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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 10, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and this search will continue on. this will continue on. >> sandra: christina, thank you. that does it for us, john. >> jon: sandra, good to be on with you this morning. i'll see our viewers this weekend on "the fox report." >> sandra: see you then. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. we are awaiting president trump's arrival in florida. he is due to touch down in miami at any moment from now. the state has seen a spike in coronavirus cases, and yesterday a one-day record of 120 covid-19 deaths. the president is set to get a briefing from the u.s. military southern command on enhanced counter narcotics operations and we are told he will speak to employees there. all happening within the next hour. we will keep an eye on all of it. to give their lives as the news is made.
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we are also covering this. new york city mayor bill de blasio giving the go-ahead for black lives matter protesters to continue marching through the streets of new york, despite the city banning that gathering through september over coronavirus concerns. >> this is a historic moment of change. we have to respect that but also say to people that the kinds of gatherings we are use to, the parades, the affairs, we just can't have that while we are focusing on health right no now. >> harris: mayor de blasio yesterday joined activists in painting the words "black lives matter" in big yellow letters on fifth avenue just outside trump tower. president trump fired back in an interview with our own sean hannity last night. here is a bit. >> the new york police, new york's finest, they are just not being allowed to do their job. they don't want to do anything because they will end up with lots of bad things i got him
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ventilators we needed them. he got them hospital help when he needed it. he couldn't have been nicer and then he throws a big "black lives matter" sign right down the middle of fifth avenue, and all merchants along fifth avenue are furious. spew when you are watching "outnumbered" on this fine friday. i'm harris faulkner. here today, town hall fox news contributor, katie pavlich. attorney and fox news contributor, emily compagno. capri cafaro. host of the next revolution, steve hilton. steve, i will start with you. we are seeing a revolution, a collision of ideas on how to move forward. >> steve: we are. it's not the kind revolution i think most people want to see. on this action by de blasio, the things he's been saying, it is offensive on so many levels. i want to pick two. first of all, on large
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gatherings, just imagine how that sounds when he says, "we've got to stop everything except these protests." those people who have had to miss funerals with their loved ones over the past few months, because that's the kind of gathering that the mayor won't allow. how offensive that is to those people. and look at his p.r. stunt yesterday on fifth avenue. we have seen a lot of examples over the past few weeks and months of what has been described as performative wokeness. things that don't change anything in the real world. this, however, is a particularly sickening example of that. while he's painting "black lives matter" on that street in new york, you have black people dying on the mayor's streets in new york because of his failure over policing. i am all for police reform. i've made that argument over and over again.
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sensible police reform is needed. what we don't need his police retreats, because that means more people will be killed, including black people. that is what is happening on his watch. it is totally shameful. >> harris: emily? >> emily: that's exactly right, what steve said. this is simple incompetence at its best. those city residents right now are focusing with shootings up 130%. homicide up 30%. and yet, arrests down 40,000 this year. why? because there mayor is more interested in photo ops and virtue signaling rather than rolling up his sleeves and actually getting things done. all of those factors are interrelated. you can't message and virtue signal on the left without supporting every juncture of law enforcement, both conceptually and rank and file. there we are seeing a silent scream of those residency new york city. i'm sitting in seattle where there is a similar rut.
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the feeling i feel around me when i leave my home is one of despair. complete frustration and depletion of these residents in their local leadership. it is certainly ecker i go therd incompetent mayor de blasio. >> harris: when you say virtue signaling, capri, i go to you. it is feel like that. don't mass gather unless you politically agree with one side over the other. don't mass gather, just completely capitulate to what science has shown us. it's not a good idea. don't give into that unless it fits a narrative by this mayor. he will tell some yes and some absolutely no. what do you do with that as a democrat? >> capri: right. well, there's obviously some cognitive dissonance here. as you just mentioned, harris, on one hand he is basically creating a situation where he is saying it's okay to do this one thing but ignore the rest of it.
