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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 3, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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your home tonight. make it a safe and great holiday weekend. if "the story" hosted by jon scott. good evening, john, have a great show. >> good evening to you, mike, thank you. at this hour, president trump boarding air force run it kicking off july 4th weekend on mount rushmore. celebration fraught with controversy not only because of covid-19 concerns, but also because of the growing movement to eliminate historic monuments from sites around the nation and that push including mount rushmore. good evening to you, i'm jon scott in for martha maccallum and this is "the story." fox news learning that he will address the left wing mob practicing cancel culture. if we won't be able to understand our destiny if we cancel it. if the term management of homelands descending for rapid deployment teams across the country to protect federal
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monuments this holiday weekend. hhs acting deputy secretary here with more on the mobilization. all right, secretary, the threats to monuments, you have obviously established teams all over the country where ready to act on a moment's notice. if there some kind of trouble? >> yes, we have been predeployed in several locations around the country with their assets if they need to travel and we also have teams predeployed in the cities and areas where we think are more likely to be problem areas. so that we are able to assist just as we did in washington, d.c., a month ago when we advanced over 800 of our law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies to assist the secret service park police and nypd, washington, d.c., to
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restore peace in the city of washington. they will help do that anywhere that's appropriate around the country. the president has advertised, we are going to be buried forward leaning and maintaining the peace and keeping americans in our history safe. >> jon: it surprises me that there are some who don't like the images that are engraved on mount rushmore, the that has become the focal point of the president's visit. do you anticipate any trouble and do you anticipate having to send one of your teams to mount rushmore? >> while, you got the park police and some of the partners all over the country and we expect that is being managed just fine. our teams, some of them are prepared to go anywhere and so we can go to mount rushmore, we can go to new york, washington, atlanta, dallas, wherever we need to be, we have people prepared and trained and ready to go with their assets to get
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them there quickly. that's true whether it's a support on the ground or whether it's surveillance in the air. we have a lot of assets deployed and ready to go. speak on the president signed the executive order designating federal monuments for protecti protection. is that enough and is not going to be enough to protect some of the works of art that have been under attack around the country. >> yes, the short answer and what the president did there is push the federal authorities out to our limits and he brought everyone's attention to the statute that makes -- i should say law, the penalties up to ten years for damaged the statues under that law. it gives us a broader jurisdiction and were defending
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a lot of the federal property where a lot of the statues and works of art are literally hundreds of them. that's the responsibility of the department of homeland security and we've been doing that, we've been doing it successfully, we are reinforcing all those teams everywhere we need to. there's a lot of ground to cov cover. lot of law enforcement officers, more law enforcement officers than any other entity in the country. we are using them all this weekend. >> jon: you're getting pushback from the american civil liberties union. they put out a statement which in part reflects on the president's visits it to rushmore. i believe we have that here. yeah, they say the administration is prioritizing protection of property over the safety of black and brown communities, dhs is a rogue agency with a track record of abuse and disregard for human life. instead of deploying the dhs and further militarizing the streets
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of the military should be investing sources and investigating ongoing threats to communities of color. what's your response? >> threats like mob violence and looting are destroying the stores, property, and life in communities of color. i mean, look at washington, d.c., washington, d.c. washington, d.c., one month ago. one of the under covered stories was how the leading of the targets and cvs and so forth eliminating the opportunities for poor people in those neighborhoods to access and medicine for the kids and a shot. what frivolously referred to as food debts. while those come bac back to the neighborhoods without the protection and confidence without being destroyed and looted and have that looting celebrated like the aclu? they are on the other side of both history and peace in this country right now.
