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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  July 12, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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celebrated with emma who mated a very special day. and tonight marks nine years i've been lucky to be a part of that incredible team from her than three years. that's all for tonight could follow me everywhere. justice with judge jeanine pirro is next. judge jeanine: hello one welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro and things are being with us. let's get right to it with my opening. do you feel safe? do you feel safe? i live in new york and something is happened that is not predictable as the sun rising tomorrow morning. new york's city wants the safest big city in america one of the world's major commercial financial and cultural centers will referred to the crime-ridden days of the 1980s. not just new york, soon major cities near you will return to
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their troubled days of lawlessness. whether you are white -- right or left believe me, understand this. lawlessness without police equals crime and murder. the safest big city, new york is now regressing to the bygone days of drugs, gangs, and don's murder and mayhem and you can thank one man, one man warren wilhelm jr., known today as bill de blasio. this is the face of the return of crime. this is the face of the man who without a doubt is the most in competent, inefficient and inept mayor to darken the halls of gracie mansion. his response to the may 25 murder of george floyd, like
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everyone else, was outraged but his answer to the george floyd murder was to let new york city burned. he cut the nypd's budget i would $1 million. he supported a police reform bill that ties the hands of police with no training under these new restrictions and the ordered stand downs while crimes occurred across the city. but then again he has always had a problem with the police area and i said it three years ago. the blazios and take cop sentiments are deep-rooted in 2014 with and two cops were assaulted and seriously injured on the brooklyn bridge as protesters chanting what do we want to? dead cops. when do we want them? now. protesters are throwing garbage cans and bottles at police,
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peaceful protesters. he normalized police hatred. he now has new york city evolves into chaos de blasio turns a blind eye. macy's flagship store in herald square was looted by criminals, not protesters, criminals breaking in with hammers and coming out with stolen goods. arsonists and looters on fifth avenue hits an empty chanel and gucci. the universal question, where were the police? where were the arrests? where the perp walks? i will tell you. the police were given a stand-down to not engage in the minimal number of cops were deployed. the upshot, as cops stand down criminals become the golden and as for you taxes will clearly go
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up not just for the cleanup but it does is news is can no longer afford or will they necessarily want to be in the city where they are not protected from crime. in fact one new york city store is suing for failing to stop the looting. the owner of that store says after paying taxes the city owed a duty to the store to protect them. he says that the city had intelligence that did nothing about it. he, like many new yorkers believed his taxes go to the nypd and that the police were told to stand down. but the big stores were not the only stores. looters stormed small businesses , many minority ons, many shuddered now for good because of the protesters. since george floyd's death more than 700 lease officers ever tired from the nypd and the department is now limiting the
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number of how many can retire each week. why? the police have a target on their backs and they know it. they are being told to stand down and they are not being given any guidance on the new law passed by the city council. i actually told you about it he wrote two weeks ago, the deputy inspector and precinct commander ironically from the 46th precinct known as the alamo who retired because he was not given any guidance as to how his officers should respond in light of the new limitations on their ability to arrests. the irony here is rich. the 46th precinct that he left known as the alamo which was dubbed in the 1980s as the most dangerous square-mile and america. the new rules were strict police actions regarding arrests and what part of the defendant's
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body you were allowed to touch. pictured this. 35,000 new york city police officers each with a gun. not one, not one has been trained on how to effectuate an arrest under the new guidelines, where you can and cannot touch the perp and police will face certain prosecution if the rest is not made properly. de blasio disbanded the anti-crime unit which expects under covers pursuant to a com stat which is a colorblind pinpoint screen that identifies crime concentrations that help drive down the city's crime rate in literally russia was nice -- resolution eyes policing around the world. now no more stop-and-frisk, no more police concentration in those crime-ridden areas and the ones most afraid, the minority community in the inner cities who live with crime day and
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night. if you asked that black and hispanic clergy they are terrified of what is to come. the cops that were protecting them are gone. they've been told to stand down. they can't engage. and i've been told repeatedly now by and we pd cops that if the suspects resist the cops will let them go because they haven't been trained on what to do in that circumstance. the rookie school is being canceled. morale is down and for many the exit from the nypd cannot come soon enough. but it gets even worse. democrat de blasio are working together to defeat law enforcement totally. democrat governor andrew cuomo, you remember him, the one that forced nursing homes to take a run infected patients bus leading to the deaths in the highest leading in the country.
