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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  July 5, 2020 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ >> we will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children or trample on our freedoms. together we will fight for the american dream. and we will defend, protect and preserve american way of life which began in 1492 when columbus discovered america. >> that was president trump at the white house before the has sieve fireworks.
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jed, todd, how are you doing? jedediah: fourth of july. heard a lot of noise, we're doing good today. good to see you, todd? todd: great to be here. >> talking about fireworks we'll have a lot more, it was like never before here in washington. we'll talk about it more. first a fox news alert overnight. violent protests, shootings erupting across the country just after president trump's july 4th street. ashley strohmier joins us about the nationwide chaos. reporter: good morning, griff. after president trump's message, violence rocked the nation.
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tumbling a christopher columbus statue in baltimore. [shouting] they pulled it down with ropes before doing this. [cheering] toppling the monument into the city heart for. demonstrators burned the american flag. shouting america was never great. that was burned in the area known as black lives matter plaza. portland police declaring a riot, marking 38 straight days of unrest in the city as rioters burned american flags. in south carolina gunfire erupted out of a nightclub. unclear if police made any arrests. deadly shootings in chicago. 22 people shot. four of them died. 14-year-old boy around 7-year-old girl was shot playing on the sidewalk during a 4th of july celebration.
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three men got out of a car and started shooting near the party. nice, back to you. jedediah: thank you, ashley. thanks so much. we appreciate that report. you look at the news, and you think about yesterday, independence day, how everyone should have been a time for everyone to come together. what we're seeing could have been for seen given what is going on in the country. really unfortunate. this is why president trump issued executive order with respect to the statues. you see what is happening. see what happened to the christopher columbus statue in that report. flag burning. when ashley mentioned the chanting of america was never great, for many of these that is what it is about. it is not just the issue of racial injustice. this is about really are transforming the country top to bottom, doing it by as you can see any means necessary. if that means violence to many, pictured here, that is what they're going to do, if that
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mains destruction. that is what they're going to do. very unfortunate what is happening in chicago. somebody has to do something in chicago. when you see report of killing of 7-year-old girl that should sick everyone to their stomach. and someone shed step up to do something about what is going on in the city. todd: there are forces that do not want us to get together. that was the president's speech that was so important. here is a brief snippet. he talks about uniting this country. >> our country will be united. after you will, what dough we all want? we want a strong military, great education, housing, low taxes, law and order. we want safety, we want equal justice. we want religious liberty. we want faith and family and
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living in great communities. and we want great jobs and we want to be respected by the rest of the world, not taken advantage of. we should all want the same thing. how can it be any different than those things? todd: feeling i had entire time listening to the speech, especially that part, griff and jed. what amazing country we would have, better than it currently is, obviously if we were all rowing together going forward. that includes fixing our problems. because nothing is perfect. no one is perfect. no country is perfect. if we had the unit where people of differing views came together and moved the needle forward, rode together, worked together to eradicate the problems, what an amazing country would be. instead of what we're seeing with the protests that have become riots, that is not necessarily happening.
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i'm not saying we shouldn't have protests. that is important for high lighting real issues. but then solve the problems once you see the problems. don't tear down statues of christopher columbus and thomas jefferson and andrew jackson as a means of creating change. >> you know, todd, joe biden, doesn't believe the president is really on a unifying message. he published an op-ed on nbc news yesterday. the headline is, trump erodes america's foundation this 4th of july. i pledge to rebuild. inside of the op-ed he writes, pursuit of more perfect union has been thrown off course recent years. no one bears more responsibility than president donald trump. every day he finds new ways to tarnish and dismantle our democracy, baseless attack on voting rights and force against americans. he has gone after the guardrails of our democracy, free press, the courts and fundamental, belief, no one in america, not even the president is above the
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law. strong words indeed and very critical of the president and certainly as we saw, jed, across the country, a lot of people likely to agree with joe biden. jedediah: yeah. i mean you can have unity against the violence, against the mobs, and you should, but when you listen to president trump's speech, it sounded like a campaign speech. he was articulating very clear policy initiatives. you will not have unity on low taxes. you will not have unity on the issue of religious freedom. these are not things the left and right align on. that is why it is. why we have two parties in this country. i think the expectation of unity can exist somewhere and should exist somewhere but you also have the to expect that you're not going to agree on this stuff. what is happening in the world right now, we should all be able to agree on the issue of racial justice and packings -- passion not about that. the mechanisms we achieve that will be very different.
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it is challenging to find unity. one person talked about a lot potentially bringing some unionty is kanye west. that's right, kanye west, might be running for president? you heard that right. check out the tweet by kanye. we must now realize the promise of america, trusting god, huge filing our vision and building our future. i'm running for president of the united states, #2020 vision. from elon musk, you have my full support. could kanye be the unifying force we've all been waiting for. todd: that is the question, jed, i woke up thinking about. one serious, one a little less so. he says 2020 vision. you recall he said he would run in 2024. so who knows what this means for the upcoming election but i also think that the president, all joking aside, should really take a step back and say look, i had can yay on my side at some
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point. yes to the previous 243 years of our democracy, it would not have been a big deal to get somebody like kanye on board but with everything in the world being, can i have you be something in my administration, outreach on civil rights? the president could use that with everything going on. i think kanye all he does with various communities throughout our country, could be a good jumping off point or a food continuation of what the president has done so far. getting back to the brass tacks here, down to brass tacks, could push yeezy 2020 to yields sy 2024. >> i don't want to be the party-pooper here. we'll find out if he is serious or not. if he follows with the fec on monday. he has not done so the photo with him and elon musk was what he tweeted out a day before. hanging with my boy elon. they came up together perhaps with the campaign strategy.
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i don't know. this buy in 2016 told ellen his life's goal was to become the michael jackson of apparel. whether he is serious we'll find out t would add entertainment and interesting turn to the election which is about 120 days away. turning now to the headlines, starting with a fox news alert. a protester struck by a car in seattle has died. she was launched into the air by a speeding car. we paused the video before that happened. the other person is in intensive care. the driver is behind bars without jail. washington street patrol are no longer allowing protestsers on the interstate. one of the ex-police officers chargeed in george floyd'stect is ought of dale. he is the third to be released. derek chauvin is the only one still in jail. thao was standing by as chauvin
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put his foot on floyd's neck. he is charged with second degree murder. covid cases dropping below 50,000 mark. 45,000 were reported. putting the country's total 2.8 million. nearly 130,000 people have died. florida and texas set new record daily highs. the two states making up for over 1/3 of the new cases in the country. despite the numbers, staggering crowds could be seen across the country at etch boos an restaurants, not following social distancing guidelines. jed? jedediah: thanks, griff. macy's capping off a week of fireworks shows in new york city with a spectacular display. [cheering] gorgeous. fireworks launching from the empire state building overlook
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amazing. it is sixth show. macy's kept the shows secret to avoid large gatherreringings. never mind. obama's housing policies back if he wins in november. our next guest says the election will be won or lost in the suburbs. find out what he has to say coming up next. ♪
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♪. >> we'll be able to put people in positions where they can gain on their income and access to wealth. we provide for spending hundreds of billions of dollars on new housing initiatives, taking existing housing refurbishing it, building new housing. jedediah: joe biden's housing policies may sound good but critics say the former vice president's proposals could hurt communities and even
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abolish the suburbs. you heard that right. here to take a closer look, founder and president of the center for urban renewal and education, author of, necessary noise, star parker. welcome to the show. great to have you here today. break down why joe biden's housing policies due tote suburbs. >> suburbs where people escape. they have their own culture. i live in the suburb and work in the city. i work here in washington d.c., but my social light, my private life is in the suburbs in southern california. there are different styles, different culture. what we see from progressive continuously in all of their policies is more federal control. listen, communities control is local. when you think about some of the most heated debate in city councils over zoning policies. the last thing the suburbans need for federal government to
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expand hud policies to determine what kind of building structures we should have, what kind of local regulations we should have, what kind of environmental policies we should have. these are things communities should decide on their own. i think suburbanites should be frightened what biden has planned if he wins this next election. jedediah: actually even more valid right now as we see so. people fleeing cities right now. people in los angeles going to the suburbs for refuge. they will be considered about infiltration of city policy in the suburbs. i want to read a "national review" op-ed that caught my eye. it slams biden's housing policy. exactly as progressive urbanists intend. star what is the ultimate goal by progressives long term when it comes to suburbs? >> they're destroyers. they think they can equalize the playing field. anytime you see the word fair in
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any type of policy you should run, you dismantle that. that is what secretary carson should be doing in hud is dismantling all of the obama era fair housing policies. because when you think about local planning and zoning this is something that people themselves no best. not here in washington, d.c., and these rules should not be from here. we've already seen how they play on the left. they use highway policy and other things to get people to do what they think is best for themselves. one of the reasons you see a lot of tension on the freeways because they just want to control these things from washington, d.c., through transportation policy so that suburban people will behave. i really believe this election is going to fall around housing policy more so than other areas especially in light what we've gone through with the racial tensions. people are fleeing cities as you said. now what the concern is of people in the rural and suburban communities, are you going to bring those values with you?
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we don't want them in the suburbs if they have their own culture, it should stay that way, very local. jedediah: star, thank you so much for being here. obviously a very important poptic, given what is going on in the country. remains to be seen what push back will be for policies like this. thanks for joining us this sunday. >> you're welcome. jedediah: california governor gavin newsom ordered wine tasting rooms to shut down to, due to covid-19, his tasting room, guess what? it can stay open. radio show host mike slater is in california. he is calling out the governor's hypocrisy coming up next. paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance. i just... when i...
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4th of july celebrations, tweeting quote, black people have been dehumanized brutalized criminalized by america for centuries and are expected to join your commemoration of independence while you enslaved our an he he ancestors. we reject your celebration of white supremacy an look forward to liberation for all. richmond city officials say they feared it would become a target for protesters on july 4th. one construction worker slamming the move, saying the flag should have stayed up, especially over the holiday weekend. griff, over to you. griff: todd, thanks. california governor gavin knew some for his latest coronavirus directive. he halted indoor dining, banning singing in places of worship and even closing all wine tasting rooms except his own. here to react, california resident and radio talk show host mike slater. mike, good morning to you.
3:24 am
hope you had a great 4th. we may have just lost mike. we'll work on getting him back. on wednesday it was a number of businesses ordered to close indoor operations. let me show you. it was the restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, card rooms, bars and of course you had the what appears to be hypocrisy that his own napa wine tasting room, the governor not closing his. let me check in. i think we've got mike. good morning to you. how are you? >> sorry about that. technical difficults from my kitchen, apologies. but we're good now. thanks for joining us. i have to check in what is going on out there on the left coast. what is the governor doing out there and is there a sense of
3:25 am
hypocrisy there? he closed wineries in 19 counties but not his own. >> just everything, right? so frustrating, seems like the rules never end for you, right? you have the winery. but you're not allowed to sing in church now, even if you're wearing a mask, even distanced you can't sing in church, the nitpicking, the majoring and minors for you. it is never enough. meanwhile 15,000 can gather in brooklyn, all across california for black tran lives matter. never their fault. you want to sing "amazing grace" in church the state will crack down. that is a problem. if you want to march through the streets, sing and chant how much you hate america, tear down statues, that is totally fine. we always get it. we always have to take it, right? our governor, one much our supervisors in san diego, he comes out and said no spread through protest. are you kidding me?
3:26 am
more crackdown at church but not the big things clearly causing threats. griff: to be fair both causes are worthy but you know, i want to sort of go back to the singing part of it because, you know, the desire to get back to our lives for a faith community it is critical to get back into that church, into the houses of worship, where you can begin to get the hope you need and singing is certainly a part of it. do you feel like, that the governor is being political in his decisions in weighing one over the other? >> i mean, yes. i understand the health significance of this, right? you know, singing is one of the early causes of a lot of the spreading, very early, back in march. remember when we were told two weeks to stop the spread. i get that. if you're still taking proper precautions that should, you should be allowed to go to church if you want, an sing for
3:27 am
the love the pete. but all the other people are doing things way beyond appropriate that get the pass. on his winery, griff, sorry to skip past that, just another bad look, right? these guys are undermining their credibility when they allow the giant protests to go on and crack down on the singing. when they have all the wineries shut down, gavin newsom in napa valley is fine. you would think take principled stance to have the winery shut down, even if is not in a county with high numbers and take that position. so many businesses around the state are being destroyed because of his policies, but his gets a pass. just added to the list of hypocrisy. the governor of illinois. his family traveling to illinois an wisconsin. mayor of chicago getting a couple weeks. >> it after getting your roots done is not necessary. sleeping with a mistress, breaking with quarantine, adding to the list.
