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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 2, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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potentially going to let senate candidates move away from president trump, distance themselves as they need to do in their races. as another instance of the majority leader reading the room and saying president trump may get himself reelected but we need to make sure -- >> melissa: very cute. we have to go. julie banderas and for harris now. >> julie: we begin with the fox news alert. lawmakers tip of demand for answers to reports that russia pay bounties for killing american troops in afghanistan. this is "outnumbered overtime." good afternoon to you, i'm julie banderas in for harris faulkner this week. this hour, the house intelligence committee getting briefed on those allegations after the gang of eight lawmakers were also briefed. yesterday president trump, meantime, spoke for the first time on camera about the claims he calls "a hoax," blasting the initial "new york times" report while also saying you would take action if the intelligence is confirmed.
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>> when you bring something in to a president -- and i see many, many things. i'm sure i don't see things that they don't think rose to the occasion. this didn't rise to the occasion. from what i hear, and i hear it pretty good, the intelligence people didn't even -- many of them didn't believe it happened at all. i think it's a hoax. i think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the democrats. >> julie: but house speaker house speaker nancy pelosi accusing the president of failing to act. >> that they would be this idea that they would be a bounty on our troops, paid by the russians to the taliban, is something that was so necessary to be pursued. why would they have not told the president? because he doesn't lead to get bad news on russia. and why haven't they taken action these months later? >> julie: chad pergram's lab on capitol hill with holiness. hi, chad. >> good afternoon, julie.
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this is the biggest issue done my briefing on this issue on whether there was a price tag put on the heads of american troops serving in a to afghanistan. the question about the accuracy of the intelligence and whether they should of pred told president trump. that's a big question for the senate minority leader, chuck schumer. >> whether it's the resurgence of covid killing americans, a faltering economy, a righteous movement for racial justice, or putin's maligned actions endangering our troops, president trump has the same reaction. stroke his own ego, then stick his head in the sand and do nothing. >> during the briefing today, director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe, cia director gina haspel, and directors of the national it -- thinking of eight receiving this briefing are the top senate and house leaders on both sides of the island the leaders of both intelligence committees. some republicans ask why democrats didn't speak up about the bounties of cleaning.
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>> we also know that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and adam schiff has had access to the same intelligence for months, yet they haven't been taking action on it or scare me in front of the cameras until "the new york times" published the story. >> there's not always in agreement about intelligence when it comes in. sometimes there's dissenting opinions. going into the briefing, house speaker nancy pelosi was asked what she wants to learn. she said the truth. sometimes the truth is in the eye of the beholder. this briefing is starting to wrap up right now with the gang of eight, and they would not comment. nor with the top democrat on the senate house intelligence committee. sometimes the worst object you want to have us to leave a classic briefing of this level and comment to the press. julie? >> julie: chad pergram, thank you very much. for more on all of this, let's bring in fox's politics editor chris stirewalt. chris, great to see you. >> howdy, ma'am. >> julie: all right, howdy to you. what can you get from all of
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this? >> well, it depends on what happened. we hate to let a little thing like fact get in the way of people's political grandstanding and opportunism, but it will matter, where u.s. service members killed by those who got paid by the russians. this has been woefully mishandled. there is no question that, from penn to post on this, you can blame "the new york times," you can blame lucy to tomei for politicizing it, but you have to blame the administration for the way it's handled this , and the president's peculiar response, which the response you expect is outraged. if it's true there will be consequent this. right now vladimir putin is getting called desperate for life with constitutional changes and this would be a serious crackdown on russia. the fact that he called it a hoax and all this does sit
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oddly. but all of this doesn't matter as much as did it happen, how did it happen, and where american families robbed of their loved ones? for these bounties? if that's so, that change the calculus. >> julie: and did it happen, how did it happen? the white house denies the president was briefed on the intelligence, saying it hadn't been verified. but what about the reports that the material was included in the president's written daily intelligence briefing? the daily briefing the president receives every single day, earlier this year in february? if it did exist in that written briefing, wouldn't something like that be flagged? >> well, you know, a republican congressman from california he said president trump doesn't absorb much in those ways and president trump acknowledges he's not detail-oriented guy when you get down to this kind of stuff. i guess you would say on the one hand that the faults of his