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he finds a bill that signs a bill giving everyone unity. the so-called bail reforms as a result of which most defendants are released as soon as the paperwork is done. and new york city democrat district attorney cy vance in this trifecta. fans pushed for all crime to have no cash bail and in an inter-office memo he instructed his assistant d.a. to go soft or dismiss cases against protesters and instead told his prosecutors to be proactive and build cases against the cops who arrested the protesters. these three democrats create a recipe for a return of new york city to the crime-ridden days when the headlines look like this. this one from this week doesn't look so different, does that? considered this.
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for 40 years new york city social services budget was more than half of the public city budget. the nypd previously 8% is now 5%. the funding police and the increase in homicides is predictable. in fact already homicides have skyrocketed. there is a 206% increase in shooting victims last week over the same week last year. and if you are not angry enough, take a listen to this. spend that this is a historic moment of change. we have to respect that but also say the people the kinds of gatherings we are used to, the parades and affairs we just can't have that while we are focusing on health right now. judge jeanine: okay, but de blasio exempted black lives matter marches. he says they can continue despite the ban he put on all
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large events because quote this is a historic moment of change. save what? are you stupid? the rest of us can't work really can enjoy sports, we can't be with our friends because of coronavirus but anyone marching for black lives matter can protest? is that because the virus won't affect them? i thought the black community was particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus and what about all the bullies who told us that if we go out that we are going to infect grandma? so is it okay for protesters to get grandma sick while the rest of us can't? so, bill, you decided to take away my safety my protection my security my business and my liberty. i have got news for you, you don't have that right. you support the constitution and
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as a public official the first order of government is the protection of its citizens. you don't have the right to tell the police to stand down and to violate the oath that they took. you don't have the right to tell cops who want to go out to protect and defend us that they they are not allowed to exercise their authority and i don't care what your marxist leftist socialist comrades tell you. this is the united states of america and in the united states of america we outlaw crime and we pay police to support law and order. you mr. de blasio are not supporting law and order and are a menace to law-abiding taxpaying residents of new york city. you are so out of sync with the rest of us and the fundamental values upon which this country was founded that the best things i can happen to you is that you be impeached and hauled back into your marxist leftist
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socialist hole. that's my opinion. that they know what you think of my facebook and twitter. #judge jeanine and if you like it openings are going to love my new book, don't lie to me hit stores in september but you can pre-order it now. in the book i say we have had enough lies from the left who are trying to destroy us. pre-order your copy today. and joining me now to discuss my open and more "fox news" contributor dan bongino. good evening dan. did you ever think after you left the nypd that we would get to the point where at now? >> judge this is sad to watch. i live in florida now and i lived in maryland but i grew up in was raised in new york city and watching this happen, my mother lived up there in my two brothers live up there in one of by best friends lives up there. he just retired. use a second great detective at the nypd and just left her to
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watch americans as the safest and biggest city collapsed into shambles and chaos in just a few years as really gut-wrenching periods really hard to watch and that is happen because of tangible touchable material decisions by this complete buffoon de blasio and his brigade of the fans in the city council. its disturbing judge. i have said this three times on the network and i will say it again on your show when i want everyone to listen. if you are trying to destroy new york city, intentionally trying like dark night gotham style or something would you do anything different than de blasio is doing now and the answer is hell no. you would do exactly what de blasio is doing. it's almost as if this guy is in the nihilist or something. judge jeanine: was talk about the fact that this week he painted the mural on the street black lives matter in front of trump tower on fifth avenue and
