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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 15, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> at the core of his economic agenda is a crusade against american energy. he wants to kill american energy. there has never been a time when two candidates were so different. todd: the president goes off script holding nothing back in his blistering response to joe biden's climate proposal. jillian: what does it mean for jobs and american energy? live in washington with a plan is the president last joe biden claiming he has gone radical left. a blistering rebuke hot off the presses.
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todd: blowing a bullet off cancel culture at the new york times in the bullying by her own colleagues she's is forced her to quit. >> he is okay. he is crying. jillian: heart stopping video is a police officer saves a choking infant's life. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ the higher love ♪ i will be thinking of ♪ jillian: is this the thought we were talking about yesterday?
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rob: no, that was tina turner. jillian: this one i like. rob: remember the original? the steve woodward song? a long time ago. that was a good one too. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. rob: donald trump and joe biden trading jabs as the presumptive democratic nominee unveils his $2 trillion plan for a green new deal. jillian: kanye west reportedly bows out of the 2020 race. >> reporter: it's not easy, the vision for america will have to wait for another day. to the rose garden, an executive order to hold china accountable over its treatment of hong kong turns to a democratic rival
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accusing biden of being, quote, against the communist chinese party slamming the clean energy plan. >> at the core of his economic agenda is a hard left crusade against american energy. wants to kill american energy. he wants to reenter the unfair 1-sided harris climate accord which will destroy us at the expense of many other nations who benefit. >> reporter: biden unveiled his $2 trillion energy plan aligning with green new deal agenda pushed by progressives pledging 100% clean electricity grid by 2035 while blasting donald trump. >> when donald trump thinks about climate change the only word he can muster is hoax. when i think about climate change the word i think of is jobs. >> reporter: the biden campaign putting out a statement saying what we heard in the rose garden
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today wasn't the president at all, a politician who sees his reelection slipping away from him and he was furious his own botched response to the coronavirus pandemic has denied him the campaign event pso craves. why we were all looking forward to a third fresh facing the race and in the debates kanye west reportedly called it quits two weeks after announcing on the fourth of july, just 2% in his first national poll. it is unclear why the sudden withdrawal. the campaign team saying he is out. kanye has yet to comment publicly. looks like it is over but you just never know. rob: a billionaire, what do you want to be the president of the united states for? not a job anybody would want. i do appreciate it. jillian: sean hannity signing off on joe biden's proposal and giving this warning to voters. >> this plan is beyond anything
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that has been proposed, the most radical extreme socialist proposals in the history of this country. it will destroy the us freedom that has created more wealth, more opportunity that we've used for human advancement around the world because of liberty and freedom and every time you get a false promise of security you give up your freedoms. rob: joe biden and donald trump will face off in late september. jillian: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg recovering from a possible infection at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. she was initially evaluated after experiencing a fever and chills. a spokeswoman says ginsburg is resting comfortably after undergoing a procedure and will be hospitalized for a few days to receive treatment. the 87-year-old justice was hospitalized in may for a benign gallbladder condition. a convicted kidnapper and
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murderer could become the second death row inmate to be executed by the federal government this week. wesley perky dodge the death penalty for 20 years because he suffers from dementia. employers are appealing to the supreme court saying he can no longer grasp why he is slated to die. he is scheduled for execution at the same indiana prison where daniel lee was injected with a lethal dose yesterday. lee, convicted, what is the first federal execution in 17 years. he is scheduled to be executed on friday. >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell please not guilty during manhattan arraignment, a federal judge callbacks for extreme flight risk after denying a request to be released on $5 million bail. maxwell used a fake name and posed as a journalist to purchase that million-dollar new hampshire estate where she had been hiding. maxwell remain bars until the trial begins next year accused
