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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  July 12, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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will see you next fox news ♪ ♪ ♪ [music] >> firefighters are trying to contain a massive fire that broke out in ship in naval base. the uss bottom rashard this morning, it is docked in san diego at the harbor and there are dramatic scene of bellowing smoke emanating from the ship. we interrupt you in the journal editorial report for a few moments for our breaking coverage. i'm eric sean in new york. molly: i'm molly line for arthel neville. multiple sailors are being treated for injuries including one person hurt by explosion.
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fire broke at 9:00 a.m. local time. general feoff griffin says that the navy says foul play is not expected but potentially the cause, what might have started this fire potentially a welding accident. we have kristina coleman live from west coast bureau with more, christina? christina: several sailors being treated for injuries, extent of injuries unknown as the fire we are just getting more details about the very developing situation. right now fire fighting teams are being evacuated from the burning military ship so that foam can be used to put out the massive flames. multiple agencies are working this blaze right now, san diego's fire and rescue says all personnel was accounted for as they were getting ready to clear this area. the 3-alarm fire was reported just before 9:00 a.m. local time at the naval base here in san diego. no word on the cause of the fire
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just yet but as you mentioned, fox news was told by navy officials that foul play is not expected but this fire is under investigation and you have those initial indications that you just mentioned that are that this may have been the result of a welding incident. that detail again coming from our colleague jennifer griffin, but you can just take a look at the images right now. it's unknown the extent of this fire, but you can see that smoke and a lot of crews on the scene trying to put out the fire and trying to put the blaze. you the foam that will be deployed momentarily and we will continue to watch and the sailors that were hurt in these, the extent of the injuries are not that bad. jennifer.
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molly: christina coleman in los angeles, thank you very much. large fire being fought. i want to bring in on the phone thomas, he's the former commissioner of the new york fire department just to talk a little bit about the challenges, the logistics of fighting a fire of this size on a navy ship. just to start things off, how much of a challenge might it be? >> well, it's a tough -- it's a really tough fire for these guys. i would imagine that that ship has its own fire fighting crew. it was probably overwhelmed early and may not be all on ship on weekends. the explosion chased everybody out of there. you can see the light smoke and dark smoke and they are other part, i bet they don't have access to it, i bet there's walls in between. i think the ship has wide open area underneath the main area for, you know, ships that they move in. i would imagine large, large
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tanks of fuel and that's what they are trying to get, the foam will do that when they can do to it but i guess they haven't had access to it yet. it's considerably equipped for this because they are base and they've done a -- they have a lot of fire boats and together with all of the folks in the navy that they have resources. eric: commissioner, the -- go ahead. molly: go ahead, eric. eric: molly, commissioner, good to talk to you, helicopters, in port they are not on it and it seems that the fire, if it is, indeed, a welding accident broke out in hangar bay, you just talked about the challenges, 200 sailors may have been aboard according to stars and stripes and you see white smoke and gray smoke, we see fire boats
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spraying inside but also lower, are they trying to keep the whole cooler? >> yeah, both. what they are trying to do is get their -- they know they can't get the foam in the right places unless they get, they can see it, they can maneuver any obstacles whether that's tanks or walls up that -- i don't think there's a lot of -- has to be some walls up maybe in the middle of the ship. maybe that's where they can't get to that black smoke. the difficulty is getting to it. like you said, the fire boats will keep it cool. they've got any openings that they can, there's plenty of water going in there but the water is only doing so much good if it's not reaching where the fire is and the water that you see them spraying on where the white smoke is is probably not rolling towards that black smoke is. that's something keeping it from it and the guys have to get in
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there to put the fire out. molly: we don't have too much time left here, just to chat for a few second. how long does it take to get something like this under control? >> well, they are working as hard and as best as they can. i can't tell you that. there's really no way of knowing. i know that they want to get foam as soon as they can because that's doing damage to the interior sections of that hangar deck that you saw before where they keep helicopters that they must remove and put somewhere else. eric: it was undergoing some maintenance named for the french ship that was commanded by john paul jones that ironically also caught fire in 1779. the reports indicate a few
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sailors have been injured, that's not confirmed, molly. molly: right. by the way the san diego fire and rescue that all personnel was accounted for as they continue to bat it will -- battle the blaze there on the ground. one final question before we let you go. the -- oh, we will have more at the next hour at 4:00 o'clock, thanks for joining us
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and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. just between us, you know what's better than mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee >> it's not good news for the president of the united states, 7 to 2, even the president's
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appointees saying, president of the united states is not above the law. paul: nancy pelosi saying thursday supreme court decision was not good news for president trump even as the justices blocked house democrats from getting his tax returns for now. the house speaker calling the high court's decision a victory for the constitution and vowing that congress will continue to press its case in the lower court. let's bring in our panel, wall street journal columnist and deputy editor dan henninger, columnist kim strassel and editorial board member kyle peterson. kim, you wrote this week disagreeing with the house speaker on her take and you say it was a defeat for democrats, how so? kimberley: in my mind the ruling that came in about in particular which dealt with congressional
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subpoenas for the first time layed out some tests that congress has to hit if it wants to obtain and get subpoenas against the executive branch demand my mind that does put new restrictions on congress and what it can do and makes it harder going forward for them to get information. paul: you know, if -- i disagree a little bit with that, kim, if that was -- kimberley: i know you do. paul: if that was real disruption on congress, here is the prong test and they don't meet it and we are demanding it back to the court. that's what i wonder about. kimberley: so i totally agree with that, the decision that clarence thomas likes to say should have gone further. [laughter] kimberley: they should have got rid of it and said you failed, so try again, but this was a concession roberts clearly made to get the liberals on the court to go along with him.