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you know this is how he spends his time and there is nothing that the business people can do in that area. he is destroying the businesses as well in addition to crime. >> i'm wondering if the painted, when do we want dead cops and when do we want them? now. he must have forgotten of the little chance that i believed i was in new york during the black lives matter march. the brooklyn bridge, the brooklyn bridge is obviously a petty pathetic move by a failed mayor buddies done real things. i said before i don't want this just to be -- he's done real things that have cost people their lives. black hispanic and white residents of new york city disbanding the anti-crime unit. judge police officers it's not by uniformed police officers don't commit a crime in front of a uniformed cop. you committed in front of the
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guy in playing close but you don't know it's a cop and they stop it or they were the ones taking these people up the street. they disbanded and dismantled street crime and now they are in aging with this use of force guidelines for its like you have to give the guy a massage before you can arrest him now. do you understand -- by the bad guy? judge jeanine: my understanding as you will never see a resisting arrest charge again in new york city according to the cops that i've spoken with and they aren't going to fight to arrest them. they are going to basically say do you want to put your hands behind your back and if he says no they are going to chase them or cop him. it's almost like an invitation to tea. it's ridiculous. de blasio has just 1.5 years left. >> you are right and if i may stars -- sarcastically correct two is not that they are not going to fight with them. they are going to fight with them because they camp at the
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use of force guidelines they have out now are out of play absurd to grab him by the wrist and you can only hold an arm and you aren't allowed to use the latte weight restraint. i spent decades of my life and control tactics and the secret service and the nypd when someone doesn't want to be arrested, not kidding. i watched a 12-year-old girl and a broken hospital nearly take out to cops in new york because she did not want to be taken. that is not a joke. she did not want to be taken. she was a 12-year-old girl may have to restrain her. tell me how they will handle if rolled, 220-pound man on drug starter you going to massage his neck and give them a head rap? why would a cop arrest anyone? have a nice day sir. you don't want to get arrested, take off see you later. judge jeanine: dan the problem
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is in light of these new guidelines they have done absolutely no teaching. none of them know what they are supposed to do. they have had no training as to how they are supposed to effectuate an arrest under these new guidelines. that's why they are using the charge in new york city. >> with that tell you something. ever see the movie -- you can trim your politics and your curses out the window. when the guy doesn't want to resist arrest and he's beating you trying to get your gun believe me you can throw all that out the window predrag get it. as police officers we should be able to handle ourselves and we should be trained but take no mistake here it's the bad guy that determines the use of force, not the cop. if the cop asked out and does something you shouldn't do in their complaints and someone will be put in jail like in the george floyd case but the bad guy determines the use of force
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fewer fighting for your life you can throw that saved the training manual, you can throw it in the toilet roll and flush it because you are going to survive and go home to your kids. judge jeanine: you have a year and a half left. what's going to happen? >> was going to happen is new york is going to continue to dissent in the chaos. a lot of people can die into gear and a half so make no mistake this guy has love on his hands and i don't say that lightly on national television absolutely he is led on his hands no doubt about it. judge jeanine: dan bongino thanks for being with us. much more tonight including an update on the st. louis couple who defended their home from protesters and next what does congressman's matt gaetz think about the debate over reopening schools?
