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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 13, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the one that's "the story" of monday, july 13, 2020. the story continues, see you tomorrow night. tucker carlson coming up next. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's something you probably didn't know. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the voice of the street, actually grew up in idyllic town 45 miles north of new york city. it's called yorktown heights. you never know it from listening to her recent race baiting but the population of alexandria ocasio cortes' home is over 90% white. the median family income is more than double the national average. real estate listings show million-dollar homes on big pieces of gated property. it's not queens. it's a nice place. yorktown heights is so affluent
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and so peaceful, in fact it doesn't need its own police department. instead it relies on the 59 man force that protects the larger town around it. this is the hood that spawned alexandria ocasio-cortez, one of the country's most privileged revolutionaries. she called herself sandy cortez back then. she imagined everyplace could be just like yorktown heights if only we got rid of the police. apparently she still believes that. >> it's funny because when people ask me what is a world where we defund the police, what the defunding of police looks like, i tell them it looks like a suburb. >> tucker: it looks like a suburb. unfortunately not everyone lives in a suburb as placid and protected the one sandy cortez grew up in. pool parties. cities like st. louis and baltimore are more violent than el salvador and they're getting more dangerous by the day. in milwaukee, homicides of his nearly 40% just this year,
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killing surrogates and break the city's all-time record. that's likely to happen soon in chicago and kansas city. just this weekend and the city of chicago, 64 bit were shot and 11 murdered. 11 corpses in one weekend. none of those people died because there were too many cops on the street. they died thanks in part to sloganeering from pampered dilettantes like sandy cortez, there were too few cops. less law enforcement in dangerous places needs more killings. there's not much debate about it, at least not among adults. new york city disbanded its plainclothes police unit and cut funding for the nypd by billion dollars. the result? shootings in new york are up more than 200% compared to this time just last year. murders are up 21%. burglars have risen 30%. it is the most dangerous time to live in new york city in a quarter-century. just last night, and infant was shot to death while sleeping in a small door at a cookout in
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brooklyn. mayor bill de blasio, who is a single-handedly destroyed that city, describe the child's murder as "so painful." then de blasio move forward with his plans to disable the nypd. he canceled the hiring of more than 1,000 cops. he announced the police would no longer keep school safe. how will it end? we know how very well it will end. more poor children will die. it will not affect bill de blasio, though. his family will remain protected by armed security paid for by taxpayers. so will sandy cortez. several barack obama. so will the rest of the politicians calling for taking away our protection. they will never suffer the consequences. that's why they are for it. >> the folks in law enforcement that share the goals of reimagining police. speaker reimagining policing in the 21st century. >> rethinking and reimagining policing. >> community efforts to reimagine policing. >> to reimagine policing. >> we have to reimagine what policing looks like.
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>> reimagining policing, reimagining our public safety. speaker imagine a citizen led approach. >> begin to reimagine law enforcement. >> reimagine public safety in this country. >> what can we do to reimagine public safety? >> reimagine public safety. speaker reimagine public safety. >> we must reimagine public safety look like. >> tucker: we must reimagine public safety. that's our new topping point that it was devised by upholsterer and the dnc and they are all faithfully repeating it like the robots they are. what exactly does it mean? mark mccloskey doesn't have to imagine. he was a test case for reimagine and public safety. when a mob showed up outside his home and threatened his life, the police never came. mccloskey and his wife had no choice but to defend themselves. >> let's go! >> keep moving! >> let's go!
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>> let's go! >> tucker: for centuries since the beginning of recorded history, self-defense has been the most basic principle of civilization, but now the way of reimagine public safety, it's illegal. watch cnn's resident body builder explain the new standard. keep in mind as you watch that the guy doing the lecturing this tape has repeatedly threatened violence against others for invading his personal space. but he gets to do that. his brother is the governor. >> they did not go up your steps. they didn't go to your house. they didn't touch you. they didn't try to enter your home. they didn't try to do anything to your kids, but you say were assaulted. you are using the simple definition of that which is that you have the apprehension that something bad was going to happen to you. but nothing did. but to call it terrorism and the people are there protesting how the community is treated by the police is a little bit of a reverse psychology at minimum, is it not? >> tucker: it's hard to know exactly wha what the cnn anchors trying to say.