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paul: okay, all right, kyle let me ask you about the term more broadly, other cases, big victories for religious liberty this week. how significant are they? >> kyle: i think they are very significant. roberts is very strong on religious liberty. the two cases, both 7-2 uphold ing broad concessions for catholic nuns, little sisters of the poor who don't want to have contraceptive plans and schools to hire and fire teachers as they please essentially. paul: so it was interesting a couple of liberal justices signed onto broadens of the ministerial and you can fire teachers for religious purposes. does that mean that we are really seeing a court that is going to be much more receptive to free exercise of religion
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cases? >> kyle: well, i think that's part of it. the decision was 7-2 which was not quite as strong. the last case on the exception at a lutheran school was 9-0, unanimous court that time. the facts are a little different here, but yeah, the opinion of the court by justice alito essentially said that the federal government has no business getting involved with schools, religious schools, trying to figure out why they -- why they chose not to renew a teacher's account. paul: dan, two new justices, one for a couple of years, neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. how did you -- how do you see them emerging on the court? what's notable about them? daniel: well, i think that what's notable about them is that obviously as the saying goes they have their own minds and at times when they are going to surprise us especially
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justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh i think is sensitive shall we say to the political wins inside the court and occasionally i believe he aligns himself with justice roberts and gives him some support as well. but i think we have to look forward to the future as well, paul, there probable write is going to be a vacancy on the court, maybe this year or during next presidential term and if joe biden wins the election, i don't think there's any possibility that the democrats would nominate another steven briar or elena keggan, too moderate. the next liberal nominee would be left of sonia sotomayor, that's how polarized law has become in the united states, so i think maybe we are seeing with justice briar and elena keagan occasionally siding with the conservatives. don't expect that if joe biden
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wins the presidency. paul: kim, do you think this is the conservative court, a lot of people thought they'd get with gorsuch and kavanaugh? kimberley: i think they have been solid conservative votes, i do. there are times when they have surprised us, but if you look at their overall record for this last term, they are largely with the alito and thomas' on the courts and the real question with john roberts. he's the swing vote, he's the anthony kennedy of the court who does seem to be more focused on the court's reputation than questions of solid juries prudence at times. paul: and so do you think that he is -- he is politicizing the court in the kind of wrong way as being hyperpolitical and too sensitive to the -- to what people outside the court might think? i can tell you that clarence and samuel alito don't think so. they are not worried about what people say. kimberley: well, right, they
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don't care, what really worries me, paul, when you bend this way you encourage more of the same attacks from the left and the threats that they have been making to remake the court and instead of standing up to that. paul: all right, thank you, kim, when we come back as president trump pushes states to reopen schools in the fall, a look at the politics at play and the obstacles ahead. >> we have to open our schools, open our schools, stop this nonsense. we open our schools. ♪
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to low income families through our internet essentials program. and this summer, xfinity is creating a virtual summer camp for kids at home- all on xfinity x1. we're committed to helping all families stay connected. learn more at ♪ >> we hope that most schools are going to be open. we don't want people to make political statements or do it for political reasons.
