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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 3, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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stick at a spirit of america white house event today. he's got that babe ruth vibe going. tomorrow i will bring you live coverage of the president at mount rushmore. thanks for watching this special edition of "the ingraham angle." mike emanuel and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> thanks, raymond, we begin with a fox news mike: we begin with a fox news alert. backlash against fireworks celebrations on the fourth of july, a national landmark, mount rushmore, the coronavirus pandemics as part of the story is protesters of the nation's history spread to how we celebrate independence day in the blood thickening in the debate over law enforcement officers after clearing out the chop and in took home a officers being told to remove didn't. line stickers. the united states set another daily record of coronavirus
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cases with 55,000 today, florida leading the way with 10,000 cases. governor greg abbott saying that outdoor exercise starting tomorrow. i am mike emanuel in for shannon bream. fireworks are already flying over washington. let's bring in kevin cork. >> reporter: first it was statues and monuments in the sights of activists who critics argued appeared determined to erase part of american history without a vote for without a debate and without consensus. now it is not rushmore and fireworks the latest target in the growing cancel culture but that is not stopping the president from celebrating. >> we are going to have a tremendous evening. it is going to be a fireworks display like few people have seen. it will be exciting and beautiful. >> a beautiful evening at mount rushmore.
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that is what donald trump says he has in store for all americans to enjoy in the black hills of south dakota, a celebration including remarks, fireworks and military flyovers to kick off the fourth of july weekend. the decision to hold the celebration comes as the commander-in-chief prepares to hold similar festivities in the nation's capital despite the protest of the city's mayor. >> we think we are following our health department's advice to be very careful about large gatherings, even large gatherings that are outside. we do not think this is in keeping with the best cdc and department of health guidance. >> congressional democrats agree with bowser telling the secretaries of defense and interior in a letter the administration including your agencies should be focused on helping american families, not on a vanity project for the president.
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we urge you to suspend any plans of such an event. fireworks of a different kind. as stocks soared after the june employment report showed the economy added 4.8 million jobs last month much greater than expected, the employment rate slid from 13.3% in may. >> our economy is roaring back, coming back strong. >> reporter: there are concerns about the long-term health of the economy given the rise in coronavirus cases in tension amongst leaders to fall back on shutdown letters as a means of combating the new cases. there are a number of theories why the death rate continues to decline including better medical care.
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more younger healthier patients, weakening virus or may be simply a longer lag time from infection to death. either way it is certainly good news that the death rate has not increased. >> federal law enforcement officials have arrested the ringleader last month's attack on andrew jackson's statue in lafayette park across from the white house and there are serious federal charges facing two lawyers accused of firebombing and nypd vehicle, rick leventhal is live with the latest. >> reporter: we are seeing the results of the task force targeting the antigovernment extremists vandalizing monuments and attacking property and police officers as well. early this morning the fbi and park police arrested a man described as ringleader of the attempt to destroy a statue of andrew jackson in june 20 second. authorities say jason charter took charge of the scene
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directing people who had ropes, straps and other equipment and the fbi says images clearly show charter standing on top of the statue and pouring liquid on it and apparently setting it on fire, eventually lighting a cigarette with the flames political complaints, they posted a picture of the statue on fire in history page and return down statues of traitors to the nation is a service to this nation, not a crime. charter was due in court but bering was delayed so you could talk to his lawyer. the task force is investigating several other incidents in the washington dc area. >> the afl-cio -- there is a starbucks, arson fire, sahara and a few others, lafayette park was also lit on fire in
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lafayette park, we're looking for who said that fire as well. >> in new york the two lawyers accused of throwing a molotov cocktail inside a police van in brooklyn during george floyd protests were released on 250,$000 bond after spending weeks isolated to protect them from catching covid-19. cameras outside the 80 eighth precinct clearly show him during the torch facet from the bud light bottles of the broken window and nypd vehicle, then jumping into a card to get away. the pair were quickly arrested and charged with a laundry list of serious federal crimes, use of explosives, arson, using an explosive to a felony, arson conspiracy, use of a destructive device, civil disorder and possessing and making a destructive device. if convicted the pair can face a mandatory minimum of decades behind bars, they both pleaded not guilty.
