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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 2, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> martha: that is the story of thursday, july 2nd, 2020. check out my untold story podcast with senator tim scott available now on fox news have a great night, everybody. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a couple nights ago i talked to a man from st. louis called mark mccloskey. last weekend, mccloskey and his wife sat down for dinner the backyard of their home. suddenly a mob of screaming blm fanatics, hundreds of them, burst to the gate enter into murder the mccloskeys and threaten their dog. here's part of what he told us. >> the gate burst open and people start coming in. then a flood of people start coming in. they are angry and screaming. dam spittle coming out of their mouth they are coming towards the house. i went to my wife and i said oh, my god.
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we are absolutely alone. no one here to protect us but us. the retired police captain david dorn was murdered. i was afraid it within seconds they would surmount the wall, come into the house, callous, burn the house down, and everything i had worked for and struggled for for the last 32 years. >> tucker: the story didn't end there. after appearing on the show, mark mccloskey and his wife were bombarded with death threats, many of them credible. today they learned of another coordinated attack on them that's playing for the weekend. the neatly called police. the dispatcher put them on hold and then finally transfer them to a police officer. the officer didn't seem to be listening to anything the mccloskeys said. we'll call you back, police said, they never did. desperate, the mccloskeys called a number of different private security firms but not one of them would take the job of protecting them. the owner of the last company the mccloskeys advised them to
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flee immediately. "the only vice i can give you is abandon the house. run. let the mob have its way. let it burn." but the mccloskeys are not running. they've spent 32 years rebuilding their home and they plan to defend themselves. they have no choice. they're completely alone. no one will come to their aid. their governor is a republican, also a former sheriff. person can fix the problem immediately. he could send state troopers to st. louis to make to protect the mccloskeys but he hasn't done that. person hasn't picked up the phone to speak to them. he doesn't care obviously. nobody cares. about an hour ago mark mccloskey called us to tell us all this. he was panicked, understandably, his wife sobbed in the background as we spoke. american citizens trapped in their home by a violent mob. knowing that something awful could happen to them very soon. totally undefended. this is your country. the mob is winning. if things like this happen.
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who is the mob exactly? they are not protesters. they are not civil rights activists. they are violent criminals that are being used as a militia by the democratic party to seize power. that's the truth. but even that description is too imprecise. most of these are americans. they have faces. they have names. who are they. known in the media ever tells you. they don't want to talk about it. tonight we're going to. thanks to delay but very welcomed efforts by federal law enforcement, at least 120 people have now been charged for riot related offenses, many have been charged with the state level. we're going to bring you to make pictures of a few of them. authorities arrested 24-year-old devon montgomery on tuesday on federal arson charges. montgomery is accused of opening the door of an unmarked police car during a riot in pittsburgh and then torching the car. montgomery was not an outside agitator. he is from pittsburgh. 33-year-old laurie elizabeth blumenthal is accused of burning a cop car in philadelphia where she lives. federal investigators tracked her down, thanks to tattoos and
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t-shirts. the shirt reads "keep the immigrants. deport the races." blumenthal works as a massage therapist. she is not surprisingly the daughter of a department chairman at lasalle university. stephan cannon is charged with the murder of retired st. louis police officer david dorn. he was shot to death while protecting a friend's pawnshop. what exactly was he killed for? apparently a television. police found the television in cannon's home as they arrested him. to attorneys in new york city, they went to prestigious law schools. mattis graduated from princeton at nyu law, robin went to fordham law. both are charged with causing a molotov cocktail at marked nypd squad car. in an interview taped in brooklyn, declaring violence would be the only way forward. "the only way they hear a sister violence." through the means that they use. we've got to use the master's
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tools. that's what my friend always has." when asked about police officers have been hurt in this violence, he blamed the mayor for not pulling police back and letting the mob rampage, as they did in minneapolis. speaking of minneapolis, 25-year-old montez turley of rochester, minnesota, is accused of burning down a pawnshop ther. he was identified thanks to a video received and honestly at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. in that video, lee says of the pawnshop "f this place. we are going to bring this fer down." police say that the arson of the pawnshop was methodical. he poured flammable material throughout the entire store before torching it. jessica white is being charged for arson in the twin cities, allegedly helping burn down and autozone in st. paul because everything this year in irony, whites facebook page says he studied violent prevention.
