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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 8, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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from the vice president who leads the task force today. everyone, thank you so very much. we stretched out the virtual couch, we brought in dr. siegel, we appreciate your expertise. thank you, everybody. that does it for this hour. let's move to the next. we begin with a fox news alert. we are awaiting a white house press briefing now amid the growing battle over when schools should reopen. after the corona task force just wrapped up its briefing, where some of the members urged students will be allowed in the classroom. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump is now warning he may cut some funding from schools which do not reopen in the fall. the white house says it will not put up with anyone who wants to play politics with this issue. a short time ago, vice president mike pence calling it essential for schools to reopen their doors while appearing alongside other coronavirus task force members. here is a bit.
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speak opening schools in the right thing to do for our kids. it is critical that we get these schools open, do it safely. >> it's not a matter of if schools should reopen, it is simply a matter of how. they must fully open and they must be fully operational. >> harris: the president tweeted, "the dems think it will be bad for them politically if u.s. schools open for the elect on mike november election. it's important for children and families. may cut off funding if not open!" however, new york governor andrew cuomo strongly pushed back. watch. >> he wants the schools reopen. it's not up to him. not up to him. it's not his legal authority. just like it wasn't his legal authority to say he is going to decide when the economy reopens in the states. do you know, mr. president, better than your health experts how to protect the health of students? do you really want to disregard
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children's safety? >> harris: kristin fisher live outside the white house now. >> harris, at this task force briefing, vice president mike pence said the cdc will be putting out new guidelines for schools in terms of how they should reopen, and he said these new guidelines are going to be coming out next week after president trump tweeted this morning that he disagreed with the cdc on their very tough and expensive guidelines for opening schools, and while they want them open, they are acting schools to do very impractical things. the head of the cdc, dr. robert redfield, he was at the briefing today and he was very careful to clarify exactly what the intent was behind those original cdc guidelines. listen here. >> i want to make it very clear that it was not the intent of cdc's guidelines to be used as a rationale to keep schools clos
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closed. >> this morning president trump also threaten to withhold federal funding from schools who do not open this fall, in august or september. the vice president was asked a question about it. he would not go so far as to threaten withholding federal funding, but he did say this. >> we are going to be looking for ways to give states a strong incentive and encouragement to get kids back to school. >> at today's task force briefing, it was really an extension of a daylong panel discussion yesterday about how to safely reopen schools in the middle of this pandemic. over the last 24 hours there has been this administration-wide push to really push governors to do what florida is doing and get students back in the classroom this fall. yesterday the president's 2020 opponent, joe biden, was asked if he wanted schools to reopen in august and september. he said of course he did come but he also said, "we need to ensure we can do it safely in line with the recommendations of
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public health experts, and president trump keeps failing us on that score." excuse me, that was according to a spokesperson from the joe biden campaign, not the vice president himself. harris, the other big thing happening here at the white house today, the president of mexico is going to be arriving here in about an hour for what the white house is describing as a celebration of the usmca, the trade deal which went into effect about a week ago. that arrival happening in about an hour. as you noticed the lack noted, at the top of the hour we got hit with a briefing from the white house press secretary in 30 minutes. another very busy day here at the white house. harris? >> harris: yes, we are all going to talk fast. kristin fisher, thank you very much. i have a very important guest coming up and have just learned -- i want to double check with my team. the briefing has been canceled? okay. the briefing has been canceled at the white house for now. republican national committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel joins me now, and it's always great to have her on the
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program. that was a lot of information for well over an hour plus from vice president pence and the task force. as two moms on screen here, dr. birx from the task force at one point said that they really don't have an idea totally what happens among children in terms of positivity. we know that they make up less than .1% for people under 25, of the mortality rate. that is a blessing, although she says she wants the president and figure out what that really means for kids of pre-existing conditions. but we are not testing kids under the age of 10 enough to know what they're positivity is going to look like. does that informed change? this becomes a political issue. at the rnc, what are you looking at when you hear a detail like that? >> i think the president has been very clear that he is going to put the health and safety of kids first and foremost, but
