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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 10, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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they are laughing as everyone with a motoron vehicle in the state of california loads in with their possessions and moves to boise. boise, this is for you! that's it for us. have the best we can. we'll be back monday at eight. see you then. >> jason: this is a fox news alert. it's official.s president trump just commuted roger stone's lengthy prison sentence. the white house is calling stone a victim of the russian hoax. now the 67-year-old political operative will not face time behind bars. we'll have more on this developing story throughout the show. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." i am jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. we are 116 days away from election and joe biden has just been accused of plagiarism yet again. this time by the president of the united states. watch.
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>> he plagiarized from me. he can never pull it off. he likes plagiarizing. it's a plan that is very radical left but he says the right things because he's copying what i've done but the differences he can't do it and he knows he's not doing it. he's raising taxes way too much. he's raising everybody's taxes. he's also putting tremendous amounts of regulations back on. those two things are two primary reasons that i created the greatest economy we've ever had and now we are creating it again, okay? >> jason: president trump is referring to biden's so-called buy american economic plan. it shares the name with a 2017 trump executive order. at this point, plagiarism seems like a way of life for joe biden who just this week in a recent policy proposal, he lifted multiple sections word for word from bernie sanders official platform. several years ago biden got caught plagiarizing robert kennedy and even hubert humphrey. biden was also accused of plagiarism in law school, and let's not forget about one of biden's favorite people to
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plagiarize, a british politician named neil kinnock. watch this. >> why am i the first one in a thousand generations to be able to get to university? why is glenys the first woman in her family in 1,000 generations to be able to get to university? >> i'm thinking as i'm coming over here, why is it that joe biden is the first in his family ever to go to university? why is it that my wife, who is sitting out there in the audience, the first and her family to ever go to college. >> was it because all of our predecessors were thick? did they lack talent, those people who could sing and play and write and recite poetry. >> is it because our fathers and mothers were not bright? is it because i'm the first biden in 1,000 generations to get a college undergraduate degree, that i was smarter than the rest?
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those same people who read poetry and wrote poetry and taught me how to sing verse. >> jason: keep in mind joe biden's first presidential campaign ended in disgrace because his plagiarism issues came to light. joining is now with more is trump campaign national press secretary hogan gidley. hogan, thank you so much for joining us here tonight. i want to talk about joe biden's plagiarism but i really need to get your reaction to what the president did in commuting roger stone's sentence today. what's your reaction to that. t what's the president's view on that? >> it's a good move by the president of course. so many good people were caughte up in this russian hoax. this was perpetrated by overzealous democrats, partisan hacks trying to take on a president. we know that the campaign was spied upon, wiretapped, authorized by the previous administration and we wouldn't have known ifte donald trump hadn't been elected that comey and clapper and brennan were all lying in front of congress and
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in other ways. we wouldn't know the names lisa page and peter strzok, thee two lovers that conspired to take down the president with ann insurance policy. we wouldn't know any of that had donald trump not been elected. now we do and i think the president is doing the right thing by trying to write some of the wrongs of the partisanship of the past. >> jason: no, i think you're absolutely right. imagine if hillary clinton hillary clinton had won, the likes of comey and mccabe and strzok, they would be running the country at the law-enforcement end of this so thank goodness that didn't come to fruition. the president is making a very strong accusation accusing anybody of plagiarism but it's not new for joe biden. he has been in this boat many, many times throughout his decades of service. >> absolutely. we know he plagiarized a couple words from the president's past he's plagiarizing the policies from socialists like bernie sanders and aoc and ilhan omar, rashida tlaib, elizabeth warren.oc
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his policies are going to be so detrimental to this country but let's be clear. we don't have to guess what i biden economy looks like. we just lived through it for the past eight years. 850,000 jobs were lost just from nafta alone. 70,000 manufacturing plants closed.0, millions of jobs lost because of his relationship with china, because of his defense of china. we also don't have to guess how our cities and streets would look if joe biden were president. we saw rioters and looters drag innocent americans just trying to defend their businesses out into the streets, beat them within an inch of their lives, left to lie in a pool of their own blood. joe biden said nothing when churches were burned, when stores were looted, riots across our city streets. he said nothing about that. so you don't have to guess what would happen in this country. we've already seen it happen. >> jason: hogan gidley, thank you so much for joining us tonight. we do appreciate it. >> absolutely, jason. if i may say one more thing. just because of joe biden's
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record of the past, not defending the american worker, gutting the american middle class, i have to say i think the only job that joe biden has ever fought for that was an american job was for hunter biden. but that being said, i don't think that technically counts because that was for a chinese company so even still with his son, he's helping out china. >> jason: good point. hogan gidley, thank you again for joining us. joining us with more reaction to joe biden's long and storied history of plagiarism is american conservative union chairman matt schlapp along wit arizona congressman andy biggs. gentlemen, thank you for joining us here tonight. i want to go to you first, matt, because i've got to tell you, bernie sanders is the one that's actually saying that joe biden would be perhaps the most progressive president in the s history of the united states. we should believe him, shouldn't we? >> yeah, when joe biden's mouth is flapping, you know, it's actually bernie sanders who we m are hearing.