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the president is firmly on the side of enforcing peace and keeping those neighborhoods that needed it the most, safe. >> jon: acting deputy security of the department of homeland security, thanks for coming on the story tonight. >> good to be with you. >> jon: chief correspondent jonathan hunt live at mount rushmore where the president will be speaking later this evening. jonathan. >> good evening, i have to think of spectacular day to kick off the july 4th weekend standing in front here of the iconic mount rushmore and, get a flight past of air force one as president plans in nearby ellsworth. as we come down, the mountain, the stage in the crowd in front of us of course we have to talk about the politics as well of the spectacular nature of all days. chief among the political issues of course tonight, coronavirus,
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no social distancing here. if as you can quite plainly see from that crowd shoulder to shoulder gathering to watch the president's remarks later. the south dakota governor says that masks are required and social distancing isn't required, they're handing out masks to those who want them but i would say it's a maximum of about 20% of the people that we've seen there are wearing masks. tonight, there's also the issue of fireworks. if firework displays were halted in 2009 because of fears of fort fires. the president has said what can burn it is only stone but quite plainly see there's a lot of trees around here. there's the issue of land rights too. members of the lakota sioux tribe have been protesting and they and say that this land is theirs and should be returned. they and other anti-trump protesters blocked on the road earlier this week leading to mount rushmore and we believe the blockage in the protesters have now been cleared from the
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road. then of course we get to the true politics of tonight, the president's speech. were told by a senior administration official that the president "you can expect the president to express strong support for america's military, the men and women of our police and so many of our cherished principles and institutions that are under attack daily from the left. as you mentioned earlier, john, the president is also expected to criticize what he calls the left wing mob that has been calling and pulling down statues that make up part of america's history. if so, tonight in every sense, jon, will be a night of fireworks. jon. >> jon: it's going to be summing. it jonathan hunt from mount rushmore, jonathan, thank you. conservative watch dog group filing against the nation's capital government. at the district there over a giant a black lives matter mural
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♪ >> jon: it's been one month since activist in washington, d.c., pointed black lives matter on the street not far from the white house with the blessing of the district government. now, the conservative nonprofit judicial watch is suing the city's mayor and others setting a first amendment violation. after their request to paint the political message was denied. judicial watch joining me now, tom, what did you want to paint on the street? >> it's our motto, judicial watch, our motivation because no one is above the law. you can't get any more apolitical than that and we wanted to paint it on the street near the offices near capitol hill just a few blocks away from the studio. if the mayor and her office gave us the runaround for three weeks so we sued. remember, the city painted black
4:15 pm
lives matter and the city allowed the need to be painted as well defund the police. it's hard to argue that that can take place in yet a request like we are making cancer. so, you know , when you start denying accessm now which the streets are according to the mayor's own actions, you're running up against the first amendment. that's why we're in federal court. >> jon: i want to read to you part of the response from the george washington university professor paul schiff berman, he writes "if you create a true public forum and let's lots of people's protest, the government can't favor of some sort of speech over other sorts of speech. if this is not a public park, this is a government itself choosing to speak. the government painted the black lives matter painting on the streak and the is speaking and they're not required to allow a space for alternative viewpoints." i find that quite a view a
4:16 pm
little surprising because when is the government always right? >> especially since they allowed the group to paint "defund the police." we ask to go through the rows and we promise to go through the rules. we need a permit, we get the permit. if we need paint, will buy the paint and we do everything necessary and comply with them long to get the message there. the government obviously can have certain restrictions about how it is done, they initially said, well, i don't know if it'll work because it might interfere with traffic. you know, we can close the street is there a way to get the street closed? outside the white house, evidently, to protect the painting. can we get the option there? we're just getting the runaround and were told the call to deal with the office and we don't know anything about the permit like that. it's not just in d.c., in new york city and one mayor de blasio who's also planning to paint similar messages across the city, we want access too.
