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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 4, 2020 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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civil order but i sure wish them luck. paul: all right. thank you all very much. that's it for this week's show. thanks so my panel, thanks to all of you in particular for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. eric: it is the 4th of july. we're warning marking the nation's 244th year of end persons in a special way. you're looking live over the skies of boston. there is the flyover, the flyover today, military aircraft beginning. let's listen. it is a special awe-inspiring sight of military might and the celebration of this nation, really in a sense where it all began, along with philadelphia, the great city of paul revere and founding fathers. who knows that city more than
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anyone, molly line, who is in boston right now and lives there as the folks up in bean town and throughout massachusetts are watching this live, before the aircraft head south and fly over new york, then philadelphia and baltimore before ending in washington, d.c. for the spectacular event tonight. looks like a b-1 bomber. let's look. you can hear excited people react to that sight and more are coming. [sound of aircraft]
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eric: wow. what a show. we're watching live the flyover, over boston. i'm eric shawn in new york. we're awaiting for those aircraft to come here as they head south and molly line is in boston now as we report and welcome you here to the coverage of july 4th, our nation's independence and birthday here in our nation on this saturday afternoon. but of corks it comes as the united states continues to battle coronavirus. and just one day yesterday, there were more than 52,000 new confirmed cases, and experts say the increase sadly is not just due to more testing but the growing percentage of positive infections known as the positivity rate, that is
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increased they say as well as hospitalizations, signaling that the virus is spreading, florida reporting a new single day record of cases today. welcome to our coverage of america's news headquarters. molly's in boston. i'm in new york. hey, molly. molly -: . happy july 4th. you talked a lot about what we're seeing as far as coronavirus across the nation. w with the flyover in washington, they go on to new york, philadelphia, just an amazing day. later on, president trump hosting a salute to america tribute, that is tonight in the nation's capital, following last night's event at mount rushmore. that live look at boston we just saw, the military flyover, so much excitement throughout the day, as the planes head to philadelphia and baltimore. we go to mark meredith who will keep us up-to-date about what we will see in washington. he's outside of the white house with more on the festivities
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today. >> reporter: the pictures we saw out of boston, a preview of what we'll see later of on in the nation's capital. the flyovers happening in several cities along the eastern seaboard. there are flights expected in new york, philadelphia and baltimore later on today. we want to show you video from last year's event. we saw the military flyover over the national memorial. that is the presidential 747 flying. we're waiting to see what kind of epic aerial parade we'll see tonight. we're expecting to see the big show this afternoon. right now, good news, the weather is okay at the moment. let's keep our fingers crossed. flyovers set to begin at 6:45 tonight, that will last until 8:00. we have the fireworks in the 9:00 p.m. hour in washington, d.c., some 10 of thousand fireworks -- 10,000 fireworks are expected to request launched. 300,000 cloth face mask coverings will be supplied. d.c.'s mayor had a tweet out
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regarding the fest activities. she wrote staying home for the fourth doesn't mean to get you down. family, friends and city are counting on you. if you must go out, keep it healthy by practicing good hygiene, wearing a mask, staying six feet apart and avoiding large crowds. d.c.'s mayor giving expectations about what it will be like on the national mall. we are expecting a huge celebration this evening. the president inviting family and friends and staff at the white house and also first responders, the nurses, doctors, people that are helping the country through the pandemic. they'll show up this evening. we're waiting o wait to find oue president has in store. should be an interesting night. molly: it will be interesting to see about the social distancing in washington. we didn't see a lot of social distancing in south dakota where the president spoke and most of his remarks not focused on coronavirus, on covid-19, right? >> reporter: the president did bring up the coronavirus briefly. he kept a lot of remarks
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praising american patriots like george washington and abraham lincoln. he talked about the cancel culture that we've seen, the effort to remove monuments, statues, memorials. the president had some tough words. in is the president in south cay dough take outside of mount rushmore last night. he said those that are trying to impose a radical ideology in the name of social justice. >> this is the very definition of tota totalitarianism. it has no place in the united states of america. [ cheering and applause ] >> this attack on our liberty, our mag o magnificent liberty, e stopped an it will be stopped. >> reporter: and this was interesting, last night the president announced an executive
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order to establish the national garden of american heroes. he wants this up and running by july 4th, 2026, six years from now. it's expected to feature statues of many american heroes, not just presidents or people in the revolutionary war, we're talking about frederick douglas, amelia air part, benjamin franklin. he says it's a great chance to honor american heroes. it will be interesting to see what the reaction is to that molly: most certainly, mark meredith. thank you very much. eric: we just celebrated america's birthday with that live video in boston of the military flyovers, i tell you, it was really spectacular as we saw. wish we could be there in person. we can watch it on tv. someone joining us who is watching also, national security and military analyst, dr. rebecca grant, and dr. grant, you're an expert on the air force and military aircraft. your reaction to really -- i
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mean, what an awesome sight we just saw over the back bay, i guess in boston, and boston harbor, with those war planes flying over, saluting the nation. >> it was a wonderful flyover. that flyover is a salute to america and it comes of course in 75 years after the end of world war ii where american air power was so important in that victory and american air power is still at the leading edge of everything we do around the world today. you saw the stealth b-2 bomber, the black one flying over, actually the route takes them over the uss constitution. hero of the war of 1812 and still an active navy ship up in boston harbor. it's a wonderful combination of the revolution and the war of 1812 and that which makes our country great today. great american air power. eric: it is. you see the video now. do you have a monitor?
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is that the b-1? we have the stealth. >> correct, correct. yeah. that's right. leland: what are we looking at? >> yeah. i think if i can see that there on the monitor, we're looking at the very distinctive shape of the b-1 which is a bomber that was built by president reagan. and that's been a wonderful asset, used from iraq, in afghanistan, and using a lot of anti-isis strikes as well and we see a great future ahead for the b-1 bomber with new hyper sonic weapons as well. leland: you talk about the stealth bomber, that was the first one we saw. you said people should watch out for the f-22. what is the f-22. >> the f-22 is the world's most advanced fighter. it's a stealth fighter, combines high speed with an ability to invade radar. they were used in combat in syria, back in 2014, and they also helped out in the syria operations in 2018.
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and what we're seeing here in the formation, i think that looks like it might be the thunderbirds going by, possibly. yeah, a little hard to tell on the monitor. all of these are included in the program today with north com. interesting, eric, these aircraft are the same ones you'll be seeing down in -- making their way down to new york and down to baltimore and to philadelphia. what they do is they'll go out and pick up an aerial refueling tanker, take on fuel in the air. those crews are really good at doing that. they'll continue on that route moving down the east coast. and they're on the east coast today. throughout year, the bombers have been all around the world, flying bomber task force missions, part of conventional deterrence and the fighters deploy frequently as well. these are real war planes with real experienced air crews in the sky today. leland.eric: we just showed thh
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china sea banner. we're not talking about that right now because we actually are sticking on our birthday and these planes and i've got to say, i'm biased. i'm a son of a b-24 pilot, shot down april 12th, 1944. i found out last night my second cousin was a radio operator on a b-17 who was killed in action when it collided over the english channel in 1943. my uncle who just died a couple weeks ago, 100 years old, was a mustang pilot. take us into the cockpit of when our brave men and women, women too, defend our freedoms now, for our country and what they face and what we do as americans on our birthday to support them. >> well, like you, eric, i have relatives who flew the b-29 and flew other aircraft. that cockpit is different in technology today but the men and now the women who fly there, it's the same. they love their mission.