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brandon wolf has been charged in the destruction of the third police station. he was arrested trying to enter a home improvement store where he had worked previously as a security again. wolf was wearing body armor and carrying a police baton, both allegedly stolen from the police precinct. in his apartment, police found stolen pistol magazine and a drug overdose treatment kit. wolf was homeschooled by his mother in pensacola, florida. his father told the many at the "star tribune" that his son "has grandiose ideas, a lot of them, and zero common sense." his father added "i'm still proud of him." whether he during the police station or not, he didn't hurt anyone, did he?" jessica taggart of salt lake city was purchased baiting and a blm protest in provo when a white suv tried to pass through the area. the crowds formed around the car and according to police, that provocation, taggart drew a gun and fired twice into the car, nearly killing the driver.
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taggart hid his gun and went protesting as though nothing happened. it appears he went on facebook to defame the driver as a "nazi or whites or premises to reign over protesters." hours later he posted " #america2020, no respect for other human beings, blows my mind. we will overcome this together!" police have charged taggart with attempted murder. then there's the people who been targeting our public art, our shared history, heritage or country itself. at the start of the lake federal authorities charge for people with participating in trying to destroy it a statue of president andrew jackson in lafayette square. those charged: cantrell, judge, lane. they were from the washington area and boyd was visiting from maine. earlier today federal agents arrested jason charter in washington, d.c. they say he is the ringleader in the effort to topple the statue
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of andrew jackson. charter apparently is related with antifa. he's been caught on camera menacing reporters at a protest. police say he also helped topple the statue of albert pike in washington two weeks ago and then said that statue on fire as it laid broken on the ground. jason charter's linkedin says he studied computer science at george washington university. tuition there by the way when the highest in the country, more than $55,000. another angry rich kid, so many of them. still, far more than five people are involved in the attacks on those statues in washington. hundreds more have attacked monuments and destroy public property around the country. to talk about the ongoing effort to bring these criminals to justice, we are joints made by michael sherwood. he's a u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. thank you so much for coming on. we just read a small number of the 128 who been charged so far. you know a lot about these people. what do they have in common?
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who are they? are they all antifa? are they people pulled in out of enthusiasm? what are we looking at? >> thanks for having me, tucker. i appreciate it. i want to start by saying the images you showed a very disturbing, the destruction, the arson, the destruction of federal monuments. look, that being said, there's a process. people can't unilaterally decide what is right and what is wrong. if those people do make that decision on their own and take the law into their own hands, though i will come after them and the united states will use federal resources to charge you if you're inciting violence or destroying these magnets. that being said, under the leadership of president trump, and the direction of the attorney general, the united states attorney's office is across the united states have charged to date 150 federal cases related not only to the destruction of federal property but also a litany of other crimes that are really, have been lost in the shuffle. in addition to the arson cases, there are several other federal
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charges that a been levied across the united states, throughout the united states, related to murder in california, to arson throughout the united states, and destruction properties. so i want to make it clear. obviously we will use all resources to protect the monuments both in the d.c. area and throughout the united states but we are also using these resources not only to charge federal cases, as you described, 150 cases. also what people don't realize is the fact that under the direction of the attorney general, the fbi, and other federal law enforcement officials have leveraged and worked with local officials throughout the united states to charge hundreds of other cases related to local charges. assault and battery, theft, and even though we don't get a federal staff for those cases, there are hundreds of other cases the federal government has used to assist those local law enforcement agencies. to ensure that look, this violence will not be tolerated and it cannot be condoned in any
