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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 14, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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joe biden has a record of now, here's harris. failure. actually, joe biden is really -- ♪ he's in his basement, people are telling strings when to come >> harris: violence is surging back and go back in. in new york city, and especially who are you voting for you over over the past 24 hours, amid the joe biden? it can't be joe biden, because growing push to defund the joe biden is not there. police. you're watching "outnumbered overtime." he may not know it, but we know i'm harris faulkner. at least 18 people we now know it. >> harris: interesting. where shot in new york city just quickly, any backlash for you as a democrat now publicly yesterday. supporting president trump? in 14 shooting incidents, including three drive-byes in >> i'm bringing people around to brooklyn, within 14 minutes. see him, that the one high-ranking officer told democratic party has failed the "the new york post" the numbers african-american community. are astronomical for a monday the democratic party has failed all communities. you look at it now, they've gone especially. so far to the left, they are president trump yesterday unleashed on democratic leaders embracing antifa, they won't denounce antifa. at the same time, when you look over all of it. watch. at our statues that are being >> nypd retirements have quadrupled, and they are going torn down, not only of up even further. confederate soldiers but also there has been a tearing down of new york city is out of control, unfortunately. the statue of african-americans. my place, i love it, but is out of control. it was doing so well. where is this going? far left mayors are escalating where is the left going?
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with the writing and protesting the anti-cop crusade and violent crime is spiraling in their cities. , how can we embrace the it is all far-left cities, where democratic party going that far they have no understanding of left. they put foreigners before -- what has to be done. they don't have a clue. or, illegals, i should say -- before the american people. >> harris: well, in response that's what donald trump is fighting against. to all of that, new york city that's what most of us are mayor bill de blasio. here is that. waking up to now, that donald trump is on the right >> if you or anyone else wants track. >> harris: good to have you on the program today. to ask the question absent the georgia state representative vernon jones, we'll bring you recognition that we've gone back. thank you, as we get closer to through the greatest crisis of the election. thanks a lot. this city's history, and that >> thank you so much. every aspect of life has been >> harris: growing turmoil at dislocated, families are "the new york times." this story broke last hour. suffering, people don't have jobs or school to go to. the court system is not working. an opinion editor has publicly we are not dealing with business quit. as usual here. i have faith that we are going why she says she was the victim to make the adjustments we need to address this problem. of constant bullying, ahead. ♪ veterans, record low mortgage rates >> harris: aishah hasnie reporting for us to live in new york city with the latest. it's been a tough day or so. >> it's been a tough couple weeks, harris. i can tell you that last neat
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don't ignite police say this is primarily gang violence. they say gang members able to carry guns on the streets out of the open. a 17-year-old boy is dead this morning, among the 18 people shot across 14 shootings in a 24-hour period. that includes three drive-by shootings within just have just dropped even lower. 14 minutes, harris. gun violence is becoming using their va benefits, veterans who refi at newday alarmingly routine in new york city. june saw a 130% spike in can now save $3000 dollars a year shootings, and every weekend in with the va streamline refi. july so far has been violence, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, including this past weekend when a 1-year-old boy was shot and and not a single dollar out of pocket. killed at a family cookout. his father and grandmother, one call can save you $3000 a year. sharing their pain and their anger on "hannity" last night. >> i can't hold him no more. i can't hear him calling me daddy no more. i can't kiss him no more. book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. i've got to put my son in the ground now. >> for the cowards that did the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. this, you should be ashamed of book direct at
