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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 3, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> carley: think it everybody at home for joining us on this beautiful july 3rd ahead of this weekend's festivities. thanks to the whole virtual couch. this was wonderful. katie and carley, he finally got to meet one another. we hope you will tune back in on monday paid [laughter] now here is julie banderas. ♪ >> julie: just a few hours from now, president trump will be leaving for mount rushmore, where he will be kicking off his fourth of july celebrations. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm julie banderas in for harris faulkner today. happy friday to you at home. the president heading to south dakota for that event tonight, where thousands of people are expected. before then, he will travel back to our nation's capital, where he will host a massive fireworks display tomorrow night. this, as the deferment of homeland security says it is deploying special units to washington, d.c., portland, and seattle to protect monuments nationwide. as the feds arrest the accused
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ringleader of that group that tried to topple an andrew jackson statue near the white house. now acting dhs secretary ken cuccinelli warning potential vandals ahead of more protests plan nationwide this weekend. watch. >> we protect and defend many of these locations and many of these iconic statues around the country, and we are going to continue to do that. we are going to lean forward to do it. you are going to see that throughout this weekend, we are going to continue not only to protect the history of this country but, as president trump has declared, we are going to prosecute violators of the law who vandalize property. >> julie: mark merited his life at the white house with more on this. hi, mark. >> good afternoon, julie. the president and the first lady are making their way up to south dakota. the president has been promoting this event saying it's a chance to celebrate american history even during these uncertain
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times. >> we are going to have a tremendous evening. it's going to be a fireworks display like few people have seen. it's going to be very exciting. >> but native american's who call south dakota home say mount rushmore itself should be torn down. the chairman of the cheyenne river sioux tribe put out a statement saying nothing stands as a greater reminder to the nation of a country that cannot keep a promise or treaty, and the faces carved into our sacred land on with the u.s. calls "mount rushmore." while they are expected to be protests in south dakota today, a lot of the focus is on what's happening over the holiday weekend. not just in d.c., but cities nationwide. we have seen the possibility of these protests begin to pop up. the nation's capital spacing for that. the areas around the white house including lafayette park remained blocked off to the public, and yesterday federal law-enforcement officers arrested a man accused of being the ringleader of the effort to destroy a statue of andrew jackson. that happened back on june 22nd. local and federal
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law enforcement say they reviewed numerous photos and videos from the area before making the arrest. jason charter faces two counts of destruction of federal property. those are some of the photos we came out yesterday. the government is also bracing for the possibility with these protests that they will need to monitor more of these monuments and statues. the department of film and security said they will work on that over the weekend, but democrats say the initiation should be focused elsewhere. senator chuck schumer issuing a tweet this morning, writing, "our armed forces would be better served if president trump spent more time reading his daily briefing and less time planning military parades and defending relics of the confederacy." the president has tried to paint democrats as supporters of left-wing groups like antifa and saying it's not acceptable going into the election year. julie? >> julie: mark meredith, thank you very much. for more, let's bring up our panel today. jessica tarlov and deneen borelli paid both her foxes contribute of paid, always good to see you. jessica, let me ask you. is this task force the best way to protect our monument this
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holiday weekend, do you think? >> jessica: i think i monuments do need protecting to some degree. there are splits between people having the same contribution about removing such of confederate generals. people throwing red paint on ulysses s. grant, george washington, tearing down statues of female abolitionists in wisconsin, for instance. we can't have that. i agree with chuck schumer that the president using this as a tour de force tour de force about he's a line order candidate isn't going to work and he should be paying attention to bigger problems at hand, like a story about russia paying bounties on american soldiers' heads that he didn't take the time to read his briefing and would have known about back in 2019. i do you want to say rushmore protected, i want to see statues to grand in washington stay in place. if we want to have a conversation about their place in modern-day america, that's one thing. they certainly shouldn't be pulled down or have paint splattered across them.