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staff for not bringing it more acutely to his attention, and that they could have been overlooked in the book. he's a president, he's got to step up and take responsibility for this stuff. >> julie: i want to play kayleigh mcenany, she was asked whether the president generally has confidence in the intel community findings about russia. let's listen to the white house press conference. >> yes, he does have confidence, and he many times has acted on their intelligence. there are times he has decided it's in our strategic interest not to act. >> julie: chose not to act, in other words, the information was not fully investigated, therefore they are going to not bring it to the president? i'm a bit confused. >> i think donald trump feels about the intelligence committee like he feels about polls. they look good for him, he likes them. when they looked after them, are
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fake. he is trying to get reelected, he was just impeached. there's been a lot going on. we also know, of course, the president wants to get out of afghanistan. he urgently wants to get u.s. troops out of afghanistan before the election, like his predecessor, barack obama. trump wants to demonstrate his bringing the troops home, nation-building here at home. this makes that more difficult, because you can't do that if it seems like the russians are forcing you out. >> julie: okay, and he wants to get out of afghanistan, that is correct. he wants to get out of afghanistan for a number of, but number one, furthermore, is he doesn't want the troops to be in harm's way in fighting a war that at this point he believes is no longer worth fighting. therefore, having bounties on u.s. soldiers' heads is not something likely the president would ignore. again, we have to wait for the facts. i want to move forward to president trump touting a
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better-than-expected jobs report. it showed that u.s. numbers have added nearly 5 million jobs in june, pushing the unemployment rate down to just over 11%. watch. >> the announcement proves that our economy is roaring back. it's coming back extremely strong. read the right thing, we closed it up. we would have lost millions of lives. we've done a historic thing. he would have lost millions of lives, and i we are opening it up and it's opening up far faster than anybody thought even possible. >> julie: but concerns remain as many states pause reopening over a surge in coronavirus cases. what's next? let me ask you, do you think this was a smart move for the president to take a victory lap on jobs? or could it backfire? we if we see a dip in the next coming months. >> it's not like good news has happened every day for this administration, so i would take it when you can get it. the president is, of course, wrong when he says we are opening up far faster than
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anybody thought. to your point about that, these numbers reflect the optimism of june. markets rallied, people said -- there was rehiring, and it started to pick up speed. now we are closing back down in places. key economies. texas, california, florida, arizona. hard hit economies, important parts of our overall academic picture. if they are clamping back down because of the virus getting out of control, what's that going to do to july's numbers? if you are the president and -- it doesn't matter how people feel today, nearly as much as it matters how they feel in october. what is the trend line going to be in the future? if july represents a step back from those numbers, you are quite right that the expectation, while it's good news today, it could hurt in the expectations game come next month. >> julie: right. i have the touch on something the president mentioned when referring to our economy growing back. he made mention of the response to coronavirus, courtney with governors, saying it's working
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out very well. adding that these are "historic numbers." which i, as a new yorker, can't sit back -- i'm not sure how well it went given the historic number of deaths in our city. the nursing him fatalities, but now things are turning around in new york city, how can the rest of the country learn from the mistakes made? quite frankly, in new york city, as far as an economy is concerned, people are moving out in droves. >> right now states that thought they were going to miss it -- florida, texas, california particularly, that we talked about -- they are getting slammed right now. they have to learn from new york. here's the thing, there is not a central government. there is not a national solution to this problem. there is an individual solution at a local solution. the number one thing, hear this from mitch mcconnell and others, increasing pressure on the president to encourage people to wear masks, be socially distant, be careful, do the kinds of things that trump has resented calls for -- when
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he goes to the fireworks there's not going to be social distancing in south dakota, all that jazz. this administration, if the present wants to get reelected he's got to get serious about encouraging responsible practical behavior in individuals, because that's what he needs to keep the virus under control and that's what he needs to encourage confidence among voters that he can get the job done. >> julie: all right. i was just basically voicing to a producer before you answer that to call for something else in our segment, but we have run out of time unfortunately. i'd love to talk to you longer. it's always great to see you. you are one of my favorites. love you, guy. >> happy independence day, my friend. >> julie: happy fourth of july. they say it's not enough. protesters refusing to leave a camp outside new york city hell, despite a billion-dollar ice/from the police department budget. reaction from a retired nypd lieutenant, coming up next. plus, seattle's mayor under fire as police finally retake the
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cop-tree protest zone. the father of a killed teenager making an emotional plea for answers in an fox interview. >> i understand black lives matter and everything is going on, but that's not my movement right now. my movement is that was my son. you know what i'm saying? he was my son. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health. little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting.
