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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 6, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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markets are on a tear today. do they see something that may portend good news on this virus? these are the rumors going around. have a good monday everybody. we will see you again tomorrow on tuesday. >> we are shooting each other up on our streets. shot and killed a baby. it wasn't one shooter, there were at least two shooters. an 8-year-old baby. >> neil: imagine those affected by the shootings in cities like atlanta might like new york city, like chicago, like so many others across the country where we had more than two dozen people, most of them children. one as young as eight years old in atlanta. pardon them if they are not too keen looking at looking at the corner of and broad. that's just money. these are lives.
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well, everybody, i am neil cavuto. and this is "your world." just think of this. in the cities that i just mentioned, more than 200 people were shot. more than two dozen lost their lives. and now, there is a desperate sort of a grasp add, how do we contain this, stop this, reverse this? the president has indicated that it isn't mayors and governors involved with the states can't get it under control, he will. but what does that mean? in the meantime, getting a sense of how big this got this latest weekend. >> neil, the chicago police department says over the course of the long holiday weekend beginning at thursday and ending at midnight, 17 people were killed including a 14-year-old boy, hernando jones, shot on chicago's south side on the fourth of july. he just graduated from the eighth grade.
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also, 7-year-old natalia wallace was hit in the wa had as she pld outside. here is her father. >> to see my daughter on the table with a gunshot wound to the forehead that it hurts me that my youngest daughter is no longer here. i would not be able to talk to her, hold her, tell her anything, bedtime stories, anything. >> today chicago's police superintendent is insisting the city's home monitoring system has to be overhauled because it is failing. the city's top cop is criticizing the people he calls the decision-makers who give violent people light sentences. four people where shots saturday night into sunday alone. three people died including an 8-year-old girl when someone opened fired on her mother's c car. a short while ago in chicago, the mayor responded to the
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president. the mayor's tweets are a joke, that she is not going to respond to every little thing he says. that president trump is trying to "execute the nixon strategy" by making it seem like the democratic cities are out of control. >> neil: thank you very, very much. in new york, the rising crime that we have seen is up over 178% year over year and is not getting any better. more from new york city. >> nearly a dozen families are morning on this monday as the mayor, the police, and city leaders try to grapple with who or what to blame. take a look at the numbers appear to 63 people were shot between july 3rd and the fifth. that is a 200% increase from the same weekend last year. incredible. on sunday alone, 48 people were shot in 30 shootings across the country. on sunday, gunshots struck a police car in the bronx. one was injured.
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today mayor bill de blasio said that violence is directly connected to the pandemic. courts are at a standstill. prisoners are released due to covid. to the d.a.'s reluctance to prosecute certain crimes and that she felt apartment terry monahan said recent weeks of antipolice rhetoric absolutely crushed police morale, taking special aim at the occupy city hall protests still going on right now despite the deep cuts made to the nypd's budget. >> take a look on the street. you see the communist hammer and sickle that they painted out on the street. i'll leave the loud voices that we should be following, that this city should be following? i hope not. >> paying close attention as well. white house press secretary calling the violence dark and divisive. and then calling out reporters.