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breaking tonight the kansas city police officers in critical condition after getting shot in the head. police were called to mcdonald's restaurant ready and identified suspect was waving a gun, then fled on foot after police chased him. the suspect turned and opened fire on the officers, striking one. a second officer fired back, killing the suspect. tacoma, washington the thin blue line stickers been banned from police vehicles for the tacoma pd says it understands any symbol can cause division and controversy between officers and the public so the controversial decision was made to continue striving for an inclusive environment. >> how many times does the community have to say this is disrespectful and divisive and has a racist history, how many
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times does the community have to communicate that before we are not seeing this used by public servants, people we get our tax dollars to. >> a lot of the look at that simple and go that is will of someone the chairs for husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, it is not anything negative, it never has been. >> republican senator mike lee of utah proposed a nonbinding resolution condemning, quote, mob violence but that objection by bob and then does of new jersey was enough to kill the motion. >> this resolution is not controversial, it is a sense of the senate that the rising tide of vandalism, mob violence and the mob mentality that feeds including its cool and intolerant cancel culture should be condemned by all americans. the resolution reeks of supremacy, to mischaracterize overwhelmingly what has been
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peaceful protests elimination. >> talk about fireworks on the senate floor and the latest on actual fireworks for the fourth of july weekend, acting dhs to beauty secretary ken cuccinelli. with your reaction to the back-and-forth between senators lee and menendez? >> it is astonishing that any american, regardless of party would disagree with the condemnation of mob violence. bob menendez's comments to senator lee's resolution were not directed at the resolution. the resolution speaks specifically to people who are being violent, committing vandalism and so forth, the we are seeing around the country that donald trump has taken a
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strong stand against it and maybe that is the key. maybe it is because senator lee is standing against the violence and vandalism donald trump is standing against that senator menendez can't tolerate such a position so he is for violence, his for vandalism and that is a sad sad thing and said enough to see in our country, even worse to see on the floor of the u.s. senate. >> authorities getting serious about rounding up those accused of leading the riding in the white house and molotov cocktail throwers. what is your message on that front? >> the message on that front is we are just getting started. we have hundreds of investigations across the country. prosecutions are done by the department of justice, law enforcement officers are involved in many of these which we protect and defend many of these locations and iconic statues around the country and we are going to continue to do that and lean forward to do it. we will see this weekend, the department of homeland security's deeply engaged with
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the department of interior with the department of justice, the leadership of donald trump, we are going to continue not only to protect the history of this country but as donald trump is declared we are going to prosecute violent violators of the law vandalized property in the history of this country or threatened or hurt other americans. other people who deserve to be able to be safe, the most basic civil right is the right to be safe where you are and where you live. >> there will be plenty of federal prisons to make sure federal facilities and property are protected in case any rioters wants to cause mayhem over the holiday weekend? >> that is very safe assumption and you can thank donald trump for it. >> the holidays and for fireworks, people using more hand sanitizer, national security council spokeswoman is warning alcohol and fire do not
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mix, you should not pair flammable items, the proverbial recipe for disaster? your thoughts? >> is an affection otto fireworks myself i take that advice very seriously. we obviously are still fighting covid-19, the president speaks about this every day really and we're going to go celebrate our nation's 240 fourth birthday. a lot of people will do that outside and in groups but we need to keep our social distancing as we hear from cdc in simple things like not mixing alcohol and fire and fireworks
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are going to be on the forefront. is what we talk about violence in some of the collectively we also don't want people to be involved in accidents whether of their own making a readiness. god bless america, we hope everybody has a safe july 4th. >> donald trump made the border wall a huge fire, the trump administration hired a tech firm to build a virtual border wall. and idea democrats have praised. a 5-year agreement between customs and border protection and industry calls for the company to deploy hundreds of solar powered mobile surveillance towers designed to operate in rugged locations with cameras and thermal imaging to detect moving objects, feed the artificial intelligence system. establishing among animals, humans and people and mapping information right to the cell phones of us patrol agents. is that a little 21st-century technology to get a handle on our border? >> it is and donald trump just celebrated 200 miles of new wall system. we say wall system because it also involves surveillance related to the wall but some of the technology you just described can go places where it is difficult to build a wall. we have almost 2000 mile border on the southern border with
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mexico and we are working on hundreds of miles of wall, not thousands so having situational awareness requires this kind of technology in other parts of the border and the president is very supportive of pursuing this to expand our capabilities at the border, to keep our agents safe and keep america safe. mike: thanks so much for your time. breaking tonight reports that the nfl intends to play the song lift every voice and sing, also known as the black national anthem before the star-spangled banner before every game during week one of the season of september. a tennessee restaurant faces allegations of racism, it plans all the back the blue rally, marsha blackburn on that with her view on the controversy.