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i-- they keep schools closed, no way. they will put pressure on governors and everybody to open the schools to get them open and it's very important, it's very important for our country and very important for the well-being of the student and the parents. paul: saying the nation's economic health and well-being of students and parents depend on it. threatening to withhold federal funding from schools that do not resume in-person instruction in the fall. we are back with dan henninger, kim strassel and wall street journal columnist and manhattan institute senior fellow jason riley. jason, everything about covid-19 is politicized now why not going back to school? seems like we are going to have a fight over that. what do you make of the arguments and the case for going
12:22 pm
back to school? jason: i think the president is right. he's on very solid ground. it's what the education evidence tells us about the importance of in-person learning and frankly, paul, this sort of partial reopening where kids go back a few days or home a few days isn't feasible to the vast majority of families in this country. you know, school doubles as child care for a lot of families, particularly low-income families where both parents work and if kids can't go back to school, parents can't go back to work and so i think the president is on quite solid ground here. he also understands that this little impromp to experiments with distant learning did not go over very well in terms of school attendance, in terms of school instruction and so we already had an achievement gap in the country and delaying reopening is only going to exacerbate that achievement gap. paul: yeah, kim,i i know you
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wrote for us, you had good experience with your children in school but i can tell you that isn't universe sell and the evidence -- for a lot of cases kids lost essentially a half a year this year and if you don't open for half year, that's a full year of instruction and that puts them behind. what about the health issue? do you think it's safe for children to go back? kimberley: yeah, by the way, we have real-world examples of this. we know that it's safe. you had the president tweeting about certain european countries that have gone back to school. i happened to be looking at what they did in the netherlands where the kids have been back since may, in fact, the beginning of may and their national institute of public health only recently updated a document saying, look, we don't have a problem here because children make up relatively few cases and they play a minor role in spread and they do not even
12:24 pm
advocate children 17 and younger need to maintain social distancing at school. they point out that the big issue is adults giving the virus to kids, not kids giving it to each other or to adults. paul: would you feel safe bringing your kids back to school? kimberley: oh, yeah, absolutely, day one. paul: dan, that still leaves the teachers, of course, and they play a big role here and the teachers unions and some supporters in school districts are basically saying we are not going to go back until we think the terms are safe enough and, in fact, that's going to require a lot more money. how do you think this is going to go from the teachers' point of view? daniel: well, if they belong to the union they will go along with the union, paul, because they want more money. look, i'm a little bit embliviant and as jason pointed out, huge achievement gap in the
12:25 pm
united states. it's not as though american public schools are a beacon of performance in the united states. i think, yeah, we have to probably restore the function of these schools, parents can't stay home from work forever, the archdiocese will close because most parent, inner city parents can't afford to send kids to school, nonetheless, the teachers unions are opposing the whole thing and they are doing the holdup, states and the federal government for more money, and something rubs me the wrong way that the reopening of the schools is just going to be so that the teachers can go back to work without any pressure being put on this failing american public school system to do better than it does. it's a stopgap. paul: jason, are we
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molly: we are interrupting journal editorial report from breaking news from san diego. i'm molly line. this is where firefighters are trying to contain a massive fire at ship at naval base. flames broke out, docked in harbor in san diego. as you can see dramatic scene unfolding. fire officials say that multiple sailors are being treated for various injuries including one person hurt by an explosion. the fire breaking out 9:00 a.m. local time. jennifer griffin that foul play may not be cause of incident but welding work.
12:27 pm
a vessel has been all over the world, recently spent 6 years, four deployed to japan prior to returning to the u.s. 2 years ago. the fire appears to have potentially started in weld deck according to navy officials. there's been ongoing maintenance there. one official told us so far very light injuries reported, just a few sailors and san diego firefighters who have suffered smoke inhalation, that's the latest word. damage to the ship unknown at this time but as you can see the smoke continuing to billow and the fire in san diego in uss bona rashard, we will have more on thisg in the coming hours allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny.
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> we have seen an uptick in shoot that is is worrisome and i don't accept it, we have to fight it back. everything has been thrown off by the coronavirus, let's be clear. people aren't going to work, people aren't going to school, everything has been disrupted and most notably our port system is not functioning and the message is the safe, we will fight crime wherever we find it. paul: new york mayor de blasio addressing surge in gun violence in the city and blaming the spike of disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 64 people were shot and 10 killed in new york city over the july 4th weekend.
