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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> we cannot allow this to be normalized. we cannot get used to hearing about children being gunned down. >> the out there. >> these are our citizens. they deserve better. >> it is tuesday july 7th and this is a fox news overcome a father guns down holding his daughter at hand in new york, 9 children in chicago shot down in a matter of weeks, we are live in washington with white house taking a stand. >> sidestepping justice with
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help from the late jeffrey epstein, lawyers ready for war. why britain's pretty andrew is reportedly nervous. rob: the 450 pound catch that landed two anglers in hot water. "fox and friends first" starts right now. there we go. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. heather: interested in the day with us. carley: will go straight to fox news alert, the swat team called in after adobe -- deputy constable shot near houston, texas. harris county constable mark furman says the deputy was shot by a suspect with a rifle and rushed to the hospital. now word on the deputy's condition.
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we are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated throughout the hour. >> the governor of georgia calls up the national guard declaring a state of emergency after a violent weekend in atlanta. >> mark meredith live as other major cities deal with a sharp uptick in crime. >> leaders in major us is fouling to get crime under control, talking about places like new york, chicago and atlanta. in georgia we've seen 30 shootings over the holiday weekend and 5 deaths including innate-year-old girl. the governor of georgia brian campuses he will be deploying 1000 national guard troops to protect state buildings including the m the governor's mentioned the governor writing peaceful protests hijacked by criminals with a dangerous destructive agenda. now innocent georgians are being targeted, shot and left for dead. this lawlessness must be stopped
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and order restored in our capital city. in chicago as we mentioned monday, very violent weekend with at least 90 shootings and 17 murders since last thursday. chicago police are vowing to take action. >> we cannot allow this to be normalized in this city. we cannot get used to hearing about children being gunned down in chicago every weekend. >> in new york more violence, celesta relating to outrage were horrific videos reported to show a man holding his daughter's hand as he is going down. the situation in the big apple is simply unacceptable. >> we also saw too much violence this weekend and this is something we have a lot of work to do to address and that is directly related to all the dislocation that has happened over the last four months with the coronavirus. >> the story about violence in major cities is getting a lot of
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attention on air and online especially on fox the white house is is ready to play a bigger role in the debate over how to address the violence. >> i'm a little dismayed i never see one question on the deaths we had in this country, never one question about new york city shootings doubling for the third straight week, not one question, i didn't receive one question about 5 children who were killed. >> the white house as the country needs to do more to secure its streets, we are waiting to hear a little later today. back to you guys. >> all eyes on that event later today. staying on topic, the real world consequences of lawlessness, by children and families who live there, not the politicians who makes the decisions to defund the police. >> it stops right there. you need to watch, take every second of this in, what that
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6-year-old does after her father is killed in front of her, please watch it. she runs in fear and panic and doesn't know what to do as she watches her dad fall in front of her. take that in. that is the real world consequences of the cancer eating away and prodding our inner cities to the floor. these are our citizens. they deserve better. heather: administration is ready and willing to use federal resources to help city struggling to stop the violence. carley: the ohio police officer shot and killed in a home depot parking lot will be laid to rest was a private memorial will be held this morning for 26-year-old anthony diaz. the community is being asked to line the streets for procession after the service. he was killed responding to a call by himself with an intoxicated man saturday. the toledo police department
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temporarily suspending single officer patrols. todd: mike pompeo called to testify before the house foreign affairs committee over russian bounty claims on us troops. the administration accused of ignoring the intel but those reports have never been confirmed. the administration has done everything it can to keep americans safe. >> this administration acted to protect every americans serving in afghanistan. we have fought the teller and harder than any previous administration dreamed of fighting and donald trump is going to protect our soldiers by working on a peace and reconciliation deal allows them to come home. >> it is unclear if mike pompeo will attend thursday's hearing. >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell -- ghislaine maxwell is in a new york prison and her first court date is one week away. heather: jackie ibanez joins us as an alleged victim claims police ignored her sexual