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of recruiting 3 underage girls for jeffrey epstein who sexually abused them. jillian: what comes next in this high profile case? rob: criminal defense attorney david bruno, thanks for coming back to the show. she is in jail for the time being, what do you make of that? >> this decision from the court was predictable. there was a presumption based on the charges and she didn't do a great job sending a bail package that would be sufficient to alleviate concerns of the government and the court. when she put up a package she did not identify the individuals that would back it with property or money. they were anonymous. that is a problem. she had 15 bank accounts, all
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types of transactions, no ties to jurisdiction, no family, no employment, no job and all kinds of problems. in essence said you are of flagrant, we can't let you out, can't destroy your presence at trial and that was the basis of the court to detainer until trial which was scheduled for one year from now in july. jillian: let's look at the key takeaways including as you mentioned flight risk, she has citizenship in 3 countries including the us, prosecutors say contact with government not substantial, prosecutors say maxwell used an alias when househunting in the defense says she did not try to flee arrest, she is in solitary confinement. talk about the importance of citizenship in 3 countries including france specifically with no extradition. >> she was a citizen of the united states but also had citizenship in the uk, france,
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france presented the biggest problem for her in a detention hearing because france does not having extradition agreement with the united states. if she chose to leave, if she was granted bail and was able to flee we would not have been able to get her back so that was one thing the government argued and it was one factor that the court considered in detaining her. rob: we will take the reader a survivor of jeffrey epstein, knowing she's incarcerated for the foreseeable future allows me and my fellow survivors to have faith we are on the right path. i think the prosecutors and judge for taking us a step closer to see justice is served. as people of the charges against ghislaine maxwell, how do you think this will go down? >> this is a huge hit for the maxwell team. i mcconnell defense attorney and when my clients are in jail, very difficult to prepare for trial.
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they have to giddyup right now and there will be a lot of discovery to review with maxwell and makes it difficult in the jail from availability and hundreds of thousands of records and information on computers and things like that makes it very difficult for defense attorneys to do the job but they have to get quick and get on this and the pressure is now on maxwell because she will be in solitary confinement. given the suicide from epstein, no way they will put her in population. from now until then she will have a tremendous amount of pressure being in solitary confinement and the pressure to cooperate as well. jillian: thank you for joining us, have a good day.
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rob: aoc corrected by the governor of her home state, andrew cuomo's response to her claims about what is driving the crime in new york city. jillian: tommy tucker bill topped jeff sessions with help from the president. the political president says that spells trouble for the incumbent, joins us next. ♪ cuum suction and spray mopping. to lock away debris and absorb wet messes. all in one disposable pad. for a complete clean, vacuum, spray mop, and toss, in one click. the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad. (drum beats)
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democrat doug jones is running for reelection with the slogan of one alabama. what doug really means is one liberal alabama. it is time we have a senator who represents alabama values. jillian: allies on alabama as tommy tuberville sets his sights on november and doug jones.
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rob: he defeated jeff sessions in the state's gop primary runoff, sessions trying to get his old job back. how crucial is this race is the gop looks to flip more seeds read in november. ron meyer, good to see you. we have the results, this might have surprised a lot of people considering jeff sessions used to have this job, tuberville not even close. >> it means the ftc has a lot of winning football over the years and we will see if they have a winning political candidate. he did well last night over jeff sessions, jeff sessions had that job for decades and that says a lot about coach tuberville and donald trump's involved in the race. for the president this is a must win seat for november if you want to keep the senate if he wins the presidency but the big seat for republicans, you can't keep the majority without it.
