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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 9, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> harris: we are ready for a busy hour of fox news alert as we wait a white house press briefing after today's supreme court decision on president trump's taxes and financial documents. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. the supreme court today blocked congressional democrats from accessing the president's financial records for now. in a separate case, the high court ruled the president does not have absolute immunity from prosecution and that a new york district attorney can subpoena the president's tax returns. in both cases, they are being thrown back to the lower court. senate minority leader chuck schumer weighed in, saying, "no matter how much he
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wished it to be true, president trump is not king. the supreme court today upheld the fundamental tenet of democracy that no one is above the law." the president tweeted this. "this is about political prosecution. i won the mueller witch hunt and others and i have to keep fighting in a politically correct new york. not fair to his presidency or administration!" kristin fisher's live outside the white house. >> harris, you know president trump is not pleased with something when he tweets about it seven times in two hours. he is describing today's ruling as political prosecution, prosecutorial misconduct. not fair, and a witch hunt. but his personal attorney, jay sekulow, who argues these cases before the supreme court, is painting and much more rosy picture of today's ruling. jay sekulow put on the statement that reads, "we are pleased that, in decisions issued today, the supreme court has temporarily blocked both
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congress and new york prosecutors from obtaining the president's financial records. we will now proceed to raise additional issues in the lower court." after years of president trump fighting to keep his financial records private, today we learned that the fight will continue. which means that there is a very good chance that, even if these documents do you ever see the light of day, it will likely almost certainly be after the november election. house speaker nancy pelosi is saying today's ruling is about much more than the president's tax returns and financial records. >> what is at stake? at the system of checks and balances. as i say in my statement, the genius of the constitution. it is if, in fact, that they ruled he is not above the law, that he can do whatever he wants without any oversight from congress, tht would have been just devastating, to tell you the truth.
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>> what the white house says about the two justices president trump appointed to the supreme court supreme court, justice is neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh, because today both of them ruled against the president and said that no president is essentially above the law, but specifically what they said is that no president has absolute immunity from criminal prosecution. it'll be very interesting to see what the white house press secretary says when she steps into the briefing room in about 30 minutes, and how she characterizes today's rulings after she likely has had a chance to speak to president trump. harris? >> harris: that's a really interesting point that you bring up there, in terms of the vote count. and the people the president has put on the court going against him, at least on one of these rulings. we'll get into it and i with my guests. thank you for setting us up. i want to bring in jenna ellis, personal attorney for president trump and trump 2020 senior legal advisor. great to see you.
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and harry litman, former u.s. attorney and deputy assistant attorney general, also a constitutional law professor, and he clerked for two supreme court justices. terrific to have you in the program, as well. i will start with you, with just the overarching -- we know jay sekulow and what he has said, that this was a win for the president. but what is the reaction out of the white house when you see the president tweet seven times about one thing, as i reporter pointed out? >> harris, this should have been a decisive victory, and it's a delayed victory. i think the president will continue to push forward to protect his constitutional rights to be free from political harassment from both congress and this malicious prosecutor out in new york. this is frustrating, that he continues to have to be subject to all of these ridiculous sorts of witch hunts. he is right that he has prevailed every single time. while this should have been a
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decisive victory, he would continue to move forward. i think it's really interesting, as you display chuck schumer's direction and nancy pelosi's reaction, none of them talked about a legislative purpose or any sort of contemplation there. even through their own statement, this is targeted political harassment of the president of the united states, and that needs to stop. that precedent should never, ever be allowed to prevail for this president or any other in the future. that is what these cases are about. i am very proud of president trump for continuing that fight. he has endured so much of this political harassment, and i think he will continue and ultimately prevail. >> harris: when you hear what jenna is saying about how the politics mix into all of this, harry, i'm curious about, legally, knowing politics may play a role, what kind of exposure does president trump have after these decisions? >> he has complete exposure. it is really a delayed loss. in no way is that a victory, because the court made clear