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assault allegations two decades ago. >> ghislaine maxwell is behind bars in brooklyn this morning after being arrested at her million dollar estate in new hampshire. maxwell, the daughter of robert maxwell is indicted on multiple charges in connection to an alleged sex trafficking operation, the girls as young as 14-year-old to epstein s manhattan home, calling him a mobster for recruiting and sexually abusing them along with epstein, her former boyfriend. the attorney's lawyer represent 16 alleged victims, one of his model and actress alicia arden who says epstein sexually assaulted her in a hotel room in california back in 1997. a copy of the police report she filed with the santa monica police department against epstein which apparently was never investigated. >> failure of law enforcement to
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follow up on a report is inexcusable. had jeffrey epstein been investigated and prosecuted and convicted perhaps countless victims would have been spared from the sexual assaults and rapes they were forced to suffer. >> prince andrew should speak with federal prosecutors in new york before maxwell does warning the clock is ticking for him. maxwell's arrests has the prince feeling nervous after he said maxwell was, quote, a key element in his friendship with epstein. andrew has not been charged in the investigation and has denied any wrongdoing. maxwell's first court date is set for next tuesday, prosecutors are urging the international connections and tree passports make her an extreme flight risk. >> appreciate it. >> 3 bodies recovered after a
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deadly plane collision, people killed after the planes crashed into each other in idaho. police say they are working to recover two other bodies from the wreckage. police identifying some of the victims including a father from oregon, his son and two step kids, no word what caused the crash. >> doctor anthony fauci morning the covered pandemic as they were close to being over as cases rise in at least 32 states. >> we are still knee-deep in the first wave of this. we never came down to baseline and now we are searching back up. >> 39 states begin reopening plans or reopening schools as follows democrats fight back. donald trump says they want to keep schools close for political reasons tweeting in part they think it will help them in november. 19 cases. todd: mourning the loss of the legendary charlie daniels.
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♪ todd: the grand old opry member dying from a stroke in tennessee, police escorted his body to a funeral home. >> he was a frequent guest on "fox and friends," he regularly performed on our summer concert series including last year he was a huge supporter of our military, dolly part and tweeting the devil went down to georgia but charlie went straight to heaven in luke bryan posting what a hero, a true patriot am a christian and country music icon, charlie daniels was 83 years old.
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he will be missed. fox news alert, chicago's topcoat pleading for end to the violence in his city as nine children including the 7-year-old girl have been shot and killed bear in the last few weeks. >> former police officer anthony napolitano on what needs to be done to end the bloodshed, coming up next.
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>> we got to lean into our partnerships and collaborations at the state, county, and federal level from a law-enforcement standpoint to see a reduction in the kind of shootings. >> we must keep violent offenders in jail longer. >> appeal for change after ability fourth of july weekend in chicago. the city's mayor and police superintendent attempting to
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reach directly into the communities most effected. todd: nine kids have been killed in chicago since june 20th for joining us with what can be done, former police officer and current chicago alderman anthony napolitano. thanks for being here. i can't stop thinking this thought. if this -- this many kids were killed in a school shooting the media would descend on that school, there would be commissions formed and rightly so yet time and time again it seems kids are dying on the street specifically in chicago and nothing is being done to stop it. what can we do? >> thanks for having me. it starts in the state attorney's office and something we been bringing up for years, we believe we have one of the weakest states attorneys we've
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ever had, we have a police force that is undermanned commanders of the staff but still making 2400 gun arrests in 2020, 4900 guns recovered but yet every time we are putting these offenders in jail it is a revolving door system, they are right back on the street. i think it has got to start in the judicial system and the point were officers feel once the police criminals away they will be back on the streets within a week. i was on your show a year ago when i said in chicago, the ankle monitor has become a fashion statement, so many hardened criminals out on the street in such a short time, we are not getting ahead of the problem and the mayor and superintendent are calling it out and i agree with them. >> you say the judicial system but what about a different tactic in policing. go back to the 90s and think about what changed new york city into the safest major city in the us, the broken window policing meaning charge people
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for smaller crimes so bigger ones don't happen. is that a strategy that should be implemented in chicago today? >> it is a strategy that could be successful in the city of chicago but think of it this way too. we are well understaffed, we need another 2000 police officers on the street, these police officers have been working 3 years without a contract, their morale is down and yet they still want to do the job every day of the week, they just caught one of the vendors that shot one of the 7-year-olds this weekend. i was at my old fire house, retirement party, we were talking about how there's a good chance this offender might hit the street again. our detectives did the lord's work and cut this offender in bringing in more people but yet this revolving door system is not helping us get out of the problem. the police are doing -- it is unreal. and they -- go ahead.