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way. and there's a difference between these crimes and legitimate protests that were seen throughout the united states. >> tucker: of course. unfortunately these crimes are being condoned and tolerated by so many of our leaders that we are grateful to hear that someone is drawing a line somewhere. when large groups of criminals typically are arrested by prosecutors, arrested and charged by prosecutors, the public gets some understanding of who they are and with a criminal syndicate is about. when ms-13 gets rounded up, we hear about ms-13. when drug traffickers around alcohol we hear all about whatever cartel they are working for. who are these people? are they all antifa? >> that's a good question. this is what i can say. look, we have not identified, and this is a work in progress, to identify who is the command and control for some of these groups but right now, there appears to be with some of these individuals, there's a loose affiliation with some extremist groups on the left and on the right. and it appears that the bulk, if not all the individuals that of interested related to some of
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these very violent acts are self radicalized or lone wolves that self identify with these groups. that's not saying that there isn't an overall command and controlled, but we have not identified that full architecture yet. >> tucker: may i pause for a second. of the 150, you said some are from the right, what right wing groups are they affiliated with an what percentage are from the right? speak i don't have the data but i do want to say several -- >> tucker: right around then, i would think, probably. what right wing group are you talking about? >> i don't want to pigeonhole any specific group. what i want to say is that the fbi has looked at several extremist groups throughout the full spectrum, and people have been self radicalized or identified with groups on the left-hand on the right. we are still betting that. but i want to make it very clear though tucker the cases in which the department of justice has charged all 150 cases,
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every one of those cases have been charged divorce of any political affiliation and those cases up only been charged on the merits of the conduct of the evidence. nothing to do with political affiliation whatsoever. >> tucker: really? i don't mean to hassle you about this but why did the fbi sent ten agents to talladega to look into a fake news in a nascar drivers garage. politics clearly plays a huge role in the allocation of federal law-enforcement resources. everyone watching knows it does. i've been there all my life. i deafly notice my hope not telling me doesn't because one more time, it does. >> no, not all. i can't speak on behalf of how federal resources are allocated. as the u.s. attorney in d.c., all i can tell you is how do we charge cases. how do we look at the evidence and i can tell you that regard as a prosecutor, we are charging cases not of the basis of political affiliation. we're charging cases on the evidence purely. >> tucker: amen. it equality under the law, that's all we need to get back . you're so nice to come and explain that to us. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> tucker: david pollock eunice thought a lot about what's going on big picture because a lot of things are, he's the author of a brand-new book called "hard hat riot: nixon, new york city, and the dawn of the white working-class revolution" and he joins us tonight. david, thanks much for coming on. the period that you're studying, you are a historian of this period, it mirrors in some remarkable ways what we are seeing now. you have been immersed in it. tell me the parallels in what we can learn. >> we are witnessing the second great awakening or you can say oh opening of the new left of the 19. it took years for new left activism and eventually radicalism before there was pushback, before there was blowback, someone called backlash. eventually the new left in the 60s became defined by its accesses. those excesses, whether it was
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embedded in radical war activism or the black panthers, especially the antiwar movement. bombing of public squares. that radicalism eventually led after years to a boiling over, and that boiling overcame to be when the silent majority as nixon called them were really silent no more and that was really epitomized in the hard hat riot in 1970, a sort of a counter movement begins after years of new left activism. >> tucker: between 1968 in 1972, there were a lot of bombings, a lot of killings, a lot of riots. dozens and dozens of riots in the united states. many of our cities were leveled. the election of 1972 was correct me if i'm wrong i think the biggest landslide in all american history. nixon won. do you think he won in part because of the craziness that the left unleashed?
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>> of course. nixon at the time, he just had to get out of the way. george mcgovern ascends on the spirit of new left activism, and the country by the way, the majority of the country was against the vietnam war by that point. the country was not for the radicalism that came with mcgovern knights. they weren't for the idea of full forgiveness for those who illegally dodged the draft. one can go on. when you look back to a half-century ago, the rhymes are poignant. what's different is 250 cities were rocked by unrest. mass unrest for some most unimaginable today. in new york city, they were bombings in central areas such as macy's herald square. and so there's some sense that we've been here before.