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♪ >> mike: breaking tonight, for all you vanilla ice fans out there, the rapper has >> for all you vanilla ice and the wrapper has canceled his concert scheduled for tomorrow in austin, texas is a statement criticism for trying to hold a show in texas as coronavirus cases search there. richardson rounds out the latest numbers from the pandemic. >> across the country public health officials are urging americans to stay away from each other this fourth of july weekend as covid-19 cases search throughout the united states. the us setting records for daily positive covid-19 test surpassing 50,000 a day. more americans are getting tested for federal officials say this reflects an increase in cases, several states across the
12:20 am
south a series of daily record positive test as the administration tries to weigh the surge with economic concerns. >> we are obviously watching this carefully, we think there is the right balance and we are working with the states on the health issues and economic issues. >> texas reported 8000 additional cases today, governor greg abbott ordered most texans to wear masks in public. >> an update about the concert in austin. >> minimize canceled his fourth of july concert in austin say he didn't know the coronavirus numbers in texas were so crazy. local officials in alabama claim college students held covid-19 parties offering prizes to those who contracted the virus. >> not only to doctors offices confirm, the state confirms, they have the same information. >> reporter: reports out of east lansing, michigan say 138 coronavirus cases are linked to just one bar near michigan seniors we.
12:21 am
the surge comes after months of hospitals requiring masks, protective gear and ventilators. in the atlanta area, a 2012 presidential candidate tested positive for covid-19 it is in the hospital. donald trump's june 20th rally in tulsa and brags about the president's independence day celebration writing, quote, masks will not be mandatory for the event which will be attended by donald trump, people of that. the staff says there's no way of knowing exactly where or how he contracted the virus. mike: thanks a lot. in nashville you might not know there was a pandemic, visitors stopping for drinks in nationalist legendary honky-tonk, not many masks and very little social distancing, national retreating to a modified phase ii after going to phase 3 ten is ago. leaders are facing questions
12:22 am
whether the reopening was too rushed across the south and sunbelt. marsha blackburn joins us now. great to have you. here is joe biden on covid-19. >> we are seeing all across the country spikes in the virus causing many states to impose new restrictions again. to me and many americans this is very worrisome in the path and severity of the virus. the president and even address it. mike: what are your thoughts at this stage of the pandemic? >> at this stage of the pandemic people need to remember it is important to wash your hands, wear a mask, make certain you are keeping your physical distance and what we have seen and it is so interesting, the spike seems to be with younger people who were out and about
12:23 am
and think they are invincible and feel like they are invincible to covid-19 and we are finding out they are not. the other thing to keep in mind is tennessee is leading the way in testing, one of the best states when it comes to testing, you find more cases, people that are asymptomatic don't know that they haven't, you find recovered cases, individuals with antibodies. we are watching closely the percentages with hospitalization and keeping a close watch on that. mike: let's look at our map of hospitalizations across the southeast, texas and the southwest. take a listen to nancy pelosi. >> we have to open the economy but it is related to health, call the coronavirus a hoax, it will disappear, it will be a
12:24 am
magical miracle or something. this virus is efficient, this president is not. mike: how the response of the speaker? >> the speaker and some of the democratic leadership would do well to remember their responses when there was h1n1, when we had sars, when we had ebola, think about the period of time it took the federal government to respond to that. most people i talked to do not want to get covid-19, they do not want to give it to somebody, they are going to be careful and i know some parents who are trying to get their young adults in their household to be a little more careful when it comes to practicing the personal distancing. mike: to a situation in your great state of tennessee the headline is woke mob terrorizes
12:25 am
tennessee smokehouse after false rumors of back the blue donation, the restaurant was forced to cancel $1,000 order after threats to burn down their business. what have you tried to do to help the owners? >> my team reached out to this family and they were just conducting business and they filled in order that was going to be used at a back the blue rally. so then you have the raging mob take out after them and here's the thing. this cancel culture which is really an extension when you look at it of this marxist ideology, you think what china is doing to hong kong and it is the same thing but if you don't truly agree they want to shut you up, they want to shut you down and there is no one in this country that ought to have their business shutdown because somebody disagrees or has a
12:26 am
different political opinion. our nation and our nation's freedom that we are going to celebrate this weekend, independence day has been well served and preserved because we have robust, respectful, bipartisan debate and people believe that. mike: i want you to weigh in on the final issue, donald trump threatens to veto a $740 billion defense policy bill over the confederate names issue. your concerns at this stage about that. >> one of the things that we know is you've got to be very careful. there is a commission in place that is going to take a look at this but i will tell you this. as we celebrate independence day, go talk to the men and women who served in these spaces, who have or the uniform, protected our freedom. let's ask them what they think. in tennessee we don't have any bases that are affected by this but i think we should be talking
12:27 am
to those individuals and asking them and we are a lot to take some time to thank them for what they have done to preserve freedom and freedom. mike: senator marsha blackburn from tennessee, thanks for your time. can social workers take the place of police? that is next. first to put others' lives before your own. and in an emergency, you need a network that puts you first. that connects you to technology to each other and to other agencies. built with and for first responders. firstnet. the only officially authorized wireless network for first responders. because putting you first is our job.