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they train hard for what they do. and the bomber pie it's still a very -- pilots, it's still a tough mission. our bomber those be ready to strike anywhere at a moment's notice around the world, whether it's conventional strikes like in kosovo in 1999 or like in libya in 2017, the b-2 and b-52s also have a nuclear deterrence mission. they means they and their crews are ready any time if called upon to provide nuclear deterrence. it's still a tough environment but the airmen who fly, they love what they do and their ability to provide air power, whether it's the bombers, the fighters, the tankers and all the support aircraft for the aircraft carriers, they carve out the way for our american military forces. that air power is what makes america strong and there's a lot of sacrifice and training that goes into that cockpit. george washington, if he were around today, he would be proud of what the men and women,
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military off yatesers do for -- aviators do for us, 24. eric24/7.eric: the technology y change, but the spirit, the sacrifice, the courage and the bravery still the same through generations, of americans. dr. grant, thank you. happy fourth and thank you for your insight. >> thank you. happy 4th of july. >> protests are taking place across the country including in our nation's capital. demonstrators rallying against racial injustice and calling for police reform. lucas tomlinson is live on the national mall today with the latest. lucas. >> reporter: molly, over a dozen protests were planned in the nation's capital. looking around the mall right now, i don't see any. earlier today a historian posted the following question to our of viewers about why the monuments should not be torn down.
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>> do we destroy the coliseum in rome that was built by slaves and slaves fought and died inside the coliseum? do we let mobs with sledgehammers go into west minister abby and smash the statues of the kings and queens. the british empire had slavery until the 1830s. >> reporter: the interior secretary says he doesn't want to see any monuments ripped down on his watch. >> we are very understanding of our role as the preserver of the monuments and the guardians. we've taken bold action and the president has given bold direction to us in terms of preserving and protecting these monuments and we've built on that by requesting assistance from another number of law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: if there's any more sign of protests we'll let you know. the dhs deployed a special rapid
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reaction force to make sure none of the monuments get torn down. molly. molly -: lucas tomlinson, reporting from the capital. thank you so much. eric: it is a different 4th of july celebration this year because of coronavirus. many americans across the country are still celebrating our freedom. but under a bit of unusual and stricter conditions in most places. here's a live look at clearwater beach, florida. as you can see, it's open and it's dotted with a lot of people. a lot of other beaches around the country on both coasts are closed because of the virus, a loot of those -- a lot of those smaller july 4th parades, well, they've been scrapped or at least being held under coronavirus social distancing mask conditions. aishah hasnie has a look at how cities across the country are celebrating and making sure that everyone is safe. hi, aishah. >> reporter: hi, eric. and happy fourth to you. you're right, it is a balancing act for so many communities
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across the country right now. in new york city, people will get to see some fireworks tonight. it won't look exactly the same. it's going to be a little different. the big macy's fire work display tonight was split up into smaller five minute pop of-up shows across the city over the course of the past week in an effort to prevent people from crowding around in just one area. there will be a televised finale tonight. however, a whopping 80% of the nation's fireworks displays have been canceled for tonight. that's according to the new york times. there are concerns that without these public displays, folks are going to be holding these private fireworks for their family and friends instead which could further the spread of the virus. health experts are worried that proper precautions might not be happening at some of the cross-generational gatherings tonight. in chicago, police are patrolling the beach as those are closed for the holiday weekend. unfortunately, local reports indicate that there was some crowding happening at a popular
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boat party area on friday. so they're watching that. in florida, some beaches like miami beach are closed for the weekend. clearwater beaches are open of. miami-dade county's mayor trying to warn residents to celebrate cautiously. >> we have issued a 10:00 curfew from now until further notice. we put restrictions on pools, hotel pools and pools and condominiums to try to restrict the number of people that go in pools and are celebrating the fourth. our beaches are closed from now until -- through the sixth, through the holiday week. >> reporter: back in new york, a bit of normalcy on this fourth here. coney island, joey chestnut wins the nathan's hot dog eating contest once again, setting a new record with 75 hot dogs. the contest happened in a private setting with all the proper precautions. but just a little bit of normal
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c we like to see that -- normalcy, we like to see that, personally on this -- especially on this big holiday. eric: 75, think about that, 75 hot dogs. if you're stuffing your face with two or three, 75, joey chestnut. he really is a champ. aishah, thank you. molly. molly: supreme court justice brett kavanaugh denied a request from groups seeking to hold rallies. they are rallying against the orders that allow protests for religious services. rather than refer to the full court, he denied the request without comment. this means the supreme court will not step in as the groups continue to pursue the issue in the lower court. eric. eric: molly, former vice president joe biden is sharing a 4th of july message, this as a
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new poll shows the presumptive democratic nominee holds a double digit lead over president trump. do you trust the sampling? is it right? and what is the state of the presidential race? >> this president gives us no direction and pits us against one another. we can't go on like this as a nation. eric. tv announcer: come on down to our appliance superstore where we've got the best deals on refrigerators, microwaves, gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for... (grilled cheese sizzles) (timer chimes)
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molly: joe biden maintaining a steady lead over president trump in the race for the white house. a poll shows the former vice president ahead by 12 points, this comes as biden blasted the president in a july 4th message. >> if we don't unite the country, we're in deep, deep, deep, deep trouble. it's the most important election in our lifetimes. not because i'm running, but because four more years of president trump will take care of the character of this nation. molly: jacqui heinrich is live in new york city with more on the 2020 race. jacqui. >> reporter: hey, molly. both president trump and former vice president joe biden used their independence day remarks of to discuss recent civil unrest but with very different tones and messaging.
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trump sharing an ominous message about threats to our democracy from bad evil people and biden focusing on an opportunity to uproot systemic racism. president trump at mount rushmore galvanized his base, warning against a campaign from the radical left intent on wiping out history, and ending america in pursuit of fascism. he railed against cancel culture and left wing bias and portrayed himself as the leader that would deliver the country from the threat. biden's message discussed the unrest stemming from george floyd's death as one of many challenges the country faced in the battle against systemic racism. >> our country was founded on an idea. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. never lived up to it. jefferson himself didn't. he held slaves, women were excluded. but once proposed was an idea that couldn't be constrained.