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either you are for preventing the spread or you're not. now, you can still be for preventing the spread and also supporting the advocacy work that is being done on behalf of raising our voices in regards to racial injustice and what we've seen over the last several months. but you can't say both these things. sit at home except for this one issue. let me say one more thing. emily said photo op, i agree with this. out the hour with the black lives matter thing, but what we have seen from bill de blasio who claims to be progressive, even though i don't use the moniker "progressive." here's the thing, the nypd has a lot of baggage right now. while i support the police, if bill de blasio is out there saying he supports black lives matter movement and he cares about police reform and he wants to talk about these things, he has done absolutely nothing as far as i am aware in engaging with the nypd and addressing some of the issues. we saw cops running into crowds during the big protests in june.
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put your money where your mouth is, not with your paintbrush on fifth avenue. >> harris: wow. on the heels of that, katie, i come to you. the attorney general of new york today calling for bill de blasio to stay out of adjudicating and moving forward and managing the new york police department. >> katie: well, the police haven't had confidence in bill de blasio for a number of years now. it's true, instead of actually focusing and working with the police on limiting crime and actually saving people's lives in new york city, bill de blasio is engaging in the ultimate virtue signaling, which means he is making himself feel really good way of doing nothing at all and getting rid of some kind of guilt that he feels will actually not solve ay kind of problem. he thinks science only applies when it's politically convenient for him. if you look at the people he has gone after and lectured over and over again about not mass gathering, religious people, for example, when people wanted to go to funerals or wanted to hold
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religious services on the weekend, bill de blasio was the first one to go after them and target them for breaking the rules. in this instance he is totally fine with it. the last thing is, at a time when the police are stretched so thin, when they've just had a billion dollars cut from their budget, how much did it cost the taxpayer yesterday for bill de blasio to have his photo up? to shut down the streets, to paint the streets for his own security in that situation. how much that cost and how many police officers were unable to respond to real phone calls and real emergencies because they were busy with bill de blasio on fifth avenue? >> harris: great questions. katie, i'm going to sit right here with you with more of those questions. here is one that i had. you are going to need some police out there when you have your mass gathering. you are you going to call? 911? are you going to set that up through permit situation? you're going to expect the men and women in blue to show up. nobody's arguing that there
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isn't work that needs to be do done. and they are about to be mass gathering, as the mayor has said? well, we know what that work is and we are going to need those cops. >> katie: and isn't he putting the police at risk by having them work at these big mass gatherings that he is now justifying as a result of politics? >> harris: let's hope not. >> katie: i mean, those police officers now have to go into a crowded group of people because the mayor believes it's important and an efficient use of their time. you have a question, harris, how far does this go with bill de blasio and the things he chooses rok to mass gather for and the things he thinks are not okay? for example, 9/11 is coming up. is he going to ban mass gatherings to remember the terrorist attacks that happened in new york city on 9/11? i would hope not, but his standard seems to be one that is politically convenient for him. >> harris: capri, the governor of the great state of new york
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called for displacing mayor de blasio. maybe now people are getting a flavor of why that could be. >> capri: well, i'll tell you this. there are not a lot of democrats, frankly, that are fans of mayor bill de blasio. in new york and outside of new york. essentially he tries to pander to everybody, and as a result of that he's gotten nothing done. he said he was going to be taking on big real estate and then he capitulated to big real estate. he wants to try to pretend to be next to the police, but at the same time as ignoring them. he is talking about black lives matter but then not addressing the underlying issues of the black lives matter movement is calling for. there is a long-standing feud between andrew cuomo and bill de blasio. and andrew cuomo always make sure he flexes and let's bdb, as we call him, know who's boss. he says they're going to make a decision, andrew cuomo says, "not so fast, the decision lies with me as the governor."