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>> julie: new york city police clashing with occupy city hall protesters as they tried to clear the area yesterday, but officers backed off after a heated standoff. protesters said they would stay until the mayor and city council agreed to cut a billion dollars from the nypd budget, which, by the way, as you know, was approved earlier this week. but they are still there,
10:17 am
they're not going and where. many are saying that wasn't enough, apparently, and they plan to stay camped out at city hall indefinitely. meantime, the president diving into the debate, slamming mayor de blasio's treatment of new york's finest. >> what he has done to that group of incredible men and women is very sad. it's very sad. i don't mean just the billion dollars, that's a big thing, but even if you go along before this, when they turned around, they turned their backs. his relationship with the police of new york -- and these are incredible people -- it's been very sad to watch, frankly. >> julie: laura ingle has more from city hall in lower manhattan. hi, laura. >> hey, julie. while things are pretty quiet here today inside the encampment behind me, in fact there were no arrests made overnight, it does feel like there's been a little bit of pressure released from this encampment. still, those here are occupying the space and say they are not going to leave until they say
10:18 am
the exact changes they want. we want to give you another look inside with our other camera as he looked around the area. you can see these occupiers look like they are in for the long haul, many saying they won't leave until the nypd is completely defunded and a plan is put in place and homelessness and create a virtual voting system. as you mention, the new city budget approved yesterday reduces police spending and shrinks the nypd footprint making nearly 500 million in cuts and moving over $200 million to other agencies. the lead organizer of the movement told me this morning that the initial group of organizers closed their official action of the budget hearing is over, but the protests won't e end. >> this has become a hub of movement in newark. we will use this place to get aligned and planned, and to make sure the movement her black lives in new york is ready to take on what the next year and what the next several years will look like. >> just a few blocks from occupy city hall, new paint is being
10:19 am
laid down with a black lives matter mural on the pavement. another one, expected to be painted in front of trump tower on manhattan's fifth avenue next week. made mayor bill de blasio says he supports it all >> this is a small, small measure to show respect. there is much more we have to do, which is why with our commission on racial justice and reconciliation, we are going to look at the big things we have to do, the structural and institutional racism we have to address. >> the question but how long it will go behind us. they will start clearing people out, but remember, occupy wall street lasted for at least two months. julie? >> julie: remember that very well. thank you very much. i am joined by a retired nypd lieutenant joe cardinality. would you make of these protesters demands >> it's ridiculous. how far is this poor excuse of a
10:20 am
mayor going to go before he says enough is enough? they should never back down. we should be standing her ground. they will never get enough. whatever they give, it's never going to be enough. they are going to come up with something else. he uncovers the police, and he doesn't handcuff the protesters that need to be handcuffed. enough is enough. you're going to wind up with another seattle over here, but worse. he's waiting for this kumbaya moment to happen between the police and the community. it's not going to happen under these conditions. he is creating a very hostile environment for everybody, and it's a dangerous environment. >> julie: by reducing the nypd budget, the city council and mayor are quite literally empowering the angry movement against law enforcement right now. there's no other way to paint it. it had protesters sipping champagne out of blue solo cups, for goodness' sakes. what impact do you think these cuts could have on public safe safety? >> the public is at serious risk right now. if you look at the numbers over
10:21 am
the past couple of weeks, that's going to triple. it's definitely going to triple. because the police don't have any description of what their job is anymore. they want them to do more with less, the stress level is way up there. instead of putting the money into community-based programs that coincide with the police department, they take away from the police and ask them to do more with much less. it's a very dangerous situation, summer is here, the fourth of july is coming, you watch. this crime -- it's not a crime wave, it has become a crime trend. that's exactly what they have to look forward to. what mayor giuliani did in just a few years, they dismantle it, and it'll be a long time before he comes back. >> julie: crime wave, crime spike, no matter what you call it. it's not just centrally located in new york city. in seattle, the father of a teenager shot there, killed
10:22 am
inside seattle's c.h.o.p. zone. an emotional interview with sean hannity saying the mayor and the police both failed to reach out to him since the june 20th shooting. they left his son to die and they haven't heard from them. listen. >> somebody needs to come knock on my door and tell me something. i don't know nothing, all i know is my son, he got killed up there. this is a 19-year-old. that's course lorenzo that's horace lorenzo anderson and i loved him. >> julie: meanwhile, police officers are pepper spraying protesters, tackling some to the ground near the former autonomous zone. this just hours after police cleared out demonstrators and reclaimed and abandoned police precinct. i want to talk about the 19-year-old black man who was shot and killed last month, a nonpolice related incident, but nonetheless, nobody bothered to knock on this poor fathers door