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>> julie: so much for a happy fourth. deneen, could this antagonize protesters because it backfires? >> deneen: i'm sorry? i didn't hear your question i was wondering >> julie: i was wondering how this might antagonize protesters. >> deneen: the protesters need to be put into their proper place, which is to stop being lawless. the violent ones. we see people across the country, from the east to the west coast, who are just outlaws, lawless, rioting, destroying property, businesses, and innocent bystanders are getting soaked up in this destruction. you look at the seattle mayor, for example, mayor durkan, she allowed the streets of seattle to be ran by these lawless individuals for weeks on end. the outrage is just unbelievable. you know why she stopped? do you know why she put her foot down and said enough is enough?
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because the mob finally turned on her, like "the walking dead," and they were protesting outside her home. that's why she brought it to an end. it's ridiculous. >> julie: jessica, at this point, we understand the anger. but coming out and trying to destroy and desecrate our national monuments, it just brings it to a whole new low. i'm wondering, politically speaking, if the president could possibly appeal to those who are out to damage our national monuments. he tweeted earlier today, basically saying line order will be held to the strictest levels, and people could potentially face ten years behind bars. threats are there. it's just a wonder of whether or not people are listening. >> julie: i think people are listening and they are showing their incredible frustrated with president trump's approach to handling protests. joe biden is favored by 20 plus points as a candidate, and best position to manage police violence, for instance.
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the deal with systemic racism, which is the root cause of why these protests started in the first place. i don't think the president positioning himself as this line order candidate at this moment, when we have nearly 130,000 people have died covid-19, when we have overwhelming support for black lives matter and for the social justice protests, the president looks out of step up from where the country is right now. we are having this conversation and then he is screaming about this conversation over here. that doesn't mean it isn't important to protect monuments and to have deep thoughtful conversations about the confederacy and those monuments. but the present does not -- >> julie: i've got a jump in. hold on a second. i just want to get to the pushback over tides mount rushmore event. ask your own virus cases sore. there is another factor to the story. amid concerns over the let me paint the picture, the south dakota governor has said
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social distancing will not be required during the event. masks will be optional. deneen, it's one thing to make masks optional. the other side of the coin is not requiring social distancing goes against everything the cdc and health officials are encouraging americans to abide by. deneen, you attended the presidents tells o'reilly on june 20th. he sat behind for a presidential candidate herman cain, who, as you know, discreetly tested positive for covid-19. we don't know where he got it so we don't know if it has anything to do with the rally. nonetheless, when you have thousands of people gathering, i would have believed that social distancing measures could not be possibly stringent enough. >> deneen: in regards to the independence day celebrations, i think it is up to the individuals on whether they feel they would be at risk on attending these events were not. it's also up to the local officials, the governor made it clear about the masks that will be given out and there will be social distancing. but it's up to individuals if
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they would like to wear a mask or socially distance. i find this to be a huge double standard. look at what is going on at occupy city hall. these people are right on top of each other, not everyone are wearing masks, and the been there for days on end, camping out. it's a huge double standard, and i find this whole thing to be hypocritical with people criticizing independence day celebrations for all americans. you look at the protesters and what they are doing, they are not looking at the laws in terms of the rules on social distancing. >> julie: you are absolutely right. city hall park, you've got a bunch of liberals basically saying they are not going anywhere after the nypd budget was cut by a billion dollars. event organizers, jessica, said -- as far as not rushmore -- that they will be providing masks. as deneen just point out. and anybody who wants them, and they also plan to screen attendees for symptoms of
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covid-19 pray that'll be interesting to watch. does that seem like enough? is this a big political risk for president trump? >> jessica: i think it's tremendous political risk. if you look at the latest numbers, he is so far underwater in terms of how he's handling the coronavirus outbreak. 89% of americans say they are wearing masks when they go outside. we have yet to see the president wearing a mask. only 21% of americans say they be comfortable going to a large gathering. 67% said they are nervous about contracting covid-19. look at what happened in texas, they had to issue a statewide mask order because of the spike there. governor desantis in florida is digging in his heels, they are saying ten thousand cases a day. i know that people are getting it at a younger age versus the elderly and have a better chance of survival, obviously, that we don't know the long-term implications for people in my age bracket, but the idea that the president would not take this opportunity, especially on
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independence day, to lead by example, and to say, "i will be there, i'll be wearing a mask," maybe not what he's talking, but try to lead by example prayer that's why we elect people to office, so we can look up to them. >> julie: we do need to remind people as well -- the president doesn't do it on camera, but by cameron may be a different story. as deneen mentioned, these protesters are setting up camp and not wearing masks. i'm just saying, a lot of critics out there of the president are not wearing masks themselves that these protests. you just have to wonder, is there a double standard a bit there? i have to leave it there. i'm going to see you guys later in the show. you've got to stand by, and as we move closer to the election, that's our new topic. we have a new poll that finds americans are divided over who is more mentally and physically fit to be president. plus, dr. anthony fauci warning of a more infectious strain, a new strain you need to hear about of the coronavirus.