3:28 am
griff: winery is business too. we'll continue to follow with our favorite california resident. mike slater. have a great sunday. >> griff, appreciate you. griff: president trump praising our nation's heroes during his salute to america. >> every child should be taught at that the military heroes who fought and died to make us free. griff: marine corps veteran joey jones here to react to the president's speech next is happe. ...or this.... ...or even this... ...we've seen and covered it. so, get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪. jedediah: this is your shot of the morning. the military honoring the american revolution with flyovers over five major cities. todd: check this out. the air force hundred per birds with marine fighter jets over boston, new york, philadelphia, baltimore. which all played major rolls for the fight for independence. the flyover ended of course in the nation's capitol as the planes arrived for president trump's salute to america celebration. so amazing hundred thunderbirds. i can't believe they let me fly with them. griff: that was immense pride. uncle joe, from oklahoma, was one of the original flying tigers on july 5th. he was flying over china at this very moment in 1940. he would later be one of the pilots flying and escorting the
3:33 am
bombers on d-day, 150 combat missions. ultimately ran the titan missile program during the cuban missile crisis. the pride came, i thought of uncle joe, i thought of the determination and great of this nation. he talked about having to use duct tape, landing in china in dead of night, not knowing where he was. yet finding a way to win and get through it all. that is it why we want to bring in now, joey jones, fox news contributor, retired marine corporation bomb technician, host of the proud american podcast. joey, the moment is same as you, hero iism to put yourself in frt of any personal agenda, to fight for our freedom we celebrated yesterday t was quite a moment. what did you think yesterday? >> i thought it was something to
3:34 am
behold. i really loved the narration. i loved earning again what some of the aircraft are and how special it was that we have them. a lot of people don't understand when the wright brothers were perfecting manned flight, we were not a superpower. we were a growing nation, one trying to be relevant and self-sufficient, manifest destiny, we accomplished the aircraft symbolized through the years. it wasn't until after world war ii we were looked at as a leading country in a lot of ways. people forget how much we accomplished before we had the sense of security we take advantage of now. it was inspiring to see. closest thing i have ever been to a fighter pilot, two seconds after i stepped on a bomb. i have a little bit of respect for those guys. it is not an easy thing to do. jedediah: joey, president trump made it a priority yesterday to pay tribute to the military at the white house. let's take a listen to a little of what he had to say and i want to get your reaction.
3:35 am
>> american heroes defeated the nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists, saved american values, upheld american principles, and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of the earth. we are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, every child should be taught the military heros who fought and died to make us free. these are great, great people. these are great, great heroes. jedediah: your thoughts? >> well, i'll say, it was not lost on me that president trump compared some of the antifa and people tearing down statues to
3:36 am
nazis which is a play out of their own playbook. i think it was very clever. i'm glad he continued rhetoric from the night before at mount rushmore. these are things that fly in the face of american idealism. the idea we can say anything in the public square. allow debate to happen. allow ideas to come to life. most importantly we don't erase history but we learn from it. these are things these groups are standing in the fates of. i'm proud our president is pushing back. todd: joey, you have a very interesting podcast coming out. what is so interesting about it, we talk about the heroism in battle today and yesterday, but there is a civilian life when you come home often time ignored by the main street media and general public that is not served. talk about what you have on your podcast. actually, let's take a listen. >> what we're comparing is that purpose, the mission, the identity with that uniform, the
3:37 am
team, because the number one thing these vets and athletes always say, over everything else is like, man i just miss the guys. i miss the locker room. that's it. that is what we are. we had some of our athletes save our veterans in some pretty critical situations where you would think, that doesn't make sense. this guy's a, he is a war veteran. this guy played a game. they understand the mind-set. they understand what it takes to be elite and how hard it can be when you lose the team. todd: joey, that was of course nate boyer bridging the gap between athletics and the military. tell us more about that. >> the proud american podcast is something i'm excited to be part of. we'll drop a new one this month. i'm speaking with proud americans who have impact in their community or whether nate and jay glazer with the military community. nate played at the university of
3:38 am
texas. he has a big heart. they're trying to reach veterans and former professional athletes what they have in common. life after service or life after professional career. the proud americans we talk to on the podcast every monday are inspiring. they're not all military. they're helping their communities. take a listen. they're pretty short and a lot of fun. griff: download "prod americans" podcast. joey, thank you for your service to the nation. it is quite inspiring. we look forward to hear more what you have to bring to the podcast. thank you, sir. >> thank you, guys. jedediah: we'll turn to some headlines for you now. upstate new york man is arrested in connection to a molotov attack on nypd officers. timothy amerman admitted to giving samantha shader supplies to make the explosives. she is accused of throwing it at
3:39 am
a police vehicle during a protest in may. he refused to her offer to join her in rioting. he faces up to 10 years in prison. a woman falls to her death while taking photos at the grand canyon. park officials say the arizona woman accidentally stepped off a ledge while hiking off trail with her family. she fell about 100 feet. her body was recovered overnight. park officials are reminding visitors to stay behind fences on designated trails. a star pitcher out of the hospital this morning after getting hit in the head with a line drive from his teammates. yankees ace, i will brutalize this. tanaka falling on the mound after. he is no longer showing concussion symptoms. thanking fans on twitter for encouraging words. he plans to get back on the mound as soon as possible. joey chestnut is the top dog
3:40 am
again. eating up the competition to win his 13th, nathan's hot dog eating contest. he scarfed down 75 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. breaking his own world record. on the women's side, mikisuto cruised to the 7th straight win, eating 48 1/2 hotdogs. breaking the previous record for woman of 45. wow. those are the headlines. the only person i know who could potentially eat more hotdogs, griff, would either you or our good friend rick reichmuth. rick, how many hotdogs can you eat? rick: no way. no way. i can't imagine even wanting to do that. jedediah: no? rick: yes i can. there is a lot of money to be had at the end of that. joey was on a season of the amazing race. i also get it because of that. let's talk a little bit of weather. we got for the most part another nice day in store for everybody
3:41 am
around the country. temperaturewise you're waking up. we have warm temperatures across parts of the south. today looks a lot like yesterday did. we're in a the pattern, that will stick with us for a number of days. storms across parts of the south. they fire up later on in the afternoon. one big line of storms is moving through this morning. cut through red river valley of texas. heading through louisiana. we'll see some of these fire up again, especially across parts of florida, we'll see more moisture throughout the day. over next four to five days a lot of moisture across parts of the southeast. expect to see some flooding especially across parts of georgia. the far northern plains, severe weather cutting across parts of north dakota and south dakota. all right. back to you guys. griff: thanks, rick. todd: rick, thank you. never not gross seeing those hot dog videos but i digress. a new study revealing hydroxychloroquine has some
3:42 am
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and we're here to help you get started. book your free virtual or in-home design consultation today. ♪ griff: back with some quick headlines. the atlanta braves staying silent whether they will change their name. the team is committed to honoring the native-american community but did not mention rebranding. the braves stopped giving out foam tomohawks last year after a player who is cherokee complained. the head coach of the washington redskins pushing for a name change before the season starts. ron rivera saying quote it, would be awesome. the team has come up with a couple names but has not shared them. the move comes after sponsors including fedex demanded a name change. todd. todd: no beaches, no booze, no barbecue independence day weekend looking a lot different
3:46 am
this year with number of public spaces shut down to combat the spread of coronavirus. that didn't stop people from gathering. this group of florida, storming a closed beach, celebrating in protest. bring in fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, how are worried are what you saw yesterday? >> i don't like the inconsistency of it. leaders are inconsistent. protests around the country, washington, d.c., los angeles, six other cities can spread covid-19 if they're in hot spots. in florida, some beaches were stormed. some beaches were opened. some beaches were closed n arizona, which has been a hot spot, look at the colorado river. lake havasu had their fireworks on the colorado river a big display, right? laughlin, nevada, canceled theirs. same thing going on in the country. some canceled, some going on.
3:47 am
i like what macy's did here in new york, todd. they made it literally didn't tell you where the fireworks were occurring. so you couldn't congregate. backyards were very variable. some had physical distancing and masks. i'm concerned about whether there could be an up tick toad todd: inconsistency has been maddening. also when it comes to hydroxychloroquine. i heard more studies says this thing doesn't work. look at your screen. here is smatter of them. this week we learned maybe it does work. i understand you spoke to somebody on the front lines of this latest development, that it does work. what can you tell us? >> todd, this is very encouraging. over 2500 patients were studied in the henry ford health system and they were given hydroxychloroquine within the first day or two of hospitalization. that is really important.
3:48 am
almost all of them on the first day or two. they were screened for cardiac symptoms, heart problems. none of them died from heart problems by the way in the study. i spoke to steve kaklanis, who is the head of the health system at henry ford hospitals. let's hear what he had to say. >> we found that the drug, hydroxychloroquine, cut the mortality rate in half. 13% of those who received hydroxychloroquine in our study passed away versus 26% of those patients who did not. we realize this study differs from others that have been published but our study had different dosing rate. we gave the drug considerably earlier than most others before the so-called sigh toe kind storm could kick in and monitored for cardiac disease and other preexisting conditions. todd: what is so frustrating, i want an answer, does this thing work or not?
3:49 am
when it comes down to it, i'm a lehman, i'm not a doctor, taking outpatients who have heart disease makes hydroxychloroquine work. if they don't have heart disease it doesn't. is it that simple? >> may be that simple. add early in the game, before you get inflammation. when you are starting to get the virus, it looks very encouraging. they are studying 3,000 health care workers just exposed to it out there in michigan and in brazil and peru. we'll have the results in september. this could be a game-changer now. this is the first big study that shows it may work early in the game, todd. todd: hopefully end the politicization of all of this. let's get down to the science. find out if it works, use it. if it doesn't, don't. make this thing simple. dr. siegel, we appreciate your time this morning the thank you so much. >> looks encouraging. todd: president trump ordering a creation after garden of national heroes and the list includes dr. martin luther king,
3:50 am
jr. dr. alveda king, dr. king's niece joins us live to react to the president's honor garden next.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪. >> yesterday i signed an executive order to create a brand new monument to our most beloved icons. the national garden of american heroes, that will feature the statues of the greatest americans who have ever lived. griff: president trump ordering a new monument to pay tribute to our nation's historical heroes including martin luther king, jr. jedediah: here to discuss is the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr., and fox news contributor,
3:54 am
alveda king. welcome to the show as always. always a pleasure to have you here. what is your take? do you think that this national garden of american heroes is a good idea? >> i actually do as long as we're speaking of our icons, people that we admire and we have to remember with history. we want to remember the good things, that is our legacy and so a memorial park or something like that is very beautiful. i love the susan b. anthony statue with frederick douglas in new york. there is a beautiful rose garden in the park of the martin luther king park in atlanta, you can walk through and meditate. those types of efforts and icons that good. as long as they're not idols, remembering the good things. we also have to remember the bad things so we don't do those again. that is very important as well. so i love the idea of the park and i have been to several parks
3:55 am
where the people are in their habitat. the people that we want to remember and celebrate. they're doing good things in the habitat. it is almost like a community as you walk through. so i believe that's very good what the president's doing. todd: alveda, here is a list of those going to be in the memorial garden. who else would you like to see memorialized and honored for what they have done for our nation? >> i believe my grandfather, martin luther king senior, would say, remember the least of these, nameless people who nobody ever heard of. something to remember them as well. so i believe that if it is really a memorial park, a memorial garden, you can learn your history and, even say, well we did this at that time. one time people were slaves. one time babies were being aborted in the womb, that wasn't good yet these people working very hard to see us as one brad.
3:56 am
acts 17:26, one human race. with history lessons explaining and technology, you could have films playing that kind of thing telling the story. i believe that would be wonderful. i just have so many people that i admire and i think we could do some unsung heroes too. griff: unsung heroes indeed. alveda king, the president says these are spirits for chapters yet unwritten. we hope that will indeed happen. have a great sunday. thanks for joining us today. check in with us, we find out more about this garden. thanks, alveda. >> thank you, bye. griff: out of this world salute for independence day. tribute from the international space station. you have to see it. it's amazing. that's coming up. it's time for the lowest prices of the season on
3:57 am
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♪. >> 244 years ago in philadelphia, the 56 signers of our declaration of independence pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to boldly proclaim this eternal truth, that we are all made equal by god. [applause] thanks to the courage of those patriots on july 4th, 1776, the american republic stands today as the greatest, most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the world. griff: good sunday morning.
4:01 am
we hope y'all had a great fourth. that was president trump celebrating, defending a america's history during his salute to america event in washington. todd: hours after his speech violent protests erupting including this one in baltimore. rioters toppling a christopher columbus statue before tossing it into a city harbor. [cheering] jedediah: in the nation's capitol, rioters burned american flags outside of the white house while chanting, america was never great. welcome, everyone, this is the 7:00 a.m. hour of "fox & friends" here today with griff jenkins, with todd piro. hope you all had an amazing day yesterday, celebrating this country. happy birthday america, once again. we saw a lot of fireworks. i don't know if you guys heard some fireworks. there were a lot of fireworks going on. we have some video from the macy's fireworks grand finale from the epfire state building.