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speeone's new backlash tonight >> new backlash against law enforcement after clearing out the chop in seattle with laurie years arguing about restrictions on pepper spray and other crowd control projectiles. meanwhile the seattle father mourning the loss of his son killed in the chop zone has calls of support from donald trump and mayor jenny durkin. correspondent jeff paul joins us from our west coast newsroom. >> a federal judge in seattle city council taking action in mid june to stop seattle police
12:32 am
from using things like pepper spray when dealing with crowds. however just one day ago that is exactly what offices used as they began to clear out the chop zone. here's where things get complicated, the court order still gives the okay to use count control weapons in certain situations like if those offices are facing physical harm embassy counsel legislation that bans the use of those weapons isn't even active yet. today wearing helmets and body armor, seattle police went to the area clearing out anything and anyone who might have remained in the chop zone. police arrested around 3 dozen people with charges ferrying from failure to disperse, obstruction, to assault and unlawful weapons position. seattle mayor jenny durkin has faced criticism by some who say she has allowed this to go on too long plus she supported the arrest today but doesn't support constituting everyone involved. >> i believe charges should not be filed against individuals
12:33 am
arrested only for misdemeanor obstruction, failure to disperse for trespassing. as we move forward in healing alternatives to charging a, sanction are also important. >> fences were torn down and see the crews use their hands and machinery for leftover trash and other items. it is just the start of what will likely be a long road forward in the area. is this owners looking to repair damage and scrub off any graffiti that might remain, the shutdown of chop comes after multiple shootings took place in the area two which were fatal, the father of one of those victims has strong words regarding the chop zone. >> they should have been disbanded long time ago. i understand black lives matter and everything going on in everything but that is not my movement right now. my movement is that was my son, you know what i'm saying. i don't know.
12:34 am
i'm not with whatever this, all this going on, none of that, don't know nothing about that. all i know is this was my son and i love him. >> some of the protest groups within the chop zone said previously that their work will go on despite being pushed out, time will tell. mike: in los angeles kelly alex villain away versus plans to defund the police will have an adverse impact on public safety. earlier he appeared on hannity and spoke about unintended consequences. >> they talk about cutting narcotics pure, major crimes bureau that is organized crime, all these different entities. at the minimum we have to detail them, cases will not be investigated, they will have a
12:35 am
bigger workload. >> to here to talk about the state of policing, then had an, heather mcdonald, great to have you. let me get you to react to what the sheriff of los angeles county said there. your thoughts. >> the lapd reported the first week of june had a 250% increase in homicides as a result of the culture of lawlessness that the nation's the leads and mainstream institutions have been if not applauding turning their eyes away from. also gotten the message they can break the law, they can destroy, torch, shoot at cops, destroy squad cars with virtual impunity. the idea that any law enforcement body in this country is somehow overstaffed is
12:36 am
ludicrous, we saw what happened and we will get more over the course of the summer, these cops are working 16 hour days, exhausted, demoralized. the cutting of police forces further will result in more crime, longer response time, more stressed-out officers. the narrative about a racist police system has got to stop. it is resulting in policies that are detrimental to public safety and it is resulting in hatred being directed at the cops on a daily basis as they tried to enforce the law and keep people safe from criminals. >> new york city has cut $1 billion out of the nypd budget. you know who is the plan, new york governor andrew cuomo. >> does it change the use of force policy? are they going to stop beating people? what does it do to change anything that we have been protesting about? would it have saved george
12:37 am
ford's life? would it have saved a goner's life? come on. >> do you favor cuomo over bill diblasio? >> not necessarily. of cuomo says there's a culture of brutality i do not. i think almost trying to be cute, rabbinical and so wise above the fray. about a get out there and say the thing that happened on sunday when cops were pelted with glass bottles and trash, for responding to shots fired call picked up by technology, trying to protect people from getting shot, how about he tells the people of new york do not treat the cops that way. cuomo talked about lack of respect or trust between the community and the police. it is a 2-way street. of course there are cops that need training in de-escalation and courtesy and respect for the