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but in another sense it's that we haven't moved on from many of the same divisions that festered and began a half-century ago. >> tucker: it's clear we haven't. it's a great book, very smart and absolutely relevant to what we are living through. david, think is much for coming out tonight. i appreciate it. the department of justice is prosecuting rioters. we showed you some of their pictures. today they brought charges against jeffrey epstein, the longtime fixer, just lane maxwell. so closer to learning what exactly epstein did for a living and why he was so close to us so many prominent democratic politicians. have they been questioned by the fbi? all that is next. the best tv experience just got better
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>> tucker: former jeffrey epstein confidant ghislaine maxwell once said that above all she had one great passion. saving the oceans. >> 1500 feet, i switched on the lights hoping to see a new mythical sea creature but in fact what i saw was a plastic hanger. i was so absolutely devastated
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that it was at that moment that i realized that i was really going to dedicate the rest of my life to taking involvement and bringing in education around the ocean. >> tucker: nice sentiment. didn't turn out that way. instead maxwell dedicated much of her life to something else, helping abused young girls. today federal officials announced criminal charges against her for the years that she spent working for jeffrey epstein. >> today we announced charges against ghislaine maxwell for helping jeffrey epstein exploited and abused multiple minor girls from the period of 1994 through 1997. in some cases, maxwell participated in the abuse herself. maxwell enticed minor girls, got them to trust her, and delivered them into the trap that she and epstein had set.
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>> tucker: maxwell has been all over the world recently, according to news reports, but authorities arrested her at an isolated home in central new hampshire. why? what was she doing there? what we know tonight is that maxwell bought the house in the 100 feet 6 acres that sits on last december. she bought it anonymously for a million dollars in cash. maybe now that she's under arrest, maybe she's on suicide watch tonight, we will learn more about what she did for jeffrey epstein and want jeffrey epstein did. where did all the money come from and why were so many famous people always in the room? for example, the founder of linkedin, reid hoffman, was a close friend of jeffrey epstein. now he's a top donor joe biden, quite a moralize are too. how much did read half and knew about what jeffrey epstein was doing? will the fbi be questioning him? if not, why not? what about the founder of microsoft, bill gates. gates made at least three visits to jeffrey epstein's townhouse. he called epstein and his wife
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"intriguing" in an email. that's intriguing on its own. will be learn more? what about former harvard president and obama administration official larry summers? former secretary of the treasury under bill clinton. summers flew on epstein's plane got them to donate tens of millions of dollars to harvard university where epstein did not go. needless to say there was bill clinton himself who often flew on epstein's plane and then lied about it. we deserve, in fact we have a right to know what all of these people really knew about jeffrey epstein. many mysteries yet to solve. wanda goodman has come closer than most are coming to the core of it coauthor of the book "a convenient death." she joins us tonight. thank you for coming on. first things first. why do you think maxwell was in new hampshire? >> i just want to say, tucker, i think that prison is going to be pretty big adjustment for ghislaine maxwell.