4:02 am
gorgeous as always. we can also show you some of the fireworks that went on in d.c. which were also stunning to watch. obviously this year a little bit different. people couldn't gather to watch the fireworks in the same way they have in years past but the party for america went on and we were able to celebrate each of us in our own way. hoping you all got to do some of that stuff and -- griff, i know you enjoyed yourself. i saw some pictures on instagram of you running, never miss a beat. griff: we'll show that later. i ran to honor the sacrifices that men and women in the military have made for our country, a little 5-k. fireworks we're showing was not just a fireworks display. it was the biggest, most massive one the nation's capitol ever had. i was in full disclosure trying to go to bed. i thought it might never end. i obviously had to peek out the window because it was quite something,. todd: todd griff, while you were
4:03 am
running i was eating because i always do. i'm pete, jr., i guess. the president was blasting the angry mob trying to erase our history. this speech was literally just hours. before that teardown of a christopher columbus statue in baltimore i mentioned it. was dumped into a harbor. you can see the video on your screen there. that is sad. you can say what you want about christopher columbus, but something has to be done about all of this. the president speaking out about this yesterday. >> we are the descendants of the most daring and courageous people ever to walk on the face of the earth. that is why we pay tribute to generations of american heroes whose names have been etched on our monuments and memorial. we will never allow a angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our
4:04 am
children or trample on our freedoms. together we will fight for the american dream and we will defend, protect, and preserve american way of life. todd: look, it is important to hear these words from the president but i'm curious as to the next action. we heard a number of individuals, a number of vandals involved are being prosecuted but is this going to be an across the country thing? are we going to prosecute every single individual that we can catch, that we know has done something here to the fullest extent of the law. that is my first point on this. my second point. go back to christopher columbus for a moment. that happened in baltimore. griff, jed, who is a prominent politician currently in california that is originally from baltimore, who is also italian-american? that person of course is nanc jed can as well, christopher columbus is an important figure in the italian-american community,
4:05 am
whether you like what he did or not, when it comes to some of the bad stuff he did, he is worshiped, he is revered in the italian-american community. it is going to be interesting to see how this cuts when it comes to nancy pelosi. is she going with the mob that is currently taking over the democrat party or is she going to embrace her italian roots? i think we know what the answer is, but sure puts her in a really tricky situation. jedediah: so you know to answer your first question, todd, you have to hold people accountable, each and every time for this. people have gotten away with so much when it comes to cities like new york city, for example, los angeles, as well. the looting, the violence, the destruction. you can't let people get away with that even one time. it sends a message that it is okay. so you can have a problem with christopher columbus. we live in america. we are about to conversation, we are about peaceful protesting. all that is okay. when you suddenly decide that the way that you're going to have the so-called conversation, rip things down to destroy them,
4:06 am
throw them into the water, set things on fire, that is not how we do it here. you can't do that. you have to have leadership get involved. why you see president trump's executive order, he is doing what a lot of local leadership, mayors, governors, for example, have failed to do, hold people accountable for behavior that is not lawful. griff: great point, jed. at mount rushmore, teddy roosevelt's face, he said liberty without order or order without liberty is mutually destructive. when you're seeing with columbus, remember all this started with the tragic death of george floyd, it became a movement, passion, important movement a discussion about racial inequality in america. and so when you talk about statues that honor the civil war and those in the confederacy, that wanted to keep slavery and all of the context around taking down confederate statues, understood. but at some point you cross that line, it just becomes exactly that, a law and order issue and it is the president trying to
4:07 am
crack down. critics say his speech yesterday was divisive like it was the day before at mount rushmore, are really refuted when it comes to the some point you can't let lawlessness run in the streets, todd. todd: as we deal with the horrible situation unfolding throughout the country, there of course is another horrible situation, it is called covid-19, definitely not far from anybody's mind on this holiday weekend. the president praising front line workers battling the covid-19 pandemic as cases spike across our land. garrett tenney joins us live from d.c., with the president's message as two states see new daily records in covid-19 cases. garrett, good morning. reporter: with the new surge in coronavirus cases we're seeing numbers higher than we saw a few months ago during the deadliest phase of the pandemic. this weekend texas and florida are seeing the worst of it. both states reporting the largest single daily rise in confirmed cases since the
4:08 am
pandemic began. more than 11,000 in florida. more than 8,000 in texas. this comes days after alabama set a record for infections reported in a single day with more than 1700 confirmed cases. last night president trump alluded to those hot spots while paying tribute to those on the front lines. >> we're very grateful to be joined this evening by americans, battling on the front lines to kill the virus. i just want to say that america thanks you. reporter: officials across the country are bracing for a potential spike in cases, not only after the 4th of july weekend but after a month of protests from coast to coast. it will likely be a week or two though until we see whether or not not that happens. back to you all. griff: garrett tenney thanks
4:09 am
very much. garrett brings up a good point, guys. what will we see in terms after spike after the fourth of july? we saw all the pictures of people in the country coming out here in washington. not a ton as usual. many turned out for those fireworks and beaches getting out there. dr. marc siegel was on in the last hour saying, he, is concerned there will be an uptick. listen. of the. >> in florida, some beaches were stormed. some beaches were open. some beaches were closed. in arizona, which has been a hot spot, let's look at the colorado river, lake havasu had their fireworks on the colorado river, a big display, right? laughlin, nevada, canceled theirs. the same thing going on around the country. some canceled, some aren't. some had physical distancing, some didn't. i'm concerned about this whether there could be an uptick. jedediah: yeah. you know this is the concern, right? obviously it is better to be outdoors because it is less easy to spread the virus that way,
4:10 am
but sometimes you will see outdoor photos. i've seen them. i'm sure both of you have seen them as well, people are congregating in a way as if the virus is not happening. this is the thing. we rely on people to be responsible. we rely on personal responsibility f you're close to someone, put a mask on. if you're on a beach put a little distance between yourself and someone. you may not be worried about yourself but your behaviors may impact someone else who may not be able to handle the virus as well. when we learn of the virus, we hear about long term effects. a lot of symptoms are crazier than people realize. you have to take it seriously. if you're not worried about yourself, think about your fellow man and brothers and sisters. this is time to come together. some of these pictures. some on the boats, that looks fine. sometimes you see them, whoa on social media. people there is a virus out there. just be careful. todd: jed, to that point i think
4:11 am
we heard enough to that point over the last week concerning ending the political nature of the mask debate to your point. do what you need to do to protect yourself, do what you need to do to protect your family, make smart decisions. let's get past this, we enjoy things like baseball, going to the beach without worrying about this. generally enjoying live in america. griff: baseball, i can't wait, todd. two people dead, eight others are hurt after gunfire erupts inside of a south carolina nightclub. four people are in critical condition. four people were running out of the club as they were responding. the club was packed for a july 4th concert. no word on a suspect or motive. rare case of deadly brain-eating amoeba has been confirmed in florida. the case was reported in hillsborough county. fills did not say exactly where it happened. the amoeba is commonly found in
4:12 am
fresh water and can destroy brain tissue. contaminated water enters through the nose. florida has only recorded 37 cases since 1962. 9/11 memorial reopens to the public today. it has been closed since march because of the pandemic. family members, first line workers were allowed in. to remember survivors who died of covid-19. the museum remains closed for now. those are your headlines. good to see that memorial opening back up. jedediah: yeah it absolutely is. thanks so much, griff for that. still ahead, jeffrey epstein's ex-girlfriend, an alleged accomplice, faces jail unless she gives someone up. will she talk? we'll talk about the investigation next if stress worsens your digestive issues,
4:13 am
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♪ jedediah: jeffrey epstein former girlfriend and alleged accomplice, ghislaine maxwell set to be extradited to new york tomorrow where she could end up serving 35 years in prison. her best chance to walk is by giving up names for a plea deal but will she talk? our next guest dives deep into the full investigation in his new book, a convenient death, the mysterious demise of jeffrey epstein. daniel happen per joins me now. welcome to the show. the question on everyone's mind, will she talk. what do you say? >> i think she might. she has a lot to say, i think more than anybody else aside from jeffrey epstein, ghislaine maxwell was arrested last week, she can shed more light on this story than anybody. she knows a lot of the jeffrey epsteep secrets.
4:17 am
she helped introduce him to his social circle in new york city and including presidents, princes, people on top of the finance field, academic. she knows a lot. she is facing what would be for her probably life in prison. i think the right prosecutor can probably get her to talk. jedediah: daniel, a lot of very powerful people are probably very, very nervous out of fear what she might say. one of her closest confidants said she will not talk about prince andrew. prince andrew is a name that comes up almost immediately on everybody's mind. is he off limits, and if she does talk what things will you think come up here? >> she dated prince andrew, reportedly. she has a very close relationship. one of accusers who accused jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell said she introduced, ghislaine maxwell introduced the accuser to ghislaine maxwell
4:18 am
and. how much does donald trump, how much does bill barr, how much do they want to seek justice and how much pressure will they put on the system? these include diplomatic questions. are we going to start extraditing princes, maybe not be maybe. those are political questions and i think ghislaine maxwell if she talks, regardless whether the people end up being prosecuted i think it could shed a lot of light epus get to this mystery. why did of course her and jeffrey epstein, why did they not face justice for some years even though we knew their stories? these are important questions hopefully we get to the bottom of. jedediah: yeah, absolutely. it remains to be seen what is going to happen here, daniel. obviously the story is unfolding day-to-day. lots of curious folks watching. we'll keep following it. we'll have you back to talk about this some more. i will be checking that book out
4:19 am
as well, knowing that you did that deep dive. >> thanks, jed. i really appreciate it. jedediah: thanks so much. one company was ordered to take down its thin blue line flag. they did and they put up a bigger one but they weren't done there. stick around this is an athlete, twenty reps deep, sprinting past every leak in our softest, smoothest fabric. she's confident, protected, her strength respected. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you.
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♪. griff: time now for your news by the numbers. first 205%, that's how much shootings soar in new york city after the nypd disbanded the anti-crime unit. the "new york post" reporting that june was the city's most violent month since 1996. next, $250,000. that is how much mgm resorts in vegas lost because of a betting era. incorrect start times were
4:23 am
posted on korean and chinese baseball games. one person bet $250 and won $137,000. that is a good return on investment. todd? todd: sure is, griff, thank tha. quote, we don't need that flag, we need more dead cops that is one of the threats pro-police media company law enforcement today received demanding a they remove a thin blue line flag from their studio. how did the company respond? ordering the biggest thin blue line flag they could find, sending it across the country for officers to sign before hanging it up in their studio. joining us with more, the national spokesperson for law enforcement today, kyle reyes. what were some of the other threats an complaints you received? >> good morning, todd. we were inundated with comments from people telling us that we were nazis, we were racist and boot lickers. we were told they would burn
4:24 am
down our building, they would docks us and come after our families if we didn't remove the thin blue line flag. todd: i understand you have a bigger flag in your possession. bring that up to us now. describe the response you received with the big flag covered the screen multiple times over if you unfurled it? >> we reached out to thin blue line usa. we're taking down the flag because we want something much, much bigger. we announced on instagram we would send it to police departments around the country. i will be honest we were got 100 departments in the first 15 minutes to sign it. todd: what message does it send to the cancel culture? >> one of the problems we have now, it is not okay to have a voice and pro-law enforcement and understand the challenges these men and women go through
4:25 am
every day putting their lives on the line. we're told if you support law enforcement, your racist. the reality of it is, you can believe that all lives matter. you can believe black lives matter but you also can still stand behind law enforcement. we're here today, to simply say it is okay, okay for america to stop being the silent majority. to stand up to start fighting for what's right. todd: along those lines, kyle, you talk to cops every single day, not just from cities, from across, across our country. are they feeling the same anticop sentiment that officers in new york city are feeling? >> todd, we've been doing this a long time, i got to tell you man, the morale has never been more dangerous arguably. there is pa war on law enforcement. that is underway, whether you're nypd or you are a small local town you feel it. i think on the positive side of things, all across the country, we're seeing tremendous
4:26 am
americans come out support law enforcement, to drop off gifts at the department and baskets and postpositive sentiments online. we need to do more for the men and women every day put on a uniform and kiss their families good-bye and they don't know if they will come home at the end of the day. todd: 15 seconds remaining what will this flag do to take a bite out of anti-cop sentiment? >> people need to get in the fight. they need to stop op line and put out positive messages. the idea behind the flag, travel across america to departments across the country. we have a dozen flags that will fly around the country. we are here to bring people together again. todd: kyle reyes, thank you so much as always. keep up good work you're doing supporting our cops. we appreciate it. >> thanks,. todd: todd kanye west setting up political fireworks on the 4th of july tweeting that he is running for president. lawrence jones interviewed kanye
4:27 am
last year. he is here to react next. ♪
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
♪ ♪ you're a fire work
4:31 am
todd: all right, time for the shot in the morning. yesterday, a big day, 4th of july, independence day in our great nation. that means we were out doing work, including this guy in these glasses that he received at a event in 2018. there is a little grilling, did a little steak with my beautiful wife and my amazing in-laws and all that good stuff. unable to be near my parents. they're back in jersey. they are celebrating the fourth with the flag. get this, guys, my mom was able to tell me to teach my little niece, not pictured there, the importance of the flag. by the end of the day she was holding the flag and pretty proud of it. that is awesome. jedediah: i love that, todd. those are gorgeous pictures. so i had my first, yesterday my first 4th of july with my little man. there is hartley, my little guy. i miss him so much. so cute. of course the little boy, the little boy that never sleeps
4:32 am
decided to take a nap for the first time in i don't know how long and sleep solidly through our first trip to the beach. he is cutest, i eat him up right from here. griff: jed that photo is amazing. it is magazine cover quality. here are my wife, daughters, my dogs. they were already at the beach. will join them shortly. being stuck myself at home. i decided to run. i ran a 5 k. i ended in peacock cafe, my university favorite restaurant in d.c. i ran for the travis man i don't know foundation, running for those that made the nation as great as it is. i want to bring in lawrence jones, "fox nation" host. how was your fourth? what did you do? i know we will get to a topic
4:33 am
you want to weigh in on, that is kanye for president? >> good morning, you guys. hope you had a great fourth. i didn't get home back to texas to barbecue with my family. i put burgers on the grill and had some friends over. that was great. griff: what do you make of, lawrence of kanye announcing he may run? >> yeah. so this is interesting. you know, i'm a long time fan much kanye. i listened to his music. he always had a message of capitalism and community in his music. i always knew he was a conservative. seeing him getting involved in politics from a more traditional standpoint was interesting for me about four years ago but as for him running for president, i don't know. i put a call in, i interviewed him last november and i already put in another call to his reps to talk about this to see, because, look, you get one tweet from kanye but all of kanye.