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that these records are available. exactly what jenna said, there is no legislative purpose, that's the very principle the court rejected. the other principal they rejected unanimously was the argument that trump had made about absolute immunity. yes, there is a remand. that is to be expected in both cases. yes, as a practical matter, that might mean the records don't see the light of day before the election. they made very clear that there is no special judgment to make here, and at the admin of the day he will have no basis for resisting. we will see them, but after the election. on the broader sort of doctrinal legal level, a big victory for the rule of law and against the claims of executive power. >> harris: real quickly to both of you, i heard you mentioned -- not by name -- the district attorney in manhattan, jenna. cy vance. what can he do next? what is your role now as personal attorney to president trump in terms of readying the president about
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what may be coming down? >> what the court provided is that president trump will have to go through the legal channels to push back fruit due process. this is just a fishing expedition that the district attorney there is trying to get these tax returns, and we see malicious prosecutor's tried go through and manipulated grand jury process. president trump, like every american citizen, has the right to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures, unreasonable grand jury subpoenas, and he'll continue to fight that every step of the way. it'll just now be in new york state court rather than the supreme court. he will prevail on that basis and on the separation of powers, that the court specifically noted it has to prevail and there has to be specific legislative purpose. congress won't be able to articulate that. >> harris: harry, i want to come back to that. jenna makes an interesting point. if they can get specific, this really helps the president moving forward with regard to
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congress. democrats in congress. what can they do next, and should they get with it? should they not just come up with something specific? she makes a good point there. >> those other big if they lost on both counts today. there is no need, as she said, like any other person, he can make the same arguments below. just none of the special ones he wanted to make as president. the same thing with congress. they didn't try, as the president had urged them, to make a special showing. they just have to make the normal showing. sure, if you can pull a rabbit out of his hat with something he's never said before, he can do it like any other citizen. when he can't do was what other citizens can do and be special as the president. emphatically rejected today. >> harris: before we move on, jenna, because you do work closely with the president, what is his initial reaction to all of this? >> i haven't yet spoken with the president personally but i know that jay sekulow has been on top of this as well as a statement.
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i think it just might of the conversations of the president, of course he is frustrated with this kind of targeted harassment. no president has had to endure this type of political opposition, where congress, of course, they are really sincerely trying to legislate. the court also said they can get that information from any other source. it doesn't have to be from presidential records. they are trying to manipulate the rule there and they can't do that. i think any reasonable person looks at both of these cases and understands that president trump's right to be frustrated. we as americans have a right to be frustrated. this isn't about the rule of law and holding the president to the rule of law. this is about democrats trying to manipulate the constitution, manipulate the powers, just like they did with impeachment. there is no purpose and president trump is right to be frustrated and right to push back. i'm proud of him for standing firm. i think the american people are also very proud of him. >> harris: i have a quick question for rico. justices gore switch and
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justice kavanaugh , you have surge you have served justices before. what does this tell you when they go against the president? >> in u.s. versus nixon, some which were appointed by nixon, can send versus jones, it's a big deal. when marshall was put on the court he told johnson, "if you're wrong i'm going to have to kick you in the rear," and that's what they did say. on the justice alito and justice thomas were to the right. they went along with all the liberal wing, and specifically rejecting the claims that trump had made. >> harris: all right. harry and jana, thank you so much. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany is about to take a lectern, and expecting some reaction to this morning's u.s. supreme court decision. you heard me asking jenna ellis about it, his personal attorney. now the white house press secretary no doubt will be asked as well. we will bring you that live as soon as it begins. plus, house democrats blocked for now, as we were just saying,
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in their bid to get president trump's managed documents. the case now gets handed back down to a lower court. the president says he is the victim of a political witch hunt. the top ranking republican on the house intelligence committee, devin nunes, joins me next on today's ruling. ♪ rates hajust dropped to new all time lows. veterans can refinance their loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. one call to newday usa can save you $3,000 every year. you could start saving, beginning with your next mortgage payment. refi now at these historic low rates. to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. woohoo! 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein.
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>> by all accounts, for many of the, shall we say, constitutional authorities, there was never any way they were going to give us the records right now. but they would give us a path to the record. this isn't so much about the president's records. what was at stake is the president above the law.
