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tv   Fox Nation Presents The Twisted World of Jeffrey Epstein  FOX News  July 12, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i think you're right. that's all we have time for tonight. we had great fun and i hope you did too. join us next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ nancy: hello everyone, i'm nancy grace for crime stories on fox nation. the jeffrey epstein's story, jeffrey epstein was arrested july 2019 for sex trafficking young girls fight the feds but epstein committed suicide in his jail cell before he could be tried. while the billionaire pedophile never lived or phased it in court, the investigation into what he was doing and who he was
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associated with did not die with him. one year later former girlfriend and longtime associate of epstein's arrested on four counts related to trafficking young girls and two counts of perjury. ghislaine maxwell is the daughter of a british media mogul was groomed and molesting young girls and as well as lying about it under oath to quote, conceal her crimes. despite the new round of serious felony charges is a door open for ghislaine maxwell to cut a deal with the feds and exchange for her testimony and cooperation and other potential accomplices in jeffrey epstein's under age sex ring?
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ghislaine maxwell arrests in the bombshell testimony will shine a spotlight on jeffrey epstein's double life he lives in other sexual assault molesters. who were epstein's -- an exact we how did you make all that money? this is fox nation presents "the twisted world of jeffrey epstein". >> a man of complete mystery and the more we study him and the more we report on him and the more questions we have about h him. >> it was that level of secrecy that enabled him to become a notorious predator. >> this was a sexual predator that targeted young women for his own sexual pleasure. >> he constructed his life around that central mission and
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it involved a very complex and unwanted. >> he was a master criminal and got away with it for a number of years and it came to a mysterious end. ♪ >> he grew up in coney island through modest circumstances but his mother, pauline, was a housewife. his father seemed to work for the parks and recreation office and had only one brother. he was very ambitious from the beginning. >> his parents had, from immigrants in europe and lithuania and russia. >> he was known as somewhat of a progeny. gifted mast student at the age of five he started playing pia
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piano. >> there is some question about whether he was abused himself as a child, that has not been proven but that's a very common problem among sexual predators or rapists or pedophiles that they have had a history of trauma in their own past. >> we don't see that necessarily so far in the background of epstein but certainly something within him said i need to have sex with teenage girls. exactly what led him there, we don't know. >> interestingly enough, for all the allure over never graduated with a college degree. in 1931 he went to cooper union which is a private college elite school in manhattan and he dropped out and after that he went to new york university current institute of medical sciences and also dropped out. >> i think the first of the mysteries about him is somehow he became a teacher at a very exclusive new york city private
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school, dalton, despite not even having a ba. nobody seems to understand how he became a teacher at a school like that. >> he is hired by [inaudible] who happens to be the father of the current attorney general william barr, the man who is now leading the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. donald barr is known for having a reputation of hiring unconventional people and jeffrey epstein is, by definition, pretty unconventional. >> he made connections through invaluable and was fired two years later for reasons, once again, aren't really clear. >> students, teachers, people who went to that school. >> in retrospect they are now saying it is somebody who flirted a lot with young female students so perhaps this was the first moment and there were some red flags or some indication in a history that he had a preference for young girls. >> he was hired almost immediately by allen, the head
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of lucerne. >> one of the people who said he had children he taught and that is how he got his toehold in wall street. >> now alan was someone who's known for making unconventional hires. >> greenberg is known as hiring and looking for people who are poor, smart with a deep desire to be rich. deputy epstein by all accounts was someone who fit that bill. >> so he worked his way up and by the age of 27, 28 years old in the early 1980s he was a partner at bear stearns. >> he moved through the ranks but once again of years later he was fired for regulation with very vague disruptions. >> he starts his own company in 1982, jeffrey epstein and company. that ends up becoming financial trust company and then a
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southern trust and he re- incorporates these businesses into the virgin islands which is an incredibly business savvy move to make because the virgin islands are notorious for being a place where there are lucrative tax breaks and tax incentives for the wealthy and corporations to essentially try to hide as much money as i can from the irs. >> he said no one handled investments for billionaires and people on wall street have no idea where he got the money. they did not know anybody that he was making trades with that he was investing. >> bank or brokerage and you don't have to give minute details about your clients, transactions and so forth. the system enabled him to remain quite secretive about who his clients were, how he made his money, what percentages he made. >> apparently one of his investors, major investor, that he had with them was leslie, the guy who was involved in the victoria's secret places like
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that, multibillionaire. >> he not only invested the money for less but also got a person power of attorney and therefore in that capacity he was able to sign checks, move money, make investments, start companies. when les was asked why he trusted him he said that he had performed so brilliantly for him and he seemed so trustworthy that he cannot imagine that epstein would steal from him, which is what he eventually accused jeffrey epstein of doing. >> there have been several investigations over the past few decades of how he got his wealth and the money he earned from his various companies and was it earned legally or illegally. in the early '90s one of his companies and one of his partners was investigated for it being some sort of ponds i scheme but as far as we know at this point in time it with his dealings were mostly eagle or at least he was never arrested for
