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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 16, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> dana: jason and ethan, nice to see you both. thanks everybody for watching this hour of "outnumbered overtime." "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> dana: here is a live look at the white house where press secretary kayleigh mcenany is set to begin any moment. hello, everyone, i am dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ so, we will get to the briefing as soon as it starts, but let's start with this. new information on the beating of several cops during a protest in new york city. they say that the person in this video hitting officers with what appears to be a cane is now in custody. the attack leaving them bloodied and bruised, seven officers are, including the chief of police. let's begin with laura ingle reporting live from new york city. laura. >> hi. that main suspect taken into custody today, it turns out that
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it is that woman who is currently being evaluated at bellevue hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. that is what we are being told by the nypd. this is so brutal that a left many officers with broken bones and one with eight staples to the head. now we also have some brand-new video that was just released by the nypd that gives you another look at some of the action yesterday. and this is as protesters are clashing with police officers on bike patrol on the brooklyn bridge yesterday. this may lie, and addition to that shocking assault, possibly, using a cane, going over the fence and hitting on officer over the head. the chief of the department, terence monahan, that highest-ranking uniformed officer. all of this going down just a few feet away from an antiviolence march, calling for peace in the city. new york city
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mayor bill de blasio signing measures, including a ban on child calls and other restraints yesterday while also condemning the violence against police. listen. >> there is no acceptable violent protest. any violent protest will be stopped, and there will be consequences for anyone involv involved. anyone, anywhere, practice or anything else, it is unacceptable, and they will suffer the consequences. >> now, some of the protesters yesterday so that the police didn't let them exercise their rights to protest. at least 37 people have been arrested during this, and at least one person charged with assault. she is monahan speaking about it today. >> as a police officer, we make arrests. i cannot be thinking about that or worrying about that one fighting with somebody. it's what happened yesterday, it was not in my mind. if you are doing the right thing, using a reasonable amount
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of force on someone in custody. >> and all of this on top of the shootings that we have seen here in the city. so far this week, 42 shootings and 59 injured this week alone. dana. >> dana: laura ingle, new york city. we want to bring in new york city councilman. i want to have you listen to the commissioner of police. earlier today, he was asked about -- they feel like they are being handcuffed the city. >> there has been chipping away at of tools that the police department uses, and i think those discussions are good. i think they are helpful, but i think you have to examine each one and what is the impact on public safety? and i think that we have gone too far. i think we have crossed the tipping point on many levels in terms of taking tools away from the police. these last two months, is just a completely different situation, where it's a toxic environment.
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>> dana: councilman, let me get your thoughts on that and your perspective on the state of the city right now. >> well, my goodness, dana. the commissioner certainly is right. he should go back even further. this started with the bill reform law, which lets out criminals usually without bail. it went into a specific part of the population on rikers island. then we had this defund the police, then this new choke hold band, which actually restricts a police officer from applying pressure to a perpetrator's diaphragm. their chest and their back. we have the disband, the anti-crime units, the most proactive cops in the new york city police department who are out there every day risking their own lives, by the way, taking illegal guns off the street. so the commissioner's hundred% right that this has been a slow roll back across this whole year of the tools that the nypd has done to make this city safer.
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the mayor said today and how did that we have the lowest population and rikers island that's world war ii. that would be a great thing for new york city democrats to be touting if it wasn't coincided with an incredible and devastating rise in violent crime. >> dana: what is it like to have a conversation with mayor bill de blasio about this? >> look. mayor bill de blasio is right now just caving into the sort of progressive mobs that we see demanding even further action. we have essentially an encampment outside of city hall blocking the streets, blocking subway entrances, harassing people who walked by. and he is just letting this go. so even if he doesn't perhaps agree -- he actually fought back on this choke hold bill for a little bit of time because he saw how hard it will be to arrest someone safely. and ever since the protests have really took off, he totally just collapsed any bit of rational
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thought, and he is giving into every demand. >> dana: what would you most like to see done to one, stop the violence, but also reset the city? let the cops feel that they are supported and let them continue to work on the reforms? people don't mention that the nypd is not a majority minority force. they have worked very hard in order to figure out how to broaden out and diversify their ranks. >> dana, not only is it majority minority. they are also the most restrained a big police department. they only fire their weapons on duty 24 times. there's more shootings than that on a typical friday night now. the thing that has to change, first and foremost, is this choke hold band, which restricts the compression of a perpetrator's diaphragm. this places a misdemeanor charge on a police officer for simply doing what they have to do to put handcuffs on someone. i challenge mayor de blasio or
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anyone on the city council to put handcuffs on me without violating the same law. it's impossible, and it changes the balance of criminality. the police officer who is struggling for his or her life. >> dana: and i have heard that. i know that that is one thing they could probably change very quickly. it doesn't take away from other possible reforms. new york city councilman, joe borelli. always a pleasure. >> thank you. ♪ >> dana: next, president trump is shaking up his campaign with just a few months to go before the election. our political panel reacts. we are getting new information about president trump's contact with the nation's leading infectious disease doctor, dr. anthony fauci. a world without alzheimer's and all other dementia. because this disease isn't waiting, neither are you. go to alz dot org slash walk.