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i hope the people of newark are safe and healthy. >> harris: we all want that. he mentioned bill de blasio's desire to engage with big real estate. he kind of did that, steven hilton. he helped paint blm outside of all those businesses. the reporting today in this area is that there are merchants who are just concerned about a whole coast of things with those letters out there. because you now have people on the sidewalk who are willing to argue with each other about what they mean. look, conversation important, but they are just getting the doors back open. that is some big real estate along fifth avenue. >> it's just another example of this mayor, and this new generation who just are totally cavalier and casual about the market economy. they just don't understand orbit appreciate or respect in any way people who are trying to make a living, do the right thing, give jobs to people, give a service to customers. they think it's all just totally
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unimportant compared to what they do in the government. you see it reflected right across the democratic party, right across the country now. it is really damaging. >> harris: will continue the conversation after the break. president trump stepping up his attacks on joe biden, accusing his arrival of being brainwashed by the left. is this the kind of attack that might register with voters or not? ♪ >> he doesn't know where he is, he doesn't know what he's doing, and our country will suffer. ♪ i've got some terrific news for veteran homeowners from newday usa. interest rates have dropped to record lows. newday usa makes it so easy to refinance that one call can save you $3000 a year. newday's va streamline refi lets you refinance without having to verify your income, without getting your home appraised and without spending one dollar out of pocket to get it done.
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>> harris: the president of the united states is on the ground in miami, florida. you see him getting into that motorcade vehicle as they are
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about to -- just on the live picture went away, but they are about to whisk him off. he'll be briefing the u.s. south command enhanced counter narcotics operation. that'll happen just a few minutes away from that airport you sign miami, in florida. again, the president of the united states arriving in miami. he participates in a roundtable supporting the people of venezuela. also in doral, not far from here. he will talk with some employees as well. focusing this picture live on the opioid continued programs problems of suicide. heightened by so much isolation throughout the pandemic. something he took on throughout his campaign in presidency and is refocusing on today. as he makes news on the ground in miami and in doral, florida. we will take in their life. keep watching. meanwhile, the president is ramping up his attacks on
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joe biden. he says the presumptive democratic nominee has been brainwashed by the radical left. his words. and that biden took his new "buy america" message from president trump. >> he plagiarized from me, but he can never -- he likes plagiarizing. it's a plan that is very radical left but he says the right things because he is copying what i've done. the differences he can't do it, and he knows he's not doing that. it can't be the same because he's raising taxes way too much. he's raising everybody's taxes. he's also putting tremendous amounts of regulations back on. >> harris: the jabs from the president coming one day after bernie sanders says joe biden could become the most progressive president since fdr if he implements proposals from the biden-sanders unity task force that they formed. meanwhile, biden knocked president trump during a stop in the battleground state of
9:19 am
pennsylvania. watch. >> donald trump loves to talk and talk and talk. but after three and half years of big promises, what do the american people have to show for all the talk? he promised health care plans, but never even offered his own bill. he promised infrastructure plans, to deliver on jobs and opportunities. what happened to all that? >> harris: emily, your thoughts now? it seems like things are heating up. you are seeing more of joe biden now. fewer accusations that he's hiding in the basement. >> emily: i do think that his slogans won't work if he continues pushing policy that is totally disconnected. it is sort of echoing the president to side, which is that he says buy america when we are going to grow wealth again.
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that doesn't happen when you increase regulations and increase the size of big government to begin with. he also increased taxes. i want to point out one of the comments biden made history in pennsylvania. he said the president, throughout this crisis, has been "singularly focused on nasdaq and the dow rather than you," meaning the american people. that's a common narrative i've heard you on the west coast and especially throughout the beginning of the covid crisis. which is sort of touting the stock market as the only indicator of wealth of corporations. and ignoring the fact that the president actually has been focusing on and including a lot of economic factors that face people in terms of putting food on the table. that all these factors are interrelated, that livelihood and jobs and business-friendly policy is what maintains and stimulates normal, ordinary citizens holding their jobs. and that all the factors sort of interrelated. i feel that biden is pushing a narrative about the president we saw back in 2016 that isn't reflected in current policies.