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>> nancy pelosi there, optimistic in spite of the fact of the u.s. supreme court has denied a house democrats access to president trump's financial documents for now. i want to bring in republican congressman devin nunes, ranking member of the house intelligence committee. great to see you today. thanks for being on the program. >> my pleasure. >> harris: as you hear speaker pelosi talking about being given a path to the records, what is in the playbook now for republicans in the house? specifically on your committee? >> the main thing that's in the playbook here is that the republicans need to gain back the majority. you have democrats, about a third of them, who are now proxy voting. they are hiding in the basement just like the candidate, were not even showing up in washington, d.c., to work. they have been trying to impeach this president for almost four years now. the irony is that these are
10:17 am
people who have poisoned the american people. the democrats in congress, on this whole russia hoax. you had, just last week, harris, you had the speaker of the house pelosi who you just showed there, she was referring to the senate majority leader as having something to do with russia. the gall and the brazenness of these folks is just incredible, when it was the dnc, the democratic national committee, and the clinton campaign, who were actually getting information from the russians. the fact -- what they tried to do as they tried to grab this information and then they tried to create narratives that the media is willing to run with. i am actually happy that we don't have to deal with this between now and the election, because it would just be more nonsense like they constantly do we have to deal with, they threw out a narrative bomb, it runs across all the platforms, and republicans are always having to respond to it. i can just imagine what they
10:18 am
would do by nitpicking little things and then throwing them out there for the american public to consume. i'm getting sick of it. >> harris: it's interesting what you are saying. i don't know that there is any reason to think that democrats wouldn't use this politically anyway, even though the thing might be happening until after november 3rd. the intel chair, adam schiff, his statement reads as this. i will get your reaction. "the specific documents the committee has requested is about whether russia has leverage over president trump, his family, and his businesses, and whether legislation is needed to guard against such dangerous conflicts of interest and foreign influence." what is your response to that? >> my response is to completely ignore anything the democrats say on this committee, because this is the house intelligence committee. they've converted it to the house impeachment committee. i would say the leader of the democratic party on the committee, mr. schiff, needs answer, if he is so worried
10:19 am
about vladimir putin, why wasn't he making appearances? if he was so worried about russia, why was he going to russians during this investigation the last couple years and asking them if they had nude pictures of president trump? to say the democrats wouldn't take his some small amounts ofsomething e out of it, it's preposterous. they do this time and again. tell us, why were you trying to get nude pictures of the president? that's what i would ask for democrats. they're always trying to get information russians. they seem infatuated with it and they have poisoned the minds of millions of americans with this hoax. >> harris: congressman devin nunes today on the program as two additional big decisions this week from the u.s. supreme court have come down. i appreciate your time. also good to see it. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: the white house press briefing is set to begin about 10 minutes from now. we've got our eye on that
10:20 am
lectern. press secretary kayleigh mcenany expected to set up. comments on those major supreme court rulings today, and more. we will take you there live as soon as it gets underway. plus, the city of new york has painted "black lives matter" in huge letters, big yellow letters come outside trump tower today. you see people filling in the space now as some of that paint is drying. is this a good faith gesture from mayor bill de blasio, or something else? ♪
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liberty mutual customizes oryour car insurance, m. so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> black lives matter in new york city, and black lives matter in the united states of america! lets showed donald trump what he does not understand. let's paint it right in front of his building for him. >> harris: wow. new york city mayor bill de blasio taking part in a painting ceremony at black lives matter merrill on fifth avenue in front of trump tower. that was just a short time ago.