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recognizing that we can balance that with starting school. the school districts across the country have had the whole summer to come up with plans to safely open schools. there is a huge impact on school not starting. not just on the mental health of kids -- i'm speaking as the mother of 15 and a 17-year-old, so i believe really need to get back to school. also on the family. families that are having to provide day care, get back to work, so there's a ripple effect. we can balance that on the government is willing to work with the school district in the states. we are seeing from democrats consistently is we want to pause everything. we want the whole economy to shut down. there is no way we are ever going open back up again, and the president is pushing them to lead and find solutions, and let's not leave their kids behind because of this pandemic. let's get this country moving again, and it's got to start with our kids. he is putting the student plan first and joe biden is putting a union plan for a spirit i will side with the students every time and that is where the republican party is. >> harris: you know, i just
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want to rest there for a second on the issue of the health of the kids, because the hhs secretary azar said specifically not about health versus economy, that it's about health versus health. then he cited a pretty disturbing detail we maybe don't talk about enough. in the gaps of all the lock downs and trying to get everything reopened, including schools, there might be this domestic abuse going unreported. you know it always exists, but if kids aren't in schools, maybe school nurses and teachers aren't hearing about it as much. >> i will just say, from a personal standpoint, my kids on virtual and every week he would get notes from the teacher saying, "hey, kids, are you out there?" because so many of the kids were dropping out of the virtual classes. i don't know the numbers, but i know going further and further along in the school year kids were just disappearing. this is a health issue. we've got to be monitoring these kids. they should be part of the schools, school lunches, families being able to get back
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to work, not to mention kids starting to learn again. we have to start reliving our lives again, and the president is saying we should do that on balance health and safety. democrats are saying, "no, we need to shut down forever." that's just not tenable. >> harris: it's interesting, real quickly before i move on, would you think it maybe a bipartisan gang of eight type of situation to look at this? i thought maybe that might happen with the economy, but certainly with the issue with kids. because it is becoming political, it feels like. what do you think of that idea? >> i think the president has always been open to working with democrats on any issue, and we have just seen a complete obstructive view from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer unwilling to work with this president on anything. so intent on criticism. it's up and down unfortunate because he's always willing to come to the table. eve seen that with this pandemic. he's worked with every democratic governor, given them everything they need.
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this is a president who is leading at right now he says it's time to put the kids first. i hope there is bipartisan support for that. and of the present will welcome bipartisan support for getting the schools open. >> harris: let's move to this. no reaction from democrats. he brought them up, let's further it. after president trump officially notified congress of the u.s. withdrawing from the world health organization. that was yesterday. house majority leader steny hoyer called it dangerous and self-defeating and joe biden tweeted this. "americans are safer when america is engaged in strengthening global health. on my first day as president i will rejoin the w.h.o. and restore our leadership on the world stage." ronna? >> well, it shows that joe biden is once again showing that he would fail in the world stage. the united states and taxpayer dollars gave $900 million to the w.h.o. between 2018 and 2019. they had one job, harris. one job. let's look out for a pandemic, and they failed.
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they said it wasn't caused by human to human contact, they told us not to wear masks, they didn't alert the united states quickly enough, or all the other countries. lives have been lost because of their ineptitude. every american should be upheld by the atrocity of the w.h.o. the president is doing the right thing. what do you do when someone doesn't do their job? you fire them. that's what we are doing to the w.h.o., and shame on joe biden and shame on democrats for not applauding the president for taking action and holding them accountable for this massive failure. >> harris: are you concerned about that there are countries around the world that may suffer because we are not engaged in that way with w.h.o.? >> countries have suffered so much because of the w.h.o. bail. i think the president's right to hold them accountable. they had one job. if a pandemic is coming, alert the world. beyond th be on the lookout for it.they s.