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yourselves. everybody talk about black lives matter, what about baby lives? you can go to hell. ♪ yeah, it's time for grilled cheese. ♪ ♪ after we make grilled cheese, ♪ ♪ then we're eating grilled cheese. ♪ at excuse my expression, but you ♪ because it's time. took something that was precious ♪ yeah. ♪ time for grilled cheese. from me. >> now, mayor will de blasio admits that there are too many illegal guns out on the streets. this morning they said it expanding that anti-crime unit was a huge blow. listen. >> those are our best cops out on the street. grabbing guns. there's a feeling that it is safe to carry a gun on the street, so we are looking for ways to change that mentality out on the streets like getting different units out there. >> harris, mayor de blasio refusing to make a direct correlation between expanding that anti-crime unit and the recent surge in violence that we continue to see. harris? >> harris: yeah, i'm looking
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at my notes from recent interviews with nypd leadership. aishah, we are talking about 500-600 people in that anti-crime unit. you take away those numbers, and i don't care how big the force is. the force is huge. but any sort of specific lane, like anti-crime, that is tough. good to see you today. thank you very much. let's get into this more. president trump also sounded off on the crime surge and other democrat-lead cities, such as chicago. watch that. >> the radical politicians are waging war on innocent americans. that's what you are doing when you play with the police. numbers are going to be coming down even we have to go over and take over cities. we can't let that happen. when we have 20 people killed, 22 people killed in one weekend in chicago, and you have 88 shootings, it's not even conceivable. it's worse than afghanistan. i hate to say it. it's worse than any war zone we are in. >> harris: i want to bring
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another power panel, david webb, a host of "reality check" on fox nation and sirius xm patriot host. roger fisk, former obama administration staffer and former senior aide for former senator john kerry. gentlemen, great to see you. roger, i will start with you, because the president is specifically looking at democrat-led cities. look, a democratic governor, cuomo, said you ought to displace bill de blasio. we've got some real problems in this democrat-led city of new york. what do you say? >> roger: well, harris, thanks so much for having me, and it's great to be hearing with david. i don't think i'm smart enough >> harris: breaking news with the president of the to get into the dynamic between united states, president trump the governor of new york and the is planning to hold a news conference in the rose garden mayor. that is some very complex, today at 5:00 p.m. eastern. choppy waters right there. that news just breaking, what i will say is obviously 5:00 p.m. eastern, the president, the rose garden today. we don't know more details than thertheloss of life is horrendo. that but we will cover it live. what would be ideal would be a president that would see this as an opportunity for leadership. a "new york times" opinion he has been present for 3.5 editor, bari weiss, has years, and last i checked, the resigned, alleging constant bullying by her colleagues
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seattles and the new yorks of what she claims is the paper's this country are actually part of this country. culture of censoring centrists he could roll up his sleeves and and conservative opinions. convene a working group, a in a scathing resignation series of conversations, and letter, weiss wrote in part, "if bring together faith leaders, every now and then a writer community leaders, police, all succeeds in getting a piece the relevant stakeholders, and published that does not try to move forward some explicitly promote progressive compounds of legislation. causes, it happens only after but i think between now and november we are going to see him every line is carefully treat this as a political issue, massaged, negotiated." because i think he sees that it cuts well for him. weiss also says she was called a >> harris: are you seeing democrats aren't treating this as a when you nazi and recessed by colleagues disagree with your interviews. have a problem of disbanding in a statement, "the new york times" is now hundreds of police officers in acting editorial page editor your anti-crime unit and your category of crime, most violent this response. "i'm personally committed to murder, is going up amid all of this, i don't know -- look, i'm ensuring the times considered just going to quote stomach continues to hakeem jeffries, the most powerful, third in place in the house. saying the painting and the howard kurtz, host of signs and all of that, when are "media buzz" and fox's media you going to get to the action analyst joins me. the story broke last hour, and part of making a difference? he's talking about blm, but it's that resignation hit and we were all tied together. pouring through it on he saw the mayor out there "outnumbered."