10:23 am
to inform them of the death of his son. under normal times, that would never happen. if protesters are sitting out there thinking that they are doing some kind of good by getting a message out in defense of the cruelty that happened to george floyd, what happens to this 19-year-old boy's father is now grieving? how are they doing any good in this case >> it's truly sad. dan bongino hit it right on the head. you don't know what it's like to be in the cops used to make the notification. you don't know what it's like to be at the crime scene and have the parents show up into the devastation devastation to the family. time and time again it happens. yet, the police do their job. this man should have been given the dignity of -- weeks later he should have been given the opportunity to speak way back then, and not wait until he comes to a point where a man is in tears on national tv.
10:24 am
you know what? that's what it takes to get everybody in america to see what is happening. you are right, it's not new york, it's nationwide. wake up america demott, america, you will wake up 1 morning and the anarchists will take over. you have to hold accountable the politicians in the cities and say, "what are you doing about it?" stop passing the buck to the police department. when you handcuff them, they have nothing to do but what these politicians tell them to do. >> julie: all right, thank you so much. we really appreciate your time. >> thank you, you too. >> julie: long time jeffrey epstein confidant, ghislaine maxwell, and custody and due in court on child sex trafficking charges. a live report coming up. president trump facing criticism for not wearing a mask in public after corona but with the president is saying about masks, straight ahead.
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>> julie: new daily coronavirus infections in the u.s. topping 50,000 for the first time, while ten states recorded more than 1,000 new cases just yesterday alone, as president trump tells fox business he is all for wearing masks and face masks after taking criticism for not wearing one in public. >> i don't know if you need mandatory, because you have many places in the country where people stay very long distance. he talked about social distancing. i'm all for masks. if i were in a group of people and i was close -- >> you would wear one? >> i have. people have seen me wearing one. >> julie: phil keating is live in florida where the state has reached a record high for new coronavirus cases. hi, phil. >> good afternoon, julie. florida has 700 miles of beautiful beaches, and for much of the state it is all of south florida this holiday weekend, they are going to be
10:30 am
close. this is the final day to enjoy the sand on the surf, as florida also today says its all-time record high number of new covid cases, more than 10,000 in one single day. no fireworks are happening this weekend, in many municipalities. the beaches are going to be close. however, on the west side of the state, the gulf side, different story. commissioners they are voting to keep the beaches open for the three-day weekend, leading to this grim prediction for the fort myers beach mayor. >> we are piled up on the top of each other in the county pier, the park, and it'll be up and down the island over the weekend, so god help us all. >> in miami beach, the curfew has also returned. nobody out after midnight. if you don't wear a mask in public, you now face fines of anywhere from $50 to $500. the county mayor joins broward county mayor, ordering
10:31 am
all restaurants to close from midnight to 5:00, because basically they have been turning into late-night bars. >> people need to treat this like a hurricane. hurricane is coming to my community, we don't care what party you are. it's not like we are worried about insulting the family. we do the right thing and act responsibly for ourselves and our neighbors. that's what has to happen. >> nationwide, the infection curve is not flat, but rising. 36 states are reporting increased tests, up from just ten days ago. in florida, california, and texas, these have been the big three states seeing record numbers of positive tests in the past week. available beds at some houston hospitals are now said to be disappearing fast, and elective surgery here in south florida is now being canceled again to free up resources and bed space. so, the reason for all of the
10:32 am
shut down this fourth of july weekend is because of what happened memorial day weekend, when the state basically went from flat numbers to now this surge, and it's being blamed on people sheltering at home for two months and finally the first big holiday weekend, expressed their cabin fever and went out and about and mingled. julie? >> julie: all right. phil keating, thank you so much. this is just coming into the newsroom, by the way. according to a statement posted to his twitter account, herman cain has been hospitalized with covid-19. he was hospitalized yesterday but he remains in the hospital, he did not need a respirator at this point, but we do want to mention that he did attend president trump tells o'reilly on june 20th. he, in fact, tweeted a photo from the event. he has now since tested positive for covid-19. we'll continue to watch the story unfold. moving on to another breaking develop meant, new developments in the jeffrey epstein scandal today. federal prosecutors announcing six charges against his longtime