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some of those sentences didn't make sense but you get the larger point. a homeowner should try to protect themselves from violence are the real terrorists now and they must be punished. increasingly they are punished. listen to the local political hacks prosecutor in st. louis threatened to hurt the mccloskeys for daring to defend themselves. >> i'm disturbed by the events that occurred over the weekend where there were peaceful protesters were met with guns and a violent assault. learning of the events over this weekend, i work with the public and the police to investigate these tragic events. i will use every extent of missouri law to hold individuals accountable. >> tucker: turns out she wasn't bluffing. just a few days ago, police raided the mccloskeys home and reportedly sees the firearms they use to protect themselves. in other words, their safety has been fully reimagined. mark mccloskey joins us tonight. mark, thanks much for coming on. so before i ask you about how you feel about this to reimagine public safety you been subjected
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to, tell us specifically what happen when the police visited your home recently. >> well, you know, the police were really very professional and very nice. they cops that came out to issue the search warrant en masse, they were almost apologetic. they didn't want to have to be there. they were doing their job. patty wanted to take a picture to document it and she asked if they wouldn't mind facing away from the camera so that people wouldn't get mad at them if their faces were shown on tv. they all did so. they unfortunate are stuck between a circuit attorney that wants to prosecute us in their own belief that we did absolutely nothing wrong. >> tucker: it goes without saying, i mean, police department's are structured along the lines of the military. they don't make independent. they are told what to to do and they do it. they didn't make this decision independently but you still can escape the contrast of what happened the night the mob came to your home and you call the police and they didn't, and then they come at the command of the prosecuting attorney later to take the defend yourself.
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is that what police are for, do you think? >> well, you know, and my attorney advised me not to be on the show tonight because the rumor is that we are going to be indicted shortly. having said that, this is the same circuit attorney that really 35 of the protesters that torched and looted in downtown st. louis but now she wants to indict me. i didn't shoot anybody. i just held my ground, protecting my house, and i'm sitting here on television tonight instead of dead or putting out the smoldering embers of my home. >> tucker: so i mean, your strategy in response to all this seems to be staying silent doesn't get to anything, obviously. if you just retreated into your house, it probably would be burned to the ground, as you just said. but is that how society should function? i mean, shouldn't someone in authority in the state of missouri be coming to your aid right about now? >> you know, the way i view it
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is, when you have certain elements of society encouraging violence, at the same time asking the police to stand down, what's the only possible result? the only possible solution is for individual citizens to stand up and defend themselves. i'm afraid that what's being promoted is causing citizens to stand up and defend themselves so they can be abused the way we have been. >> tucker: i don't think there's any doubt about that. i don't think there's a homeowner in america wants to defend his own home with a gun. that something you do if you have no choice. you'd much rather the police came and took the risk for you. that's why you pay them but they want. what do you make of the media response? you are lectured on another channel by a guy who's threatened violence against people for getting in his space and yet he dressed you down for defending your home. what do you make of it? >> the traditional media is right behind the mob. we are not allowed to use that
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word anymore. a loud crowd of angry people and they are supporting these entities which are from my understanding marxist and oppose every thing i stand born i hold dear. we have gotten tremendous support from ordinary people. my phones in my emails are at about 90% positive. we have gotten calls from all over the world. i got a nice letter from a lady in ireland congratulated us for taking a stand against violence and so i think that the vast majority of americans wish they could do something. the problem is if nobody stands up and supports them, if the media blasts them, i'm self-employed. i own my own law firm. what if i was an employee somewhere? if i did what i did and i was an employee of anybody else, i would have been canned the next day. my family would've been canned. no one would ever get a job again. this is the kind of social pressure that keeps people from standing up and defending themselves and i think it's time for people to take a different stand. actually stand up and have some risk. patrick henry said give me
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liberty or give me death and now everybody so afraid of losing their job. >> tucker: i think you're exactly right. slogans like that are meaningless and less people in up to defend the country. mark mccloskey, who has defended himself, we appreciate you coming on tonight despite lawyers council. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: st. louis is an almost entirely democratic said he thought may not surprise you leaders there are defending criminals and threatening to prosecute the mccloskeys. but much or is not entirely democratic state. governor, attorney general, state legislator are the republican. they have done nothing to defend the mccloskey perlis. eric brightness or republican, former governor of missouri and he joins us. governor, thank you very much for coming on. it's a simple question. you see a citizen, a taxpayer legally and defend himself against a mob threatening to murder him, his wife, and their dog. and the republican elected leaders of missouri do nothing