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there's a lot there, howie. painting. great to support, but what's the action plan? >> there sure is. bari weiss, whose sin was not david? >> david: well, there isn't an being a lockstep liberal, has action plan. really delivered a stinging it's a nice deflection to the indictment of the out-of-control liberal can do on my culture of president, but here let's look the paper which has already at the issue. policing and law enforcement is, forced out their editorial page editor. for her to talk about constantly without federal agencies, local being bullied, called the nazi, issue. that means those convenient of a racist, bigot, a liar, by her own colleagues, is far more meetings of leaders has traditionally and rightfully so happen at the may level. troubling than anything any outside credit could write. in a city of new york, i see a >> harris: i want to get this city now that reflects my in. childhood when babies were it is bari weiss also right in, sleeping in bathtubs in certain "twitter is not on the masthead neighborhoods because a bullet of "the new york times," but twitter has become its ultimate can't penetrate a bathtub, hopefully. editor." you see areas where you've got a howie? >> that may be true for a lot of mayor painting "black lives matter," making a big photo news organizations that are basically afraid of being opposite up on fifth avenue, but denounced on social media for not having the right opinions. he should be painting that in remember, this is an opinion canarsie, in the project, in the section we talking about. for me, it's bigger than just marcy projects, in the bronx, in bari weiss, although she was areas where those black lives very personal in that letter to are being taken away by gang bangers, and the attempt to the publisher, saying he praised her privately for her courage deflect that the president trump is frankly just a false but allowed what she considered
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deflection. when you look at the issues of a hostile workplace environment policing, we talk about the to flourish. when she talks about murders, we talk about the self-censorship in the opinion shootings. pages, she said, "why edit the fact is robberies are going something challenging to readers up, types of crimes are when we can assure ourselves of changing, and those lead to job security and clicks by higher level crimes. i think it's pretty easy for publishing our 4,000's op-ed most reasonable americans, arguing that donald trump is harris, to look at policing as an issue. unique danger to the country in how it's carried out effectively the world?" and, to your point about i think that gets to it. disbanding the anti-crime unit, >> harris: i'm looking at that that's not the president's red fault. that is bill de blasio's fault. i'm smart enough to get into the resignation letter she wrote here. more on it now, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but cuomo-de blasio failure, because both have failed a city and a state in their leadership. perhaps especially at this paper, that truth isn't a >> harris: i want to move to process of collectio collective this. i will come to you next, roger. discovery but in orthodoxy portland police said they had to already known to an enlightened few whose job it is to inform declare a riot last night after everyone else." protesters clashed with officers. they then tweeted warning wow. howie? >> what she is doing with his demonstrators to leave the area resignation is validating a lot or be subjected to teargas. of the criticism of "the new york times." of course from conservatives, aint on a police officer, shot a medic but also the remaining liberals with a ball who believe in free speech and believe there shouldn't be one ideological viewpoint that you have to toe where you can't even
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before we go into -- my question get published or your piece ends up getting denounced. was you declare a riot first, and you know all of us, from that happened with republican talking to officers, they do senator tom cotton. when she talks about colleagues that before they start to privately telling her that there respond with materials to is a new mccarthyism at the paper, that's an overheated disperse that crowd. phrase that i would hesitate to they sent out that tweet to give them fair warning. use, but coming from her, who roger, your reaction? was brought in, by the way, from >> roger: i'm not going to be in a position where i defend "the wall street journal" op-ed page to broaden the paper's anyone who attacks police were people who are engaged in views, it's really chilling. sku and you flip through this, rioting. it's not productive. she's a good writer i think, in the context of a national conversation, which is >> she is smart, and a good basically what you and david and i are engaging in right now, writer who probably no longer feels comfortable there. >> harris: wow. much more attention and praise howie kurtz, thank you for should go to, for example, getting to the bottom of all the something like how mississippi breaking news on this issue. dealt with removing the appreciate it. always good to see. confederate component of their flag. where people went through the after the washington redskins agreed to change the name of established legitimate political process and gathered the mandate their team, the texas rangers to make a change like that. are getting pressured to do the anyone who goes out and thinks same thing. carley shimkus will join me with that painting or throwing paint the story next. ♪ or toppling a statue is going to move this debate forward is ta-da! wrong, and for those of us who are reasonable folks, roughly between the 40-yard lines, we
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need to kind of be willing to partner with one another and say that there's a process for going through these things about how to change our parts and memorials and statues. no one should be attacking police were tearing down statu statues. >> harris: i'm glad you said that last part. i was going to lean in a bit and say come outside the constitution, i don't know you hurt anyone when you take down the statue list somebody standing there and they are with it. when you actually go after a medic, and emt, when you go after police -- and it isn't just them, they're in concert with other people. we know that from covering some of the hardest moments of the struggle in the streets. yes, you have peaceful protesters, but you also have people who want to do harm. when you are standing out there, as my good friend bryan llenas, our correspondent, and you are seeing it and covering it live, you know those police are in harm's way. i hear you on that last bit. david, before i come to you, roger, i want to hear from you again. you talk about politics, what gets much more political than
10:11 am
not supporting the people that you are going to depend on to protect and serve? >> roger: i think it's completely consistent to call for social change, more access to opportunity, et cetera, with what we could roughly describe as the percussive agenda. while still saying we are a nation of laws. the process in place, whether it's at the ballot box is working for a local referendum or anything else, where people can go out and affect change. rioting and targeting police officers is wrong and i have absolute no problem saying it. >> harris: i wish they have a leader that we could talk to. you know? but this doesn't seem to be an organized group. you know what i'm saying? i hear you, fill out a form and go to city hall. who will you get to do that? i bring you i'm bringing both of you back. we have more to talk about. sit still. headley clinton once again claiming that donald trump, president, might not expect thae
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upcoming election if he was in 2020. as donald trump pushes for schools to reopen, one county is willing to do just that. bring the kids back to class. the way they want to do it is sparking some big controversy. >> i think it's very dangerous and unacceptable to go back to school right now. speak of these kids need to go back to school. they need to learn. they need to socialize. ♪ >> harris: white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany will join me next on all of it, and whether the president will actually cut funding for large school districts that say they will not reopen. stay close. ♪ ♪ we see you. doing your part by looking out...for all of us. and though you may have lost sight of your own well-being, aetna never did. by setting up virtual monitoring for chronic patients, 24-hour telemedicine visits, and mental health resources for everyone. we're always here to help you focus on your health.