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>> dana: live look at the podium as we wait for the briefing to start. it was scheduled to began at 1:00 eastern. we are just waiting here. we will bring it to you as soon as it starts. let's check in with kristin fisher. she is there at the white house for us. >> a, dana, we are learning that yesterday, president trump spoke with dr. anthony fauci, and this is significant because the last time that the two's book, according to dr. fauci, was more than two months ago. it is also significant, given the op-ed that another member of the coronavirus task force, peter navarro, wrote an op-ed that was very critical of dr. fauci. yesterday, he fired back a little bit, saying and really speaking his mind about what he thought about these efforts by some within the administration to discredit him. >> i think if you talk to reasonable people in the white house, they realize that was a major mistake on their part because it doesn't do
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anything but reflect poorly on them. i can't explain peter navarro. he is in a world by himself, so i don't even want to go there. >> but yesterday, president trump did go there and defended the doctor. he said that peter navarro should not have done that, should not have written the op-ed. we will see what the press secretary says about her when she steps up to the podium any minute now, dana. >> dana: all right. we will have it live. the white house is also promising what they did you havg more? >> yes. >> dana: i'm sorry. this is for you. and obviously, i am getting ahead of myself. i thought we were rushing. you know about the law enforcement announcement next week. >> yes, so, for a few days now, president trump has been threatening some kind of intervention in these democratic cities with big spikes in violence. yesterday in the oval office, he
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really took it up a notch by announcing some kind of big news conference on this topic next week, and listen to what stephen miller said about it last night. >> even though these liberal mayors are refusing our request to come into the city, refusing our generous hand, offering help, we are going to be making major announcement about how this president will be using the authority of the federal government to come to the rescue of these long-suffering citize citizens. >> now we still don't know exactly what this announcement is going to be, but when pressed if it would include something along the lines of what the president said earlier this week about going in and taking over cities that he believes the democratic leadership has lost control, president trump said we'll see, but he believes it is something that the american people want to see. watch for that big announcement next week, dana. >> dana: well, i'm glad i figured out what we were doing because i was important. >> now i am really done.
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>> dana: stay tuned for the briefing and for that announcement next week. kristin fisher, thank you. back on the campaign trail. president trump is shaking up his team just a few months to go before the election, the president announcing a new campaign manager. peter doocy is live now with the latest on the race to the white house. >> we just got the first statement from brad parscale, that suggest there are no hard feelings. "bless those who persecute you. bless and do not curse them." he remains widely revealed in republican circles as giving their side and edge with data, and it was parscale who hired the man who replaced him in arlington back in may. part of the trump team in 2016 and around the inside of the white house for a while. he also ran both of chris christie's successful
11:16 am
campaigns for new jersey governor. the change comes as the biden campaign opens up sizable leads in national polling. they are shrugging off the personnel changes with those, "almost 140,000 americans have lost their lives, and millions more have lost their jobs because of donald trump's field leadership. the game of musical chairs won't fix it. we need a new president for th that. and as a trump campaign looks for new strategy, there are no signs that biden is going to change things up. he's doing one in person to vent all week. usually very short, prepared remarks, but the polls show that at least four biden, less is more. >> dana: remarkable appeared peter doocy, thank you. i want to bring in our panel, ari fleischer and democratic strategist at jessica tarlov. both of course are fox news contributor's. let's start with you about what a personnel change could mean just three and a half months
11:17 am
before the election, but also, can i get your thoughts? they are on message. you don't see them much, but they are talking about the two main things. the pandemic in the economic condition of the country, and that is where they plan to try to win this race. ari. >> well, by every traditional measure, this is not good news whether president or anybody who is involved in a reelection campaign. you never want to lose your top campaign person. having said that, by every traditional measure of donald trump and how he has managed his staff, it's more for the course. he had to campaign -- so as donald trump has shown, it really has not been about his staff. it certainly wasn't in 2016, and it is not going to be. the campaign has got a job to do. there is more than one good person at the helm.