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>> the data is showing that there is a single mutation that actually makes the virus be able to replicate better and maybe have high viral loads. we don't have a connection to whether an individual does worse with this or not. it just seems that the virus replicates better and may be more transmissible. >> julie: there you have the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci, warning of a more infectious strain, a new strain, of
10:17 am
coronavirus that may be emerging. this, after the u.s. keeps chattering daily records, reporting more than 5200 new cases of the virus just yesterday. up at 1100 from wednesday. meanwhile, the trump administration is reportedly planning to open a new pandemic office at the state department to deal with this imposing threat after closing the national security council pandemic in unit back in 2018. joining me now is dr. nicole saphier, new york city physician, fox news contributor, and author of "make america healthy again." always good to see you. how worried should we be about this new coronavirus strain? >> the mutation, that were too intense a kind of fear. this is in reference to paper yesterday from the genomics group. they have said a variant which they are calling d614g has become the dominant form we are
10:18 am
seeing. what they are finding is that this certain variant may have higher viral loads, specifically in the upper respiratory tract. if you have a higher viral load, it's likely you are more contagious. so it's possible this is why we are seeing rising cases, because this virus is more easily transmissible. however, this is the good news. viruses are smart. they tend to replicate and they tend to replicate because they want to live longer, julie. if they were to replicate and become more deadly, the virus dies, too. they die with the host. they tend to replicate so they can live longer. while they may be more transmissible, because they want to replicate, it is no evidence right now showing that it's more severe or more deadly a strain. these are still in vitro studies. it's still a question as to whether or not there's going to be a higher fatality rate with this mutation. as of right now it looks like that's not the case. it does just favor that it's more contagious.
10:19 am
>> julie: that's fascinating, and also you are right, good news there if there is a silver lining in all of this. dr. fauci also says it is possible that this new strain carries a higher viral load, and the respiratory system, you are talking about different areas of the body that are affected. therefore it is making human transmission more likely. how might this affect, with that said, reopening our country when we've got social distancing rules that are in place and not in place in some places where we are seeing spikes? >> listen, julie, viruses replicate. this is what they do. we won't change our reopening plans based on a single mutation changing form. we know is this virus has been and continues to be highly contagious. but there are ways to prevent the spread of the disease. we need to start opening it. we can't continue with the stay-at-home orders. with that comes some responsibility. people need to take individual accountability do they can to lessen the spread. whether they have the form that
10:20 am
may be more highly transmissible or the regular form, which is also still highly transmissible, we need to do what we can to lessen the transition of this virus in our community. we also need to continue to protect the elderly. >> julie: republican congressman andy biggs of arizona is calling out on president trump to expand his task for saying it's holding back the economic recovery. here's what he says. "dr. anthony fauci and dr. deborah birx continue to contradict many of president trump's stated goals and actions for returning to normalcy. as we know more about the covid-19 outbreak, this is causing panic that compromises our economic recovery." it is no surprise that, as states reopen and the economy reopens, but we saw our job numbers go up this week, which is a great thing. to keep those numbers going up and keep people safe, the coronavirus task force needs to
10:21 am
make it very clear that, in order for the country to reopen, people do you need to abide at least by social distancing if off the mask. and to remember that the mask doesn't protect you only, but protects others from you. do not just doing it for yourself. this should not be a political issue. >> julie, you have to take it -- everyone has different motives behind what they're talking about. dr. fauci and dr. birx are dead set on the pendulum right now. yes, they take into consideration some of the mental health fallout that comes from these stay-at-home orders. but their primary goal is to lessen the spread of this viral infection and getting on the other end of this pandemic as soon as possible. the president is not only tasked with that same goal, he also needs to keep a pulse on the economy and the economic welfare of the country as well. although it sounds like they might be seeing some conflicting things, they are still working together. the president has a very tough job in the sense that he has to do what he can to temper this viral infection while also making sure that we don't have a
10:22 am
massive economic fallout that will last decades after the pandemic. >> julie: we've got to go. >> i think everyone has the same goal of keeping americans healthy. >> julie: i should add, texas is the later stage to order masks to be worn by people in public. that brings the total to 21 states requiring the public to wear masks. dr. nicole saphier, thank you very much. great to see you. as joe biden narrows his list of potential vps, we will tell you the least popular female contender is among democrats. take a guess, and you will find out if you are right after the break, according to a new poll. plus, new survey says about which candidate has the best mental fitness, as joe biden's camp walks back when he said just the other day about getting tested a bunch of times on his mental capabilities. anyway, who's got the power panel back come after this. ♪ up at 2:00am again?