4:34 am
he is an artist. you never know the full story he is talking about but it would give me great joy seeing someone focus on outreach in the black community, come up with an actual agenda to compete. griff: let's read the tweet, kanye writes we must realize the promise of america by trusting god, unifying our vision and building our future. i am running for president of the united states, #2020 vision. he didn't necessarily say he is running in 2020. he just says 2020vision. along the lines you alluded to, lawrence, describe how kanye thinks. describe how he would approach a big ticket item like this. face it he has done a lot of big ticket things in his career not just musically related. >> well, i mean, if there is one thing, first of all, i would encourage people to stop trying figure out kanye and go along with the journey. look, i always say that with
4:35 am
kanye, his biggest emphasis is people and he has the ability to get people to show up and get behind an idea. i remember last year, when you know, he started to focus on gospel music, i was interviewing a lot of parents in the church in houston, they said they are trying to get their kids to show up to church for a long time and they wouldn't do it. their kids were dragging their parents to church because kanye was telling them about the good news of jesus christ. one thing kanye has, much like president trump the ability to connect with people. i think some people think he is polarizing. i would caution people to take kanye serious, because he doesn't just have minorities, he has a lot of young people and by extension, their parents. jedediah: yeah, you know, lawrence, we had the images while you were speaking of kanye in the white house with the
4:36 am
president. people really waiting to see if president trump will weigh in on this. what i'm curious about though, could there potentially be a job for kanye in the administration? we talk about outreach. we talk about the need for someone to be compelling and get the compelling message out to young people to talk about issues of racial justice and align themselves potenti president, align themselves with the president to be advocate for a lot of those causes, is that a possibility? >> you know is obviously friends with the president. they have a close relationship but one thing kanye always stressed not working for someone, being his own man. what would make it difficult. i talked with kanye. he talked about policies that he supported the president as well as criminal justice reform being able to work with them on that, but kanye is such a different figure, much like president trump is. you know, when you work for an
4:37 am
administration, you got to get behind their message. kanye does things the kanye way. sometimes i don't have to understand, i have to go back through the lyrics to figure out what kanye is saying t would be problematic for him to join any administration because he is going to do kanye. griff: lawrence, remember if you had trouble with the lyrics, he told ellen in 2016 he suffers he can son i cannily see music and turn it into pictures. i will leave you with a question, he talked about a vision in the tweet, if he had a vision, what would be the main point of his vision? >> i think that he would stress, god, country, and liberty. liberty for all. equal justice for all. that is important, especially during this time. one thing, you know, kanye is not your typical conservative libertarian guy. he sees equally applies it. he has such a diverse group of
4:38 am
people that follow him. if you listen to his music, you will not be surprised by the platform he will produce. he has also one of the things as he has grown, there is emphasis on family and how important legacy and family is to him and i think a lot of americans feel the same way. griff: all right. lawrence jones. thanks as always. todd: griff got it. turning to your headlines. an l.a. police officer has died from coronavirus. senior detention officer eric mcadoo passing away on friday believed to be the first lapd officer to die from covid-19. the department says 287 employees are quarantined after being exposed to the virus. congressman adam kinzinger blasting nationwide calls to take down statues of historic figures. >> i think that is insanity.
4:39 am
that is symptom we have not emphasized our history enough. that is a political thing, if president trump was not president the left would not go into the statues and talk about how terrible america's history has been. todd: kinzinger said the statues should be used to show america has changed for the better. he warned that getting statues could lead to a darker future. a officer coming a few feet away from being hit by lightning. watch this. bolt of lightning striking the highway right where oklahoma trooper was walking. he ducked as it hit behind him. that trooper was helping another driver after equipment fell off of a trailer. check this out, pretty sweet, independence day greeting from outer space. astronaut doug hurley tweeting a photo of the american flag from the international space station wishing everyone a happy fourth.
4:40 am
hurley has been there since may. he is part of a historic mission that launched from american soil first time in nearly a decade. that united america for five minutes. then we decided to dissolve again. hopefully we can come back. one thing we can hopefully reunite over, rick reichmuth. is our amazing weather. jedediah: that is exactly right. our amazing weatherman, more importantly thanking. hey, what have you get for us today? rick: today looks a lot like yesterday did weatherwise. this is at passenger we're stuck in for a few more days. more severe weather across the northern plains. we move it across the east and see it across areas of minnesota and parts of the dakotas, back in towards wyoming. mostly we're talking about some wind and large hail. not a huge tornado threat today, that is good news. look at parts of the southeast, similar showers we saw yesterday. we'll see them fire up again
4:41 am
throughout the day today. some of these pretty strong cutting across parts of louisiana. can expect to see this reinvigorated throughout the day and next couple of days. we have a lot of moisture. it will be across parts of the southeast next couple days. moisture across parts of the rockies and high plains. get ready for more of that. want to show you what next number of days look like. this coming week, most of the moisture across parts of the south. maybe more thunder he especially across the carolinas. guys, backs to you. griff: thank you, rick. wet one down there. coming up hillary clinton says she could have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than president trump. is she right? former obama advisor robert wolf is on deck where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives or added nitrates or nitrites, it's all for the love of hot dogs.
4:42 am
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♪ ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. ♪. jedediah: we are back with some quick sports headlines. dodgers star pitcher david price is opting out of the 2020 mlb season because of the pandemic. he says it is in his family's
4:45 am
best interests not to play. the dodgers say they support his decision. several major leaguers including atlanta braves slugger freddy freeman have now tested positive for the virus. today nascar driver cory lajoye set to drive his trump 2020 car in a race in indianapolis. that is a partnership between the lajoye and patriots of america. quite a car. griff: can't wait to watch it. new car on the track. hillary clinton weighing in on the state of the 2020 race and imagining how she would have handled the coronavirus pandemic if she won four years ago. >> we wouldn't have been able to stop the pandemic at our borders the way that you know trump claimed in the beginning but we sure could have done a better jobs saving lives, modeling better, more responsible behavior. griff: here to react president obama's former economic advisor
4:46 am
robert wolf. robert, thanks for coming on. >> thanks, griff. griff: what do you make of this? armed chair quarterbacking for failed presidential candidates doesn't always look good, this one given certainly we're in the pandemic in a major way may be the wrong course of action? >> you know, listen i understand what secretary clinton is coming from, and i think she is speak about her perspective, the data doesn't lie, right? 80% of americans think we should wear masks. 60% of americans don't think we should have rallies. the president is upside down on how he is handling the coronavirus. she is are all fox news polls. so this is not some left-wing conspiracy theory. i have spoken to people like tom bossert, who is a republican and ron klain, a democrat, listen to a lot of different people who are experts in the field, let's be clear, from inception cdc came out with different things we've been doing and different states and the administration are not following them.
4:47 am
we put out exact mandates on how to open states and they had to have absolutely a reduction in covid, those people that are getting covid. what happened? is places like texas and florida have spiked because they didn't listen to the reopenings. now what are they doing? they're closing. so i think secretary clinton is only just repeating what most of the country is saying and i will just once again repeat fox news polls. griff: yeah. you know, robert, i'm not sure if clinton had won that she would have had much success getting all of the states to follow suit because ultimately it does comb down to a lot of leadership at the local level. i want to get to one other thing clinton said in the hollywood reporter interview, she would ask if she would beat president trump in november. here is your answer. >> if you were on the ballot in 2020, would you beat him? >> yes.
4:48 am
but, i think people believe that this is a referendum on him. griff: do you agree, robert? >> listen there, are 24 democrats that ran for president so i think, if you add secretary clinton there would be 25 that think they would be able to beat them. today there is no question, griff, that the polling is a referendum on trump. you're either with him or you're against him. that is where the polling begins. come labor day, this will be much more about vice president biden versus president trump. it will be much more who is best to take us into a recovery, where we are, what their policies, we are looking at things like climate change, criminal justice. people will have their vote. i would agree with you. i don't look backwards who would have won, who could have done, i'm looking prospectively, my opinion today -- sorry, go ahead. griff: i want to quickly, before we run out of time, you talk about biden up in the polls in a
4:49 am
major way but yet coming from the past the massachusetts miracle and former m 1 a 1 -- m tank commander weighing in, don't pay attention to the polls particularly this year. they should be studied cautiously. biden can and should b matter how weak your opponent is quickly, do you think he hase are in insofar as. let me touch base, dukakis was up 6 points before the democratic convention. he went up 17 points for a week. went back to seven. cratered in the debate. being a massachusetts boy, we know how the endgame worked out. we know at the end of the day what happens post labor day. everyone will have a vote. today i would rather be in
4:50 am
joe biden's position than donald trump's. griff: all in good spirit. robert wolf, thank you as always. fantastic insight. we shall see, we're only 120 days from november's election. thanks, robert. >> yep. griff: looking for a new ride and want to save some money? the used car market is booming. mike caudill is live with the tips you need to avoid getting a lemon next. ♪
4:51 am
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♪. griff: buckle up, americans are driving up the demand for used carss boosts up sales 17% higher
4:54 am
than predicted f you're in at market for a good ride, how can you steer clear of lemons? todd: joining us through this is our auto expert mike caudill. walk us through the lot. >> we're in miracle ford in tennessee. the sales numbers are looking good in the used car segment. they're up about 17%. the question is why? i'm here at dealership. you have two types of vehicles you can buy to protect yourself from getting a lemon. you can buy a used vehicle, in this case i will bring you down, certified preowned vehicle. you see it on the sign, when you come to a dealership, they will designate a certified preowned vehicle. they go through a check system, could be 240 different ways to check a vehicle. one of my top picks, last week the ford motor company made news with all new f-150.
4:55 am
this is the 2018 2008 edition of the f-150. it is utilitarian and people are looking to buy those vehicles. couple other picks in the suv category, i love the chevy tahoe. it is a nice, big, family suv and you can get a great price. if you want sedans, i give you two, honda accord or toyota camry. these vehicles never lose their residual value and they are safest best put together vehicles on the road f you look to buy a vehicle, always go to a dealership to find a certified preowned vehicle. if that doesn't fit you, look at older vehicles on the dealership lot. here is one thing to take into consideration. why are these vehicles -- they usually vehicles out after lease. they have it three years and return it in for a new vehicle. there are plenty of vehicles on the dealership, showroom floor
4:56 am
to look at. this is great time to buy a car if you need one. griff: hey, mike, let me ask you a little advice on the used car buying, it is pretty general question, is there a year, a number of years going back you want to look at? well, you mentioned a 2008 f-150. is that too far going back or is it five years or does it matter? >> griff that is a great question, i was here in tennessee, somebody asked me about buying cars. you can go back 10 years, vehicles today are built so much better than they were 15, 20 years ago. if you want a cpo vehicle, certified by a dealership, you will go back about three years. so i really want to be somewhere around 2017, 2008 18, so the vehicle is in the sweet spot mechanically sound.
4:57 am
jedediah: mike, thank you very much. appreciate it. have a great day. still president trump honoring our countries and heroes during his salute to america in washington. highlights from the nation's capitol. that is coming up next. ♪
4:58 am
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♪ >> no matter our race, color, religion, or creed, we are one america. and we put america first. we will not allow anyone to divide our citizens by race or background. we will not allow them to foment hate, discord, and distrust. we will hold fast and true to the sacred loyalties that link us all as neighbors, as americans, and as patriots. griff: president trump and we
5:01 am
begin with a -- after trump's fourth of july speech rioters toppling a christopher steele columbus statue in baltimore before tossing it into the city city's harbor. not even in the facing's hospital protesters burning america's flag outside the white house, and in portland police declaring a riot after protests there take a violent turn. jedediah: and overnight, two people are shot and skilled and eight others are hurt at a south carolina nightclub. gunfire also erupting in chicago where at least 22 people are hurt, four people died, including a 14-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. welcome, everyone, to this 8 a.m. hour "fox & friends" joined by todd piro, griff jenkins. yesterday was independence day, should have been a time for celebration, for coming together
5:02 am
together. unfortunately, as we referenced just now, some unfortunate realities happening with rioting with destruction, and with death and injury to many people as these protests turn violent, as we have seen seen in past weeks culminating in yesterday. griff: yeah, you're right, it is the morning after fourth of july and that's typically a pretty slow day, jed and todd, but, you know, this is a little bit of why we're having the president in his speech at the fourth of july, what used to be a picnic, trying to have to address what we're seeing in the streets and the lawlessness. set aside your political stripes stripes; there is a unified agreement, i think by most common-sense folks in the country that you can't have this lawlessness continuing, city after city, night after night, day after day. and the president was calling out the radical left as he tried to honor the military heroes in that salute to america speech. here's a little bit of what he had to say. trump: american heroes defeated
5:03 am
the nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists saved american values, upheld american principles, and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of the earth. we are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the marxists, the anarchists, the agitators, the looters, and people who in many instances have absolutely no clue what they were griff: now, there was swift condemnation from the left and some even in the media that the president should it be using that kind of language for a speech usually honoring the military, but the fact is, todd, people don't want to keep seeing what we're seeing in the street. todd: yeah, they don't want to see that but also we need to
5:04 am
take a step back and realize, yes, the last couple of weeks have been difficult in this country, but nevertheless we need to honor the brave men and women who allowed us to have our hot dogs yesterday and, in many instances, to protest. i'm going to get in trouble for this, but the individual i'm talking about, i was with a guy yesterday, this guy was shot down over germany on his birthday was a prisoner of war for a couple of weeks said you know what, i'm not enjoying this and he left, he walked out of a german pow camp, and now he's a very important part of my life. we need to honor these people and honor them, and the way that people are protesting right now is dishonoring them. one guy who has made a lot of sacrifices in his own life, we all know that is joey jones, retired marine corps bomb tech. here's what he had to say about the president responding to the mob. take a listen. >> it was not lost on me that president trump compared some of the antifa and people tearing
5:05 am
those statues to nazis, which is a play out of their own playbook playbook. and i think it was very clever, and i'm glad that he continued the rhetoric from the the night before mount rushmore. you know, these are things that fly in the face of american idealism, the idea that we can say anything in the public square and allow the debate to happen and allow ideas to come to life. and most importantly, the fact that we don't erase our history; we learn from it. these are all things that those groups are kind of standing in the face of and i'm proud our president is pushing back. jedediah: yeah. i mean, the president has had to weigh in on many of these things that he ordinarily may not have weighed in on because of what's gone around the country. it's terrifying to see what's happening in terms of the violent spikes in many of these cities in places like chicago, new york city to see just the complete abdication of their jobs by mayors and governors. so the president is stepping up and saying, listen, if you're not going to do your job to protect your cities, we are going to do it.