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todd: a prominent voice in the black community has a solution. >> federalize the national guard. eisenhower did it in 1955, jfk did it in 1952. when is enough enough? we point a finger democratic leadership. we need to take a stand and donald trump needs to do something now. this is a national crisis. >> do you agree with that about the national guard? >> in the city of chicago we should take any help we can get, to put ridiculous politics aside and start caring about people again, stop worrying about the election in november and worry
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about the people in chicago who are dying in the streets. this is all political nonsense. we all come together as a group and we can get ahead of this. i agree it is something we can do. everyone is putting in a different direction for political purposes, people need to come first, chicago needs to be back on stage as one of the greatest cities in the world which it is. we have a crime probably can't get out of. carley: 217 people were shot in june compared to 40 same time last year. thanks for coming on, we appreciate it. todd: texas governor greg abbott using executive action to stop the spread of covid-19. carley: some are pushing back, one state senator is concerned about government overreach, he joins us next. you doing okay?
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>> house democrats availing two bills aimed at stopping the border wall, the first would prevent any military money been being used pay for construction, the other would block the hs funding for the wall. the president slamming democrat on twitter saying the wall is moving fast in texas, arizona, mexico and company, great numbers of the southern border, dems want people to just flow in, they want very dangerous open borders. >> the president is preparing for a new bid to end they aca, he is expected to refile paperwork this week, last month the supreme court ruled the administration failed to provide adequate reason to end the obama era protections for immigrants, the new filings would likely face another court challenge. >> as coronavirus hospitalizations in texas skyrocket to new record some state leaders are warning governor greg abbott to not
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overstep his authority while he tries to stop the surge, with the opening stalin restrictions being put into place those lawmakers just voted to censure the governor over his recent executive orders. charles perry joins us with why he supports this resolution and calling for a special legislative session. >> things for having me on. >> what is going on here? a bunch of republican lawmakers voted to censure the republican governor, why is this happening? >> it is in midland, the republican county party can at its determination the file for a censorship. that is one part of the state's party decided to do the censure. it reflects the frustration level among grassroots, among the basement more importantly across the state, every day people regardless of party affiliation, that is why i asked the governor for a special
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session. for those who don't know it, we meet 5 months every two years, the next scheduled date is january 21st, 6 months away, the decisions that will be made need to be made and have been made to be reviewed by legislative bodies and not like this. there is strength in numbers, strengthen testimony and witnesses across the sand that censure from that local republican party is just one symptom of an exasperated group of people in the state as to the unpredictable comments consistent treatment of how to handle covid-19. we can handle overruns by triage outside hospitals. we can get hotspots ready, we can mitigate hospital overrun.