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she was born into french high society, she's the daughter of a billionaire. she's lived this very extravagant lifestyle throughout her life and as you mentioned, even when she was in hiding at this hideout, she's living in a one million-dollar custom tutor mansion, estate, onto 150 acres in new hampshire. so not a bad way to be hiding out diecast or be social distancing right now. so i think that this is going to be a pretty big adjustment. >> tucker: it's pretty weird, though. the daily mail had her in israel not that long ago. i think she has a french passport, she's certainly spent a lot of time in the u.k. her father was english, robert maxwell. she had to have known that american authorities were after her. do you have any sense of why she would be in this country right now? >> is very bizarre. i mean, people were shocked to hear it. there were rumors of all
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different places that she was supposedly at. some people claimed maybe paris. people had spotted her in paris. there were claims about london. there were claims about the israeli embassy and things like that. so yeah, there's been some pretty wild speculation. to think generally the idea was people assume she was out of the country. she was born in france. so she was able to -- france would not have necessarily extradited her. she would not have been able to be extradited necessarily from france. so it was very surprising that she's hiding out really under everyone's noses in the united states within driving distance of the u.s. attorney's office that is prosecuting her right now. definitely came as a shock. >> tucker: have the fbi spoken, do you know, to reid hoffman, one of the people who helped apparently that helped
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get jeffrey epstein off the charges the first time he was charged. he might have interesting information. have the fed talked to him? >> i don't know about reid hoffman in particular. i think that a lot of the friends of jeffrey epstein who were very relieved after he died are probably pretty terrified right now at this moment because i think that ghislaine maxwell has every incentive to talk in this situation. epstein is dead, so she doesn't really have to worry about protecting him or anything else at this point. and i think that doj also has more leeway to potentially cut a deal with her than he did with epstein because he was accused of being the kingpin in this situation. i think that because she was assisting him with this and she was not necessarily the kingpin, i think they might have more
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room to try to come to a deal with her. >> tucker: so in ten seconds, tell me from the research you've done on maxwell, does she seem like the kind of person who might take her own life in custody? i want to get this out here early. >> absolutely not. but again, this is a lifestyle that she's not used to. i think that we need to hear directly from doj about how they're going to fix the problems and make sure that this doesn't happen again in a situation. and that victims are able to find justice. >> tucker: amen. thanks so much for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> tucker: police across the country are being completely crushed. many are just resigning. no one to call. the former police commissioner of new york city, bernie kerik, joins us after the break.
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>> tucker: the revolution sweeping the country is targeting a most everything we love, the country, community,
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family. but above all it's targeting local police departments. they are one of the last institutions not wholly dominated by the left so they must be destroyed. extremists want the police fire and replaced with a militia of social workers and they want the police humiliated before they are banished. >> [bleep] you're a piece piece of [bleep] you really are. you really are. >> [bleep] what is wrong with you! [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] this is the country we live in. [bleep] [bleep] >> what's your name? >> you should [bleep] no better. you should know better. traders here. >> tucker: one of the main effects of this moment, the most visually arresting is spray
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paint, suddenly it's everywhere all over our cities. political slogans on walls every block. on many walls, it's the acronym acab. what does that mean exactly? to tell us, and to tell us what else is happening in the war on police, we are joined by the former police commissioner of new york city, bernie kerik. bernie, thanks much for coming on tonight. acab, let's start there. you see every blocked records records that mean? >> it's one of the slogans they have. there's a number of them. it's not just that one. what is a good cop? a dead cop. all of these things. they are written all over new york city by these nasty, disrespectful. i don't know what else to call them besides brats. who weren't dealt with by their parents when they were younger. and they're out there,
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anarchists, they are destroying the city. they were part of the arson, the devastation. they are demoralizing the police, and you know what, tucker, new york city, the mayor is helping them. the mayor is in building them. emboldening them. talking about slogans, the mayor wants to put black lives matter murals all over the city. one of which he wants to put in front of the trump tower which personally, my own personal opinion is, that's going to be a rallying point for these lunatics. it's going to endanger the president of the united states, his family, people that live in that building, it's just outrageous that the mayor would do this but this has been coming for the last two years, not only new york city, all over the country where these democrat run cities by these radical leftists, these lunatic mayors and governors have allowed this stuff to ferment.
5:38 pm
you know, as i mentioned to you earlier, i find it kind of fascinating that everybody, they want to jump on their "let's support black lives matter." let's give them bunch of money but when you look at where the monies going, goes to act blue. when you look at active fluency where their money is going, it's going back to the democratic party in the hundreds of millions of dollars. to the democratic party, the same people that's overseeing the cities with the highest murder rate, the most violent crime rate, and where there is systemic slaughter of black men and women in the numbers that only compare to a war zone in iraq, so you have to wonder, is it intentional? what's going on? why is de blasio leading the city implode? it's got to be intentional. he defies logic, he defies common sense. he defies good sound management.