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to help. why? >> well, tucker, i think that the first thing that's important for all of your viewers to remember is that kim gardner who was attacking the mccloskeys, letting looters loose as a soros london prosecutor. he paid for 70% of her campaign. and what you're saying right now is that the radical left is getting what they paid for. she is letting looters loose, businesses are being burned, police officers are being shot. you have people engaged in prayer who are attacked and assaulted by black lives matter activists and no one is charged, and then she turns around and charges people who are defending themselves. but kim gardner is, as you pointed out, she's only part of the problem. i am sad to say that part of the problem is also that you have some republicans whose cowardice and complicity is also accelerating and fueling the problem here. we need to have leaders who are willing to stand up, be clear,
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act with some courage and some clarity. tucker, i talked to police officers every single day and they tell me the same thing. there is no leadership. there is no direction. there is no clarity. there is no plan. we need to have leaders who stand up with compassion, with clarity, with courage to bring peace. >> tucker: amen. and it's not just missouri, by the way, you're seeing it in georgia. the republican was, the utterly useless governor of georgia, governor kemp. in the state of missouri, i don't know the governor of missouri but why didn't he send state troopers to defend the mccloskeys or anybody else who is being threatened, whose lives were being threatened? the police don't help. the prosecutor threatens them. he issued a statement about how he supports gun rights. really? they just took their legal firearm away. why is isn't he doing something. >> you have a cowardice problem. when i was governor, we beat
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antifa and we did it by bringing people together. we had police lieutenants standing right beside clergy and i was very clear. i was a navy seal. we fight for everyone's constitutional rights and that included everyone's rights to freedom of speech, everyone's rights to freedom of assembly, and we were clear, tucker, that if you are out protesting peacefully, you would see the police out protecting people's constitutional rights. but we were also clear with everyone that throwing a brick through a window is not free speech. and that if you assault on police officer, you are going to be arrested. and with that clarity, my team, we came together. we brought people together, and we defeated antifa. it can be done, but it takes courage. >> tucker: i don't think anything you said is complicated. i think it's a very straightforward template that republicans and democrats could follow, take the side of the people who obey the law, who pay the taxes, make this country a good place and against the people seeking to destroy it. i don't know why your words are
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tattooed on the forearm of every leader in this country and i'm grateful to you for stating the obvious. thank you. >> you're welcome, tucker. to be too good to see you tonight. >> good to be on. thank you. >> tucker: ghislaine maxwell's lawyers are trying to get her free on bail. what exactly is going on with that story? probably more than we know. we want to find out a little more after the break. plus, a story we told you about weeks ago. planned parenthood affiliates took millions of dollars from the coronavirus bailout. they shouldn't have, but they are not giving it back. our investigation is straight ahead. save hundreds on your wireless bill
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♪ >> tucker: ghislaine maxwell, assuming that's how you pronounce her name, finds out tomorrow whether or not she'll have to stay in prison she awaits trial for sex trafficking. will she be released? what exactly are the feds doing to keep her alive before the trial? emily compagno is the host of "the crimes that changed america" on fox nation. happy to have her. hey, emily. >> hey, tucker. ghislaine maxwell is charged with six federal crimes, four of which involved transporting miners for illegal sexual activity. federal prosecutors told the court she tried to flee the fbi
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just before being apprehended at her hideaway this month. after agents breached the locked gate and announce themselves as fbi, directing her to open the door, they saw her flee inside and were forced to breach the front door in order to enter the house and arrest her. they also found her cell phone wrapped in tin foil on top of the desk in a misguided effort to evade detection. maxwell had private security at her estates death by former members of the british military. arguing she is an extreme flight risk, prosecutors also pointed to her millions of dollars she holds in multiple overseas bank accounts and opaque finances as well as her apparent skill at "living in hiding" and her french citizenship. if she fled france upon relief, they point out france does not extradite its own citizens. there will be no trial for the victims at the defendant is given the opportunity of flee the jurisdiction, they argued, there's every reason to think that's exactly what she will do if she is released. 58-year-old maxwell has asked the judge to release her on $5 million bail and over $3 million in property and says she would surrender her