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illegal activity. >> $56 million in cash and he had six properties including 56 million-dollar, 21000 square-foot townhouse in van zandt him, totally in dollar mansion in palm beach, 9 million-dollar home in france, to private eye lines in a private ranch in new mexico valued at over $70 million. >> former president bill clinton. in a portrait in a blue dress wearing and we also know from videos he released from palm beach attorneys that there were a lot of suggested and explosive motives they found on the walls. >> you know, having $600 million as an investment banker is not a crazy amount of money. it is a legitimate amount of money to have in new york city
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for an investment banker that is working every day, however, it is my understanding that it wasn't working everyday and did not have that many clients. you have to wonder if it is possible that he was being paid in other ways, paid to keep information secret. >> he was extraordinarily adept, apparently, at getting people to trust him and at social networking, at a time when we did not really think of social networking as a great skill. he was charming and he was vivacious. he knew everyone. >> i think there is a certain type of individual who is able to see how to ingratiate himself to people who are higher on the financial or social skills than he is. i think it jeffrey was one of those people. >> he was the man with the most
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influential network. that's a business trait, especially in new york city. >> he was always there, whether you needed to go to an exclusive party or needed to visit a nice caribbean island or an estate in palm beach. it was always someone you could call. >> he finally bought a house in the virgin islands and it was there that we began to hear rumors about his personal life, his odd, bizarre personal life. >> many people but after the date were aware of his personal airliner named after the sexually promiscuous young girl in the novel from the 1960s. they had been onboard that thing and took place with him and who knows what has happened while on board and then once they reach their destination. >> he had 600 flight hours and you almost never went alone. >> he had this little black book, supposedly there were
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thousands of names. >> we know for example that former president bill clinton took at least four trips on the lolita express, as the personal boeing was known. we also know donald trump took at least one trip but it goes way beyond donald trump and bill clinton. there was a parade of powerful, influential scientists, artists, lawyers, mathematicians were frequent guests at the house and also on the plane. this we know from records that associates of jeffrey epson took. these included bill richardson, former governor of new mexico and a un negotiator. there is george mitchell who supposedly shows up in one of these books and there's tony blair and there is alan dershowitz, woody allen and on
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this plane he apparently recorded conversations with some of his passengers. in subsequent investigations people said that he had an extensive video taping system in his house in new york and in the virgin islands. he also apparently had some taping capability in new mexico. we have never known but everyone speaks of them and i don't know anyone who has actually seen them. >> one of jeffrey epstein's most high-profile accusers was jamie roberts who accused prince andrew of sexually assaulting her when she was just 17. it was pretty damning and a 2001 photo of prince andrew wrapping around her waist when he was a
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minor and in the background you can see she she's known as the primary alleged co-conspirator and ex-girlfriend gisele maxwell and he has never seen jeffrey epstein take part in that behavior. >> a lot of people were attracted to him, not because they wanted to get together with underage girls but there was a certain cachet in being at parties and he knew how to get the right people at the right parties. >> jeffrey epstein did make charitable contributions to all sorts of organizations because was part of his reputation and part of his efforts to connect to the elites and to the power brokers, in turn, erased and gave him a sense of legitimacy. that is externally important to further in the scheme for as long as it were not so how could he be a pedophile? he is among the people who make decisions and the powerful. >> and so jeffrey epstein went out of his way to make donations
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to the places that mattered, harvard, institute for advanced study, princeton, new scientific institute, he made sure that if people wanted money for various projects he would be someone they would naturally call. >> if you are at mit or at harvard or at stanford they have multibillion-dollar endowments but there's no such thing as too much money so they would listen to his goofy theories, whether it was basically a form of eugenics or whatever he was talking about and they were willing to humor him. they do not care about his cockamamie schemes. >> was jeffrey epstein really accepted in high society or was he bit of a want to be person who jumped into the photo at the last moment? >> i knew a bunch of people that this guy hung around and he
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talked to and associated with. in reflection, when i talked to him, and i would ask, did you have any idea what this guy was really like and they said no but he talked about real estate. we talked about business. we talked about investments. i didn't care about his personal business because we didn't talk about his personal business. >> the people that were externally close to mr. epstein may have some knowledge but it's unlikely the vast majority of other people knew anything criminal was taking place but they may have known that he liked young women and they may not have realized that he liked minors. sexual offenders try to keep private what they are doing because they know they are breaking the law.