12:38 am
public needs to be told respect law enforcement. >> alexandria ocasio cortez worried about gimmicks, defunding police means defunding police, it does not mean budget tricks or funny math or moving school police officers to the department of education budget so the same police remain in schools so is diblasio cutting or just moving money around? >> i would say he is cutting. he has cut one if not two recruit classes. listen, the police, police officers are lucky to get new cadet classes who want to go to the academy and become police officers. in about 6 months there will be no more. retirements are being filed at a record rate. nobody wants to go into a profession where the first thing you step on the job you told you are a racist. you get hostility, resistance to arrest, this budget will make a big difference. we will lose 1000 officers through attrition. bill diblasio and cuomo should
12:39 am
go to attend a meeting in the 40 first precinct and tell those good people you would get less cops. they want more cops, more policing, they want the drug dealers off the street, the streets cleared of youth hanging out because they know that is where the drive-by shooting emanates from in many cases. this is the wrong narrative and our politicians are letting us down. they lost illegitimacy completely. mike: thanks very much, we have to leave it there. a stunning twist in the jeffrey epstein saga. we will be back after this. ba, we switched to new tide plus downy free. it's gentle on her skin, and dermatologist recommended. new tide pods plus downy free. safe for sensitive skin with eczema and psoriasis. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder force factor is the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. unleash your potential in the bedroom with score!.
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>> mike: ghislaine maxwell, longtime ass >> longtime associate of jeffrey epstein behind bars charged with helping him sexually exploit and abuse multiple minor girls from 1994-1997.
12:44 am
>> reporter: we announced the arrest of one of the villains of the sophistication. >> the fbi arrested jeffrey epstein's ex-girlfriend, longtime confidant and now indicted co-conspirator. he was arrested without incident at 8:30 a million-dollar home in bradford, new hampshire. >> he slithered away to a property in new hampshire continuing to live a life of privilege while her victims with, inflict upon them years ago. >> what is reporting max always after 156 acre home paid for it last december under the guise of an llc. prosecutors in the southern district of new york charging maxwell with six federal hilt including four counts of interest in transporting minors for the purpose of illegal sexual acts. in two counts of perjury for lying under oath in 2016. between 1994, in 1997 maxwell is a record and groomed 3 unnamed minors to be sexually abused by her and her then boyfriend
12:45 am
jeffrey epstein. one girl was just 14 years old. maxwell allegedly trafficked the girls between epstein's properties in palm beach and new mexico, even maxwell's home in london, england. >> maxwell and minor girls, got and trust her, then delivered them into the trap she and epstein had such for them. >> on news maxwell's arrests epstein accusing jennifer rose today allowed survivors to, quote, take a breath of relief. prosecutors want maxwell to be held without bail until the trial, they say she is an extreme flight risk, but 58-year-old if convicted faces 35 years in prison. in new york city, brian yunus, fox news. >> what about that messy entanglement with british loyalty, prosecutors say they would welcome a conversation with prince andrew but let's work on figuring out what all
12:46 am
this means, great to have you. take a listen to the acting us attorney for the southern district of new york. >> we would welcome prince andrew coming in to talk with us. we would like to have the benefit of his statement. as we previously said we would welcome his coming in and giving us an opportunity to hear his statement. >> what about the prince? >> the chances of him coming in are about as realistic as me playing in the nba at 52 years of age. it is not happening. if i'm representing him i say thank you for the kind invitation but respectfully we will decline and i said to him privately you understand the fish that kept its mouth shut never got caught leaders overwhelming evidence of his involvement in his whole conspiracy, taking an active part and abusing at least one girl in particular. he is not going to say anything. for what? >> tomorrow's deadline, keep her alive, her hands woman finally
12:47 am