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they very cleverly change the names of some of these policies but it's all the socialist marxist policies that elizabeth warren and bernie sanders pined for. it's basically saying that we are going to get zero emissions on fossil fuels, carbon emissions, which means fossil fuels will be illegal. no more fracking.g. sorry, pennsylvania.s sorry, ohio. no more fracking. they are even talking about not letting the police carry firearms. it's not just defunding the police. it's now dearming the police. they are even talking about reparations.s. so this is very, very radical stuff and the most radical piece of it is he's talking about buying american products to ad larger extent from the federal government but guess what, those products can't be made in america when all those regulations that trump got rid of come back on the books and he increases corporate taxes byac another third. there is no way american companies will be competitive, so if you're an american worker and you want to keep that job,
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joe biden is your worst >> jason: now, congressman, i mean, i kind of giggle when i hear joe biden say that he wants to transform the nation, which scares the living daylights out of me. he's only been in political office since 1972 when i was 5 years old kicking a soccer ball. 1 he is suddenly going to transform the nation and there are issues like immigration and other things i think he wants to take such a radical view and position. but we really don't know is working for him, who's actually writing the stuff other than aoc and bernie sanders, as matt was talking about. >> that's exactly right, jason. if you want to get a real picture, an indication of what a biden presidency would be like, you couldn't get a better picture than this. what it is is biden's not going to be the president. he's going to have that title but somebody else is going to be manufacturing these wacky far left policies. they are so far to the left they are leaving the democrats this is something that's way out
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there. this is the squad from the congress that's out there and then you have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who are in there. they're having their fondest dreams put into place and joe biden who spent his whole career driving down the middle-of-the-road, just trying to move to the next office, is now going to be co-opted. that's what's going to happen if he becomes president of the united states. this is a great indication of that future if biden becomes the president. >> jason: yeah, if you can't get it done in your first 48 years in office, it probably isn't going to happen. matt, i've got to tell you. part of what you hear from the democrats at large and also from joe biden is this cancel culture. americans are constantly told everything is wrong. how do you think america is actually reacting to this?ic >> look, i have been a victim of i've seen it. a friend of mine, the ceo of
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goya foods is a victim of this, they are trying to make it a crime, a hate crime, punishable for simply being a republican, being a christian, having free-market views. how about this one, jason? having views consistent with a those of abraham lincoln are frederick douglass or how about our founders? they want to make it criminal. it's not just our ripping down statues. it's about destroying the lives of americans with common sense values. this is fascism. this is fascism of the left. everybody better wake up because they are coming for each and every person that dares stand up to this angry mob, and we are all going to have to face it. we better face it now. if we wait until later, we might not have a country anymore. >> jason: yeah, i love that the left claims to be the party of tolerance, but you y sy anything they disagree with and they are the least tolerant. congressman, about 15 seconds. do you think joe biden is actually going to debate,
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actually going to speak for himself without the puppeteers? and join donald trump on the debate stage? >> i can't see him on a debate stage with president trump. what i see is him finding a way to do it from his home where he's going to have some teleprompters with some people giving him some answers. that's the only way he can compete. that's it. he has no original thoughts of his own. >> jason: joe biden needs to live up to his obligation and his commitment to debate donald trump that should happen for three debates, if not four but at least three. gentlemen, congressman biggs,jo matt schlapp, thank you for joining us tonight. we do appreciate it. all right, coming up for violent is skyrocketing in new york city and mayor bill de blasio is banning all large gatherings except for police protests and riots. you can't make this stuff up. america's mayor rudy giuliani will react and later, the left's war on dissenting voices have hit new levels. this "hannity" special continuous.