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they failed on so many levels, there needs to be an audit of that failure. there should be hearings about that. we absolutely should not be given them any more funding until we get to the bottom of how they miss read this and cost lives around the entire world. >> harris: all right. ronna mcdaniel, chairwoman of the rnc. great to see you today, thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: the supreme court is handing down two major rulings, both seen as victories for religious freedom. as there is a lot of speculation about vacancies on the high court. where is that coming from, and what could replacement look like especially in the short-term? will get into it. high-profile critics calling on mayor de blasio of new york city to quit, move on, resigned from your post, after a spike in violent crime hits new york. why my next guest says if de blasio serves out the rest of his term the city will simply not survive. ♪
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>> harris: we come in with this fox news alert about two important rulings from the highest court in our land. the justices on the supreme court have sided with the trump administration, allowing employers to opt out of obamacare's birth control mandate. the high court also ruled religious schools are mostly exempt from worker discrimination claims. shannon bream reporting line from the u.s. supreme court today. shannon? >> hey, harris. let's break this down. we will start with one that has become a very familiar story to reviewers. this involves the little sisters, they have been to the spring for more than once trying to push back against the mandate that would require them to
10:17 am
facilitate cost free access to contraception for their employees. they have long said and argued we are what they do with elderly poor who are dying. there's nothing about the mandate that lines up with the tenets of their faith, which are the catholic church. they have fought on this back and forth. the trump administration a couple of years ago tried to remedy this by putting together a new regulation that would carve out an exception for them and like religious organizations. today, and a 7-2 ruling, the supreme court ruled that the trump administration got those regulations right. justice clarence to hauser of t. "they've had to fight for the ability to continue in their noble work without violating their sincerely held religious beliefs. the federal government has arrived at a solution that exempts the little sisters from the source of their complicity-based concerns. the inextricably imposed contraceptive mandate."
10:18 am
justices ginsburg and sotomayor said the court got it all wrong. "destructive of the women's health a minute, this leaves women workers to fend for themselves to seek comprehensi e coverage and absent another source of funding to pay for those services out of their own pocket." a number of organizations coming forward and objection, the aclu and planned parenthood saying it's a legitimate underpinning of american freedom. part of our constitution. but they say this has crossed the line into discrimination. on the other case that you mentioned, a couple of catholic school employees that there is what is called a ministerial exemption against the point lawsuits, saying religion organizations like have a school should have a lot of leeway when it comes to employment decisions regarding people who fit within that exemption if part of their duty as religious duty or religious instruction. the court today found those catholic teachers fell within that exception. they cannot sue those catholic schools. of course, harris, now we are
10:19 am
waiting tomorrow, the final day. we will give a rulings o on the other committee sent a prosecutor in new york state can get access to the president's tax returns and financial records. bill lee will be here 10:00 for that. >> harris: you told me, i made a note. good to see you, shannon bream. for more on this i want to bring in former u.s. attorney guy lewis. guy, just hit the highlights for me and tell me how this came about. shannon was just talking about, obviously, the constitution. but there are always other things that play into this, and they are members of the court who don't always vote along the lines that you could separate politically. >> fascinating cases, harris. normally we look at these and you get a real close 5-4 decision, one way or the other. in this case, both cases that we just talked about, 7-2. most would say that these aren't
10:20 am
close calls. when you look at it, if you are a catholic school, shouldn't they be allowed to follow the tenets of their religion and not be required to fund birth control preppy obamacare mandate? that seems reasonable to me. the other one, of course, again, if you are a religious school -- the l.a. school that we talked about, the los angeles school, broad language. in that case, basically the school can fire somebody without having necessarily to worry about the ada, the discrimination act, and for example in one case one teacher had been working there for decades and the school said, "listen, maybe it's time for you to move along." she wouldn't leave and she sued.
10:21 am
the court, again, in that case, after years of litigation, they said, "look, religion trumps --" no pun intended, but "religion trumps administration in this case." >> harris: fascinating, as you said. the taxes of the president of the united states. tomorrow is the final day for the discussion of the court. what do you think we'll see? >> harris, this is going to be a big one. i think you might have a split decision on this. i think you might see the court say that the manhattan d.a., the district attorney, can subpoena in a criminal investigation, can subpoena the president's tax returns. however, you cannot, congress, subpoena the president's and counting firm and get all of his tax returns and other records associated with his accounting. it's going to be a big one tomorrow in terms of that.