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>> harris: steve, you hear reports of the presidents' aides really want him to stay focused on the things that american say matter to them. you hear emily talking about the finer points of what touches lives in the economy. but if you look at our screen right now, the presidents of the radical left has brainwashed biden. what is the strategy, do you think, moving forward for reelection with that being what comes out of the president versus some of those other things? or can he do it all? >> steve: there's two sides to it. because an election, in the end, is a choice. you might not love 100%, but in the end you got to choose. he is rightly focusing on the biden side of that choice right now. they have published a policy platform. just now on the policy platform is an incredibly target-rich environment for president trump and the republicans. a couple of examples, on the economy, as emily was saying.
9:22 am
what they are promising to do is reverse the policies that produce the lowest on employment in 50 years, rising earnings, especially after you see way stagnatiowagestagnation. if you reverse the policies he reversed the outcomes. the second part i want to highlight is, if you look at what they are saying, i issue after issue, schools, housing, the way the economy is run, the environment, it's a fundamentally un-american plan. i choose those words very carefully because it's incredibly centralizing. they want to centralize control over so many aspects of policy and of daily life. the states and local government, the fundamental thing of america, one of the things i really love about america, is that decentralization of power is enshrined in the constituti constitution. if it's not specifically reserved for the federal government, the power lies with the states and local government. they are getting rid of all of that. they want to run everything from
9:23 am
washington. it is a far left socialist plan, and i think it would lead to a complete disaster. >> harris: so, capri, having been a member of the democratic party and leadership, albeit at a more local level, what do you say about what steve is saying? >> capri: well, i have a number of things to say. i would say, first off, while i haven't delved into biden's plan explicitly, obviously he's running at a federal level. so anything he is saying is going to be a little bit more global and in scope regardless of whether or not we live in a federalist system of government. that being said, i also want to caution the fact that president trump has said time and again that he gets frustrated sometimes. look what he's talking about with the schools. he has seemed, sometimes, to want to claw back some of that power as well from the states and centralize it into the federal government. that's a little bit of a
9:24 am
tangent, but what i would also say is that i think right now this biden-bernie task force, there is an underlying current that has existed that maybe is below the surface right now that we need to focus on the unifying the party, the progressive side, the more moderate centrist establishment side that is embodied by joe biden. we will see about that, and i think it is a little bit -- i don't like some of the attacks coming out of president trump because i think they are a bit of a dog whistle about the cognitive abilities of joe biden. i say that because that is the ad he is running in the state of ohio. my final note on this is that the economy is what the people feel. it's not about numbers, it's how you feel. that's how people vote. >> harris: right, we get that. we are going to scoot and we are keeping our eye on the box right to the bottom of the screen. the president briefing at south command moments from now.
9:25 am
as that happens, will bring you the news from there. fox learning exclusive details now on the timetable for john durham's long-awaited investigation, and the origins of the russia probe. when we might be able to expect those findings, and which names we might see coming out of that, next. ♪
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>> harris: we come in with a fox news alert now, and some breaking news. first, we are awaiting the president as he is about to get a briefing at south calm, and this is in doral, florida. now, simultaneous with us, we have just learned that his rally in new hampshire has been postponed. primarily because of weather, we are told. tropical storm fay's do to move in on the east coast and we are already -- it is dark as night here. new jersey, new york area. so we know that it is upon us at this point, this tropical buffet. even expecting it for the better
9:30 am
part of 44 hours now. the presidents rally in new hampshire has been postponed. we are looking to see how different this would look from the particular chapter intel's oak loma. the white has taken questions about it and his campaign taking heat, because the crowd was indoors, much stronger than they had anticipated, that sort of thing. giving into the science of the moment, this would have been outside. i did not say canceled, i said postponed, and we will keep you if that information is forthcoming. your screen a spring dog pulling out military south command briefing the president on the enhanced narcotics military operation that's going on. let's get to katie. >> katie: thank you.