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>> jon: what's to prevent, i do know, somebody coming in and saying okay now this week you need to paint native american lives matter on the streets of washington, d.c.? >> nothing. this is the consequence when a government starts pullin playin. if they start picking winners and losers on issues and opening up to the american people about the result is they have to follow the law. it was trying to hold the government accountable to the law and it looks like to me that d.c. the mayor doesn't want the message to be out there because she disagrees with it. that's not proper under the constitution. >> jon: all right, tom, hit a roadblock so far with the city, but let us know the outcome of your suit. thanks for coming on. >> thanks. >> jon: exactly four months out until election day and the
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deeper dive into president trump poll numbers tells a similar story regarding his standing in key battleground states at this .4 years ago. charlie kirk and jessica tarlov next. ♪ no matter what challenges life throws at you, we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at
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♪ >> jon: check your calendars, today marks four months until election day. call joe biden owns a nearly nine-point edge of her president trump, nationally his infected including swing states is not much different from that of hillary clinton's at this exact point in the race for years ago. for that, by dennis had less than seven points in the real clear politics coverage, 2.6. if four months out from the 2016
4:23 pm
election, hillary clinton was ahead more than three points in the sunshine state. michigan, biden's advantage is less then eight. if hillary clinton's lead was over 18 points there and wisconsin, biden's edges just over six points and at this point year four years ago, biden led by four points. mount rushmore celebration tonight, charlie kirk, founder and president of turning point usa. if joined by jessica tarlov, fox news contributor. if yes, the president is behind, jessica, but as he heard he was behind at this point for years o and came back to win into. it is this a similar situation potentially this time around? >> it's absolutely a similar situation potentially but joe biden is in a better position than hillary clinton was four months out. if the numbers you read are absolutely correct and i appreciate were talking about
4:24 pm
the averages of the real clear politics average in comparison to the polls. if resident trumpet further underwater this time around and joe biden is up 26 points with women and most crucially, open over ten points with seniors. there is no path to the white house for a republican without winning seniors by a overwhelming margin. currently, they would say at well there so many left wing states for the democrats and last time we know that hillary clinton lost by 77,000 votes because of three key states. of wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. now, where having conversations about arizona turning blue and joe biden's and a good position to win four that were talking about north carolina and talking about georgia and samples. the reason that president trump's campaign is flipping out at this moment and he's not in the same position that he was in 2016. >> jon: charlie, 2016, donald j. trump was running against a woman who was
4:25 pm
well-known on the political stage and had very high on favorability numbers. joe biden does not carry some of that same baggage specifically on the on favorability numbers, is that part of the difference here? come to say a couple points and i've seen like i've seen the story before we look at the polls way too early and pulls her a temperature check of where the country is at the specific moments and august of 2016, there was a mixup with the campaign manager on the trump campaign. you know, i think it's a result of the 2016 race and what jessica said it is taken but the pushback and you look at the broad times of the polling that jessica mentioned, the enthusiasm for biden is not there and president trump enthusiasm is very strong without a doubt and it's going to tight it and we have to acknowledge it's not a presidential campaign in the traditional sense and all other ways the binding campaign activist media have been trying
4:26 pm
to force a referendum on president trump instead of a binary choice into november. when the president is out there like he is to impact the crust tonight, i think his poll numbers will improve and also do not discount the silent boater that we saw in 2016. >> jessica, as you know, most elections are about the economy and now the economy is kind of in the tank right now, but it seems to be coming back based on the june jobs numbers. are voters going to hold president trump responsible for a once in a century pandemic? >> if you look at what people are saying right now, they absolutely are. his numbers on how he spent handling the coronavirus all brick are absolutely dismal and yes, the economy said in 1992, but health care is a economic issue. at the number one issue in the 2018 midterms which is the most recent election that we have had where it shows the country is. we saw dozens of house g.o.p. members lose their seats to
4:27 pm
moderate democrats running a very similar platform to what joe biden is running on today. to charlie's point about the enthusiasm gap, that's obstinately well taken, but i would counter that with saying that the democratic policies that are part of the platform that giovanna has been campaigning on her overwhelmingly popular. think about the fact that we have lost over 129,000 american lives right now to covid-19 and the g.o.p. is saying that replacing obamacare, we have no idea what were going to replace it with. not only does obamacare have a 50% approval rating of people can't afford to lose their health insurance and they have to go but in the opposite direction entering that more people. the g.o.p. has five or six or seven years to figure out what they're going to do about health care and they just sit there and rant and rave about obamacare because they have personal prejudice against president obama. no replacement insight and those are the kinds of things that are going to decide the election and why frankly women are turning on president trump and republicans.
4:28 pm
>> jon: on with the plague very quickly with hillary clinton has a say about how she would have handled the coronavirus. it lesson. >> we would not have been able to stop the pandemic and our borders the way that trump claim to the beginning. we sure could have done a better job saving lives and modeling better and more responsible behavior and i don't think we have necessarily could've should've had his deep and economic assault on livelihoods as we had. i feel like i know i would've done a better job. >> jon: charlie, the defeated candidate says she would have a better job. >> no specifics whatsoever, love to hear what she would've done differently and the president and his team reacted in historic fashion to be able to provide american people what they needed. unfortunately, we had to lock down the country and we saw the economic price that we had to pay for that and we see the economy roaring back. the estimates that were put
4:29 pm
forward were question 5 million jobs in the latest report and hillary clinton monday morning corded backing is not going to resonate with the american people. leadership is hard to end the president has been through a couple months that no one could have predicted and there's a person that is well-suited to go through in our country's history it's president trump. this campaign is so early in its stages and i will tell you this, i know jessica knows that the campaign ends up being a binary decision once that happens and it will essentially be a question of who is more likely to restore america back to donald trump's period of greatness. of course, that will be president trump. >> jon: the voting begins, well, mailing begins earlier. >> hopefully very soon. >> jon: all right, jessica tarlov, charlie kirk, thank you both. andy on whether it would be alla right call to reopen america and alex berenson who says the rising covid cases is basically
4:30 pm
meaningless. next. ♪ best battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one.