11:18 am
in terms of the biden response, exactly right on target. it is so easy when you can control your message and say what you want, and the process on follow-up. that is what the biden people have done. >> dana: jessica, the biden campaign had a change in campaign staff not to long ago. around the primary. that has seemed to have worked out very well for them. jennifer dillon seeming to do a pretty good job, resisting pushes from people even like us, saying why don't you come out more? come play with us. come talk to us. >> they are being super disciplined, and they know exactly who their best surrogates are. appearing on fox news quite frequently and joining you as well. they have been doing a great job. she also made sure to tweet out today that the bed and kanban has $242 million on hand right
11:19 am
now. that is from grassroots donations predominantly. we all remember the day that they raised $11 million in concert with president obama. the biden campaign is in a good place, and they have no reason, as b b6 sent, to change things . after the debacle in tulsa, that is when the rumor mill started that this could be happening, and when you look at the numbers with seniors that president trump is down about ten with them, a group that heats won pretty handily in 2016, due in part to targeting seniors through facebook, i felt like this was going to happen. so it will be interesting to see, but ari is correct that this election is about donald trump, and he did have a lot of changes in 2016, including notably pushing paul manafort out before he went to jail. >> dana: in addition to the pandemic in the economic crisis,
11:20 am
now violence in cities across america. not all cities, but many. the crime rates spiking, and the national organization of police endorsed president trump yesterday. they set out the 2016 race. they endorse democrats in 2012, so is this a significant endorsement for president trump at this point in the campaign? >> i think it's a statement of the highly obvious right now. police, law enforcement overwhelmingly for donald trump. they didn't really need the union to put the punctuation mark on the end of the sentence, but these are working blue-collar americans who use tv democrats. they use to be the working soul of the democratic party along with union officials. now they are republicans. they are donald trump republicans. so it is significant because it shows how the electorate is continuing to fracture working-class people. college educated, increasingly joe biden. >> dana: jessica, i will give
11:21 am
you the last word on that. he comes up, gave a speech just on energy, not commenting on just about anything else. and people are concerned about safety and "law & order." should he be left out of the conversation completely? >> now, i don't think he is being left out of it. he really wants to emphasize the plan and all of the various tentacles of it, and he is trying to be focused on that, and he has commented on his plan for reimagining or reforming police, but i do think that this is a big, important endorsement for donald trump, who wants to run a law and order campaign. i don't want to play it down as being an important, especially since they did endorse obama in 2008 and 2012 and set up 2016 when there was obviously a democrat on the ballot. >> dana: all right. always great to see you two. ari and jessica, thank you.
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ensure max protein. you've been avoiding. like people... and pants.ings but don't avoid taking care of your eyes, because we're here to safely serve you with new procedures that exceed cdc guidelines and value your time. visionworks. see the difference. >> dana: the fed is now investigating after some of the
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biggest names in politics, business, and a hollywood became victims of an enormous twitter attack. senior correspondent claudia callahan is live in san francisco. i imagine they are feeling the heat today. >> they sure are, dana. twitter has been asked before, but nothing like this. while they are not declaring anything, they say it was an inside job. take a look at those who were targeted yesterday and this big hack attack. barack obama, joe biden, kim kardashian, kanye west, elon musk. just some of who are targeted, as well as organizations like uber. promising to double the contributions in return. hundreds of followers were duped, and hackers got away with more than $100,000.