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listen. >> secretary mcenany: i'm a little dismayed that i never received one question on the death that we got in this country this weekend. i have never seen one question about new york city shootings doubling for the third straight week and over the last seven days, shooting skyrocket by 142%. on one question. >> neil, the mayor says he will be doubling down on neighborhood policing in upper manhattan where we saw the most violence over the weekend. community leaders today saying that this is all hands on deck. >> neil: thank you very, very much. in the middle of all of that. we will keep you posted on some of the efforts in the city. not just you new york city and chicago trying to arrest this or control this. the former nypd detective saying, it is not just coincidental that these attacks on the police and the general, you know, sense of depression
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among officers as to whether their job is worth it or whether they have support in the community is certainly much in play here. very good to have you. what do you make of the rising and violence in all of these major cities? >> it is definitely not the summer of love, that's for sure. this is lawless new york city, 2020. what do you have here is a perfect storm. you can look at it as a perfect storm or the seven deadly sins. what you have is a desecrated police department, and powered criminals, in different prosecutors. you have empty jails, you have baylor form. you have a defunded police department. on top of all of that, you have the empowered criminal. the empowered criminal is the most dangerous of all. the result of the desecration of the police department. it started in the fall when you and i were discussing water
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being thrown on police officers. it moved into january with a bail. 7,000 officers went sick. then you had the indefensible and reprehensible killing of george floyd. that threw a match on a submarine lame. if you will do it right up. on top of that, this disbandment of 700 anti-crime officers. these are the men and women that remove the guns on the street. they are the ones that lock up the bad guys, the crime fighters. and the final straw, defund the police. terrible. >> neil: you are pointing out that it was happening long before the george floyd tragic death. that was this move to question the value of police especially coming from the big city mayors. bill de blasio it was no fan of the police, made that clear that he was no fan of the police. and now given some of these latest developments whether it is all a billion dollars that
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gets defunded in new york might be some accounting going on there. the fact of the matter is that message to the police is that we don't need you. we are not going to support you as much. it is little wonder that the police commissioner right now is saying morale is at an all-time low. and he works for the mayor. >> absolutely. what mayor bill de blasio fails to recognize and acknowledge is that rhetoric has consequences. we went down this path before. and he is antipolice rhetoric, his vilification of law enforcement, his desecration of new york's finest through policies and language has a cumulative effect on morale, the operational capabilities, their proactive nature of policing, period. it is just human nature. he has crushing them day after day. on top of that, you have the desecration across the board with legislation that is really not well thought out. who thought bail reform was going to work? we put 2,000 inmates on the
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streets. we remove the police officers who take their guns from them. is anyone surprised that 48 people were shot, four sad, and 37 hours over july 4th? i certainly wasn't. i was horrified by it, but not shocked. >> neil: the president is saying that if these mayors can't get this under control, he will. what do you think he means by that? >> of the president, that beast from the east, my man from queens is a tremendous supporter of law enforcement. i'm confident that he can through federal reform and legislation put forth some policies that bring some semblance of normalcy and balance to what is happening now is the opposite. emotion driven legislation as opposed to pragmatic and measured and well thought out considered legislation. it is all in the wake of protests. it is in the wake of the confluence of all the factors that it is just time to beat up the police and crush them when
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they are down. defining the police -- are the citizens supposed to fend for themselves? how is that going to work out? that doesn't even work on tv. that is mad list of highest level. >> neil: right now, it does appear to be the bad guys to your point. thank you very much. we will continue following this. also following some political developments involving kanye west who is now setting his designs on the white house. he wants to run for president. now, what with the impact of that be? associate here at amazon. step onto the blue line, sir. this device is giving us an accurate temperature check. you're good to go. i have to take care of my coworkers. that's how i am. i have a son, and he said, "one day i'm gonna be like you, i'm gonna help people." you're good to go, ma'am. i hope so. this is my passion. if i can take of everyone who is sick out there, i would do it in a heartbeat.
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>> neil: all right, if this is a case of the markets being wary, they sure have a funny way of showing it. even with all of the volatile news of the spiking cases. not all that far from a record. forget about an advance, a record. the nasdaq was indeed at a record on top of the gains that we had on friday. and this continues -- or i should say on thursday, the last day we had trading. this continues among wary is that now that you have amazon $3,000 per share and tesla at an all-time high, there's got to be something called gravity that will be on these stocks.
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showing optimism around a recovery that looks largely untracked despite some of the spikes that we have seen. we will get into that a little bit later in the show. suffice it to say that between that and the two big food delivery guys coming together to a nearly $3 billion dale, a little bit more. in the meantime, we are looking at the stakes. joe biden whittling that list down. the name susan rice keeps coming up. jacqui heinrich following all of that in new york. >> many experts believe former vice president joe biden will select a black woman as his running mate and susan rice has been quietly gaining steam. she served as president obama's national security advisor. she is an untested candidate who has never run for elected offi office. joe biden says he wants a vp who will not be learning on a job.