12:32 pm
in july independence day celebrations turned deadly can 15 people killed and 64 wounded. and a state of emergency was declared in atlanta this week with georgia's governor authorizing the activation of the national guard after a weekend of gun violence that left 5 dead including an 8-year-old girl. so dan, first let's look at the numbers, how bad is this crime surge? is it really significant? daniel: it is significant. the numbers here in new york city are up by several hundred percent, the shootings over last year and, of course, all was high in chicago. although minneapolis and atlanta are also experiencing a surge in shootings, and, indeed, homicides and it is literally directly causally related to the pullback by the police, without policing people with guns step forward and start shooting and
12:33 pm
there are cops here in new york city who are telling people privately but quite forthrightly that they don't want to put their jobs at risk. look, paul, earlier when the demonstrations started when they had them in new york, the police were out there keeping order. i sat at home and watched attorney general latisha james say from her house that she explicitly wanted people to send videos of police violence because she would prosecute cops if necessary. as a result they have pulled back, as a result there's more violence in cities like atlanta and minneapolis, new york and chicago, and now after the extraordinary weekend violence in chicago, you have black leaders in these neighborhoods saying, enough is enough. they would like the police to come back and start protecting the neighborhoods, but standoff because the progressive leadership in these cities won't let it happen. paul: jason, do you agree it's cause and effect here amid the
12:34 pm
police -- the attacks on policing and the calls for change and in some cases including new york defunding the police, new york is going to cut a billion dollars from a budget of 5-point some billion, is it cause and effect? jason: absolutely. i agree with everything that dan said. the left wants to talk about the role that coronavirus has played in this and there's probably some -- some truth to that. there's also some truth to the fact that when the weather gets warmer we generally get more violent crime in the inner cities. there's a history of that as well. but left-wing policies have exacerbated this situation. in recent years we have seen so-called bail reforms put in place around the country which amounts to making it more difficult to pull criminals off the street once they are caught, they are automatically released back into society and then, of course, we had response to coronavirus to release inmates
12:35 pm
from prison for health reasons supposedly and that i too has also contribute today this. when you relieve people from prison or fail to lock them occupy, people that have already proven not to adhere to the norms of society, you're going to get spike in crime including violent crime, and as dan said you get on top of scapegoating of law enforcement. i'd be surprised if crime did not go up if we are going to fit arguments on the backseat of cops and say to them, even if you make an honest mistake, you're not only in jeopardy of losing your life, you're in jeopardy of being prosecuted, so, yes, we are in a whole new world here. paul: kim, let's talk about the politics, the president thinks he can make an issue of the rise in crime in cities, he's saying they are democratic-run cities and defunding the police and a lot of people on the left say, democrats say that's out of touch actually, that misses the real cultural moment here which
12:36 pm
is all about race and -- and police reform, how do you think this plays out? kimberley: well, look, donald trump is right that there are a lot of people who are very concerned about this in their cities and communities and they'd like to see it stop and so that is potentially a very potent issue, but i -- i also believe the president is missing an opportunity here because it's about how you talk about it. you know, tweeting out law and order in all caps is not really the way to handle it. you do want to talk about the need for rule of law, you do want to talk about failure of democratic leadership but you also want to express empathy for the sort of root causes of some of this, the inequality and lack of opportunity in too many areas and offer solutions for that. that could be a huge part of a second-term agenda for the president but so far he doesn't seem to be there. paul: you know, dan, briefly, to kim's point, i thought the republicans and the president
12:37 pm
missed a change to capitalize on the fact that the senate democrats killed tim scott's police reform bill, now whether or not the police reform bill would have done a great deal of good, i don't know, but they killed it and they paid no price for it. daniel: yeah, they did, and so i agree with kim. i think it's up to the president and i would urge to give mount rushmore kind of speech directed at the problems in the inner city neighborhoods. it would be a big positive step. paul: all right, still ahead utilities pull the plug on a natural gas pipeline as lawsuits and delays push up the price. is it a preview of what's to come in a biden administration?
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by empowering employees to manage their own tasks, paycom frees you to focus on the business of business. to learn more, visit interrupting journal editorial report with the breaking story from san diego, firefighters are now trying to contain a massive fire on board a ship at the naval base there.