11:27 am
cybersecurity analyst say it is fortunate that they didn't cause more harm. >> they could have taken the posture or the voice of the bank and given false information. they could have taken the voice of let's say someone from the stock market and given false information. they could have, you know, had another public official say something. and all of a sudden, you have a conspiracy theory. >> according to the tech website, motherboard, hackers paid a twitter insider to gain access to the tools that allow them to tweet on behalf of prominent account holders. twitter has acknowledged as much, calling this a coordinated attack by people who targeted employees with access to internal systems and tools. they warned that if twitter and other platforms don't act fast to layer on more security, they will further erode the public's trust. do you not. >> dana: thank you,
11:28 am
claudia cowan. let's bring in nicholas thompson, the chief of "wired" magazine. what in the world happened, and should people delete their accounts? >> i mean, it was a terrifying hack. definitely the worst i have ever seen on twitter. we don't know exactly how it occurred, but clearly, someone or some group got access to the main control board on twitter and have the ability to do anything they wanted with a whole bunch of verified accounts. as he said, we are lucky we didn't get a stock market crash but just a bunch of bit coin sent to somebody else. now, should we delete our accounts? though we are a thing about the hack is that the normal things it recommends, change your password, none of that would have worked. anybody was an account would have been vulnerable. so, yes. for the first time it is a hack where the only response would be to delete your account. on the other hand, i still love twitter, and i'm keeping mine.
11:29 am
>> dana: yeah, we'll talk about getting off, but we don't, do we? josh ali, the senator of missouri, has sent a letter in which he said "a successful attack on your system servers represent a threat to all of your users privacy and data security." so, already, there is a backlash against these companies. something like -- and look. it's verified people. the checkmarks get made fun of all the time, but the point is because you're supposed to be able to trust the identity of who that is. how do you think this actually happen? >> my guess is that someone at twitter was conned by someone on the outside. as these were built on assumptions of trust, that people are good. they want try to your money. that kind of ideology of silicon valley, certainly back in the beginning. so, for a while, it has been
11:30 am
kind of easy to manipulate people, tms with these systems. so there was a vulnerability built in. probably too many people have too much access to the crown jewels of twitter. someone was able to sneak in, and then they did what they did. >> dana: the federal government, if you have access to secure documents or classified documents, it is probably a bigger universe than it needs to be, but there is some oversight over the period but now you have tech employees, that they don't have that kind of protection. what will ceo jack dorsey do you now? he is kind of like a first-time ceo. was this so wake call for him? >> probably a wake-up call for him here traditionally, one of the critiques of twitter is that it is not a company that moves fast to fix things. i think jack dorsey will have a fire his feet right now and make a lot of changes. set up tripwires, make sure this does not happen again.
11:31 am
>> dana: nicholas thompson, i love talking with you. thank you so much. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany's briefing reporters right now, so let's listen in. >> secretary mcenany: regulatory class savings. it is important to note that this deregulation lowers the cost for every american. the cost of these burdensome regulations will fall disproportionately and benefit disproportionately lower income americans. so this president took action to pull back the burden from regulations that harm low income communities and make sure that the lower income americans are taken care of. for example, the presidents' day regulatory agenda will improve income by $3,100 annually. thanks to president trump's rolling back of the obama-biden era, families will have access. it will also save patients nearly 10% on prescription drug
11:32 am
costs. these real wins for the american people will disappear with the reregulation agenda, which is why president trump will continue to pursue his historic deregulation activity. on another note, we saw encouraging news yesterday on vaccines. moderna's vaccine candidate issuing promising signs. it produced up positive or neutral immune among the 45 participants in the study. this is comparable to what we see in recovered patients, and the bottom line is that so far, we are seeing exactly what you would hope to see anna vaccine. they are expected, the moderna vaccine in particular, expected to reach phase three by late july with 30,000 participants. finally, on the therapeutic front, i just want to note very encouraging contract. $460 million contract for antibody cocktail. this is a bioengineered version of convalescent plasma. one of several therapeutics available to treat covid.