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what's gonna happen next in the market, "can i get rich quick?," companies are saying we don't know how we are going to be doing in the next couple of months. we're withdrawing our financial guidance. so, there seems to be a massive disconnect between what's going on in corporate america and what investors are believing is going on in corporate america. the message to you: don't trade because you think you're gonna get rich quick.
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because you think...
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♪ >> jon: 80% of small businesses are open. you percent. we think we're going to have some very good numbers in the coming months because others are opening. especially as we put the claim out, getting rid of the flame that's happening. >> jon: president trump cheering the reopening of america and the addition of 4.8 million jobs last month. "the wall street journal" editorial board writes "the media's grim reaper is continued to predict catastrophe from the covid-19 resurgence, but it's hard to read thursday's labor reports as anything but good news." businesses are willing to hire and americans want to return from work if the government will let them. meanwhile, new covid cases hit nearly 40,000 today after a
4:35 pm
previous one-day record with more than 52,000 just as americans prepare to gather for the fourth of july celebration. as axios reports, cash can't fix the economy's problems until the coronavirus is curved. joining me now, former ceo of tke restaurants and author of "getting america back to work." you heard of the laws of the saying that it's too early to put america back to work and you have to get the coronavirus curved before you can mingle in the workplace. how do you answer that? >> it's not just mingling in the workplace and we've seen massive protests where people aren't socially distancing and not wearing masks and you can't wash her hands while you're in the midst of a mass protest. you can't criticize people going to work our restaurants and then engage in other activities that can spread the disease and risk for contamination. look, it's not to early and what
4:36 pm
we've seen is a real resurgence as you said in jobs and incomes are up. we've seen retail sales up, we've seen home sales up, new contract and people are getting out in the confident and trying to live their lives. while you're seeing an increase in coronavirus cases, not seeing an increase in people dying from coronavirus. we shut the economy down because we thought people were going to die and not because we thought they might get sick. we are not seeing the deaths that you would expect to see because younger people are getting the disease, a lot of this is extra testing. our scientists are bettering understanding it and doctors are better training it. if things aren't as bad as the left would like you to think. we getting too close t to the election because they don't want president trump to take the
4:37 pm
credit. exactly, that's exactly right, 2.6 million dead and i don't blame any of the governors and they talk about the president shutting down the economy. at the governor shut on the economy and i don't blame the president from what he did and the governors were shutting down the economy. if somebody told me to .5 million americans were going to die i think i would've done the same thing they did. a lot of mistakes were made but a lot of the information kept changing, the advice from the medical and scientific community kept changing. people dealt with the situation as best they could at the time and i think the president did a excellent job. but, now, or through the phase and we have the tremendous number and that's what were at now, over 2,000 and april. 600 is too many, it's too much. it's not the tremendous numbers that we were told and i think we need to start getting people lives back to normal. >> jon: very quickly, andy, texas reported its highest
4:38 pm
number of daily cases and the number was 49,000. >> you have to look at deaths, and is the young people getting to this and there could be a surge in dust and if there is we have to take more serious acti action. they're trying to address the virus in taxes. you're not seeing the kind of tests and they are expecting to see and you don't see people die in the numbers that we thought they would. we need to get this under control and people need to follow the protocols and if you follow the protocols, we can get it under control. in houston, they had a big memorial service and that was a great thing. but you can expect the diseases and going to spread it when you have events like that. we need to be more careful, more diligent, get it under control and were not going to get the economy totally back until we get a vaccine order very effective. therapeutic.