10:33 am
confidant, ghislaine maxwell. ghislaine maxwell, including luring minors to engage in illegal sex acts with epstein and his powerful friends. well, she has been in hiding. everybody was wondering why she wasn't under arrest. where has she been? here is the acting u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york just last hour. >> maxwell was among epstein's closest associates, and helped him exploit girls who were as young as 14 years old. in some cases, maxwell participated in the abuse herself. >> julie: ghislaine maxwell now in custody. bryan llenas live in new york city. he's been following the case from the very beginning, and now this is the latest of element. bryan. >> hi, julie. the fbi assistant director said they have been keeping tabs on the whereabouts of ghislaine maxwell this entire time, and they moved in when they were ready, when that indictment was
10:34 am
ready this morning. at 8:30 a.m., in bradford new hampshire, the faa resting her without incident in bradford. a town of less than 2,000 people, about five hours north of new york city. reuters reported she was on a 156--acre property that she bought in all caps using an llc to shield her identity. she's being held at merrimack county jail in new hampshire. she will make an appearance via phone call at 3:30 today, before a judge, and she's expected to be transferred to new york city. prosecutors allege that epstein's former girlfriend, longtime associate and alleged madam, ghislaine maxwell, recruited and groomed underage girls as young as 14 to be sexually abused by epstein. in some cases she allegedly participated in that abuse. she faces six federal charges, including four charges of conspiring, enticing, and
10:35 am
transporting minors to engage in illegal sex acts. she also faces perjury charges for lying and two depositions in 2016, claiming she did not know about the recruitment of young girls for epstein. >> maxwell lied because the truth, as alleged, was almost unspeakable. maxwell enticed minor girls, got them to trust her, then delivered them into the trap that she and epstein had set for them. she pretended to be a woman they could trust. >> prosecutors allege that, between 1994 and 1997, maxwell helped to "recruit, groom, and coerce" at least three underage girls including a 14-year-old girl. she would methodically build a rapport with the girls, ask them about their families, schooling, and shopping, and she would groom them for sex by normalizing it. prosecutors said she would undress in front of the victims, be present during the abuse by epstein, and in some cases take
10:36 am
part in that abuse in a way to make the girls more comfortable. the abuse allegedly taking place in epstein's three properties here in the u.s., from new york, florida, and in new mexico, as well as in maxwell's own home in london, england. epstein accuser, who sued ghislaine maxwell for her facilitating her rape come she says, by epstein and she was 14 and 15, released the following statement. "today my fellow epstein survivors and i are able to take out breath of relief as maxwell's arrest mean some justice for survivors can exist. for years i feared epstein and his ring. maxwell was the center of that sex trafficking ring. now that it's been to get down, i know i can't be hurt anymore." maxwell's arrest, julie, comes four days before the one-year anniversary of jeffrey epstein's arrest last year. all of this as the fbi says they are still wanting to speak to prince andrew, who was a friend of ghislaine maxwell and accused of sexually abusing epstein's
10:37 am
victims. julie? >> julie: it was an electronic monitoring device, bryan, because she could easily take the device off. make sense. bryan llenas reporting from new york city. thank you, bryan. so, the progressive "squad," as they are called come announcing a new fund-raising effort. how the four liberal congresswomen have new leverage in the democratic party. music the music of ♪ a! all new, plant powered creative roots gives kids the hydration they need, with the fruit flavors they love, and 1 gram of sugar. find new creative roots in the kids' juice aisle. suffering the loss of a loved one,
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>> julie: the four freshman squad members, as they are called, joining forces to make sure they get reelected. along with more progressives, of course. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, and ayanna pressley all announcing that there squad victory fund is out to shake up congress, but they have also vowed to ban donations from police unions as they continue to push to defund the police. oco sue cortez is, in fact,
10:42 am
already making a name for herself as a fund-raising powerhouse, outperforming even speaker pelosi by $2 million this cycle. our power panel during this now. david avella, gopac chairman, and lizzie marshall, fox news contributor. first to you, david. should the establishment dems be worried? >> david: yes. and, as you go into fourth of july, one more reason for republicans to have something to celebrate. this is an issue certainly more for leslie's side than our side, in that -- and we saw this last week in the new york primaries -- they will elect men and women far more outside the mainstream than most democrats. this squad can't even get the majority of democrats to agree with them in the u.s. house. the only democrats it seems is bill de blasio in new york, where you see defund the police, what you see "let's not bring amazon headquarters and all the jobs it would bring to
10:43 am