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weighing in on the allegation, russia may have offered bounties to kill american troops. >> doing our arch adversaries fitting, it would seem. any surrounded by sycophants and weaklings who are not doing their jobs i don't have the confidence in themselves an end i mentioned that they are there to carry out. to bring the president the tough messages he needs to hear. >> she was asked about being a vp contender but mostly dogs not a bye saying that biden will make the decision. another woman of color, also moving to the front of the pack. the combat veteran and purple heart recipient has impressed the campaign. she made history as a young mother in combat. kanye's twitter announcement, he is running for president in 2020. it is not the first time he has floated the idea.
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he has reportedly not filed or created a campaign committee. there is criticism that he may be running to pull black voters away from joe biden and help president trump get reelected. >> neil: all right, thank you very much on all that, jacky. i want to go to the bill on all of this. bill from real clear politics. you know the polling data. it is too early to see what kind of influence kanye west if he is serious about this he could have. it's a little too late to register. in some states, at the time has come and gone. >> we haven't heard a lot from kanye west telling us what he wants to run for it. i think the last time he talked about a presidential bid, his campaign would be a mix of trump and bernie sanders. that would be a really interesting political hybrid. he has not filed. he hasn't created any campaign committees.
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so far, he has just sent a tweet. he's very similar to the president. trump was not considered a serious candidate in 2012 when he was flirting with the idea. no one took them seriously until he actually came down the escalator. right now, we have to treat kanye west the same way. >> neil: let's assume that he does get on with some state ballots that he's serious about this. good he tipped the balance in a couple of battleground states? could he be able to wane off enough african-american support that traditionally goes for example to the democratic candidate, to him? >> do not write conni kanye wesf in 2020. kanye west is smart about his brand. and if you think about 2016, president trump won michigan by 10,000 votes. if there were 9,000 right in ballots that year. you have someone with a
1:19 pm
universal name recognition, someone with plenty of money. there are a lot of young voters out there that are not enthused with joe biden. they might just sit there to themselves and say, yeah i'm going to. having kim kardashian as first lady would be funny. there would be significant ramifications as he strips voters away from joe biden and those battleground states. don't write kanye off. >> neil: when i hear the likes of mark cuban heralding his arrival on the scene, they might be careful what they wish for, because all of this could help president trump, couldn't it? >> is certainly good. their assessment was, we will just have to wait and see what happens. i think what is going through kanye west's mind right now is that he is brilliant when it comes to branding himself, but he would have to step away from that music and fashion empire, which is worth billions of dollars. he just inked a deal with gap
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gently and he would have to relitigate. he would have to explain his lyrics. it will be very difficult for him to, you know, be both a pop-culture brand and a political grand. there would be a lot of disadvantages there potentially. kanye west has significant appeal. and we learned in 2016 that anything could happen. perhaps we could see it again in 2020. >> neil: do not rule anything out as you have reminded me. thank you very, very much. we talked a little bit earlier about the spiking cases in states like florida and texas and all of that. in this scheme of things, whatever you say to those spikes when it comes to doubts, even though they are a lagging indicator, they are declining. it is a hospitalizations and those that require more treatment that was thought to earlier be the case that now could be a very big case. we are on it after this.