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but bounce forward. call or go online to find out more. judge jeanine: breaking tonight joe biden winds the democratic residential primary in louisiana those results are just coming into meantime as the countdown continues to the start of school year the debate continues to rage across the country on how and if school should reopen. with me now florida commerce man
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matt gaetz at the center of the reopening debate. good evening congressman. thanks for being with us tonight. in florida there is this debate going on and the president is calling for schools to reopen. florida now is apparently in the midst of a rise in coronavirus cases. how does this thing get resolved? >> in florida we are going to reopen schools across the nation there has never been a more important time for us to embrace parent empowerment and of course parents should be empowered within an in-person instruction option in public schools with sanitation and requisite social distancing and testing that is necessary to ensure that in fact is a safe environment. we should also do more to make sure that parents can keep work their own money to raise and educate their own kids how they choose. occasion should not be a government-run monopoly and we should end the war that's gone on between public instruction
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and homeschooling for far too long. judge jeanine: will but how do we do it and if someone is going to a public school and they are talking about either not opening the schools are they are talking about blended courses, what does that mean? to go part-time and other kids go the rest of the time? how does this impact kids and their learning? >> we have seen a real impact to learning and learning gains as a consequence of coronavirus. digital learning is not an end-all be-all and when you don't have the in-person instruction for some students there really is an impact. we have seen innovations like block scheduling but in florida we are going to use surveillanch outbreaks in her and then we are going to improve the physical plants of school so we have more handwashing stations in sanitation stations. ultimately we have to protect not only the students that we have took for tech that this teachers and instructors as
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well. the answer is and just to wave the white flag of surrender. we should make sure we have more access to charter schools and private schools and homeschooling and that will take the pressure off of public schools and allow us to achieve our learning objectives. judge jeanine: what about the teacher's? there's a resistance from the teachers union which is historically aligning itself with the democrats. how is that going to impact this whole fight? >> there may be some teachers that take the opportunity to retire early and we don't want people to make choices that they feel are safe but testing on the front and with the right amount of sanitation and social distance where applicable we can keep teachers say than we can ensure that students are not vectors of the disease. one thing we have learned is young people who do not fear the disease are not going to comply with lock downs and shelter in place order so they will be out and about but make sure they are
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learning and getting something of value as a consequence. judge jeanine: i believe it was nancy pelosi this week who said about the toppling of statues, she didn't take it that seriously and i don't know we have the sound on that. but you are familiar with the statement she made, correct? >> they are there are tearing down lincoln, winston churchill and frederick douglass of this is about slavery or fascism or even race. there's an attempted cultural genocide going on in america right now the calls for patriots to stand up and say this is a great country. it's worthy of our pride and our defense. the left wants us to be ashamed of america so they can replace america. i love this country and i think we ought to do a lot more to push back against the hate that we are seeing. judge jeanine: what can we do to bush back? you just saw there that there are statues that are toppled in
12:27 am
spray-painted red. it happens in the middle of the night and there is absolutely no discussion. these looters, these anarchists come out and i believe that's a church right there. they come out and they decide they are going to destroy something. they don't have the right obviously but why are we stopping this? >> i'm proud that president trump has substantially increased enforcement and prosecutions. there are more than half a dozen antifa members in portland that are going to be facing a federal judge and i think prison time is a consequence of organizing these things. the great irony judge is the organizers of black lives matter pledge of allegiance to the destruction of america have a lot more in common with the confederate generals that they hate than they would like to admit. in fact the confederacy that initially wanted to kick out that all officials who wanted to
12:28 am
destroy america and change it to something different i think america was worth defending in the 1860s and she certainly worth defending today. judge jeanine: congressman matt gaetz is always good to have you on. thanks so much. and up next the president accusing joe biden of plagiarizing his economic plan. joe eiseman is here to react, guys, are you tired of frequent nighttime bathroom trips? well, force factor prostate helps reduce urges to urinate, plus fully empty your bladder and promote a normal prostate size. don't settle. choose force factor prostate, from the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart.
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for your headlines log on to "fox news".com. judge jeanine: this week joe biden failed his economic plan committing his ideas sound that there may the person accused the former vp of a driving his policies. joe calls it buy american. similar sounding to the presidents america first plan. joining me now former congressman darrell issa running for congress in florida. it's not the first time congressman the vp has been accused of stealing someone else's words pray take a look at this. 1988 clip. >> democratic presidential candidate joe force lightning faces controversy three weeks ago debated the iowa state fair used phrases identical to those used by party leader neal.