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we are a party of no fear, and spirit, time to put the gop back in lead rather than have a response from the left that pulls us back down to their level. rob: this is been a tough time in text was look at the recent changes over the course of more or less the last week or so. the viewer can see on the screen, since july 20 fifth all the way to june 20 fifth to july 2nd, there have been a lot of changes, there have been a lot of back and forth. critics would say it is more efficient to have one person at the top running the show to coordinate everything. what is your response to that? >> that's true on the early end of this, february, march range when we were not sure what covid-19, it is not the devastation people thought it would be, those who lost loved ones it is devastating for sure but now that we've had time to
1:27 am
figure out how to handle it when it does happen in large outbreaks or hotspots, now that we know what it doesn't do it does do we have information and a lot of misinformation that needs to be vetted by legislative body. the ideas that we need to be reactive and nimble in those decisions, the next two years, we have no end insight, people say we are waiting on a vaccine, that may or may not happen. people say we are waiting for the fall and winter months to kill it, that may or may not happen. we need to be better prepared knowing we can handle hotspots and surges and death rates fairly stable. it has gone up but we paper day weekend, we opened businesses, we predicted caseload would go up, not to mention in my local community we are testing on average more than 1000 people a
1:28 am
day now so we knew what we were going to get when we started doing this. at the same time we seem to be surprised by what we've got so we can't respond in a reactionary manner. >> it is clear everybody wants what is best in texas and hopefully we can start seeing case numbers drop. thanks for coming on this morning, we appreciate it, we will be right back. i got this mountain bike for only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. an ipad worth $505, was sold for less
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>> look at out of headlines this morning started with a fox news alert, the governor of georgia activates the national guard in atlanta declaring a state of emergency after 30 people are shot over the weekend. in a statement governor brian kemp saying in part innocent georgians are being targeted, shot and left for dead. this lawlessness must stop in order restored in our capital city. >> iowa senator chuck grassley urging william barr to release
1:32 am
findings before the election, no one was prosecuted before november with surveillance of the trump campaign. >> world health organization changing its timelines reveal its part about the coronavirus pandemic online and not from chinese officials. hundreds of scientists calling on the who to release updated guidelines, airborne transmission place more significant role in spreading covid-19 than previously thought. todd: north korea - in hopes of denuclearization talks with the us, top officials thing the hermit kingdom has no intention of meeting. >> deputy secretary of state arrives in south korea.
1:33 am
>> reporter: tensions remain high between north and south korea in the north says talks with the united states are off the table. north korea's director general for us mayors accused south korea over the weekend of misinterpreting statements made by the country. south korea has been encouraging the north to come back to the negotiating table after 3 rounds of talks between donald trump and north korean dictator kim jong un. a year ago the two leaders met in the demilitarized zone and donald trump promised talk would resume in a week, south korean efforts have been rejected in recent days with the north's foreign minister releasing a statement saying, quote, we feel sorry to see himself trying so hard to become the mediator. the north korean statement goes on to say time will show whether it's efforts will succeed or only suffer a loss and ridicule. this comes as us secretary of
1:34 am
state stephen beacon is visiting south korea in an effort to restart nuclear talks on the peninsula. egan will travel to japan on thursday. he has been granted special permission by the japanese to into the country and will have to take a covid-19 test upon arrival. what we are seeing here our efforts by the trump administration to restart nuclear talks but with us elections 130 days away it doesn't appear any significant progress is going to be made before november. >> thanks. united nations expert says the restaurant strike that killed iranian general soleimani violated international law, evidence of an imminent attack to justify the strike in january, the trump administration said -- >> prevent plan attacks against us personnel in the region. the expert report will be delivered on thursday. >> a small baleen believes to be carrying cocaine crashing and burning on a highway in mexico. police believe the crew set the plane on fire before running away.
1:35 am
it was found in an abandoned than nearby, drugs are worth $5 million. the plane reportedly came from venezuela, no arrests have been made. new york officials admitting they released more than 6000 covid-19 patients into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. it was part of governor andrew cuomo's policy requiring homes to accept them. it has since been scrapped, cuomo's administration denying responsibility, blaming staffers who kept working with out knowing they were infected, 6400 people have died from the virus in state nursing homes. the treasury department releasing a list of companies that received government funds amid the pandemic. more than 650,000 small businesses taking advantage of the paycheck protection program. the average loan was 107,$000. among the companies included. a winery founded by california governor gavin newsom, a firm
1:36 am