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there are four vulnerable seats for republicans they are having to defend, north carolina, arizona, colorado and maine. you have to win a couple of those top races to win this one and this is the obvious one. doug jones has only voted 25% of the time with donald trump for a state that is the deepest red, one of the reddest states in the nation, voted to impeach the president on both counts, voted against, voted for federal funding of abortion. if you look at those votes versus where people in alabama stand on political issues you couldn't be more out of sync. it is hard to see if doug jones killed -- care about keeping the seat in the first place. he would have more strategic vote if he did. jillian: keeping an eye on this, but texas congressional runoff, pulling up the results, ronnie jackson with 55.6% opposed to
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the 34.4%, what do you make of this race? >> this is another one where a president backed candidate won that primary. a lot of question whether ronnie jackson who is the president's personal doctor and was head of the va could hold this one, looked like it was getting close but that was a pretty wide margin. a lot of folks question where the president's latest endorsements worked out and some of them haven't and people who support the president, and that winning but someone with close ties to the president, someone he has advocated for over the years and pulled through. rob: after november 3rd what does the senate look like and what does the house look like? >> the house, hard to see the house flipping for republican at this point. we are in july. a lot of things can change but the polling showing an uphill
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climb for the president but still within range in the electoral college. if you look at the house that means very little path to republicans taking back the house. is the senate there's a 50-50 chance of republicans keeping it with a slight edge toward republicans keeping the senate for exactly the race we are talking about, republicans will pick up alabama and will likely lose two of the four race as i mentioned before, colorado, arizona, maine and a lot of competitive races, look at montana could be competitive. as far as republican pickups, republicans could pick up, could easily pick up michigan. john james running a heckuva campaign against gary peters in michigan. michigan has created surprises for us in the past when people aren't watching. jillian: thanks, appreciate it. later this morning, tommy
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tuberville and ronnie jackson will join "fox and friends" later this morning. rob: a well-known columnist said bullying forced her to quit her job in the new york times. jillian: her scathing resignation letter next. you try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's powerwash dish spray it's the faster way to clean as you go just spray, wipe and rinse it cleans grease five times faster dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse. book two separate qualifying stays and earn a free night. .. the open road is open again. and wherever you're headed, choice hotels is there. book direct at
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>> and incorrect theory doesn't wind up being correct, it is factually impossible that somebody committed a crime so they could pay their record. if you can't pay your grant you cannot be evicted right now. rob: andrew cuomo dismissing alexandria ocasio cortez's
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theory on new york city's rising crime rate which she linked the search of the cost of rent saying more people need to shoplift to make payments during the pandemic or to buy bread. cuomo blamed multiple factors for rising crime but didn't say what they were. he signed an order at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak making it illegal to evict tenants over rinse during the pandemic. a lot of crime in new york has been extremely violence including a lot of shootings. jillian: the trump administration rescinds its student visa policy which required international students to take in person classes or face deportation as they switch to online amid the pandemic. several states in 200 universities backed a lawsuit by harvard and mit to block the rules, they argue the policy jeopardizes student safety. rob: a new york times opinion editor resigned after being bullied by colleagues for working in an illiberal environment.
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jillian: how the times is responding. >> reporter: this was a talker. berry -- bari weiss stepping down after three years at the paper in a saving letter to the paper's publisher, she said she was subject to constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. they call me a nazi and a racist. of the 19 was one of the few centrist voices at the time slamming the search for truth saying it has been swapped for, quote, orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else. bari weiss doubling down on the times as relationship with twitter writing, quote, twitter is not on the masthead of the new york times but twitter has become its ultimate editor. senior policy analyst for the independent women's forum joined us to talk about bari weiss's resignation. >> i hope this is a wake-up call
2:25 am
for editors inside the new york times. i have no hope anything will change. it is run by editors who have an agenda and that agenda does not include viewpoint diversity. >> reporter: eileen murphy responding to bari weiss's letter, quote, we are committed to fostering an environment of honest, searching and empathetic dialogue between colleagues where mutual respect is required of all. rob: a letter worth reading, bill marr tweeted out. a lot of moderate liberals can't believe what is happening at the new york times. jillian: the missouri couple who pointed guns at protesters fear they may soon be indicted. rob: congressman jody high's wrote a letter to william barr defending their second amendment rights, he joined us next. no matter where you live,