12:34 am
>> why is it my wife is sitting in the audience as the first and in her family to ever go to college? >> why is she the first woman in his family in this generation to be able to get university. my ancestors came up after 12 hours and play foot wall. [inaudible] judge jeanine: there is also this. >> as you point out what is behind the words, what is there and a lot of people are saying it's just the surface. judge jeanine: all right congressman is it just the surface that joe biden has to offer and that was 32 years ago. >> well it's consistent and consecutive every time he runs for president we find him not giving attribution when he
12:35 am
plagiarizes people including robert kennedy and john f. kennedy. the list is endless. the amazing thing is the only original thought he seems to have had is when he claimed he went to college on a full ride scholarship with a double major and all these other things he didn't do. probably sticking to plagiarizing is safer for him. judge jeanine: well you know and i heard that as well. he says that in such earnest. i got a full scholarship and i graduated with 168 credits and he didn't. he's so passionate about his lies but what does it tell you about the economic plan? is this an admission that number one he knows that the economy is president trump's strong point, or is it number two that these are just words and his sea
12:36 am
approaches hopefully the presidency he's nothing more than really a socialist, words don't match his actions. >> i think you have hit the exact right term. these are just words judge. the fact is that joe biden is all about turning the phrase and not in fact turning real management. if you look at his history with the exception of helping hunter biden make a lot of money when he was overseeing ukraine and china the fact is this is somebody who's never been an executive. he has never led or made anything, who still has his 1950s corp. that but he bothered with government revenue. this is somebody who has become quite rich that in fact has never done what president trump has done which is build an industry, understand industry and understand the economy. president trump doesn't need a fancy plan that he got from somebody else to say the basics
12:37 am
of lowering the impediments to growth have created the trump economy that right is to great prosperity and as we get through this pandemic will bring us back to great prosperity. that's what the president is selling because that's what he knows how to do. judge jeanine: it's interesting joe biden his whole history is about an economy that has five manufacturing jobs leaving but i want to switch for moment to roger stockham. what is your impression of the president's commutation? >> i think it was courageous and classic donald trump. president trump looks at many people who work caught snared by mueller in a false investigation that they are before the political witchhunt of the present would not have been there and when people are being released from prison in masses as first-time offender who in
12:38 am
fact is only going to jail because he was involved with the president and couldn't get the president so he commutes it but he doesn't do it the way president clinton did it on the last day in office so that it has no political effect 30 dozen in front of everyone and said it wasn't right and that's why i'm commuting the sentence. he did the same thing with michael flynn and others but he also did it with a great many people, african-americans and others with this criminal justice reform. this is a president that is used as commutation partner legislation to bring fairness to the system and he is open and straightforward and honest about it. he doesn't do it after an election in the dark of night. he doesn't straightforward because that's the kind of person he is. judge jeanine: he is transparent, that he is. darrell issa i was good to have you and justice. thank you so much. >> thank you judge. judge jeanine: coming up david
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rubin weighs in on the controversial cancel
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judge jeanine: this week 150 academics signed an open letter published in harvard criticizing the current cancel culture. the letter was equally praised. joining me to react the author our friends david rubin prince good to have you on. this letter to me is fascinating because you have all of these liberals who were saying you know we refuse in a false choice between justice and freedom. we cannot have an intolerant society and they go on and on in this letter about the people who accept opposing views but i just find that hysterical because as someone on the right we have had
12:44 am
things censored for several years now. what's your take on it? >> you are setting it up the right way because look any defense and i know you will it remain me any defense of free speech is good especially right now however most of the people on their poor lefty liberals progressives whatever you want to call them they've been pretty much silent as the mob has come for anyone that is right-leaning. we know right now during the show that their people at media matters who were waiting for you judge jeanine or me to say one word wrong so they can send the mob and try to cancel advertisers. they did this with tucker in everyone on the right and it's like werber you guys? what's happening now is although it's late it's like they are suddenly seeing their universities crumble because princeton harbor danielle are having massive problems. we all see and we know for statues are coming down as you were talking about earlier they are sadly going the mob is
12:45 am
starting to show up to my universities and taking down my statues and may show up at night house so i had better speak up. i have to tell them it's a little too late and i'll say one other thing which is a couple of the people on the list have tried to cancel me. this thing is personal for me too. judge jeanine: i have to tell you i read your book, don't burn this book and it's great reading what doesn't mix sense to me is the fact, what doesn't make sense to me is the fact that at least they wouldn't attempt to join forces with those of us on the left because -- on the right eye should say because they truly believes there is no choice between justice and freedom. why not align yourself with people on the right who are conservative? we are strong when united, are we? >> absolutely and that's what actually might book in my political evolution is about the