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>> reporter: former president barack obama retweeted biden's message, writing our founding promise has never been guaranteed. each generation has been called to bring us a little closer to our highest ideals and history is calling on us right now. biden took direct shots at president trump in a scathing nbc news op of ed writing trump has systemically -- systematically gone after the guardrails of our democracy, the free press, the courts and our fundamental belief that no one in america, not even the president, is above the law. he has made it clear time and time again he won't hesitate to tear apart our most cherished democratic structures for an ounce of personal gain. biden then promised to reverse several trump policies including family separation at the border and the travel ban. biden headed into the 4th of july weekend on a high from a recent poll showing him leading president trump by 12 points. biden increased his lead in every poll since march. and biden and dnc also have
1:26 pm
out-raised trump and the rnc for two months, in may and in june. molly. molly: jacqui heinrich, a big poll that matters, election day, just a few months away now, inching closer. thanks for your reporting. eric: jeffrey epstein's former girlfriend, ghislaine maxwell, faces charges for her alleged role in her sex trafficking case. she was arrested in a million dollar new hampshire home that she apparently bought a few months ago. in an exclusive interview with fox news, a woman accuses her of sexually abusing her when she was just 14 years old. brian llenas has the details. >> she is just as evil as jeffrey epstein. >> reporter: for a first time, a woman who wishes to conceal her identity, alleges ghislaine maxwell began sexually abusing her in 1991 when she was 14
1:27 pm
years old. >> she did rape me. i would say it's more than the 0 or 30 -- 20 or 30 times. she is a racist, destroyed what was supposed to be the best years of my life, being a teenager, being a cheerleader. >> reporter: she claims maxwell would abuse letter with epstein and sometimes alone, coaching her how to have sex with men. the abuse stopped when she was 16 after she became pregnant with epstein's baby and had to have an an abortion. she says she was gang raped one last time as punishment. >> ghislaine was a part of it and jeffrey epstein was a part of it and i was drugged, gang raped and left on the lawn and they put a gun to me and the man that drove me home said i would never be -- i would never come back alive if i spoke about it. >> reporter: the legal team is researching whether she can pursue criminal charges. she is willing to serve as a witness against maxwell in the upcoming trial. >> absolutely. i would definitely take the
1:28 pm
stand and testify. >> people felt cheated when mrn prison, they didn't get a chance to sit in a courtroom and see the judicial system play out and they're hoping that there's a different result here. >> reporter: according to her lawyer, jane doe's grandparents corroborated the claims when asked about the specific allegations. an attorney for ghislaine maxwell said, quote, no comment. briabrian llenas, fox news. molly: miami issuing a curfew tonight as they try to keep residents safe during the holiday. we'll take a look at other areas seeing surges in coronavirus cases. >> we had enormous spikes in south florida and miami and the result has been that if we don't take really substantial action right now, i think it's pretty clear the trajectory is going to be something we can't control in a week or two.
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eric: the coronavirus cases are on the rise across our of country. and experts say it's not completely due to more testing. but an increase in the percentage of people who have been infected. it's the so-called positivity rate. let's take a look at the states that are seeing the latest surges. they are especially down south and out west and through the midwest, as you can see. christina coleman is following all of this from our los angeles bureau. >> reporter: hi, eric. there's a ramped up effort to get people to wear face coverings and practice social distancing this holiday weekend. we're just learning that texas is reporting its highest single day increase in coronavirus cases. texas started off the holiday weekend with a mask mandate in place. the houston area being hit especially hard by the virus. >> it is bad. we are very concerned. we have a glimmer of hope that we can still do the things as a community that we did in march,
1:34 pm
april and may to fight the pandemic and we were successful as a community. obviously we've seen an increase in cases, increase in hospitalizations. >> reporter: there's alarming numbers out of florida. as of today covid-19 cases increased by a record 11,458. this is the second time in three days that its caseload rose by more than 10,000. 585 people have been hospitalized there since yesterday. florida now seeing a total of more than 190,000 cases with just over 3700 deaths. hard-hit miami-dade county representing nearly a third of the state's total deaths, reporting a single day high today. mask mandates are enacted across florida, in miami-dade county and broward county. people can be fined for not wearing a face covering. >> we have had enormous spikes in south florida, in miami, and the result has been that if we don't take really substantial
1:35 pm
action right now, i think it's pretty clear the trajectory is going to be something we can't control in a week or two. >> reporter: in the past three days, the u.s. has seen record-setting numbers of more than 50,000 new confirmed cases daily, the majority of the new infections are in the hard-hit states of california, texas, arizona and florida. where hospitalizations are also up. eric. eric: all right, christina. thanks so much. molly. molly: for more on this, on this, let's bring in dr. nina radcliffe, a private practice anesthesiologist. happy 4th of july. i would love to be standing around a grill with you, you know, sharing drinks, raising a glass to this great nation here as we celebrate the nation's birth. but is it safe to do that? can people get out there and gather in any type of group, given that this virus is out here and how dangerous it has proven to be. >> this is the first time that
1:36 pm
our nation hasn't been able to celebrate with the pomp and circumstance for the 4th of july. our nation was founded on the principles of sacrifice, dedication and patriotism and we've defeated many threats as a result and the way we're going to defeat covid-19 is by having some sacrifice and pay trottedism by -- patriotism by following proven measures to defeat the virus. that means staying six feet apart, wearing face masks, avoiding large gatherings and if we do gather as people, try to do it outside. if we want to celebrate today, do so, do it with those things in mind. molly: some of that advice about wearing masks, there's been a lot of talk about how that's a politicized thing, to wear a mask, not wear a mask. here we are on this day, the birth of our of nation and we talked about this, this is about patriotism, this fantastic day where we see the flyovers happening across the east coast and the celebration tonight in washington, d.c.
1:37 pm
can people move beyond politics and look at masks as science, really, and not so much about political advice but perhaps listening to what doctors have to say? >> we need to do this. wearing a face mask can have a profound effect. they say that we decrease the number of cases in america by about 500,000 people, that's half a million people. could you imagine the nuclear reactor effect that would have happened had those people been infected. wearing a face mask works. this is not political. this is about the health, the future of our of nation. alarms are sounding with the single day positive cases, over 50,000, the number of people dying. this is time to take out the politics of this. we need to bind together as the american public and do what we need to do. there is no medicine, there is no vaccine. this doesn't just fall on the hospitals, doctors and nurses, this falls on the american public to do their patriot i'm role to decrease the --
1:38 pm
patriotic role to decrease the spread of the infection. molly: there is no cure for this, maybe somewhere down the road. in the meantime, america is a big country. here we are, the 4th of july. we know this is a big nation. we've seen the surge happen in new york. we've seen the surge come through here in massachusetts where i live. there are other states that are in pretty scary times right now when it comes to coronavirus. texas, florida, you know, what should be done right now in those states and do you thinker it's important that we limit travel from places where cases are spiking to places where right now we have gotten past the surge, in new england? >> it's dynamic. america is very diverse. it first hit new york, hit new jersey and now we're seeing it spread through the other areas. we need to do what works, which is to wear face masks, stay physically distaken. we need to be -- distant. we need to be wise. any place is vulnerable to this. we need to do things that are
1:39 pm
smart. molly: here we are, we're also on the cusp of school coming up here in the fall, summer is going to fly by. july 4th is here, it feels like the middle marker of the summer. a few weeks we'll be buying new backpacks, trying to get the kids out the door. looking ahead to that, does it matter where are you in the nation as far as if your child returns to the classroom? >> it absolutely does. first of all, going to school is very important for children, whether socially, academically, it's a very important aspect of their growing and foundation. we want to get kids back in school. every area is different. if there's an area where covid-19 is ablaze, a fire, sending children back to school may not be wise. we're going to be transferring children on busses, the children will be going home. every place, every district has to make decisions that suits their current status and this is a thing that may happen. come october, come november, when flu season kicks in, covid
1:40 pm
may have another wave at that time. changes may have to be made. we have to be able to stay fluid. that doesn't mean we're taking steps back. we are accommodating to the reality on the ground. if all of a sudden cases spike in a certain area, it may be necessary to close the schools and have children learn from home and that doesn't mean a step backwards. that means we're accommodating to what we know, that covid-19 is a highly trans miss i'll disease -- transmissable disease. it spreads from person to person by respiratory droplets and on surface. as we move forward, we have to take what's going on, we need to adapt to it. when we learn that face masks work, the policy was changed. everyone should be wearing a face mask. when we learned that people can asymptomatically transfer the virus to other people, we need to know we need to adapt to this. that's how we're going to conquer this enemy. molly: and take the new information as we're getting it and hope to get more in the coming months.