9:31 am
fox news learning exclusively that u.s. attorney john durham is undergoing pressure to wrap up his investigation into the origins of the russia probe by the end of summer. a source also tells fox news that durham does not want the investigation to be seen as political and could wait until after the 2020 election to reveal his findings. republican senator chuck grassley saying earlier this week it would be sad if there were no charges before election day. he's tweeting, "the deep state is so deep that people get away with critical crimes. durham should be producing some fruit of his labor." it's not just joan dominic john durham who doesn't want to be seen as political. attorney general bill barr has also made a large effort to clean up the politics that have been part of the justice department for so long. president trump doesn't win and john durham doesn't produces results between the transition. mackey, he can be removed by the
9:32 am
incoming president. >> steve: you have to see if course is not political in the sense that they are running the investigation, but the whole origin of this was political. it was the political interference by the obama administration into the criminal justice system and all the rest of it. that's what we've got to find out. for this not to be released, this report not be published, before the election, i think that would be really outrageous. it would not deliver the kind of justice and transparency, and, frankly, democracy we need to understand what the 2016 election was all about. the crucial point is the one we saw that you just made there. if this goes beyond the election, you're opening up the possibility that the whole thing will be covered up by an incoming biden administration. that can't be allowed to happen. >> katie: emily, i want to
9:33 am
touch on the legal aspect of this. the attorney general has been asked about potential charges for individuals with big names as a result of the durham investigation. he has kind of tamped down expectations about actual indictments and charges and said everybody is going to be treated under the law equally, and you have to have evidence to prove a crime. you can't just use information that may smell bad to release indictments. >> emily: that's exactly right. and i think it caused a stir a little while back when he said, "i don't anticipate criminal charges against insert big name." for all of us, it's not one of the other. there are repercussions and consequences that aren't simply indictments. take your original question a step further, as well, to me, the greater danger rather than politicization is the continuation of this. the waste of our tax dollars, and as steve said, the potential for this to be buried.
9:34 am
it's going to be politicized no matter what because it is all deeply fractured regardless. as a private citizen, we should all be greatly concerned with the surveillance aspect of this, and the standard by which that fisa court and those elected leaders still find it okay to surveilled normal citizens. at this moment, if you are on the other side of the political aisle, it's okay to hear that former deputy ag rod rosenstein who said, "i wouldn't have re-signed that warrant application for carter page." you think, "it doesn't matter." it does, because the next time it could be one of us. again, the larger fear here is that the results won't come to light. that they won't be this transparency. frankly, it's going to be politicized no matter what, but we deserve to see the results asap. >> katie: capri come away and on that as a democrat. they're using the possessed dominic justice department against political opponents.
9:35 am
do you believe that politics should be taken out of the justice system? >> capri: politics should always stay out, whether you're a democrat or republican. politics has no place in the rule of law. we need to focus on adhering to the law, adhering to the constitution. unfortunately, we see so much politicization of all of this. i think it's frustrating to the american people. >> katie: steve, according to this exclusive and the resources that have been speaking to fox news, john durham hasn't concluded his investigation. isn't there also a risk in rushing the investigation and not getting justice that way, either? if he really isn't done with all the interviews and evidence-gathering that he needs to bring some kind of justice to those who may have engaged in wrongdoing illegally? >> steve: yes, i suppose so, but honestly, how long has this been going on? i know it's been attorney general barr who has
9:36 am
really got on top of this and pushed it forward, and that's great that he did that. but they really had a long time. if it is true that he says he needs more time, well, give him more resources. what does he need to finish on time? i think it is incredibly important that this is published before the election, because it's part of the whole election story. it is part of the 2016 story, and it's part of the argument that people will be having back and forth. people need the information. if he needs -- if he is saying he hasn't got the resources to finish in time, give more resources and get it done. >> katie: and emily, don't the american people deserve a broad view of this from someone on the outside? not just the inspector general from the justice department but someone who is going to interview people who have left government, who are from outside agencies, maybe not in the dreamt of justice? if you look at it from the perspective of joe biden being very heavily involved with the prosecution of michael flynn, for example, shouldn't all those
9:37 am
cards be on the table before people go to vote in november? possibly for a candidate who is engaged in this kind of political targeting through the federal government? >> emily: that's exactly right. you highlighted the fact that the scope of this investigation is broader because there are broader powers associated with it, including subpoenas and people who are former employees rather than current employees. i think the bird's-eye view, as well, for an average citizen, is one of exhaustion and normalization. we are use to investigations dragging on. we are use to waste and inefficiency and abuse of our tax dollars so things can take forever and we are okay with it. to steve's point, it's a great one and that we always give the benefit of the doubt to resources and what is needed for investigation. but there comes a time where we need to hold everyone accountable, again, whose salaries we are paying to say, "what do you need to get this done now?" there's a risk given the potential for the election results in november that this