5:06 am
i'm going to issue this executive order to protect these monuments. that does not stop a conversation about confederate statutes and yes our flawed history and yes its flawed past and some sides we need to make in terms of criminal justice reform and whatnot but you cannot just approach a statue, destroy it, tear it down, that's not how we do things in this country hopefully. unfortunately that is what we're seeing right now but the hope is that we arrive at a better place place. so i think he has stepped up where others have not. and maybe this sounds a little bit more like a campaign speech right now because he has had to draw that line, that unfortunately local leadership has failed to do in terms of lawfulness and lawlessness. griff: well, you know, jed he's weighing in on the statues, but he's not weighing in on a possible contender in november and that is kanye west. here is what the rapper and clothing line star tweeted yesterday that caught our attention. he says, "we must now realize the promise of america by trusting god, unifying our vision, and building our future,
5:07 am
i am running for president of the united states, #2020vision. he got, by the way, his first supporter of serious recognition elon musk who tweeted, "you have my full support." kind of an interesting development indeed. not sure whether he's serious or not. to our knowledge he hasn't filed with the f.e.c. but kind of a new and fresh development perhaps, todd. todd: yeah, as we try to get into the mind of kanye we talked with lawrence jones about what this means. here's what lawrence has to say. >> one thing that kanye has much like president trump is the ability to connect people. and i understand some people may think that he's polarizing but i would caution people to take kanye serious because he doesn't just have minorities. he has a lot of young people, and, by extension, their parents parents. kanye is not your typical
5:08 am
conservative, libertarian guy. he sees it, equally applies it. he has such a diverse group of people that follow him. but if you listen to his music, you will not be surprised by the platform he'll produce. jedediah: yeah. he's a very -- todd: sorry. jedediah: yeah, go ahead, todd. you take it away. todd: no, no, underground. i apologize. you take it away. jedediah: was just going to say he's an interesting figure and remember not too long ago people were saying "donald trump? he's got to be kidding approximate. he's never going to be president president." so this is the age of interesting figures running for political office because they feel abandoned by typical politicians. i don't know if he's serious. he certainly would bring something new and different to the table, certainly not afraid of opinions that some people may have a problem with and others may love but i think he's a charismatic figure and he definitely wants to make his voice heard regardless so i'll be waiting to see. i don't know.
5:09 am
we'll see what happens, griff. griff: well, jed, he's going to have to take the "make america great again" hat off if he's going to compete against president trump. the campaign was asked by fox's white house correspondent mark meredith if they had a comment. they said "no comment." i think what is fascinating is you point out correctly, jed, that he is a guy that draws a lot of attention. remember even going all the way back to hurricane katrina, he had controversial remarks about george w. bush, but he got headlines, he got a lot of attention. and so when he tweets something like he did yesterday about a vision, there's a thirst for vision in where we go with the moment we're in, because it's so unprecedented. it will be fascinating to see what he follows up with perhaps in the coming days or weeks. todd: i would just add that lawrence had a really interesting point. i think jed alluded to this earlier. really saying, you know, if the president really wants to tap into the kanye-ness that is happening right now, bring him into the administration.
5:10 am
i know lawrence said he probably wouldn't want to work for somebody but, hey, with kanye, you never know and if there's an opportunitior outreach to people that, quite frankly, haven't had their voices heard, now is the time to do it especially with everything that's going on in our world right .ow jedediah: yeah, great way to put it approximate, todd. with kanye, kanye you just never know. well, said. turning to some headlines now beginning with a fox news alert. a protester struck by a car in seattle has died. summer taylor was one of two people hit and launched in the air by a speeding car. we paused the video right before that happened. the other person remains in intensive care. a memorial was held for taylor overnight, and the driver is behind bars without bail. washington state patrol are no longer allowing protesters on the interstate. and coronavirus cases dropping below 50,000 in the u.s. for the first time in four days. just over 45,000 cases were reported on saturday, putting the country's total over 2.8
5:11 am
million. incredible. nearly 130,000 people have died. both florida and texas have also set new record daily highs. the two states making up for over a third of new cases in the country, despite the staggering numbers, massive crowds could be seen across the country at beaches and restaurants not following social distancing guidelines. and overnight, the u.s. air force flying a b-52 bomber over the south china sea. it flew from an air force base in louisiana to take part in exercises with two aircraft carriers before landing at a base in guam. the entire mission took 28 hours hours. the air force says it wanted to show america's commitment to security and stability in the region. and check this out. an nfl lineman catches a fish that's bigger than him. jacksonville jaguars appraiser j jawon taylor reeling in the massive grouper while finishing with friends, the fish weighing in at 400 pounds. look how big it is.
5:12 am
taylor sharing the catch on twitter with the caption, "fish of a lifetime." and those are your headlines. todd, that is an enormous -- i have never seen a fish that large. todd: i mean, that's the dream, jed, that is the dream. you can go your entire life, like an expert fisherman and never in your entire life catch something like that. that was awesome. griff: you know, that video, real quick -- that video, the grouper, this 400 pound beast is just sort of, you know, limp and slow coming in. i mean, having caught a lot of grouper in my time much smaller than that, they fight. it must have been one whale of a fight. todd: he's tired. he needs a break. speaking of the shore and all fun stuff that involves the shore in to your memory, new jersey's governor closing indoor dining indefinitely ahead of the fourth of july weekend. wildwood mayor pete byron says time's really running out to save businesses at the jersey
5:13 am
store. he speaks out coming up next. ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ griff: welcome back. well, in just a few hours in south carolina thousands of pro- pro-trump voters set to embark on what they plan to be the world's largest boat parade ever ever. the parade organizers say they aim to prove the so-called silent majority will be the trump card in november. here to explain lake murray trump boat parade organizers presley setz and brian branstade branstader. this is something. first walk through me what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and why you're doing it. >> hey, griff, good morning. i'm going to let brian talk to you about what's going to happen and we'll talk to you about what we're going to be doing today.
5:17 am
brian? >> sure. well, thank you. obviously it already started this morning probably about 6 a.m. where we started to see the boats roll in. the official parade doesn't start 'til 3 p.m., in which you're going to go out to the main channel, if you've never been to lake murray, south carolina, you should get here. it's an absolutely wonderful place. main channel, we've got about a 12 mile run down to the dam, which will be lined up with people, and we'll have the boats taking a loop and we'll be basically having a flotilla throughout the course of the day day. we've got parachuters that are coming down starting at 2 and then we've got a deejay coming out on the lake shortly after that. griff: we're live on tv. it's almost 8:20 in the morning here and we've got some excited boaters. we got a hundred votes, griff, 2500, maybe 3,000 boaters out here today. about a month ago i want to give
5:18 am
a shout-out to j.c. he had this idea, let's do a trump boat parade on lake murray here in south carolina, and it has mushroomed. and what we're trying to say, griff, is this. we love president donald trump. and there's a huge contingent of tens of millions of silent majority trump supporters. you're not going to see us out in the streets looting or rioting or burning things. you're going to see us being productive citizens. and we're here, and we want to let the president know that we love him and that we support him him. and, mr. president, we would hope that you're watching us this morning and between 1:15 and 1:30 this afternoon, sir, you've got my number. give us a call. we're going to broadcast that to the thousands of boaters. griff, when you expect to have 15 to 20,000 people in these boats out here today on lake murray and then we have all the landlubbers, the people that are
5:19 am
standing by the shore, i don't know; we could have 20, 25,000 people watching this boat parade today; so we're really excited about it. griff: well, presley, brian, be safe out there today. i know the president will be watching. i hope you break that guinness book of world records and i hope you don't have any protests or anyone trying to explain what you're doing out there. presley and brian, thanks so much. [loud cheers] griff: cheers coming from lake murray, great place in south carolina. all right. president trump signing an extension for the small business loan program. how big of a lifeline is this? charles payne crunching the numbers next. safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! he's here.
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jedediah: we are back with some quick headlines. one of the ex-police officers charged in george floyd's death is out of jail. tu tao was freed after posting bond. he was the third to be released. he is shown standing by as the knee is on george floyd's neck. an upstate new york man is arrested in connection with to an molotov attack on n.y.p.d. officers. timothy amerman admitted to giving samantha has hadder explosives, which she is accused of throwing at a police vehicle in may. faces up to ten years in prison. todd and griff, this is something we have seen a lot when it comes to the nypd. i spoke to a police officer just yesterday who was saying that it's impossible to do their job in new york city at this point. they feel so unsupported by bill de blasio that when things happen with respect to these protests, some officers are just throwing their hands up and saying, you know what? i'm outta here.
5:24 am
i can't do this anymore because their funding has been slashed, they know that de blasio's not in their corner and they know that the media, everything they do, every inch is being scrutinized so heavily, they're just waiting, they say i'm waiting for anti-police sediment to follow my every move. it's a distressing time for police officers right now. griff: while morale drops, the number of shootings soaring 205 percent in new york. they went from 38 to 116 just from june 15th to july 2nd. and if that doesn't trouble you in the face of the morale dropping at the n.y.p.d. and the number of officers on the street going much lower, that increase, by the way, directly connected to the disbanding of their anti- anti-crime units, the future doesn't look good in new york city. todd? todd: well, griff, to that point what makes this even more concerning is that it's not just new york city. we heard from carl reyes in the
5:25 am
last hour. he's the spokesperson for law enforcement today. he's talking to cops on a day in and day out basis, and he says saying, look. no matter where you are in the country morale is at an all-time low. he's never seen anything like this. and that's a big problem. quite frankly, we need cops to keep us safe. if i'm president trump, what i do is make this a two issue election, safety and economy, forget everything else, try to win in 2020. with that, the president praising front line workers battling the covid-19 pandemic as cases across our country spike. garrett tenney joining us live from washington with the president's message as two states see new daily records in covid-19 cases. garrett, good morning. >> hey, good morning, y'all. there's a lot of concern about this new wave of a surge in cases across the country because just a few months ago during the deadliest phase of this pandemic we are seeing numbers now that are higher than we saw then. this weekend alone, florida and texas are seeing the worst of it with both states reporting the
5:26 am
largest daily rise in confirmed cases since the pandemic began. more than 11,000 in florida. more than 8,000 in texas. this comes just after alabama set a record of cases in a single day with more than cases. last night president trump alluded to those hot spots while paying tribute to those on the front lines of this fight. trump: we're very grateful to be joined this evening by americans battling on the front lines to kill the virus. i just want to say that america thanks you. >> yeah. and officials are concerned that after the fourth of july weekend even though crowds were smaller, that we may see a spike in cases across the country in a week or two when those cases show up, not just from fourth of july weekend, though. of course, from the large protests we've seen over the past month as well. back to y'all.
5:27 am
griff: later, garrett tenney, thank you. you know, guys, garrett talk about the likelihood to see a spike following the fourth of july weekend. we had dr. siegel on. he said he agrees there's going to be a spike. it's fascinating to me, jed, that we're likely going to hear some form of the president responding to spikes from now until november because it's clear that the pandemic's not going to go away. it comes as we're all talking about ways to social distance, wear masks and all these other things. but it's certainly going to be something that he has to keep dealing with. and, you know, you do see some of these pictures where people are simply not using common sense by gathering in masks in areas and they're not thinking about the fact that they would possibly get the virus, being asymptomatic and then go spread it somewhere else. jedediah: yeah. we obviously need people to be responsible, not just for themselves, but to think of the other person who's standing near them. the reality is also, though,
5:28 am
people are exhausted. and they're really hungry for normalcy again. they want to just be normal. i know so many people saying, "i just want to look at someone without a mask on anymore." this has been going on for a very long time so human nature is to crave that normalcy so we're going to have to strike some kind of balance here but alls prioritizing, protecting each other from this virus. so we'll see what happens and where the president weighs in on this next. but for now the president is signing an extension for the small business loan program. how big of a lifeline is this to the community? charles payne is crunching the numbers and he joins us next on "all things business." granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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i've been involved in. communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
5:32 am
it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. jedediah: oh, you got it! griff: nailed it. it's your shot of the morning. yesterday we showed you that dad dad's eggsplosive trick that's now going viral after an egg with his bicep. todd: our very own pete hegseth just found, not nearly as easy as it's, ahem, cracked up to be. take it away, heg heth. >> come on! aw, aw. >> maybe it's hard-boiled. >> it is hard-boiled. >> all right. let's see if it's hard-boiled.