1:41 pm
dr. radcliffe, thank you so much. appreciate it. happy fourth. >> happy fourth. eric: thanks, molly. it's been a source for news for the u.s. military since the civil war. the presses may soon stop for the stars and striches. the changes -- stripes. the challenges it faces and the calls to save it. we'll have that, next. in ensure max protein to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. woohoo! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. with nutrients to support immune health. ensure max protein. ♪when you have nausea, ♪upset stomach, diarrheaon,♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief and now, get the same fast relief in a delightful chew with new pepto bismol chews.
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eric: we celebrate america's freedoms this weekend. but one beacon of liberty some worry could be snuffed out. the military newspaper, stars and stripes. >> it has been a dependable welcome main stay for our troops. the stars and stripes could be lowered forever. generations of fighting forces relied on of stars and stripes as a main source of military news and information. dating back to the civil war, copies have been delivered to
1:46 pm
war zones, often providing the only taste of home for our troops deployed overseas. but about half of the budget, $15 million a year, comes from the pentagon and that is stoat b-- thatis set to be cut, threag the future. an award winning and legendary photographer snapped sa iconic photos. he took this famous photograph during the battle of way, of the wounded soldier being evacuated on a tank by his buddies. and also remembers a delivery of stars and stripes right in the middle of a battle zone, the bundles dropped by chopper. >> he kicked out ammunition, water, rations and a bundle of stars and stripes and the first thing to go were the stars and stripes. some people say that stars and stripes operates the most dangerous paper route in the
1:47 pm
world. eric: the paper is independent of the military brass which makes some critics think that is why the administration may want to muzzle it, defense secretary mark esper said the paper was put on the chopping block as part of a wide ranging budget review. >> we trimmed the support for stars and stripes because we need to invest that money as we did with many, many, many other programs, into higher priority issues. >> this newspaper does such a good job of really focusing on things that are so important to the soldier. and you just can't find that any other place. i'm very supportive of keeping it. eric: arkansas senator john boosman is fighting to keep stars and stripes. he wants the presses to continue rolling. >> these are reporters that report the facts. sometimes the facts are a little bit uncomfortable. it's another way of accountability. we all need accountability. eric: in 1999, army lieutenant
1:48 pm
michael walsh appeared on the front page of stars and stripes in his tank in kuwait. he is now a florida congressman, who also wants stars and stripes to survive. >> it was really a really cool moment as a lieutenant to make the cover with my platoon with stars and stripes. it's a treasured momento. >> you'll see soldiers sitting around, carrying around the stars and stripes. it's something that we need to continue. eric.>> if you've ever seen a ct weary veteran with that thousand yard stare, someone who has been in the fight night and day, day after day, you know how important a break is, how important touch with your family and home is and you get that through stars and stripes. eric: today, stars and stripes covers the president's speech at mount rushmore, also talks about the two aircraft carriers being
1:49 pm
dispatched to the china sea as well as a profile of a woman f-18 pilot. the senator and the others are vowing to enlist congress to save stars and stripes funding. supporters hope to read that headline in the newspaper's home page very soon. and we will be right back. molly: the big stories of the day. american astronauts refusing to miss out on the 4th of july celebrations while out in space. nasa astronaut doug hurley honoring the birthday from the international stase space stati, posting this photo to twitter and wishing everyone on earth a happy 4th of july. we'll be right back.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
molly: in a time of such political divide across our country, there is one thing that can always bring people together. you're thinking it. it is food. our next guest ohio senate minority leader and american university executive and resident, capri kafaro and today is the release of her new cookbook, united we eat. happy 4th of july. >> happy to be here.
1:54 pm
molly: who doesn't like to eat. that crosses party lines for sure. why did you decide to write this book now in this moment? and why did you title it, united we eat? >> well, the impetus for the book goes back to my time as a member of the ohio senate when i was often -- i would often do bills across the aisle with my republican colleagues and i would bring in a pie or baked good when we would go through and get a legislative victory together in a bipartisan manner. molly: you were probably very popular. >> it would make us popular. it would also bring together the offices which gave a sense of camaraderie and brought down the barriers between the office of democrat and republican, as a symbol that we could work together. i thought what better way to bring people together than through food. that's why i called it united we eat. there are recipes from all 50 states and the district of columbia. i did about 26 of the recipes and the remainder are from
1:55 pm
democratic and republican political leaders who shared their stories of their food and their family, representing their state, humanizing folks. you may not like their politics but hopefully you'll like their recipes. molly: some big names here, alfonso diomoto, the representative from louisiana. so crossing party lines here. i was reading some of the items, tater tots, lasagna, things that are familiar to folks across the america. where's the twist here? everyone has their special recipes for all of these things. what did you find most unique. >> fa som for some of the one, when i did the research for the individual states, i had to fill in the gaps from folks that submitted like mike huckabee, representing arkansas, pete buttigieg, i looked into the states, looked into the agricultural production, maybe they had an iconic dish or food
1:56 pm
brand, i tried to bring the elements together. the book is available on amazon today. pepsi salad is an all-american looking jello ring that represents north carolina. molly: i'm familiar with the jello ring. >> this represents north carolina. pepsi was actually founded in north carolina in the late 1800s. i integrated walnuts into that. black walnuts are a big product coming out of the state. molly: thank you so much. we really appreciate you joining us. your book, united we eat. it was great to see you. happy fourth. >> thanks so much. happy fourth. eric aleve it. aleve is proven stronger and longer on pain than tylenol. when pain happens, aleve it. all day strong.
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eric: america marks 244 years since the continental congress declared our of independence from great britain. but it comes as there's been a spike in coronavirus cases across the country. and that means more muted celebrations. but there is one major celebration that we are right now waiting for, you're looking at a live picture of the hudson river. because coming down the hudson river from boston, colonial boston where a lot of it all began, will be an armada of war planes from the u.s. air force and the marines. a special flyover over boston, philadelphia, new york, baltimore, ending in washington later tonight.