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flames broke out on the uss bonhomme richard. firefighters both san diego fire and rescue and navy personnel try to put the fire out. i'm eric sean in new york. molly: and i'm molly line in for arthel neville. multiple sailors being treated for various injuries including one person hurt by explosion and fire breaking out 9:00 a.m. local time. jennifer griffin tells us that the navy does not believe foul play played any role in the cause of this fire. could potentially have started from a welding accident. more information also coming from the navy that it may have started at weld deck where there's been ongoing maintenance. the ship does have its own fire fighting units on board. there is a main fire sea water essentially being piped through the ship which could be used to
12:42 pm
extinguish the fire. the damage remains unknown but as you can see a dramatic, under control. the ship returned to the u.s. about 2 years to that. prior to that 6 years, four deployed in japan. this is a ship that has been all over the world, eric. eric: yeah, molly, the bomhomme richard participated over saddam hussein's no-fly zone and quite a history named for warship of continental navy given to us by france. bonhomme richard means good man richard. it was original one was commanded by none other than john paul jones, so there's a
12:43 pm
story to history of this ship's name sake in the u.s. navy and in american history and ironically the original sunk and caught on fire in 1979 after battle with the british, but the current version of the bonhomme richard pretty much on fire as you said did the return from deployment from japan and been in san diego for the last 2 years. stars and stripes in the newspaper reports about 200 sailors were on board this morning, several had been told as molly mentioned have been injured along with a couple of firefighters from san diego. we are told that basically smoke inhalation so hopefully there won't be any serious injuries from this because if it started with welding accident or water's torch, may have start and come busted as small fire at first
12:44 pm
that just got out of hand and the firefighters on board were not able to maintain that. the ship usually carries helicopters, sea stallions, of course, they are not on and the ship, molly, has been undergoing maintenance. molly: of course, the main concern is for the lives of the people on board. we are getting word that all of the sailors are accounted for and also word from the san diego fire rescue that shortly after 11:00 o'clock all of the personnel had been accounted for. as you mentioned, eric, minor injuries being reported at this point in time both among some of the sailors and some of the firefighters, smoke inhalation being the report as to the -- as far as damage to human people and lives are concerned as we are watching continuing damage
12:45 pm
to the vessel here as we are still seeing smoke going up into the sky there. pretty proud history as you mentioned eric, this is a ship that's responded to multiple humanitarian efforts all around the world, the tsunami in 2004, the earthquake in japan back in 2016, the recovery efforts of a sunken south korean ferry so this is a ship that came to aid of our allies all across the globe as well as we can continue to see -- happening there on the ground in san diego, they continue to fight the federal. the federal fire had called out to the san diego fire rescue, called them in on this so there are a lot of folks involved in trying to get this under control right there on the ground and, you know, it's a team effort as they continue to work towards this as well as the apparatus that they have on board to fight the ship, to fight this fire there on this ship as we can see continues at this hour, eric.
12:46 pm
eric: yeah, for those of us who are viewers across the country, love the u.s. navy, it's a heartbreaking scene to know that the ship is engulfed in flames but thankfully no lives lost, no serious injuries we are told. we will have continuing coverage here on the fox news channel. see you at the top of the hour ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ paul: open letter published in harpers magazine condemning canceled culture as attack on generating backlash from online left titled letter on justice and open debate and signed by more than 150 writers and academics. the statement warns that, quote, the free exchange of information and ideas, life blood of liberal society is daily becoming more constricted while we have come to expect this on the radical
12:50 pm
right since it's spreading more widely in our culture. intolerance of opposing views of public shaming and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty. at least two participants are now disavowing the letter after learning that not not all signatories share beliefs. we are back can dan henninger, kim strassel and jason riley. jason, what do you make of this letter, are you glad to see it? [laughter] jason: yes, i am, i am glad to see it as someone who spends a fair amount of time speaking on college campuses. i've seen this going on for a while now and it's clearly spilled outside of college campuses now and so i was -- i was happy to see the letter, but, you know, the backlash that we've seen, i think, indicates the need for the letter and also what struck me about this is sort of purity test you now have here, even if you're someone who
12:51 pm
has spent decades in good standing on the left, if you don't check every single box, you will be cast out into the wilderness and an issue like transgender rights which came about 5 minutes ago, if you're not on board with gender as social construct, good-bye. we don't care about any of your other views even if we support other views. paul: steven, the harvard professor, he's being ostracized for his view. kim, the thing that that struck me about the letter, some of the signers, they were only too happy to attack and have the mob attack us, conservatives when -- when the targets were conservatives, but now it's spilling over to them and i'm glad they are speaking up. i'm glad they are speaking up for liberal values but, you