cuffed and should we expect her to give up significant information trying to cut a deal? >> a former lawyer that something i have to explore and it is up to her to decide. the difference between federal court in state court is generally you have no idea what you're going to get if anything so you have to sit down and say there are no promises. you can give peoples names and if we can't get prosecution the government will say we are not going to recommend any time off. she has a lot to lose if she pleads guilty, she may take her chances at a trial. >> none of them have been held accountable. >> a much bigger iceberg. >> take everybody now. the monsters are still out
12:48 am
there. you took our freedom, now we are going to take yours. >> the close friends of jeffrey epstein, she is alive and in custody. >> they should be concerned. i watched that documentary. i'm a defense lawyer for 20 some years. i believe in the perception of innocence. i don't know if she's guilty a lot. presumptive innocence only applies in, the court with the jurors who will preside over her case was the court of public in -- public opinion, i carefully watched and weighed the credibility of each of the persons the interview. she looked really guilty. i believe every single one of those witnesses and she knows she is in deep do do as we say in the legal arena and she needs to cut her losses. mike: thanks for your time. as we prepare to celebrate independence day the report you need to hear if you are thinking about hitting the beach this weekend. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line.
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crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest.
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♪ >> mike: as americans coast-to-coast get ready for the holiday weekend, the west hollywood, california, sheriff station is set to begin inciting people for not wearing face coverings. fines can run up to $5,000 for multiple offenses. mike: as americans get ready for the holiday weekend the west hollywood california sheriff station is set to begin citing people for not wearing face
12:53 am
coverings. fines could run up to $5,000 for multiple offenses and in florida the vice president offering his support to the sunshine state dealing with more than 10,000 new positive cases. so cheating has that story from miami beach. >> reporter: the midnight curfew is back as south florida struggles with spiking covid-19 cases. the fourth of july weekend will be like no other. and much of the state there will be no holiday celebrations on the beaches as many counties are closing for the long weekend, restaurants that have become after-hours bars must shut down after midnight was no alcohol sales after 8:00. >> people need to treat this like a hurricane. a hurricane is coming to my community we don't care what party you are, not like we are worried about consulting, we do the right thing and ask for ourselves and our neighbors.
12:54 am
>> in broward and miami-dade counties, if you're caught not wearing a mask you face a 50-$500 fine. a couple graham develops today in florida, the state confirms the youngest person to date who has died of covid-19, and 11-year-old boy plus the state set a one day total of new cases at 10,000. florida governor ron desantis will not order a mandatory face covering rule for the state and has no intention of rolling back any of the state's phase 2 of reopening, joined in tampa today by mike pence. >> you have a group of friends who get together and someone will test positive, twentysomething asymptomatic, they'll test positive, none of them have symptoms, none of them are actually sick but being in a closed environment for an hour is enough to spread. >> reporter: nationwide the curve is not flat but rising, 36 states report increasing
12:55 am
positive test the past week up from half the states to attend ten days ago. 20 states are positive or reversing reopening plans, florida, california and texas have seen record numbers of cases in the past week. available but that houston hospitals are said to be disappearing fast. elective surgeries in south florida are being canceled to free up resources and space. mike: thanks very much. some good news before we say good night. the internet may be getting its patron saint. carla passed away of leukemia it is set to be beatified by the catholic church this october following pope francis attributing a miracle to carla which occurred in 2013 when a priest prayed to him for a brazilian boy suffering from a rare pancreatic disease. the boy miraculously recovered. carla was a computer was who helped create websites tracking miracles, pope francis saying he
12:56 am
used the internet to communicate values and beauty. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i will see you back here tomorrow night. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep.
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rob: friday july 3rd, happening at 4:00 am. headed to mount rushmore to kickoff independence day celebration, met by protesters. we are live in washington. >> the ringmaster, the architect of jeffrey epstein. >> jeffrey epstein's alleged accomplice arrested from her one million-dollar hideout and awaits extradition to new york.


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