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♪ nancy: prosecutors allege the incident took place between 2002-2005. epstein pleaded not guilty and faced up to 45 years in prison if convicted. >> alex acosta was the u.s. attorney and federal prosecutor and should have taken charge of the case and brought numerous criminal charges against jeffrey epstein. >> instead he let the state take charge of the case since when did the feds take a backseat to
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state prosecutors? >> investigating cases of child predators there is both state laws and federal laws. it is referred to as the confliction where the states and the federal agencies will work together to decide who prosecutes what case. if perhaps, the fbi is involved in other significant matters such as terrorism investigations, they may not have the resources at that moment to be able to look at and investigate other cases thoroughly in which case the local agencies are relied upon to ensure that justice is served. >> epstein pleads down to just a couple of and gets leniency in less than a year and a stockade. he was out on work release 12 hours a day every day. >> this is an extreme you'll controversially old street tart deal brokered between alex acosta, u.s. attorney at the time in miami and jeffrey epstein's lawyers. >> epstein's victims do not know this was brokered until a month
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after. the language inside this nonprosecution agreement not only does epstein immunity from been able to be prosecuted in the future from these crimes but also gives immunity to any co-conspirators attached to jeffrey epstein who was given very liberal home leave. >> he had his own office in the jail cell and who knows what else was going on. >> we now know from court documents that at one point jeffrey epstein was allowed to have a small young woman and he was allowed to go to doctors women's and had 69 appointments with doctors on top of that there is a new allegation that jeffrey epstein put an 18 on girl to have sex with him and it plays into this idea that jeffrey epstein was not served justice.
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nancy: the rest of jeffrey epstein on child sex trafficking charges is putting new scrutiny on president trump's labor secretary who was involved in a secret plea deal that allowed epstein to avoid federal charges back in 2008. >> it is astonishing to me that he got away with two simple charges. there should have been dozens of charges. >> so, to me this is accommodation of wealth, influencing the system of justice. >> it is also an example of prosecutorial incompetence. >> i think epstein got off lightly but you have to put it in context and look at history of rich guys getting jammed up in palm beach county. let's go down the list. william kennedy smith, rush limbaugh, thomas lee, the
7:24 pm
investment banker, tiger woods, bob kraft, owner of the new england patriots. they have all been involved in some kind of scandals, whether criminal or civil but they are all in palm beach county and they all hired very good lawyers and they all beat the rats. now, granted jeffrey epstein, his crimes were much more egregious than any of those people, but still he did do ti time. rich guys don't do time in palm beach county. >> we come in with this fox news alert, fbi have announced sex trafficking and conspiracy charges against the billionaire jeffrey epstein. >> good morning, i'm jeff berman, united states attorney for the southern district of new york. today we announced the unsealing of sex trafficking charges against jeffrey epstein.
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the charges allege that epstein sexually abused young girls by enticing them to engage in sex ask for money. >> in july 2019 epstein world came crashing down around him. he was arrested for human trafficking for minors with crimes that occurred in both florida and new york, bringing it to the federal jurisdiction and in fact, the fbi. >> the reason why so much time went between 2008 and 2019 when he was finally arrested is because many victims say they felt silence because of this nonprosecution. my bladder leak pad?