11:33 am
it can be used for prophylactics and treatment, and they say they could have 270 to 300,000 doses, vials of it by the end of the summer or early fall. so, operation warp speed continues. we see encouragements on the therapeutic front. with that, i will take your question. >> he said that president trump has left states to fend for themselves during this pandemic. he accused the president of not listening to medical experts. that is quite a takedown coming from a republican governor. >> secretary mcenany: yeah, it's really striking, especially when you compare them to his tax comments. this is revisionist history by governor hogan, and it stands in stark contrast to what he said on march 19th, praising the great communication that the president has not with governors. he also said "thank you, there has been tremendous cooperation." what was so striking was that governor hogan began with this dramatic scene where south korea
11:34 am
delivered tests, but just the day prior, he said something entirely different. he thanked the president for the progress we have seen. recently went on to praise testing capabilities with regards to some of the top needs, including ventilators and testing capabilities. 24 hours before this dramatic opening scene of his op-ed, he literally was praising the president of the united states for delivering. >> how do you explain that president trump is trailing his opponent by double digits both nationally and in battleground states? the majority does groupings of his handling of race relations and the coronavirus. >> that would be a question for the campaign when it comes to campaign polling, but we believe this president has great approval. historic's covid response speaks for itself, delivering on ventilators and testing. we provided therapeutics. the moderna example that i pointed out.
11:35 am
it is historic. we believe his support in this country reflects left, but pertaining to battleground polling. >> we have seen the president hold events, but none of them have been on the coronavirus. why not? >> secretary mcenany: we will be hearing more about what we are doing in the coming weeks. he is hard at work. we have talked about covid every day. i am glad you asked about covid in particular because i just want to read through some of the things that we are doing, which i think is most important, what we are doing. and the white house has engaged in travel. dr. birx, i spoke with her this morning. she is in georgia today, heading to south carolina tomorrow. deploying 19 teams across the country. identify not where we see embers, but where we might be in
11:36 am
an emergency, sending them there to address it. proactive. it dr. birx routinely sends real-time data to governors to get the reports. texas, florida, california, arizona. 65,000 vials went to these states, and also testing sites. so we are doing stuff each and every day. >> the biggest challenge facing the public right now, why are we seeing it as the president's biggest public priority? >> the president just yesterday held a big press conference, if you will, in the oval office about ms-13. covid is something that we are focused on. it is a top priority. it is why the task force meets. that is why we are taking all the steps, but there are other things that the president has to focus on, mainly democratic cities not controlling their streets. the mayor of chicago, people dying on the streets of her city every weekend, and the president
11:37 am
saying you must secure your city. the president has been involved in operation legend. a young man who lost his life, sending federal assistance to st. louis. the president is focused on ms-13, who tragically maimed and killed those two young little girls. he has held their killer accountable, the leader of that ring. he is focused on covid as a top priority. he is doing a lot of things i want, and that is the great thing about the trump administration. >> when is the last time that he attended the briefing? >> he is briefed on the coronavirus each and every day. >> would you agree that it is not helpful for people to wait seven days are longer to get there coronavirus tests? are you going to do anything to try to shorten those wait times? >> secretary mcenany: stuff, we have done more than any country in the world on testing. there is no doubt about that. 42 million tests. the country with the next highest number is india at
11:38 am
12 million. various different types of test. but we encourage them to use that. as quickly as possible. >> to follow up on that, it is not just about the quantitative testing, but the quality of testing. are they doing anything specifically to make all the tests out there returned quicker results? a lot of health experts are worried that you have to wait seven days are longer. they are out there, spreading the disease unknowingly. >> secretary mcenany: there are several different types of tests. there are other tests that take longer. dr. birx is currently out there advising on testing. we can give them the supplies, but they've got to use them in the best way possible to get results as quickly as possible, but rest assured. we are totally engaged.
11:39 am
emerald48 states and the distrif columbia. 55% of the sites are located in counties with moderate to high vulnerability. 201 additional sites will be going live, and that is on top of the 1300 federally qualified health centers that are out there testing in the commercial testing sites. >> more white people are killed as an answer to what black people are still being killed by the police. but by percentages, black people are about three times more likely than white people to die in a police encounter. if the president won't even acknowledge that, how can he fix the problem? >> secretary mcenany: the president has routinely acknowledged the absolute atrocity of the case of george floyd. our hearts go out to that family still. he was noting a fact that when
11:40 am
you look at unarmed killings, police interactions in this country, that you had nine unarmed black individuals were fatally shot and 19 unarmed white individuals, down from 38 in 2015. so the numbers have actually come down since the obama administration. he was making that point. the point that he wants to strongly make is this. black men and women who die of homicide, they are likely to die of homicide at eight times greater than that of white individuals and hispanic combined. that is the rate combined. so that is an extraordinary thing that we want to look at. i have listed the names of these kids who have died across the country. it is unacceptable, and he will take action. the mayor of chicago should step up and ask for it or she is doing a very poor job at protecting her streets. >> is the president considering of travel ban?