12:46 am
guy was the left and as i saw the left feeling consistently on free speech and failing to stand up to the liberal rants both that a purported to believe in what i found was look at this there are all these people on the right these conservatives and libertarians who may have some political disagreements with. you effort by booking you know we'd disagree on stuff but whether we believe in? you believe in the constitution and we believe in free speech and free expression. we believe fundamentally america's a good experiment and it's an ongoing experiment. yeah i think they are really afraid of being called conservative that in liberal circles that's the scariest thing. oh you are suddenly friends with a conservative? you must be conservative and they have got to get over that but the ivory towers crumbling and it's going to crumble right on top of their heads. judge jeanine: the amazing part of it is the failings, from what i have heard and i'm kind of in the middle of things here is
12:47 am
from the left or the right. they don't want to hear people on the right. i've never heard people on the right say i don't want to hear from that person and i don't believe they should he allowed to speak at my child's university. we know from the time donald trump was elected people on friend you and they don't want to communicate with you. people that came to my wedding or my children's weddings actually don't talk to me anymore. it's not usually the right or the left. am i wrong? >> the woke condition is a mind virus. what is the virus? the virus is easy catch and very hard to get rid of and that's what this thing is. sounds right. everyone i disagree with is a racist. that sounds pretty good and that's pretty lofty. once you accept those ideas you know if you walk away from it you will be called a racist so
12:48 am
it's almost a hostage situation. you also said something which is in the letter the invocation was we are not on the right. the right still has these problems. i don't think there was one trump supporter. he wants to be for plurality kundi with found one trump supporter are one staunch conservative that could have signed onto that thing? it's the disease of the left-right now. judge jeanine: thanks for being with us on the thanks so much and up next you won't believe the couple who defended their the couple who defended their home from protesters. when we started r business we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers.
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judge jeanine: we all remember the mccloskeys of missouri defending their home from protesters. now authorities have seized the rifle marked lawsky can be seen holding. joining me now is clay county florida sheriff darryl daniels. thank you for being with us. it appears that when you had some protest in your county you actually talked about the peaceful protester by the right you would deputize law-abiding
12:53 am
citizens to assist you in handling things. how would that happen in? >> well you know everybody has a right in this country to peaceful protest under the first amendment however stepping out from under the umbrella of the ostentation you become inciting a riot whatever the case may be. criminal misconduct is unacceptable in all states and law enforcement is law enforcement all states and as far as i'm concerned in clay county the people who have the most skin in the game or invested in the success of the county are people who live in the county and have been experiencing across this country are individuals who don't live in a certain area that are going to these areas to manifest their frustrations or be a part of a peaceful protest or they get
12:54 am
involved in instigating sort of way to turn those people protesting to a riot situation. judge jeanine: sheriff i'm going to drop you right there because we don't have a lot of time but we've been looking at the mccloskeys and they are on the property and he has an ar-15 and she has a handgun. there was a search warrant where there was a seizure of the ar-15 a deacon see on the screen and apparently the handgun is in possession of the attorney. what do you think prosecutors could be looking at? they are on their property. what do you think is going on there? >> at think maybe from the eyes of the prosecution they are looking at the fact that these two homeowners are they an imminent danger in an peril to their life and were they in a situation where they had to protect their lives? if they pointed their weapons at people were passing by albeit
12:55 am
peaceful protesters or even if they were violent protesters if there was no tangible threat that they can articulate they may have some problems in st. louis. judge jeanine: it will be interesting to see because first they said maybe charges and no charges and now they have seize them. sheriff daniels thanks so much sheriff daniels thanks so much for being wititititit guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder force factor is the #1 fastest-growing men's health brand at walmart. unleash your potential in the bedroom with score!.
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>> a reminder don't forget to order my new book don't lie to me it's in stores and reserve your copy now. need my other books and go to judge judy thanks for watching. advocating for truth justice and the american way and justice has been served greg gutfeld is coming up that i
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will see you next saturday night. ♪ greg: it's time for cancel party the cancel culture to target people who unlike them create stuff that people like and care about defined as boycotting something objectionable is now much more than that. it's public shaming by mobs to humiliate a person until their careers are ruined cancel culture is an electric fence


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