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washington redskins agreed to change their name, there's now a renewed push for the texas rangers baseball team to do the same thing. a "washington post" editor wrote this. "the rangers were a cruel, racist force when it came to the nonwhites who inhabited the beautiful and untamed texas territory." the teams as it has no plans to change its name and that it condemns racism, bigotry, and discrimination in all forms for it i want to bring in carley shimkus, fox news headline 24/7 reporter with the story. carly? >> the woman who wrote that opinion piece also said that naming a team the texas rangers is just shy of naming a team the texas klansmen. in that she believes that the rangers history has been whitewashed and they actually in the 1800s operated more like a terrorist organization preying on minority communities. then there are historians who say that the texas rangers were the descendants of the alamo who
10:15 am
fought for texas independence during a very dangerous time but the point is what is happening with his team name is very similar to what we saw with the tearing down of george washington and thomas jefferson statues. these people who are normally noncontroversial and celebrated have become very controversial and criticized. the texas rangers have already all otc pain relievers including volthave one thing in common responded because this is none are proven stronger or more effective against pain something that's been percolating for some time. than salonpas patch large they say while he may have there's surprising power in this patch originally taken our name from the law enforcement agency since salonpas dependable, powerful relief. hisamitsu. 1971, the texas rangers baseball club has forced its own independent identity. the texas rangers baseball club stands for equality. we condemn racism, bigotry, and discrimination in all forms. >> wow. i'm just curious before we round out the end of the show here, are there others in the wings that are going to change things?
10:16 am
this seems to be -- i know they said they're not going to change their name. seems to be picking a theme or is that right? >> it so interesting you say that because there are so many sports teams where you could make that argument whether they are marginalized communities or groups of people that have a violent history, the blackhawks, the vikings come i wrote down some here, the chiefs, even the cowboys you can make case for. but for the most part, people are using that as an example of if we do this now, then what is going to happen so it seems like the argument for all of these is just saying let's just leave that here. >> one of my favorite names as carley shimkus, thank you for joining me. >> dana: we have a live look in wilmington, delaware, where joe biden is taking on president trump today over the economy. the presumptive democratic nominee set to lay out the next part of his economic recovery >> l.a. unified school district, as well as san diego san diego,
10:17 am
announced that they are going to plan including a major overhaul for our nation's energy enter into the fall school season the way they ended last industry. although, everyone. i'm dana perino, and this is school year. "the daily briefing." that is by utilizing distance learning. i want to just acknowledge and applaud the leadership of those campaign officials saying the former vice president will call districts. >> harris: that's california's for $2 trillion in spend democratic governor, gavin newsom, praising his state's two largest school districts, los angeles and san diego. that praise coming after they announced they will begin the school year on line as coronavirus cases have spiked again in the golden state. the decision is affecting more than 800,000 students, and it comes as other states take different paths to classes resuming with some planning hybrid options. some parts at home, some parts digital learning, they will do a mix during the week in some places. but the conservative-leaning orange county board of education voted yesterday to reopen schools in time for fall classes, for in person learning.