10:22 am
>> harris: that's interesting. >> it's going to be fascinating. it's going to turn political no matter what. >> harris: so the actual legal people can do this, but congress can't to >> that's my guess >> harris: yours is more than a guess though. [laughs] >> i've been doing this for a long time, but sometimes you can flip a coin and it's about the same thing. [laughs] >> harris: i hear you. fox news has confirmed that chief justice john roberts was briefly hospitalized last month after falling and injuring his forehead while taking a walk near his home. this amid speculation that justices clarence thomas and samuel alito could announce their retirements before the election. radio host hugh hewitt says sources tell him alito is considering retirement, while justice thomas is most likely to
10:23 am
step down. they're watching the team leads and all of this. not one of my favorite activities. i prefer to see what is real. sometimes you have to line things up if something is coming down the pike. what do you see? >> based on my time back at the department of justice, the white house prepares for this. this is a big, big deal for them. them. any time a justice might step down. and we know the president had released a number of names, and has been really transparent, it seems to me, about this. i think they are prepared. we know that alito is, what, 70 years old? justice thomas is 72. it is tough duty, no matter how you call it, harris. sitting on that court, it is tough. washington is not the most -- >> harris: let me ask you quickly. we are cutting in.
10:24 am
>> that's all right. >> harris: how risky is it for the g.o.p. to try to do this? the senate might not be able to get somebody through before the election. just real quick, your thought on that. >> as a politician, i would hold off. it is risky. especially when you consider what happened the last few months of the obama administration, harris, where mitch mcconnell wouldn't put through obama's nominee in the last few months. there is risk associated with this, for sure. >> harris: all right. guy lewis, i didn't mean to cut in, but i wanted us to be able to get to as much as possible. i'll see you soon, my friend. thank you. the move to defund the police's going national. two squad members, as they are called in the house, progresses in the house, proposing a federal plan t to slash police budgets and get rid of ice.
10:25 am
plus, critics calling on mayor de blasio of new york city to quit, resign, and they are seeing a spike in crime and massive police budget cuts coming, as well. i will talk with new york congressman lee zeldin who says the city cannot afford another day, a single day under mayor de blasio. he is live. he might waive, we are coming back. usaa is made for what's next no matter what challenges life throws at you, we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so you can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at
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but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> be dealing with an unprecedented reality. this is not business as usual, and it's all underlined by all the problems created by the pandemic and the absence of the functioning court system. but the nypd continues to move resources where they are needed and come up with new strategies. it is difference from past years because were dealing with a much greater challenge. but we will beat it. >> harris: that's new york city mayor bill de blasio on his claim that coronavirus is largely to blame for the city's spike in crime.
10:30 am
he is calling -- or, rather, facing calls to resign amid his handling of protests and his effort to defund the police department. former police commissioner ray kelly calls the mayor's leadership atrocious. >> i lay the problems of new york city solely at the feet of bill de blasio. he has even serrated the police department, retirements are at record levels, and the future is, quite frankly, very bleak in new york. certainly for the next 18 months under the de blasio administration. >> harris: meanwhile, new york congressman lee zeldin tweeted this. "mayor de blasio is destroying our great city from the inside out. new york city will not make it through the remainder of his term. he needs to be immediately removed from office to save the city and protect the people who live there!" and so now we bring in congressman lee zeldin of new york. first of all, why did you feel the need to say all of that? what's happening?