11:41 am
is he concerned about relations with china? >> secretary mcenany: so, i have no announcements on that front, but rest assured, we keep every option on the table the table. >> has he out rolled anything? >> secretary mcenany: he has not -- >> does the white house have a reaction to the hack on twitter last night, and do you have any broader concerns about using that platform for not only his own opinions but policy announcements, given this vulnerability to hacking? >> secretary mcenany: dan has been in constant contact with twitter over the last 18 hours, to keep twitter secure. the president's twitter feed, he will remain on twitter, but his account was secure and not jeopardized during these attac attacks.
11:42 am
>> just a follow-up question -- i guess i didn't follow the data that you were referring to. are you saying that the president did have data to back up his claims that more white people are killed by police officers on black people? >> secretary mcenany: yeah. i already read out the data to you. i already read out the data. >> two quick questions. he has been charged with three felonies and a voter fraud case. he has repeatedly expressed concern with voter fraud, so does he have a reaction to that? >> secretary mcenany: that is my first time hearing that. he does have very real concerns about voter fraud, and he has mentioned several of those. there is yet more information. there is rampant voter fraud when you have mass mailing voting. the president has noted about 1% of absentee ballots nationwide were thrown out, and it could be much higher this year as many people vote by mail for the
11:43 am
first time. but beyond that, we have seen a number of reports out of new jersey that found a u.s. postal service vehicle that may have been carrying mailing ballots that was caught on fire, this truck. also on june 22nd, this one was very striking. republicans received ballots with all democratic candidates. they were erroneous mail in ballots that have been voided and then reissued. the latest candidates on these ballots, all democrats from joe biden down to dog catchers. this is a recent example, and there are many more. >> the national democratic national convention, the north carolina governor, he didn't want to pack an indoor place to capacity.
11:44 am
the president now, all of the jobs and economic development that the convention would bring. all that money, all that time, the jobs and economic development to north carolinians, the same results, right? as in florida. >> secretary mcenany: the president loves the people of north carolina. they are well aware of that fear the president wanted to be able to hold his convention, which is why it was moved to jacksonville. i would refer you to the rnc. >> thanks, kayleigh. the president has talked about an executive order on immigration coming soon. he's also talked about protections for doctor recipients. it has been unclear, though, whether those protections, that the president talked about, if it will be included in the executive order. i was hoping you could clarify. will the path to citizenship be
11:45 am
part of the executive order? >> secretary mcenany: the president announced he was working on an executive order to work on the merit-based immigration system, but the president has long said that he would work for a legislative solution on daca, and he would work to pursue that, one that could include citizenship, along with other strong border security merit-based reforms. that is something that he would work with congress on, yeah. the executive order would be for merit-based -- >> second question on the schools. the president and vice president talked about some of the new guidelines are new pages of documents for the cdc coming out this week. it is that's the plan? are those going to come out this week? is there any chance that this is being rethought at this time? >> secretary mcenany: those are cdc guidelines, so i will leave it to the cdc as one of those guidelines come out. we would really like to see schools open. we don't think that our children should be locked up at home,
11:46 am
facing the consequences, when it is perfectly safe for them to go to school, as based on the opinions of many medical experts. it is the only thing that is fair for american children. >> two quick questions for you. the directors that "if all of us were to put on a face covering up for the next four weeks, i think we could drive this epidemic into the ground." admiral giroir has made similar comments. the cdc director called it "our major defense." i am wondering if the president would consider nationwide mass commanded? >> secretary mcenany: he did wear a mask this weekend when he visited the hospital, so he has shown that he will wear a mask, and that dominic not only that. we leave it to localities to make the decisions. cdc guidelines remain the same today, recommended but not
11:47 am
required. >> you were saying earlier that the president is very concerned about officials who are not taking actions. you also said he was appalled by what happened to george floyd. at 26-year-old black woman named breonna taylor was killed while sleeping in her home. they have not been arrested or fired. it is the president monitoring that case, and does he want to see justice for breonna taylor? >> secretary mcenany: i would refer you to the doj's, who takes federal action when necessary. our hearts gran grieve for breoa taylor's family. >> the only u.s. president against china, which is a great comfort to countries like india. does he have -- has he spoken to