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>> julie: a new monmouth poll finds americans are divided over who is more mentally and physically fit to be president. a popular tagline of president trump's. the survey finds a third of registered voters say they are "very confident" that president trump has the mental and physical ability to carry out the job compared with just 23% for dough biden. back of our panel, jessica tarlov and deneen borelli. deneen, let me ask you how reliable these polls are and what your take is on them. >> deneen: all you have to do is look back in 2016 polls that said hillary clinton would be in the white house. president trump has the momentum, the energy, and enthusiasm on his side. when you look at joe biden, for example, there is a reason why his handlers have him bubble wrapped and are keeping him in his basement, because they don't know what blunder is going to come out of his mouth next.
10:28 am
when he was in the public eye while running, he embarrassed a young girl, called her a lying dog face pony, he said "no wonder your wife left you," he poked his finger in the chest of a potential voter and told him to go vote for someone else if you don't like what i'm saying. his handlers have no idea what he's going to do or say. when you look at him when he's in the public eye, there is no energy, no light in his eyes, and i think his wife, jill, needs to step in and say, "i think enough is enough." jessica, i want to ask you about the last 89 days. he did mention he has never been tested for coronavirus but he also mentioned his mental capacity, his mental fitness, which i believe his campaign is like, "we don't need to say that, why did he say that?" is this worrying for biden at all? >> jessica: i don't think so. his deputy communications person
10:29 am
went on with bill hemmer and clarified what vice president biden meant when he was talking about that. just listening to deneen about this "which in a" of things joe biden has done wrong in the idea that his campaign is scared of how he met on the campaign trail is absolutely ludicrous. when joe biden put his finger at a potential voter's chest and said, "if you don't like me, vote for somebody else," guess what? 's numbers went up. this is what republicans were sank off the democratic primary. it was complete route. bernie sanders had to step aside and i understand covid-19 intervenes and how early do this. but democrats are unified behind joe biden, they think we are in the best position to win back in november with joe biden at the top of the ticket, and i'm not concerned about that. he took a ton of questions from the press that were not preapproved, even though that was a rumor that republicans throughout there people are looking to joe biden
10:30 am
for that. he is up ten points nationally and in all the important swing states. i don't know what kind of momentum deneen thinks president trump has considering that. >> julie: i want to move on to a new "usa today" poll that finds democratic voters are least excited about the prospect of elizabeth warren becoming joe biden's running mate. remember, he's going to pick a woman, and she is not winning the popular vote right now. nearly 20% of dems say she is not an acceptable choice. the highest negative rating of any of the 11 candidates listed. on the flip side, the survey shows dems are most excited about kamala harris being tapped as biden's number 2. first of all, some might believe that elizabeth warren might be too far left for joe biden and his supporters. but then, what do you think about the possibility of kamala harris being almost too strong of a candidate? that she might outshine joe biden? when kamala harris stands by the podium, she definitely demands attention, and i'm not sure it'll make joe biden look so
10:31 am
strong. when they compare. >> deneen: i guess democrats don't like the liar elizabeth warren anymore. in terms of joe biden, he has basically tainte painted himsela corner saying he's going to pick a black woman. whatever happened to a person's skill sets and ability to do a job, to fill a job and be responsible? what about content of character, not skin color? in regards to kamala harris, she's got a little baggage going because of her previous role in california where she disproportionately had a number of black males who are incarcerated. she's got that to deal with. we'll see what joe biden does, but he has painted himself in a corner. again, it should come down to skill set and not a person's sex or skin color. >> julie: jessica, real quick, final word. we got to go. >> jessica: i missed it when joe biden said he was going to definitely pick a woman of