5:33 am
>> nope. >> it's not hard-boiled. i couldn't do it. jedediah: oh, man, pete, you gave it your best shot. i love that he's like, it must be hard-boiled, something's wrong here. clearly i would be able to do it it. i love it. he gave it a good try. that looks harder -- i knew he was going to feel real confident about it but it looked harder than he thought. i knew it. griff: at least he is willing to get a little bit of self- self-deprecating humor out of it it. i mean, he's got the guns clearly and tattoos to intimidate the egg, if that helps but then afterwards willing to make fun of it a little bit himself and crack the egg on his head which is my favorite part of it. clearly his head is tougher than his biceps. todd: we go now to a man who's so strong that if he did this, not only would he crack an egg but he can make an entire omelet the great chairles payne, the host of "making money" on fox
5:34 am
business. he is guest hosting sunday morning futures. charles, great to have you here. there's a situation going on out there. the president signing legislation that's going to extend the deadline for businesses to apply for aid under ppp. there's 130 million bucks that hasn't been scooped up. why hasn't it been scooped up? >> yeah, 130 billion bucks. and -- todd: i said million i'm sorry. i forgot a b. >> it all makes a difference; right? good thing is not a t, but here's the thing. a lot of very small businesses -- i'm talking about like sole practitioners, one employee, two employees, for whatever reason, initial sole business owners weren't even allowed, they came in a week later. there are certain business models that haven't had a chance to get to this money and for whatever reason, we know companies in very small businesses are suffering, they're going out of business. now, some are saying they're just having a hard time complying. susan collins put in some
5:35 am
legislation earlier in the week to provide some money so companies can adhere to the new rules; so they want to buy masks they want to be able to buy plexiglas, they want to be able to do the things the cdc says we must do in order to stay in business. remember you've been talking all morning about states putting a pause on reopening, these restaurants, for instance, they're living day to day, minute to minute. if you look at where the money has been distributed, the biggest state by far is california. they just opened and already there's restrictions. so if you're a small business owner there, you probably have gone through the ppe, you haven't gotten enough; so there's a lot to be done with this money, and including something to help liability. again, a small business owner, if you open up and someone says they got covid-19 because they went to your restaurant, you effectively will be out of business. so there's a lot of things to be done with this $130 billion for sure. jedediah: you know, charles, we've recently seen some
5:36 am
positive signs when it comes to the economy, post-that initial phase of the pandemic where so many businesses shut down. we're seeing improvements when it comes to the employment numbers and whatnot. but this is going to be a key issue in 2020, and joe biden is going to talk a lot about the pandemic and he's going to claim that president trump did not handle this well and that the economy suffered. so what is this going to look like for president trump looking -- moving forward based on what you see right now? >> the last two months have been beyond mind-boggling. they really have been. i mean, of course we were in the midst of deaths, we're in the midst of a pandemic. it's a time period of despair. but it is against that backdrop that we've seen something remarkable. two months ago all the experts said we were going to lose eight million jobs in this country. turns out we almost created three million. last month the number was going to be three million; it was almost five million jobs. so it's not just the jobs. manufacturing data for the last couple of months has been absolutely through the roof. consumer confidence has really gotten much firmer and stronger. we are doing something in this
5:37 am
country against a backdrop of something no one alive has ever dealt with before and we're doing it better than anyone thought. so there will be some bumps in the road, but we can keep this momentum going, you know, make some changes, adjustments to personal behavior, reopen if you will in places like florida and texas. i think we're going to continue to see numbers that will astound the experts. we won't be all the way back by november but we'll see the glimmer of hope. remember under the obama-biden administration a lot was talked about green shoots, not the economy coming back but celebrating small victories. we've got some pretty large victories we should be celebrating and to give us more hope. we're not out of the we're not out of the woods but we're faster than anyone thought we could. griff: good point, charles. speaking of the momentum going, you're going to do that in less than han hour and a half on sunday morning futures filling in for maria.
5:38 am
what-of-you got coming up? >> marsha blackburne, so many things to talk with her. president trump's speech, particularly in mount rushmore, the media coverage versus what was actually in there. i just tweeted if they had been able to put music to it it could have been like "hamilton." "hamilton.". instead it was the most divisive racist speech in history. but i want to talk to her about where we're going and of course he's passionate about a whole lot of other topics as well so we'll be talking about a lot. also we haven't talked a lot about china. china's got some serious issues. their economy is still cracking up. there's hong kong. and now the world is turning against them which is something they haven't seen. they've been able to write a check to muzzle everyone including our european allies. that's not working anymore. australia's taking the fight to them, india's taking a fight to them. everyone knows they've treated everyone failure, and now they're pushing back.
5:39 am
is i've got gordon chang to talk about that as well. todd: charles payne, as always, we appreciate it. have a great show. turning now to your headlines, a woman falls to her death while taking photos at the grand canyon. park officials say the arizona woman accidentally stepped off a ledge while hiking off trail with family. she fell about a hundred feet. her body recovered overnight. park officials are reminding visitors stay behind fences on designated trails. that's so important. a police chief and former secret service agent shot protecting president reagan retiring now from law enforcement. there he is right there in that circle, photo taken just moments before tim mccarthy was shot in the chest on march 30th 1981, the day john hinckley tried assassinating reagan outside a washington hotel. he also worked under president jimmy carter before serving as a police chief in illinois. he's officially going to retire on august 1st after 48 years in law enforcement. we certainly wish him the very best. if you're a yankee fan like
5:40 am
many this sure ruined your day, and it wasn't great for tan a/k/a. ouch. he's out of the hospital after being hit in the head, line drive off of his teammate, being giancarlo stanton. the great news about this, he is no longer showing concussion symptoms. a/k/a then thanking fans for sharing encouraging words on twitter -- oh, gosh, i can't watch it anymore -- saying he has plans to get back on the pitcher's mount. teaming up with the family dog with a violin to perform the national anthem. check this out. [violin playing and dog howling]
5:41 am
todd: that's poly, great name for a dog and her boston terrier terrier. they're all howling along to the star-spangled banner. she posted that video in honor of independence .ay jedediah: i feel bad because my dog can't do that. my dog only knows how to bark and clearly it's not proficient in the art of the song. so this is amazing. this made my entire day. oh. adorable. griff: cutest thing ever. good for those terriers. so musical. lights talk to rick now who is wondering what in the world is he going to toss to with a howling, singing dog, and a violinist. just give me the weather. >> you know that dog is saying " "stop." that's all he's saying, he's like "stop, stop, make it stop." that's all that is, i promise you. my dogs do the exact same thing.
5:42 am
all right, guys, here you go. here's your temperatures as you're waking up this morning. it's hot across the eastern part of the country. that's going to be our biggest story that we have this week, which isn't that bad if that's our biggest story. we don't have that much going on on. we do have some rain across parts of the south, some of it in florida over the next few days is going to be heavy and some of it across parts of the carolinas into george and maybe into alabama as well. scattered showers from time to time, some thunderstorms. an area of disturbance that is going to build up here, that is going to bring us some kind of but she haddy weather for about the next three to four days, maybe a little bit of flooding as well. some severe weather to be had again today across parts of the far northern plains, mostly some wind, mostly some hail, no tornadoes yet, but as stripe as your cold front moves through, a cooler front i should call it that's going to be bring a little bit of severe weather. notice your temperatures, warm again today all across the high plains. that is going to be our story, almost everybody dealing with
5:43 am
temps flirting with the nineties over the next few days to the east of the rocky mountains. all right, guys, back to you. todd: rick, thank you very much. to clear up the confusion, i did have a dog once named poly. somebody we do know, he's slamming president trump in a new op-ed saying he quote " "erodes america's foundation." r.n.c. national spokesperson liz harrington has a message about that op-ed. she sounds off next. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. protected lifetime income from an annuity can help your retirement plan ride out turbulent times. learn more at are you currently using a whitening toothpaste, but not seeing results? try crest 3d whitestrips. its enamel-safe formula lifts and removes stains to provide 100% noticeably whiter teeth or your money back. try crest 3d whitestrips. and get way more.ith wso you can bring yours
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5:46 am
jedediah: ahead of president trump's salute to america yesterday, joe biden releasing a scathing op-ed blasting the president for destroying our democracy. biden writing, quote, "he has made it clear time and again that he won't hesitate to tear apart our most cherished democratic structures for an ounce of personal gain. as president, i will take immediate action to reverse the damage donald trump has done to our core democratic rights and
5:47 am
institutions." here to react r.n.c. national spokesperson liz harrington. liz, welcome to the show. thank you so much for being here here. i'm sure you read the op-ed. first and foremost what's your reaction and rebound to biden's words? >> well, it's amazing for joe biden to talk about eroding our foundation when his party is taking a sledgehammer to it. they're saying you can't go to mount rushmore, you can't celebrate washington, jefferson, and lincoln, you can't uplift our rich history and celebrate it on our independence day. his party is trying to rewrite history, tear it all down, and it's very fitting that joe biden in this op-ed, has the audacity to literally rewrite the greatest foundational document in the history of mankind, the declaration of independence. his woke staffers changed it to "not all men are created equal. all people are created equal and are guaranteed equality throughout life." that is not a constitutional republic that we were founded on on freedom of opportunity.
5:48 am
that's the same radical-left socialism that has taken over his party. that is really not just eroding our foundation, but rewriting it and out to destroy it. jedediah: liz, let's take a listen to something that joe biden had to say, and then i have a question for you about. let's listen. >> we have a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country. we have a chance to live up to the words that have founded this nation. jedediah: now, liz, he says, "we have a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of the country." joe biden has been in politics since the age of the dinosaur. i mean, he has been there for a very long time. why has he done nothing? i mean, if anything, doesn't joe biden's record on criminal justice reform and on social justice, isn't it severely lacking? >> absolutely. and he says our only way to fulfill the promise of our founding is by electing the 77
5:49 am
77-year-old, white, career politician who spent a half a century in washington and never delivered on those promises. he's never rebuilt the middle class. he's never followed through on rebuilding our cities, on giving opportunity for all. look at what president trump was able to do in less than four years. the best economy we've ever seen lifting up everyone's livelihoods, for every american, opening up those doors to opportunity. that is aspirational. that is living up to our founding. president trump did it once. he's already doing it again. it's not dark and divisive like the new york times says, to say that americans can do anything we want. we can dream; we can build; we can have our freedom and do anything. that is what president trump stands for, and joe biden represents the failure of democrat policies the last 50 years. jedediah: well, thanks so much for being here, liz. very clear contrast between two candidates will emerge, and that
5:50 am
is for sure. appreciate your voice, as alway. >> absolutely. you bet. jedediah: you have seen chip wade giving us home improvement trips during covid-19, now he's doing a cross run rv trip and showing us some must-have toys along the way. don't miss it, coming up next. businesses are starting to bounce back.
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bbut what if you couldg do better than that? like adapt. discover. deliver, in new ways, to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back, but bounce forward. and now, with one of our best offers ever, we're committed to helping you do just that. get a powerful and reliable internet and voice solution for only $29.95 a month for three months. call or go online today.
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♪ griff: have you heard about this this? rv sales surging. in fact, according to a new study be, 46 million americans plan to take an rv trip in the next year and even the president has expressed interest. trump: i'm going to have to buy one of those things, drive around town. maybe i'll drive back to new york with our first lady. griff: our next guest is set to embark on a cross-country rv
5:54 am
trip today and is breaking down the gear you should get if you're planning a road trip adventure. joining us now is do it yourself expert chip wade. chip, you're literally about to get in the car, in the rv, pulling -- what are you taking? >> i have a lot of tools and products that are insightful for folks about to go on a family trip. bring along some portable power with you. these are mobile power sources from riobi. this actual is an 18-volt model that uses that same one-police system. this battery works with over 125 tools. so it really makes it easy, if you need a little bit more power than 150 watts, we've got the 300-watt option on the 40-volt. there's 40 different tools that work with this. so put in your backpack but you have a lot of different opportunities. we also have the inflator- inflator-deflator from riobi. this also uses that same 18-volt battery, really, really awesome. it will inflate a twin size mattress in about 30 seconds.
5:55 am
it will inflate your truck tires or some blowup paddle boards which we're going to be using here very, very shortly. check this guy out, though, if you're a truck person -- jedediah: tell us about -- y.ah, >> yeah. so the diamondback cover is a structural cover that holds up to 1600 pounds. i've got my yemen atv we're going to take out there. all this room underneath that we're going to be able to pack with storage which everybody can use storage; right? griff: i need a high quality mattress whenever i travel and i understand that you have a high quality mattress there from king and queen mattress company. >> we do. in fact, the rvs are notorious for awful mattresses 'cause they're six inches shorter so they have those awful twin pads. i called up king and queen. they made me a custom one, just like like the one in my master bedroom. i'm taking the same size with me on my trip. there's no reason not to. if you like luxury i also like the idea of eating well as well
5:56 am
on the road. so what i did is i went and ordered some steaks. now, these are the same types of companies that in the past have been exclusive to those high-end restaurants and steakhouses in new york. well, that i use more demand now from consumers. i got one from holy grail steak company. this is premium kobe beef, premium wagyu, awesome marbly stuff, it's awesome. they drop ship it to me here. i have another shipment coming in colorado. i'm going to grill this up. it's going to be amazing. jedediah: talk to us about coffee, chip. >> so the coffee maker again, this is a full circle; right? we've got the jerica presso one touch. i'm not scrimping out. i'm taking quality premium pressure brewed coffee with me, the same one that i have at the house. so premium coffee, premium mattress, premium tools, fun for the family, there's no excuses. you guys can follow all this at
5:57 am
we'll be traveling all over the u.s. next griff: chip, have one, travel safe, we'll look forward to checking in with you. todd: a big final hour again. acting c.b.p. mike huckabee -- in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at
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. . .