10:25 am
one week, this comes after president trump called the mural a symbol of hate that would further antagonize the nypd. meanwhile, joe biden, who previously had said he was against defunding the police, now appears to be changing his tune. watch. >> surplus military equipment for law enforcement. they don't need that. the last thing you need is an armored humvee coming into a neighborhood just like the military invading. they don't know anybody, they become the enemy. they are supposed be these people. >> didn't we agree we could redirect some of the funding? >> yes, absolutely. >> harris: the power panel slides in how. matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union, and jose aristimuno, former dnc deputy press secretary. matt, i come to you first. what is your reaction to seeing mayor bill de blasio not necessarily popular on either side of the political here in nm outside trump tower? >> matt: yeah, i guess he believes that it's okay to open up class for arts and crafts but
10:26 am
not for new york city's school children. while literally hundreds of thousands of people are getting out of new york city, because of its mismanagement, because of their mismanagement of chinese corona, but specifically because of the crime. dead children in the streets, because this mayor irresponsibly is blaming cops for all the ills of society. and joe biden today is basically calling for cops to be a new force that is unarmed in these communities. we need to take back order in the streets. not because we want to do people harm, but because we want to save the lives of these precious children who are victims of this angry mob. that failed mayor. >> harris: jose, why is the mayor doing something like this now? there are a lot of ways to show support for the black community. we didn't have to wait until
10:27 am
2020 for him to necessarily do something like this. is this a political stunt? >> look, i mean, there is no question, first and foremost, that anything that involves black lives matter is a step in the right direction. washington did something similar, a mural of some sort. i think it's good for the mayors have done this, but it's not enough. it is purely symbolic. i think it's important, but we have to do is make sure that we listen to the community and not continue to ignore them. when have people like matt, like a president, saying that black lives matter is a symbol of hate, that's not going to get us anywhere. we've got to stop with this political bickering and say that we acknowledge african-americans in this country, we acknowledge minorities, we acknowledge latinos. they cannot be ignored in the longer. let's bring them to the table and let's negotiate so we can continue to move the country forward. >> matt: harris, can i just say, i find it very offensive for somebody to say that i have to have respect for latinos. i happen to be married to a latina, and i'm not going to be lectured to on these things.
10:28 am
all americans, no matter their color or ethnic heritage, can accept each other. but we should not accept the violence of this mob and we should not accept the fact that kids have to be killed and our street because we somehow have to let the mob take over. i reject that and i reject your idea that you have to lecture me on having tolerance for people with different skin colors. >> jose: you continue to ignore -- >> harris: i want to give jose a chance to respond. you kind of talked over each other. jose, start again. >> jose: matt, you continue to ignore the facts. they are trying to make this a political issue. we are listening to the people of america. there are people of america, a majority of them are not gangsters. the majority are not mobsters. they are not doing any sort of violence. they are trying to make sure that their voices are amplified. they have an issue, and a public servant, whether republican or democrat, the least you can do is respect them and listen to them. that's what these people are asking for, and republicans and
10:29 am
president trump and people like yourself continue to ignore them day after day. >> harris: can i just ask a quick question? in the black community, there is some discussion. communities, plural. different people in different places all over the country. we saw a lot of black on black crime last weekend. you talk about a little 8-year-old, secoriea turner, and atlanta who was shot as her mom was driving around a protest barrier outside that wendy's where rayshard brooks was killed. in the mayor saying we are doing this to ourselves now, and that child's grandfather asking, if black lives matter, what about secoriea turner? is there, do you think, jose, a difference or significance between black lives matter inc. -- i'm black, i think my life matters -- and the organization of blm, which has some tenets in it that people say they take exception to? i heard you talk about it, matt. where you carve out certain
10:30 am
areas where you don't believe in the core family that we have, up until now. what do you say about that, was a question mark >> jose: sure. it's a complex question and i will try to answer it as best as i can. black lives matter as an organization have frustrations, and i think they started a movement. i don't think they are the only ones. they don't own black lives matter, they don't own african-americans. >> harris: so why didn't they protest in atlanta when that black child was killed? allegedly asking this. matt? >> matt: this is the problem. what they are trying to say is america is a terrible country that has systemic racism, and that is the mistake. what we should be saying is america is a tolerant and beautiful country, but we still have progress to make on race. what they are trying to do is insert the most radical elements of a marxist revolution within this banner of black lives matter, antifa, and these other groups that are fomenting violence and literally hurting people of color and hurting immigrants in our big cities.