10:32 am
color. there are definitely people in the party that are pushing him to do so, especially considering what's going on right now with the racial justice protests across the country. i'm not surprised by the findings of this poll. elizabeth warren is to the far left of the party, and i were talking to all democrats about who they think would be best to go up against president trump, and vice president pence, come november. i think kamala harris is a strong candidate. val demings, as well. the conversation continues but i believe it will not be elizabeth warren. >> julie: jessica tarlov, deneen borelli, thank you ladies for joining us on our power panel. happy fourth to both of you. >> deneen: happy independence day, thank you. >> julie: you, too. for sure. a woman has come forward claiming jeffrey epstein's alleged madam is just as evil as the late financier. she is now actually willing to speak finally after hiding with federal prosecutors. how history can impact the case. that's next. ♪
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>> julie: jeffrey epstein's longtime friend, caitlin maxwell, is in custody after arrest for sexual abuse charges. as woman is speaking out, accusing maxwell of raping her along with epstein when she was just 14 years old. bryan llenas has more on this. bryan? >> good afternoon. this is the first time this woman is speaking publicly about her rape. she said ghislaine maxwell is just as evil as jeffrey epstein. she says the rapes began when she was 14 years old in florida and went all the way through until she was 16. she says maxwell not only facilitated her sexual abuse by jeffrey epstein, but she claims maxwell abused her at the same time with epstein. she also said maxwell would abuse her one-on-one, coaching
10:38 am
her how to have sex with men. >> she did rape me. i would say it's more than 20 or 30 times. she is eight rape it's destroyed what was supposed be the best years of my life, being a teenager, being a cheerleader. >> jane doe said the abuse ended only after she became pregnant with jeffrey epstein's baby at age 16. she said she got an abortion, but she told dominic fearful that they would go through authorities, she claims that others gang raped her one last time before a driver dropped her off naked on her grandparents' lawn. >> ghislaine was a part of it, i was drugged, gang raped, and left on the lawn, and they put a gun to me and the men that drove me home said i would never come
10:39 am
back if i spoke about it. >> she said maxwell threatened her and her family she spoke about it again. she was recruited by a friend and introduced to epstein and maxwell who promised to help her modeling career. now that maxwell is in custody, jane doe says she wants to be a witness in her upcoming trial. she's willing to take the stand to help new york federal prosecutors put ghislaine maxwell away. we have reached out to ghislaine maxwell's attorney, julie, who said about the specific allegations, "no comment." julie? >> julie: just despicable. bryan llenas, thank you. let's bring in brian claypool, criminal defense attorney and civil rights attorney come also mercedes colwin, fox news legal analyst. you hear that story and it gives you chills with disgust, mercedes. a14-year-old victim, and that is just one, okay? who is brave enough to come out
10:40 am
and have this exclusive interview with brian yannis. there are so many more and i guarantee you they will all be coming out. now that epstein's dad, does maxwell have every incentive to talk? >> what a great question. just listening to the painful voice, this poor woman, who just as a child was repeatedly raped by maxwell and epstein allegedly -- obviously these are all allegations -- but the prosecutors have to rush and an package all the knowledge and information that maxwell has, because their greatest challenge is keeping her alive. we already know that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding epstein's death. maxwell holds the key to all these individuals involved. who were the men that also participated in the rape of these children? this is one of the largest pedophile sex ring cases in history. we have to know who is involved. who provided the reprint of young women, who provided the money?