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>> jason: welcome back to the "hannity" special. president trump is returning from florida aboard marine one as he goes back to the white house in washington, d.c. chaos continues to rage and liberal cities across the country. in seattle, home of the short-lived chop zone that saw multiple shootingstt that resuld men, the city council appears to be prepared to defund the police by 50%. new york city announced that compared to last year, the month
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of june 2020 saw a 130% increase in shootings. 130%. one store owner there is suing governor andrew cuomo after looting damage and says policece were told to stand down. but don't worry. new york city mayor bill de blasio has banned all large gatherings in the city except for protests and riots of course. take a look. >> what about protests? if people want to march down fifth avenue, are they going too be allowed to do so? >> this is always an area ofof real sensitivity. if you're just talking about health, we would say stay home if you can. but we understand in this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes. today new york city, you know, recognizing the power and the meaning of the message black lives matter which we did in front of trump tower today, this is a historic moment of change. we have to respect that but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we are used to, parades and fairs, we just can't have that while we are focusing on health right
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>> jason: joining us now is former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, thank you so much for joining us. when you hear mayor bill de blasio say those things and take that position, what runs through your mind? >> what runs through my mind is before this, i thought he was the worst mayor in the history of the city, now he will have written that like a headline. just think of thee contradictio. i mean, everybody else can't march. we have to wear masks. we have to separate ourselves. but if you are protesting, you can stand together. you can spit in each other's face, you can hug and squeeze and you're not going to get covid-19. and their phony political party wants us to believe that this is based on science? science? it's based on political phoniness. also black lives matter, black lives matter is an o organizatin run by three marxists andli financed by a convicted terrorist who i happened to have
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convicted who got 58 years in jail and got a corrupt pardon from bill clinton. this is not a benign organization. i can't say yet that weot can prove it's a terrorist organization. it's certainly a violentan organization, and i believe in the course of time it will be shown to be a terrorist organization. one of the primaryti persons, susan rosenberg, who handles their finances, is a convicted terrorist who was involved with the black panthers who used to slaughter police officers. if you read what she's written, she's not terribly far from where she used to be. if you read what those other women have written, that whites are horrible, whites aree horrendous, whites shouldn't bet allowed to have equal rights, they are a racist organization. they are actually participating in hate speech, and this man, because he went to cuba on his honeymoon and he fought for the
10:20 pm
sandinistas, i mean, this man, we always thought he was afo communist but i think he wants to prove it to us. >> jason: mr. mayor, new york city used to be a great place for families, for business. what you did with bernie kerik and others. >> i worked really hard. >> jason: yeah. >> the city is going back to the way it was. we have a democrat mayor. we could say the same thing about chicago or philadelphia, can't we? chicago is the only city that now has more murders than us. democrat mayor for 1,000 years,a you know. philadelphia. baltimore. >> jason: is it just bill de blasio or what else is going on? is it just the mayor taking these radical positions? >> no, he's got a city council that fell off the left cliff. and is totally insane. i mean, they pass bills that are ridiculous. the man released 8,000 people, prisoners. he and cuomo passed a bill that
10:21 pm
you basically can't hold people you arrest in jail. the police are completely demoralized. today he issued a block by block crime reduction program in which he didn't even talk to the police department and the police department's comments on it wase no comment. so we've got a mayor who is alienated from the police department, not to mention for other reasons the governor hates him. and then he's putting black lives matter in front of the president's personal residence. the president he wants to go to help bail out new york. among other things, not only as a communist but is a stupid one. and the man should be removed by the governor. he should have been removed sometime ago and i believe, there is no doubt that his incompetence has caused us many, many lives. his ridiculous decisions, his laziness. he doesn't come to work. half hour, an hour, an hour and a half late for everything. a lot of suspicions as to why
10:22 pm
but nobody wants to talk about it. >> jason: well, mr. mayor. >> this man, this man has in about five weeks destroyed 20 years of work of mine and mike bloomberg and ray kelly and bernie kerik and howard safir and bill bratton. i mean, in two years when i was mayor, from the most dangerous city in america to the safestrs large city in america and we remained that way until this idiot came along. >> jason: well, mr. mayor, the proof is in the numbers. june of 2020 represented over june of 2019 a 130% increase in2 shootings in new york city. and it doesn't need to be this way. mr. mayor, i wish i had more time with you. i thank you for joining us tonight on "hannity." up next, cnn was called out by former staffers including an ex producer slamming the network for a lack of self-awareness in
10:23 pm
the trump era. joe concha, larry elder, and leo terrell will react. and then the president's call to reopen schools draws pushback from democratic governors.el stay with us. guys, times are tough. but force factor's test x180 can help us man up, america, by boosting total testosterone. build muscle, fuel desire, and improve performance. get test x180 from force factor, the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart.