10:18 am
it says it will not require social distancing or wearing a mask. they say, "among our greatest responsibilities as adults is our responsibility to model courage and persistence in the face of uncertainty and fear, which is what many families are feeling with the mixed messages and confusion surrounding reopening schools in the covid-19 era." joining me now, white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh, great to have in the program today. >> secretary mcenany: good to be here. >> harris: i want to start there. some of the concern is that the science speaks for itself. we are learning a lot, we even saw the president in a mask over the weekend. we are learning a lot as we move forward. some people wear a head, some people are catching up, whatever the picture looks like. in a school setting, it isn't just about the kids. it's about those older educators, also superior those kids going up their grandparents, particularly in communities of color, because you're not hiring a nanny. you are depending on your aunts and uncles and grandparents. and maybe spreading each of them. the kids might not get sick, but
10:19 am
we don't know enough. dr. birx says we are not testing and of them to know if they are a symptomatic carriers. under the age of ten. we just aren't. >> secretary mcenany: let me point out a few things, harris. one, the president has been clear he says vulnerable populations among our teachers should stay home. that being said, dr. redfield has said on the record that he is the head of the cdc and it has little effect on kids. an analysis that many in the academic community agree with. he said not only that but they are not driving the transmission cycle. there was a study at schools in northern france that found that, despite covid being in three schools, there was no transmission cycle that was driven. the schools were able to safely reopen, even in this covid era. we know that, in california alone, there has not been a single death under the age of 18. kids are not affected in the same way as the vulnerable populations which should stay home. >> harris: i hear you about france, they don't have the
10:20 am
numbers. certainly not hr 25,000 kids in the school district or cross to school district. i hear you about particularly putting these kids in peril, the numbers don't support that they would necessarily be the carrying part. we can agree to disagree until there's more science. but who is the president talking to and listening to in terms of parents? i want to pop this up. 71% of u.s. parents polled in the new axios' episodes coronavirus index say that it would be risky to send children back to school in the fall, including nine in ten black americans, and even a slim majority of republicans. that polling particularly pops when you again consider that, in those areas, that's where covid-19 has decimated so many people among all ages. >> secretary mcenany: first, let me note on the axios poll it, we don't agree with how it was freeze. it seems like it was trying to get to answer rather than truly accurately polling the nation. i think parents across the nation understand the science,
10:21 am
the data, and the numbers, which is that one for if the cases are identified in schools. we see a 62% decrease in reporting on child abuse here in d.c. they know that 70-80% of kids with mental problems get their treatment in schools, and they know that, as mckenzie and comodeled, that low income communities are hurt the most. i have seven and ten latinos and seven and ten black americans say they are worried they don't have the skills where the resources, i should say, at home to prep the students were cute them up to par educationally. that is a real fear many have, and it is a correct fear. >> harris: real quickly, is the president going to rip funding for schools who feel they are in areas where the cases are spiking and they can't reopen? >> secretary mcenany: the president is always acknowledge this is something he'll take a look at, because he think that's paramount for kids to go to school. but he's also said he wants that funding to follow the student. in fact, i will note for you here, harris, in phase four, we
10:22 am
are fighting for extra funding for our students. want to increase it but target it at the students. >> harris: phase four. it would be great if congress would get back to work, right? oh, i said the quiet part out loud. >> secretary mcenany: [laughs] >> harris: hillary clinton with this warning about president trump if he loses reelection. watch this and i'll get your reaction, kayleigh. >> i think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he is going to go quietly or not. we have to be ready for that. >> harris: not just hillary clinton, though. joe biden also raised the same possibility last month when he suggested the military might have to escort president trump from the white house. when i sat down with him, the president said, if he loses, he'll deal with it the way everybody else does, basically. paraphrasing him now. was the latest direction from the white house on this? >> secretary mcenany: it's quite comical to watch the democratic party talk about not accepting the results of the election.