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passports and where an electric monitor. in addition to height and suicide watch protocol, she's reported leaving move from cell to cell, sometimes with a roommate, but always accompany for fear of her being killed by another inmate. prosecutors say they expect one or more victims will testify tomorrow eddie 1:00 p.m. and reported that since her arrest, more people have off of the government evidence. she faces up to 35 years in federal prison if convicted. tucker. >> tucker: quite a story. thanks, emily. the federal government tried and spent trillions trying to help ailing small businesses survive the coronavirus shutdown by giving them aid. it turns out planned parenthood who gets close to half a billion in aid from taxpayers took up to 150 million of those funds and is now refusing to return the money. fox business' hillary vaughn has been following the story from the very beginning enjoy this
5:23 pm
tonight with a report. >> almost every single planned parenthood affiliate in america received taxpayer cash from the paycheck protection program. that's the loan program to benefit small businesses to help them keep workers on their payroll and pay their rent. in 43 different planned parenthood locations raked in as much as $150 combined three different centers each received as much as $10 million in loans, funded from taxpayer dollars. the small business administration sent letters and made to those locations demanding that planned parenthood affiliates return the money. sba claims they were ineligible to receive the funds because the affiliates are part of a larger organization that is too big for the program and warned of a civil or criminal penalties. instead, many planned parenthood affiliates replied back to sba telling them they are keeping the cash. planned parenthood says it's a partisan political attack on them and that they are affiliate organizations that receive the ppp money are independent
5:24 pm
from the national organization and therefore are entitled to the cash. sba tells us the loan data is being reviewed and some in congress want a full investigation. the chairman of the senate small business committee, senator marco rubio, says the department of justice needs to get involved saying "it's unacceptable that the administration is slow walking an investigation into this unlawful activity. planned parenthood's local offices are mocking the rule of law by calling themselves small businesses." tucker, planned parenthood does facilitate donations on their website to their affiliates, but they did not dip into their own $1.6 billion revenue pot to help bail their own affiliates out. the point that a lot of republicans are making, tucker, his big name businesses like shake shack, the l.a. lakers, they have returned ppp money because they didn't need it. they have access to millions. in fact, more than big name businesses decided to opt out of this cash. i talked to a small town barbara in hershey, pennsylvania, who
5:25 pm
told me he even didn't apply for the ppp program because he had his own savings and a use that instead of applying for the money. tucker. >> tucker: a lot of decent people in this country. hillary, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: so the two largest school districts in the country's largest state, california, are defying widespread request to reopen this fall. on what grounds? does science have anything to do with it? we'll tell you after the break.
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♪ >> tucker: around the world, schools haven't reopened in many places. day care facilities have too with none of the restrictions we are seeing, no masks, no separated classrooms. in none of these places have we seen an uptick in cases. much less deaths. cnn claims to be an international news network but
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they seem unaware of this. you watch that channel, you would think the president of the united states is trying to murder children by sending them back to school. >> are you confident that students and teachers will go back safely to school in the fall? >> no, i think what we've heard from the secretary was malfeasance. and dereliction of duty. this is appalling. the president and his administration are messing with the health of our children. going back to school presents the biggest risk for the spread of the coronavirus. >> tucker: this is what happens when science intersects with politics. both lose, and the country loses most of all. keeping kids out of school, keeping the elderly inside, forcing everyone to wear a mask when there is no evidence that helps, all of these become statements of resistance and moral imperatives. you're seeing it happen in the state of california on a wide scale. the san diego and los angeles
5:32 pm
school districts announced today they will not be reopening for in person learning this fall. they may feel virtuous but what about the kids who should be in class? fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel joins us tonight to assess the science behind it. thanks for coming on. >> hi, tucker. from up public health point of view, you know what two things could not be more different? bars and schools. i am sure you'll agree. what do they have in common? absolutely nothing. in fact, i can't think of a public health measure that a bar brings you beer drinking, that's not good for your public health, so i'm with governor newsom of california today that he's closing the bars and that he's even closing the restaurants and movie theaters at a time when there's over 6,000 hospitalizations from covid-19 in california. my sources on the ground tell me that they are even having to transfer patience from hot spots into the major medical centers in los angeles.