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>> neil: houston, we've got a problem. the city's mayor telling right now that the situation with hospital beds is reaching an emergency that they could hit caps on those beds and available bed space in as little as two weeks. stay with us. a continuous glucose monitor, you don't have to. with a painless, one-second scan you can check your glucose with a smart phone or reader so you can stay in the moment. no matter where you are or what you're doing. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle
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libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at >> neil: we are watching the houston mayor right now. he is speaking in detail with what's going on right now with a serious spiking cases. almost all the hospital beds in
1:26 pm
the city are occupied. not exclusively by any means because of covid-19 patients. but between those and elective surgeries, there is no rush on them right now and very few available. it's going to be possible within a couple of weeks that there won't be beds to be had. we will be following that very, very closely. following developments in a number of other cities experiencing their own problems. miami where beaches were close this holiday weekend and continue to be right now. that is just part of it. let's get the reader right now. >> just in time for you, the rain has returned. most of the beaches are closed anyway. not getting anybody in their parades ruined anytime today. coronavirus is continue to surge in the state of florida. we are now seeing reversals on the opening of society and re-imposing restrictions at least here in south florida, not necessarily statewide.
1:27 pm
the beaches do remain closed. for one more day or one more evening, they will be back open tomorrow after the fourth of july weekend it shut down and fireworks were snuffed out as well. movie theaters, bowling alleys, and strip clubs are no longer allowed to be open. this wednesday, restaurants will once again not be allowed for inside dining. just take out and delivery. three times in the past week, florida topped 10,000 new coronavirus cases a day. followed by a new all-time high of 11.5000 on saturday. >> everybody testing right now positive for this past week is 36. as we've seen that cases increase, the median age every single day has been in the 30 30s. >> cases are up 134%. deaths are down 39%.
1:28 pm
here is a live look at clearwater beach florida which was open all weekend. people are out on the stand, but it doesn't appear they are social distancing and maintaining space. new jersey's governor also reporting the state's first in covid-19 cases in 10 weeks and is being blamed on out-of-state travel. >> neil: stay dry, my friend if you can. in the middle of all of that. i also want to let you know these are the reports that are coming. another theory in the times today elsewhere where we could be looking at a situation where this is catchable airborne. that could be a game changer to put it mildly. with the new york university langone medical center. a doctor, very good to have you. at this worry, dr., why is it a worry. are you worried about it? >> thanks, so happy to be back,
1:29 pm
neil. it is a very important concern. 239 scientists have put to paper and written directly this concern. it's going to be published next week in an academic journal. there is mounting evidence that this virus is not to spread by aerosol. that means when i cough or sneeze, i transmit aerosols at a distance all which are protected by face mask. simply and being in the same circulated air could potentially leave some viral matter around in a room to contaminate somebody else. we have a very high rate of exchange in our lungs. thousands of liters of air we breathe every day. but is air enclosed spaces which is not circulated properly and not vamp related properly could turn into an environment. if you see me or my colleagues wearing masks, rooms are
1:30 pm
ventilated. we see patients with the doors open. there is a large cross circulation of air. that really has to be considered as a potential new set of circumstances. the virus hasn't changed. this possibility was always there. this is where they did not shut down early or is stringently came about re-opened indoor spaces seeing these problems as well as the mass gatherings of so many protesters and so many computations requiring the engagement of our police force around the country. >> neil: doctor, the president was saying even with those spikes in cases, 99% of the cases are totally harmless. i'm not a doctor. i know a little bit about math. i was looking at the 2.7 million cases we have and the 5% death rate associated with that.
