weon d 7,177 icu beds in texas, and today, of those beds, about 1500 are covid patience. 1500 out of 7177. it's about 25% of the people in the icu. most people in the icu, laura, are not there because of covid but we had a record high and cases. a record high innd hospitalizations. but in deaths? the last three days, we had 58 deaths. every life is important. but that's less than 20 a day.
11:35 pm
>> laura: we've got to roll. real quick, i'm hearing some business owners, restaurant tours in your state who say that this rollback of reopening is literally going to kill them off. are you going to roll stuff ba back? >> we step back on the bars which i think is the right decision because all of these cases are primarily young. they aren't getting seriously ill but they are taking up hospital case. that was a smart, move. in my view, the worst thing we could do is lock down texas again. that is not what governor abbott wants, that's not what anyone wants in business or in the republican party. but i can tell you that we need help from the young people out there to help bring these numbers of cases down and free up hospital beds. >> laura: be smart, smart behavior, wash your hands, wear a mask.
11:36 pm
thank you so much. up next, joe biden held his first presser in 90 days. it quickly became apparent why he was hiding. raymond arroyo has all the details. seen and unseen next.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for as seen and unseen a segment where we reveal the story if a highly headlines before details can we go to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. there is some breaking news tonight. they let biden out of the basement. what did you see? >> he wasn't moving quite that fast. from his very first appearance in a school gym near his house, biden was hesitant, he was even halting. it was completely controlled by the candidate's own admission. listen. >> is alex, ap out there? i was told, and bc, mike?
11:41 pm
i'm sorry, who was i supposed to go to? >> they were scripts he continued to check throughout the press conference that he was uncertain and wandering even during the scripted portions and at one point, he was asked about cognitive abilities. listen to this answer. >> this president is... talking about cognitive capability. h he's not even cognitively aware of what's going on. all you've got to d do's watch e and i can hardly wait to compare my cognitive t capabilities to e cognitive capabilities of the man i'm running against. >> republicans and democrats, they felt really bad watching biden. who wouldn't? he's clearly grasping at words, looking for an exit who, nothing
11:42 pm
is coming together. occasionally he had a line, but even his argument on statues was incoherent. "you shouldn't be taking them down, but these arem really bad guys and if you want to, oh, well." >> laura: he needed to be asked, do you support renaming george washington university? will you prevent or speak out against the renaming of thomas jefferson high school? let's ask specific questions -- that wasn't done. these were very general, easy questions? >> they were all given a little amount of time that he had to prove today he was cognitively with it, that's a high hurdle for the vice president when most of the word to use at the his press conference today were um and uh. >> the uh...." the former mayor of new orleans said the difference between u
11:43 pm
uh... there are latina women, there are asian... where is the uh... the delaware state news? i mean, the dental delaware news channel, i say? >> this is a feeling of the bob dole campaign for he's like bob dole without the war record or mitt romney without the hair. it's a lackluster depth in the air. i don't see how this works. >> laura: i know how it works, sadly. despite all ofe this, the left were all over the media today hailing the presser. watch. >> strong words from joe biden. >> this was a bristling critique of the president's management, where joe biden would say lack thereof. >> joe biden laid out plainly andy simply for the american people. >> i love joe biden's chances. this election in 2020 is a
11:44 pm
referendum on donald trump. >> laura: they are shocked, recommend, that biden says he's not going to be campaigning, the doctors say it's unsafe. he's not going to be doing rallies or events. this is a gift to him for the pandemic is the best thing to happen for biden's campaign. he can mumble his way through press conferences. they can say, oh, wasn't that every date? you need to hang up your journalistic credentials if you say that. >> he's trying to run as the empathize or in chief. i do not know if that d works. the world is crying out for rock 'n' roll, all he's got is lawrence welk, laura. >> laura: that's an insult tons lawrence welk. thank youu so much. the over 75 audience, you got that reference. in moments, we'll take you live to the streets of new york city and we will speak to a reporter who was infiltrated the latest
11:45 pm
occupy movement to strike ad major democrat led city. his can't miss new video and the story of what's really going on there. disturbing, yes. surprising, no. in moments. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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♪ >> laura: we warned you this what happen in the so-called
11:49 pm
autonomous zone in seattle was tolerated. protesters in new york have created their own chaz/chop outside city hall. will this one and mack peacefully? please. or will we see more violence? bring in the senior correspondent julio rosas who has infiltrated the new york city chaz for the past 48 hours. i forget all the nicknames. so thanks for joining us again. i wanted to start this off with his video that you shot earlier today. >> you see people in the streets, many of them are taking police's money. they are ruining their lives. >> laura: this isn't about floyd, george floyd, or even police't reform. we warned people about this early on. i know you did too. this is about a takedown of
11:50 pm
america. tell us what you saw. >> right. absolutely. they view defunding the police and the nypd here as the first step to some of the other changes that they want to make. one of the issues that they took with was one of the earlier budget proposals, defunding was actually being shifted to the education side things, but the police would still be funded with that and they weren't too happy with that. based on what i've seen her today and what you see behind me, they are still coming out in full force in the street now. they are chanting, they have created a human wall with white people towards the front. they are calling for the complete the funding and of the nypd.s they view policing as the antithesis to black safety. >> laura: its really loud where you are. i want people to understand t this. t this is what liberals, woke liberals get. right behind you right now is what de blasio gets to
11:51 pm
kowtowing to the protesters and the disbanding the nonuniform's anti-crime officer's group was widely successful. he's throwing them some substantive policy changes and that's how they are greeting him today. here is a shocking statement from another protester about what he wants to do to police.h watch. >> i want to put my foot on his [bleep] neck. i want to put my foot on his back like you do us. i want to put my [bleep] like he does us! >> laura: we just played that lovely protester saying he wants ut the neck oft on police. this is going to get more violent than what anyone thought because of what they really want to do. close it out for us very quick quickly.