12:52 pm
know, i mean, welcome to the -- welcome to the fight, guys, we've been here for a while. [laughter] kimberley: yeah, two problems with the letter from my view, one is the hypocrisy which you just mentioned, i know for a fact several of those names were out cheering people on as the mobs came for conservatives, so they've been more than happy to cancel conservatives in the past, but the other thing is, if you're going to put your name on a letter like this and defend free speech, stick with it even when the mob comes for you and the number of people that have since fled their position on this and say, oh, never mind, i didn't really mean it, please don't be mean to me, i mean, talk about fair weather beliefs and certain core principles and that's been on display as well. paul: you know, dan these are individual writers and academics and what is missing from the whole debate are leaders of institutions, some of great
12:53 pm
institutions, universities, where are they? where are the museum leaders, for example, and where are the democratic senators on capitol hill standing up and saying you know, what we need to be open to debate? the striking absence of them in this debate is really concerning. daniel: it is concerning especially in the united states, paul, where in fact, the first amendment, free speech rights still do, in fact, exist. this isn't quite the french revolution where during the terror the jacobs were taking people to the team, that hasn't quite happened here yet, but is quite similar to what happened back then and the silence of our institutional leaders i think will be looked back at a very, very low moment in american political and cultural light and a lot of those people will be identified as having hidden when their voices were most needed. paul: jason, briefly, some people think that will all end when president trump leaves office. we will all get back to sweet
12:54 pm
reason, do you think so? jason: no, no, i don't, i don't, paul. i think this will continue because the extended wing of the democratic party seems to be the progressives here and this is a fight among them. this is a letter about the moderate left versus the radical left and the radical left is winning and they like the fight, so, no, i don't see this dying down post trump. paul: yeah, i tend to agree with you. i think this is going to go on and until the leaders of liberal institutions stand up and say, no, we are not going to be intimidated by this kind of canceled culture. we have to take one more break. when we come back hits and miss ofofofofof i don't keep track of regrets and i don't add up the years, but what i do count on... is boost high protein... and now, there's boost mobility... ...with key nutrients to help support... joints, muscles, and bones. try boost mobility, with added collagen.
12:55 pm
. . . place that you laughed about well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
12:56 pm
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robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. >> we have breaking news from san diego. a huge fire where firefighters are trying to contain that massive fire that occurred on the ship at a naval base. flames broke out aboard the
12:58 pm
ship. it is docked right now in the san diego harbor many there's dramatic scenes of a massive amount of billowing smoke, continuing to emanate from that ship. we've been following it this afternoon. hello, everyone in new york. i'm eric shawn. hi, molly. molly: hello and i'm mol lie me in for arthel neville. 11 sailors are minor injuries. the fire broke out at about 9:00 a.m. local time. jennifer griffin tells us that the navy says foul play is not expected to be the cause of the fire but it may have started from a welding accident. we have christina coleman live from our west coast bureau with more on this as it unfolds. >> reporter: hi, molly. we're getting new information on this, just about 14 minutes ago. we have this tweet here coming in that another navy vessel is being threatened right now. this navy vessel, the uss fitzgerald, is being threatened because it's docked right next to the uss bonham richard.
12:59 pm
there are issues with the fuel catching fire, not on the navy fitfitzgerald but the bonham richard. there's certain that the other vessel may have sustained some kind of damage. at this point, 11 sailors are being treated at local hospitals after suffering minor injuries from the fire. the navy confirming about a half hour ago that the entire crew is off the ship and accounted for. so some good news there. the naval base estimated about 200 sailors were on dashboard and that the fire broke out just before 9:00 a.m. local time at naval base san diego, the home port for the uss bonham richard. it was undergoing routine maintenance at the time of this fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the navy officials tell our colleague, jennifer griffin, that foul play is not expected and that initial indications are
1:00 pm
that this fire is a result of a welding incident but again, all this under investigation. now, this fire appears to have started in the well deck. the extent of the fire and the damage to this vessel is unknown. san diego's fire and rescue says all of their fire personnel was accounted for as they were getting ready to clear this area just after 11:00 a.m. so that hathey could use foam to help pt out the mass itch flames that you -- massive flames, that you can see the smoke that's billowing. the smoke can be seen i'm sure for miles. as for people that got hurt. the injuries are light. you have sailors that suffered minor injuries and apparently some firefighters who suffered from smoke inhalation. as we have been mentioning, as we've been breaking into the newscast, talking about this ship and the fire, this ship has a very rich history during its 20-year career, it returned to