10:23 am
the only people who haven't accepted the results of elections or people in the democratic party, like hillary clinton, who blames her loss on something like two dozen different entities. never blame yourself. stacey abrams on a georgia, who still maintain she didn't lose the election. of course, she is the losing former democratic nominee for governor. so, the democrats have problems with this. i think this is their way of acknowledging they have some real problems in november. >> harris: all right. kayleigh, thank you for being on the program. i look forward to next time. >> secretary mcenany: any time. thank you, harris. >> harris: new york city mayor bill de blasio was calling for federal aid after participating in a trump tower protest. governor andrew cuomo faces criticism over some coronaviru coronavirus-themed merchandise. we will get to all of it. plus, joe biden setting his sights on the state of texas. as a growing number of polls show a close race there. it has a long time republican stronghold become a swing state? stay with us. musical music
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>> harris: new york governor andrew cuomo is facing intense backlash for selling a poster which touts the states response of the covid-19 outbreak. suggest the virus mostly came from europe and set up china. the poster also shows president trump sitting on a crescent moon, saying it's just the flu. meanwhile, new york city mayor bill de blasio, just days after he helped paint a black lives matter mural in front of trump tower, imploring president trump to sign off on more federal coronavirus aid. watch. >> so, mr. president, again, the defense production act is there. mr. president, all you have to do is say, "i am now invoking the defense production act to expand lab capacity in the un to make sure we have everything we need to get test to people quickly." he could do that with the stroke of a pen. we need it not only here in
10:29 am
new york, but all over this country. >> harris: the power panel back now. david webb, roger fisk. david, i come to you first. >> david: well, this is bill de blasio doing what he does best, making no sense. let's go to andrew cuomo for a minute. he was more interested in his. our appearances, like on jimmy fallon, or the fact that he is pushing lies are false narratives when necessary. he has countries he himself so many times on public policy, the facts around the response to coronavirus, look at what he did with the nursing home decisions that were made when any common sense decision would have been should never send someone who was compromised to an area, arena, or nursing home where the people are compromised or have comorbidities. regardless of coronavirus or not. they want to blame the president, they want to blame national politics with local decisions, and the poster is a farce. it frankly should be thrown on the ash heap of history when it
10:30 am
comes to political messaging. >> double down previously with roger on a couple things. i'm going to stay with david for just a moment. i want to pop up on the screen a new gallup poll on face masks that shows a big divide in the use among gender analytical party. 81% of women say they wear masks always or very often compared with 64% of men. 94% of democrats say they wear masks. 37% of republicans say they rarely or never wear masks when going out. our masks becoming, or are they now, political? if so, why, david? >> david: well, they shouldn't be, harris. when it comes to my health, i call my doctor. my doctor, dr. marc siegel, who you know, says these are the things that matter. the practices. with the right information, whether you are wearing something for a period of time that doesn't have a pressure
10:31 am
test and a flow test which we see with a lot of these masks versus a proper respirator. the environment in which you wear it, the decisions you make have to be based on what you do and based on professional advice, not break it down might based on a poll. to all americans out there, you don't base your decisions that matter to your health on a poll. you base them on the medical professionals. >> harris: wow. you do have dr. siegel. roger, talk to me about the politics of not just mask-wearing but where we see some inconsistencies and even the mandates. this isn't a republican and democrat thing always. sometimes it's where you live in the country, too. >> roger: sure. early on we were giving different instructions to the coastal cities, because that's where the initial spikes where, and things like that. i know david thinks this is constantly pivoting on my part, but i do think the president bears some responsibility in
10:32 am
this. you can go back to the press conferences where he has made disparaging comments to reporters who were face masks, making snide comments as if, "oh, you're trying to be politically correct," and things like that. and basically was sending a tacit signal to people that folks wearing masks were open for criticism. i think if he had just -- it's very interesting to me. i subscribed to the idea that good policy makes good politics. if he had just fully embrace this and tried to be transparent and straight with the american people, way back at the beginning, he probably could have come out of this much better off. instead, when these things surface, he looks at them through the lens of, "how can i divide a little bit more? how can i pour just a little bit of gasoline on this to exacerbate the tensions around it?" it's wonderful that he wore a mask this past weekend. it would have been wonderful if he had done it back in february and march and been consistent about it and created a town across the country such that it was free of this political baggage, but he chose a different path.
10:33 am
>> david: i don't understand, harris, and i have to -- >> harris: david, real quickly respond to that. i want to get to the como poster because it all ties into this. go ahead, david. >> david: i will respond in this manner. americans make a choice based on your circumstance. not on a political idea or someone, don't matter who it is, you have that ability to do it. >> harris: all right. governor cuomo of new york wants some money. he wants some things. he is selling a poster that touts getting funding for coronavirus. i'll start with you, david. there it is. it's got president trump, in all fairness, he did compare coronavirus to the flu. that was erroneous. they have put him on this poster, though, to tout new york's response to covid-19. david, you've already told us, they don't get an a+ on this. nursing homes made up for quite a few deaths. we did a lot of reporting on it.