5:39 pm
everything he's doing is an intentional attempt to destroy the city of new york, and these other cities around the country are going just like it. >> tucker: it's the biggest city, 8 million people. you know, decent people, a lot of decent people in new york. they don't deserve this. it's really a tragedy. thank you for chronicling it for us. bernie kerik, good to see you. for months the world health organization praised china endlessly praised china for its transparency and finding the wuhan coronavirus. now they are quietly rewriting the record to say what really happened when that virus appeared. fascinating story. after the break.
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>> tucker: when the wuhan coronavirus first began spreading across china and then around the world, we knew little about it. many were skeptical that the chinese government could be trusted to describe what's really happening with those skeptics were assured by one man, dr. tony fauci. china, he told us, was a model of transparency. >> china has been known to
5:45 pm
fiddle with their staff before. do you trust what they are telling us about this illness? >> >> from what i can see they are being much, much more transparent. then what happened with sars where they really kept that information for a while. it was embarrassing to them. they are really transparent now. they put the sequence of the virus up in the public database right away. so in that respect, they have been transparent. >> tucker: oh, you can trust china, definitely. whatever china says, tony fauci reassures you, you can trust. the head of the world health organization chimed in to agree. >> the chinese government is to be congratulated for the extra near measures it has taken to contain the outbreak. china is actually setting a new standard for outbreak response, and it's not an exaggeration. >> tucker: all lies of course. in the case of the world health organization, this is an
5:46 pm
organization beholden to the chinese government. recently w.h.o. quietly revised its timeline of how the outbreak began. previously they told us china self-reported and outbreak of unusual pneumonia and you wuhan. now w.h.o. admits it learned of the outbreak from chinese media reports and accounts by wuhan doctors posted to a website based here in the u.s. world health organization had to wait whole days before getting more information than the chinese government. dr. marc siegel is a fox medical contributor, our man on this topic. he joins us tonight. doctor, thanks for coming on. what do you make of this? >> tucker, i'm here to report on this big lie they are mentioning. the light coming out of the people's republic of china and the lie propagated by the world health organization. dialer back to december 31st, 2019, a date that will go down in history where a viral pneumonia is first being reported out of china. well, the chinese government is supposed to inform the world health organization about that,
5:47 pm
right? the timeline that the w.h.o. has on the website reflected that, that they were informed by the people's republic of china, by the chinese government and health officials. the problem is that that didn't actually happen. and flash forward. in late january, ted rose, head of the w.h.o., wasn't meeting with chairman she of china and he was praising his commitment and leadership and he said famously, this man, chairman she, has bought the world time in the fight against covid-19, coronavirus, bought the world time, those words will be remembered. meanwhile, there was no transparency going on, and the world health organization was actually working together with the people's republic of china. the head of communicable diseases at the w.h.o., dr. wren, who actually was a public health official in china for 30 years. this went forward and now
5:48 pm
finally, representative mccall, michael mccaul, leader of the republican leader of the foreign affairs committee, in the house. has been looking into this. he has been trying to get this corrected. because he feels this is a false propaganda and that china and the w.h.o. still haven't come up to correct the record for the united nations just this week appointed 10,000 digital volunteers to make sure that all the false propaganda about covid-19 is corrected. i wonder if this has anything to do with the back of the w.h.o. has now admitted on its timeline that they received their information, as you just said, in part for an american website known as pro-med, that's in advance of infectious diseases occurring. for the weekend, i have a prescription. for tedros of the w.h.o., i have a prescription for dr. wren. here's my prescription. you know that money that you haven't been getting from
5:49 pm
america, that you've lost all this funding that we've cut off? here's my prescription. here is the road back, tedros. it's called truth serum. take it for the weekend and see what happens. tucker. >> tucker: health authority should not lie, that's a baseline i would say. dr. siegel, thank you. have a great weekend. >> you too, tucker. >> tucker: extremists are denouncing the united states as racist and they are being rewarded for it. naturally they are getting more aggressive. their latest target? nature. nature. the national parks, arrangers are telling us. that's after the break.
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♪ >> tucker: at a time like this, a time of crisis, so many americans are finding refuge in nature. in nature, there are no political parties. there are no political debates. there is no divisions, no race or racism. there's just god's creation.