5:33 pm
i think we can get control of this and they will get control of it in california. but you know when you can tell a politician? when they are talking about bars and schools at the same time. schools are about public health. schools are places of nutrition. schools are places of learning. schools are places to handle mental health issues. and special needs. that's schools, and in fact physicians at the university of vermont, tucker, just published a commentary in a major journal, pediatrics, looking at four studies around the world. in switzerland, new south wales, in china, in france. pointing out, tucker, that children in school and out are not the spreaders of covid-19. over 95% of the time it's adults spreading to children or adults spreading to each other. children are not the source. so we can't target them and take them out of schools. very big tragedy from a public health point of view.
5:34 pm
my buddy in california has two young children, tucker, age eight and age ten. the 8-year-old is really good at math, not so good at reading. the 10-year-old, graded reading, bad at math. you know who it is that smooths the way, a teacher. who did it for me, you, your children, my children, a teacher. that's how you smooth the way, that's how you socialize. that's how you teach learning. so i have a prescription for the governor of california tonight, governor, if you want to be a leader and not just a politician, governor, close the bars but open the schools in l.a. and san diego. open them. tucker. >> tucker: follow the science. we will trust you when you follow the science. we won't trust you when you follow your political imperatives and that's what they are doing. dr. siegel, great to see you tonight. thank you. over the weekend, multiple christian churches and christian
5:35 pm
monuments, statues, were targeted for violence. some of them are completely destroyed. it's a disturbing story that's not being covered in many news outlets for some reason. eric my taxes joins us after the break.
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♪ >> tucker: the mob has turned its focus from american history took christianity. over the weekend, vandals in boston torched a statue of the virgin mary outside a church. in new york, they defaced a statue of the virgin mary in front of a catholic school. in florida a man drove his car into a church preparing for sunday mass. he dumped gasoline in the entryway inside the building on fire. in the state of california, historic church was destroyed by flames. as it prepared to celebrate its 250th anniversary. the local fire department suggested may have had something to do with -- the founder of california's missions system. as churches burned and statues were defaced, former democratic party leader howard dean, tweeted "unfortunately
5:41 pm
christians don't have much of a reputation for anything but hate these days. thanks to franklin graham and jerry falwell another trump friends." eric metaxas is a question. he's an author of the book "if you can keep it: the forgotten book of american liberty." thank you for coming on. you have the former head of the dnc attacking christianity as a religion of hate and its disciples as haters. imagine howard dean saying that about any other religion. what would the response. do you think? >> listen, you've got to give howard dean a pass. he is a jughead. you can't take him seriously. here's the issue. when you start to scapegoat christians and you say it's because of them that these things are happening, unfortunately you fall into the trap of being like the emperor nero when rome burned and of course he could have done something about it and he didn't. he blamed the christians.
5:42 pm
it's very convenient. it's happening now. i think a lot of the nastiness that is being directed at these statues, they really has to do with something deeper, tucker. i hate to say it but there is something very dark. you saw this in the french revolution. there was a hatred at the bottom of it of god, of any kind of authority. and these people are drunk with the idea that they can, you know, somehow be an authority themselves, that they can seize power. if you really want to cut to the chase, you forget about statues of generals and things. you go right for god. you go right for the virgin mary. my goodness. you go for churches. you cut to the chase. someplace in moby dick, one of the greatest novels ever written by a great american, he talks about ahab, wh who is consumed with rage, wanting to
5:43 pm
strike through the mask, in other words to punch a hole in the sky and murder god. that's really where the source of hatred is coming from. it's a hatred of god and a sense of deep injustice. that's what we are talking about here. we are talking about something that goes way beyond confederate generals. >> tucker: i think you're right. the acknowledgment of god suggests that you're not the ultimate authority, that there someone more powerful than you and our leaders can't stand it. i do think that christian leaders play a role in this. muslim leaders, to their credit, if they watched mosques burn and islamic monuments be defaced, the islamic center in washington, they would not put up with it for one second. they would say something. i don't see christian leaders doing the same and i don't know why. >> i'll tell you why. there are many christian leaders who don't understand the bible. when david killed goliath, it wasn't like before he became a christian and then he became a christian and he repented, no.