4:39 pm
for two months i chose the american people are ready to do it in american businesses already do it >> jon: and if a snare, good to have you on. thank you. >> good to be here, jon. >> jon: also with us tonight, alex berenson, author of "unreported truce of covid-19 and lockdowns." you've said that the rise and quoted saying that the rise in covid-19 numbers is basically meaningless. can you explain? >> sure, not the rise, were talking about positive test results when we talk about it and here's what we know. we know that many, many more people are infected with covid-19 than have ever tested positive in the pcr test which measures the active presence of the virus in your body. the cdc recently said it's at least ten times the number and other credible estimates out there. that's on serology testing which tells us who's infected and
4:40 pm
who's recovered. basically, look, there's been community growth in the virus in the transmission of the virus and there's been spread in the last month. if nobody could dispute that. it's also true that basically if we tested everybody on the same day, we have a massive number. how can i tell you that with certainty? i can tell you last week just to a few days ago, amazing numbers out in ne arizona and they found that 50% of people in-state have antibodies. such transfers to have a million of people in arizona recovering assuming that their test was correct and there's no reason to believe it was in. we haven't done that on the national scale so we truly don't know how many people have already gotten this. what i'm saying to you, what i'm saying to everyone, this rise from 10,000 or 20,000 cases, i
4:41 pm
should say 20,000 positive tests-50000 positive tests, very little and there's hundreds of thousands of people nationally infected with this. >> jon: went and deposited said, would you just sighed, do you agree with that? >> i say you have to watch hospitalization and icu hospitalization, ventilators, and deaths. dusts are good be the last things to move out but it's very ensuring that texas, arizona, florida, three huge states, 60 million people, they had a 130 deaths, hundred and 30 deaths last week and last week deaths have been going down and they haven't really been going up in the trend of very large number. at some point we have to acknowledge that the virus either doctors are treating it
4:42 pm
better more there's a lot of people were being hospitalized with covid rather than from covid. if because community spread is so wide and going into the hospital for some elected procedure testing for covid, finding it. or it's possible, their scientific speculation about this, i'm in and say confirmed by any means, the virus is actually becoming less of your goal. >> jon: we are watching the president and the crowds getting ready to hear the president speak in mount rushmore and there's huge protests around the country and masses getting together in that part of the reason that we are seeing the increase in numbers? >> it's possible, more likely people going out a lot and the outdoor transmission of the virus is a major factor in there's fair bit of evidence that bars and restaurants in crowded spaces not wearing masks for long periods of time, the mask a question aside, you can
4:43 pm
spread the virus. here's the thing, it's not that we should be paying attention to what's happening with cases, not that we should not be paying attention to what's happening in texas and florida, i play very close attention to that data every day. and when i'm saying to you, right now, all these people who are saying that this -- houston is going to be new york in two weeks. there is no evidence that they are right about this. the same people who hysterically when new york was new york back in march, there were saying there's going to be asked raves in central park. consider the source and the people trying to panic you because they've been trying to panic you for three months now. >> jon: a lot of the worst predictions did not come true. it worth noting. alex, thank you. >> thanks. >> jon: mount rushmore and president expected to say that if we tear down the history, we won't be able to understand ourselves.
4:44 pm
which dr. martin luther king walked across in 1965. that debate is next. ♪ [ thunder rumbles ] [ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ as president prepared to deliver
4:48 pm
a message, there's a new push under way to change the name ofs most iconic civil rights landmark, the edmond bridge in . organizers say that the former u.s. senator and confederate general, and ku klux klan leader should be taken down and replaced with the name of representative john lewis. the civil rights leaders who peacefully lead marches across the bridge in 1965, and was beaten on a day that became known as play sunday. our next guest is leading the charge and founder of the john lewis bridge project, michael starr hopkins is joining me now. make your argument, why should the admin to bridge be renamed in front of john lewis? >> it's a pretty easy argument to make. he wasn't just a racist, but he was a traitor. if sr that's what we do when wew
4:49 pm
the name to stay on the bridge. if he's a person that believes that people who look like me, my ancestors, not only shouldn't be part of the country but we should continue to be in shackles. to have a monument to that type of man isn't just disrespectful to the legacy of african-americans, but it bestows on him the honor that he doesn't deserve. and so when we have -- >> jon: there are some african-americans in selma who say that the edmund pettus bridge has become synonymous with the civil rights movement and if you change the name of it, you wipe away some of the history. >> and you know, there's a reason why we are trying to foster conversation, but let me be very clear. it just because the name edmund pettus is not on the bridge does not mean that we will forget the horrific things that he did it and horrific things that happened on the bridge. we often talk about how long ago the civil war was. if the last person who died, who