9:38 am
will have stretched over three administrations. as a citizen, that is an acceptable to me. >> katie: as they say, justice delayed is justice denied. we will certainly be looking for the results of that investigation. in the meantime, cancel culture in the kitchen. guess who is leading the charge to boycott one of america's largest hispanic-owned companies after its ceo praise president trump at the white house? >> truly breath, at the same time, to have a leader like president trump, who is a builder. we pray for her leadership, our president, and we pray for our country that we will continue to prosper. ♪ once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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9:43 am
illegal drugs, arrest traffickers who do horrible things to women and children, and go after cartel members. we are watching now the handoff, that was just the secretary of defense, mark esper. they will go around and we will hear from leadership, military leadership as well as the president gets his briefing on what is being done with counter narcotics at the military operation level. we will go back there as the news happens. he is also due to speak, make remarks in the next hour, and so we are all over it to bring you with the president says. meanwhile, democrats calling for a boycott of goya, the largest hispanic owned food company united states, after the ceo he prays on president trump of the white house event yesterday. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez cortes tweeted this. "oh look, it's the sound of me googling "how to make your own adobo," and this from the former
9:44 am
democratic presidential candidate julio castro. "goya foods has been the states dominic's table of so many households for generations. in other ceo was praising a president of illinois as presidentto maliciously attacksr political gain. they should think twice before buying his products. #goyaaway ." here he was on "fox & friends." >> so you're allowed to talk good or to praise one president? i'm not apologizing, especially if the present to the united states. "i'm busy, no thank you." i didn't say that to the obamas or to president trump. >> harris: bringing the conversation out of the virtual couch right now. steve hilton, you see the president working with different communities. and you see the backlash. what do you make of it?
9:45 am
>> steve: it reminds me of a word emily used earlier, which is exhaustion. it's exhausting that everything these days seems to be politicized. actually, there is a serious point here, and a very disturbing one. because it is a trend of intolerance that we are seeing in the democratic party and in the left generally that is deeply, deeply worrying. what you are seeing here is basically, for julian castro and aoc, it is there hispanic moment. it's pure out and out racism. it is saying, if you are hispanic, you have to have this particular political view. you're not allowed to have a different political view, because of your race. that is racist. we have to say that out loud, because we've got to stop this trend. it is really, really disgusting to see and something that should worry all of us.
9:46 am
>> harris: capri, what do you say? >> capri: well, i say a few things. first of all, i hear what steve is saying about this, but i think that individuals have the right to speak with their pocketbook if they feel that they would rather not consume a product because they disagree with whatever kind of political statement is coming out of this leadership or the affiliated product. that is on them. but i also see where the goya ceo is coming from. he's not red or blue, he's part of the green party. he is a business person, and ultimately who the president of the united states calls, you show up. that might have not been a good business move for having a folks end up boycotting the products, you try to say was in politics and align yourself with the people in power regardless of their party affiliation. >> harris: well, and when you say the green party, you don't mean the actual political green
9:47 am
party. mean -- >> capri: no, i mean the money party. [laughs] >> harris: i just want to get that straight! i don't know much about the goya ceos politics but i will assume you meant money. katie? >> katie: yes, the green party of money here harris, today on the couch. look, this is a company, goya, that was founded in 1936 by immigrants who came to this country. their website history talks about how for generations they've been able to pursue the american dream thanks to being in this country. during the covid crisis, they have donated a million cans of food to food banks and people who need it. they have donated over a million pounds of food and meals in addition to that. this idea now that the left is going to try and cancel a hispanic family because they dared to go to the white house and sank the president when they were invited is ridiculous and absurd, and i applaud the ceo for refusing to apologize, and i
9:48 am
think he will be handily rewarded for refusing to back down on this issue. good for him. >> harris: all right. we'll move on. emily, we will get you on the flip. the war of words growing behind the white house and some democratic governors over school reopening's. what some state leaders are threatening to do, next. ♪ you try to stay ahead of the mess
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>> we have to get our schools open and stop this political nonsense. it is only political nonsense. it's politics. they don't want to open because they think it'll help them when november 3rd. >> harris: president trump there yesterday accusing democratic leaders of playing politics with school reopening's. it comes after jay inslee washington gretchen whitmer michigan said they will not hesitate to delay school reopening this fall if coronavirus data are going the wrong way. virtual learning has proven to be terrible compared to in-school or on-campus learning. schools must be open in the fall. if not open, why would the federal government gives funding? it won't." i want to come to you first, steve.