10:31 am
what i want to do is defund the mob and talk about how we come together as a country. that's what abraham lincoln did, that's what harriet tubman did, that's what these great sports figures like jackie robinson and arthur ashe did. we can do this as a country, but not through a marxist mob in the street that is literally burning churches, saying they want to take down statues of jesus and marian all this violence. it'll hurt the people they say they want help. >> harris: i want to have you back on a different day, let's talk about it even further. thank you very much. we are awaiting the white house press briefing. this is the breaking news that we will go to when it happens, coming after the supreme court delivers two big decisions on the presidents financial documents. we will watch it live together, moments away. plus, the president is telling his fellow republicans to toughen up for what he calls a
10:32 am
culture war. why his advisors reportedly want a different approach. former south carolina congressman trey gowdy joins "overtime" next. ♪
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>> harris: president trump is issuing a so-called "call to arms" to fellow republican saying, "we are in a culture where. if the republicans don't toughen up and get smart and get strong and protect our heritage and our country, i think they will have a very tough election." however, while the presidents culture wars were a part of his winning strategy in 2016, his aides are reportedly wearing dominic worried the world has changed with protests and racial justice going on. according to politico, various advisors that push the president to focus on the economy, a second term agenda, or line order. anything that avoids tweeting about the confederate flag. for more, i am joined by former
10:37 am
south carolina congressman and fox news contributor trey gowdy. great to see you today. what do you make of it? which of the president be doing? to his aides have it right? >> harris, i think our country has been in a culture war since the 1960s when i was a kid. what once may have been a slightly level playing field, now republicans perceive that not only are we fighting against democrats, but the media, which used to be in impersona and imp, dispassionate referee is advocating on the side of the democrats. bill barney has been bill barr has been attorney general twice. contrast this first time as ag with what he goes there right now. the absence of a referee is one issue. the other issue, the indictment of a political indictment. all you have to do no all you have to do now to be successful in politics is validate what people need. the art of persuasion, try to
10:38 am
listen to you, understand where you're coming from, and move you incrementally toward another position. until we begin to try and persuade voters, and not just identify what may be the silent majority -- and sometimes they are not silent majorities. i am about persuasion. in a courtroom we had to persuade all 12. in politics you need to get 15.1 and that's why we are structured. so we when i don't know if you heard moments ago, it got a little chippy. when the idea of race and culture come up, things have changed since the 1960s when you and i were coming to the world. part of it is that people of color don't feel like they are winning in any regard because, look what happened to george floyd. what do you say about where we are right now and the conversation that we really need to be having on the campaign trail with aunt by both of these candidates for president? >> the first thing i would say
10:39 am
is thank god for someone like tim scott. in my life, who constantly reminds me that, when we were kids, we couldn't go to school together. we couldn't drink out of the same water fountain. think about all the progress we have made, and i need that in my life. i need to focus on the positive. the other thing i would say, harris, is republicans need to embrace law as a unifying, equalizing force. when i hear "law & order," " i think it means something different to a white person that a person of color. but the law should be equalizing and unifying. it's the only thing, harris, that makes you and i drive the same speed limit. it's the only thing it makes the richest person drive the same speed limit as the poorest person. when we talk about law and that we are a country of laws and not men and women, i think we need to do it in a more persuasive way, because it could be empowering for minority communities. we also, frankly, need to admit our justice system could use some tweaking. whether it's the ratio between
10:40 am
cocaine base and cocaine powder, or access to diversion programs, there are legitimate arguments that it has had a disproportionately negative impact on communities of color. this comes from a prosecutor, a 20-year prosecutor. have a conversation, but if all you are doing is committing arson and spray painting and not getting to know people that have a different viewpoint, we will remain a 50/50 country. >> harris: wow. trey gowdy, i'm glad i know you. all right, we are going to on. we will get your reaction to the decision that blocks congressional democrats from getting the presidents financial records. what do you say about those decisions that came down today? >> number one, i think the supreme court is right. the public is entitled to every man and every woman's evidence. i thought that when the house democrats went to court to block us from finding out who paid for the dossier. i thought it when the fbi was in a fight with that little tiny company called apple, trying to
10:41 am
get past the encryption to access the evidence that was on my phones. i think the government is entitled to evidence. potential criminality. that said, the president is no better than anyone else and he has no lower than anyone else. he has the right to go to court and say this is pure harassment, it is solely designed to gain opposition research to hurt politically. if he wins the argument, he wins it, and the subpoena will be denied. as for congress, i was there eight years, harris. i never thought -- their subpoenas are calculated to embarrass the other side. the only conversation i ever had with justice scalia, i asked him this very question. "how do you referee fights between executive branch and legislative branch?" his response was, "you don't. the framers gave all the tools you need to sort that fight out. do not bring the judiciary into it." and that's how i interpreted that second opinion. "we all go fight it out some other way but we are not going
10:42 am
to referee your political squabbles." >> harris: trey gowdy, fabulous to have you on the program always. thank you. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> harris: joe biden is looking to appeal the democrats across the spectrum, while bernie sanders says joe biden might be the most progressive president since fdr. also, an ohio sheriff says he refuses to be the mask police and enforce a state mandate. whether he is on the right side of a growing debate over masks. ♪ >> i am not the mask police. i am not going to enforce any mask-wearing. that's not my responsibility. that is not my job. ♪ eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health.