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>> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the left is proving to be more hateful and more divisive than ever before. with cancel culture running rampant throughout american society. for the most part you can avoid cancellation by bending to the liberal mob but if you dare to be a freethinker or worse, conservative, you have a target on your back. if you ask green new deal author
10:28 pm
and socialist sweetheart aoc, she doesn't even think the phenomenon exists. she tweeted yesterday "odds are you're not actually canceled. you're just being challenged, unliked." yeah, right. goya foods is certainly not unliked. their products are staples and kitchens across the country. but liberals will soon be throwing their beans out with the bathwater. the goya foods ceo sparked some liberals to call for a boycott after praising president trump. here's how he responded onn "fox & friends" earlier today. >> i'm not apologizing for saying, especially being called by the president of the united states.t you're not going to say i'm busy. no thank you. i didn't say that the obamas and i didn't to president trump. >> jason: good for him.
10:29 pm
president trump returned the praise in a tweet aboard air force run writing "i love goya foods." it doesn't stop there. cnn's don lemon went so far as to lecture after terry crews on what he thinks the black lives matter movement really means. listen to this. >> when you look at the city of chicago, there are nine children who died by gun violence, by black on black on violence, from june 20th all the way to today.o you're talking about even with the atlanta child murders, there were 28 kids who died in two years. you're talking about a month. you have nine black kids. the black lives matter movement has said nothing. >> the black lives matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. if you want and all black lives matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including, you know, black communities, then start that movement with that name. but that's not what black lives matter is about. >> jason: you be the judge on that clip, ladies and gentlemen.
10:30 pm
lemon's embarrassing showing even prompted a former cnnp, staffer to admit the network has taken a turn for the worst in the trump era. joining me now with reaction, media reporter for the hill, joe concha. salem radio nationally syndicated host larry elder. and civil rights attorney leo terrel. gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us here. joe, i want to start with you. you follow, study, right about the media every day. what was your take on that exchange that happened there with don lemon? >> well, don lemonan is everythg that political journalism hashe mostly become, that is not to be a curious journalist, askingat questions and trying to get to the truth. instead, it's using their platform to advance a cause or in this case, to be a fiftysomething president of the high school debate team in defending black lives matter. so don lemon was actually asked about this in a podcast interview a couple days later, and here's what he had to say, jason. "my role as a journalist is to
10:31 pm
speak from my truth and my lens and from where i come from." remember, this is an anchor saying this. "i don't think those things or biases." those of the very definitions of bias. whose truth, mr. lemon? who are we talking about here? because your truth is subjective and therefore is something that isn't fact based. it's something that you are coming from a certain perspective. if you support black lives matter, as clearly don lemon does, then you therefore support defunding the police. you look at many polls and most americans don't support that. it's not the truth. it's your opinion, and it's an opinion not shared by many americans watching. >> jason: it's not supposedly an opinion show. larry, i want to ask you. the americans i interact with from all sorts of races in all parts of the country, they are absolutely fed up and sickened with the idea that supposedly everything they do, like saying the pledge of allegiance,
10:32 pm
putting their hand over their heart during the pledge of allegiance when they see a building with a flag on it and the city says hey, take it down. they are kind of fed up with a being told that everything they are doing is wrong. just when they are doing things that are patriotic. >> consider who don lemon works for. he works were seen whose r president and ceo, jeff zucker, is on a project veritas tape conducting his 9:00 meetings literally telling people to ignore news that's important and focus on russia collusion, russia collusion, russia collusion. they even got staffers at cnn complaining the jeff zucker tells us what to say to the exclusion of other things they think are important and this is an organization back in 1997, 23 years ago, asked whether race was a major problem in america. they said yes. 89% of black teams said racism was either no problem or little. problem in my daily life. more black teens than white teens had failure to take