5:44 pm
we celebrate david killing goliath. there are many instances of scripture where people fight. elijah the prophet is sarcastic. that has been lost. there is many people, they've got a watered-down kind of christianity. they are offended by trump. they seem to think that being nice is what it means to be a christian. well, if someone is raping a family member and you sit there and you sang going to pray about it but i'm not going to try to stop it, it brings us really to von hoffer. bonhoeffer understood that the most christian thing he could do was participate in a plot to kill hitler because he understood there were victims. when you know that there are people suffering, if you don't do something about it, you are to blame. actually interestingly when kristallnacht happened, bob hopper knew that this attack on the jews by these mobs as far as i'm concerned who were animated by the spirit of antichrist, these were nationals political
5:45 pm
mobs. there's something deeper and darker. he understood that this attack on the synagogues, it was an attack on god himself. there is a rage and a sense of envy, i don't like to use the word too lightly, but there is something satanic about it. there's something that's unbridled, roaring theory. and if you don't treat it in the way that it needs to be treated, if you don't deal with it with some forests, really then you are allowing other people to be harmed. any christian leader who doesn't understand that this is a marxist, violent organization, this has nothing to do anymore with george floyd and with that, they have hijacked it and everything they want to do, they want to burn down everything that has been built by good people over centuries, most of whom of course were
5:46 pm
christians. >> tucker: you have a right and we need to preserve the right to live in this country is a faithful christian, period. eric metaxas, thank you for that analysis. >> always good to see you. thank you. >> tucker: over the weekend you may have seen stories about a writer on the show called blake neff. for years, since he was in college, blake posted anonymously on an internet message board for law school students. on friday, many of those posts became public. blake was horrified by the story and he was ashamed. friday afternoon he resigned from his job. we want to say a couple of things about this. first, what blake wrote anonymously was wrong. we don't endorse those words. they have no connection to the show. it is wrong to attack people for qualities they cannot control. in this country, we judge people for what they do, not for how they were born. we often say that because we mean it. we will continue to defend that principle, often alone among
5:47 pm
national news programs because it is essential, nothing is more important. blake fell short of that standard and he is paid a very price for it but we should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests and triumph of the destruction of a young man that self-righteousness also has its costs. we are all human. when we pretend we are holy, we are lying. when we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all and we will be punished for it. there's no question. lawlessness and disorder have broken out on nearly unprecedented scales in new york city. a disturbing report on what's happening right now, including dramatic new video. that's next.
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♪ speed to one of the most impressive things than anybody in this country did in decades was to completely rehabilitated the city of new york which many
5:53 pm
thought was lost. city leaders in the early '90s embrace policies that began with the broken window theory of policing that actually worked. the city got safer, he cut cleaner. more people move there. the homicide rate collapsed completely. new york became one of the safest urban areas in the country. if not the hemisphere. so it's a tragedy and it's not an overstatement to watch the city's current leadership in the leadership of the democratic party reversed all of it in a very short time. state law in new york now requires judges to release the vast majority of criminals onto the streets without fail. the city cut the nypd budget by $1 billion. the plainclothes unit, famously effective, was recently disbanded because it was famously effective. so what's happening now? exactly what you would expect. criminals having their way with police, facing no consequences for it. we could play you a lot of tape. some of it is too upsetting to play. we will play you a couple.
5:54 pm
take a look at the scene from the bronx earlier this month. >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] get out of here [bleep] out of here. yeah, hold up. yeah, hold out. yeah, hold out. get out of here. >> tucker: assaulting a copyright in the middle of the street. that's not going to end well. this tape we actually debated a lot before deciding to play it but we have decided we would because it's real and it gives you a sense of what's happening. this is from queens. two elderly men stabbed while riding the subway. >> [shouting] >> [indistinct]
5:55 pm
speak to that knife attack comes as the city experiences a massive surge in violence, shootings and learnings and sta. just last night gunmen shot and murdered an infant in a stroller at a cookout in brooklyn. we told you about it at the beginning of the show. city leaders were unmoved. they are still intent on removing the populations protection, defunding the police department had watch what alexander ocasio-cortez told constituents at a virtual town hall meeting just this weekend. >> maybe it has to do with the fact that people aren't paying their rent and are scared to pay their rent on so they go out and they need to feed their child and they don't have money. so you may be have to -- they are put in a position where they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night. >> tucker: yeah. that's the view from vu, where she went, one of the most expensive private schools in america. talk about privilege.