10:41 am
who raped these young girls and abuse them? there is so much documentation and the intellectual capital is unbelievable. get that information get down quickly, and start bringing in the enormous amount of information. starting of course with some of these victims who are brave enough to come forward and confront maxwell. >> julie: i mean, brian, we know there are rape victims at the hand of epstein, but now there are rape victims at the hand of ghislaine maxwell. i'm wondering if the doj will strike a deal with her. we know if this one particular to turn over names, she could potentially strike some kind of plea deal. if she herself is a rapist, that change the story, doesn't it? >> great to be with you, julie. happy fourth. the current indictment against ms. maxwell does not include her allegedly raping a victim. she has been charged, for
10:42 am
example, with conspiring to rape victims and for transporting these young girls across state lines. i would expect the u.s. attorney general to add additional charges against ms. maxwell, who were raped. that gives them extra leverage to copy some sort of plea bargain with ms. maxwell to get to the bottom of who is in that black book. remember, when epstein was in jail, he died, the black book disappeared. this is a ripe opportunity for the prosecutors to get to the bottom of this. >> julie: oh, she's got a copy somewhere where she destroyed it. i have to go, but mercedes, there's a coauthor of a book about epstein's death and he says their friends should be shaking in their boots. think of the many friends of jeffrey epstein that were relieved after he died, they are probably pretty terrified at this moment. >> you are exactly right, julie.
10:43 am
that orbit between them is the orbit of the most powerful men in the world. one of them had a disastrous interview with bbc when he was confronted with these allegations. absolutely disastrous and even former president clinton has been in question, as well. >> julie: thank you both, brian claypool and mr. rady 's. this is just beginning and we will have you more to talk about is on hold. thank you, happy fourth. a political war of words, you could call it, heating up over reports that russia offered bounties for killing u.s. troops in afghanistan. more on that, ahead. ♪ ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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for 37 years we have been fighting for survivors
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of child sex abuse. even in these uniquely challenging times we're still fighting with dedication and devotion. california law gives survivors a chance to take legal action, but only for a limited time. if you were sexually abused by a priest, scout leader, coach or teacher contact us confidentially today. it's time. >> julie: president trump calling the family of a teenager shot and killed inside seattle's c.h.o.p. zone last month -- we reported on this program this week after an emotional plea from the young man's father during an interview with sean hannity. watch. >> somebody needs to com come ty house and knock on my door and tell me something. i don't know nothing. all i know is my son -- this is a 19-year-old. that's a horace lorenzo anderson. that's my son.
10:48 am
you know? and i loved him. >> julie: christina coleman is following the story from our west coast bureau. hi, christina. >> hi, julie. it's really heartbreaking to watch the interview. horace lorenzo anderson sr. took solace in saying he often told his son he loved him. now he might take some comfort in knowing the president is aware of his pain and offering his support. >> incredibly, donald trump called me. the president of the united states called me today and talk to me today. he gave his condolences, and he didn't have to call me. he didn't have to do nothing. >> this call came on the day of his son's funeral. his son, horace lorenzo anderson jr., was killed on jund near the border of the six blocks on the protesters occupied for about three weeks in seattle. the teenager's dad said city officials let things go on there for too long. there was a major spike in crime in that area that included
10:49 am
robberies, vandalism, and two deadly shootings. horace lorenzo anderson sr. called out the mayor and city police department for not reaching out to him about his son's death. here's what seattle's police chief has to say about this. >> i personally did not talk to the family at. >> why not? >> you know, and all honesty, there's a lot of issues have been working out as police chief. if you total empathy i feel total empathy for what's happened. >> julie: as for the chop zone, they have already reclaimed the east precinct building and largely cleared out that area on wednesday. all is not calm there. last night a crowd of people refused to leave the area for the second night in a row, since the mayor issued an executive order mandating people vacate that space. ten arrests were made overnight, and officer say bottle rockets and fireworks bottles, rocks, and fireworks were thrown at them. one of the seattle groups that
10:50 am
occupied that space to protest police brutality said they will continue to work toward that goal's to get the police were unfunded. we will reach out to the mayor's office and the police office. still waiting on comments. julie? >> julie: christina coleman, thank you. how can leaders known as "the gang of eight" got an intelligence briefing yesterday on reports russia paid bounties to taliban fighters to kill american troops in afghanistan. house speaker nancy pelosi is denying prior knowledge of the intelligence. listen. >> i will say this, it was consequential levels of the intelligence community should have brought it to us in that way. at the same time as the white house was aware of this threat to the security of our men and women in uniform, the president was still flirting with the idea of having russia be part of the g8.