10:33 pm
advantage of available opportunities is a biggerak problem than racism. that was a poll in 1997 that a they conveniently ignored. >> jason: leo, i've only spoken with you on television i've got to tell you i've got the greatest respect for you. do you know why? i disagree with you on a lot of stuff but you call balls and strikes the way you see them.w are you telling me that you think the average american, the person who is patriotic and pays their taxes and goes to work and works hard for the kids and family, can they even relate to what the democrats are talking about with this cancel culture? >> [laughs] >> let me tell you this, the answer is no. let me give you an example. i want to go back to the goya food situation. the democratic playbook is outdated and old. they think people of color and minorities are automatic democrats. what you saw with goya foods in the hispanic community, trump might get 50% to 60% of the hispanic vote.dsc don lemon and the situation with what happened the other day, his personal opinion, as joe was
10:34 pm
mentioning, don lemon doesn't o have any working knowledge to give an opinion. he basically indited black lives matter. it's not a civil rights organization. it's not an organization that helps people. it's an organization that's destructive. what the democrats don't realize is people of color are no longer loyal to the democrats. they want the freedom, the independence, the self determination which is afforded in the republican that's where the democrats are going to lose in november. minorities are going to go republican. >> jason: yeah, you know what, democrats i think of taking them for granted for so long. and conservatives need to speak from their heart. they shouldn't give up at all on the compassion card. show them what they believe in a talk from their heart. we throw stats at people all the time as republicans. talk from your heart why you love this country and i think republicans will november.ome
10:35 pm
gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. i wish i had more time with all three of you but thank you for joining us. all right, coming up, the left seems to want schools closeded indefinitely. but president trump is pushing for a fall reopening. we'll bring you the very latest straight ahead as this special edition of "hannity" continues. . these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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>> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." this week, president trump expressed his desire to get our students back in classrooms this fall. have a look. >> we hope that most schools are going to be open and we don't want people to make political statements or do it for political reasons. they think it's going to be good for them politically so they keep the schools closed. no way. we are very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools. to get them open.. and it's very important. it's very important for our country. it's very important for the well-being of the student and the parents, so we are going to
10:40 pm
be putting a lot of pressure on open your schools in the fall. >> jason: of course he's already receiving some y resistance from liberal governors like inslee and whitmer. today "the wall street journal" reported a new daily record spike in covid-19 cases but there is good news.t a german biotech firm is working on a vaccine that may be ready for approval by december. and the antiviral drug remdesivir is receiving encouraging results on covid-19 patients. and if you look at your screen right now, president trump is returning to the white house after a trip to washington -- tu washington. joining us now with reaction is fox news medical contributor dr. janetteal nesheiwat. fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy, and former florida attorney general pam bondi. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we look at this picture here, that being marine one. president trump is returning to washington after a trip to
10:41 pm
florida. a trip to washington. he's coming back from florida. 9:40 on the east coast. i would love seeing that marine come down, this marine pilot in the way they do business. rain, snow, whatever it is, they do an amazing job. the president returning back to washington, d.c. we like to see him there and being safe as we watch the president exit here. we are going to talk over these pictures here and get onto the discussion about the students and going back to school. doctor, i want to ask you about this because there is obviously a medical concern but there's also so many other factors like the mental health of the students and they really are in the lowest category of risk, right? >> yeah, you're absolutely right, jason. the severity of covid-19 in children, it's extremely low.