1:31 pm
hospitalizations closer to a 10% rate. hospitalization rates with those with respiratory issues about a 9% clip. bottom line, i don't come up with 99% of cases totally harmless. what about you? >> right. i would agree. i would have to differ from the president on that. in individuals who are at risk, they could be any age group if they have obesity, diabetes, if they are on chemotherapy, the risks are enormous. we know we've had a very upsetting experience in new york where we've lost so many lives. more than 30,000 lives were lost here in new york. there are many people who did survive but may well have long term lung disease. they may well have a long-term oxygen requirement. they may have long-term damage to their lungs. this is by no means benign. it's being transmitted amongst a
1:32 pm
very young people. that distinguishes them for many other countries. i put that down for the behavior -- >> neil: doctor, that gives people a false sense of security hearing that. i don't think that was the intention of the president, that -- it's fine, don't worry about it. a false sense of security. >> i agree with you, neil. i would not place the entire burden on the president. many americans are skeptical about this pandemic. and i understand that. if i weren't a doctor in the intensive care unit, i would not understand the severity and the risk. but we now see as a nation, we trail almost the entire world and our efforts to combat this virus. because we have acted which is a federation where the state government felt so powerful. if we had a unified response, much of this virus would have been behind us by now. and so we have no time to waste
1:33 pm
for the other states. now facing the same circumstances that we found ourselves in new york three months ago. >> neil: you know, doctor, but i do remember about you is early on and you are telegraphing these worries and concerns before anyone else was. always learn something and i appreciate that. thank you very much. be safe, be well yourself for all you're doing to help folks out. all right, we have the mayor of miami. miami shut down its beaches to address the spike in cases and people ignoring distancing rules kind enough to join us. how are things looking now? >> things are not looking good from a perspective of new cases. we have been growing at a rate of approximately 125 new cases per day, which is about four times greater than what we wear prior to shut down. our hospitalizations are up.
1:34 pm
most importantly and most problematically, our ventilators are up. even though we have gotten better at treating this virus then we certainly have in our hospitals -- if you are on a ventilator, you have a much less chance of dying than you had before in april. it is still an indication of people who are critically ill to the point where they may die. that number is reaching the level where it was in april. the high point. of course, we know that a percentage of those people unfortunately are not going to make it out of that state. that is of great concern as well as the hospitalization capacity numbers we are seeing right now. >> neil: how is that, the capacity for beds and all that? >> it is an issue. we don't really truly know what that capacity is. our large public hospital last week shut down elective surgeries which increase the capacity significantly. we have some capacity that is external to the hospital system. we have a makeshift spittle in
1:35 pm
the miami beach convention center. we had one in one of our parks. the county mayors have taken some measures right now that are meant to try to help us meet our capacity demands like shutting down restaurants and putting them back to takeout and delivery. >> neil: mayor, in your gut, people are honoring your restrictions. some don't. what happens to those who don't? do you issue tickets to them? how do you handle that? >> in terms of their beaches, there is a pretty good amount of compliance on the beaches. where it gets complex is with the mask rule. i think it also gets complex now with restaurants you may not want to obey this order. and so, there may be some wholesale enforcement issue's eared what is the plan going forward? we know that shutting things
1:36 pm
down and slows the virus in our community. we need a long-term plan. we need to understand, what is the strategy for beating covid-19 in our community was to mark the idea was that we shut down the city, cases came down. the minute we reopened they shot up at a level and upper portion that is significantly greater than they were before. we need to readdress that i understand that is happening. and if we didn't take the appropriate steps, our business leaders not going to be confused. they comply with all of these rules in many cases. now, they are being shut down again. >> neil: you don't have an easy job, mayor. you're trying to do it. thank you very much. be safe and healthy. the continuing problems that are in florida and a lot of other states where they are seen spiking cases right now and try to get people to adhere to it restrictions and making sure you're keeping up proper distance and all of the stuff with the masks. which is hard for a lot of
1:37 pm
people in the heat and humidity to keep the sucker on. that is the message. we have a lot more coming. nothing like it was a year ago. but for the airlines, it was a sharp spike in normal activity. now, the question is, what happens from here? we are on it after this. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something. i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen. i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. all the way out here just for a blurry photo of me. oh, that's a good one. wait, what's that? that's just the low-battery warning. oh, alright. now it's all, "check out my rv," and, "let's go four-wheeling."
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>> neil: so many worries and so many buy orders at the corner of wall and broad. stocks are rallying under recovery. it's only down 2% or so from a record. the nasdaq at a record. we have so many stocks that hit records today. amazon, well over $3,000 per share, an all-time high. ditto netflix, ditto tesla went ditto so many names that were thought to be running out of fire. in a case of amazon, and it was a little bit more than half that level not even 11 months ago.