2:01 pm
we'll keep the live shot up as we await the aircraft that we saw from boston in the earlier hour, magnificent, aw e-inspiring. you can see it's a hot and clear day here in new york city. this comes though as some communities across the country had to end the tradition of the july 4th parades, closing beaches, scrapping fireworks over the holiday traditions. as we are trying to stem and stop the spread of the coronavirus. i'm eric shawn in new york and molly line is in boston. hey, molly. molly: delighted to be with you this afternoon, happy 4th of july, everybody. this, though, as we mentioned the pandemic is causing people to scale back 4th of july festivities. president trump planning the say suit to america and that's what the -- salute to america. and that's what the flyover is all about. we mentioned, we saw this
2:02 pm
incredible flight, display over boston. now the planes are headed for new york city before they head to philadelphia and baltimore. that nod to some of those great american cities before ultimately the celebration ends up in washington, d.c. where lucas tomlinson has been live there at the national mall with more of the festivities expected. >> reporter: that's right, molly. there's not much sign of anybody out here and also no protesters. perhaps earlier today people were listening to d.c.'s mayor, muriel bowser's tweet when she advised people not to gather in large crowds. the interior secretary says there's plenty of room on the national mall. >> we encouraged social distancing, providing a wide variety of facial coverings and we have a lot of space in washington, d.c. we have about 800 acres which is the equivalent of 606 football fields of space.
2:03 pm
>> reporter: while there's no protesters here on the mall, in south dakota when the president visited, his access was blocked on this road. the president warned that protests across the country are designed of to overthrow the american resolution. senator tom cotton said on twitter america is great because of our history, not in spite of that. today we celebrate that history. hasn't independence day. chuck schumer said on twitter, quote, today we remit ourselves to the cause of forming a more perfect union with quality and just cities for every american. july 4th celebrations have been scaled back across the country amid the covid pandemic. president trump is ramping it up in the nation's capital. u.s. air force thunderbirds, b-1, b-52 bombers flew over boston and the uss constitution and fenway park, they'll come down the hudson and over philadelphia and the liberty bell a 5:15.
2:04 pm
the blue angels which flew over mount rushmore last night will be part of the air show. the show begins tonight at 6:30. the army's golden knights parachuting into the white house. the coast guard, we saw the coast guard helicopter flying overhead, perhaps the coast guard will get in on the action. molly: it looks like a beautiful day to be in washington, d.c. we have our eye on the clear skies above new york city as we wait for the fly-by. part of that nod, the salute to the great cities of the american revolution. lucas tomlinson, thank you. eric. eric: molly, as we wait for the fly-by, the pandemic continues. it casts a cloud over the 4th of july celebrations across the country. we are reporting more than 52,000 new infection as of yesterday, experts say the
2:05 pm
infections climbing not just because of more testing but because of the higher positivity rate of infections, climbing in 40 states including texas where health officials in the lone star state say one in four tests in the greater houston area are coming back positive. >> we have a glimmer of hope that we can do the things as a commune that i we did m march, april and may to fight the pandemic and we were successful as a community. we've seen an increase in cases, increase in hospitalizations. eric: and for the latest on the infections, let's go to christina coleman who is following all of it from the west coast bureau. >> reporter: hi, eric. icu beds are in high demand in arizona. the spike in cases in that state has hospitalizations on the rise. the intensive care units there are at 91% capacity. yesterday, arizona reported r me than 4,000 new cases and 3 31
2:06 pm
deaths. in response to the spike in infections, the governor ordered a number of businesses to close for 30 days, including theaters, bars and gyms. the majority of new cases in the u.s. are in the states of arizona, texas, california and florida. where hospitalizations are all on the rise. >> hospitalizations are going up. icu usage is going up. we never want to get to the point where we outpace the capability and the capacity of our health system to treat those people. >> reporter: as of today, florida's coronavirus cases increased by a record 11,458. this is the second time in three days that the case load rose by more than 10,000. 585 people have been hospitalized there since yesterday. mask mandates are being enacted across florida in both miami-dade county and broward county, people can now be fined for not wearing a face covering. there's a ramped-up push to wear
2:07 pm
them. california has a state-wide mask mandate in place. >> well, we are seeing about 56% increase in hospitalizations in california. it's not that we're increasing the testing. of course, we're increasing the testing. the positive rates of people -- the rate of people testing positive is going up. that's what's most concerning. >> reporter: health officials are encouraging people to avoid traveling to covid-19 t hot spots. areas where there are known outbreaks like in texas and the greater houston area. today, texas reported 8200 more cases since yesterday. that's that state's highest single day increase in covid-19. eric. eric: christina, thanks so much. molly. molly: independence day celebrations this year scaled back of course amid the coronavirus pandemic. with many beaches closed, restricted, you're looking here at santa monica beach, that's california.
2:08 pm
not to mention many fireworks displays simply cancelled. aishah hasnie is live in new york city with more on how the holiday has changed for so many. >> reporter: happy fourth. new yorkers right now would be searching for the perfect spot to sit down, relax and watch the macy's fireworks show happening tonight. but of course plans have changed. that fireworks show has now been split up into smaller pop-up shows. they happen over the course of the past week in an effort to prevent people from crowding in one place. there will be a televised finale tonight, though. however, a whopping 80% of the nation's fireworks displays were canceled for tonight. that is according to the new york times. even the uso is having a virtual 4th of july concert for our troops. country artist clint black recording it from his home. >> they always need a break and that brings back to the uso, you
2:09 pm
know, god bless them. yeah, i've been overseas with them. i can tell you, they need a break, every time you can give it to them. >> reporter: of course, a lot of different beaches are closed as well, lots of events canceled. we'll send it back to molly and eric. molly: aishah, thank you. eric. eric: molly and aishah. let's take a look live. we promised it. they may not be large fireworks near new york city but a lot of excitement in the air. take a look. you're watching the flyover, started in boston, now in new york, going to philadelphia, baltimore, before ending in washington. looking there at a b-2 stealth bomber, flying over the hudson and they will pass by the statue of liberty. quite an iconic and inspiring and awe-inspiring sight.
2:10 pm
besides the b-1 and the b-2 that's involved in the flyover, there's also a b-52. as well as the f-22 rafter as well as a green f-35, the thunderbirds also a part of this celebration. later on tonight, in washington, d.c., they'll be joined by a b-29 and the u.s. army golden knights parachute team when the president leads that event starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. this shot is around the battery park area, ironically, right near ground year i zero of the d trade center. this appears to be a b-52.