10:42 pm
the mortality rate under the age of 10 is less than 1% and when a child is growing and their brain is developing, they require socialhe engagement. they require routine and have it, they require an education. it's incontrovertible. so if you have a plan and a protocol in place, safe plan,tr then you can open. little steps that you can take. ensure that the children have temperatures checks. space out desks. maybe start out with classth evy other day. with a protocol and plan on following cdc guidelines, it can be done. it's puzzling to me to see sort of a cognitive dissonance that exists when it shouldn't when it comes to the best interests of our students, of our children. really need to put them first and look out for their best interests knowing the fact, knowing the science and the data they are less impacted compared to older populations. >> jason: so the president is now back in the white house. i want to go to rachel campos-duffy. you've got a wonderful, beautiful family. i've had the pleasure of interacting with them. you have picture-perfect kids. it's amazing.
10:43 pm
but they need to go back to school, right? >> yeah, they absolutely do. you're right, the doctor is correct. children need to get back to school. children are also part of the family and families can't work rightet now. millions of families are being thrust into poverty if theyk can't get back to work because their kids can't go to school. somebody has to stay home with them. that's not just going to affect the child. it's going to affect the family. it's going to affect our economy.g you really can't devise a better plan to destroy this country, to thwart our economy from growing and coming back from the terrible virus than keeping kids home from school. as the doctor said, we know it's manageable. we know children are low risk. they are not super-spreaders, as we once thought at the beginning of this virus. it's manageable if there is an outbreak we are smart people, we can go back. we can say we're going to stay home for a couple weeks. but to start doing this, it's very clear to me that it's not
10:44 pm
teachers who are doing this. it's teachers unions filled with activists with a vested interest in seeing joe biden win and i believe they are doing this, they are pushing for closure of schools for political purposes. for those people who might say, jason, hey, teachers unions care about kids. these are the same people who tried to stop, you know, school choice and poor kids from going to better schools. so spare me that comment. >> jason: yeah. pam, i saw something online that made me laugh and giggle for a moment and that is onlye g donald trump could get liberals to insist on homeschooling. these people, no matter what donald trump says, they want to go the opposite direction. but the president passionately wants to do this. a president has to make tough decisions, weighing all the factors from medical to the economy to the family. >> he does and just as the doctor said, he cares about getting our kids back to school
10:45 pm
safely. so does secretary devos. i spoke to her yesterday. that's what matters. we have joe biden who wants open borders and closed schools. then move got these liberal governors that you mention, governor inslee in washington state who let seattle be overrun by these left-wing liberals. then you've got governor whitmer in michigan who wouldn't even let people go buy gardening tools during the covid crisis. so i wouldn't trust either of them to decide when our kids to go back to school.l. by the way, joe biden wants to do away with charter schools. president trump believes every child regardless of income, race or zip code, deserves the best education possible. >> jason: doctor, i guess what i don't understand and i've heard others in my neighborhood talk about this. for the most vulnerable, the older population that has other conditions, other extenuating circumstances, why not do everything we can to lock that down and make sure they don't get exposed to the virus. but for these younger generations, why do we have to treat them the same way we treat
10:46 pm
somebody who's 85 years old in the nursing home? i don't understand that. >> yeah, you're exactly right. the phase three openings in the phases, not until phase three that the older population of those with underlying comorbidity should engage in the community.os so you're absolutely right. let's focus on those most vulnerable groups, those who have heart disease and kidney disease or lung disease or obesity or diabetes. but we still have to ensure that our younger population are adhering to the cdc guidelines of physical distancing, wear a mask if you can't physical distance. keep your hands washed and clean. try to avoid large crowds, especially if there's an area of an outbreak. taking these simple measures, common steps -- common sense steps to help protect everyone. but you're absolutely right. let's focus on the most vulnerable population. >> jason: yeah, be a good neighbor. be a good citizen. wear a mask if you're going into public. you can wash your hands and you can socially distance, america. you can do that.
10:47 pm
it's not overreaching in government shouldn't be forcing you to do that but you can do it. you're going to help america. you're going to help your neighbor feel more comfortable and i think help yourself too. ladies, thank you so much for joining us. wish i had more time, but we've got to keep going because coming up, a big development in the quest for justice againsthe deep state abuse. we'll tell you about it next. t. massmutual healthbridge is a free life insurance program just for healthcare workers fighting covid-19. apply today at ♪ moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. a slice above.