10:31 am
>> i love new york city. my own memories, but also those of my constituents, as our region, really of the country. we look at new york city, at the potential that was recognized after something similar happened in the late '80s, early '90s. mayor dinkins left and you had rudy giuliani come in, there was a focus on quality of life. he saw the crime rates go down, the economy flourish, the potential being reached. here we are again, fast-forward through what has really been a terrible few weeks and months with the city going in the wrong direction, it's at a crossroads. this is a tale of two cities. you have the direction that new york city can be filled with opportunity, it can be filled with law and order, safety and security, peace and prosperity, or it'll be this direction that bill de blasio is taking it down, which is chaos and lawlessness and poverty and a lack of opportunity. i really believe he has to be
10:32 am
removed, and the city won't survive him staying in for the remainder of this term. >> harris: you know, some critics would say this sounds like republicans against democratic mayor. not long ago -- i mean, weeks -- the governor of the state said "he wanted to displace mayor de blasio over the handling of the things that were going at the time. the same things going on now. coronavirus and the police situation with protesters, so on and so forth. i do find it interesting that it is not just republicans. a quick thought on that and we will move on. >> yeah, i'm sure that if you were to poll people who live in new york city and around new york city as well you will find that it's not just republicans, its independence, democrats, they want a different direction. de blasio's numbers have to be completely in the tank right now. >> harris: we will move to this. a bill from two far left members of the house is calling for defunding the police.
10:33 am
we are going to stick with that topic and add in this. they also want to abolish i.c.e. and the drug enforcement agency. congressman rashida tlaib and ayanna pressley say the breeds act is new vision for public safety that protects and affirms black lives. this, as minneapolis is moving closer to replacing its police force as city council members are expected to appear before the charter commission today to talk about their proposal. congressman zeldin, your reaction? >> this is a vision for e-voting public safety. i look at our great i.c.e. agents and the mission they do to combat sex trafficking, human trafficking. they go after ms-13, they remove people from our country who are committing some very serious crimes. the dea, the need for us to be focusing on the opioid abuse epidemic in our country, to what they are seeking to do in removing laws that criminalize illegal immigration in our
10:34 am
country. i don't believe in open borders, the consequences for families. i believe this would, in many cases, erode public safety in our country. i don't support the defund the police movement, and i think joe biden too needs to weigh in because he is starting to show support for efforts like this. >> harris: that brings me sort of to my next question. i've always been told by senior members of the house who are democrats that the people who are really in charge of the more establishment moderate types. yet, we hear time and time again the so-called squad members -- alexandria ocasio-cortez and these two female leaders are coming up with ideas that become, then, hot within the nomenclature what's going on among democrats in the house. you are there and you know these people. what's it like? >> the radical left is controlling the democratic party right now. you are seeing feckless leadership. people who may know better aren't leading the radical
10:35 am
elements of the party. instead they are being led by them, rolled by them. the most important vote for nancy pelosi's revote to be speaker. there is no way she's going to get a 218 votes without her continuing to pander to these voices. if we don't do what we need to in the next several months, you could be facing a reality of a democratic president, democratic senate, and democratic house being all filled with elements rolled by this fringe of their party which is taking over their party, and the consequences impact all of us. for the country that we want -- we are really battling for the heart and soul and future of our nation right now. we can't leave anything off of the table prayed for anyone who cleared dumb i cares about our freedoms, liberties, everything that we cherish, take this as a warning shot of what it would look like if these people actually ran everything. >> harris: congressman lee zeldin, we started with your call for the mayor of new york city to resign. we will continue to cover the news on that, as well. good to see you, thank you.
10:36 am
>> great to see you, thank you. >> harris: students at a california university are cooking up a new class. why they are doing it, and it's meant to help. ♪
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>> harris: some students at uc berkeley are talking about a plan to create a bogus class to help certain international students avoid deportation. this, coming after ice announced foreign students in the united states will have to take in person classes to stay in america. william la jeunesse is live for us from los angeles with the story. william? >> well, harris, berkley and some students propose the strake one hour in person class taught by students to skirt those i.c.e. rules that require foreign students to physically attend classes to keep their student visa. this rule long existed because of fraud. many foreign nationals who couldn't get into the u.s.