4:50 pm
fought in the civil war died in my parent's lifetime. if likely, your lifetime. if the last person to receive a pension from the civil war died on memorial day of this year. that's not long ago. what we need to do is wipe away the stain of racism in our country's history and put these monuments into museums where they belong. >> jon: why john lewis? >> john lewis is obviously in american hero and someone who has been deeply involved in the civil rights movement and was attacked on the bridge and almost died. so, he someone i think who actually deserves that honor. if you know, we are open to talking to people on the ground about who the bridge should be named after. what we have bipartisan support for is that it shouldn't be named after admin titus. he was a coward and he was a traitor. >> jon: it why not let the people decide? >> at the end of the day, they
4:51 pm
are going to decide but we have more than 300,000 signatures in a little over two weeks and what were trying to do is along with the community, come together and make historic change. the change that this country has been clamoring for for years, if not decades. >> jon: michael starr hopkins, michael, thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: author of united states of socialism" and creator of the forthcoming film. renaming the bridge is not a particularly idea, why? >> well, my quarrel is not with edmund pettus i don't like i have any grief for the confederacy, but there is honorable guys on the side, but they fought in a bad cause. i think the problem here is a larger one and impossible to
4:52 pm
view this particular dispute in isolation and there's a larger argument about the narrative americans history itself. it goes way beyond the confederacy and way beyond john lewis. we can argue about john lewis, he was actually a hero of the civil rights movement and i think he's a hero and congress in the district and horrible crime rates, broken families, terrible legacy of intergenerational poverty. i have mixed views on john lewis in that capacity and also i don't think it may not be a good idea to name people after monuments in your own lifetime. the reason it's difficult to assess their historical legacy is when they haven't been in the sense even transmitted into history, so to speak. the larger narrative i'm talking about is the effort to go out after the icons of history in general. this includes ulysses grant, this includes abraham lincoln. the catholic saints who built the telephone and mission. if the effort to take down
4:53 pm
mount rushmore, this is an abuse of history and the distortion of history. ultimately, insulting people like me who come to americans as immigrants and the lefts are trying to tear it down. >> jon: but you just heard from michael starr hopkins, he's got 285,000 signatures on the petition to change the name of the edmund pettus bridge to the john lewis bridge. it is and that the way to go about change in america, to discuss things and bring it out into the open and make a decision? >> well, i'm not disputing the process and it's obviously a better process of defacing the statute and on that and some of the nt for an black lives matter guys are doing, i agree. let me point out i think i'm martin luther king said that he was once committing a promise of her know that he's demanding the hash. what promise could he be referring to? ironically, he was referring to
4:54 pm
the declaration of independence. here's the document written by the rif virginia slaveholder one time owned 200 slaves and this r that martin luther king was referring to. if read in the episode you see the complexity of history and just things like he was a slave owner, pulled the statue down he was a bad guy and it's a certain kind of barbarism that we don't want in the society. >> jon: dinesh d'souza, interesting thoughts. thank you. independence day message from president ronald reagan. next. ♪
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>> tonight's quote of the night from president ronald reagan on independence day 34 years ago. >> if there's one i'd carry with
4:59 pm
me after the privilege for holding the five and a half years the office held by adams, jefferson, and lincoln, it is this, that the things that unite us, america's past of which we are so proud of, our hopes and aspirations for the future of the world and this much loved country some of these things far outweigh what little divides us. in so tonight, we are to be affirmed as one nation under god, the black-and-white, we are one nation indivisible by republican and democrat. we are all americans. >> memorable words. and that is the story of friday, july 3rd, 2020, but as always, the story continues. president trump speech from mount rushmore is coming up 10:00 p.m. eastern time right
5:00 pm
here on the fox news channel. have a very safe holiday weekend and see you back here monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> tucker: good evening, happy fourth of july weekend, and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." 2020 has been one of the most remarkable years in living memory. tonight, we want to honor the many americans who stepped up to protect their rights, their businesses, and their way of life against government fanaticism during the coronavirus shut down. one of those was a man from new jersey called ian smith, targeted by state officials were trying to open his gym to willing customers. we will visit that conversation and just a moment the first, here are some of the more arbitrary regulations we had to endure in the past four m


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