linking nancy pelosi's husband, companies type to jared kushner's family and kanye west and snicker lines. >> voters injuries he will decide which democrat will take on congressman jeff andrew this fall. 5 are fine for the nomination including former congressman patrick kennedy's wife amy kennedy and bridget harrison. polls open at 6 am. voting getting a kick off in delaware. voters in joe biden's home stable decide whether to back the former vice president. i say he wins delaware. the supreme court gives states the right to mandate members of the electoral college back the popular vote winner in their state, the opinion purposely decided ahead of the november election so what legal precedent does its? chief director of the judicial crisis network and former clerk to supreme court clarence thomas
1:37 am
joins us now. 90. you don't see that every day. having a decision is this? >> especially for these last cases a lot of the converter ones am a very good thing we got this out-of-the-way because imagine in the fall in the context of an election. it is important decision that clarifies the potential downfall of electors if you had a movement like there was in 2016 to try to convince certain electors to vote differently than they were intended to. your state might vote for hillary clinton and some of those other 2 said we will vote for colin powell to bring some trouble with us and forge a third way. if you have estate, not all states have these laws but if you have a state where it says you have to vote the way your popular vote goes they have to
1:38 am
follow that so it really clarifies something 99% of the time electors were doing but if you had another movement to try to convince people to go the other way this will squash that. >> justice kagan writing the opinion for the court, quote, the constitution and the nation's history support allow the state to enforce in a letter's pledged to support his party's nominee, and the state voters choice for president, they have no ground for reversing the vote of millions of its citizens. you think the electoral college is here to stay for the foreseeable future? >> i hope so, an important compromise our framers put in place. there are other states, trying to get together in interstate compact that would override that, they would say instead of mandating the state electors to vote for the state's popular vote they would mandate to vote for the national popular vote. the jury is out whether that
1:39 am
would work, that implicates different constitutional decisions but the good news is the efforts to peel of individual state electors are stopped for now. the electoral college create an important balance, smaller states get interest during a presidential election, don't just go to california is new york and ignore everyone else. todd: i want your thoughts on the november election. i want to play law school with you. the ruling is the states require their electors to vote for the popular or not, hypothetically let's go to pennsylvania because that is the state with a democratic governor and not on that list of states that has this law in place, trump wins the state, let's hypothetically say, some liberal electors refused to vote for him and democrat governor says i'm not going to force anybody, what happens then? shannon: practically speaking that is unlikely scenario
1:40 am
because they don't just nominate any old electors, they nominate electors that are chosen by the party that won. you would have trump's people if he wins the state choosing the electors so they scrubland say i am never trumpthe er that is on them. practically speaking this is why historically very few of electors have gone in a different direction. theoretically possible, 36 states have laws requiring it so a couple dozen don't but i still think it is unlikely because the party and the candidate chooses those electors. todd: it will be interesting to see how this plays out. you said probably not but in this world we live in you never know. really appreciate the insight, thanks so much. jillian: moving on to an equally important story, a rescue dog is being hailed a hero on the fourth of july. fire officials say she woke her
1:41 am
up with frantic barks when the owner opened the door he saw fun neighbor's house on fire, they were able to escape unharmed, the fire was started by fireworks, the same neighbor who helped the dog get adopted 15 months ago. what about that? todd: that is an officer, i love stories like that. a huge fish, these two fishermen over the side of the boat, watch. todd: look at that. a fisherman really in a 450 pound grouper. why are grouper so big? suddenly pulled over the boat's side, losing his fishing rod, they were able to get back in, the fish did not eat the people, the fish did keep fighting.
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this time another fisherman gets pulled in, he managed to hang on. they eventually brought the fish up to release it. how about that? an apology from the creator of hamilton not enough to appease the cancel culture crowd. >> moral failure in our part, i take responsibility and apologize for my part in this failure. >> and social media user calling to close the curtains on the hit show because they feel it downplays slavery. >> rob smith says it's an example of the far left eating their own, he joins us live. as you get older,
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carley: cancel hamilton is the newest social justice fight online, days after its tv debut in disney plus the creator of the hit musical responding to critics who say glorifies men who traded slaves. joining me with his latest take on the latest round of cancel culture, always a soldier and turning point usa's to rob smith.
1:47 am
take it away. how do you feel about the call to cancel hamilton. >> the call to cancel hamilton i like call to cancel anything else. when the twitter mob comes for you they don't want your apologies, they want your submission. it is deeply deeply deeply unfortunate, hamilton and the people that created the absolutely wonderful, amazing phenomenal show are being faced with it. cancel culture comes for you it doesn't matter if you are on the right or left. miranda is a good liberal, he pushes liberal causes, tweets about liberal things, supported hillary clinton, he supports the left and that is not enough for the cancel culture outrage mob on twitter because he happened to create a phenomenal show that, gasp, portrays american founders in a positive light.