10:51 am
>> julie: lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon. lucas? >> good afternoon, julie. earlier this week, president trump's national security advisor explained by the commander-in-chief wasn't briefed. today a house democrat says he isn't buying it. >> the intelligence community doesn't have a consensus, and as a result the presidents career briefly decided to not breathe him because it was unverified intelligence. >> i respectfully disagree with the national security advisor in his characterization of the intelligence. they give intelligence in which they have higher moderate confidence, and there are dissenting views, as well. >> reports of russian support to the tub and are not new, but the report of a potential bounty program is. three years ago, u.s. military's top commander for the middle east and afghanistan said russia may be supplying weapons to the tell dan to be used against american troops and an isis affiliate. >> i think there's a lot we don't know about what russia is doing.
10:52 am
i think it is fair to assume they may be providing some kind of support to them in terms of weapons or other things that may be there. that is the possibility. >> "the new york times" reports the middleman and the bounty scheme is an african to they said, "we don't comment on specific intelligence." the defense secretary officer will be on capitol hill, expecting to be asked about these allegations. julie >> julie: lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. thank you very much, lukas. big moments today on growing pressure for the washington redskins to change the team's name. with the owner is saying today. former nfl star merril hoge joins "overtime" next. ♪ now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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>> the washington redskins
10:57 am
announcing the team is undergoing a thorough review of its name amid a pushback from sponsors and corporate giants including the stadium sponsor fedex and nike. is the nfl reportedly plans to have the song "lift every voice and sing" known as the black national anthem played before every game in week one of the upcoming season. that nuisance barking this reaction from super bowl champ burgess opens and it reads "there is no black national anthem. why does it feel like the country is trying to segregate again sometimes? "here to talk about this, former nfl player meryl hodge. first, we will start redskins and then is it time to change the redskins name? >> i grew up in idaho so i have a lot of indian friends, reservations, that's where i grew up. i didn't even know this until
10:58 am
recently that redskin is considered a racial slur, and i think when you think of it in those terms from a racial slur perspective, that puts a whole different scope on it. i'd never heard any -- a lot of my indian friends, there were two high school options. represented the indians, and a lot of my indian friends we got stuck going to highland, wanted to go to pocatello high school because it represented the indians, but if you go back to the slower aspect of it, how they see it. i never saw it that way and never thought of it that way until i became more educated and informed and that's how they see it and really, they want to be called native americans. that's how they want to be called in represented and so i understand that viewpoint. >> the viewpoints have changed because of 20 or 30 years ago,
10:59 am
we were in having these discussions but maybe sometimes that's what history does, teaches us that certain conversations need to be had. i wanted to ask you about the black anthem plan. what do you make of the nfl playing this for the rest of the upcoming beginning of the season, the song is called "lift every voice and sing." what do you make of having that played? >> ironically, got the request when i was golfing with one of my dear friends who was an african-american, have a great bond together and i get request to come on here, i know nothing about the black national anthem, nothing. so i asked him about it, and this is so important, communication is so important and when i say communication, listening is way more important than talking. you learn more by listening. so i listened explained to me what the black national anthem is about, goes all the way back to the 1800s, actually used to see it in his high school,
11:00 am
segregate a high school and they are used to seeing it. >> we've got to go. >> you look at the words, faith and hope. >> we have to go. is a powerful song. meryl hodge, i have to go, thank you for watching. daily briefing starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. i am kristin fisher in for dana perino and welcome to a special edition of "the daily briefing." president trump is about to kick off the fourth of july weekend with a big celebration at mount rushmore, thousands of people expected to attend, but the fireworks aren't just happening at that site, after that it is back to our nation's capital for another big display over the washington monument. we will talk to the trump campaign in just a few minutes but first, fox team coverage. mark meredith with all the details in d.c. and we begin with chief correspondent jonathan hunt alive at mount rushmore in south dakota. >> what a way to kick off the


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