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♪ >> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." breaking tonight: president trump has commuted roger stone's sentence. meanwhile on wednesday, a british judge issued a ruling against ex-spy and dossier author christopher steele. john solomon reports the case only strengthens john durham's probe into fbi misconduct but this comes amid growing frustration over the lack of progress into the probe. joining us now with their reaction is fox news legal analyst and author of one of the best books on the topic "the russian hoax." gregg jarrett. attorney emily compagno and fox news contributor john solomon. thank you all three of you for joining us. gregg, i want to get right to you. i think was widely anticipated the president would either
10:52 pm
commute the sentence ofa roger stone or do something in this case. what's your reaction now that the president has done this? >> commuting means he doesn'tab absolve roger stone of convictions but he simply eliminates the 40 month prison sentence. he did it for a couple of reasons. compassion. 67-year-old man not in the best of health. about to go to prison on tuesday. the prison system that's struggling to stop the spread of covid-19 virus, especially virulent to older americans. most of all i think the president really felt as though this is not a fair trial in the district of columbia. frankly, good luck if you're a friend of donald trump trying ti get a fair trial there where in the last election more than 90% of the people voted in favor of hillary clinton. 4% for donald trump. it was underscored by the bias of the jury foreperson which emerged after the trial. she was virulently anti-trump, f communicating social media
10:53 pm
posts, accusing trump and his supporters like roger stone of being racist. she had a powerful ability to influence and induce the entire jury to have a conviction t against roger stone. the judge should have granted ae new trial but said gee, it's your lawyer's fault they should have discovered the bias. it's an admission that there was did not get a fair trial. >> jason: emily, in your perspective, do you think the president made the right decision? >> i think so. here's why. to echo what gregg said, it's not a pardon. it's a commutation. what's the difference between this and the 8,000 scheduled prisoners to be released in california next week?d what's the difference between this and the 16,000 release within four weeks of the national declaration of emergency after the covid outbreak?
10:54 pm
this is a 67-year-old man and the facility that he was headed to in georgia just released report of 20 covid positive inmates up from 0. remember that the doj opposed this stay that his attorneys had requested. in terms of a vulnerable inmate, what's the difference between this and the inmates that the left is crying out for being released. adam schiff said there's a different criminal justice system clearly for the president's friends. if you look at it under the eyes of a simple inmate in a commuted sentence maintaining and waiting for his appeal, there is no difference. final point, the white house articulation of why the president was undergoing this commutation in addition to thefr point that gregg raised, they also cited as it became clear that the special counsel, that the investigation would not bear fruit, they "resorted to measures" essentially o to give the appearance of criminality lurking below the surface. they resorted to process crimes. high-profile individuals. it's so important in the narrative that was pushed here. >> jason: thank you.
10:55 pm
john, i want to get to you really quickly. very short amount of time. give us the latest on what's happening with this dossier, christopher steele. >> listen, if john durham needs any more evidence that the fbi willfully, knowingly and substantially deceive the fisa court, it came out of london this week. we discovered that on the first meeting christopher steele had with the fbi where he handed over his dossier, he took notesh and guess what he told them. hillary clinton wasss my ultimae client. the fbi never told the fisa court. it's a great example of the sort of fraud that went on in this case early on and it's amazing it had to come out of london, not out of washington. >> jason: thanks for being on it and we appreciate it. more "hannity" after the break. don't go away. -that's how a home and auto bundle is made.
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website, thank you for joining us on the special edition of "hannity," sean will be back monday night. hope you have a great weekend. "the ingraham angle" is up now. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, goya food, a true hispanic-american success story and one of thec- most charitable companies in the country. but because the ceo stood side-by-side with president trump yesterday, some vicious and powerful voices on the left are calling for a boycott naturally. goya ceo robert unanue is here on why he won't back down, but first, the madness of voting against yourself. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." some americans may be thinking that voting for joe biden in november will be a vote against trump, but maybe it is time to look at things a different way,