1:48 am
you see this moved to the race history, people bringing down statues, saying they are ashamed to be american in this call to cancel hamilton which is an amazing piece of articles which present our founders and our country in a positive light is part of that and it is unfortunate the thing of it is it is not going to end, it will keep going until someone stands up to it. it is unfortunate they didn't stand up to it. jillian: let's pull up the tweet right now, he understands where the criticism is coming from. all the criticisms are valid. the tonnage of complexities and failings, couldn't wrestle with, 6 years to fit as much vicodin is would have her musical, did my best, it is all fair game. even the creator of his musical is second guessing this
1:49 am
brilliant thing that he created. >> that is unfortunate as well. you have to understand this twitter mob and cancel culture don't create anything and never created anything in their life, never taken a risk their lives, never done anything that is uncomfortable to create something good out of the world, what they want to do is tear down. the easiest thing in the world to do is tear down something someone else has created. the easiest thing to do is to tear down statues of people, teardown the history people have created. it is hard to create something yourself is the cancel culture twitter mob does not create, they don't do anything but call to cancel people and i will be glad when people start ignoring the mob. >> people like me who couldn't get a ticket can see in disney plus, alexander hamilton was the first treasury secretary, he wrote the federalist papers but
1:50 am
critics say he also traded slaves and his legacy is being viewed in too positive a light. how do you feel about that? >> that is a valid criticism but hamilton the show gives people a jumpstart to do their own research. the problem with cancel culture and mobs and everybody on the internet nowadays, they want everything spoonfed to them. this show hamilton is a very positive bite of american history. it is your job when you see something like that as an american, as a citizen to say let me get some more information so what we do when we get different information from multiple sources it creates a full or picture of who that man was and what was going on. we can't expect one thing to spoonfeed us an entire story and
1:51 am
that speaks to the part of the laziness of people calling to cancel. >> we put numbers on screen of how many downloads this got. a lot of people still watching it, thank you for your insights, we will be right back. and, can leave you feeling extremely sad and disinterested. overwhelmed by bipolar depression? ask about vraylar. not all types of depression should be treated the same. vraylar effectively helps relieve all symptoms of bipolar depression... with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks.
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carley: nascar standing behind bubba wallace after donald trump claims the rope was a hoax. the president calling on wallace to apologize, the driver responded on twitter saying love should come naturally as people are taught to hate even when it is hate from potus love wins, the rope was found at a ridiculous month, the fbi determined it was not a hate
1:55 am
crime. todd: the nba takes a step toward restarting it season orlando, six team scheduled to arise at disney's sports complex, 60 more will arrive over the next two days, all players will be tested upon arrival and briefed on safety protocol and providing special ppe including a physical distancing sensor starting on the 30 first. jillian: patrick mahon is the highest-paid man in sports, the kansas city cornerback signing a massive ten year, $503 million extension, leading the team to the first super bowl victory in 50 years. the contract is the biggest in sports history beating out mlb players like trey harper and jennifer the stanton and mexican boxer our verandas. look at those numbers.
1:56 am
can you imagine? heather: is fun to watch. one of the top nfl draft picks shocking fans with crazy facts, detroit lions rookie quarterback tweeting random thought, i have never been to an nfl game, selected third overall out of ohio state. social media going wild over his admission, chris tweeting that is mine, now you are going to be going to 16 of them a year. he has to work at them because his cornerback on not the greatest lions team in the world so he will get some there, he is a great player, something to watch in detroit. >> protesters topple statues across, a safe haven for unwanted monuments. todd: the new fall city manager who signed this proclamation, to teach history and attract tourism. he joins us live coming up.
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guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder force factor is the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. unleash your potential in the bedroom with score!. >> protester for months or weeks, saying black lives matter, only when police officer shoots a black person. what about all the black on black crime that is opening in the community. jillian: this is a fox news alert,ra


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