11:48 am
china? >> secretary mcenany: i did see your question on earlier, and i brought it to the president, and he said "i love the people of india, and i love the people of china, and i want to do everything possible to get peace for the people." thank you. >> this question comes from two events that we saw recently. the first was the campaign meeting last month, and the political speech in the rose garden. can you talk about your understanding of what the white house policy is? this white house, as far as politics, is there any place in the white house where you think that it is inappropriate, and where do you draw the line? >> secretary mcenany: we act in accordance -- it is well-established that the president and vice president -- it says this much. it says that it applies to executive branch employees, which is defined as an employee,
11:49 am
meaning any individual other than the president and the vice president. >> the hatch act has nothing to do with it -- >> secretary mcenany: what? it has everything to do with it. your real problem was the fact that the president gave a very good, powerful speech from the rose garden. >> well, we talked about earlier, the school districts overseeing -- at least in virginia last night decided to go online only. what does the president say to the parents out there who are now going okay, what do i do with my kids? >> secretary mcenany: the president has said unmistakably that he wants schools to open. when he's is open, he means kids being able to attend each and every day after school. science should not stand in the way of this, and we can do it. everyone else in the western
11:50 am
world is doing it. we are the outlier here. the science is very clear on this, that, for instance, the pediatric study of 46 pediatric studies that's about the risk of critical illness for covid is far less for children. the science is on our side here, and we encourage localities and states to just simply follow the science, open our schools. it is very damaging to our children. there is a reporting of abuse, mental depression that are not addressed when students are not in school. our schools are extremely important here they are essential, and they must be open. >> thanks, kayleigh. coronavirus vaccine research -- i was wondering if you would talk to us about that? >> secretary mcenany: yeah, so the one thing i would say about that. it was announced earlier today. we work very closely with our allies to ensure that measures
11:51 am
to keep that information safe, and we continue to do so when we are aware of those activities. >> the cdc on the movement of data now. understanding that they need access to real-time data, was there also any concern whatsoever on this decision regarding the possible data -- there were some reports coming out -- certain states were coming out and saying mid-level reports were not necessarily accurate. will that have any effect in the decision? >> secretary mcenany: no, the intend for this decision, and i talked extensively today with dr. birx, secretary azar, and with dr. redfield about this. we need to make sure that there is daily data that is being given to dr. birx and others who
11:52 am
are running point on a lot of our actions, identifying hot spots, and i would point out, and i just want to explain this, because there has been some confusion in the press. there are two methods of data collection. one is the national network. this is a cdc system, and this is where hospitals voluntarily report their data, and about 81% of hospitals work reporting their data. we don't need 81%. we need 100% of hospitals reporting data because it is critical that dr. birx and others reserve the daily admissions and the ppe numbers, and when you are only getting 81% of hospital data, that means that you've got 19% of hospitals that were unaware of their needs, self what happened is we also have a second method of tracking the data, and it is the teletrack your data. and this was with funding. we asked hospitals to tell us about covid so that we could
11:53 am
identify possible hot spots, and as it turned out, this data ended up being more complete, more up to date with information, so ensuring that the hospitals are reporting in the system when we are getting more complete data was the reason that hhs had this transition, where they have asked hospitals to transition according to the teletracker system. especially with distribution, to know exactly where the needs a are. that's right. and i did confirm that with dr. redfield. this is completely open to the cdc. secretary azar insists that they use it. dr. redfield confirm this. no one is taking data away from the cdc. it is published so that the american people are fully informed. yes? >> i wanted to follow-up on that briefly. there have been some complaints
11:54 am
on independent models, using the cdc data. now, those dashboards have been taken down. making the broader database more available to the public. >> secretary mcenany: the cdc databases the public data that has been out there. it will continue to be public. it should be public, and this is all about getting more data out there, not less data. and in particular, doctors get the daily data. and one thing that i would also like to point out for everyone, just with regards to testing. we have done more than 42 million tasks, the second highest number is 12 million from india. we are leading the world in testing. it is a very stark contrast. the president mentioned this yesterday. just wanted to put some additional information out there.