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>> major developments in that jeffrey epstein saga. >> the of copies of video takes release from his mansion. >> sexual abuse charges. >> spilling secrets about the powerful men she introduced him to. ♪
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>> good evening, live from america's news headquarters buried on jackie and new york. crews are still battling the massive fire on the uss bonhomme richard docked in san diego. the fire has now been rating for over ten hours. seventeen sailors, 14 or four civilians were injured but all are expected to recover at a local hospital. officials are saying the fire has been raging for so long because the toxic fumes are making it difficult for any first responder to approach there. we continue to update the story as it develops throughout the night. breaking justin last few hours, benjamin -- benjamin keough, grandson of elvis presley died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound with a spokesperson for lisa marie saint she is quote, completely heartbroken and devastated but trying to stay strong for her 11 -year-old twins and oldest daughter. again, grandson of elvis presley, benjamin keough, dead at the age of 27. ♪
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>> jennifer rose is a woman who grew up in new york city. she was from a relatively poor family. she lost her father to hiv when she was 14 years old. following that loss she was raped by her mom who was a public assistant in order to support the family. she went to a performing arts school in new york city and had talents and dreams of modeling and being an actor. that is the kind of girl that jeffrey epstein tended to pray upon, someone who is either from a broken harm, someone who was a resource starved home, she was looking to prey on the vulnerable and she was one of many young girls who was snared in this grooming process. >> you are 17. >> seventeen. >> sixteen or 17. >> was approached by this girl at school and she was asking me, i know this guy and i thought
7:32 pm
about it and i finally gave her a call and her and her son met up with me and i picked them up and we drove down to jeffrey's house. she introduced me. >> through a friend and she told me about this guy and i was short on rental one month and she told me all i had to do was give him [inaudible] and he would give me $200 for those pretty much it. i thought about it and i was like i need the money so i asked my parents and they can't give me the money. >> jennifer began high school at performing arts school which was right down the road from his mansion in manhattan. her freshman year at that high school she was approached by a young woman who began to chat her up. this young woman introduced the idea of jeffrey epstein and told jennifer that there was this great guy who could really help you and understands young girls and your circumstances which led ultimately to jennifer making
7:33 pm
her first visit to the mansion. she describes it as magnificent. artwork all over the walls, choice of artwork tend to be nude women as she described but they moved from one room to the next in this enormous space and there was no inappropriate physical contact between mr. epstein and jennifer on that first visit. he talked about his philanthropic efforts with aids, interestingly, she had a father who she lost to hiv and talked about how he had all sorts of deep connections to the modeling community in new york city and i was the first visit there was nothing asked to be on that and he paid her to be there for that first visit, threaded dollars, then she came back a second time and there was no sexual conduct again but talked about what he could do for her. she also saw pictures with powerful people and some of them were politicians and some were powerful people that he would identify. it was part of mr. epstein's efforts to mitigate to her this
7:34 pm
is between you and i and look who i am and look at my connections and this is not to be spoken about. again, jennifer was paid to be there but nothing happened. ultimately, it culminated in jennifer been asked to come to the mansion without the recruiter's presence and at that point jennifer was escorted by mr. epstein up to his massage room and that is where the sexual conduct began. >> every girl that jeffrey starts off with he gives them a massage. the more you do with him the more you make. basically, if you take off your clothes you will make more. if you let him do things to you, you will make more. >> like do things you mean touch you -- >> yeah, touch you and inappropriate places. >> all i had was underground but i was absolutely surprised when i got there. nothing for it he had a towel over his private parts and he was just laying on a table and i
7:35 pm
was massaging him or about 45 minutes and before we got ready to leave he asked her to leave because we were in the room together in about five minutes into it he took his teller off and started touching himself which i was uncomfortable with. spirit the first time he asked if i would take my g strong off and i was uncomfortable with that. [inaudible] >> jennifer convinced yourself that everything was okay and then when she was 15 and forcibly raped by him that was what the straw that broke the camels back for her and she did not return after that point. she was scared of him. >> they called me with a bunch of different phone numbers and i picked up one time after that i never picked up again they left me several messages and i never called him back.