10:34 am
>> david: and the tragedies that play out in other states like new new jersey had similar decisions. when it comes to this, i interviewed her doctor this morning, and their project to follow the d messaging around coronavirus since december and beyond. we look at the doctor, who was on with bill hemmer yesterday, was a blur from china. we look at gordon chang. people who are actual experts on what's been done with this. the fact is that this is something that was weaponized not only by china but weaponized by the new york governor for his own self-aggrandizement, in some form or maybe some political moment that he wants to rise above being governor. we have to look at what it is with this poster. this poster is simply a farce. it's an attempt to change the message and deflect from his multiple failures. >> harris: roger, i mentioned
10:35 am
money. i'm just wondering, the president worked with cuomo and with the governor of my state. he mentioned new jersey. they have a good relationship, governor murphy and the president of the united states. but you want that ppe, you want that money, you want that support. as a poster like this help? >> roger: i have no problem saying -- and i don't come to you over with a lockstep kind of partisan position. i have no problem saying that this is unwise and not helpful by the governor. only if you were to look at it through just the lens of his own messaging. because anyone who looks at this virus situation and thinks that we have reach some point where it's appropriate to start patting ourselves on the back is making a massive mistake. both in a policy context and messaging context. if i were the governor of a state, i would let at least a year go by before i do something like this. >> harris: a year? some people might never do it. roger, david, good to see you.
10:36 am
thank you. >> roger: thanks, here is. >> david: good to see you, harris. >> harris: joe biden unveiling part two of his economic plan. look, he's going to step up to the lectern there. he looks to president trump's advantage on the economy. we will follow this. plus, "the new york times" is a harsh spotlight today for them. the opinion editor resigned and tore into the newspaper for punishing employees who express centrist or conservative views. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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well the names have all changed since you hung around but those dreams have remained and they've turned around who'd have thought they'd lead ya back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. >> harris: taking a live look now at wilmington, delaware. it's where joe biden is set to unveil the second part of his economic plan, and he's trying to challenge president trump on his strongest pulling issue. however, the president is insisting the economy would be a disaster of joe biden were to win back in. watch. >> if biden got in, this economy would be destroyed.
10:41 am
you know, he was in office for 48 years, and when he did was not great. almost every decision was a wrong decision, and now he's going to come in and try and help us? we didn't need any help. >> harris: georgia state representative vernon jones, a democrat, endorsed president trump for reelection back in april of this year. good to see you, state representative. thank you for being with me. >> a, harris. good to see you, too. >> harris: let's rest a little bit on why you are not supporting joe biden is a democrat, and specifically your thoughts about his economy ide ideas. >> well, joe biden has a record of failure. his biggest accomplishment was, i would say, the crime bill. of course, that incarcerated masses and masses of african-americans and separated them from their families. president trump had to come in and fix that. he has had 40 some odd years to do something, economic develop and wiser economy wise, and he
10:42 am
hasn't. all the sudden he has a plan to come out and do what president trump has already proven he can do in just three and half years. as you know, prior to the pandemic, a record number of unemployment, small business is thriving, people had job opportunities. big businesses and small business were thriving, areas that are going through depression with opportunities on districts, those areas were assisted. president trump has solid record. joe biden can't get up late at night and claim you got an early start yesterday. it's just too late for him. >> harris: by the way, those 1800 plus opportunity zones, do you know how they are faring during the pandemic? you talk about coming in from this. do they fare better, do we know, than other black communities were communities of diversity? >> harris, first of all, just having that particular vehicle to turn around those neighborhoods, to create jobs, to invest and help those neighborhoods, the vehicle is there. obviously a lot of us are having
10:43 am
challenges, even the new studios where people are able to come into work and produce some of the things that they couldn't. that they were able to do in the past but can't do now because of the conditions. the infrastructure is there, the vehicle as they are, and there is some progress going on there. that is what this president is about. he's about results. that's why i put my country before my party, because this president is about getting things done. he has done it with job
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