5:56 pm
talk about disconnection from reality. the people murdering babies at cookouts, knifing old men on subways, assaulting cops. they are all doing it because they are going hungry. it's idiotic. it's worse than that. it's decadent. one group who knows exactly what happening is the police of new york city. record numbers of them are filing for retirement. that number soared 411% just last month. of course, would you be a cop in new york city? no, he wouldn't. carol markowitz is a columnist. she's been following this story it may be greater detail than anyone. thank you for coming on. we don't want to wake up or mislead with the tape that we showed but it feels like things are coming apart in new york. >> they are, yeah, they absolutely are. tonight five people were shot in brooklyn. it keeps happening and you know the thing that you can put up a picture of the map new york city and i can tell you
5:57 pm
which neighborhood these shootings will happen in that nobody will care about. if a 1-year-old got shot in say mirror bill de blasio's park slope, it would be a wall-to-wall story in every part of the media for many days. but listen, some neighborhoods are just, you know, people don't care about them. elected officials who are supposed to care about them just don't. >> tucker: black lives don't matter to bill de blasio or alexander ocasio-cortez of westchester. no, it's absolutely right. the police, keep reading these stories about record numbers of police officers filing for early retirement. what are the consequences of of that? >> absolutely, it's really rich people who believe in defund the police and saying, pushing the defunding police slogan are taking away services from poor people. that's literally what's happening in the streets of new york city. and for so long, we watched that kind of thing happen in other cities and thought well, we've got good control over it and that's not going to happen here.
5:58 pm
a lot of people came to believe that the safety and security of new york city was accidental, and there's nothing accidental about it. it was absolutely due to policing and good policing and policing that was paid for. defunding any part of that is going to hurt everybody. >> tucker: it's worth remembering that the nypd is regarded not just in the united states but by the world is the most sophisticated big city police department it's ever been. nypd consultant go to other countries to advise them on police tactics. so am i imagining it? the nypd was never thought of in the past 20 years as being an abusive police department, correct? >> yeah, absolutely. and it's one of the most diverse police department's in the world. bill de blasio enjoyed bragging about that in the days before 2020 and yet now he doesn't mention that at all. it's a real problem that one of the best police forces in the world are being treated the way that they are. i spoke to so many police officers who, they want out.
5:59 pm
they are tired of it. they don't want to be abused. they get spit on. they get called names. they get things thrown at them. they get shot at, they are just not having it anymore and i really don't blame them. >> tucker: just in ten seconds, like who would ever want to be a new york city police officer right now? >> right, well, that's what they keep saying to me. they are telling me they would never tell their kids to be police officers met was traditionally a legacy job. nobody, nobody wants to the a police officer right now. >> tucker: only the worst people are going to want to become police officers and we should all be worried about that. thank you for the reporting you do. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: appreciate it. well, we are out of time. going to spend the next four days trout fishing. long planned, this is one of those years where if you don't get it in now, your you're probably not going to do something dramatic happens of course. we'll be back. we have some tapes i can for you. brian kilmeade will be sitting in but in the meantime, we hope you have the best and happiest week and will be back on monday
6:00 pm
if not before 8:00 p.m. eastern, the show that's the sworn and totally sincere enemy of like the path of the smugness and groupthink. until then, the great sean hannity steps in from new york. >> sean: thank you and welcome to on. huge breaking news, multiple fronts. the president of the united states officially commuted what is the unfair, unjust, 40 month prison sentence handed down to longtime political operative roger stone and in just a moment, roger stone will join us for an exclusive one-on-one interview. first we start tonight, we turn to an important update on america's liberal cities and major crisis. in chicago, at least 64 people were shot. 11 people were killed. i'll repeat that. 664 american shot in chicago. 11 americans dead this weekend. sadly, tragically, just your average weekend there. nobody seems to do anything about it. meanwhile a new york, the


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