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the change covid-19 is not. or red are democrat or republican. it could happen in any state and we need to respond in ways to contain it without crushing our economies or killing jobs. jillian: texas governor greg abbott calling on all americans to be cautious as coronavirus cases surge. the lone star state setting a tie single day increase with 11,000 new cases yesterday. rob: florida reports 172 tests setting its own single day record. there is no sign of hope the first vaccine tested in the united states is entering its final trial phase. we will see how that goes. everybody optimistic about that. charges may be on the way for the missouri couple who went viral for guarding their home from protesters that broke into their community. san luis police applied for warrants in this case but so far
2:30 am
it is unclear, the couple maintains they were in fear for their life and even the president is weighing in on this. >> the pressures malign me and intimidate us. we will not be intimidated or subject to intimidation. >> he understands the situation in st. louis and how out-of-control it is for a prosecutor to let violent criminals off and try to attack law-abiding citizens. rob: the outcry includes 12 gop lawmakers who wrote to william barr defending their second amendment rights. one of those members joins me live this morning, we appreciate it. we saw pictures of the gun but also a wrought iron fence that
2:31 am
had been busted down, breaking into a private community and these two say they saw people with guns and defend themselves. what do you make of this? >> how do you look at these protesters and call them innocent protesters when they are tearing down wrought iron fences, making threats about burning the house down and robbing and looting and that type of thing. a private citizen has the right to protect themselves and that is what was going on. we have written a letter under the leadership of the we goehmert, many of us have jumped on board asking william barr to step in and protect the rights of individuals to protect themselves against potential thugs and harm. rob: the attorney general had this to say. the governor and donald trump came after me for doing my job investigating a case as they continue to play politics with the handling of this matter spreading misinformation, distorting the truth, i refused to do so, reviewing all the available facts in the law and apply them equally regardless of people involved. they expect charges to be filed.
2:32 am
do you think she is being political herself pandering to the mob? >> the same folks who are trying to defund the police are trying to defund private citizens, not defund that strip away the right of private citizens to defend themselves. we are watching all of this be turned upside down on its head. we have a right to defend ourselves, to defund the police and take away the capacity of individuals to defend themselves, absolute lunacy. rob: i said attorney general, she is the circuit attorney. let's watch this. you have a number of cities seeing an explosion in crime and a lot of local politicians that seem to be turning a blind eye to it because they are more concerned with the optics in dealing with the black lives
2:33 am
matter situation. we can pull up some of the numbers, homicide rates up in major us cities including minneapolis up 94%, the annual homicide rate for this point. you wrote another letter for these politicians, what do you say to that? >> we wrote a letter to some of the mayors, los angeles, new york, minneapolis asking tough questions but basic questions, mayors leading the charge, dismantling police department altogether and the result that will be absolutely disastrous as we watch the erosion of public safety. with many others on the oversight committee demanding answers to things like what kind of assurance do you have persons and property will be protected? who did you consult? what would be the outcome for police departments to respond in a timely manner.
2:34 am
what about investigations? we have a whole list of questions we are demanding answers for. it is amazing these leaders of these cities have been able to move forward without any degree of accountability so we are trying to get accountability and answers and hopefully bring some of them before the oversight committee for a hearing. rob: we have even seen black leaders asking police to come back and asking for more police to stop the problem of terrible violence we are seeing. >> you can't have law and order without law enforcement. take away law enforcement will be disastrous. rob: thank you for your time, appreciate it. jillian: the nypd releasing surveillance video showing the moment two gunman opened fire at a cookout killing a one-year-old boy, gardner junior was shot and killed when sitting in his
2:35 am
stroller. three others were struck, the gunmen are still on the run. 13,$000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. the washington state police officer shot and killed after a pursuit has been identified as jonathan shoot to join the police department in june of 2019. a memorial is going on at the police station. another officer who was shot is out of the hospital. former homicide detective ted williams says we need to end the attacks on police. >> because of a few bad apples police officers are being disrespected all over our nation. as a result we have incidents like washington state and texas where police officers are dying. jillian: he was 32 years old and leaves behind a fiancé. rob: a police officer retail the hero for saving a newborn baby's life in the harrowing moment was caught on tape.