2:11 pm
quite a sight. if the camera pans down, if we lose the banner, lady liberty herself as you can see, as they fly over the statue of liberty, such a wonderful sight and even during the coronavirus crisis, to gaze out at lady liberty herself, a beacon of hope and inspiration for immigrants that came to our country for so many years, a beacon for those oppressed around the world to celebrate the liberty and
2:12 pm
freedom of our great country as the war planes fly by. there will be terrific pictures, molly, as folks take a look at this, which usually doesn't happen in new york because you've got the macy's fireworks is the traditional way new yorkers celebrate today. but we don't have it today. we have this. molly: we saw that incredible display in boston as well, before heading to new york city and here we see the statue of liberty before it goes on to philadelphia, the final flyover in baltimore over fort mchenry, what a great nod, salute to the great cities of the american revolution, before things turn to washington, d.c. tonight. the fireworks canceled in so many places, including boston. but what a sight today. fabulous way to celebrate the fourth. eric: it really is. fill delve ya, you're next -- philadelphia, you're next. shouldn't be very long until
2:13 pm
they arrive down in the city of brotherly love and they will then pass by independence hall, so they're really, molly, touching all the historic colonial landmarks of our country, certainly. so we'll be on tap for philadelphia in a few moments, as soon as they arrive there. meanwhile, overseas, great britain giving the green light for businesses there to reopen. pubs, restaurants, movie theaters and hair salons all welcoming customers for the first time in more than three months. officials there use easing the lockdown, but social distancing rules will remain in place. >> message out of my social media for people to get in touch for appointments and the phone went crazy and since then i've been looking appointments then. eric: brian chilcote is live in london with more on this. hi, ryan. >> reporter: hi, eric. this is big. this is easily the biggest
2:14 pm
relaxation of the lockdown here in the u.k. since it was imposed on march 23rd. these businesses haven't been open in more than three months. it's obviously part of the government's effort to try to kickstart the economy. wasn't that long ago that the bank of england, the fed here in the u.k., if you will, said that the u.k.'s headed towards its biggest recession in 300 years. obviously services, hospitality, restaurants, pubs, a huge part of the economy. so it's almost patriotic, everybody is going out to the pubs, prince william was spotted in a photo op in a pub, part of the effort to try to get people to re-engage after this very long lockdown. that said, obviously they're trying to do this in a responsible way and control the spread of the virus. so pub life is definitely changing. i was talking to a publican, a pub owner in a pub just a short while ago, he's been kicking out people in the bar every two
2:15 pm
hours to clean, just to keep a good environment for them. to keep them safe. and that's on top of, he says, 58 pages of rules and regulations the government has given him to follow. so it's not just the cleaning. there are things like when you go to a pub now in the u.k., have you to give them your name and contact details. that's so that if someone does get sick, they can then alert everyone that was in the pub at that time. they have their details and tell them to self isolate for two weeks. another thing that's changed, usually in the the u.k. you go to a bar, everybody stands up, stands at the bar, what they call in pub speak vertical drinking. that's also no longer allowed. you have to go to a table and wait for your drinks to be brought to you. not something that normally happens here. look, in the last 24 hours, 67 people in the u.k. have died from the coronavirus. that's the lowest saturday tally since the pandemic began.
2:16 pm
and yet, you know, there's laughter, a city of 300,000 people in the last week had to lock down because of an outbreak. there's a desire to open up again but there's a concern that if it isn't done right, things could get out of control again. eric: ryan, reporting live from the nation that once objecting of pied us as colonies -- occupied us as colonies until they decided to tax our tea. but now we have a special relationship. molly: the military flyovers to celebrate independence day are continuing this hour. we're keeping an eye on that. up next, philadelphia, to check out the show there. ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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eric: we're taking a line look now at philadelphia, where any moment now -- see that nice blue sky with the white clouds? we're waiting for the military planes. they will reprise the soaring show over the city as part of the independence day celebrations. u.s. air force and marine corps aircraft should be passing over independence hall and the liberty bell as soon as they arrive from new york sticks then they'll go on to baltimore and washington later on tonight. it's been quite a day of
2:21 pm
flyovers. we've seen them twice so far live on the fox news channel. joining us now to talk about this as we wait for the aircraft, retired lieutenant general richard newton, assistant vice chief of staff for the u.s. air force, commander newton, you've commanded the first b2b squadron, the first b1b operations group. you also commanded a b52 air wing. you piloted all of these planes. so your thoughts as we saw them fly over boston, just saw them over the statue of liberty, new york harbor. your thoughts as you see your colleagues fly on this independence day? >> well, eric, happy 4th of july. it's really good to be with you. and again, i think the words you used at the top of the block that said magnificent and awe-inspiring. after 25 years, when we flew over the hudson river in a b2 bomber during an air show, it's
2:22 pm
still as magnificent. i'm watching it from here in jupiter beach. i'm proud of the men and women in uniform and certainly what the nation stands for. we're seeing the best of the best operate these aircraft, representing the 2 million men and women in uniform, active duty, guard and reserve. it's really a privilege for them and it was for me to demonstrate obviously our capabilities and professionalism and dedication we have for keeping the nation free. it's really a good day to see this. eric: most people, most of us civilians don't get a chance to see the aircraft firsthand. it's astounding and so awe-inspiring. you're filled with such pride, you're so proud when you see them because you know what they symbolize, you know what they stand for, the goodness of our nation. you mentioned flying down the hudson. what's it like to fly over -- here they come. looks like the thunderbirds, i think. what's it like when you're flying over one of the cities like you flew down the hudson. >> it's remarkable.
2:23 pm
it really -- you're focused on the story. you've got to make sure the timing and altitude are correct. you get a chance to look out and see across the horizon or down at the ground. it's very prideful for me and it's something i take great pride in. but more so, that's the past. that's 25 years ago, eric, i'm ancient right now. it's a prideful moment for us to really see these men and women. it's not the aviators. it's our maintainers, our support personnel a that make sure the aircraft are ready to fly, ready to fight, ready to do their job. what a great time to do this on july 4th to celebrate our extraordinary american heritage and i'm very proud of that. eric: we just saw the b1, the b2 stealth bomber, with that unique like flying bat, flying
2:24 pm
wing. i mean, what's that like to fly? >> well, it's ex straightforwar. back in the day, we called it something coming out of the 21st century. the airplane is relatively easy to fly. the challenge is maximizing the on of presentational capability. we got a limited number of aircraft but they are ready to deploy, strike targets and return home or go to a deployed location, just like the other bombers, just like the rest of the u.s. military. it's not just an air force show, air force, army, navy, effort. having flown the b52, the b1, b2, it's just an awesome experience and one i'll always cherish. eric: we just saw a b52 i think fly over. they're old. they're still going just like us. >> they're old. we've got fathers and grandfathers who flew that airplane, their grandkids are
2:25 pm
flying the airplane. my dad was qualified to fly the airplane, and i was as well. they're very capable today. the airplanes may go another 20, 30 years. it's an extraordinary airplane that boeing aircraftmad aircraf. eric: i mentioned my dad was a pilot. my uncle was a pilot. hi a kins, second cousin who of -- i had cousin, i found out yesterday he was killed in action when the plane collided over the english channel. the technology has changed. the sophistication is beyond belief. but the -- >> the -- [ indiscernible ] eric: the spirit -- >> you're right. the aircraft itself, you mentioned your heritage with your family, eric, again, we on the shoulders of generations of those who have fought and died for our country, and again, what
2:26 pm
we're seeing today is just those young men and women out there operating those aircraft and supporting those aircraft are on the shoulders of great generations that have gone before to make sure that the nation remains free and i'm sure they feel the way i do. it's a real privilege and frankly quite exciting to be able to fly on a today, up and down the eastern seaboard and ending up in washington, d.c. eric: they are the beating heart of american freedom. it is a spectacular and proud legacy that goes down through many generations and still continues just the same. lieutenant general richard newton of the united states air force, general, good to see you. thank you so much for your service and dedication and thank you for your insight today and i bet you wish you were like up there today, flying. >> i wish -- actually, i wish i was. you know what? eric, as i mentioned, i'm ancient. they don't need me anymore.