new york city." the green new deal is now being put in place in new york. if america wants to see what life would be like if the squad was in charge, look at bill de blasio. that's what you're going to get. >> julie: leslie, i've got to ask you. on the website of the squad, they have four reasons why and who they are taking donations from. one, they are saying no corporations, associations, or pacs, then it goes down to individuals registered as federal lobbyists, from the pacs, lobbyists, or executives, and from the fraternal order of police. they are singling out the police yet again, and they want the police to be defunded all across the country. i was not going to help them come election time when the public safety could potentially be at risk in part of their mission? >> leslie: 3 out of 4 of them don't need help come election time. aoc had almost 73% of the vote
10:44 am
in the primary. she will easily sail into reelection. ilhan omar, the same situation. both of them have tons of money. ayanna pressley, right now i look to massachusetts, my own state, there has not even been a republican primary. she may not even have a challenger. the only other thing, rashida tlaib might have a tough time. the former opponent that she was up against is not only african-american in the district that has a lot of african-american voters, but in addition to that, she won by just barely a thousand more votes and doesn't have the type of money that we are seeing from the other three. these four women are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to money, but they are also speaking to not just a base, but their constituency. they are doing what they need to do to get reelected. i don't agree with david that it's a huge concern, because they are not the majority of democrats inside congress or outside, for that matter. but they are representing and speaking to the desires and the voices of their constituency. my only concern would be if that
10:45 am
splits the party, as we saw what happened in 2016, and so far we have seen people like aoc come out very strongly for joe biden. >> julie: we are tight on time today, so i will have to end it here, but leslie marshall and david avella, thank you to both of you for coming on today. so, the supreme court handing president trump a big win today. how the high court just made it harder for democrats to use the mueller probe as a top election issue. ♪ is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health.
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>> julie: a big win for president trump today as the supreme court denies democrats access to grand jury material from robert mueller is russia investigation. at least for now, anyway. the court agreed to hear the of administration's appeal of a lower court ruling that the documents be turned over to the house, which likely would not happen until after the 2020 election. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler putting up a statement saying he is confident democrats will prevail. let's bring in tom dupree, former deputy assistant attorney general. thank you so much for talking to us. how big of a win is this for the president? >> it's a pretty significant win for the president, julie. the fact is that the democrats were very eager to get their hands on these documents. these are grand jury materials and other materials connected
10:50 am
with the mueller report that have never seen the light of day. what the supreme court decided this morning is it didn't resolve the case on the merit, but it won't be deciding the case on the merits until long after the election is over. not until the year 2021, in all likelihood. >> julie: okay, so what can we expect from scotus on trump's tax returns, by the way? >> that is going to be decided monday, in all probability. it'll be trump tax day in the supreme court. the supreme court will decide a bunch of related cases, some of them involve efforts by the house democrats to get a hold of trump's tax return. another case involves efforts by the new york district attorney to get tax returns. my prediction years at the supreme court may actually take a different approach, with regard to the two requests. it's also trying to predict the outcome of the supreme court's case based on the justices from the bench. they seem concerned in the
10:51 am
context of the house demand, about reopening the doors of presidential harassment into politically motivated investigations that could wind up presenting him from doing duties. >> julie: i want to show you a new study on our screen finding how the networks cover all of this. the networks nbc, abc, and cvs. take a look. they spent nearly 25 minutes celebrating the supreme court liberal victories. they spend 0 minutes on the recent conservative victories during evening broadcasts. so there is a message that is being spread across the country by the media, that this is nothing new. what do you make of it? >> in a way it is unfortunate and that so much of the supreme court docket seems to be politicized with certain networks that others kind of zooming in on the political consequences. we saw that in the house democrats' efforts to get a hold of this material to use for political purposes. in that sense it's not really
10:52 am
surprising that a lot of outside observers look at the supreme court and draw political confusion, they are focused on the things they like politically or don't like politically. at the end of the day the supreme court, i think, is doing its absolute best to decide these cases in a political ways, under the rule of law. >> julie: tom dupree, thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on. critics are now slamming "the new york times" for publishing a report on the controversial history of mount rushmore. is the media going too far? next. ♪ something great from mr. clean.