2:36 am
>> there you go, he is crying, he is crying, okay? it is okay, he is crying, he is crying. rob: imagine the relief of that mom. panic mother collapsing in tears after a michigan police officer saved her 3 week old baby from choking on milk, performed backrests clearing the child's airways, the child taken to hospital for evaluation, that story is incredible. that is the kind of things police officers do in this country every day. let's talk some weather. hi, janice. >> janice: nice to see you both, my favorite time of the morning. rob: don't you worry. >> janice: let's look at the map, we have potential for
2:37 am
showers and thunderstorms across the central plains, we could see large hail and damaging wind and tornadoes in areas of the high plains stretching into the midwest and the great lakes. if there is a watch or warning in your area, be aware what to do. the other big story is summertime, the heat and humidity will make it feel really impressive across some of these areas in the southwest towards the mississippi river valley, temperatures surpassing 100 degrees but with humidity it will be dangerous. there is your forecast for the rest of today, very warm across the southwest, showers and thunderstorms in the midwest, across the gulf coast, 81, beautiful degrees in new york city with mostly sunny skies. jillian: my life is not complete having not seen you for months, just letting you know. >> janice: i miss you too. can't wait for that reunion, huge hugs. rob: huge hugs, just the way we
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>> we have no money, no savings accounts. where will they get $1 trillion? they will borrow it. it is a rotten thing to do. rob: senator rand paul blasting plans for a fourth stimulus package over deficit concerns but may find himself alone in his opposition. jillian: many lawmakers push for more relief. >> you said the voice of reason. we have a lot of debt in this
2:42 am
country. good morning to both of you. senator paul employed the federal deficit record hitting $864 billion in june, they want another round of stimulus, nancy pelosi willing to forgo congress's august recess to get this done. >> the timetable is the timetable of the american people, their assistance for rent and mortgage foreclosure, forbearance. >> the extra unemployment benefits will expire at the end of this month, republicans wanted scrapped saying this is a disincentive for americans to return to work, folks are making more sitting at home than they are going back to work. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell reportedly supports a second round of stimulus checks but unclear those will be $1,200
2:43 am
each, senators back from their break monday and we know mcconnell will present a plan monday. >> a futuristic shopping cart on amazon. >> yesterday, automatically brings up cashierless, similar to where shoppers, not a cashier, rolling out the cart in la later this year. kind of a test run but at a time of covid-19 it makes sense. the grocery workers union not happy about it. rob: thanks so much. jillian: overwhelming support for colorado coffee shop owner, vandalized his building, joins us live with his story.
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>> i hope you're up, you have 14 minutes to get dressed. we will be ready for "fox and friends," rudy giuliani sounds off on the rise of violence, new york city, how he would handle the crisis and underreport find mistakes in florida's birx testing, dramatic mistakes. also on deck, doctor oz, rachel campos, my hope, nobody over sleeps and tomi tubermilford nomination for the senate. meet doug jones.
2:48 am
tuberville himself in college football, will we have it this fall? that's all we have. i hope it is enough, now to jillian who has to finish strong in the next 13 minutes and carry rob across the finish line. jillian: a local coffee shop known to support law enforcement targeted by a group of anti-police thieves, their thin blue line flags were stolen, their storefront scribbled with profanity but the community is rallying to restore the business. wesley presley joins me with how to bring it forward, thanks for being here. tell us what happened and why you think it happened? >> it happens because of the sentiment for police which is
2:49 am
terrible and they stole all our blue line flags, 3 x 5 closed around my buildings so stole all the flags and over my window where i have stickers which are supporting local and national police officers. jillian: you started this business 14 years ago. have you seen anything like that? >> never had a single customer, never had a single problem, never had a single problem. >> any idea who did it? >> now idea. local kids. i have no idea. one of my customers pulled up to the cabin and saw what they were
2:50 am
doing and tipped off all the flags. jillian: you have military and law enforcement in your family. >> i have a brother who is a retired new york city cop, the 80 second airborne and my nephews and uncles. jillian: what do they think of this? >> haven't spoke to my family and quite a wild but i tell you what my friends think about it. a lot of my customers are military police and really upset at this. they showed up at my cabin for a timeout and at my coffee shop in 14 years. jillian: must be so impactful to have a community that supports you in your business when
2:51 am
something happens and you raise a lot of money. tell me about that. >> my customers are amazing people. i live in a community where they all came at me, $50 bills telling me to get security cameras, do what i want. anyone -- didn't want to take it but they kept forcing the tip jar or what have you. by the end of the day, got them back in the next day i kept getting all this money, raised 2500 $2,512 and decided to donate to the brotherhood, fallen officers, douglas carry, goes to the families and organization that takes care of fallen officers.