5:55 pm
it's a respite from all the bad things, but not anymore. the national parks, "abc news" is now telling us, are in fact racist. >> the national park service says the persistent whiteness of its 419 parks is an existential crisis. david bella is the first latino to lead the agency. >> do you think the parks are affected by systemic racism. >> i think that is a person of color, i think that our national parks and what i've found, they are places where we can learn more about what happened in the past. >> what's the biggest factor behind the disparity? >> i think it's going to vary among communities of color. the lack of transportation opportunities is clearly going to be a factor. but what a lot of folks don't understand is that we are closer than what you think, especially the urban areas.
5:56 pm
>> tucker: the persistent whiteness of the national parks, systemic racism. what does that mean? is it racism that the grand canyon is a long drive from phoenix? do we have to relocate yellowstone to an urban center? may be. watch abc explain. >> the american wilderness, playground for old and for young and overwhelmingly white. >> you look around and you don't see people you identify with. you don't feel welcome. you see out -- you feel out of place, you feel literally like n outsider. >> tucker: really? abc, we learn, doesn't like the color of the people who live near national parks or who visit them. so wait, who is the racist here? this is sick. keep in mind, the first clip you saw is the guy called david bella. somehow he's in charge of the park service. his job is to keep the parks open and clean and beautiful.
5:57 pm
god made them beautiful. don't screw it up, david. he's turning nature into yet another front for racialized politics. nature has nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with race. david is a and he should resign. activists in california are demanding the removal of a statue of a very, very controversial statue of a man called mahatma gandhi. they say that gandhi was a racist. right now the demand is limited to a petition but it's probably just a matter of time before someone pulls it down. is that a good idea? jason nichols is a professor of african-american studies at the university of maryland he joins us tonight. professor, thank someone for coming on. far be it for me to defend gandhi. i wasn't a fan of gandhi. he was kind of a bad guy in a lot of ways. definitely a racist. his letters from south africa where he was a lawyer prove that so i'm not defending gandhi.
5:58 pm
i just think, is there a limit? how does tearing gandhi's statue down improve the cause of civil rights in the united states? seriously. speak i think your point is correct that gandhi certainly has an antiblack legacy. he was somebody while he was in south africa, he said, he called black people are racial slur. he was clear that he didn't want africans mixing with native african -- excuse me, indians and native africans mixing. he was very clear, clearly a racist. at least at a certain point in his career. however, that's not what we praise them for. i would say this. i'm not really a fan of venerating anyone with a statue. i think we should add context to everything and everyone. public statues i think are in my opinion a bad idea. we have seen it around the wor world. we had to pull them down. but i will say this.
5:59 pm
we praise gandhi and fdr and jefferson for what they did right for society, not what they did wrong. that's a really big nuance when we are talking about for example confederate statues where we are praising them for what they did wrong. what they did to tear our country apart and how they were denying human rights to certain people. i think that's a big difference, then a statue of gandhi where he actually did revolutionize nonviolent resistance that actually was a foundation for the civil rights movement of the united states. >> tucker: also, freed a billion people from british control. not a small thing. but i think you make a smart point. i'm not sure that we should be holding a people but we do and that's her legacy in our history, and i'm with you. let's not destroy. professor jason nichols, thank you. i'm sure you'll take a ton of
6:00 pm
abuse for coming on the show so i appreciate that you did. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back every night 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of line pomposity smugness and groupthink. have an amazing fourth of july weekend. jason chaffetz sitting in for sean. >> thank you so much. do appreciated. welcome to this special edition of "hannity"'s law and order in america. i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. as liberal cities across america struggled to maintain order, president trump is vowing to protect the american dream for all citizens at all costs. watch this. >> we are a nation committed to equal and abundant opportunity for citizens of every race, color, religion and greed. the american dream is the sacred birthright of every american child. that's what we have is we have the american dream. nobody's going to shatter the american dream. not the anarchists, not the


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