1:42 pm
they'll come back israel and the palpable excitement is they are. the question now is, for how long? what does nonmarket see that a lot of other worrywart's do not? stacy newton, hospital director of strategy on all of this. quietly, the dow and the s&p, they are only a couple of percentage points away from records themselves. these are the same companies back in march which were down nearly 40%. what happened? >> yeah, the fed stepped in pretty dramatically and pretty confidently and congress followed suit with a massive stimulus packages. remarkably, the fed has only spent about 6.2% of what they committed at $2.5 trillion for that lending facilities. $143 billion of what they have spent. they are backing some of the risks, which are the zombie companies which are companies
1:43 pm
that have less profit than they do have debt service. they are technically insolvent. the fed and the government, the congress and trump have successfully removed a lot of risk from the market. i think that this way of higher make sense that amazon is going higher as we see the economy potentially locking down again. it makes sense that tesla is moving higher because they are rolling out their truck and doing quite well. it makes sense that netflix is moving higher on the premise of the lock down. going forward, and i think many other risks going forward are a few months off. at the end of july, you've got the paycheck protection program, the extra $600 a week from the unemployment insurance. that paycheck protection program is running out of money and the extra $600 a week from the unemployment insurance is set to expire on july 31st. what will be interesting to see if that adds to the number of loans and forbearance. that will be an early indicator of how many people will be
1:44 pm
suffering from losing the extra $600 a week. the risks of the airlines laying people off and september are not until then. the risks of the 100 million loans right now that are in forbearance, seeing what kind of a default rate we have on those loans, and really doesn't happen until the end of october. >> neil: it's not an issue. to your point, you mention the federal reserve, and you are a genius with this stuff. the federal reserve has been throwing a lot of money and a lot of industries that have been buying corporate bonds, treasury bonds, municipal bonds, anything it can get it hot little hands on to calm things down. if the fed were not doing that as aggressively as they have been doing that, and it has been doing that. where would we be? >> we would be in a terrible place. first of all, they shored up liquidity. if you sell your stock, you want to have enough cash available on the other side to pay you for
1:45 pm
that settlement. and what was happening as people were selling so rapidly, you know, the settlements, they were running short of cash. the fed stepped in. that would be a huge risk that is now off the table. and now we have "solvency risk." they said they will do whatever it takes. they are even willing to buy stock which is unprecedented. you wouldn't want to be settling into a promise like that. however, some of the potential bad news is not priced in. i think we are going to be smooth sailing for a moment. we definitely have some risks coming up. >> neil: all right, we we will watch it closely. investor, a lot of the things saying if you are comparing this to the run up we had in 1999, which was wrought with frost, if you will, it is not that it all that no matter what you say might look eye-popping. the fact of the matter is, they are not that bad. and there isn't the same sense of giddiness.
1:46 pm
there are a lot of doubters out there. you need a good many of them to keep the rally going. be that as it may, that is how a lot of people see it for the time being. that may change on a variety of factors like a spike in more cases or serious cases or more problems with china. this is a wall of worry and continue to do so right now. we are keeping an eye on the dow and s&p which are quickly catching up. we will following that an activity of nations. i know they don't look crowded. if you went through one or several this past week you are probably saying, i don't have to worry about lines. what if i told you that pretty soon, you might be? and still going for my best. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib... ...not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i want that too. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
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to farm in a sustainable way >> neil: all right, in the case of a american airlines, occupied mental seats and more crowded planes. not every carrier followed american by doing that and swapping out restrictions and the like. more people were flying this weekend and they certainly thought it would be. a far cry from what it was last year at this time. the famous airport in the new york tri-state area, business was well, better, i guess. >> i would say better throughout
1:51 pm
the day today. we are going live for tv and i struggled to find some passengers to show you. it is really, really quite empty here. across the board, it was seen as a crucial test for airlines. the tsa did give us some numbers. the beginning of the holiday weekend, you could say. we did see 764,000 americans travel across the country. at that is on a massive drop compared to last year. nonetheless, that was the highest number in the past four months. like you said, a lot of these airlines have pushed to try to get people back in the air. they are operating at full capacity. united, american airlines, even spirit our selling tickets for that airplane that does include the middle seat. social distancing on planes isn't possible. no matter what, even if you block out the middle seat, he was still going to be close to someone. a lot of these airlines are
1:52 pm
enforcing masks in the airport. one traveler was angry about the whole situation saying that they do one thing and they say another. listen here. >> i've been on multiple flights in the past two months. even with all the precautions, they didn't adhere to anything even at the check in when you go to board the plane. telling you to wear masks and do this for a social distancing. you get on the plane, there is none of that being adhered to. >> the important thing for a lot of these airlines is ensuring safety including at the airport. here they have plexiglas dividing everyone away from the customers and i masks are enforced across over here. we were told that this is going to be the norm going forward as soon as possible slowly starts to pick up. you can see it is anti-right now. normally it would be busy on a monday evening. back to you. >> neil: good luck keeping away from the crowds.