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6:00 am
>> 244 years ago in philadelphia, the 56 signers of our declaration of independence pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to boldly proclaim this eternal truth, that we are all made equal by god. thanks to the courage of those patriots on july 4th, 1776, the american republic stands today as the greatest, most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the
6:01 am
world. griff: good sunday morning. welcome to the final hour of "fox & friends" we"fox & friend" that was president trump celebrating america's history during the salute to america event in washington. todd: hours after the speech, violent protests erupted including this one in balls more, rioters -- baltimore, rioters toppling a christopher columbus statue before tossing it into the harbor. jedediah: and in the nation's capital, rioters burn american flags outside the white house while chanting, america was never great. thank you, everyone, for being here with us. we are in that fourth hour of "fox & friends." thanks for joining me, griff jenkins, todd piro, breaking down the latest. yesterday was independence day. once again, we wish everyone a happy independence day weekend and we have fireworks to show you. macy's fireworks grand finale from the empire state building,
6:02 am
was beautiful, stunning as always. we also have d.c. fireworks to show. they did not disappoint. pretty grand showing there as well. and of course this year is a little different because a lot of people were concerned about gathering amid the coronavirus. so they were watching these fireworks from a distance but nonetheless the fireworks allow them the chance to celebrate. you see there president trump and the first lady enjoying them, taking a moment to reflect on the values that built this country, the freedoms that we cherish so deeply, and the family that we hopefully got to celebrate with yesterday. also important at this time, when there is so much division around the country, griff. griff: a lot of people turned out to see the fireworks, not like in years past but unlike years past this was the biggest fireworks show d.c. has ever seen, along with an air show. it was really quite something to get back to it. i know i enjoyed the normalcy of
6:03 am
hearing fireworks on the 4th of july. stepping back, breathing, taking stock of what we've been through for the last few months. it's perhaps because of what we saw in baltimore with that christopher columbus statue being torn down and dumped into the boston harbor that the president felt compelled to address and blasting -- there it is you see what happened there in baltimore, just dump it in the harbor but the president blasted the mobs, specifically for stuff like that. here's what the president said yesterday. >> we are the di sense -- decedents of the most daring and courageous people to of ever walk on the face of the earth. that is why we pay tribute to generations of american heroes whose names are etched on our monuments and memorials. we will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our
6:04 am
children or trample on our freedoms. together, we will fight for the american dream and we will defend, protect, and preserve american way of life. griff: the president there really, todd, getting to the point that, you know, our present greatness very much because of our past sacrifices. todd: when i hear things like that, especially around holiday time, you know, new year's eve, going into new year's day, you want to have a great year ahead of you, look forward to bucking up and making your life better. on july 4th, that's what you think about when you think about the country, bucking up and making the country better. i'm struck by the fact that if everybody put as much effort into making our country the greatest that it can possibly be, and that doesn't mean ignoring its problems, because we certainly have problems, but funneling that effort into solving those problems as opposed to senseless acts of
6:05 am
violence, senseless acts of rioting, how awesome our country would be and ultimately we would chip away at those problems that these individuals who are acting out are speaking about. and that's my poly anna view of the world. it would be amazing if we could get there. but we see the scenes like in baltimore, like we've seen throughout our country over the past couple weeks. jedediah: we've unfortunately witnessed so much destruction when it comes to looting, people's businesses being destroyed, statues being desecrated and flags being burned. we all witnessed the horrific death of george floyd. that could have been a moment of unity. where so many of us could have joined hands and said we need to fight for justice, we need to fight for blis police reform. this could have been a moment. a fierce anti-cop sentiment penetrated so many cities, cops felt aban bond by -- abandoned
6:06 am
by mayors and governors. it tears down the valuable conversations and potential lawful removal of statues or revisions of things that could have happened. instead, we're trying to constantly cover and trying to squash the violence that we see and that's an unfortunate reality and not something that people around the country want to be experiencing. along with that has come an uptick in crime and all sorts of dangerous consequences, griff. griff: yeah, the president raising the alarm on that but he's also praising frontline workers, battling the covid-19 papandemic across the country. garrett tenney joins us live from washington where the president's message, as two states see record spikes in covid-19 cases. >> reporter: the number of new cases are on the rise in more than half of the country. part of that is due to an increase in testing. but the rate of infection is what's concerning in a number of states that are being hit harder
6:07 am
now than they were just a few months ago during the deadliest phase of the pandemic. this weekend, florida and texas reported the largest daily rise in confirmed cases since the pandemic began, more than 8,000 in texas, more than 11,000 in florida. on thursday, florida reported six times the number of new cases than the previous daily record that was set a month ago. and alabama hit a new record for infections reported in a single day with more than 1700 confirmed cases. last night, president trump alluded to those hot spots while defending his administration's handling of the virus and paying tribute to those on the frontlines. >> we're very grateful to be joined this evening by americans battling on the frontlines to kill the virus. i just want to say that america thanks you. >> reporter: while the coronavirus shut down most 4th of july events, officials are
6:08 am
still expecting to see some kind of spike in new cases after the holiday weekend, though it will be likely be a week or two until we see if the spike happens and how severe it might be. that's what we'll be watching. back to you. todd: garrett, thank you very much. look, we're all sick and tired of the boringness of our lives over the course of the next couple months. we all want this to end. but you heard the president double down on this with his blake berman interview earlier this week. thlet's focus on what we need to do to move forward as a nation to be safe. as you heard from garrett's report and as we heard dr. siegel allude to earlier, not everybody is on-board with this. here's what dr. siegel said earlier. >> in florida, some beaches were stormed. some beaches were opened.
6:09 am
some beaches were closed. in arizona, which has been a hot spot, let's look at the colorado river. laklake havasu had their firewos on the colorado river. but laughlin, nevada canceled there. some canceled, some were on. some had physical distancing and masks. some didn't. i'm concerned about this, whether there could be an uptick. jedediah: yeah, you know, the upticks are not surprising. it is a holiday. people gather and also people are exhausted. so many people initially obeyed the orders and as the months and weeks passed, you get tired and you crave that return to normalcy. it's time to just remind people that that's a sentiment that many of us understand and it's a real sentiment that many of us feel but have you to be responsible. this is a time that relies on personal responsibility because what you do has the potential to impact other people around you and those people may be people that are more vulnerable to the
6:10 am
effects of virus. we learn something new about the virus every day. it's time to kind of, i don't know, you've got to just step up to the plate even though it's rough and do as much as you can to protect yourself and your neighbors. griff: that's a great point, jed. it really is a part of our lives now, from old to young, your businesses, what you're trying to do, we'll see where it goes. it's definitely going to be an issue between now and november. we're going to hear a lot more about it. but turning to your headlines, starting with this fox news alert, new video shows the south carolina nightclub where a deadly shooting broke out overnight. two people were killed, eight others are hurt, four in critical condition. the club was packed for a july 4th concert. police are looking for two suspects. the motive remains unclear. also breaking tonight, protesters clash with police in portland, oregon. police declaring a riot after the demonstration took a violent turn. rioters burned american flags as the city marked its 38th day
6:11 am
of unrest. police used tear gas to disburse crowds near a federal courthouse. the 9/11 memorial in new york city reopened to the public today. it has been closed since march because of the pandemic. family members of victims, first responders and frontline workers were allowed on july 4th. american flags were placed at the memorial to remember survivors who died of covid-19. the museum remains closed for now. the u.s. military flying over five major cities in honor of the american revolution. the air force thunderbirds led marine fighter jets over boston, new york, philadelphia and baltimore, which all played major roles in the fight for independence. the flyover ended in washington for president trump's salute to
6:12 am
america celebration. it was quite something. and you know, what's remarkable is the coordination. we saw this when they did flyovers over cities to thank frontline workers. it's the time on target technology that allows the planes to be right there at the right time, an amazing visual to be very proud of, guys. those are your headlines. todd. todd: so awesome, so awesome to watch yesterday. all right. this not as awesome, gyms ordered to shut down as covid-19 cases rise in arizona. one gym owner taking the governor to court. he makes his case to stay open, next. i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>> we were being told that we had to close in five hours. i had no idea as to why.
6:16 am
this was about our rights and where it's gone too far and the arbitrary nature of this decision. todd: one arizona gym owner vowing to stay open despite his governor's order to reclose gyms. joining us now is the founder and owner of mow mountainside fitness, tom haten. thank you for being here. what is your argument in court tomorrow? >> it's a little bit in the weeds in the needings but that the decision was just arbitrary, there was no fact behind the decision, certainly without warning and inconsistency with what had happened in the previous mandate for everybody to close down and we just felt like it was unconstitutional when you can make arbitrary decisions like that. there's statutes in our arizona law that doesn't allow for that and that's where our basis of our case is as we look tomorrow for a stay.
6:17 am
todd: what are you doing to keep your gym members safe? >> everything that we can possibly do. before we had opened up, we had worked closely with the governor's office to write the protocols that we put in place for when we did open and that's part of the frustration. we were following the protocols perfectly, from all the cleaning that we've been doing, to social distancing, to taking temperatures of the employees, washing hands every 30 minutes. i can go on and on. but all the details that both of those agencies had put in place and with the cooperation we were working with the governor's office, we were fully in compliance with everything that we had been working with them to do, to open. todd: critics are going to say, look, the numbers in arizona are rising, we should be shutting down more business as opposed to opening for up. what's your response to those critics? >> i definitely agree. this isn't about the science of covid. we understand here in arizona the problem with the number of
6:18 am
positive cases growing. this is about the arbitrary nature of the decision of our governor. it really starts to look into if it's our business, what's the reason, what's the fact behind this particular business, why not the other 99% of businesses that are open? why are those left open of and why are we singled out and closed and that's where this is coming from. we feel strongly, if the numbers are true, then let's step back and take a unilateral approach to everything in arizona, not just fitness centers. todd: tom, it is certainly fascinating that gyms all across the country seem to get the shortened of the stick when it comes to opening and closing. we appreciate your time this morning. we reached out to the governor's office for a statement. we have not yet heard back. tom, we wish you the best of luck. keep us posted as to what happens in court tomorrow. we appreciate your time. police clashing with protesters in portland overnight, this is the 38th straight day of
6:19 am
unrest now. the border patrol is called in to stop the violence. the acting cbp missioner, mark morgan -- cbp commissioner, mark morgan, breaks down the mission, next. you doing okay?
6:20 am
6:21 am
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jedediah: we are back with quick headlines. colin kaepernick slamming 4th of july celebrations, he tweeted black people have been dehumanized, terrorized by america for centuries and are expected to join your commemoration of independence while youe you enslaved our ancestors. the atlanta braves staying silent on whether they will change their name. the team said it is committed to honoring the native american community but did not mention rebranding. it comes one day after the
6:23 am
cleveland indians announced they are reviewing their name. griff? griff: thanks, jed. all right, violence rocking portland overnight, police declaring a riot yet again as the city sees its 38th straight day of unrest. border patrol now called in to assist. here with an update is acting cbp commissioner mark morgan. good morning, mr. commissioner. the third time this week you had to declare a riot in portland. what's going on there? >> well, i'll tell you, griff. these are not protesters. these are criminals who got together and organized and planned and actually brought weapons. they brought shields. they brought frozen water bottles, rocks, lasers, weapons with the intent to destroy a federal building and harm law enforcement officers and i've said it before. i don't care what your idea logic beliefs are your, political affiliation. violence, we should all be united is wrong and i can tell you for one, i'm glad this president of the united states understands the importance of
6:24 am
law and order and that it's a cornerstone of american society. what we saw in portland last night was criminal and we stood strong with our federal partners to resist that. griff: mr. commissioner, the president warned that this element, there are parts of these groups that are terrorists, perhaps, that they're literally trying to do pure harm, sis isn't about ache -- this isn't about making a statement you have news to share with us now about the arrests on friday and the attack on the hatfield federal courthouse. what is that? >> absolutely, griff. early this morning, i just got the situation report a few minutes ago, one of the criminals that were actually trying to assault one of the cbp employees while he was being arrested, the report right now is telling us that a pipe bomb, a fused incendiary device and machete was discovered during the search think about that, griff.
6:25 am
think about the deadly consequences from the criminal actions. i hope your listeners see the video. there's a video where a woman is ents there and she refers to it as, hey, i know this game. i'm on a city sidewalk. there's nothing you can do she goes further and says why don't you go back where you came from, white boy. that's what this is, griff. it's a game to them. it's a deadly game. this is about law and order. we must be united. where are the local political leaders, griff, standing up, saying this is wrong, these individuals should cease and desist and be arrested. where are they. griff: it's quite troubling that a pipe bomb allegedly was found along with an incendiary device and machete. what will happen now with that individual and those you're arresting in portland? >> this really is a whole of government approach. we have united states marshalls,
6:26 am
federal protective service, i.c.e., hsi sent agents and the fbi committed a lot of resources to make sure these individuals are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the criminals that they are. we are doing disservice to peaceful, lawful protesters when we call these individuals protesters. they're not. they're criminal thugs with an agenda. griff: just with 30 seconds to go, mr. commissioner, do you see this being now a -- you'll have to sees craigslist the force that -- escalate the force you're already deploying? >> we're going to escalate to the use of force that's needed to repel these criminals and apprehend them and prosecute them. i can tell you, i've been doing this for over 25 years. this president is 100% behind us. i'm glad we have an administration that understands the importance of law and order. we're not walking away from our federal facilities like police departments have in some communities. we're staying. griff: mr. commissioner, thanks for being here.
6:27 am
mark morgan, acting commissioner of the cbp. thank you to the men and women who worked over the holiday, thank you, sir. todd: kanye west setting off political fireworks on the 4th of july, tweeting he's running for president. what should we make of this? governor mike huckabee weighs in, next. ♪ i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jedediah: it is your shot of the morning as president trump celebrated our nation's birthday here on earth and independence day greeting from outer space. todd: astronaut doug hurley tweeting this photo of the american flag from the international space station, wishing everyone a happy 4th of july. griff: he's been at the space station since may. it launched from american soil for the first time in near lay decade. that, a point of national pride. well-deserved. we want to bring in now, former governor hike huckabee -- mike huckabee, fox news contributor. you see that picture. i want to get to the president and what he had to say about creating a garden of heroes. just that image, american flag
6:32 am
from space. many are old of enough to remember the flag being planted on the moon. now, this, a new image to reignite pride in our country. >> i got to tell you, as a space-age kid and one who remembers so very well july 1969 when neil armstrong set foot on the moon, it was a time in which we believed in america and what america could do. i so want us to get back to that place where we celebrate accomplishments, we celebrate achievement, aspirational dreams and hopes and we somehow believe that lifting the country up with doing great things is better than tearing it down, including all of the things that are dedicated to its memory and dedicated to its founding. this is a remarkable time. but we have time to correct it and i think people are getting sick of this mob mentality that is completely ignorant of history and really has no interest in learning the truth about america. a still great country.