2:27 pm
but turn it over to my son-in-law who is a special operations pilot and they'll do just fine. eric: great to hear it continues in the family. lieutenant general, to all of you, thank you. happy fourth. >> thank you, eric. eric: and we will be right back. with oscar mayer deli fresh it's not just a sandwich, far from it. it's a reason to come together. it's a taste of something good. a taste we all could use right now. so let's make the most of it. and make every sandwich count. with oscar mayer deli fresh
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molly: as we celebrate america's 244th birthday, the u.s. air force and u.s. marine corps today conducting a salute to the great cities of the american revolution with flyovers in boston, new york city, philadelphia, and baltimore before the big show in the nation's capital and that is where we find mark meredith, he's live at the white house with a preview on what to expect. mark. >> reporter: from a very toasty south lawn of the white house, where we have seen hundreds of the president's supporters make their way out here for a chance to take place of the 4th of july celebration, it's a little interesting to see about 30 to 40 of% of the folks out here wearing masks, otherwise you
2:32 pm
would have no idea there was a pandemic going on, a very festive atmosphere, a lot of people wanting to come out on this beautiful, hot day in washington, d.c. we're waiting for the live pictures out of baltimore to see the next flyover happen. we've seen it happen in other cities including up in boston where you were earlier today where we saw the thunderbirds, f2 2 and the bombers take part. certainly a beautiful sight to see. we're expecting to see another incredible air show at the white house a little later on. let me show you the schedule for this evening. the flyover on the national mall happening around 6:45 and then the fireworks which is d.c. is famous for kicking off at around 9:07. 10,000 fireworks expected to be shot off on the national mall. the department of the interior says they will distribute 300,000 face coverings for folks coming out to the national mall. as i mentioned, where we are is going to be where the president and first lady will watch the
2:33 pm
festivities. they'll have the podium set up. there's chairs where social distancing will be enforced. we have people out here, milling about, talking to each other, trying to find the shade and excited to see what's going to happen a few hours from now. molly: little steamy there, mark meredith. we appreciate it. it's a lovely day for great 4th of july celebrating and festivities. appreciate the supporting. thank sthank you so much. we have eyes on the skies in baltimore where we expect the great american salute to continue there in the skies. the president also had a chance to speak at mount rushmore yesterday and we've been showing some of the highlights of that speech as well. eric. eric: molly, you know, the president has talked about having a garden of american heroes while right now there actually is a similar type of center that's in bronx, new
2:34 pm
york, called the hall of fame of great americans and it includes a lot of the same busts and statues of those that the president plans to honor, that a lot of people don't know about the one in new york. it's been there since 1900. and it happens to be free. it's on the campus of bronx community college. among the 98 busts of americans are some of the same one that's could be in did garden, including john adams, susan b anthony, thomas jefferson, andrew jackson, teddy roosevelt and others are there. two busts were removed, robert e lee and stonewall jackson taken away by governor andrew cuomo. it's the hall of fame of great americans. if you're in new york city, think about of visiting that as we await the garden that the president is proposing. that should be quite exciting but won't yet be established of course for another few years. a great way to honor july 4th,
2:35 pm
to remember our heritage and our legacy and many of the great americans who have come before us, the hall of fame of great americans in the bronx, new york. ♪ eric: right by the hall of fame is a department of veterans hospital. the department of veterans affairs are teaming up with a program called adopt a soldier. the aim is to provide donated laptops and cell phones to veterans, to help socially distanced veterans stay connected with healthcare providers, families and social networks during the coronavirus pandemic because the military times reports that the number of veterans who have coronavirus nearly tripled in june. joining us now is mary kesser, army veteran and founder of america's adopt a soldier. thank you for joining us. and so welcome and wonderful, what you do. what is it and how can people
2:36 pm
get involved? >> thanks for asking. thank you very much for having us here today. it's very, very important that we get the word out for this project or other programs and the critical needs for donations. we have many missions. in this light right now what we're looking at is the need for technology to keep our homeless and at-risk veterans connected. we started a project way back when, in the old walter reed, service members were coming back and they didn't have the technology to stay connected to their family members who may not be able to travel to them. so we were very successful with that, teamed with microsoft, great teaming partners to make that happen. from that, va had gotten word about that, got some information. came to us, came to me, and we discussed setting up computer labs nationwide for -- under va to be able to help our homeless and at-risk veterans stay
2:37 pm
connected, do their resumes and basically move forward with their lives. these are national centers. they provide all of the support for our homeless and at-risk veterans nationally. now, in march when secretary wilke, the va secretary had a news release that stated that the veterans asked them to stay isolated, it became apparent to us that we have a critical population in our homeless and at dark risk veterans nationwide. they don't have the technology to stay connected. they don't have the resources to purchase things. we reached out to va as we were putting these labs together for va, working on it for about two years nationwide. we said look, we've got assets here. we've got laptops and phones. let's give those to our veterans who have to stay isolated now and they can't afford these assets. we need to have these assets that a lot of us take for granted with our mobile phones and our computers to be able to stay connected with their
2:38 pm
friends, with their social networks, to do job searches. eric: this is so important. we have a flyover to go to live in baltimore, the military. adopt a soldier, you can go to the website, go to adopt a soldier. it's such an important mission. great work and we thank you so much, mary. let's go to molly. molly: we take you now live, these are the skies over baltimore. one of the great cities of the american revolution that are being honored in this salute to the great cities of the american revolution, multiple aircraft from the u.s. air corps, u.s. marine corps, five waves expected, first the thunderbirds, followed by b1, b2, f15, f2 2 fighters, u.s. marine corps, the f35 fighters expected to go over baltimore. they're going to be flying above fort mchenry, fabulous, famous piece of history there,
2:39 pm
historical, shaped like a star there, for those familiar with fort mchenry, famous for its role during the war of 1812, the american garrison flag, huge, 30 o30x42 feet, to celebrate the victory over the british in the battle. that side said to have inspired francis scott key to have written the star spangled banner as we look to the skies of baltimore. we've seen this today from boston, new york, philadelphia, the great cities being honored before the 4th of july festivities ultimately head to the nation's capital, to washington, d.c. where we'll see fireworks and the president and first lady this evening r, the president expected to speak as part of the festivities honoring this, america's birthday. and there we go. back to the skies.