2:52 am
jillian: thank you for sharing your story. unfortunate that it happens, keep us updated. >> mind if i give you a website? www. sunday, out there at 10 am and we hold the entire community coming out, i thousand people, thin blue line flags and american flags and we are just going to pray, officers all over the world, military and the country and sunday at 10 am really excited and thanks for taking the time to speak. jillian: take some pictures and send them to us. >> thank you again. jillian: we will be right back.
2:53 am
just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. . .
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when the city of gotham the mayor there sent out a distress signal to batman. i'm calling out the census cowboy. rob: lori lightfoot bringing in help to wrangle up 2020 census forms. jillian: carley shimkus sirius fm 115. >> might be the first time i have seen a green cowboy hat. >> new york city has a naked
2:57 am
cowboy. chicago now has the census cowboy. lori lightfoot introduced a character yesterday to encourage people to fill out the 2020 census. she says only 55% of chicago residents have done so. so, census cowboy is going to be riding around town encouraging people to do so. fill out that form. this is being met with some mixed reaction. because there is a lot of serious stuff going on in chicago right now. ryan says does the census cowboy also protect chicago citizens from gun violence? jewels writes so how much of the taxpayer money was used for this senseless cowboy advertising. andrew loves it. he wants in. where do i apply for the census cowboy job? if you see that guy riding around in your town get the pen out and fill out the form. carley: some are saying this is all the confirmation they need to realize that shaq is, in fact, a super hero.
2:58 am
watch this. >> doing all right? everybody good? >> yeah. >> you all right? >> yeah, yeah. >> y'all good? >> i appreciate it, thank you. >> so what has shaquille o'neal been up to lately? >> well, he just stopped to help a woman after she got into a car accident in florida and that good deed was caught on camera and going viral, of course. al on facebook shows that shaq is a gentleman on the court in front of the camera and off camera. he is an american treasure. andy writes shack shaq has a heart of gold. is he a true role model. everyone needs more of him. trey writes am you the only one shaq didn't just pick the car up and carry it to the nearest exit? i guess there is always more you could do. being looks like shaq is more of a hero than the census cowboy. jillian: can you imagine if you are in that situation and shaq walks up to you? jillian: i feel very safe and
2:59 am
very protected. rob: 7 and a half feet tall guy back walks up what's going on? >> you got a bird riding on an eagle? carley: check out this picture that's going viral. that is before the bird lands on the eagle. you are about to see a small bird hitching a ride on the back of an eagle. if you look really close you will see that the eagle has a fish in its tallans. so, the new york state department of environmental conservation posted this photo on facebook and captioned it squad goals. i guess for everybody but the fish. kim on facebook says wow, that is amazing, i would love to know what the eagle was thinking. another person commenting that is first class flying. joseph on facebook also chiming in saying they are car pooling. yes, they are. jillian: some kind of bird carrying something that looked like a shark or something? carley: there is a lot of weird things going on right now,
3:00 am
jillian, including with the wildlife apparently. jillian: everybody is off balance. rob: very cool. jillian: carley, thank you. carley: thanks, guys. rob: the president heading to atlanta today to talk about infrastructure. keep an eye out for that. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ >> lucky i am just to be alive steve: that is somebody who has been on "fox & friends" rodney atkins as we welcome to you studio f. on this, the 15th day of july 2020. jed and brian, do you know what that means today is. brian: i.e.d.s of march? steve: that would be in march. think of something else that was supposed to happen three months ago today we were supposed to file our federal taxes and today


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