10:53 am
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if you have a garden you know, weeds are low down little scoundrels. draw the line with roundup. the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield to target weeds precisely and kill them right down to the root. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years. >> julie: "the new york times" facing backlash of a report on the history of mount rushmore, just days ahead of president trump's fourth of july celebration there. critics are blasting the paper after it tweeted out a summary of the article. "mount rushmore is built on land
10:57 am
that belongs to the lakota tribe and sculpted by a man who had strong bonds with the ku klux klan. it pictures the faces of two u.s. presidents who were slaveholders." joining me now, carley shimkus, what else are critics saying? >> well it is no surprise that because the president is excited to spend the fourth of july at mount rushmore that mount rushmore would be targeted with criticism especially when you consider that the monument pays tribute to four past presidents who have all individually been targeted with backlash in recent days but the main issue is that this monument sits on land that is considered sacred to a native american tribe. some people have suggested shutting mount rushmore down and giving the land back. other people look at mount rushmore and see it as a beautiful tribute to four past presidents who despite their flaws made their mark on this country and also a testament to american ingenuity and hard
10:58 am
work, it took 14 years to build mount rushmore, it's over 2 miles long. so there is a significant backlash to "the new york times" characterization of this monument which is why you get tweets like this from donald trump jr. who wrote "oh, my god, the woke police are going all in on mount rushmore. they're really doing it, these people are insane. another tweet from arkansas senator tom cotton, "now the woke mob at "the new york times" is coming after mount rushmore. if we give this mob an inch, they'll take a mile." so there are still people who see mount rushmore as a valuable part of american history. >> julie: i mean, has the woke culture gone too far or is it fair to point out that these issues exist? >> if you really want to get into the history of it all, julie, mount rushmore is built on land that was seized from native americans but at the same time, "the new york times" is located in manhattan which is land that once belonged to
10:59 am
native americans, too, was purchased by settlers in the 1600s and so began the forest mass migration so my point is, if you want to shut down everything that once belonged to native americans are going to be shut everything including "the new york times." so i think that they bette a ber way to handle this is to pay tribute to these native american tribes which mount rushmore does, if you visited that you would know. >> julie: okay. so the critics are slamming "the new york times" as "woke police," a lot of people are slamming "the new york times" these days, it's a political climate in which a lot of liberal newspapers are getting a lot of backlash. but probably not the end of this. >> yeah, it's definitely a heated time. i think we have made progress, most people agree that confederate statues belong in museums, not in town squares but when you touched george washington and abraham lincoln it becomes a
11:00 am
bridge too far too far. he >> julie: all right, carley shimkus, great to see you, thank you very much. thank you for watching at home. i'm julian for harris and now here's dana. i'll see you back here tomorrow. >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino. we are following several fast-moving stories this hour. jeffrey epstein's acts under arrest and due in court this afternoon as prosecutors amount announced charges. the june jobs report as president trump says the economy is roaring back. all that plus a record spike in coronavirus cases as four states close up shop. all coming up on the jam-packed "the daily briefing." ♪ we begin with jeffrey epstein's confidant now facing charges. prosecutors saying ghislaine maxwell helped epstein "recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse young girls." bryan llenas is following thi


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