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7:44 pm
jeffrey epstein, the person in the man in this entire background and look at every component of that. and say what would've caused him to impact take his own life . were probably facing the rest of his life in prison. and he knows he could do that. and he decided to end their . knowing that it was fall into many different controversial points pretty. >> whatever standout that he had died, in the correctional center, i was convinced that had not been a natural death. but if it was, it was it indifference or people being paid off and was enabling that to happen. >> is a saying in washington that there's a disaster involving federal bureaucracy of each have a choice between a conspiracy or incompetence, 99 times out of 100, is incompetence. it's not different epstein's
7:45 pm
investigation his death is under investigation. and to speak with the staff. jeffrey epstein's death has been ruled a suicide by hanging. that finding comes directly from the chief medical examiner's office in new york city. the financier, was murdered. >> medical examiner in the state of new york signed off and had death by suicide. so i would tend to believe it. must be fact here them in the public are not aware of yet. when the cause of death is determined, it is not just what bones in the neck are fractured, is also it was a suicide note, a witness, a camera on the situation. the medical examiner will be constructed. they look at the body known for signs of bruises and all of these things go together and combined for determination of cause of death. and in this kind of high profile situation, if she ends up being wrong, she may be putting your
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>> we are now learning the serious deeply concerning investigation. >> i don't begrudge people may believe this is a conspiracy. there are a ton, clearly protocols that help this jeffrey epstein was handled. they do not have been or maintained is a place whose person to be sure we couldn't kill himself.
7:51 pm
>> is probably one of the most secured facilities new york city. it housed my profiles, my question was a director, who determined that we would take him off of suicide read somebody who will that we could trust with that we would keep an eye on him. because at some point, that happen. icing for me is, somebody put him on suicide watch and then put even confinement. in this case, that is what happened. in the fcc in new york city with facilities you come in this case, i understand the correctional they were doing this when that happened. these are all irregularities from an outside person were saying that conspiratorial baby. and unfortunately, it happened,
7:52 pm
it was happen to be the highest profile present. >> i believe this was most negligence. but i think it is the u.s. government, to provide disputable evidence including surveillance video. to show once and for all nobody wanted to the jail cell. and killed him. and until they do that, they conspiracy are going to be there. >> let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone was complicit with epstein. any co-conspirators should not rest easy. >> we announced the arrest of one of the villains the solicitation. the fbi arrested ghislaine maxwell, longtime confidant now indicted co-conspirator. >> overtime, they have to figure
7:53 pm
out exactly they were the victims in the co-conspirators. who are the people who procured in traffic to these young women. >> is about book kept by one of jeffrey epstein's managers. kept track of every videogame and how long they stayed rated how much they were paid and really paid more than once pretty. >> every single employee in the property, on the beach properties and on all of the property some of the islands, he had butlers and maids and pilots pretty anybody who was associated with us various standard dimensions. >> nothing to know is that you have to know this. so it is just a situation somebody working for him opened the door. and unfortunately, seems like a
7:54 pm
lot of people did have access pretty. >> the first one who gets caught, and we have dozens and perhaps who were indirectly involved in some of this activity. they're going to start talking. and to the very bottom of the touchable in terms of their social economic status breeder the whole hierarchy in the social circle. the seven with the most information, they made no something. ♪ for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
7:58 pm
jeffrey epstein died at 66
7:59 pm
impact an awful lot into his short life but he a cautionary tale of what can happen to someone if there's no checks and balances from society or the law or your friends thematic these girls are your things to play with and then dispose of. in this country your wealth and power do not protect you. >> he was a sick pervert. he destroyed lives. he abused it. >> it's tough to think about the jeffrey epstein case and not think about man, this guy got away with it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you just watched fox nation present the twisted world of jeffrey epstein. this friday, don't miss a brand-new special, and
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investigation with nancy grace only on fox nation. sign up now. nancy grace signing off, goodbye friends. mark: i am mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin", it's a great honor to have thomas soul on the program, a man i have followed my entire career as a teenager. but you've had an enormous influence with me and so many other people. welcome. we appreciate you being here.


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