11:52 pm
>> just not too long ago, there were a bunch of protesters who were tackling the nypd officers who were in front of the plaza and one police officer, significantly single him out for his race and called him a black judas and protesters have chanted other vulgarities at the nypd. they have lasers in the trying to get in the faces of the officers. they are definitely ratcheting up the rhetoric. >> laura: they want to provoke a violent interaction. julio, good luck out there. we will be checking back with you in the coming weeks. thanks so much. new jersey restaurant eagerly awaiting lockdown restrictions on indoor dining to be lifted this week. but yesterday, democrat governor phil murphy dramatically reversed course. my next guest says this unexpected reversal is anex absolute got punch to his family 'has print joins me.
11:53 pm
andrew mccrone, you even rehired 12 of the 45 employees you had to layoff. what's going to happen now? >> i'm g going to lay off six of those employees right now. we are bringing dominic bringing back 12. six of them have to be laid off. that's the best i could think of. it was a real got punch yesterday. >> laura: how long can you stay in business with this whiplash, open, close, 25% from a 50% restrictions that they were going to have you on, how long can you do it? >> it gets harder by the day, actually. i used to say, all right, we can go a week, to go weeks, we can reopen. it gets harder by the day. our mortgages have to be repaid.
11:54 pm
mortgages, we are 30 days out, or liquor inventory, those bills are all coming due.s it's so far-reaching that it's frustrating, very frustrating. >> laura: the governor, and you can the cited cases in other reason for reversing course on stuff that you spend money on what you prepared for which is e returning of indoorhi dining. what is your response to him if you can speak to him directly about his justification for reversing course, what would you say? >> my first thing the state is you are really hurting all of this industry for a few that violate good laws print there are health departments that are certified for cleanliness in our restaurant and it's more far-ren just my restaurant. all of my vendors are laying people off also. this industry is very far-reaching. and it's devastating.
11:55 pm
i'm not downplaying the virus. i understand the virus is a problem. but i feel that our financial ruin is being downplayed. so i just want some relief here. for many people. >> laura: thank you for pointing out the vendors and all the people that have to lay off workers. this isn't a holiday weekend for a lot of people because they are suffering. i am praying for you and all your employees.ou thank you for sharing your story tonight. it's really important. coming w up, we've got a lot of tireaction posting the answer to america's most wanted from the park police last night, so we are going to kick off in a real way this new series. you don't want to miss it. you are going to help us out next. guys, are you tired
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of frequent nighttime bathroom trips? well, force factor prostate helps reduce urges to urinate, plus fully empty your bladder and promote a normal prostate size. don't settle. choose force factor prostate, from the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. >> laura: it is time for anti-america's most wanted. on the lookout for two masked
12:00 am
thugs who threw red paint on george washington and the statue. you can see them here in the video. if you have any information about who they might be, contact e authorities. look who we ran into today on the trail here in wyoming. my 10-year-old. he spotted him or her first. thankfully we didn't see momma bear. what a cutie. get out into nature this independence day weekend. it's restorative. we have a great, beautiful country. enjoy it and defend it. that's all we have. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: fresh air and wild animals, one of shannon: a little fresh air and wild animals is one of the best things about this country, the parks and everything else. we are going to start with major breaking news amid violence in new york, big moves to defund the nypd


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