1:53 pm
she's in the middle of all of that. by the way, how are things going? how are you thinking about getting back to work? maybe you like it at home or doing things at home. we've got a special town hall coming up on fox business, which if you don't get it, issue demand. july 9th at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. we are going to be taking your questions. what got your fancy? what do you think on real estate? what do you think of the home you are in and where you want to move to? she's already saying, it ain't what it was. and ain't going to be like that come back we saw after 9/11. why is that? let us know what is on your mind and things that you want to ask us. invested in you. please avoid personal attacks on me, because i'm very vulnerable. if you choose to do that, send them directly to sean hannity. stick around. we'll have more after this. ou oy for what you need?
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>> ♪ founding father without a father ♪ >> neil: did any of you catch "hamilton" on disney's streaming service? apparently millions did and for those who couldn't afford to ever see the show and believe me ticket prices were going to the roof and looked that way for years, it was a great way to democratize the process and see what all the fuss was about.
1:58 pm
it was their favorite show i've ever seen, bar none, not only because it teaches history and a fun way but to look back at the dynamics that help shape our country. that's not good enough for a crowd that says that alexander hamilton, well, he was a racist and he did little to address slavery. in fact he did a lot to address slavery but having said that, they are starting a new campaign, cancel "hamilton." disney has not responded. jeffrey ingle joins us. the center for presidential history. that seems incredible. your thoughts. >> i enjoyed the hamilton broadcast this weekend myself and i think as a historian it's important to recognize that people exist within the time and period of their own lives but i have a general rule of thumb when it comes to whether or not to cancel something or reject something or tear down a statue or change a monument. that basically is what do we most remember the person for? what is the first thing that
1:59 pm
comes to mind when we think of that person? for hamilton, for me, it would be frankly he was a founding father. he was at the constitutional convention. not necessarily the fact that he believed at the time where slavery was unfortunately much more common than any of us would like to -- >> neil: what do you think i'm a professor, if disney caves to this pressure and takes the thing off? >> i don't think is very good history. the truth of the matter is what's amazing about hamilton is its history and it's an incredible work of art. the choreography is astounding, as you saw from watching the video. it's something which really i think shows how the american story can be brought into anyone's lives, anyone. people joked when they first heard that there was going to be wrapped musical about hamilton and ultimately they came to understand that this is the way america functions, bringing everyone in the narrative in
2:00 pm
their own way with their own perspective. >> neil: you're right. professor, thank you very much. i wish we had more time but you echoed my point. a minority cast impersonating the white leaders of our time. ♪ >> i am greg gutfeld with jesse watters, juan williams, juan williams, dana perino, emily compagno, the five. as statues fall to the woke joy of the media, what about real people. when they fall, does the media ever make a sound? in nyc over the weekend 53 people were shot. shootings are up 200% year on year. in chicago, 75 are shot. 14 killed. some including kids. he can't pendant on a cop. so what's the media to do?


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