11:55 am
it was actually cbs reporting that under obama-biden, the cdc abruptly advised states to stop testing for h1n1 flu and stop touting individual cases. while this president surged testing, they stopped to testing entirely, and vice president biden's former chief of staff said this. "it was clearly fortuity that it was not one of them asked casualty. it had nothing to do with us doing anything right." "it just had to do with luck." this president let the world in testing, ventilators, for therapeutics, 13 vaccine candidates, one going into phase three trials? it has been extraordinary and historic. that was a shameful decision. thank you. >> dana: kayleigh mcenany's briefing at the white house. covering a range of topics,
11:56 am
coronavirus, law enforcement, have also started talking about the deregulation important to the economy. we will move on now. a lot of the focus was on coronavirus as cases are spiking across the country. kayleigh mcenany sang a lot of that has to do with the testing that we are doing in america. new today is that georgia governors are banning cities from mass mandates, but alabama is joining the list of states requiring them, and that was after walmart and kroger said shoppers must wear masks. kind of confusing. todd can straighten out all out for us. he has the details. >> danna, i will try. walmart, sam's club, kroger, as well as target just announcing that they will require us all customers to begin wearing masks at their stores. and they joined a long list of places where you shop for food, clothes, phones. basically almost everything you buy, mandating that you wear a
11:57 am
mask, but not everyone agrees with mass mandates, often leading to conflict. in california, security guards charged with murder after saying that he shot and killed a customer over an argument over wearing a mask. in florida, you have seen this. a man fired from his job as an insurance agent after this tirade went viral. going into a rage after he was asked why he wasn't wearing a mask that is required at all cost goes. coming to the aid of a woman who asked where his mouth was. take a look at this. right now, half of the states requiring masks for indoor and public spaces, when social distancing is not possible. but enforcement is often tricky, leading to confrontation. plus, cities and towns often have their own mass requiremen requirements. new executive order, which says cities and counties in georgia cannot require face coverings,
11:58 am
while still encouraging people to where masks in public. people who are most vulnerable, like senior home residents, should shelter in place. it no gatherings of more than 50 people. the georgia governors are calling state wide of mask mandated, "a bridge too far." >> dana: all right, thank you. i want to bring in brian dodge, president of the leadership organization. what do you think is needed? i'm worried about some of these younger employees working in retail getting in arguments with customers about masks. what do you think needs to happen? >> so, what we've asked for his work governors to mandate state wide mask requirements, for anyone who is an area where they can socially dispense. we know that they work. retailers, as you just noted, have been asking customers to wear masks. you have seen signs, or the overhead announcements, and you have likely seen people at the
11:59 am
door handing out masks. the problem is without a clear statewide requirement, they do not always know what their obligation is. they don't expect to be in a situation where a mask will be required. we think the between governors and businesses is requirement, which is why we are thrilled by the governor's announcing orders in their states. >> dana: because, does not help then the employees of the establishments be able to enforce it, have a little teeth behind it? >> exactly it, right? when there is a statewide requirement that is enforced by the local law enforcement, when there are fines, perhaps on the individuals themselves, it gives a greater incentive for people to comply. otherwise, it simply falls to the retailers, who are doing incredible work now, to enforce. that is just not a good situation. >> dana: brian dodge, glad to get you want, even though we have everything.
12:00 pm
thank you so much. thank you for joining us, everybody. i'm dana perino. i'm going to see you at 5:00, but now we are going to turn it over to bill hemmer. i'm really looking forward to your interview with secretary pompeo. >> bill: thank you. see you at 5:00, dana. have a great day. thank you. i'm bill hemmer. good afternoon, everyone. ramping up the pressure on china. one of them, secretary of state mike pompeo, just wrapping up his speech on human rights. i will talk to him about that and a lot more. also, bill barr warning companies about working with china. >> china's rulers, it isn't the trade with the united states. it is to raid of the united states. if you are an american business leader, appeasing the prc may bring short-term rewards, but in the end, their goal is to


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