10:41 am
legally got a student visio on my visa for online colleges that worked on the table. the problem now is, as major universities go online, because of the corunna viruses, one of a million foreign students could be forced to go home. >> students are not able to get flight tickets back to their home country just because of the travel ban from every country. there definitely has to be anxiety. >> my heart is really going out to the international students in the country. i think that this is sending a very strong message that we don't want to have them here. >> this is a big deal for universities. foreign enrollment can top 20% than they pay full price. that's a $41 billion infusion of foreign money, which they explained why this morning harvard and mit student and to send students home or force them into classes during a pandemic. >> in this case, they are
10:42 am
talking about people who are here illegally, who had to wait to get a visa, to get into university, and they are coming for a valid reason, to get an education. >> no comment this morning from i.c.e., but the complaint says the effect is not the goal of the policy is to create as much chaos as possible on campus. now it's up to a district judge in boston, harris, to decide about this restraining order. back to you. >> harris: william, thank you very much for looking into that for us. a 15-year-old boy trapped in the sierra nevada forest has been miraculously rescued after a gunman killed his father during a fourth of july trip. what a story. jonathan hunt is on it, also live from los angeles today. jonathan? >> hey, harris. 15-year-old jack kirschman and his dad, dr. ari kirschman, set off about 9:30 a.m. last friday excited to go take their new jeep off-loading. seven hours later, the doctor
10:43 am
was dead and jack was running for his life. they were on the trail near danville, california, and stopped to ask a man for directions. instead of helping them, the man began shooting. dr. gershman apparently tried to drive away but was hit and killed by a bullet. the jeep crashed to a halt and jack jumped out and ran. he liked for about an hour, desperately trying to find a spot where he could get a cell phone signal and the remote tahoe national forest. he was able to dial 911, telling the operator his dad had been shot and he was lost in the vast forest. more than 24 hours later, rescuers finally reached him, scared, hungry, and thirsty but otherwise in good condition. family members may know i'll have been paying tribute to dr. gershman >> he was a doctor, he ran clinical trials for life-saving medication. i mean, his whole world is
10:44 am
helping people. >> they are also wondering what on earth drove the shooter to open fire on people he had never met. >> random psycho. >> the suspect was arrested after a shoot-out with police officers. he was named by police as john thomas conway. he is also believed to have shot two of the people in the area. they both survived. harris? >> harris: wow. jonathan, thank you very much. we moved to this, the top u.s. general in the middle east says he doubts alleged russian bounties led to the deaths of any american soldiers. why does he say that, and why democrats are questioning his argument. ♪ ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit. and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. >> harris: the top u.s. general in the middle east says he doubts reports that russian bounties led to the death of american troops in afghanistan. centcom commander kenneth mckenzie says this. "i found it very worrisome. i just didn't find that there was a positive link there. reports of this nature have been out there for a while, but it was very, very low level of
10:49 am
authenticity about them. you just continue to plow through them and sort of go forward." here to talk about all of this is general jack keane, retired four-star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a fox news senior strategic analyst. great to have it on the program today. as you look at general mckenzie's words about those things that have been out there for a while with a low level of authenticity, why would that be the case? >> this whole situation gives us a little insight into the collection process, and the intelligence process itself. there was likely some kind of evidence that indicated there is a possibility the russians were paying bounties to kill americans to the taliban. some evidence, it could have been as a result of an interrogation, harris. they taliban detainee. that would be not that credible, because it is in his interest to
10:50 am
lie and to gain favor with interrogators. the intelligenc process does ist other evidence to support that. are there other towel band that will give them information? have they been monitoring radio traffic where there was some indication of it? is there any indication from our intelligence services operating in russia that may have picked up something of the military intelligence services didn't? because they couldn't find that, it laid out there and people did not believe it was verifiable and therefore confirmable. that really is the issue that we have here. is it plausible? you betcha it's possible to my possible prayer they're not as a competitor, they're an adversary. they don't want the united states south of their southern border propping up a fledgling democratic regime that has had four national elections
10:51 am