6:33 am
jedediah: governor, yesterday at the white house president trump honored our most beloved icons. let's listen to what he had to say, then we'll talk about it. >> yesterday, i signed an executive order to create a brand-new monument to our most beloved icons. the national garden of american heroes will be a vast outdoor park that will feature the statues of the greatest americans who have ever lived. the people that helped us the most and the people that we can look up to and that our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren can look up to into the future. and they can say isn't america just a tremendous place. jedediah: so governor, this national garden of american heroes will also be controversial in many ways because people will be saying well, who is included, who is not included. but overall do you think it's a
6:34 am
good idea? >> it's not a bad idea. i'm just not sure that it's going to make any difference because the people tearing statues down don't care whose statue it is. if it honors or celebrates any wonderful american, doesn't matter if it's black, white, male, female, doesn't matter. these people hate this country and want to see it destroyed. whatever statue you put up will be unacceptable. the only thing we can agree on is a statue of me. if that puts up, then we having to celebrate. if we do it, maybe we should do it with private donations, let it be a private entity that owns, operates and allows people to come in, pay admission and that way the people who really do love this country and want to celebrate its incredible history will have an opportunity to do so. and it won't be accessible to those who just want to go in and destroy it because it's in a public place. todd: governor, you made it clear that you are a for a
6:35 am
statue of you, of course holding one of our daughter's famous pecan pies. this begs the question, are you ready for a kanye west white house. here's what he tweeted yesterday. quote, we must now realize the promise of america by trusting god, unifying our vision and building our future. i am running for president of the united states. hashtag 2020 vision. so governor huckabee, we can you, are you all in on kanye 2020? >> look, it's a free country. he can certainly run. i think he's going to be surprised to find out all of the incredible limitations upon his entertainment career the moment he becomes an official candidate for president. all of the vast financial reporting that he's going to be required to do and all of the disclosures, some of which are not going to be pleasant for someone in the entertainment industry, and all of the limitations on the money he can earn and how he can spend it. i think it's going to be a rude awakening. now, what i would suggest to kanye, and i have great respect
6:36 am
for him, he seems to be a fascinating character, but he should come talk to me and maybe 16 others of us who stood on the stage with donald trump in 2016 and he should ask 3450e ho me ht goes before he jumps into the deepened of the pool. i might have some advice for him. i promise it would be good advice. griff: wise words from the governor there for yeezy. you mentioned president trump. in recent years you've seen kanye showing up at the white house, really getting inside the inner circle with the president. of course, reporters like myself just hoarding around it to see what he said. some of it perhaps less what you would expect from someone visiting the white house but on a serious note, if you give kanye the advice and he does build on his celebrity to try to make a political difference, in that tweet he said 2020 vision, hashtag 2020 vision. what would you advise him that
6:37 am
his vision should be? >> well, i've got a suggestion for him. here's an idea. let's make america great again. oh, maybe that one's already been taken. but it's a great idea because i do think we need to recapture the spirit of this country, that pioneer spirit that led people to take incredible risk with themselves, their families, their fortunes and their futures and to build the greatest country on earth. and to do it with a sense of ever-growing equality and ever-growing sense of opportunity. we never were a perfect nation. our founders even said we're going to work toward a more perfect union. but they never assumed that we were one or that we would become one because too many of us were involved in this country. but they always were striving for it to be better and we are better and i've been to a lot of places on earth, about 70 countries around the globe. i've yet to be in one that i thought was better than this one. to these folks in the mobs
6:38 am
tearing statues down, i would suggest to them, do a little traveling. if you find a country that is better for opportunity and will allow you to burn the flag of the country you're in, tear down statues in public places and rip art to pieces and create this kind of mayhem, then we'll send your stuff. you don't even have to come back and get it. we'll put it in a crate, we'll ship it to you and good luck for that. by the way, griff, before i get out of here, i met one of your high school buddies from memphis on the beach the other day and boy oh, boy does he have stories on you, my friend. you better hope we run out of time before i start telling them. griff: governor, i don't know whose got it worse -- >> you better hope there's not enough time in the segment for me to start. jedediah: governor, you can't wait until the end of the segment for that. have you to lead with the dirt on griff. that was the lead. you missed it, man. [ laughter ] we'll get it next time.
6:39 am
thanks, governor, for being here, we appreciate it. >> i'm expecting payment from griff. that's what i'm expecting. griff: you got it. check in the mail. jedediah: thank you for being here, as always. griff: thank you. >> thanks. jedediah: we begin with a fox news alert. 4th of july violent surges in chicago, a 7-year-old girl is shot and killed after three men opened fire during a party. just hours later, four people were killed in a different shooting. one of them a 14-year-old boy. the chicago sun times reporting 67 people were shot over the city's holiday weekend and 13 of them died. former nypd commissioner ray kelly blasting mayor bill de blasio's anti-police agenda. in a radio interview, kelly accused the mayor of, quote, sapping the strength of new york's finest. he said in part this mayor is atrocious. if i had a magic wand, i would remove him. he slammed de blasio's plan to cut a billion dollars from the nypd budget saying the mayor was
6:40 am
caving to political pressure instead of standing for law and order. a highway patrol officer comes feet away from being hit by lightning. check this out. wow. the bolt of lightning striking the highway right where the oklahoma trooper was walk. he ducked as it hit behind him. the trooper was helping a driver after equipment fell off a trailer. and he plays in the steel city but pittsburgh running back james conor has a heart of gold. watch this. ♪ >> welcome home. jedediah: conor surprising his mother with a brand-new home. kelly came in to find her children standing in the empty house. a month ago conor surprised his dad with a new truck. those rush headlines.
6:41 am
that is a good son right there, is it not. todd: he's a great guy. he almost didn't have an nfl career, overcame cancer, overcame an entrenched incumbent at his position. he's a great guy and we wish him the best. when you say great guys, the one that rolls off the tongue, rick reichmuth, am i wrong? tell me i'm wrong. >> you might be wrong. you might be wrong. we'll seem thank you for that. anyway, i tell you what. we have really lucked out this weekend for 4th of july weather, pretty much everybody has had a great weekend. a few trip he'll spots of rain -- trip he'll spots of rain -- trouble spots but not bad. we have a pretty good week except areas of the southeast where we'll see heavy rain. one benefit of the rain is it will bring the temperatures down. the northern plains, a little bit of severe weather, mostly strong wind and a little bit of hail. back to you. griff: rick, thanks very much.
6:42 am
nearly 4 million people going through gun background checks last month. that's a record high. gun rights activist kolio nior on the reason behind the surge, that's next. by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at
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get your outdoor oasis delivered fast so you can get the good times going. ♪ wayfair. you've got just what i need. ♪ jedediah: in a sign of surging sales, gun background checks hitting a record high in june of 3.9 million. this as a new report shows 40 of% of those purchasing firearms are first time buyers. here to explain the surge is attorney and done rights activist kulian noir. why the increase in people buying guns right now? >> i think it has a lot to do with of course the pandemic, civil unrest, rioting, so forth and so on of. i think people are being hit with a hard dose of reality and understanding that the only person responsible for their safety is them. and so understanding that and
6:46 am
seeing the limitations that the government can provide in terms of their safety, they realize, well, maybe that idea of a second amendment is starting to make a lot more sense now than maybe it did a couple months ago or maybe a couple years ago when they thought they can completely rely on the government which has proven be limited in times of this nature. jedediah: you look at what's going on around the country, you have the looting, you have the riots, people feeling like they need to protect themselves, their homes, their businesses. if you couple that with the defund the police movement that has been spoken about, people are left feeling what if i can't call the police, what option do i have. so speak a little bit to that defund the police movement and the impact that that could have on people on gun sales and people wanting to get out there and exercise their second amendment rights. >> well, first of all, i find it kind of ironic. there are a lot of people prior to where we are right now you in 2020 in terms of the gun issue, there were a lot of people saying you don't need a firearm,
6:47 am
you have police. fast forward to where we are now and a lot of these same people are saying we should defund the police. i know there are many sectors within the notion of defunding the police but there are enough loud voices saying they want to completely defund the police to the extent that they don't exist. personally, i think that's ridiculous. but at the same time, i've never been one to really completely rely on them for my safety because i know that generally speaking when the cops do arrive the crime's already been committed and so what i think is happening is when you start to hear more of the rhetoric, there are a lot of people who didn't think like i did or think like other gun owners who were like you know what, i don't like that, i like to feel like i can call someone to protect me when i need it. when we have people on the national stage talking about defunding the police, well, at that point the only thing left i can do is rely on myself to go and get a firearm to protect myself because i'm not sure there's going to be police on the other end of the line or to be able to arrive when i need
6:48 am
them to. jedediah: obviously when i say exercise their second amendment right, i mean their right to get the background check and have a firearm in case of an emergency if the police are not active in their community. we've seen autonomous zones where police can't get in. thank you for being here. this will play a big role in the 2022020 presidential election as well. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. jedediah: looking to stay cool at home in the summer heat? skip adele has the top new summer gear including a way to stash your drinks. i've got to hear about this, coming up next. ♪ 1 in 5 people you meet wear dentures. yeah. that many! but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'. poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us.
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griff: welcome back. summer is heating up, making now the perfect time to cool off with some of the latest pool gear. jedediah: home contractor skip adele joins us now with some of his favorite products. i hear you've got the latest products. share them. we're going to let you go. >> people ask me about my pool and waterfall. this is a fiberglass pool. i had these on the show many times. they come in over 100 different sizes and shapes. this is a patio pool. it's half in the ground, half above. it's called the sedona. it has stone in the front. it's completely ready to install. when you order the pool, they show up ready. you go to work in the morning and you come home in the afternoon and you're swimming. you want to check out their site to see all the models they have available. you see the oasis waterfall kit. this transforms any pool and
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brings the whole pool into the landscape. this is by universal rocks. so what's great about this, it looks and feels and acts exactly like real stone. it's super did your am you can stand on -- it's super durable. you can stand on it. you can beat it with a hammer. it's super light weight and made out of foam with a polymer on the outside. this allows it to remain really strong. it feels and looks like rock. it comes in a lot of different models and you can install this on any type of pool. they have many different types of waterfalls and rock kits. this has transformed my whole pool. it turns into pool into a backyard oasis. when you can see the rather running like that, it pulse it into nature and it's unbelievable, takes its over the top. after you have your pool set up and you've got it looking great with the universal rocks, i want to show you this. this is super strong. it doubles as a cooler.
6:54 am
how crazy is that. i love this. you've got a boulder that's a cooler, right. how cool is that? i love the universal rock. all right. after you have your pool set up and you've got your rock, your waterfall, you want to keep the water looking clean and you want to maintain it. rather than having a pool service do it for you, the clorox smart test strip, it's a strip that you dip in the water and it works with the clorox app. after you dip the strip in the water, you simply scan the strip with your phone. this will allow -- this will tell the different chemicals you need. and you hit order and the chemicals show up on your doorstep. it takes all the guesswork out of keeping your pool clean with a clorox smart test strip. unbelievable stuff. i managed to keep my pool clean all season long, so easy, just click on the app. next, you want to see this. this is super soft light fest. i love these things for the kids. they're great to keep the kids safe. they come in extra small, all
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the way up to 2x in adults. but the best part is these are completely waterproof. they won't absorb any water. they stray dry all the time. they're comfortable for the kids to wear. they keep them on all day. also, these are what you're going to see in all the amusement parks, the big resorts like disney, seaworld, the same vests they use and also they make a ton of different toys, like the ring toss, they have adjustable recliners, great stuff for the pool. this is one of my favorite things to have. we use all the stuff in the pool. this is great, keeping the kids safe and they're having fun all day long. this is one of my favorite things, actually, the ring toss. great stuff from super soft. todd: you should bring that into the studio. i want everything in studio. >> this is not going to fit. [ laughter ] todd: it will be good. i'm tiny. you have to head to for more info.
6:56 am
skip, we appreciate it as always. good stuff. "fox & friends" -- more "fox & friends" coming up. >> have a great summer. ♪ at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. you need only the freshest milk and cream. that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. ht
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here at "fox & friends." senior producer jennifer wiggins just said i do in chicago with just 37 wedding guests in attendance, down from the 250 originally planned before social distancing went into effect. griff: wow. congratulations to the new mr. and mrs.kyla swiess. what a beautiful picture. she is such a sweet lady. we wish them a lifetime of success and happiness and great stuff. you love to see these moments
7:00 am
during what is really a tough time. we love these happy moments. jedediah: yeah, weddings always make you happy. thanks everyone for joining us today. hope of you had an amazing independence day weekend. griff: see ya. ♪ >> good sunday morning, everyone. hope you're having a safe and healthy 4th of july weekend. i'm charles payne in for maria bartiromo. coming up on sunday morning futures. >> courage of those patriots on july 4th, 1776, the american republic stands today as the greatest, most exceptional and most virtuous nation in the history of the world. >> president trump paying tribute to the founding fathers during last night's salute to america celebration. it was less than four


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