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because they never quit. >> harris: bernie sanders is touting the policy agenda he has crafted with the biden team as part of a unity task force. the plan calls for a $15 minimum wage. public health care option, and reallocation of certain funding from ice. watch. >> i was glad to work with the vice president, informing six separate task forces. these folks, needless to say, represent the progressive movement on a different
10:47 am
perspective than biden's people. i think the compromise that they came up with, if implemented, will make biden the progressive president since fdr. >> harris: and my guests come back now. matt schlapp and jose aristimuno. jose, i will your reaction. >> jose: sure. first and foremost, this is what vice president biden has been all that in the beginning. compromise is not a bad word. i am excited to see him say biden is the most progressive candidate ever since fdr. at the same time, vice president biden is moderate enough to know we are not going to do the green deal. that's too much. we won't do medicare for all, that's too much. he recognizes we need to work with republicans. he's on his life. he recognizes fairness and he's
10:48 am
going to meet us in the middle and push this country forward. >> harris: you're talking about those things it didn't make it on the platform out of this unity tas task force, and l legalization of marijuana, abolishing i.c.e., and defending the police. matt? >> matt: these are just titles. what joe biden is doing is saying, "i'm not for the green new deal. "but he set the zero cap on carbon emissions which will make fracking illegal and the use of fossil fuels illegal. he says he doesn't want to defund the cops but he hasn't criticized one of these cities and their billion-dollar grabs against the budget for the cops. he is actually talking about having the police be unarmed and some of these communities. he is quite radical in his policy positions. which, we looked at the last four decades of his votes in the senate, he has always been a hard left guy. he might not be using them the titles but it's always the same policies.
10:49 am
i give the left credit. they have unified behind biden. he is their guy. republicans have unified by donald trump. then there are voters in the middle, african-americans and swing voters and a lot of women voters who will see how this race goes down. >> harris: it's interesting what you say, matt. jose, i come to you with this question about unity within the party. bernie sanders talking today that they brought together six separate task forces under this big umbrella and they are trying to do this and do that. the president still enjoys north of 80% republican support, depending which polling you look at. that is kind of the average. some of it is much higher than that. what kind of unity is there, pulling wise, that you know of for joe biden within the democratic party? >> i think, first and foremost, we don't expect, from the republican side, we are not going to get 50% of republicans. we can get some of the independence, some of the republicans who voted for trump -- >> harris: i mean in your own party. how many of your own democrats,
10:50 am
at the president's own republicans, what is the percentage looking like? i'm just talking about your own candidate. separate task force and you're trying to come together? that tells me there is some separation there potentially. >> jose: i don't think so. we learned something for 2016. first and foremost, harris, polls don't tell us anything. hillary clinton was going to win the election and she lost. i'm not a big fan of polls. if you read people, you read the americans right now, they are discontent, not happy with president trump the way he's handled coronavirus, and they are looking for a change, looking for a different avenue. they are going to get that with joe biden. that's why he is going to be the next president of the of the united states. >> matt: harris, can quickly say, just real fast, the polling thing to them that is important -- and i'm a believer in polls -- is that there's a 3-1 intensity gap. donald trump supporters are three times more excited about him being the nominee, and joe biden supporters are a third less enthusiastic.