2:40 pm
it has been an amazing, amazing, just spectacular to see the planes above u.s. cities, the remarkable east coast cities that played such an important role during the american revolution, eric. eric: really, from the revolution to today, we just saw a b52 fly over baltimore. man, they made some -- they really booked from philadelphia to baltimore. molly: we were timing them, make sure we get it. eric: to washington and really you have to salute and be thankful for our men and women who are in uniform, in harm's way around the globe who brought our freedoms to today and the generations that have gone before and one way to help, we rudely -- ben-didn't mean to int the news from mary kesser from adopt a soldier. go to americasadoptasoldier, look it up online, they offer an
2:41 pm
ability to provide laptops and iphones to the vets that need them. we need to help and protect our vets in the country. sad lay, we have -- sadly, we have not done a good enough job over the last decades. we owe them our freedoms, the nation we have today. it's a reminder, not just symbolic but real reminder when we see the airplanes fly over our colonial cities, just spectacular, molly. molly: yeah. you know, remarkable just to be able to see and be able to hear it certainly in this unique sort of 4th of july where folks are stuck inside and fireworks displays are canceled, to be able to look up and see this remarkable display in the skies and as you mentioned it really is about our military, about the sacrifices that are made to preserve what we all - the america, the country that we love, to ensure that the freedoms stay for generations to come as well. eric: we will continue with our coverage as we just showed.
2:42 pm
they will now be heading to washington, d.c. the golden knights, the parachute team, will -- do they perform? i guess they jump out of an airplane as well as being joined by a b29 later on tonight. we'll have full live coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel, the president will speak and the washington festivities from the white house, celebrating july 4th because if you can't go out to the fireworks, if your local town of didn't have the parade or you're social distancing because of the barbecue and you're staying home, as you should because of the coronavirus, you can watch right here on the fox news channel and we'll have a lot more news in just a moment. we'll come back. so stay with us. and happy fourth, by the way. we'll be right back.
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when managing diabetes you can't always stop for a fingerstick. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you don't have to. with a painless, one-second scan you can check your glucose with a smart phone or reader so you can stay in the moment. no matter where you are or what you're doing. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at molly: democratic senator jeff murphy of oregon who recently flew commercial plans to introduce a bill to outlaw
2:47 pm
airlines from selling tickets of middle seats on flights as long as the coronavirus impacts the united states. airlines are one of the hardest hit sec torsion during the entire -- sectors during the entire health crisis. joining me now, sarah nelson, the international president at the association of flight attendants. she is joining us on this holiday, happy july 4th. thank you for giving up a little bit of your time today. we really appreciate it. >> happy july 4th, molly. molly: kicking things off, what do you think about the senator's idea, saying no middle seats during the course of the pandemic and is it possible to socially distance on an airplane? >> i've got a lot of empathy for senator murphy and none of us like middle seanout half of thet take off in the united states on domestic routes don't have middle seats. middle seats don't provide us
2:48 pm
with proper social distancing. there's no way to properly social distance on an airplane. we as flight attendants would say we need room to work with here. we want to work on solutions that are going to be successful. the mask policies that have been in place and recently backed up by dude and hhs -- dod and hhs and dhs are really important. there seems to be a drop in infection of crew rates of infection of coronavirus have dropped since these have been in place. it's important we have the mask policy in place, a layer of safety and health provisions that keep us safe and limb mitt the risk of -- limit the risk of spread. travel is down to 20% of what it was before. the threat is the virus and the industry is very hard-hit. molly: the tourism industry very hard-hit, certainly hitting the airline industry very hard. they have reached an agreement to receive loans, part of the cares act.
2:49 pm
american, frontier, spie sky wet, spirit, second mnuchin said he's having conversations with other airlines. as part of the deal, the 25 billion in deals that have been applied for, they're supposed to agree to focus on keeping frontline workers, a payroll support program is a condition of receiving some of the grant money. how important is that to ensure that not just the industry survives, but also the people that are dedicated to it, the flight attendants, the pilots that are actually at risk in helping travelers get from place to place during this pandemic, sarah? >> so air travel is an essential service for this country. we have to get goods and services and personnel to all of our communities and we have continued that through the cares act. there's a requirement of airlines to do that. i should be clear. the care act provided for the grant for payroll support and also the loans. the loans that you were reporting on are separate and distinct. all of the airlines that are flying today have the payroll support grants in place to keep employees in place.
2:50 pm
that is good through the end of september. they can not involuntarily furlough anyone, all the things that people hate are in place, to stock buybacks, no dividends, caps on executive compensation and all of the money has to go to keep people in their job and connected to healthcare. this is good for the economy. we support 11 million jobs and this directly supports 2.1 million jobs in the aviation industry. it is the most transparent program of the cares act. and spends the public's money the best possible way. and it has really made a difference in keeping hundreds of thousands of people in their jobs. molly: we expect a lot of flight attendants to step up and be heroes in emergency situations and i really appreciate your insight here on this holiday. happy fourth. thanks for joining us. >> happy fourth to you. thank you. molly: and we'll be right back. looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault.
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eric: on this holiday, some beaches are closed because of coronavirus. but others are open, and that means lifeguards have changed the way they have to save lives. here's fox news' katie byrne. >> reporter: at first, it looks like a normal day at the beach. but lifeguards say a lot is changing behind the scenes. >> whenever we come off the sand and interact with the public we're going to be wearing masks, and have gloves. they are working in teams of
2:55 pm
two. >> we start with wellness checks, temperature checks. >> reporter: nick spends the school years teaching and summers lifeguarding. >> here i am, 13 years later. >> reporter: he's learning how to do rescues differently. >> in the past procedure, a rescue, the lifeguard would come up to you with his rescue bouy or rescue can, rescue tore bee o and go behind the victim. now they pass it to the victim and says hold on yourself and we'll back stroke the victim in. >> reporter: for cpr, the plan is to focus on chest compression. if mouth to mouth is needed. >> you use a bag valve mask. >> reporter: according of the life saving association, more people are applying for lifeguard jobs. >> it's what i'm hearing from all over is that there are plenty of people that want to work. >> reporter: it's happening in wildwood and bethany beach
2:56 pm
delaware. >> we're turning away applicants. >> we had lifeguards that left the profession, lose their primary profession. so they've requested to come back. >> reporter: for lifeguards that have been working from home -- >> video chatting and submitting things online and reaching out with phone and. mail, it's a brett ha breath ofr to get out here and talk to people. >> reporter: the plan is to keep the new coronavirus protocols in place through the rest of the season and then reassess to see which ones might stay next summer. in katie byrne, fox news. molly: happy 4th of july. we're back tomorrow at noon.
2:57 pm
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>> in moments president trump will host a salute to america in washington. celebrating our nation's 244th birthday with music, fireworks and military flyovers, above the national mall. it is comes as most americans scale back july fourth events because of the coronavirus pandemic which keeps growing across the country. good evening i'm jon scott and this is a special two hour fourth of july edition of the "fox report." >> independence day celebrations in the northeast featuring military flyovers in what pentagon calls great cities of the american revolution. boston, new york city, philadelphia, and baltimore, air
3:01 pm
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