now and is friendly to united states. that is not in the national interest. what have they done? well, they have given the taliban material support. they have given weapons. we believe they have also given them some money. is it possible they would go one step further and do this? yes, it is. but we don't have the evidence that it took place. >> harris: real quickly, you then start to say, is there and of the possibility that somebody may have put this out there to try it even further divide us? which very much sounds like something russia would do. i don't want to get too far afield with all of that. have we seen anything like that before? >> we have seen the russians, as we know, meddling in our election and using disinformation in doing that. trying -- they know they can't fundamentally undermine an election, but i think they believe they can create a lack of confidence in election processes. that's what they've done and so,
10:52 am
yes, do they want to create chaos and disorder and dissension and a lack of trust in institutions as a result of what they do in their disinformation? yeah, that's one of the major objectives. they are at this all the time, this is not new business for them. every single day they are doing something like that. >> harris: sadly. general keane, great to have your expertise. thank you for your time. >> good talking to you, harris. >> harris: the move to cancel the cancel culture. what prominent liberals and activists say is destroying at this point. the power panel slides in next. ♪ i am in so much debt. sixty-two thousand seven hundred and ten dollars and thirty-one cents. sofi allowed me to refinance all of my loans to one low interest rate and an affordable monthly payment. and i just feel like there's an end in sight now and that my debt doesn't define me anymore. ♪ sofi is helping me get my money right.
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
10:55 am
10:56 am
>> harris: liberal writers and activists has signed an open letter in hopes of ending the cancel culture. harry potter author j.k. rowling and feminist icon gloria steinem are the more than 100 names attached. it goes after what they call the
10:57 am
rising intolerance of opposing views. power panel now. kevin my color, radio host. john summers, former communications director to harry reid. john, why are democrats doing this? >> i think it's important to recognize that boycotts are very rarely successful. as we all know. they're also not limited to one political ideology. colin kaepernick, nike, nfl, we've seen it with president trump attempting to ban tiktok, and even evangelicals going after howard stern to get him off the air. this isn't something that is unique to one political party or ideology. i think the authors of the letter aren't wrong. in america you have the right to say about anything you want, but people of the right to hold you accountable. >> harris: kevin? >> not only are boycotts
10:58 am
sometimes unwise, they can be flat out crazy. what we have seen in the american culture over the last six weeks, since the death of george floyd has spoken loudly to this. their bed calls to cancel everything. this last weekend disney launched hamilton on its streaming service, 74% increase and downloads, and you had people saying cancel hamilton. this has gone way too far. find a happy opinion, but when we stop allowing both sides to express themselves we will turn into a flat culture that has no depth to it. >> harris: i don't want to start the chicken and the egg, and which came first, but i can point to college campuses where it seems like there were more of them that were liberal that wanted to keep out conservative voices. it's interesting that, looks like politically people on the same page. i will come back to you kevin. >> i think we need to remember that in a democracy or a republic, that values the
10:59 am
freedom of speech, you have to have the freedom of ideas to bounce up against each other and to eventually work themselves out in public policy. what we have seen from the far left is a complete and tolerance to be tolerant for anything other than their own opinion. >> harris: you put the confederate flag, you put the statues, monuments in the, things people are trying to cancel right now. for a whole host of reason and so what do you do with that, the call to end the cancel culture on the side that wants to do that? >> i think that's exactly the problem. any side can go too far with anything and i think we have seen this in some instances with the cancel culture, but i think it's very important, not to discount the movement to stop celebrating confederate leaders by putting that in the category.
11:00 am
that's a very different thing. >> let's make everybody exactly the same. >> harris: it's been a full hour and i will bring you back. thanks for watching "outnumbered overtime." here is dana perino. ♪ >> dana: of the cdc is set to update its guidance on reopening schools after president trump tweeted the current recommendations are too tough and expensive. hello, everyone. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ vice president mike pence saying today its essential schools reopen and the fall. he and the head of the cdc say they don't want the guidance to be the reason that kids can get back to the classroom. >> the president said today we don't want the guidance to be too tough and that's the reason why next week the cdc will be


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