10:51 am
that is because he really hasn't married the progressives with whatever left-wing democrats who aren't marxists who are left in that party. that is a big advantage for trump. >> jose: that is not true. everything he is saying is wrong. if you look at people, latinos are excited about joe biden, african-americans are excited about joe biden. they see a person that actually can get things done and actually can unite the party. president trump -- >> matt: he can't even leave his house. >> jose: he continues to ignore african-americans, he continues to ignore latinos. it's a mess. the president of the united states continues to divide this country. he is going to fail in november when democrats take back the white house. you continue to believe -- >> harris: i'm going to move forward. matt, jose, thank you very much. going push back as local and state officials require face masks in public amid a surge of coronavirus cases.
10:52 am
why one ohio sheriff says he's not going to enforce a mask mandate. he joins me next. ♪ veterans, how can one phone call save you $3,000 a year? by refinancing your va loan at today's incredibly low rates at newday usa. newday's va streamline refi is the quickest and easiest refi they've ever offered. you can lower your payments by this time next month without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised, and there's no money out of pocket. one call to start saving $3,000 a year. every year. one call. then, sit back, relax and think about what you'll do with the savings. call newday right now. ü samat6px we know you're always at univethere for them.x, that's why our advisors are always here for you.
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only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> practice good hygiene, wash your hands, wear a mask wherever state and local authorities indicate and wear a mask where you can't engage in social distancing. >> i think the studies now that i have been done showing cotton face coverings work that does open up the ability for us to have individualized face coverings that express our personality. >> harris: the white house coronavirus task force urging americans to wear masks as top republicans including senator mitch mcconnell pushing the use of face coverings and the spike in cases in certain places around the country. this has nearly two dozen states requiring people to wear masks in public places to slow down
10:57 am
the spread, but there is pushback in some parts of the country. iowa's governor challenging city governments to mandate city coverings. and one sheriff in ohio county said he will not enforce the region mask mandate. he is with me now. the sheriff of ohio butler county, sheriff jones, thank you for being with me today. >> thank you for having me on. >> harris: what is the challenge with a problem with enforcing the mask requirement in butler county, ohio? >> it is like places all over the country. the police have been decimated appeared the budgets have been cut because of this virus. some places are laying off and not hiring people. it has been terrible. next year looks worse. less tax money coming in, the state cutting and the last thing we need to do is my officers i have instructed, we are not going to enforce any mask wearing. i've told people not to call my dispatch center. we cannot be bogged down with
10:58 am
people calling and saying my neighbor is not wearing a mask, this person is not wearing a mask. i'm not going to force it. i'm sworn by the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of ohio and i will not enforce it. there is 88 counties in ohio. and he believes in what he is doing, but i am not going to write citations. i will not be the mask police period. >> harris: you know i had not read it and you are bringing to me fresh information about this. it is not that you take exception to the mask wearing. you are talking about something that police departments are suffering with across the country, and that is, you know, low numbers, morale, that sort of thing. it is not necessarily about the spike that i have read that is going on with coronavirus in your own county. >> the spike, we believe here and in other places they are doing more testing. you can do drive up testing now. the hospitals aren't for it, our
10:59 am
icus or 10%. we are the largest county in ohio. more people are testing and going home. they are not going to the hospital. the hospitals have laid people off. i had an injury a few days ago and went to the hospital with my legs come i had to wait two hours which is normal. but when you talk to than nurses, the staff has been decimated. they have laid people off. they are the receptionist and the nurses. and it's not because the hospitals are full. all of the surgeries that were taken place, the surgeries have been done away with. they are just coming back and right now in this area, the hospitals are not overrun, they are over tested it. that is all it is, they are going home. i sometimes have over a thousand prisoners, 500 employees. i have a total of five employees who were affected and to prisoners out of 1,000. that is it. the whole county, we are trying to recover.
11:00 am
i know barbers that don't have jobs, restaurants not opening up. they were just starting to go back to work. people are angry, harris. they are angry and they are getting tired. and they don't want to be forced to wear a mask period. >> harris: sheriff jones, butler county, ohio, thank you very much for your time today to bring that story. the mike "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: a fox news alert, we have a packed hour today. we will get reaction to two major supreme court rulings on president trump's taxes. plus presumptive nominee joe biden to speak in the battleground state of pennsylvania and we are waiting for the white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany to hold a briefing at the white house. what is going on? hello, everyone i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ and we will get to all of that in a moment but first the supreme court ruling the president


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