9:53 am
the president can withhold some money but he can't wholesale withhold funding. and you've saw a little bit of cleanup from his team saying that he was talking full throat, he wanted to be heard and feels passionately about this issue. what you make of it? >> steve: first of all, let's just be clear about the underlying argument here. the data is very clear that children have almost zero chance of getting help from the virus. they don't pass it on. there's no reason for schools not to be open. they should be one of the first things we opened, not because it's their interest, is in the broader interest. of course, if your child wasn't in school, it makes it much tougher for most people to work. we've got to get on with it. i've got an idea that will actually enable parents to put pressure on schools to reopen, and we are going to be talking about it on sunday, 9:00 eastern on "the next revolution."
9:54 am
i will leave you with that little tease. >> harris: you're not even going to give us a taste of what it is? i'm so taipei, i won't sleep all weekend. >> steve: get our money back, that the idea. >> harris: dr. birx, part of the task force, says the science might not all be there for children under the age of 10. they haven't tested enough of them. i come back with just that fact. emily? >> emily: right, as a resident in a state that governor inslee governs, i see that data should include all data points. dr. birx commented on the fact that these local leaders should take into account vulnerabilities, communities, and the schools. including data points like socialization, technology, food insecurity, and the like that kids are going through. as a resident i want my local leaders, instead of drawing a line in the sand, to acknowledge the synthesis of the conversation. i can't help but point out the large homeless camps right around the corner and the large protests that go right by the front of my house.
9:55 am
again, i see that hypocrisy. as a resident i don't understand why that's not incorporated into the thoughtful discussions of my local leaders. >> harris: i think we will all agree that a o'clock p.m. eastern we will be watching steve. everybody sit by, there is some cooking coming up. i'm hungry. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. with nutrients to help support immune health. (vo) touch and go. with nutrients to help handwriting recognition and the audi a4. i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done.
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around
9:59 am
who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. >> katie: all right, capri. you have a new book out called "united we eat." tell us all about it. >> capri: thanks, katie. it is called "united we eat." it's available on amazon. the objective is to basically show how food can bring us all together regardless of political affiliation, and tell the story of our nation's food. there are recipes from all 50 states and the district of columbia and many of them have been submitted by democrats and republicans on both sides of the aisle, from mayor pete to mike huckabee. we've got everything in here from barbecue to pie. check it out, united we
10:00 am, on amazon. let's bring people together. >> katie: congratulations on the new cookbook. i'm sure many are checking out, especially those who need help cooking, like me. thank you, everybody on the virtual couch today. happy friday. have a wonderful weekend. now, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with this, the president is set to speak this hour at the u.s. military southern command in doral, florida. this, after the state reported its highest daily coronavirus death toll. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. we are also just learning the campaign is now postponing tomorrow's new hampshire rally due to powerful tropical storms fay, which is quickly moving up the east coast. it is pitch black outside on the east coast right now. this is just happening as we come to you live here. the campaign says the new date for the outdoor event will be announced soon. the president's indoor rally i


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